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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  November 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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hello again. witnesses say they heard 5- 6 gunshots. happened just in front of j.j. fish and chicken. now, we have the latest on the developing story. greg? >> reporter: julie we are here at the corner of fairgrounds drive. less than a mile actually from marien world six flags? the shooting happened behind me here at this gas station about 5:25 this evening. now, the police have not talked to the media tonight but here is what we have learned so far. the shooting did involve du officer from richland. it happened just before 5:30 this evening. some sort of confrontation in the parking lot. we don't rontation, it ended
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that the store buying ice cream. we heard five or six shots, you know, rapidly. so, the kids just walked into the house. so we looked outside and we saw police officers coming so we went outside and we saw this gentleman laying on the street over there. >> reporter: now, friends and family were here at the scene tonight. they held a prayer service for the victim. now, the police have not released the man's name. friends and family have. they identify him as eric reason. we are told he was 37 or 38 years old. he grew up here in vallejo and his uncle said he did not have an easy life but working hard to provide for his family. >> he works with scaffolding
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and he enjoyed that. he enjoyed the work. he found purpose -- when it was could look at it and found he accomplished something. it brought him pride and he was able -- he felt good enough about it to bring his son. >> it. >> reporter: now, this time, vallejo police have not provided anyone on the scene for the media to talk to. we don't know what led to the confrontation that led to eric reason being shot. friends describe him as a good guy and they are absolutely perplexed as to what exactly happened here tonight what may of led to the shooting. again, the police have not provided anyone for us to speak to. there has been talk here on the confrontation may have been sparked by some sort of argument over a parking that has not been confirmed by the police. meanwhile, the county district attorney's office and vallejo police continue to
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investigate this officer- involved shooting. again, the officer is from richmond and off duty and the victim from vallejo. that is the latest, back to you. >> as you look at the scene of where the shooting took place. obviously it happened near a gas station, near the restaurant. do you get the sense that there is likely going to be some surveillance cameras in the area that captured exactly what led up to the gunfire? >> reporter: i do believe there were some surveillance camera video of this incident. there is some at the restaurant, the uncle that we heard about in the story. he alluded there to being video in this ca greg, out there in vallejo tonight, thank you. the police are vestigating happened near the campus early this morning. it happened at 2:30 a.m. in front of durant avenue.
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a block south the person who was shot was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to be okay. there is no word on the motive for this shooting. no arrests have been made. dozens of people gathered tonight to honor the five people shot and killed during a party on halloween night. [singing] [singing] organizers led a vigil at the library plaza. the five victims were at a party at an air bnb rental when gun slots broke out. none of the victims were from the area. those that attended tonight's gathera profound impact on thei community. >> i have a child in his 20s. i can't imagine what these moms are feeling. >> the city council put a moratorium on unhosted short term rentals for 45 days. no arrests made. we are told the police could
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release new information soon. a disturbing and unusual attack in the east bay has the police now searching for a suspect in what the authorities say was an attempted double homicide. two men were shot and wounded by arrows at a homeless encampment along the bay trail in richmond late friday night. both of the men are in the hospital and tonight the police are looking for the archer who targeted them. news of the violence troubles bay area homeless advocates say the homeless are particularly vulnerable. >> the people are out on the street, they are facing the elements and literally anything could happen to them. people could target them and they have no recourse, they have nothing that they can do about it. >> both victims were hit by those arrows in the stomach and one was also hit in the leg. both are noin stable condition at the hospital. the sudden death of kaiser's ceo led toof grief. bernard tyson died in his sleep early this morning at the age of 60.
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he was considered a health care pioneer who supporters say redefined corporate responsibility. ktvu has more on how tyson is being remembered and how a planned strike set for tomorrow has been postponed. >> reporter: 4,000 kaiser mental health workers throughout the state were supposed to picket tomorrow over staffing issues. that has been postponed. more to the man who made a mark on the company and the bay area. >> reporter: shock and sadness over the unexpected death of kaiser permanente's chief executive, bernard tyson, who many saw as a visionary and champion for affordable health care. >> i am hope everyone . bernard was not just a leader of the kaiser organization he was a leading voice in this country for more effective health care. >> reporter: on saturday,
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tyson was at the afro tech conference in oakland talking about equity in health care. oakland player worked closely with the 60-year-old vallejo native. kaiser is based in oakland. >> he was not just a friend he was an inspiration to many leaders because he led with values. >> reporter: we spoke with him back in june when kaiser unveiled the new $900 milion headquarters. >> we enjoyed a wonderful, wonderful partnership with oakland, california. >> reporter: earlier this year he addressed homelessness when kaiser announced a $200 million inevery morning driving down 980 it was front and center to see how bad the problem was. >> reporter: he rose through the rank tph-s his 30 years with the company, first as a hospital administrator to being the first african-american ceo in 2013.
