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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 31, 2019 11:00pm-11:28pm PDT

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i give him my number one professional athlete cup. that is it is time for more news. there coming up that stick >> we are in desperate need of donations. we almost exhausted our supply. when he donations. >> there is an urgent appeal for help on this halloween is the evacuees return home. the people returning to their homes need food and supplies bowling a huge fire in a massive power outage. i am frank somerville. >> the evacuees are coming home as firefighters continue to gain ground. about 90 minutes ago, cal fire released new numbers. to over 77,000 ntainment has
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acres. the damage estimates have also increased. cal fires is the latest survey says 141 homes have been destroyed. it is now the largest file in sonoma county's history. debra malone live in santa rosa. >> reporter: halloween has been overshadowed. the annual haunted house in santa rosa wasn't sure it would have power or patrons. it is good to see people having fun after days of turmoil. a santa rosa tradition, trick- or-treating at a his store, mcdonald avenue. this halloween, sonoma co is bouncing back from a real sprite. all afternoon, long lines at a community center, people picking up d groceriesto
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replace those that spoiled in warm refrigerators. >> kids are lined up around a quarter dressed up in >> reporter: haven't worked sin thursday of last week. we don't know if we are getting paid or not. >> reporter: november will be a tough month for many. >> we have no eggs, no milk. >> reporter: more donations are needed friday so this giveaway can continue one more day. >> anything you need in your fridge to feed your family, we are in need for those individuals who lost their food. >> reporter: milk and eggs are okay? >> those are the most requested things. >> reporter: shopping carts full of halloween candy and groceries. 100 bags gone in a flash. >> windsor has always been in this little vacuum. we are kind of considered our own little world. on sunday, we are having a big
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party on the town. >> reporter: when the crowd post for a picture, restaurants may still be closed. pg&e has not stored natural gas. >> no one will give us a solid answer of why. it could be next week. it could be tomorrow. it could be whenever. >> reporter: meeting no stability and no income after losing thousands of dollars in food that had to be trashed. restaurant scrubbed and restocked. >> the whole town was welcoming people coming into town. >> reporter: this was a bright spot for trick-or-treaters.chrs fast. more than 20,000 customers are waiting to have their private lights relit. frank and heather, this haunted house will stay open an extra
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nice to try to make up for the late start. >> at least provide them with a little feeling of normalcy. as we have been reporting, most of the kincaid fire victims who evacuated are now returning home. many of them are exhausted after their long and stressful ordeal. they are also grateful that firefighters were able to save their homes despite massive flames and at times hurricane force winds. the strong smell of smoke is still having it at many homes. >> the house smells a little smoky. it is good seeing all the neighbors. we are happy. >> we have over 150 requests. they keep coming in. >> many of the fire victims now back home say they fully support the decision by sonoma county officials to order a massive evacuation ahead of the huge wind-driven fire. to
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face a formal impeachment inquiry by the house of representatives. the resolution says guidelines of a public hearing. laura blanchard reports for us from capitol hill where the vote to authorized the next phase of this investigation split along party lines. >> reporter: thursday was a test for the leaders of both parties, a resolution starting the impeachment process passing in the house with all but two democrats voting yes and all republicans voting no. >> it is about the truth and the constitution. we will do so in a way that brings people together. >> not only did every single republican project the impeachment joined by democrat who couldn't stand it anymore. >> reporter: democrats they will a the groundwork for the impeachment inquiry going forward and will open up
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testimony, and they y in havint with the impeachment inquiry. nudity we shrink from it. >> reporter: afterwards, republicans headed to the white house for a briefing. the press secretary saying they are focusing on issues while democrats are choosing every day to waste time on a sham impeachment, a blatantly partisan at tenant to the story the president. >> the democrat skipping everything behind closed doors. the demonstration has been very transparent. also thursday, tim morrison, a former member of the national security council, testified for more than eight hours behind closed doors. democrats hope to hear from former national security adviser tom bolton and have issued a subpoena for two weeks from a formal vote on wheto imp. if it passes, it would head to the republican -controlled senate where there is more support for president trump. in washington, lauren blanchard,
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fox news. tonight president trump tweeted criticism a speaker nancy pelosi saying in part quote, i can't believe voters could be happy with the job sing the do-nothing democrats are doing. san francisco has really gone downhill. san jose employees are investigating a deadly shooting involving one of their officers. the man who was killed was reportedly walking down the street with a gun. officers were called to jackson avenue in the alan brock neighborhood of san jose. we are there tonight with more on what happened. >> reporter: this entire area was blocked off for a gun started off over at the shopping center and walked across the street and was coming down the sidewalk. police were across the street, e . the officers telling the witn one been sought and saw the man
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fall. san jose police say they received several calls thursday afternoon about a man walking down jackson avenue with a handgun. police say they arrived at 2:26 pm. officers say the name of holding a gun and did not comply with their directions. one police officer fired at the man near an apartment complex not far from independence high school. witnesses say they saw officers suspect was taken to regional medical disc it a few blocks away. police say the man was announced dead at the hospital. into the night, police blocked off part of jackson avenue s crime scene investigators arrived to collect >> i had to walk away around. >> reporter: this man says he lives at the apartment complex adjacent to the spot where police shot the man. >>all of the neighbors are out of another house wondering what is happening. there were no residents and no officers injured in this incident. i did speak with a medical examiner investigator earlier today.
