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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 31, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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following feel different. in costumes and efforts continue to help those affected by the kinkaid fire. b is a lot of refrigerators and a lot of meat. people that are struggling and unsure how they would prepare their next meal. >> the largest fire in sonoma county history, the fear and mass evacuation. that led to a large need for food and supplies. extract no surprise that halloween is an afterthought. we are in santa rosa with the mixed recovery. >> we are downtown where an annual haunted house finally
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managed to open just in time for halloween. we found that power is not back for everyone and that is a nightmare. track trick-or-treating, historic homes on mcdonald avenue. this halloween, sonoma county is bouncing back from a real threat. all afternoon, lines at a community center. people picking up donated groceries to replace food that spoiled in the refrigerator. >> everything helps. >> this employee was chased out of geyserville by the kincade fire. >> i haven't worked since thursday of last week. we don't know if we are getting paid or not. i'm thinking we are. hopefully. november will be a tough month for many. >> nothing is fresh. no eggs or milk.
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or donations are needed on friday so that giveaway can continue one more day >> we are in need of donations for individuals that lost food. >> milk and eggs are the number one most requested thing. 100 bags, gone in a flash. >> winter has always been in this vacuum. consider it our own little world. on sunday, we were having a big party on the town green. that will be a welcome home celebration. >> when the crowd poses for a picture, restaurants may still be closed. lighting on but they haven't restored natural gas for the grills. >> no one will give us a solid answer why. it could be next week for
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tomorrow or whenever. >> no stability and no income. after losing thousands of dollars into that had to be trashed. restaurant scrubbed and restocked. >> it was welcoming people coming into town. >> people need to come here, come to sonoma county. >> used tourism dollars. >> one highlight, the arrival of a fire engine among trick-or- treaters. so much appreciation for first responders. as for the gas situation, 21,000 customers, still need to be restored. pg&e had to go to each service address and relight the pilot light.
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>> it was interesting hearing that nancy come to the area, we depend on tourism. i have gotten several emails from people saying please tell people that we are open for business. >> only two wineries burned. if the winery scene is not to your liking, there are plenty to do in sonoma county. hiking and food. it is unlimited. they knew need do need people to support them. more progress to report on the kincade fire. there are updated numbers tonight. containment has gone from 60- 65%. the fire has also grown by about 100 acres.
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including 141 homes that have been destroyed. the board of supervisors voted unanimously to declare a local stata vineyards emergency. county leaders say they are taking action due to concerns that the county may not be eligible for federal disaster funding. board members also praised the response to the fire. they were especially supportive of the massive evacuation order before the fire hit. >> that is evidenced by no civilian fatalities or injuries. >> the supervisors also agreed to extend a previous emergency declaration that was called due to the recent planned power outages. >> they are investigating a shooting tonight after responding to a cordova man
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walking down the street with a gun. lee shot the man north of the road in san jose. we have live coverage tonight. that took down the last of the crime tape and clear the area. jackson avenue down to mckee was shut down for about seven hours tonight. the man was holding a gun when the officer shot him. >> reporter: police to be received several calls on thursday about a man walking down jackson avenue north of mckee road with a handgun. police have a arrived at 2:26 pm. officer say the man was holding a gun and did not comply with the directions. one police officer fired at the man near an apartment complex, not far. witnesses say they saw officers performing cpr before the suspect was taken to regional medical center a few blocks
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away. the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. police blocked off north jackson avenue as crime scene investigators arrived to collect a marked evidence. residents have two detours to get home. >> i had to walk all the way around the complex. >> this man was at the apartment complex adjacent to the spot where police shot the man. >> police say no residents were officers were injured. some neighbors say there was a shooting in that area this month. >> there was a shooting, shots in front of the house. today i hear someone came in to the complex looking for someone to hurt them. >> a did speak with an investigator with the examiner's office and they are trying to make identification and notify the next of kin. did not release the name of the
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man who was killed. also in the south bay, santa clara county sheriff's deputies are investigating the first ever deadly officer involved shooting on the --. amman -- was threatening passengers at the santa teresa statement in south san jose. >> an officer with allied universal security or the suspect to stop, several times. >> within a few moments, the suspect was advancing toward the officer with the knife in hand. i would say he closed in approximately 5-10 feet before the security officer had to discharge. >> the suspect was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. sheriff's investigators, as well as personnel are reviewing security camera footage. with the bang of a gavel, president donald trump became the fourth president in history to face impeachment proceedings.
