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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> many are unhappy with the announcement saying the position will give loftus an unfair advantage. >> the mayor is appointing suzy loftus who hasn't received a single vote yet. >> reporter: portsmouth square in chinatown erupted in protest before the announcement that suzy loftus would be appointed to fill the remainder of the district attorney's term when he steps down. the mayor's office eventually moving the announcement to a nearby restaurant to make it official. >> i couldn't think of anyone better to step in at this most critical time then suzy loftus. she is my choice to appoint as the next district attorney. >> reporter: the appointment was unexpected but she will work to represent everyone in the city, those who support her and those protesting. >> for anyone whose trust i have yet to earn i will work every day to earn your trust. >> reporter: protesters saying
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they object to her based on her background on the police commission and say the appointment is unfair. >> there are people running to become the district attorney. one of them is that women. by appointing her they are giving her the privilege to get elected over the other ones. >> reporter: one protester did manage to make it inside. the mayor defending her move to put loftus in place saying the office is too important to leave vacant. >> i don't want to leave the district attorney's office unattended. so that is really why we need to make sure that we have somebody who understands the office and knows what to do from day one and that is suzy. >> reporter: other candidates are speaking out saying the move could backfire. >> i don't think it will give an unfair advantage. i think the backlash will be swift and sizable. we have been getting new volunteers and donations from people that i don't know who they are. >> nancy saying she is seeing a surge in interest and
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donations. >> will it help her? i don't know. there seems to be backlash around her appointment. it speaks to the political cronyism that is rampant in san francisco policy. >> reporter: there are two more debates. one for october 15 the other for the 21st. you can expect a lot of interest in both. fox 13 news. a group of former students file a lawsuit alleging the san francisco school district violated the law when it covered up a mural at george washington high school that some say is racist. the mural shows images of slavery, white settlers and a dead native american. the lawsuit contends that the school board decided to cover up the mural without completing an environmental impact report. they said in a statement the mural is a protected culture ascetic, historic and educational resource in a landmark high school. the master tenant of the go ship warehouse will be tried for second time. prosecutors announced they are bringing manslaughter charges
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against derick almena after the first trial ended in a hung jury. more now from henry lee. >> our case is stronger. we are confident. >> reporter: derick almena is going to trial in the deadly ghost ship warehouse trial. a month after the jury hung on his fate and committed max harris, they will retry him as early as march. >> we want to go to trial. we don't want to negotiate. we don't want to involve ourselves in any kind of plea agreement. >> reporter: in a jailhouse interview on thursday, he predicted he would be tried again. >> they are going to refile just to make me go away for a little while. because they can't deal with this. it is too hot right now. >> the judge set a new trial dates for march 30. the judge said because he has
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shown disrespect for rules they denied the motion to reduce bail on $750,000 to 50,000. >> i felt that this was a bail motion that had merit. mr. almena never intended to hurt anybody. >> before friday's hearing all men as wife and friends gathered to light candles, burn incense and meditate hoping to send him good energy. allison showed up in court to support her husband. >> it is really important for me just for people to know that there are people all over the world praying for our family. and that they want to see him come home to his children. >> reporter: for families of the ghost ship victims who will never come home they say they are pleased he will face trial again. >> i suspect i will be stronger when the next trial begins and i will be there as an advocate
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for my daughter and that is important to me. >> reporter: to jurors who were booted for misconduct were held in contempt by the judge. the judge said they did not have to pay any fines or go to jail. next year a new jury will have to be enlisted. it is day three for 12,000 santa clara county workers who walked off the job this week. staffing and pay continue to be sources of contention between two sides. as jesse gary tells us, the work stoppage is impacting those seeking healthcare. >> reporter: santa clara county valley health center in gilroy is a clinic caught in the middle. the local 521 staffers are picketing outside which disrupts services inside. >> when i see someone we personally know we are doing our best to ensure them that services are shut down but if they need help, we are here to
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help >> strikers are demonstrating outside the east valley clinic in san jose. a total of 150 workers their jo forces some patients to go elsewhere or come back another day. >> i come here because it is closer and they have good doctors here. >> reporter: wednesday the 12,000 members stopped working after ongoing labor talks reached an impasse. members benefits, pay and staffing levels are stumbling blocks for resolution. >> we want to be able to contact more people and serve the county better. it is not happening. >> reporter: on thursday the county executive points the finger at one of the major issues behind closed doors. he said the county offers a 3% raise each of the next five years equaling $625 million.
