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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 10, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6. after a attack in east bay, two men shot and wounded by arrows in a homeless encampment in richmond. the two victims are soma hospital, tonight police are continuing to search for the archer who targeted them. good evening everyone that attack happened yesterday in a marsh area along the san francisco the trail, south of central avenue it has homeless advocacy groups concerned about the safety of people who are already living on the street. leah martinez joins us from the newsroom with more on the story. lee? the mac last night we reported that the suspect was in custody, unfortunately that is
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not the case. there is a suspect description, police say the archer remains at large, we are told he will be facing two attempted homicide charges. along the san francisco bay trail, off i 80 in richmond, there's a few homeless encampment. on saturday around midnight, east bay regional cart park district police say archer targeted the camp, shooting arrows into it. two homeless men were shot in the abdomen, one also suffered an additional hit to his leg. news of the violence, traveled to the homeless advocates that say that homeless are particularly vulnerable. >> there facing element similarly anything can happen to them people target them, they have no recourse they have nothing they can do about it. >> sally runs the organization that works with the city of oakland to provide tiny homes for homeless youth. shsaing wherever they have to go in order to find a place where they can sleep. so a marsh becomes a possible house. for people and, it's awful to consider that people are
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literally putting themselves in situations where they are practically sleeping in the water in order to survive. >> both shooting victims were taken to the hospital one had to undergo surgery, both are in stable condition. the police official tells us one of the victims recognize the suspect but does not know his name, and does not live at the camp. there's a description he's described as a black man in his early to mid 20s, approximately five feet 6 inches tall with a athletic build, he was seen wearing a gray or blue heavy jacket, and a blue backpack. he was riding a purple bicycle. >> homeless advocates it was very brave for the two men to come forward because often times they fear retaliation. as sally said as we approach the holiday season is very important for all of us to do more to help and show living on the street in the bay area. in the newsroom, ktvu news.
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they've responded to the shooting around 8 pm last night on 65th avenue near macarthur. the woman was pronounced dead, oakland or police police are treating it as a homicide anyone with information is asked to call police. happening now, dozens of people have gathered at library plaza to honor the five people who were shot to death on halloween night. those five victims were at a party and an air b&b rental when gunshots broke out. no one has been arrested and the city council has put a moratorium on on hosted, short- term rentals for 45 days. tonight community gathering is expected for a scheduled until 7 pm tonight. the chairman and ceo of oakland-based kaiser permanente, has died. the healthcare giant announced the death of bernard tyson this afternoon saying the 60-year- old died in his sleep overnight.
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mister tyson was a bay area native whose career with kaiser spanned more than 30 years. he was the first african- american to lead kaiser permanente, when he became ceo back in 2003. kaiser is the nation's largest nonprofit profit healthcare provider. in a statement the company said tyson was an outstanding leader, visionary and champion for high quality, affordable healthcare for all americans. governor gavin newsom released a statement after learning of tyson's death, the statement says in part, we will always remember how he made healthcare accessible for so many, while paving the way for countless professionals of color to pursue leadership roles in healthcare and corporate america. san francisco's newly elected district attorney building, hopes to start his new job before his term officially begins in january. putin pulled off an upset beating susie lofton. by more than 2000 boats. he had urged the mayor to appoint the winner to the
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interim role days before his surprise victory. the mayor had already appointed someone to. she is talking with the mayor about the transition, but the details are not worked out yet boudin says he is ready to hit the ground running. >> i know we have a lot of work to do. i know there is a lot of distrust between them and cisco communities. and law enforcement. my first job is to roll up my sleeves and work with everyone. >> he is a former deputy public defender and backed by the public defenders he's supposed to be on air tomorrow at 9 am. the district 5 or race comes anotheme mayor breed
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the new supervisor for district 5, that includes hayes valley, western addition, it asked barry and that sunset. preston was the first he beat valley brown who was appointed to the seat by the mayor last year. coverage of the election continues on that you see all of the latest developments rate on our homepage. in oakland, the campaign for democratic president elizabeth warren, kicked off. organizers with the group organizers for warren, kicked off. supporters say the goal is to bring local people together, and show them different ways they can get involved with the warren campaign. >> i am incredibly honored to stand with so many amazing people. who have endorsed elizabeth
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warren for president. and know that this is in our hands to take the actions make the phone calls go door to door, talk to people in our lives. some of those will be things you sign appear some of the casual conversations that you have with your friends. >>weren't campaign has built support here in california by hosting a series of worn weekends the trained volunteers were there and she felt several rallies in oakland as well as several southern california cities. about hearings and the impeachment inquiry for president trump are set to begin on wednesday. house republicans are we to the spotlight away from the president. are asking democrats to add hunter biden as a witness as well as the whistleblower who initially reported the phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. the democrats want to keep the investigation focused on accusations that president trump, wanted ukraine to investigate joe biden his son hunter. >> what the public to see everything we saw, except for tiny bits of classified information. >>is a wish list, a well thought out one.
