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hazy skies, 60, 70s almost 80. days are so short y get close to that. no rain in the pattern. it continues for a while. it's a change there are hints around thanksgiving but un70s. pictures as you ow you what we know, looks like therout and solano county. a little bit of slowing eastbound approaching highway 4 doing a little roadwork there. it's nothing major but might get your attention if you are heading eastbound. in the stop and go just slowing. and driving west it looks all right. here's the 8 0 freeway get together maze. that's all we see a section of the freeway. at the bay bridge the same thing goes there. but, on the golden gate bridge toll plaza you can see it is to the foggy all though e as steve give it ament it may be foggy
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or might not be. we will keep you posted where the fog moves. let's go back to the desk. thank you. the first public impeachment hearings begins this week on capitol hill. doug luzader reports there are battles brewing over who . >> i consider any impeachment in the house that does not allow to us know who the whistle blower is to be invalid because without the whistle blower complaint we wouldn't be talking about any of this. >> reporter: republicans want to hear from a number of witnesses but these two are the big ones. whistle blower who drew attention to president trump' dealings with ukraine, and hunter biden, the son of former vice president joe biden who worked for ukrainian energy
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firm is a central gop complaint. . >>waywe want to stay focus on on the eu kind call and having hunter bideen come in is unrelated to the call. and so that is irrelevant. >> reporter: democrats will object to having either testify and they control the agenda. their star witnesses this week, three state department officials including the most recent ambassador to ukraine who are expected to testify about what they saw as president trump's efforts to pressure the president of ukraine to investigate hunter biden and alleged interference in the 2016 election. the hearings will generate interest this week. and that's why democrats chose one of the largest make this happen. in washington, doug luzader fox news. >> the public hearings in the impeach mentment inquiry against wednesday morning.
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uninterrupted live coverage on ktvu plus that begins at 7 a.m. and live updates here on mornings on 2. . time is 4:3 3. here's some of the top stories this morning. tomorrow, the supreme court will hear arguments about whether the trump administration's plan to enter the daca program is constitutional. the trump administration announced plans back in 2017 to phase out the program. but the federal courts blocked it. . san francisco's newly elected district attorney says he wants to step into the position immediately. he pulled off an upset and beat interim district attorney by more than 2800 votes. >> and investigators looking into a deadly confrontation between one man and an off-duty police officer. witnesses say an off-duty richmond police officer shot and killed a man near a val are yogas station not far from six flags discovery kingdom. the police department and the solano county da's office are
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investiging. san francisco police lf course. i want to show you video posted on the citizen app when the day. was found on saturday. there's no word on the cause of death and authorities are have not released information about the body. they are calling the death suspicious. the body of a 35-year-old pittsburgh man who had been missing for a month has been identified. the contra costa coroner says the body found last week in an east bay park is kyle beard. a hiker in a remote part of john henry johnson park found the body last thursday. beard was missing since october 8th when he left his home without his glasses, cell phone or identification. time is 4:34. coast guard suspending a search for missing man off the sonoma county coast. he was one of four people on a 54-foot fishing boat that capsized saturday night 30 miles north of bodega bay. they released video of the rescue of three survivors.
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the two men and a woman were pulled from the water. they told the search crew the other man was wearing a life jacket. but after 16 hours, the search was called off. . police in mexico are still searching for the people responsible for killing a family traveling from utah for a wedding. the last of the 9 americans killed were laid to rest this weekend and christina coleman has the story. [inaudible] >> reporter: christina langford johnson hit her 7 hid her 7- month-old baby safe on the floor of the car before she waved her hands to show cartel members she did not pose a threat but was shot twice. her daughter survived. mexican and u.s. law enforcement officials told the new york post some victims were shot at point blank range. funerals were held for the other victims throughout the week including renita miller and her four children.