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smith said the union seeks raises 2-3 times that amount. >> they painted themselves into a corner and no matter how long a strike last, it doesn't increase the amount of money that taxpayers pay the county. >> reporter: the county is prepared for the strike to last week's adding they have walked away from the negotiation table. they will continue their rolling strike shutting down different county sights each day until this is settled. ktvu fox 2 news. now to the latest development in the impeachment trial. they subpoenaed the white house for documents. the president has resisted democratic attempts to produce witnesses. house investigators want documents from vice president mike pence. an aide to pence may have been on the july phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine.
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state lawmakers spent hours behind closed doors hearing testimony from the man who brought the complaint to congress. we are joined alive now from washington on the latest. >> reporter: the white house is the latest target of the impeachment inquiry. three chairman's say they have been forced to subpoena the white house with the september 9 election. president trump is trying to put pressure on nancy pelosi. >> i really believe that they are going to pay a tremendous price at the polls. >> reporter: the white house planning to send a letter to nancy pelosi saying it won't cooperate with the impeachment inquiry until she holds a formal vote on the house floor approving the investigation. pelosi said she is not required to do so. lyrically it could put some red district democrats in a tough position. > if he is demanding a vote, >> reporter: the inspector general michael atkinson spent hours behind closed doors with lawmakers.
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republicans claim intel committee chair adam schiff has handled the inquiry appropriately. >> they are fact witnesses in the same investigation that they are now running. >> reporter: we are also getting a look at what kurt volker told lawmakers yesterday. he said at no time was i aware of or took part in an effort to urge ukraine to investigate former vice president biden. and i have known biden for 24 years and the suggestion that he would be influenced in his duties as vice president by money for his son simply has no credibility to me. >> reporter: the president is expected to send a letter to speaker pelosi next week saying the white house will not hand over any documents until the full house vote is held on the impeachment inquiry. friday the white house said a vote is not necessary to conduct the investigation and a demand like that would be outside modern precedents. >> thank you so much.
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diane carol best remembered for the sitcom julia. the actress and singer broke racial barriers in the late 60s as the first black woman to start in a non-servant role in a tv series. the show ran for three seasons and peaked at number 7 in the nielsen ratings. during her career she earned a tony award and an academy award nomination. carol died of breast cancer at her home in west hollywood. she was 84 years old. coming up, oil drilling in the bay area. the move taken today by the trump administration that opens the door for the possibility. strong winds and the forecast for the bay area and that means another possible pg&e power shut off. we will hear from fire survivors in coffey park about the fears that these conditions trigger. the weather pattern is changing as we head into the weekend. the hottest day of the weekend
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and when we could eventually cool things off in the five day forecast. safety concerns as the new joker movie hits the big screen. we will tell you about the security measures being taken it bay area theaters. we will take a live look at the golden gate bridge where the commute out of the city is backed up. we are hearing reports of police activity on the right side pedestrian path. ktvu news that 6 will be right back. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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people in the north bay are bracing for another weekend of power outages. pg&e elevated their shutoffs. dry conditions and gusty winds from inland has once again caused the national weather service to declare a red flag warning for elevations above 1000 feet in sonoma, napa, and marin counties. red flag conditions will continue overnight until sunday morning. steady winds of 10-20 miles an hour be accompanied by gus gus's mac of up to 30 miles an hour. that is below what is needed for a public safety power shut down. nonetheless the utility is pondering it as conditions change. >> right now we have bumped up the potential status to elevated. it was that not expected amount has been bumped up one level to elevated. it does not mean we are planning
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on initiating a public safety power shut off right now. those conditions make any wildfire coming from any source to spread rapidly. >> be on guard. >> reporter: any red flag warning is a concern to robert toledo whose family lost everything in the fire. concerns exacerbated by sirens, winds and smells. >> fear and you kind of flashback about that evening. and it is the same thing when you smell smoke. if i smell a grass fire around here i get nervous. i start to look around. >> reporter: one big change. >> everybody is close-knit. it is such a tight community now than before. i think it is wonderful. >> reporter: paradise ridge winery will be the first business actually reopening within the central fire area. >> definitely when the winds come up i get the feel that i have the night of the fire.