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didn't really want to put on names that they were going to call that we wanted to talk to because we know they will probably be coming up. >> democratic representative and house intelligence committee chair adam schiff to weld decide which witnesses will testify wednesday. this marks the fourth time in u.s. president in u.s. history that the house of representatives have started a impeachment inquiry. >> president trump maintains this hearing should be held at all he denies that he tried to withhold aid to the ukrainian government. >> read the transcript, it's all about the transcript, there's people i haven't even heard of these people i don't know who they are. >> the president insists that phone call that sparked investigation has been misreported, the president also says he will probably release once again the public hearing
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in the impeachment inquiry start on wednesday, we will have uninterrupted, live coverage of the coverage on trend to live plus. we have more on mornings on two and the noon news. on tuesday the supreme court will take up a high- profile immigration case, the court will ultimately decide whether president trump, has the authority to and legal protection for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who were brought to the united states as children. mark meredith has the details from washington. >> this week the trump administration will argue before the supreme court, that it has the right to and the obama era daca. it is the deferred arrivals of childhood arrival program that was made in 2012. supporters of the policy rallied around the supreme court docket allowed some illegal immigrants that came to the u.s. as children to have or get a two-year reprieve from possible deportation it allowed the so-called dreamers to be eligible for work permits.
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>> i immigrated 106 month old, i was raised in mesa arizona, almost the whole life. i know nothing but this country. so, i consider this my home. he met the trump administration announced phasing out this program, back in 2014 the trump administration have long said that president obama never had the right to impose the policy in the first place. and that if daca should be kept it's up to congress to pass the legislation. resident trump tweeted about the case last month, writing in part, if the supreme court upholds daca it gives the president extreme extraordinary powers far greater than ever thought. critics of the president's decision say ending daca is cruel and unnecessary, daca is believed to impact some 800,000 people nationwide, the attorney general california recently addressed upcoming case and here's what he had to say. >> the president's decision to and daca , and put all those things at risk, is not only illegal, it ran contrary to
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american values. >> the oral arguments are scheduled for tuesday a decision from the court is expected to take months. keep in mind, a ruling could have a major a major impact on the 2020 presidential election. in washington mark meredith fox news. coming up tonight a 99-year- old tradition. in san francisco. how the bay area veterans are honored in the city today. three people pulled to safety after a boat sizes in the water, and sonoma county but one man is still missing have an update on the search. it's your sunday night will get you going with the work week forecast when we see you back after the break.
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the last of nine americans killed by a cartel in mexico was buried this weekend. after saying goodbyes the final victim, a caravan of mormons left mexico to return to the u.s. as christina coleman shows us mexican authorities are still searching for who was behind those killings. >> the members of the northern mormon community are moving back to the u.s. after three adults and six children were killed. that was in a cartel led ambush. their decision comes as a last victim of the attack was laid to rest.
