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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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happened because of neglect. governor newsom with harsh words for pg&e and the utility reenergizes their lines and winds down the largest planned shut off in history. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox news starts now. power is being restored to night. pg&e has been inspecting their lines and reenergizing them. most but not all have electricity. >> pg&e's president and ceo says they made the right call to turn off the power but they acknowledged all of the problems including need for better communication. more than half of the people who lost power have had it restored. 738,000 homes and businesses without power at the peak of the outage. now they've restored to 426,000 of the customers. 312,000 remain without power.
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we begin with our team coverage in contra kosta county where pg&e says they've restored power to 85% of their customers there. >> reporter: yes, frank, the lights went on here just before 8:00 o'clock tonight. county officials say there are still more than 4600 people here in then county who do not have power n.the dark, robert shaw had flashlight, battery and newly chopped pile of wood for his wood stove awaiting game for he and thousands of others. >> avi a gas stove so i had my neighbor over. she brought the meat and i had the heat. who do yo you you think is going to pay these bills? >> reporter: contra kosta county officials say some
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50,000 residents lost power. the food truck especially secretary became the hot spot. >> a lot of people coming because they have no choice. supermarkets are closed and fast food. >> reporter: the red flag warnings prompted the massive power shut down. steve hill says there were 12 fires in the county with the hot windy dry conditions. >> when i got out the fire was burning behind me. >> reporter: this one was on edward's ranch and fire crews were able to knock it down. >> had we not gotten this contained it would've burned out into the wilderness and we would've had a big fire driven by these stiff winds. >> reporter: these cattle ranchers still had power but they worry about water supply. >> if they shut the power off
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we've had it because we can't get water. >> reporter: county officials at the emergency operation center said by evening the power was beginning to be restored. >> schools will be reopened tomorrow. power has been restored to all the schools in the area. >> reporter: pg&e says their inspection crews are not going to be working through the night in the dark so it could be until 6:00 tomorrow night before they get 100% of the power restored here in the county. >> definitely good news coming back on. >> our meteorologist is in for our chief meteorologist tonight. what's going on with the winds? we're great, down to calm or less than 10 miles per hour. we've made fantastic progress. you can see martinez about 3 miles per hour. 14 miles per hour that's up in the oakland hills so more
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weedpatch as you get up higher. we've definitely crossed over to a better place. relative humidity levels have come up to like 32% in concord so much more moisture in the air and that helps with the fire danger. we're still dealing with the offshore flow. we'll see that change as we get toward the weekend. the temperatures will start coming down. we do have chilly temperatures to look out for tonight. back to you. >> in san jose about 1500 pg&e customers are still without power and the mayor is among those criticizing the utilities. he said it cost the city half a million dollars. we're live with more on what the mayor had to say. >> reporter: julie, the mayor says the $500,000 is just a rough estimate and he expects it to be even more.
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tonight residents and business other thans are breathing huge sigh of relief with the power being back on. >> our toppings and things have to be refrigerated and we don't have the power for it. >> reporter: the owner of tastee in san jose is replenishing her product. the power was restored 17 hours late ever. >> i understand why pg&e did what they did but as a business owner it's just affecting us losing a lot of money. >> the cost to the city so far, initial estimate, dealing with the power shut down, is around half a million dollars. >> reporter: city officials say money was spent on 24/7 staffing, 150 workers and refueling generators for critical water pumping and fire stations.
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the outage affecting some 20,000 pg&e customer accounts in the areas of san jose. the mayor says the city will recoupe losses. >> what is a minor inconvience for a few hours become as major public health and hazard over several days the w.e need to ensure the shut downs do not last more than a few hours. >> it's very destructive. >> reporter: the outage affecting the dialysis center and they lost power. they transferred 300 patients to the nearby east ridge center for treatment. the clinic on white road remains closed until monday as they inspect equipment. >> pg&e was telling us five to seven days but we were happy that the power is back on.
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>> reporter: you may recall schools in the school district and evergreen valley college canceled classes because of the outage. i called and schools are back in session tomorrow. >> the lights are coming back on in alameda county. the number of people in the dark dropped from more than 30,000 during day to fewer than 3000 right now. we were there when the power was restored at one home this evening. >> wow, this is nice. this is great because our vegetables are about to, you know, they're still melting but we can save some of them. >> however for many tonight, relief was tempered with apprehension that many more power out tambellinis could be ahead. >> pg&e says 80% of their customers in more renn county
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has had their power restored, 59% in napa and 46% in sonoma county. we have report ons the second night of no power. >> >> reporter: not exactly candlelight dining. more like lanterns and leds. ricky's eastbound is serving dinner in the dark this. neighborhood restaurant and bar is working keeping people fed and people working. >> it's so much fun working in the dark. >> reporter: the restaurant other thans have the food truck turning out burgers and tacos away to avoid wasteing the food. >> we have not done all of the inventory. we're trying to serve what we know we can save. we know the commune tip wants to know where we stand.