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mexican authorities continue to search who was behind the murders. >> he we face a tragic event we don't run. we seek answers and try to solve it. for people who believe in just punishment for crime. >> reporter: some members of the northern mexican mormon community are moving to the u.s., others have decided to remain in mexico. and in los angeles, christina coleman, fox news. time is 4:36. in bolivia the president is resigning after a lot of pressure from the military and the public for him to step down. now his resignation is after weeks of deadly protests. morales was fighting allegations of fraud after the reelection victory. he was bolivia's first president of indig nall indigenous descent. he was in office for almost 14 years. . iranian leaders say they found a new oil el containing an estimated 53 barr the discovery comes as iran continues to break key terms of the 2015 nuclear deal.
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but the u.s. pulled out of last year. yesterday iran began the construction of a second nuclear reactor. workers poured concrete for the reactor's base. iranian officials say they have done nothing wrong. . >> there's no fault in what we did. americans and israelis tried to use this and make some noise. but ironically it harmed them. this made us make explanations publicly. >> now last week, iran's president announced the country began injecting uranium gas and that's another violation of the nuclear deal. . time 4:37. and in hong kong, protest are more violent on the streets. police efforts to clear traffic that is blocked took a violent turn when one police officer shot a protester. mike piazza has the details onn down. >> reporter: chaos continues in hongto block several roadways monday creating tremendous traffic
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problems. and delaying public transit. police responding to the blockades facing backlash from protesters. and an officer working to disburse the crowds caught on camera firing his gun striking at least one person. the man laid bloody on the ground until trying to make a failed escape from police. law enforcement also seen grabbing a female protester and slamming her to the ground. this is the third time police have shot someone since the start of the political unrest six months ago. officials considered passing a law requiring suspected criminals in hong kong to stand trial in china over the summer. the controversial bill was struck down. but protesters demands have called for more democratic rights. this persist as they fear their civil liberties could be compromised. the leader chief executive lam. mike piazza, fox news. . one eagle scout making it his mission to give veterans a
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final salute with the highest honors. reporter denise dylan explains. >> when flags are torn or touch ground, they are supposed to be retired by burning. >> reporjohnson is collecting hundreds of torn and tattered flags. each one will be donated to georgia funeral care which specializes in veteran cremations. >> they are taking the flags ready for retirement and draping them over veterans as they are created as a way to honor veterans along with honoring -- or retiring the flags properly. >> reporter: this is jacob's eagle scout project. u.s. flag has played a life. >> beginning of every meeting they fly the colors up and say the pledge and do thw and bring the colors down properly after every meeting they do learn a lot about the honor and how to properly honor the u.s. flag. >> reporter: jacob has collected about 250 flags. but has more to go. georgia funeral care in acworth
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they do 500 veteran cremation as year. so we are trying of cremation. >> reporter: with each flag, jacob solemnly folds he think of his great grandfather who was a navy veteran whoer is heed of in world war ii. >> he passed away and was cremated and didn't really have the same honors as some who were buried. >> our time is 4:40. wild fires in australia now threatening people and wildlife. still ahead, the desperate efforts to put out the flames and why that hard to do. . >> plus, the reason oscar winning actress francis mcdorman is suing her marin county neighbor. . >> good morning. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on interstate 880 and it's not foggy here. but the fog is an issue in some commutes. >> and that's the only fly in the ointment. the fog in the morning will be
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. well could back to mornings on 2. sudden death of cires ceo led to a outpouring of grief. bernard tyson died in his sleep at age of 60. he was considered a health care pioneer who supporters say redefined corporate responsibility. ktvu shows us how tyson is being remembered. >> rsadness
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over the unexpected death of kaiser permanente chief executive bernard tyson who saw as visionary and champion for affordable health care. >> i am devastated and i hope everyone realizes what a profound loss this is because berkard was not just a leader of the kaiser permanente organization he waa leading voice in the country for more effective health care. >> reporter: on saturday, tyson was at the conference in oakland talking about equity in health care. oakland mayor worked closely with the 60-year-old vallejo native. skieser is based in oakland.>> he was not just a friend but he was an inspiration to me, to many leaders. because he led with value. >> reporter: ktvu spokes with j unveiled the new 900 million