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on twitter nba legend magic johnson wrote wopbl of the only african-american ceo's of a large community. he played an important role in our community. the governor said in part, we will always remember how he made health care accessible for so many and waving the way for countless professionals of color. he was a board member of sales force, ceo tweeted a light into this world has gone out. he did so much for others and the world. one of the world's greatest ceo's. >> the cause of death has not been revealed. he is survived by his wife and three sons, back to you. public hearings in the impeachment inquiry is supposed to happen on wednesday. republicans are asking democrats to add hunter biden as a witness as as the whistle-blower who initially reported the phone call between
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trump and ukraine. democrats want to keep the investigation focused on accusations that the president wanted ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son. >> we want the public to see everything that we saw except for tiny bits of classified information. >> whistle, well thought out -- it is a wish list. we did not want to put down names of people we wanted to talk to because they will be coming up -- >> democratic representative and house intelligence committee chair, shift, decides which witnesses will testify on wednesday. this marks only the 4th time the house of representatives started an impeachment inquiry. public hearings start wednesday. uninterrupted live coverage of the hearings on ktvu plus starting at 7:00 a.m. we will also have live updates on mornings at 2 and the news at noon. on tuesday, the supreme
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court will take up the high profile immigration case. the court will decide if president trump has the authority and legal protections for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants that are brought to the united states as children. fox news mark meredith has details now from washington. this week, the trump administration will argue before the supreme court that it has the right to end the barack obama-era doca program. it was created back in 2012. now, on friday, supporters effort policy rallied outside of allows some illegal immigrants that came to the u.s. as children to receive a d it allows the so-called dreamers to be edgible for work permit. >> i came here when i was 6- months old. i was raised in mesa, arizona almost my whole life. i know nothing but this country so i consider this my home. >> reporter: they plan to
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phase out the program back in 2017 but the federal courts blocked their efforts. trumped he believes barack obama never had the right to impose the policy in the first place f. it is kept it is up to congress to pass it. trump tweeted about the case last week writing in part, if the supreme court upholds doca it gives the president extraordinary powers, greater than ever thought. critics of the president's decision says ending doc is cruel and unnecessary. it is believed to impact some 800,000 people nationwide. the attorney general of california recently addressed the up coming case. here is what he had to say. the president's tkeugt to end docka and put all of those things at risk is not only illegal, it is contrary to the american values. >> oral arguments are scheduled for tuesday. >> reporter: a decision from the court is expected to take months. the ruling could have a major
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impact on the 2020 presidential election. in washington, back to you. hong kong police shot at least one protester today during a demonstration aimed at disrupting the morning commute. no word on the condition of the protester. this is the third time the police shot since the protest in hong kong began in june. details surrounding the student's death are unknown. many are blaming the police for their harsh tactics. protesters are demanding greater democracy and calling for the registration of hong kong's chief executive. a fishing boat capsizes in the bay. a search for a missing man that the coast guard was forced to call off after 16 hours. we will take a look at the workweek forecast that is just around the corner. i will see you back here after the break. and a touching gestts to ve who passed away who passed away
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new tonight, the body of east bay park is that of kyle beard. a remote park -- of henry johnson park reported finding the body last thursday. he had been policing since october 8th when he left his home without his glasses, cell
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phone or identification. the coast guard suspended the search for a man missing off of the sonoma county coast. the man was one of four people on board a 54 foot fishing boat miss hayley that capsized last night. the coast guard released video of the rescue of those three survivors. two men and a woman were pulled from the water just before 7:00 last night. they told the search crews that the other man was wearing a life jacket. after 16 hours that search was eventually called off. some people living on treasure island may of experienced another power outage today. san francisco's this afternoon so crews could fully restore the power grid. power has been on and off since tuesday. first trans transmission line from oakland failed and a back up went down. power has been now fully
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restored. today, 99th annual san francisco veterans day parade. the parade got underway at 11:00 this morning at the embarcadero and headed towards jefferson street. people of all ages stoped to take in the sights and the sounds? the event drew young people about to be deployed for the first time along with veterans that said they were honored by the parade. john baker served 6 years in the army back in the 60s and today, it was his 19th parade. >> it was a real part of my life. i am a true american, you know, and there is a lot of people serving now. so, to be part of that, even though i am retired again, having people say thank you for your service it shows they are true americans still federal ho veterans day is tomorrow. >> one eagle scout is making it his mission to give veterans a final absolute with the highest honors. especially for those who are cremated. >> when flags get torn or when
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they touch the ground they are supposed to be retired by burning. >> reporter: johnson is collecting hundreds of torn and tethered flags each will be donated to a funeral home. >> they are draping them as the veterans along with ay to honoring or retiring the flags properly. >> this is his eagle scout project. the flag has played a big part in his scouting life. >> the beginning they fly the colors up, pledge, they do the scout law and then bring the colors down properly after every meeting. they learn about the honor and how to properly honor will flag. >> reporter: he has collected 250 flags but has more to go. >> georgia neral care they do about 500 veteran cremations a year. we are trying to get enough
