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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  November 14, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PST

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it's important for the vice president to be here in a state like california. >> vice president mike pence here in california. but later today protesters are expected when the vice president goes to mountain view to tour the nasa aims research center. >> from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. november 14th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. we won't see much sun today and it's cooler. i know because steve told me. >> i thought it was going to rain. >> not this one. maybe tuesday. >> all right. >> cool cool. we've been way above average. we'll rebound for the weekend. but today it's 50s and 60s. the coast really dropped yesterday. inland temps were still about where they forecast. not today livermore. you're going below and just as
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everybody else's. a lot of cloud cover streaming over. 40s, 50s. these temperatures are stocked. and the high got kicked out of there and that low continues to swing. that's what's moving through. that's also what's underneath that. a vail of high clouds and there's also a lot of low clouds and the computer's waking up like you are. trust me it will be cooler today. 50s, 50s, 60s, 60s. no 70s. 4:01 did you make it? you don't have to worry about the train anymore. >> i saw the train. i was up at 3:45. it never used to. >> i don't know why it's doing that, steve. >> wow. >> new schedule. good morning everyone. let's go out and take a look at the commute here if you are driving on 580 at 205, it looks pretty good. there have been no major issues here and that's why people get up so early you can get a nice
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early commute all the way out to hayward in castro valley. you can see interstate 880 traffic looks good and there are no problems here at the bay bridge toll plaza. let's go back to the desk. former massachusetts governor making a late bid. patrick announced his bid early this morning in an online video. from 2011 to 2015. he also has -- 2007 to 2015. last year he traveled across the country campaigning for presidential candidates in the election. vice president mike pence is right here in the bay area this morning. later this morning in mountain view the vice president will meet at the nasa aims research center. reportedly talk about how they will get american astronauts back to the moon by the year
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twnt 24. the vice president arrived at moppet field for s greeted by a people. the vice president posed for photos, shook hands, spoke to many of them including a top member of the californian republican party. >> he acted like he had all the time in the world to speak with me which secret service reminded me it wasn't. >> it was nice to get to say hello and see him be friendly with everyone. >> the vice president wraps up his brief visit to california this afternoon go back to washington tonight. not everyone's happy to see the vice presidthe bay a group is going to protest today.
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they'll stage what's called a die-in to represent victims of prejudice. >> the facts that have come to light. >> this was an abject failure. >> acting u.s. embassador to ukraine william taylor and george kent testified yesterday. . >> following the call with president trump my staff. president trump cares more about the investigations of biden which rudy giuliani was pressing for. >> now republicans pressed the witnesses on what they call second or third hand information. tomorrow, the former embassador
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to ukraine maria bonnavich is scheduled to testify. you'll find key take-aways and a fact check from yesterday's testimony. look for the politics section of our page. happening today, the concord man who was handcuffed and cited for eating a sandwich while waiting on a bart platform is now suing bart. told him he couldn't eat while standing on the bart platform. foster claims that law is unequally enforced and he's harassment, and an update about transition of the office of san francisco. interim attorney susie loftis
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will serve as interim mayor. . time now 4:06. police have arrested a sect suspect in the shooting death of a 17-year-old girl in oakland. two suspects were trying to rob the victim and her boyfriend during a drug deal. it happened last week november 5th in antioch. police say they found 15 guns in that house. neither suspect has been identified because both are juveniles. and a man wanted for a violent crime spree in the south bay has been arrested. police say they arrested they picked up a stolen pickup truck tuesday.