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the resolution that was approved today sets the ground rules for hearings and whether or not the president violated his oath of office when he allegedly tried to pressure you came to investigate his political rival, joe biden. >> a top white house official confirmed that the military aid was held up by president trump's request for ukraine to investigate democrats. the new phase of the impeachment investigation is going to be very partisan. >> on this vote the yay is 232 and benet 196. there setting the rules for the next step of the impeachment inquiry. in part, the historic move clears the way for public testimony and allows president trump's legal counsel to participate. democrats and republicans were locked in fiery debate leading to the vote.
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>> i don't know why they were afraid of the truth. every member should support allowing american people to hear for themselves. that is what this phone is about. it is about the truth. >> it centers around the phone call with ukrainian acquisitions that he used his office to pressure. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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a year or so ago, fans would be happy with any victory. now they are clinique king tested critiquing. it is a good sign when you are thinking about the big picture which is getting into the postseason. the 49ers are right there with tom brady and the patriots 8-0. let's take a look at how it unfurled on halloween night. 49er fans continue to travel well. it gets off to a shaky start. down 7-0 until then. jimmy garoppolo hits george kittle who hits everybody out on his way to the end zone. we have a game just before the half.
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thank you to rob low to sanders. they led 21-7 at the intermission. then it got tight. on into the fourth quarter, 28-17 with five minutes left. it is kyler murray finding a rookie. andy isabella. he has great speed and obvious moves. he outlines the 49ers secondary. they were caught napping a bit. at 2-point conversion. only 28-25. richard sherman is not a happy camper on the sideline. jimmy garoppolo and the rest of the offense, able to grind down the clock. the first 25. right at the halfway mark of the season. arizona, a team they will play in another two weeks. right there with him.
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>> he is pretty good. >> he makes gutsy throws. goodness gracious. thank goodness the offense played great and did a phenomenal job. we are thankful. all of those guys deserve credit for what they did. c jimmy garoppolo, four touchdown passes, 317 yards passing. talk about the intangibles, in his career so far, 16-2 with the patriots and 49ers. 14-2 with the 49ers. i don't care what the statistics say, some guys have and that for leadership and winning. >> just watching how comfortable he is. there was one play where he moved up and troy aikman said, that is serious quarterbacking.
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next week, we will find out how good the 49ers really are. >> a week from monday at levi. can you imagine how the place will be rocking? as the seahawks come into town. talk about richard sherman. he will be pumped up. >> a perfect record online. >> we will have a lot more sports to talk about, including the interviews post game, coming up in sports later. the wires announced that stephan curry has undergone a ct scan on his broken left hand. he smiled from the hospital bed after suffering the injury during the loss. doctors will now decide whether his wrist will require surgery and how long he will be out. they fell to 1-3 last night and what is already looking like a tough season. clay thompson is also out. the workers lost kevin durant
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and andre --. in the meantime, steph is in good spirits. trick-or-treating and dancing is buzz light year. the rest of the family dressed up as characters from toy story, including reilley. you see her as best it. a wind driven fire has exploded in the last few hours in southern california. cruise in the ventura county are battling the maria fire that broke out at around six 45 p.m. on the top of south mountain. it quickly grew to 4000 acres. mandatory evacuations have been issued. also in southern california, the easy fire is burning in -- valley. it is 60% contained. broke out yesterday east of la at around 6 pm and came very close to the reagan national library. crews fortunately were able to save that library. the fire is being called the easy fire because it is burning
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along easy street. enforce thousands of people to evacuate along the hillside. >> when the firefighters are on the front line, you can see their passion. you can see how much they care about the community they serve. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. authority said it started active transmission lines. so far, the fire burned 1800 acres. checking in on some of the temperatures today. it was a nice day. a lot less wind. we had a testaverde today but not tomorrow. we have air-quality alert for smoke in the north bay tomorrow. we have a freeze warning for the north bay. that is interesting after red flag warnings than a freeze warning. one extreme to the other. 76 in antioch and 76 in fairfield. a nice day overall.
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as we look at the forecast for the next couple of days, the air quality is such that we will be looking at moderate air- quality in parts of the eastern zone penn central bay. better air quality to the south. this is the smoke lingering from the fires. when we combat, we take a look at the five day forecast. north bay, you will see temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. a frightening crime in the oakland hills. coming up, the investigation into a kidnapping after a man is abductive and zip tied. how the ceo of pg&e responded when being asked about the losses the customer suffered during the outage is.
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so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco.
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juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. it was a close call for a bay area woman driving on interstate 80.