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he told me they are trying to make identification and notify the next of kin. so far, they've not least the identity of the man who was shot. >> janet, thank you. helping the most mobile during pg&e's planned outages. the number of vaping -related illnesses goes up again as juul loses more than $4 billion you can support victims of the kincaid fire by donated to these local organizations. visit to find tv just keeps getting better.
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pg&e says most people who have had their powen today. pg&e says only 1400 customers are without service tonight. in addition, they say about 1200 customers in sonoma county are without buyer due to the kincaid fire himself. they found instances of damage
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to equipment. they were asked about the losses that people and businesses have suffered during the outages. >> for us, the main thing is, we didn't cause any fires. we didn't burn down any houses. kincaid fire still under investigation. one of the things we did was give them the opportunity to refill the refrigerator. their houses still there. >> overall, more than 1 million customers lost fire during the two shut off that started saturday. pg&e told a federal judge the planned power outages starting on october 9 56 fires across northern and central illinois. the utility filed the reporting following the the san bruno pipeline cast in 2010. pg&e said the cruise
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officials in marin say the loss of power as senior housing complexes is a good reminder to be prepared. seniors living in the bennett house complex in fairfax were stranded during the al woods because the elevator didn't work. marin county health services said they did send supplies, including food and flashlights. another group of seniors at the villas at were also trapped. county officials say nearly one in three adults in marin is over 65 andfamilies to make pla. >> this is an important opportunity for these older adults as well as maybe their children to others and what independent living means. >> in both cases, the seniors were in adult living facilities, not assisted living facilities which have strict criteria about how residents get their care. a 30-year-old man from east palo alto is facing cruelty
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animal charges after video shows him slamming a small dog onto the ground. the suspect recorded the incident on his phone. investigators also located camera footage throwing the man swinging the dog into the air and forcefully swinging it on the ground. he rested yesterday. they found the owner of the dog . he is expected to be okay. shopping center inwill clos novemb many store shelves are empty. the store manager wouldn't discuss the reason behind the closure. walgreens at westfield center did not return calls for comment. no word yet on what will replace the walgreens. a tobacco company has cut its investment in juul labs by
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$4.5 million. that lowers the value of jewel. the ceo says they didn't predict the recent number of vaping lung illness is. they are also concerned that stricter regulations on vaping will grow and that will curb juul's growth. the illnesses have gone up yet again. the centers for disease control and prevention said today that 1888 confirmed or probable cases have now been reported in 49 states. that includes 37 debts in 24 states. not one single ingredient, electronic cigarette, or vaping device has been late to all of the illnesses. some say thc. a wild fire burned thousands of acres in southern california in a matter of hours. the latest information coming
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up on the maria fire. we will look into what is happening tomorrow and into the weekend. check also, the salesforce tower getting into the halloween spirit. the image being displayed on the top floors tonight. t crime, shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association.
