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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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protesters take to the streets in san francisco saying democracy is now threatened after the u.s. pulls troops from northern syria. >> the move today by kaiser mental health workers to raise awareness for what they call a lack of key services for kaiser patients. good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. we begin tonight with the changing situation in syria. troops are moving to the north of that country now to confront an ongoing turkish offenses. >> this comes after president trump's order to withdraw all u.s. troops from that region. fox news tells us lawmakers on both sides are worried this will lead to widespread death of our kurdish allies. >> reporter: last night president trump ordered all u.s. troops to with withdrawn
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from northern syria, after he without the protection of american troops, u.s. officials say the kurdish fighters in the area are now cutting a deal with the russian backed syrian government forces to help push back their incursion and prevent a mass slaughter. on fox news sunday, defense secretary mark esper defended president trump's decision. >> and to take on the turkey's army, moving south. it puts news a terrible position. >> the president has received a lot of criticism for abandoning the kurdish fighters who have been the u.s.' staunches allies in the region in the fight against isis. but this morning he defended the move in a series of tweets including this one. the kurds in turkey have been fighting for many years. turkey considers pkk the worst of all. others may want to come in and fight for one side or the other, let them. we are monitoring the situation
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closely, and endless wars. on nbc's meet the press, the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee said there is nothing more disgusting than what the president is allowing to happen. >> and who would trust the united states to be an ally of them? who would think that it pays for them to align themselves? >> the white house has warned turkey if they go too far, there will be consequences including sanctions from the u.s., but so far the president and his administration have not defined exactly what too far looks like. in washington i'm garrett tenney, fox news. speaking out to two rallies where they were on the trump administration today. >> here now with the details on both of those demonstrations. lee? >> we are not seeing the protest exhaustion here in the bay area and that is because they say these are issues that they could not sit or ignore or
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take to the streets. denouncing president trump's decision to abandon the kurdish- led syrian democratic forces to help them fight isis. and the second rally was to support the house's impeachment inquiry. in union square, several groups staged a rally to show support for the kurds in northern syria who were instrumental in making the region stable. this professor traveled to northern syria earlier it had year and says he witnessed a society with gender equality and grassroots organizations and free education. >> there is the democracy and the society that must be inspiring. >> and protesters say that democracy is threatened. on wednesday president trump said they would pull out troops and that he has been planning very openly for. >> this is a very crucial point
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to remember turkey does not want kurds on this border or within their own border. and to say, to be talking about this invasion and saying oh, well, the way it is framed from the media is that turkey is eliminating forces on the border when the people of northern syria have never made any attempts to attack the territorial integrity of turkey at all. >> and it has puzzled the supporters. >> nobody could really tell. it seems to be a completely bizarre decision. >> reporter: and over at the embarcadero, anger over the president's recent actions, not just in syria, but the calls to investigate joe biden have moved for others to call for his impeachment. >> i'm an independent voter. i support what they are doing right now.
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there's enough evidence that will support that. >> and activists say people are not showing signs of exhaustion. >> even when you have a government that you kind of agree with, if they are doing anything that you disagree with that will speak well and finally waking up saying we can't ignore them. >> and now activists from the rally to defend northeast syria say they want a no fly zone over the region. now kentucky senator rand paul, he supports his decision to leave syria, tweeting last week that trump promises to stop our endless wars and have a true america first policy. in the studio, lee mar tines ktvu fojoe biden is resigning from the board position with the chinese company. hunter biden's attorney said his client will step down at the end of the month. he also said he would resign
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from any dealings with foreign firms if his father wins the presidency. and that includes the other board's position with the ukrainian gas company. and it is that position that has become central to president trump's impeachment inquiry. nearly 4,000 mental health workers are taking part in around-the-clock vigil outside the kaiser permanente headquarters in oakland. patients will not get the immediate help they need with schedules both many weeks in advance. today mental health workers put out the 60-foot memorial along the fence with stories saying they ended up dropping kaiser because of long wait times. >> most dipeople that they needed to take care of what they needed in a timely matter and died by suicide. >> the demonstration today has nothing to do with the quality and access to kaiser permanente. and simply a union tactic to advance their position.