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>> the smell of smoke is an issue for her and others. >> i do feel a nervousness to people more around me. for me i think i am more stoic about it. if it happens there isn't so much we can do. >> reporter: at the insistence of the families 87-year-old patriarch, come early december it's new tasting room and offices will open to the public replacing the sounds of construction with christmas bells. >> for the most part i feel like we are better prepared. >> reporter: after the weekend is over there is the distinct possibility we may go through this again on thursday in the w turns out. tom's a car, ktvu fox 2 news. it is year where we have warm dry conditions in the bay area. we have storms to the north that are developing and they go up and over northern california and that generates winds we are concerned with. we will talk about that warning in a second. highs from this afternoon
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pretty warm. in the comfortable range. san francisco 59. a few more 80s toward fairfield and antioch. all the areas in red will be under a red flag fire warning. you can see those wounds increasing over the northbay hills especially above 1500 feet is that northeast wind. thankfully we are not talking about winds over 50 miles an hour. but this time of year cause for concerns. we could have winds gusting to here is one of the forecast models. these numbers up the surface not moving too much all weekend long. mainly that offshore wind. these brighter colors especially for higher terrain moving later saturday night and sunday morning. winds could be going up above 20 miles an hour and that is where that warning is in place. right now we have mostly clear skies over a good portion of the bay area and current numbers still fairly warm. 70 in oakland. santa rosa 72 in san jose in
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the upper 60s. beautiful this evening. looking out toward the oakland estuary in san francisco. fog free conditions. overnight lows in the 40s 250 degrees. mostly clear skies. a bit of a chilly start tomorrow morning but a nice recovery into the afternoon hours. upper 60s to the upper 80s. coming up a closer look at your forecast highs for tomorrow and we will talk more about the rest of the weekend with your full forecast in a few minutes. new at 6 the trump administration is looking to california in its efforts to boost oil and gas production. the interior department gave approval to 14 drilling leases near existing drill sights in san benito, monterey and fresno counties. this is the first time federal land in the area has been opened up for fossil fuel extraction. the move opens the door for new leases in bay area counties. environmental groups are threatening to sue. it is the toughest sentence so far in the college admissions candle.
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still ahead how long a napa valley wine maker will serve in prison. a woman tries to leave a school with the child that wasn't her own. my family members insist she is not a threat and just needs help. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony. for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever.
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a winemaker from napa has been sentenced to five months in prison in the college admissions candle. agustin huneeus admitted to paying $50,000 to rick singer, the mastermind of a nationwide college admissions conspiracy. he agreed to pay $250,000 to get his daughter accepted into usc as a recruit for water polo. along with incarceration, he has been ordered to pay a $100,000 fine and serve 500 hours community service. scary moments at a school. a woman posing as a teacher trying to a child. her family is speaking out saying she is not a bad person and needs help. here's the story. >> reporter: relatives of the
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woman arrested in this neighborhood yesterday have not been able to see her or get information about where her case goes from here. they are clear they want everyone to know she is not a monster and is just in desperate need of help. >> what are your hopes now? she is in a terrible situation. >> i apologize for what happened yesterday. she is a very good person. it happened because of not medicating herself enough going to therapy. it leads to this tragic example. >> reporter: arthur is pointing to the one failed example of what happened when his unmedicated wife went to the school across the street from her house yesterday and he says in a deluded state tried to leave with a little boy she was convinced was her son. the mother of a 22-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son now behind bars for trying to kidnap the small child from cooper elementary. she was calling that child
6:24 pm
brian. her son name is brian. he went to that school years ago. too emotional about the arrest to speak on camera today. >> she stopped taking her medication. and the brother and sister are trying to intervene and help her. there are a bunch of reports of doing a welfare check and an intervention. she will keep her distance. >> reporter: they have had multiple contact and police were not contacted about her family's request for help. as a registered nurse her ex- husband said she resisted medication because she was intimately aware of the side effect. >> she doesn't want to take it because she can't recognize her own child. >> reporter: at she is still in jail. a facebook video shows a neighbor coming to their door looking for her son brian.