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christina marie langford johnson reportedly hit her seven-month-old baby girl safe on the floor of the car before she got out waving her hands to show cartel member she did not pose a threat. she was still shot twice in the heart. fortunately her daughter did survive next in u.s. law enforcement officials told the new york post some of those victims were shot at point blank range. funerals were held for the other victims throughout the week including bermuda miller and her four children. >> generally, people are just devastated. and angry. because they call them nine angels women and kids. i can understand. that level of evil you know? >> mexican authorities are trying to search for whoever was behind these murders. >>we see a tragic event like this we don't run from its. we seek answers and we try to solve it.
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for people that believe in justice and punishment for crimes. the members of mormon community are moving to the u.s., others have decided to remain in mexico. in los angeles, fox news. the coast guard has suspended the search for a man missing off the sonoma county coast. that man was one of four people on board a 54 foot boat fishing boat that capsized last night, 30 miles north of bodega bay here's new video a signal from the boat's emergency beacon went off at 5:30 last night. the coast guard launched boats, and a helicopter to man and a woman were plefrom the water they told search teams the other man was wearing a life jacket. but after 16 hours of searching, and covering more than 360 square miles, the search was called off. some people living on your beltway not and treasure island may have experienced another power outage today.
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the seven cisco public utility commission says electricity was shut off from about 1-3 pm this afternoon. that way crews could fully restore the power grid. power has been on and off since tuesday. first transmission line from oakland failed, then a backup generator went down. the utility says power has now been fully restored. bay area veterans were honored today at the 99 annual bed veterans parade. >> the route started at northpoint and ended at jefferson and hyde. house and rodriguez shows us how the community paid tribute to those who served. stroke it's go time for everyone participating in san francisco's veterans day parade. people of all ages, got to take in the sights and sounds of the 99th annual events. john baker served six years in
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the u.s. army back in the 60s, this is his 19th parade. >> it was a real part of my life amateur american, and there's a lot of people serving now, so to be part of that even though i'm retired and having people say thank you for your service it shows, true americans are still here that love this country. >> reporter: mark and his family had other plans today, but they stopped along with others to watch the parade roll through. >> we saw the parade, some fun music, and very interesting bands. it was very nice. >> reporter: marianna is here with her daughter erin who will be deploying soon. she is glad to see the community support for her family. >>there's a lot of people and you have people with the little flags and it doesn't matter the age we have different type of ages here. >> reporter: for aaron she doesn't always hear thyou so th means so much. >> a lot of people don't have a positive view of the military but knowing there is people that do see the good in it means a lot to hear they are
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supporting. >> reporter: reporting in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. we will look at the work week forecast acting temperatures are going to inch up a bit. >> just a bit but not drastically temperatures have been mild all last week, and this whole weekend has been 70s a couple of low 80s. the rest of this week goes that way as well. monday, tuesday back up into the mid-70s even some low 80s a little bit of an offshore flow. fire danger will be elevated slightly but not anticipating any kind of action from the national weather service or red flag warning. we do have fog along the coast, it's getting blown out when the high builds and you can see it here there's a not right here. when the high builds in the winds start to do this they start to tear the fog apart by tomorrow morning, isis that there will be pieces of fog, left around but most will be cold gone by mid morning or mid
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day. 59 in oakland, no fog in san francisco plenty of fog at the closed. that has been a thing the last couple of days right? it will be a thing tonight and a little into the morning and then it's not a thing at least that's the plan. monday, tuesday should be fog free. wednesday i think too. we see the models i kind of cut the hole in it and it brings a little bit in the coast but i think that we will see how that works out. will check back at 10 and look at the model. right now i would suspect that fog pulls back by 10-11 am tomorrow morning. >> there's this guy for tomorrow that the morning in san francisco berkeley, oakland there will be high clouds but do see the direction they're going in? offshore winds indicate high- pressure in attendance and we will be seeing temperatures warmer tomorrow than they were today. 81 in fairfield 81 in weld 80 in antioch, 79 in