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>> and the mental health workers have been working without a contract since last october. investigating a deadly crash involving three cars in oakley. a 22-year-old man tried to pass a pickup truck last night. the driver crashed into the pickup, which was making a left turn. that same driver crashed into another car. he was not wearing his seat belt and was pronounced dead at the scene. two people were taken to the hospital with moderate to minor injuries. they had their power restored by 6:00 last night. and also says work was intended. >> also apologized publicly for how they were handled. earlier today we spoke to what
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has been done differently. >> and their communication, it was a mess. and probably the website that did not work. i think that really enraged a lot of people, and made it wors would have been otherwise. >> and all told about 738,000 customers lost power during the safety shutoff. the family of the missing utah tech executive has confirmed her body has been found, but still waiting for official word from investigators. san jose police were called after her body was discovered inside a parked car. that area is near the library and community center. investigators say that is ere the phone last pinged. she was 33 years old and lived in salt lake city, reported missing on monday. she has been in palo alto on a business trip. the cause of her death has not yet been determined. in southern california,
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more than a thousand firefighters battling the fire burning near los angeles. burning more than 7,9u had acres, destroying 30 buildings including homes. one man who would try to fight that fire died of the heart attack. they said the down power line may have started that fire last thursday. and cal-fire said it is 41% contained and at one point evacuations were ordered. and those orders have now been lifted. the sandalwood fire destroyed a home, killing three people. cal-fire says that fire is now 77% contained. and it has burned more than a thousand acres, destroying 74 buildings. the fire also started on thursday when that garbage truck was found with some dry brush. >> the fire broke out near lake merced in san francisco today. the call came in around 11:30 this morning. the flames started near lake
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merced boulevard in middlefield drive. taking firefighters about 15 minutes to get that fire under control and no structures were damaged and no juan was injured. the fire burned about an acre, no word on how it started. the fire at the apartment building has destroyed one unit and damaged 11 others. it broke out just before 10:00 last night at a building near davis and clark street. 11 units were damaged from the smoke and the residents living in those units are displaced, but we're told it may be temporary. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the fleet week will wrap up tomorrow, capping a woke of events honoring the men and women of the forces. between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, visitors could climb aboard the carriers, destroyers, cruisers, docked at the embarcadero piers. it is a chance to get a glimpse into the day and the lives of the sailors serving in the coast guard and it is an
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opportunity to learn the history of the ship. >> flight 93 crashed when the heroes that took down the flames from the terrorist in somerset, pennsylvania. so this ship is the name sake of somerset county, pennsylvania. what you see there are some of the names of the heroes that perished in that flight. >> fleet week draws hundreds of thousands of people each year to san francisco. still to come here, devastating parts of japan. the efforts now to find the people missing. >> and governor gavin newsom aims at ending the practice of lunch shaming. and temperatures today are were a week ago. temperatures are warmer, cooler than yesterday by a good five to eight degrees. what will it be for the rest of the week? i'll let you know. announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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continuing to rescue people from flooded homes today following a powerful typhoon that killed 19 people. the typhoon made landfall south of tokyo yesterday and moved northward. among the reported deaths were those whose homes were buried in landslides. other fatalities included people who were swept away by raging rivers. at least a dozen people are
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still missing among the floodwaters and at least 100 were injured. 27,000 military troops and other rescue crews were being sent to flooded regions to help out with the rescue and recovery effort. >> the community of fort worth, texas is calling for an independent investigation after a white police officer shot and killed a black woman inside her own home. >> fox news explains the neighbor who called police to begin with now regrets his decision. >> reporter: it had body camera video shows a fort worth officer at the front door of tatyana jefferson's home. it's around 2:30 in the morning. a neighbor saw the front door open. he called the non-emergency number because he was concerned. >> when i made that non- emergency call, i didn't say it was a burglary, i didn't say it pewaople across the street. i didn't say anything that would make them think that somebody would have a gone. all they needed to do was knock on the door. >> reporter: james smith says he knows one of the people
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living in the house, and he knows they have a medical condition and thought something was wrong. in the body camera video, an officer is seen walking around the house with a flashlight and gun drawns. investigators say when he got to the back window, he saw someone standing at the home. a single shot was fired, killing jefferson. >> you don't respond to a wellness check with force. yes, it was an overreax of the force. >> reporter: lee merit is the attorney representing the family. fort worth police stand by their statement saying the officer saw a threat. >> they didn't knock on the front door or ring the doorbell, they went around the side of the house, went around her car. went to the back of the house, and then less than two minutes i heard gunshots. >> something needs to change in this community and believes the
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officers should face charges. >> we went from a call to a woman being killed by the cops. >> he regrets calling the police. >> my neighbor would still be alive had i not called the department. >> the officer who fatally shot jefferson joined the department last year. he is now on administrative leave. in new orleans today officials continue to investigate what caused a hotel to partially collapse while under construction killing at least two people. rescue crews were also continuing their attempts to locate the worker missing in the rubble of the hard rock hotel project. officials declined have any ind whether that missing worker is alive after the building collapsed yesterday. the city's fire chief says they are treating their that the mis worker is dead. >> we are in rescue mode. we have teams that are currently making entry as we speak. and the building again, trying to locate the one victim that
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we have that we have not been able to locate. >> the project's contractor citadel builders was sending engineers to help them move debris without risking the lives of the missing person or nearby building. the company says they will also help with the investigation. neither the citadel builders nor emergency officials have commented on the potential cause of the building collapse. in chicago police say a man with a history of anger management issues killed a family of four as they ate dinner in their apartment. the suspect then went into another unit and shot a woman critically injuring her. authorities say the gunman the knew each other. inved not release a motive in the killing. officials said the suspect was arrested and the weapon was recovered at the scene. the neighborings of the victims and the suspects have not been released. people in east palo alto took to the streets today to urge witnesses to come forward in a murder case from a year ago.