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fox news. fox two news at 6:30 starts next. increased security measures across the country as the new movie joker opens in theaters. >> i don't think it is that necessary and i am kind of glad they are taking extra steps to ensure our safety. >> what theaters in the bay area are doing to step up security. we will take you to tonight's home opener in the shark tank. students, parents and teachers at one east bay school rally for safer streets following two deadly collisions near their campus.
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here are your top stories on this friday night. how investigators want documents from vice president mike pence. president trump said he plans to formally object to congress about the house impeachment probe even though democrats have the votes to proceed.
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san francisco mayor appointed suzy loftus as interim district attorney. she will fill the rest of george gascon's term after he announced he is stepping down early. loftus is one of four candidates in the race for district attorney. critics are demonstrated outside so the move could give loftus an unfair advantage in the november election. prosecutors announce they are bringing manslaughter charges again against derick almena. he is accused of creating unsafe conditions at the ghost ship warehouse in oakland which led to the fire that killed 36 people three years ago. the first trial ended in a hung jury last month. the new trial is set to begin in march. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. big crowds are expected for opening weekend of the new movie the joker. some worry the much-hyped movie may trigger violence. paul chambers shows us what one theater is doing to protect moviegoers.
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>> reporter: some call it dark and disturbing. warner bros. movie joker is getting a lot of attention. the movie centers around a character who is struggling emotionally in response to violence. law enforcement is beefing up presence and asking local theaters to be vigilant to ensure moviegoers safety. >> there should be security for any big movie coming out. joker is really hyped up. there will be a lot of attention and a lot of people going. >> reporter: seven years ago 12 people were shot and killed in an aurora colorado theater that show the dark knight rises. another warner bros. movie that had a joker character in it. some authorities are worried that some may retry to create that tragic incident. a case that one moviegoer we spoke with said they were discussing in his government class. >> we read a couple articles on the joker. and i theater had incidences and we talked about how the public would react to a movie release like this. >> to make sure their customers
6:31 pm
are safe, staff will check bags amongst other safety measures. people are excited about the film and welcome any safety precautions. >> i don't think it is that necessary but i'm kind of glad they are taking an extra step to ensure our safety. >> alameda is a pretty safe city. they say they are going to check all backpacks and oversized bags. >> reporter: some theaters are not allowing costumes, face painting or facemasks. check with the theater before attending. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. now to new video from richmond that shows the moment shots ring out yesterday afternoon killing two people and wounding talk to people in the blue ford explorer that you saw in that video in hopes of getting more information about the case. today the coroner officially identified the two men fatally
6:32 pm
shot as 18-year-old tyzion harris and 31-year-old vineet maharaj both from richmond. police say they were sitting in a parked car when the gunmen either walked up or drove by and opened fire. the third victim remains hospitalized tonight. no suspects are in custody. crime stoppers is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a hit-and-run driver who killed a woman and injured a preschooler earlier this week. it happened outside garfield elementary in oakland. as alyssa harrington reports, today safety activists rallied in hopes of making changes. >> reporter: chanting and waving signs, teachers, parents and children rally your garfield elementary school in oakland at the intersection of 22nd avenue and foothills boulevard were tuesday a woman and her niece were struck by a hit and run driver. 45-year-old huong thi truong was killed. four-year-old ellie when was hospitalized.
6:33 pm
>> our entire community felt the impact. this is not the first accident at this intersection. >> reporter: the principal wants the city to make safety improvements. >> we need a designated turning signal and we need drivers to slow down and more visibility that this is a school zone. a kindergartner was hit and killed by a driver who was with his mother's. they want to get the attention of drivers on foothills boulevard. drivers are known for going too fast and won't stop it marked crosswalks. what are drivers like sometimes? >> crazy. i drop my kids off and walk and they don't care. they still try to squeeze and go through it doesn't matter. they do whatever theto do. and it is sad. the kids need to be safe and they don't care. >> i'm tired of seeing speeding drivers in the area. we have crossing guards out here.