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he car-jacked a mini van with police uniforms inside and also robbed a gas station in san jose. were found. hope new surveillance video and a larger reward will help identify suspects. investigators say tashar atray was taken from his home on pleasure point drive last month. newly released video shows three suspects walking out of an alley near the victim's home. a reward to help find the suspect is now $150,000. anyone with information is asked to call the santa cruz county sheriff's office. the. san francisco's police department says the city is on track to record its lowest homicide rate in 17 years. the department reports as of november 4th, there have been 33 homicides in the city. that's 13 fewer than they were all of last year. the recent decline is because
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there's more community policing. officers have also been able to take more guns off the streets the department's crime gun investigation center. protesting oakland parents disrupted an oakland school board meeting again forcing the school board members to leave and move their meeting to a private room. now this was the school board meeting last night. the board members moved to an up stairs room saying the crowd was disruptive and prevented them from conducting business. it was the first public meeting since a violent confrontation last month between parents and the police and closing schools. the parents say they're still angry district police officers used force against them at that october 23rd board meeting. >> i was severely injured. four cops threw me to the ground injured my knee and bone. and another parent's ribs were
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cracked. >> we will be taking a second look at the police department and the role they play. so we're going to bring in an outside auditor if you will and see how it's working. see whether it's functioning properly. see what practices can be added. >> now the parents who were hurt in that clash with police say they now plan to sue the school district. happening today foster farms plan to deliver more than six tons of turkeys to the san francisco marin food bank. the food bank says 20% of the people in marin and san francisco are not sure where their next meals are coming from and that's especially difficult for families during the holiday season. the food bank is encouraging people from across the bay area to donate traditional holiday food or money to help everyone enjoy the holiday season. another sign of the holiday season, the tree that's on display arrives today. >> wow. >> this is a previous tree but this year's tree is being
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brought in by truck. that tree lighting ceremony will happen one week from tomorrow. the celebration begins at 5:00 that night the tree lighting ceremony starts at 5:30. >> we'll check on that. time is 4:10. still ahead more than a dozen cars in american canyon had windows smashed. up next, where the vandals are terrorizing this neighborhood and what the police need to help catch them. . and we are still months away from the next baseball season but the a.'s can celebrate a win this morning. the decision by the city of oakland to rebuild a new ball park. >> and it's a nice early commute. we like it nice and quiet and that'sly it exactlily it. traffic looks good as you head
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south. >> temperatures have been above for the longest time. we'll take a look at those forecast highs.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. traffic is back to normal this morning on the bay bridge after a truck fire shut down several lanes. it happened just after 8:00 last night.
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it blocked lanes for drivers heading to oakland. the traffic caused a backup for about an hour and the chp says both the driver and a passenger got out of the truck safely. no word on what caused that truck to catch fire. time is 4:14. a vandalism spree over in american canyon left a dozen cars covered in paint. now it happened late tuesday night at american canyon on several streets on the city's west side leaving residents very angry, very frustrated. there are at least 13 reports so far. to windows shattered and even shot out with a pellet gun. >> they didn't steal anything, they didn't go inside the truck. so i was wondering why they even did it. >> it's so costly for us to also replace that and it seems so inconsiderate.
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>> more people are putting their cars into garages. police are asking to check home surveillance cameras. the owner of boba guys says he's fed up after burglars hit one of his stores for a third time in less than a year. the most recent burglary happened at a store on 19th and mission. customers say they were stunned to see the windows all boarded up. >> to see it happen to the boba shop it was like why there particularly? >> the shop owner tells the chronicle he has already spent about $8,000 on window repairs this year now he plans to install a metal gate. an angry football fan now facing felony charges after police say he pulled a face mask off the joe montana. between the 49ers and the seahawks.