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demonstrators were shouting solve this case. alvarado and mario vadalez were the two men killed. their families are asking the community to help authorities find the person responsible. >> the bottom line, it's in every case that we do and we need citizens to come forward to tell us what tay had saw and knew. they are urging people to come forward. >> the reward stands at $10,000. and if necessary. late today governor newsom signed a bill into law thatgives child sex assault victims more time to fileuits. right now people who are victims of child sex abuse have until the age of 26 to file those lawsuits. that age has been extended now to 40.
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in addition it gives people already outside that time frame a three-year window to bring a lawsuit any way. newsom vetoed a bill that would have allowed for tolls on lombard treat. rejecting the bill even after it passed. the governor believes everyone should have access to lombard street without paying. governor newsom also banned the law called lunch shaming. making sure all students will receive a meal of their choice even if their had unpaid meal fees. newsom gave credit to a napa at the issue by paying the outstanding lunch bills for all the students at his school. >> that is amazing what he did.
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>> i know. let's bring in chief meteorologist bill martin back from vacation. >> completely different from last week. this week it will be a different set of metrics. more mild and more fall like, like what you saw today. and temperatures, 81 in santa rosa and those came down from yesterday's numbers. 80 in morgan hills. 71 in oakland. temperatures this week will follow suit. kind of a mild pattern this week if you will. i'll show you the reasons for that. kind of the jet stream that i put in there and right there th frost. that's the cooler air, right? the red lines and the jets and the cold air in here and up there and then that's cooler air, in our region. when it does that, you have a tendency to see the marine layer or fog right there. give us a closer look, right off the coast. and a slight onshore flow. temperatures today, definitely
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down a few degrees. definitely different than last week. with that trough lingering, which is exactly what you want to see or in this case pg&e, if your air quality, when you see a trough like that lingering, it's a good sign for the fire danger that it will not be as severe. 75 in concord and fairfield. those are right now's temperatures, running in hayward, 11 degrees behind yesterday. napa at seven degrees behind yesterday and livermore at six degrees behind yesterday. outside you'll see the live camera shot with a beautiful evening out there. lots of there's coastal fog at pacifica and half moon bay and bodega bay and out in san and then the overnight low temperatures will get down there. these are the forecast lows, santa rosa at 36. chilly when you get going tomorrow. big story here or the main story here is that this week will be very different than
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last week. much milder. fire danger will not be severe and air quality will be good and kind of a classic fall pattern with a cool morning and mild afternoon. most of us yellows. most of us in the 60s or the 70s. some forecast highs like brentwood there and areas just like that, 80s in gilroy and morgan hill. then your five-day forecast, the top line of numbers just stay site. if you're cal-fire, that's what you want to see. the 49ers have done something they have not done since 1990. jason appelbaum next with the details in sports.
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try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. the new orleans saints received high praise today from none other than pope francis. later the vatican tweeted out it was a mistake. we give thanks to the lords for our new saints. they walk by faith and now we
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invoke their inner session. the tweet automatically included the new orleans saints logo. again the vatican later said it was a mistake and that the pope was tweeting about five new saints who were cannonnized this morning. >> all right, well jason is here now. the 49ers, it's the real deal. >> you can't lose when the pope says even if it is a mistake. the 49ers. >> the biggest win since jim harbaugh left. but how they beat the rams today in l.a., lots of football left. but through six weeks of the season, the 49ers are looking like the best team. it is almost like a home game tied up at seven. in the pocket and they deliver. watch them break that tackle and drag three more defenders down to the five-yard line.
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but he's kicking off a few plays later. still 7-7, taking the lead. but the niners, their stuff, malcolm brown on 4th and goal from the one. 0-4 on 4th down. >> i like that guy. >> becoming a starter. >> i really like him. defense is amazing with the first play of the second half. rams will fumble it away. that's the rookie, the pitch. four plays later, jimmy g on the keeper. niners will take the lead and add a couple of field goals, holding the rams to 165 yaten f improving to 5-0. here is george kittle. >> this is a game i've had on calendar for a year. our defense is giving them an opportunity to win the game.
6:29 pm
we left a couple of points on the board. but when you have defense like that, that's all you need. second quarter, wilson with a 17-yard pass to brown. he had 295 yards, three touchdowns, both in sync, bye, bye, bye. we had to look it up. chris carson up the middle. >> i don't know, he knows everything. >> yes, he's young. >> thank you. thank you for joining us everyone. we'll >> good night. what-what are you doing? the light is red, so i came to a stop. you're in a stolen cop car with a dead hooker in the trunk.
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