6:34 pm
we have stop signs and i still see cars speed. they fly down the block and i'm tired of it. i'm sick of it. i have two children here for two garfield elementary. i have for altogether. i have been in this community for many years and i'm tired of seeing people speed by. devils goals police have placed a portable electronic sign at that intersection alerting drivers this is a school zone. in oakland, ktvu fox 2 news. in fremont, students at thorton junior high were evacuated and sent home early today due to a bomb threat. >> i was scared that one of my friends was going to get hurt and that i was going to get hurt. it was a lot of overwhelming stuff. the 1600 students were evacuated to a shopping center about two blocks west of the school for pickup by their parent or guardian. the district initially alerted the community i sending an email saying they have received a threat just before 8 am.
6:35 pm
>> in this day and age we take all threats seriously. when we hear of things we always want students to let us know and parents to let us know what they are hearing out there as well because that is our best safety mechanism. >> we go through the school and check room to room. a lot of times we will call out a bomb sniffing dog that will come through and sniff around and see if there is anything that shouldn't be there. >> fremont police conducted a two-hour search of thorton and found no threatening devices. detectives are trying to track the email address of the person who sent the threat. coming up the woman accused of potentially running down two men in cupertino goes before judge for a court appearance and new details about the victims. dryer and other privacy controversy for facebook. why the justice department said the social media companies encryption plans could actually protect criminals.
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now to new details in yesterday's fatal crash on highway 101 in san francisco caused by a driver going the wrong way. 62-year-old justin bergman has been identified as one of four people killed in the head-on collision. he was the founder of a financial services firm in chicago. he was in a cab with his wife, mary miller and she also died in the crash. the taxi driver and the driver who was going the wrong way were killed as well.
6:39 pm
we are learning more about the cupertino case and the woman arrested for running down one man with her car and trying to run down a second. ann rubin has the suspects day in court and newly released details about the victims. >> reporter: 50-year-old mireya orta stood partially hidden in the hallway and what was her first appearance in santa clara county court. she is accused of driving erratically through the rancho san antonio park trying to mow down hikers. one of them, a 77-year-old man died from his injuries. today the sheriff's office identified him as lawrence lupash of sunnyvale. a second victim, halvorsen was able to take cover behind a tree. authorities don't believe any of them knew orta. >> we are not aware of any relationship. we are looking at the motive of the case. >> reporter: authorities believe the crimes were intentional. in court documents they described how orta reversed and drove back and forth over the
6:40 pm
man's body multiple times. they say she was premeditated in her attempt to find a second victim. >> right now she is charged with murder and premeditation as it relates to the attempted murder. that is because the attempted murder happened after she already murdered somebody. >> reporter: neighbor say she is shocked. they describe her as kind and gentle. >> i never thought this would happen. she is not that type of person. >> reporter: she did not enter a plea today. she is being held without bail until her next court appearance. >> we will ensure the victims family will receive justice. the district attorney's office is helping more witnesses will come forward. orta is due back in court november 7. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. wrapping up a beautiful friday in the bay area. lots of sunshine and an hour rmthe weekend. let's go now to alex savidge in the newsroom with a
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look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7 pm news on ktvu plus. >> she is the founder of theranos accused of defrauding investors. we will tell you why lawyers for elizabeth holmes now think they are being cheated out of money as well. we are learning more about senator bernie sanders healthcare and why it was a lot more serious than originally disclosed. we will have those stories and more coming up tonight live at 7 pm over on ktvu plus. after the break a busy weekend in san francisco with the hardly strictly grass music festival underway. what you need to know about security across the city. taking a live look outside as we move closer to the weekend. a gorgeous view there of the city. it will be a warm one. you know when you're at ross and your new fall look
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>> they can appear to say or do just about anything. the law gives candidates the right to sue to stop spread of manipulated images and to seek damages. the justice department is warning facebook about upcoming changes to its messaging service. they plan to encrypt more messages. authorities say more privacy could mean more protection for lawbreakers. william barr said facebook should halt its plans to put end to end encryption on its messaging services citing public safety. government officials want to be able to access the messaging service for any future investigative purposes, especially investigations involving child exploitation. they are asking facebook to delay the encryption until the company can guarantee that access. fbi director is not mincing words calling the implementation and facebook "a dream come true for predators and child pornographers." >> the platform that allows them to find and connect with
6:46 pm
kids and like-minded criminals with little fear of consequences. >> attorney general barr is voicing his concerns in a letter to facebook and mark zuckerberg cosigned by british and australian officials. >> criminals of all stripes increasingly rely on wireless communications, handheld devices and the internet. in today's world evidence of crime is increasingly digital evidence. >> in a statement facebook says we are consulting closely with child safety experts, government and tech companies and devoting new teams and sophisticated technologies so we can use all the information available to us to help keep people safe. privacy proponents say there is no foolproof way to implement encryption backdoors. any vulnerability the matter how hidden or secret can be discovered and potentially abused by hackers and criminals.