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dollar headquarters. >> we have enjoyed a wonderful, wonderful partnership with oakland, california. >> reporter: earlier this year, he ace addressed homelessness when skies are announced a $200 million investment. >> every morning when i was driving down 980, it was front and center for me to see how bad the problem is. >> reporter: he rose through the ranks in the 30 years with the company. first as a administrator, to t african ame 2013. on twitter nba legend magic johnson wrote one of the only african american ceos of a major company. bernard played an important role in our community. governor newsom in a state said in part we will remember how he made health care accessible for so many while paving the way for countless professionals of color. tyson was a board member of sales force, and a light on to the world has gob out. he always did so much for
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others and the world. one of the ate were supposed to picket today over staffing issues but that has been put on hold to mourn and remember tyson. the strike would have shut down mental health services at more facilities across the state a new state has not been set. our time is:is 4:46. police are cracking down on illegal side shows. the police and chp increased patrols on the ground and in the air. the police were working with neighboring communities and law enforcement agencies trying to find a long-term way to stop side shows. for now they will keep writing citations to drivers and to the onlookers and they will tow vehicles involved in side shows. now this week the contra costa county board of supervisors will ban the sale of ecigarettes and flavored vaping and tobacco products
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applying to unincorporated parts of the county. county leaders hope a ban will cut down on the number of young people hooked on vaping and also reduce lung disease and deaths. san mateo county and santa clara county have approved similar bans. francis mcdoreman and the m county neighbors. the oscar women couple has been in an ongoing dispute over a property line. the two bought the home 14 years ago and they claim the neighbors are ignoring a historic boundary and intruding on their land. case management conference is scheduled for march. our time is 4:47. at the movie box office it was a surprising weekend as the war epic midway was number one. . >> we need to let them know what it feels like to be hit. . >> midway took about -- took in about $17.5 million dr. sleep
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debuted at jump above 14 million dollars in ticket sales less than what the industry expected. rounding out top five was playing with fire. last christmas and term nateor dark fate. . new york state officials launched an investigation into the guidelines goldman sachs use to issue credit cards. it started after posts by the man who created the web app framework ruby on rails posted he was granted a credit limit 20 times higher than his wife when they opened separate accounts for apple cards. he said it was unfair since she has a better credit score than he does and they filed joint tax returns. goldman sachs is not commenting. instagram is hiding the number of likes on photos for more using starting this week. users can see how their own pho can't see the number for other users. the idea is push followers to focus more on the content rather than the recognition.
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will help you get where you neif you are . >> yeah. you know, i lock at my -- i have a bank of monitors are all kinds of pictures. some are very foggy and others are not. we will try to decipher which commutes are foggy right now. and, of course, that could change as the morning wears on. and this is a look at the altamont pass slowing here as you approach the altamont pass. 205 not that slow and today we might have a little better day because so many government employees don't have to go. and that might make it easier for you if you drive. are you going to work? well, it might be just a little easier for you because it's veterans day and some people are not going as i mentioned, this is the bay bridge toll plaza and it's foggy here. so, if you are driving into san francisco, you may see the hour of 5:00. mr. steve paulson. >> that's early. sal that's early. >> people are sleeping, steve. >> what get
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to our weather. which is as you saw fog or not some. it's brutally cold. there will be many record lows set as well. dipping down into the actor he can air is now taking the plunge in the northern plains and that's going to set the stage for our really cold day. duluth and bismarck one below rapid city. milwaukee 22. that's where all the active weather is. thick morning fog. hazy and mild. low clouds looks cooler midweek. and that takes us into the end of the week. not rain for a week or so. hints around the 25th at some point this pattern will change. when it does, it will be our turn just not right now. 660s 70s to 80s. some temperatures way above average to barely above. 64 in san francisco. 65 dense fog is the story for the morning. mainly coast and bay. but there can be it all around and miles without anything and then a wall of it. so be careful. that's keeping temperatures on the coast in the upper 50s or