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a stadium guard says he was watching the suspect jorge lopez hanging from the mask until it snapped off. lopez was arrested he was booked into county jail. now he's facing a felony vandalism charge. that statue is one of a pair of statues showing the famous 1982 throw and catch from joe montana to dwight clark. the city of oengd is dropping its lawsuit against alameda county over the coliseum. to the a's for $85 million. the law requires publicly owns surplus land to be considered for affordable housing before it can be sold. last night mayor libby shaf said they have been pleased with their discussions and their shared interest in oakland's future. a's president said we are pleased that the oakland city council has directed the city attorney to immediately drop this lawsuit. we are committed to the long term success of east oakland
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and the warriors were blown out last night they are struggling in what's looking like a lost season. former warrior davell mcgee. 18 points. 17 rebounds for the lakers . deangelo russel led the warriors with 21 points. tomorrow night they'll be hosting the boston celtics. week 11 of the nfl season begins tonight. there's a chance for snow as the pittsburgh steelers head to cleveland to play have struggle season but we main in the playoff chase. raiders fans will be keeping an eye on today's game. pregame coverage of the game begins at 4:30. kickoff at 5:00 and after the
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game it's a special thursday night edition of sports wrap. we'll have news over on ktvu plus. >> all right. time is 4:18. sal's right there. he's watching our commute. how's it look so far, sal? >> it looks good. i don't see anything to be concerned be about. i look up and i see fog or something. but really there is not much to talk about. that's good. we like it nice and quiet to start off the morning. here we are on thursday. san jose, gilroy commute looks pretty good and there have been no major issues coming in from holster, 152, 156 everything i look at looks pretty good. all the way up into the valley. it is a nice-looking drive and right now there's a live look at 280. i don't notice a lot of fog. i'm looking around for it. we'll talk to steve about this but as far as obvious problems for the commute i don't see any
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at the moment. traffic is looking good at the here is mr. steve paulson. you focused on that. low and high clouds this will be the coolest day of the wethere is a system that's on its way. until then, we'll get a little cooler pattern today low and high clouds. inland temps will drop today. one of the few days this month where highs will be below arch. but don't you worry. temps will rebound on the weekend. we'll get some 70s, mid 70s. maybe a few upper 70s on sunday. a lot of cloud cover streaming over. below that are some low clouds. we don't really have the fog. because the high's getting knocked out of here. 40s for a few. 50s for many. probably t
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that's going to be not very cold for many and it's cloverdale and petaluma 53. 54 to 58 and point raised 32 up in truckee to 52 that low, you see the little dip in the jet stream but at the surface and that equals a cooler day with 50s and 60s. so week system after that goes through filtered sun. but it will be warmer on the weekend 50s low 60s. this is one of the few days where everyone will be a little bit closer on the temps warmer
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tuesday. more on that coming up. >> i like of sun we are hearing from san francisco's new transportation director and just ahead his big plans to get around the city 25 years after a dramatic standoff and shooting.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. he was killed by a car- jacking suspect. dozens of people honored the victim. ktvu's amber lee was there and has our story the location where he was killed in the line of duty. >> he gave everything to this city. the ultimate shot and killed
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by a suspect wearing body armor firing at passers by and police. shot then officer pane. >> he was different after that. >> different because he lost a brother in blue and he lost the spark he once had. >> i was grateful he was still alive. >> his family says the pain of his loss lingers but there is pride in his legacy. >> we're looking at my brother's visit card right there. officer lee gel'. >> a photo of the body armor. he said it's a reminder of the federal ban an act named after his brother. marked with a memorial will forever be sacred ground. >> this is the place where my
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brother walked his last few steps, spoke his last few words he was a 10-year veteran with the san francisco police department when he was killed. in san francisco amber lee ktvu fox 2 news. . >> thank you. time is 4:26. new developments in the case of tiffany lee. a bay area aires coming up what the judge confiscated from the jury. >> and we have more on that stabbing during the popular pop eye's chicken sandwich pro motion. >> not much going on here for the morning commute. >> well the coolest day of the week will be today. we've had temps that have been
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way above. they're slightly below today. we'll take a look at those.
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the first day of public testimony in impeachment inquiry has wrapped up. where do we go from here and who is set to testify next. >> from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. >> well good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday morning november 14th i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. steve is here talking about it's cold outside. >> it's the coolest we've been probably most everybody's below the average today. that's an rarity this month.
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low and high clouds 50s and 60s. yesterday, the coast took the tumble into the 50s and it was a cool day. it will be 50s and 60s in every forecast high on that panel is below the average. a lot of high clouds coming in below that. you can see some low clouds below that as well. a lot more 50s here than 40s and these will probably be the lows or close to it. this system is swinging in. that's kind of the key kind of getting rid of that inversion which has been trapping everything. so a cooler day for all and this system will push through today into tomorrow and then we'll start to see warmer weather back for your weekend. it will be sunny, mostly sunny. 50s and 60s. that will do it. low 70s on the panel for once. 4:30 in the morning. sal's here he's going to focus on tracy or vallejo? >> for vallejo we're going to look at that because we're seeing some people get on the road already@it is


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