6:47 pm
the hardly strictly bluegrass festival is underway right now in san francisco. this year there is added security. 83 acts representing a mix of genres will perform on six stages over three days in golden gate park. the festival is three and people can bring their own alcohol as long as it is not in glass containers but coolers are not allowed. all bags must be transparent. the entire perimeter of the festival grounds has been secured by a chain-link fence. police were already on patrol at the front entrance this afternoon. >> there is more security. >> what you think about that? >> we have troubled times in this country it is too bad. but, we are all here to have a good time. >> hardly strictly is just one of events planned by this weekend in san francisco. fleet week is set to begin on sunday.
6:48 pm
there is also the street fare this weekend and tomorrow the warriors will play their first preseason game at the new chase center. there will be added security in place for all those events. >> so much going on this weekend. if you're going to hardly strictly make sure your beer is cold even if you can have a cooler, it is going to be warm across the bay area. >> ring a shade it is going to be hot. >> i remember one year we had all of that and the giants were in the playoffs and the niners. all in one day. it is an active time of year in the bay area. here's the forecast for tomorrow. lots of sunshine at golden gate park. temperatures will approach the mid-seventies tomorrow afternoon. lo of clear skies. the weekend. take a look at the temperature comparison. everyone will be warmer as we had into the saturday forecast.
6:49 pm
here's your weekend in the nutshell. 70s and 80s and a few spots around 90 degrees. elevated fire danger. we talked about that red flag fire warning for the northbay hills saturday night and into sunday morning. clear skies up and down our coastline. the bay area in the clear for tonight. no fog to speak of and current numbers san francisco. 70s in santa rosa. concorde 76 in san jose upper 60s. here is our live camera looking out toward the oakland estuary. beautiful toward san francisco in the distance. a nice friday evening and a nice weekend forcast as this area of high pressure rebuilds. sinking air is warming air. you probably noticed that change for today. it will be more pronounced saturday and sunday. sunday will be the hottest day of the weekend and that could lead to a few spots inland around 90 degreesas we head to the second half of the weekend.
6:50 pm
tomorrow we are in the clear for the morning hours. a bit of a chill in the air. into the afternoon hours brighter colors to reflect the warm numbers. nothing excessively hot but a few spots inland could be in the mid to upper 80s. it is warm and dry this weekend. fire danger will be elevated. santa rosa 86. right around the bank close to 80s. you had inland and mid 80s out toward antioch and brentwood. san jose we are forecasting 83 degrees. santa cruz a great day by the boardwalk with lower 80s. there is 77 in san francisco. here's a look ahead. you will see temperatures peaking on sunday. we begin to cool things off into early next week especially near the immediate coastline. this time of year we can point to the chance of some rain on the horizon. nothing showing up just yet. we are dry in the bay area and we will feel the heat all weekend long.