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low 60s. forecast models simply are not taking this into account. they are not used to in november. half mile for some, novato from a quarter mile to 7. you can see most of these look good at the oakland airport. not far away and 3/4 athalf- moon bay but good for most. this will probably get worse in the next hour or two. 40s, 50s on the temps. close to upper 30s. but not yet. los altos hills 57. inversion worm air aloft you don't have to go far and that's squashing the fog. menlo park 43. ing attar ton is 43. montero 49. fremont 46. fog gives way to sunshine hazy skies so 60s upper 50s to almost 80. and temperatures days are so short it's hard to get that warm but no rain. at least for this week as the pattern continues to favor everything to the east of us. 50, 60s to 70s almost 80 fairfield and antioch and livermore as well. not much change and we will see
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a cooling trend. at least inland tem wills come down upper 60s to low 70s. pretty quiet going forward. all right a reminder make sure to download the ktvu weather map with hourly updates and the 7-day forecast. and a easy feature to upload weather photos and videos. ktvu weather app is free to download for the mart phone or tablet. . time is 4:52a man in vallejo shot and killed by an off-duty police officer coming up, what witnesses say and we also hear from the victim's family. plus, interim san francisco da has conceded and how soon the transition may happen and why the police associationopposes the da elect. but first, why a crowd of festival goers in houston texas
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:55. three people recovering in a houston texas hospital after being trampled during a stampede at music festival. video posted yesterday on instagram shows fans climbing over fenses and knocking down a barricade as they rushed to get into the astro world music festival featuring rapper travis scott. three people suffat least
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one person for public bracing for record low temperatures this week as a cold front is sweeping the nation. . high temperatures today in the great lakes area maybe stuck in the teens and 20s in the midwest. and around veterans day on record. by wednesday, the east coast could see the coldest temperatures. challenging record lows for big cities. . meantime, wild fires are burning out of control in parts of australia. at least 3 people have been killed so far and the situation seems to be getting worse. reporting jackie heinrich has more. >> reporter: for fighters a battle 70 wide fires they are work to put on the flames by land and air. >> unfortunately, we are in unchartered territory this afternoon. we have never seen many
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fires concurrently at emergency warning alert level. >> reporter: more than 150 homes have been destroyed by the fires and fatalities have been reported. >> the fire is coming at us and nothing you do about it. lost a few friends in the fire and lost possessions that are nothing. people count. >> reporter: officials are warning of catastrophic fire conditions in the coming days. as forcasters predict the combination of strong winds low humidity and high temperatures which could push the fires towards more populated areas. >> we don't know what we are coming back for you know. we come back and have a look and hope for the best. >> reporter: it's not just people in danger. an animal shelter taking in kangaroos to help them escape from the fires. unfortunately, there have been reports of the fire being fatal to some wildlife in the area. officials are telling resident news. space enthusiasts are watching the sky today for a rare glimp at a solar
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phenomenon. mercury the planet, due to set for a solar transit. that's when mercury will pass directly between the sun and the earth. it will look like a dot passing across the face of the sun. you will need proper eye protection to see it. telescopes or binoculars with solar filthers are recommended. mercury by the way on the the sun about 4 times a year, but our viewable transit happen 13 times in chance to possibly see mercury november 13th, 2032. . another incident where a apparently a >> one man was sho by an off-duty officer in vallejo. the latest on the shooting as the if a family demands answer from police. >> people can target them and they have no recourse. they have nothing they can do about it.
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>> new demands for help in protection for the homeless after someone with a bow and arrow attacked a homeless encampment. . from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. . >> thanks for joining on mornings on 2 monday november 11th. veterans day i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's go over to see steve paulson talking about some areas dealing with heavy fog. >> some areas not but if you are you can't see far. temperatures are above average for most unless you are coast and it's running very cool. it's too much fog. 60livemore. that's what the high was yesterday. and forecast models say the same thing today. they are ver struggling to make they are saying november we don't get fog but manual coast and bay and visible is pretty far away. oakland airport says 5 miles but at bay bridge toll plaza
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and around oakland is and towards the santa clara valley. gilroy is 48. santa cruz 45. low 40s in the santa cruz mountain. mid-40s around cooper toono and santa clara. fog gives way to hazy sunshine. 50s, 60s by the coast. upper 70s for few inland. and this pattern looks like it is on hold. no rain for right now. hence going forward but not this week. and maybe next week or around thanks giving but 50s, 60s and 70s on out temps. many summer patterns. sal is here not much changing here. no. it's going to be foggy in some areas as you mentioned, steve, am some areas are not foggy at all. we will let you know bu


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