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a large piece of wood slammed into the drivers windshield. at around 10:00, shards of glass struck the woman in the face. otherwise we are told she is okay. there is no word on exactly where that came from. many people that had power out and saturday finally got lights back on today. pg&e said only 1400 customers are without service from the planned outages that were meant to prevent wildfires due to the strong wind. in addition, about 1200 customers that are within the footprint of the kinkaid fire are also without power. they say inspectors found 156 confirmed instances of damage to the equipment and pg&e ceo was asked about the losses that people and businesses suffered during the outage is. >> main thing is, we didn't cause any fires or burned-out houses. the kincade fire is still under
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investigation. we did give the opportunity to refill the refrigerator. >> overall more than 1 million customers lost power during two shutoffs that started on saturday. is seeking to unseal court records in the case of the man accused of stabbing a young woman to death on a platform. today's move by the first amendment coalition comes after the attorney for the suspect filed a secret motion. an attempt to get the judge to throw out all the charges. that would prevent the public from knowing anything about the attempt to dismiss the case. is accused of killing neil wilson at the bart station last year. the next hearing in the criminal case is set for november 22. helping the homeless. how san francisco's mayor london bridge is working toward her goal of adding 1000 beds for the homeless by the end of
10:27 pm
next year. a man is reported abducted after two men attacked him in the driveway. the 49ers undefeated. and the cardinals in arizona tonight. look at that. is a battering ram. mark will have all the highlights and sounds from the locker room. susie loftus was appointed the interim district attorney in san francisco. she tells voters why they should keep her in office. it takes a village to raise to build a bridge.
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stray we have been introducing you to candidates. tonight with the demo the final candidate susie loftus who was recently appointed by london breed, prompting a lot of criticism. amber lee is in the cities noah valley neighborhood after talking with her about what her plans are as she continues to hold --. earlier tonight, the valley to meet and greet families out celebrating halloween. as the interim da she tells me she has already taken action on some issues. >> happy halloween. >> reporter: susie loftus campaigned along 24th street in
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san francisco neighborhood on halloween evening. hoping to become the second woman to be elected district attorney. the san francisco native said her experience makes her the most qualified for the job. she is a former prosecutor in the san francisco district attorney's office and she ran a nonprofit helping children overcome the trauma of violence. >> i have the experience to bring a different approach and what i believe is more effective. b in 2012, she was a wanted by mayor and lee to serve on the police commission of which he would eventually elected president. the recent appointment to the job she is now running for. >> i do solemnly swear. >> by mayor london breed, weeks before the november election has garnered criticism. opponents say loftus was given an unfair advantage over the
10:32 pm
other candidates. >> she said it is an open seat and she is not an incumbent on the ballot. >> i step in to serve the city. i am honored to do the job. i am working hard to be selected by the voters to continue. >> i started as an intern. i can walk in from day one and talk to the staff and say our job is to do justice. >> she said she is focused on doing the job. >> reversed the policy on diverting duis. really brought together neighborhood prosecution teams to start addressing neighborhood issues that are affecting people. b she has her goal is to improve the quality of life. >> we are here to announce the formation of an auto burglary strikeforce. >> she said she will tackle the problem jointly with various law enforcement agent these two target geographic hotspots and those that buy and sell stolen goods. >> at her campaign office, cn
10:33 pm
volunteers worked the phones. >> a recent poll commissioned shows loftus and the stick and that he. she tells me the only poll that matters is on tuesday, election day. homeless people in san francisco will soon have more places to sleep indoors at night. london breed announced 20 more beds are being added to the civic center navigation center, bringing the total number of beds to 113. the mayor is working to add 1000 new beds by the end of next year. more than one third of the way there. in san francisco there are currently 3400 beds available every night at traditional shelters, navigation centers and transitional housing. there is a need for more. 65% of the homeless population sleeps on city streets.