6:51 pm
>> try to stay cool. >> drink lots of water. >> or beer depending on where you're going to be. >> thanks. it is the home opener tonight for the san jose sharks. coming up in sports a live report. how the team is moving on without a great. tune in for the kickoff show of smacked down at 7:30. join us for the 10 pm news and 11 pm news right here on ktvu. our 18-year-old
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jason appelbaum joining us in sports. getting a little shark action for the home opener. >> i'm looking forward to wwe smack down tonight. and then i'm looking forward to the sharks. i think of sharks hockey, i think of two people. i think the frank somerville and he is not here and i think of scott reese. i believe scott reese is standing by live and he will join us ringside from the mengs scott. the vegas golden knights are fast becoming the sharks biggest rival, don't you think? >> reporter: i tell you what, you might get some wwe smack down here tonight. these two teams legitimately do
6:55 pm
not like each other. it is actually fascinating how much this rivalry has estimated escalated. the golden knights have only been in play for two seasons. last year their meeting culminated in game seven of the playoffs. the sharks won that series and moved on. the schedule makers have a sense of humor. they schedule the sharks at night in the first two games of the regular season. first game was on wednesday night in vegas. marcus scored the loan shark school. if you are sharks and watching the game you think what is different about this? oh yeah, no joe pavelski. the captain, a shark for the last 13 seasons onto dallas via free agency leaving a huge void on the ice and in the dressing room tomas hertl told me about what it is like post joe pavelski. >> it is a little different.
6:56 pm
i have six years here and he was always here. john boy was always the first guy to the rink and now it is just him. it is a little different. i was one of the leaders. it is a great opportunity for me. for sure i miss it. when i was struggling he always come to me and he is a great leader and a great friend. >> reporter: joe pavelski gone but not forgotten. we see a lot of number 8 sweaters in the tank. it will be a capacity crowd. a lot of excitement. not just because it is vegas but the home opener. housekeeping notes, evander kane still not in the lineup. serving a three-game suspension but the sharic carlson back. he and his wife welcomed a baby girl yesterday morning.missed t wednesday but he will be on the
6:57 pm
ice tonight and he will get a heck of an ovation. i'm sorry frank is not there to talk more sharks with you but we are looking forward to things. game one at home became to overall against vegas. >> frank is down there by you. i thought you would pan off and show us where frank was. i'm guessing he will be at that game tonight. we will have highlights coming up later on at 10 pm. thanks. the sharks are opening their home season tonight. tomorrow night the warriors will christen their brand-new home in san francisco. we get our first glimpse at chase center in the mission bay neighborhood with basketball being played with preseason game number 1 against the lakers. it remains to be seen how much the starters are going to play but word is steph curry and tremont should get 20 minutes. clay still out until the all- star break as he rehabs his torn acl. the coach says it has been slow going with so many new faces. >> there are really only a
6:58 pm
handful of known entities right now in terms of who will start and who will be in the rotation. obviously steph, tremont, d'angelo, from there it is kind of wide open. i might be missing someone but i don't think i am. >> game one of the american league division series. justin verlander of the houston astros hosting the race in game one. that is verlander's wife, kate upton. and that is jose in the fifth inning of a scoreless game. not anymore. blasts one to the left. verlander didn't need much to go seven scoreless as the astros take game 16-2. when 6-2. i have to do a little reception after work. oh, i would, but we need to make a push on the air force project.
6:59 pm
oh, are you sure? we're celebrating our new a.d.d. drug, and it'll probably be over in, like, six minutes. did you say you guys are working on the guidance system tomorrow? yeah, why? well, sheldon said that he was gonna work with me on our quantum perception project. we've had this planned for a week. well, he reconfirmed with me this morning. guys, before this gets ugly, remember, the winner gets sheldon. hey, raj, do you want to go with me tomorrow? are you asking because you want me there or out of pity? actually, never mind, don't answer. i'd love to. hello. why did you tell leonard you're working on the gyroscope tomorrow? because i am. but you said you were working with me. penny: uh-oh. someoi have a plandates to the nerd prom. to work on both projects simultaneously. and for your information, the summer conference on algebraic topology at caltech is nerd prom. i'm sorry, what is this plan you have? well, i'm not needed at both places at the same time.
7:00 pm
and i can also free up extra hours with simple tricks, such as using a minimal amount of words to convey my point. when does that start? soon. see, i could've said "in the near future," but i didn't say "in the near future," 'cause "in the near future" is three more words than "soon." "in" one, "the" two, "near" three, "future" four. see "in the near future" is four, "soon" is just one, four isgenius.han one; saving time already. i was gonna say, "why does anyone think sheldon's a genius?" ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool ♪ the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ♪ ♪ we built the wall ♪ we built the pyramids ♪ ♪ math, science, history, unraveling the mystery ♪ ♪ that all started with a big bang ♪


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