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are local responders were learning more from facebook than pg&e that lights were coming back on. by dusk, 29 of the 31 affected intersectionings were on operating again. the east side of town is still lagging. >> we got word from pg&e late this evening that 98% of sonoma county will be restored by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> reporter: that could mean more loss for businesses. eat, drink and meet friends. >> reporter: they say customers are clam moring to make dining in the dark an annual tradition. >> doing this has brought people together even more. they loved it. they came in last night and it was conversation going. >> gourmet camping. keeping our fingers crossed that we'll have power on by the time we get home. we may have to stay for
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dessert, though. >> >> reporter: not the first tithe food truck has been pressed to service. the owners used it to feed first responders during firestorm two years ago. a change is coming to california hotels. the little items that will soon be disappearing from hotel bathrooms. >> 9/11 of the democratic candidates for president shared the stage tonight to discuss lgbtq rights. the message they had for republicans. you know when you're at ross and your new fall look just keeps getting better? check this out! that's yes for less. score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. . protesters clashed with supporters of president trump in downtown minneapolis tonight. president trump had just wrapped up a rally when the trouble began. demonstrators confronted the president's supporters and that quickly led to punching and shoving. police in riot gear moved in to keep e two sides aapartment there was at least one arrest.
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>> nine of the democratic presidential candidates were in los angeles tonight. they took part in a televised forum regarding lgbtq issues. elizabeth warren had a message for republicans. >> we believe that equal means equal everywhere.. i also say it because i want our republican friends to hear that in the united states senate. i want them to know that people vote based on lbgtq issues. >> the other leading democratic candidate, joe biden, voiced his support. two associates of rudy giuliani has been charged of fell nit violations. both were arrested as they tried to board and
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international flight last night with one way tickets. authorities say they played key roles in rudy giuliani's efforts to investigate hubber biden in the ukraine. tate used foreign money to put to the campaign. >> they wanted to advance their own financial interest and that of at least one foreign official. the two men reportedly met with president trump at the white house and his mar-a-lago resort in florida. the president said he didn't know them and had "nothing to do with it. rudy giuliani said he couldn't comment. california voters could be asked to decide how to create special courts to help the homeless population. they could create county courts to steer homeless people into
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drug addiction programs. it would require every county with more than a hundred thousand people to set up court to guide people to services. they need 620,000 signatures to get it on the ballot. >> say goodbye to the small shampoos, conditioners and more in the hotels. they'll have to install reusable dispensers. it impacts more than 510,000 rooms in the state. after the break, why some people outside of the pg&e shut off zones who still had power did not have internet or cable during outage. >> also ahead, more school closures including bay area university that canceled
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classes. our red flag warnings are over but at does the weekend hold? i'll have your extended forecast coming up.
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. as the power comes back on, comcast internet and cable services are being restored. we were in montclair where people had power but no cable,
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internet or home security. comcast xfinity services were down in 34 count tis. the company says the services rely on commercial power from pg&e and that service cannot be restored until the power is back. >> in the morning they said it would be back on by the 17th of october. now they just say they're working on it. >> the situation has been difficult for us to predict because the forecast that pg&e has given was in the four to seven day range. >> people we spoke to were thankful to have their services back but they'd like future information to be more organized. >> classes at uc berkeley has been canceled tomorrow. all students and personnel should refrain from coming to the main campus. sonoma state and holy state are also closed along with the sonoma district.