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flags for one full year. >> reporter: with each flag he folds he thinks of his great- grandfather was who was a navy veteran. >> he passed away and cremated and did not have the same honors as some that were buried. all right, watching the fog get swept from the north coast right now. up around the bay. point arena. the fog is clearing out there. that is an indication of the winds that are going slightly off shore. that is also a symptom of the warming that we are going to experience. symptom of high pressure. it is building back in. been around for awhile. getting one of the tweaks, the low goes by and creating a flow. should not be a red flag event by any means, warmer by a few degrees tomorrow. not a lot. lower 80s. clicking over the next 48 hours. higher elevations maybe 15 or 20 miles an hour. most of us will not notice much of anything. that is the plan. fog is out there still out on
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the coast. it will clear out, i suspect by midmorning, early morning it should be mostly gone. tough one. the surface temperatures are cool. the winds are not anticipated to be that strong. the model says it gets fractured. there will be a dose of it on the coast and in the afternoon most he clear. so that is tomorrow. it will be a nice day. a little warmer like i said. instead of the middle 70s that we saw a lot last week. we will see more lower 80s heading into tomorrow. not a lot. places like morgan hill, 81, 82, then you will some off shore flow, certainly. you will see san francisco, look how warm it is. day time high, partly to mostly sunny. more cities, 81 in fairfield. one of the hot spots, napa, 77. nice day, nice week ahead. don't sweat the fire danger too much. always high this time of the year. the temperatures are up. these are not 90s or 100s and the winds do not appear to be
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something that are a big problem other than typical kind of mild and light off shore winds. there is the five-day forecast. hope you have a good week ahead. see you back here tomorrow night. firefighters in australia are working to contain widespread wildfires that left 3 people dead. at least 150 homes have been destroyed in the 70 fires burning across new south whales. emergency workers are expecting the situation there to get even worse in the days ahead. they are warning the fires are so extensive it may be difficult to protect life and property leaving many people on edge. >> we don't know what we are coming back for. you just come back and have a look and hope for the best, you know. >> to make matters worse extreme weather conditions are forecasted for many areas in the coming days. sports wrap is just a few minutes away. here are joe and jason with a little on what they are working on. >> on a rare november sunday nf
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>> lauren taylor? >> no one of the unsung heroes, lancon thompson. >> and the comeback story of the year as scott reese sits down with darren waller. >> all coming up at 11:30 on sports wrap. still ahead at 11:00. sesame street is celebrating a major milestone. how the muppets are celebrating 50 years on the air. first, foggy day across the bay area today. here is a stunning look at that fog rolling in over the golden gate bridge around 4:00 this afternoon. what an amazing sight. >> that is beautiful. >> never gets old. >> you are watching the you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love
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and you realize you are the athe hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. active and retired military personal received admission to good guys this weekend. the two-day festival was held at the fairgrounds. more than 3,000 cars were on hand ranging from chromed hot rods to muscle cars. organizers say the good guy's message is all about having fun with cars. >> what is amazing about have t about trucks that show. incredible truck show going on
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right now. >> the event was said to be the last bay area car show of the year. >> one of the most influential television shows of all-time is marking a major anniversary. sesame street is turning 50. we have more. >> reporter: big bird and his pals celebrating their 50th anniversary this weekend. the cast marking the occasion with a trip to the empire state building to light up green and yellow in honor of the hit show. >> it has gone from starting as the ultimate american institution to now being at 150 countries around the world. having over 10 local productions going on around the world as we speak the cast of muppets is being honored with its own set of stamps, featuring characters including elmo, cookie monster and of course, big bird. >> i had a great time doing big
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bird. >> the legendary children's show has also been tackling issues over the years. the character lily is addressing children experiencing homelessness while character julia has autism and the sesame street character is hiv positive. all of this is part of the creator's mission to educate children. >> on the one hand our mission actually has not changed. we are founded to harness the power of media, to educate kids and help make them stronger, smarter, and kinder. what obviously changed is the definition of media and how kids consume media and what it means to a million children in 70 languages proving it certainly has stood the test of time. in new york, fox news. surprising weekend at the box office as "midway" takes the top spot. >> we need to throw a punch so they know what it feels like to be hit. [music] >> made $17.5 million at
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domestic theaters "dr. sleep" at $14 million. less than the film was expected to make. thank you for joining us, sports wrap is up next. >> good night >> good night
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week 10 brought upsets and eye-popping highlights. >> why today was good for the 49ers and the raiders. even though neither team played. speaking of the 49ers -- >> on game day i am a different type of person. >> guard tomlinson gets us in the mood for monday night football in seattle. the raiders are winning, thanks in large part to an unlikely hero. >> i kept viewing myself as a failure because i did not feel like i was measuring up. >> why the tight end is a comeback player and a comeback person. 10 games into the season the warriors are tied for the


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