10:34 pm
a frightening situation in oakland hills. a man was kidnapped and forced to drive to an atm in berkeley before he was released. henry lee talked with neighbors who say they are stunned by what happened. >> we were mortified and said this happened to our new neighbors. >> the brother of the owner. he went out to the driveway to get something from his car was attacked. >> reporter: it happened at about 10 pm on tuesday night near acacia. the victim was confronted by two men wearing masks. >> the put zip ties on him and as i recall, the put duct tape on his mouth. >> the foursome in the house and took his atm and credit cards into sisters while at. the sister, her husband and
10:35 pm
children were inside the house. >> they did not physically harm him was a family. >> that wasn't all. >> they took him to an atm in berkeley and forced him to withdraw money. >> the foursome to drive in his car to downtown berkeley where a third person followed in the suspect's car. they ordered him to get money from an atm and left him in his car in berkeley. oakland police are investigating the incident. the victims did not want to talk about the incident but said because internet service was disrupted by the power outage, their ring camera did not capture footage. residents are stunned by what happened. >> i can't believe he was inducted. i have to tell my daughter and son-in-law when they come home tonight. that is beyond. >> this has always been a safe neighborhood. we have had break-ins here at
10:36 pm
the house. about 20 years ago. recently has been relatively safe. >> is caught, the three responsible could face burglary, robbery and kidnapping. anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police department. prosecutors have charged a concorde man with holding child pornography. he was taken into custody yesterday.'s arrest came after investigators say they found more than 600 images of child pornography stored on his computer. he works as an electrician and a bay area news group. he faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison if convicted. general motors recalling hundreds of thousands of trucks and suvs. north korea launches two missiles today. the new video of the test. more than just a meal.
10:37 pm
>> we are checking on the weather. a cold night then it will warm up with it. i will have the details for you. the weather is a meal. >> sorry about that. now we get to the story, how culinary students are helping those affected by the recent power outages and the kincade fire. you know when you're at ross and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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general motors announced they are recalling more than 600,000 trucks and suvs. the recall comes in response to a software problem that could affect the braking system. it covers recent model silverado's, suburban, tahoe's and gmc sierra 1500. owner should contact general motors to get the model you and other details. stocks closed lower on wall street today due mostly to new investor concerns. the dow jones was down 140 points. the nasdaq dropped 11 and the s&p was down nine points. the 11 day teacher strike in chicago has come to an end. >> i am happy to announce, we have reached an agreement with the ctu president, jesse sharkey. classes resume tomorrow. b the teachers union reached the deal last night after agreeing to salary increases and limits on class size.
10:41 pm
the walkout affected some 360,000 students that are now scheduled to head back to school tomorrow. throughout the strike a teacher said they just wanted to get back to work. >> it is tragic that we have had to do this. if you talk to any teacher, anyone will say this has been exhausting. it has been worth it. >> the two sides agreed to add five days to the end of the year to make up for the teaching time that was lost. chicago runs the nation's largest school system after new york and la. north korea launched two missiles today. the short range missiles lasted off from the province just north of the nation's capital city of pyongyang, shortly after dawn and landed in the sea of japan. marks the 12th missile test since may. it is why we believe that north korea has in launching these with a clear political objective.
10:42 pm
the u.s. can't take north koreans for granted. c negotiations between the u.s. and north korea broke down this month and sweden. that follow them unproductive meeting between -- and jim. helping communities that are affected by the kinkaid fire. >> we are happy to provide meals for people that have had a rough couple of weeks. >> coming up, a special dinner that a local culinary school cooked up for hundreds of people in sonoma county. taking a live look outside, san francisco city hall lit up for halloween. we will have the complete forecast for the rest of the week and weekend, coming up.
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culinary school in sonoma county is helping those impacted by the kincade fire and recent power outages. >> what better way to get back than a hearty halloween meal. rob roth shows us what helped ease the worries of many residents today.
10:46 pm
here at the culinary school in sonoma the chefs are trying to do their part to help people that are been through a lot in the past few weeks from blackouts to evacuations. >> it is our opportunity to get back to the community. people that could've been out of a job. >> they are preparing a pre- halloween dinner of marinated chicken for about 250 people. many of whom lost power from saturday to thursday. >> today made pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. it is halloween. we want to do a halloween theme. that i made a chocolate cake with raspberry blood. >> we are happy to provide meals for someone that it had a cup of rough weeks. the town has had a rough couple of years. >> to keep operating in massive amounts of food from wailing,
10:47 pm
they bought three backup generators in the past three weeks. they never had to shut down business. >> the food was loaded up and delivered to clients at a family service center that helps connect those in need with social services and job training. >> this was our way to see come in a warm meal. you haven't had a warm meal and a couple of days. it has been a frustrating and scary time for much of sonoma county. the entire community endanger an evacuation for some and losing electricity for almost all. a relaxing meal is not only a welcome relief but a sense that maybe the community can start getting back to normal. >> to floods or fires. this is a resilient community. we mentioned the air quality being less than desirable tomorrow in the north
10:48 pm
bay. they will have an air-quality alert for smoke through sunday. and you can see the yellow in the central bay and eastern zones with moderate air-quality. as you head toward fremont and santa clara valley, much better air-quality. the wind has been favorable. there was a chance that some of that smoke came in and settle down. not unlike the fires in paradise . the air-quality looks pretty good. wind is still blowing slightly offshore. sort of a bit offshore. is a flat pattern right now. we will not see the gusty wind like we did. 39 degrees right now in santa rosa. it is chilly.