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not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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now to southern california where a wind driven fire has exploded over the last few hours. crews in ventura county are battling the maria county. it broke out around 6:45 pm south of the city santa paula pier quickly grew to 5000 acres. authorities say 1800 structures are threatened right now and nearly 8000 people have been evacuated from the area. fire winds continue down there. we have our red off while ago. we are heading for a cool night tonight in the north bay. a freeze warning in effect. it is settling down in the north bay. and air-quality alert for smoke through sunday. mainly santa rosa, cloverdale as well. the smoke to settles in. is still smoldering up there. the rest of us, the air-quality
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should be better.  look at the overnight current temperatures. 42 in napa. we will see timbers in the low 30s in the north bay, upper 20s even. as you look into the san francisco area, you see no fog along the coast. i really nice weekend ahead after a couple, three weeks of bad weather in terms of fire, air-quality. we are getting back, except fr fall pattern. i keep saying it, but it is rare , an instance where this last fire instance where in texas, almost everybody in the area. you have bad air-quality. evacuations. fires in the east bay. everybody was sort of caught up in this. it is now time to take a break hopefully. it looks like it is going to
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keep us a dry but also keep the wind down. hello got far enough away, not in close proximity to the high ginny longer. your weekend is around as well. pretty close. as into the weekend, mp nice period. nothing 90 with the wind. even the air-qualitywill be better than we anticipated. a good-looking weekend ahead. i hope you have some stuff plans. play it safe out there. travel around. daylight savings saturday night. we fall back in our. san francisco's tallest building when all out for halloween. a watchful eye over the city. this is a second-year in a row that the lord of the rings reference has made the top of the tower. that is after a condition started back in 2018.
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it gives the city and erie halloween glow. tonight only. tomorrow, the week off. it is thursday. we are going they closer to the weekend. the weekend is upon us. around the bay area, science festivals continue in different communities. discovery day at oracle park is saturdayoffering , workshops, and hands-on activities. it is also free. the 37th annual san francisco day of the dead ritual is saturday at 7 pm. 22nd and bryant street. the annual -- a traditional presentation. a religious service. folklore, dancing. work from local artists. in the east bay, come to the
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oakland neighborhood for the 24th annual day of the dead festival. the outdoor festival continues live music, family- friendly games, activities, tradition latin america artisans. had to hayward for the 2019 day of the dead celebration complete with dancing, food, and kids activities. in the south bay, celebrate the 29th team day of the dead at the museum of art. this one is happening on saturday with a full daydemonst, anexcellent mix of arts experiences. in sports, the raiders, hom win is your weekd was. over the cardinals tonight. michael of the highlights coming up next. but first, governor gavin newsom and his family celebrated halloween by dressing up as
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mark is still now, a little closer than i thought. >> a win is a win. >> that is the true mark of a successful team over the long haul. you find different ways to win. a couple of weeks ago, they were splashing through the mud and the rain. then they ran it up against carolina. tonight they get off to a slow start. they look like they are going to pull away.
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arizona, not to be outdone. came back on halloween night. the faithful traveled down to arizona to support a team that has now reached the halfway point of the season with a perfect record. a slow start. they were down 7-0. give it to that guy, whatever you got to do. george kittle doesn't take no for an answer. 30 guards. get out of my way. touchdown. it looks like they are going to blow it open. dante pett dante pettis out of the university of washington. the alma mater julie haener. here comes that guy, kyler murray.beautiful play. anti-in a bells appeared andy isabella. he has the moves. he leads the 49ers secondary in the dust going 88 yards for a touchdown. they get the 2-point conversion.
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richard sherman is not happy as arizona polls within 3. arizona has no timeouts left in the final moments. the 49ers able to string together a couple of first downs and make it happen. the completion right there ready to go. 8 and 0 record. 28-25. when you are winning , i guess thingaroppolo 234 317 yards and four touchdowns, interviewed by erin andrews. >> it is a bid team effort. >> reporter: 8 that feel? >> it feels married to a big t hockey player. he is probably not going to love that. tuned in to see his wife and jimmy flirting. strasse steph curry in the
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reason steph curry in the media for all the wrong reasons. less than 24 hours after he finds out he broke his left hand, he has the cast done. he has his family out. the trick-or-treating, the prognosis. they don't know if they are going to do surgery or not. count him out until i would en they have lost three out of four. i wish them the best on his recovery. that is the sporting life. we will see how jimmy garoppolo's does. when you win, anything does. the big bang theory is coming up next. we really suck at paintball. that was absolutely humiliating.
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oh, come on. some battles you win, some battles you lose: yes, but you don't have to lose to kyle bernstein's bar mitzvah party. i think we have to acknowledge those were some fairly savage pre-adolescent jews. no, we were annihilated by our own incompetence and the inability of some people to follow the chain of command. sheldon, let it go! no, i want to talk about the fact that wolowitz shot me in the back. i shot you for good reason. you were leading us into disaster. concise orders. you hid behind a tree yelling, "get the kid in the yarmulke!


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