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most others will open on friday. for an in depth look head over to we're in much better shape tonight than last night. red flag warnings have expired . if you look at the map, the om place we have the red is by the sierras. that's where they're under the red flag warnings. that goes until about 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. notice there is some blue up here. that is not our viewing area but interesting to know a frost advisory happening there to night getting dointo the 30s. we're not going to get that cool but in the north bay we have 30s on the map 0 in pacifica, 50. you're going to feel a chill in the air tonight. as we go across the weekend it will dip. current temperature, not if the
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30s. 61 in san francisco, poteets in santa row so, redwood city about 55, relative humidity levels back up. i like the look of this. it's better than the single digits and teens. the moisture has returned to the air and that helps us avoid fire danger. winds are calm. we've seen things ramp down and that's been helpful. it's nice to know as we go to bed that the wind is fine. these are the highs tomorrow. sunny skies tomorrow, touch cooler, some 80s up in the north bay and east bay. 73 in san francisco, 808 for you down in san jose and if you're heading out to fleet week enice weather. san francisco high tomorrow 74 degrees and sunshine. saturday also looking good and the wind also not be a problem as we head across the weekend.
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upper 60s on sunday afew clouds rolling in on sunday but that's going to be a nice day to get out. notice the temperatures continue be to roll down. we'll get the on shore flow, the cooler moister air coming in maybe a chance of rain later into the week next week. we'll keep an eye on that. >> we're one day closer to the weekend. this is this weekend's watch. >> heading into the weekend and here is what's happening around the bay. 39 annual san francisco fleet week festivities continue with ship tour, parade of ships under the golden gate bridge on friday and the blue angels air show high in the sky through sunday. >> 2019 italian heritage parade fill the streets on sunday. that starts at 12:30. >> head to noriega street for the 10th annual ocean beach
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music and arts festival. food, beer, wine and a pumpkin patch is there. >> pick the perfect pumpkin and meet farm animals enwhile enjoying food and music and more. the event is free but you must sign up. go to www.farmtrails.orgto receive a map. celebrate the fall season at pumpkins in the park. the harvest there for families at the guadaloupe river park. there will be a pumpkin patch, food, game, parade and children's concert. >> east bay, spend the day strolling through the park street classic car show with music and more than 400 cars to see. >> in sport niners are on the road and sharks at home. san jose sharks got their first
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win tonight. patrick marlowe had a big return. that's coming up next in sports. sports. . >> first, the san francisco tradition the cable car bell ringing contest was today. they competed for trophies and prizes. the title goes to byron cobb the title goes to byron cobb for the 8th welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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. i like it. >> we were talking about the sharks and frank is excited. we were talking about patrick marlowe back in a big way. patty marlowe is back.
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the sharks. e a good move for they were 0-4 and now they get their first win. he had a couple of goal tonight skating in chicago against the blackhawks. they're down to the sharks 4-3. second goal of the night, patty marlowe redirecting it in, escorting it through. that makes it 4-4. into the 3rd we go even. barkley came on strong towards the end of last year. he's in front picking up the garbage. throw it to the net and something good can happen. 5-4, sharkings 1-4 and rowan, i would've liked to have seen a better game in game five. lights out for the tampa bay rays. if that guide shows up the
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asche trotmans are going to win. 1st inning four runs against the rays. they were done this. is a big hit. alex bregman center field, two run double. they come out of the inning up 3-0. gerrit cole who is brandon crawford's brother-in-law, he's married to brandon's sister. poping the cork and saturday, looking forward to the alcs, game one, yankees and astros. >> thursday night football, one question. by how much would the new england patriots win against the new york giants? here is your local guys, your bay area twist, tom brady and julian edelman, for the giant, daniel jones, tries to get new york back into it. they were trailing 14-0, golden tate with a bobbling grab.
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gone 64-yard, 14-7 lead n.the 4th quarter patriots up 21-14. collins forces a fumble and kyle vannoy returns it with a great individual efficient forth, 35-14, 6-0 are the patriots. golden state warrior, i don't care who you talk to. nobody knows how this team is going to responds to no more kd, klay thompson out. glen robinson iii. steph, the say the least nmid season form here, he had 25 minutes of play and in that time 40 points on 14 of 19 shooting. the warriors begin to pull away from the minnesota t-wolves. omar find as way to get it to steph and they win it 143-123.
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easy wi that is the sporting lineup. >> congratulations to you, 40 years. >> that's right, as of today. happy to be here. princeton has a beautiful campus. now, i've learned some fun facts about new jersey to help you make small talk. would you like to know the state bird or the murder rate? they're both shocking. actually, i want to hear about you. how are things at home? well, i'm a lot less likely to see an eastern goldfinch or be murdered, i'll tell you that. i miss you. i miss you, too. it's so strange, earlier today i ended a sentence and you weren't there to correct my grammar. i'm sorry you had to go through that. in fact, that's when i started to really miss you. you know you just split an infinitive.


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