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concord is your monday temperatures. 70 in san mateo 77 in bellevue it's funny because in thinking about monday. but it sunday night. because of michael ynoa i get excited about monday tonight ye thinking it. who sinking monday right now? >> why are you reminding everyone? >> it's in the five day, i should just go to the next weekend. >> it doesn't like a nice week though. the market was beautiful today thank you. firefighters in southern california are making progress on a fire burning near that warner bros. studios. flames broke out yesterday afternoon in burbank, officials say so far that fire has earned 34 acres and is only 15 % contained a shift in the winds have helped the fire the flames go away from home one after being hit by a falling rock. firefighters in australia are working to contain
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widespread wildfires that have left three people dead. at least 150 homes have been destroyed in the 70 fires that are now burning across new south wales. emergency workers are expecting the situation will deteriorate in the days ahead. they are warning that the fires are so extensive it may be difficult to protect life and property leaving a lot of people on edge. >> we don't know what were coming back for we just go and hope for the best. to make matters worse. extreme weather is forecasted for many days to come. most and him a county winery say they're fine despite the kinkaid fire before that 90% of the harvest was was complete de soto rock wineries were destroyed but other winery say they were untouched by the flames and smoke. however tourism there is way down. they say that could be beca
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princess make norman and her husband director joe colon are suing their marin county neighbors. the oscar-winning couple has been in an ongoing dispute over property line. the tube out their home, 14 years ago. they claim their neighbors are ignoring a historic boundary and intruding on their land. the couple are also demanding the cost of the litigation, a case management conference is scheduled for march. three people were sent to the hospital this weekend after being trampled during a stampede in houston. video post it on instagram shows, fans climbing over fences and knocking down the barricade as a rush to get into the world music festival. the three people injured suffered leg injuries police say at least one person was arrested for public and toxic occasion. both the raiders and 49ers were not on the field today, but a few crucial games were happening today that had an impact on both teams.
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raiders were playing today but no doubt watching a lot of football. >> yes a rare sunday they can watch the ball. the 49ers and raiders had the day off, games around the nfl that benefited them. yours want to help the 49ers. drew brees and a 7-1 in the matt bryant and 1- a two posses game. rank it's a ball out just in time to brand makes a leak to the end zone income in zone breeze was never comfortable he gets sacked on fourth down beasley. breeze sacked six times the falcons went 26-9. stopping are losing streak at six, and ending the saints windstream wind win streak. patrick is back home that would benefit the raiders. 20-22 third-quarter patrick beat that, watch hardeman to the rest that 63 yards to make it 29-20. look at this.
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this makes the guys so happy he skips off the field. ryan brought the titans back he goes over the middle to adam humphries fourscore with just 22 seconds left as the titans made a 2-point conversion to go in front by three. that she's had enough time to move to the tennessee 34, harrison lined up for 52 yards and goal that was blocked. the titans hang on 35-32. kansas city 6-4 in front of the 5-4 raiders in afc west. the san francisco giants have yet to make a decision on who is the successor. they did make one important higher, scott harris has been hired as a giants new general manager. harris is a redwood city native , and spent the last seven years as the assistant gm for the chicago cubs. the cal women at connecticut regina, starting his 35th season coaching, by sharman smith starting her
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first the bears hung around early against fifth-ranked chunky huskies, sarah with three of her 25 points, cal led trailed by three. this is yukon, cal turn the ball over 15 times as turnover result in a bucket by christian williams who had 20 four, megan walker would take advantage of another cal turnover in the third quarter. yukon has enough to win 72-61. cal split the first two games of the season. college basketball starting now. college football so going. a lot going on. >> it happened so fast. coming up tonight on e 10:00 news the community of paradise continues to rebuild, one year after the campfire nearly destroyed the town. coming up at 10 the man who drove from calais colorado to donate a rv to a family who lost their home in a devastating fire. we have that story and much more coming up tonight at 10
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