10:49 pm
is a shot of the day in san francisco with all the vibrant colors. you can see across. a freeze warning goes into effect as we move through tonight and tomorrow. the freeze warning, many areas lowe freezing for a couple of hours. that means pvc and exposed pipes, you could have problems. our concerns, especially with power up there. the forecast, high offshore. that is the dominant pattern. the lowly some cool air around. 75 in napa. saturday and sunday,,.
10:50 pm
eric they look good as well. that was extreme. the big wind, not so much heat but how dry it got. fall back on saturday night. that is a bit later. i think an hour of extra sleep. i think that's how it works. >> it gets dark earlier. i hate that. a parade and costume contest halloween day at the oakland unified school district. students came to class dressed as superheroes, firefighters, princesses and zombies. preschoolers at united nations child development center showed off their trick-or-treating gear during the annual halloween parade.
10:51 pm
coming up in sports, the niners get a primetime win over the cardinals to stay undefeated, mark will have the highlights. on the 11 pm news, the outages are still affecting more than 1000 people. the changes officials say they will make to try and better protect seniors.
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it was a short turnaround for the 49ers. >> may be the best thing is they were not reveling in the victory. they were saying we're capable of doing a lot better. >> does that remind you bit of the 49ers during their glory. >> the fans would say it wasn't good enough. >> these are the good old new days. the halfway point in the season. undefeated, fourth touchdown passes. they do it all on the road tonight. the faithful seem to follow. wherever they go. they are fateful. >> looking to be injured. he comes back. think it looks too unhealthy.
10:55 pm
he flattens everybody inside of budda baker type to strip him of the ball. that 30 yard touchdown. more from grappa low. born with a nice catch in the end zone. and if you watch the replay, the ball was tipped when we look later. in the final seconds, the 49ers are stopped cold with four seconds left. kingsbury, the rookie coach for arizona called timeout. >> the dumbest call of the night. rob low to sanders, that turned out to be absolutely key. and set up 14-7 at half, it was 21 seven. >> beautifully done and open to say the least. >> when you are winning,
10:56 pm
everything is going right. much to the credit, arizona comes back. kyla murray, the number one draft choice. and the isabella, does the tight rope and cut 10 quick. world-class speed. the defensive back feel, cannot catch up. that is an 88 yard touchdown. 2-point conversion. richard terman not happy. the 49ers able to run out the clock as arizona had no timeouts left. the big first down catch from --. you go, the 49ers wind up winning, 28-25. they are pumped on the sidelines. >> they had a 9-0 win in the mud. the head games were defense with dominated. >> the 49ers needed to do and on the quarterback. jimmy garoppolo became the first quarterback in 19 years to throw for over 300 yards and four touchdowns.
10:57 pm
>> he played great today. i don't know why people think he is. he makes a gutsy throws out there. it is grateful that he showed up again as usual. it was not the case for the 49er defense. >> will watch the tape and watch it critically. in glendale, arizona, ktvu, fox 2. >> much to steph curry's credit, he always takes things
10:58 pm
glass half-full. tonight we have video of him out with the family trick-or- treating. that is great considering less than 24 hours before that video, there was a big 275 pound lug fall on him, breaking his left hand. he did have a ct scan performed. specialist will look over the images and decide on a plan of action. no estimate yet as to how much time he will miss. 's teammates feel for him. >> a speedy recovery. that is tough. part of the league and part of what professional sports are about. we hope you can come back stronger. kevin durant can't remember him, espn earlier today. smith was asking a few questions about this verbal skirmish that raymonde and
10:59 pm
katie got into. of course this incident came up. >> if you teammates talk to that way you would think about it a bit. we talked about it. i will not i. >> yet another way your teammate is steph curry, in the halloween spirit. >> you need to check this.
11:00 pm
i give him my number one professional athlete cup. that is the sporting life. it is time for more news. there coming up that stick >> we are in desperate need of donations. we almost exhausted our supply. when he donations. >> there is an urgent appeal for help on this halloween is the evacuees return home. the people returning to their homes need food and supplies bowling a huge fire in a massive power outage. i am frank somerville. >> the evacuees are coming home as firefighters continue to gain ground. about 90 minutes ago, cal fire released new numbers. they said the containment has grown from 60% up to 60%. 65


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