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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  November 15, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PST

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finished after the 49er es game this sunday. the 49ers say it's increasing security around the stadium statues. schools will be one souther california school district after the deadly shooting. in sclashgt. -- sclashgt the latest on the sclashgt sclashg . >> the latest on what police know so far about that shooting. >> this is mornings on 2. . thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 friday morning i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. a little chilly today and you may see some drizzle drizzle. >> the tweekd looks good so once we get past the morning things will start to improve here after our light rain. the most i saw .12.
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mount diablo had point 09. .09. half moon bay at .07. we'll take it. after what's been a really dry month and a very quiet month but at least a couple of systems here making a slight impact. and the next one's moving in. and a little bit getting closer to the marin coast probably not a lot out of this but we could get a little in the morning and by the afternoon it will start to clear out. mainly 50s on the temps. didn't take long and that will take us right into the weekend as well. there is an on shore breeze in place for most, not strong but it is there. west at 13 miles per hour. this system goes through the high is on its heals and it will start to build in by tonight and take us through the weekend. for the morning cloudy. maybe some light rain. 60s on the temps today. 501 is it quiet. >> it's quiet. i'm just looking to see what it looks like out there on the altamonte pass and i'll show you what i'm seeing here. goi
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slow as you drive out towards 205 and 580. nothing unusual but it hasn't reached 11th street so usually the back up by now is way back here but it's there. that's just a little bit better driving over to dublin and you can see some things have popped up here we're investigating as you drive through caster valley. so far not a big back up. we're just kind of watching it near redwood road. traffic is going to be. it looks like it's actually reported eastbound and westbound. so we'll see what happens. so far no traffic jam. you can see interstate 880 looks good. 5:02 let's go back to the desk. topping our news this morning schools will be closed today in the southern california district where a teenager opened fire on classmates. the shootinger is a 16-year-old
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boy in sclieshgt and investigators are still looking for a motive to the attack. >> i heard like two or three shots and i saw everyone running out. >> what did you think when that happened? >> i was just confused. it sounded like a really big balloon pop but way louder. >> authorities say the shooter opened fire randomly. now yesterday was also his 16th birthday. investigators are now talking to his mother and girlfriend to try to figure out a motive in the shooting. the skant cl arita victims are being held in a candidate light vigil. it is the third largest city in los angeles county. the vigil gave people a chance to reflect and also comfort each other. >> it's unbelievable.
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i can't even put into words that this happened in my community. >> just why. why did this happen here? why did this happen in our close-nit community. >> why and is he -- was he okay? is there anything we could of done to help him. >> a former student at sagas high school where the shooting occurred is planning a big vigil this sunday night and churchers are also holding prayer services. to make sure you stay with us for mornings on 2 we do expect more information from investigators later today and throughout the day and we also have more coverage online at and on our social media pages. connection with the halloween night shooting in orinda where 5 people died. 4 suspects are in jail suspected of murder. 28-year-old le bron wallace
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from san mateo. jason iles and 30-year-old sham ron mitchell of antioch. a 5th suspect 20-year-old devon williamson of vallejo was arrested as an alleged accessory. ktvu shows us how police made an arrest two weeks later. >> this is the contra costa county sheriff's office team. >> this is cellphone video given to us by a neighbor showing tactical units going into an apartment in orinda. five people have been arrested in connection with the deadly shooting at an airbnb home in orinda on halloween night. >> we want all occupants to exit through the front door with their hands raised above their head. >> 5 agents 20 to 30 from marin city, san mateo, antioch and vallejo were arrested.
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four face murder charges being held without bail. the 5th su bail is give his name is a neig the orinda airbnb home where the shooting took place. he and other homeowners tell me the damage is done. they say what they saw halloween night, the chaos, injuries and loss of lives has forever altered their sense of security. >> it's really hard to forget about it especially it's happened so close to me. >> orinda's mayor tells me the arrests are good news. >> i was very pleased obviously there was a development. >> she ysaw enforcement has put a lot ion. >> i don't know if there's a sense of relief or not. this is the beginning of a process a judicial criminal proceedings with regard to these five individuals. >> neighbors say it will take more than arrests to restore their sense of peace. they want the city to look into
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stricter regulations or even an outright ban on short term rentals. >> i don't feel safe. if i live next to a housrented house. >> evidence shows that two of the people killed inside the airbnb home were armed and that may have played a role in the tragedy. he says law enforcement will be providing more information in the coming days. in orinda ktvu fox 2 news. our time now 5:07. new information from castro valley about a man found dead in his home. a park ranger in the east bay regional park. police believe he was stabbed to death by his son christopher who is now being held on several charges. the second round of public
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impeachment hearings in washington d.c. will begin in just about an hour. this morning the public will hear ktvu's alyssa harrington. >> fired by president trump. including rudy giuliani. she will appear before the house intelligence committee. yesterday, house speaker nancy pelosi accused president trump of bribery when it comes to his dealings with the leaders of ukraine. >> members on both sides of the aisle political pun dents and commentators and yes the president of the united states would cease and to intimidate t
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blower. >> i will not go forward with my vote unless the whistle blower comes forward. >> others testified in her defense rudy giuliani has said she was recalled because she was part of efforts against the president. thank you. a bay area woman who survived a highly publicized sexual assault. up next we'll show you how stanford university is marking the location where chanel miller was murdered. >> the actions business owners in one neighborhood are taking to get the city to respond. >> good morning. we can see that traffic is going to be okay. if you are driving toward the toll plaza on the east shore freeway. we'll tell you more about it
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. welcome back to mornings on to. the school promised three years stanford administrators initial initially rejected the quote that was taken from her victim impact statement. vowed to pressure from students
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and facility. culty. >> it's really hard to understand what the context is for this space. >> you can't change history. all you can do is learn from it and what stanford should learn from this situation is that sensorship and silencing are never the right answer and you have to keep your promises. >> stanford says the plaque will go up the other will have a quote from miller that says you took away my worth, my privacy. my energy, my time, my safety, my intimacy, my own voice until today. frustration growing in southeast san jose as more and v area. even though there are signs out there with parking restrictions. business owners say people living in their rvs started
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parking there a month ago. since then, businesses are now dealing with trash and safety problems. they also say customers are staying away. >> i feel frustrated because it doesn't give a good image to the business. >> we've been losing business ever since they came i would say at least 30%. >> san jose police say they know about the problem and that the issue is complicated. the police often place 72-hour stickers on the rvs but they just move to other parts of the city. voters will soon be able to decide on the tax to fund park maintenance and now the measure would give the city about $21 million a year. the funds would be used to maintain storm water, remove trash and reduce homeless time is now 5:14.
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democrat presidential candidate bernie sanders will be in oakland today. national nurses united says it supports sander's medicare if if for all program. yesterday sanders supporters celebrated the opening of his campaign office in san francisco. >> the bay area has the largest number of bernie sanders volunteers in the country. so we'll be dispatching our volunteers throughout the state of california and throughout the united states. >> bernie sanders is due to formally receive the nurse's union endorsement at a news conference set for 1:30 this afternoon in oakland. our ktvu political reporter greg lee is due to sit down with senator bernie sanders tonight during his bay area visit. you'll hear what sanders says tonight at 6:00 p.m. . >> democratic presidential candidate amy klobuchar was also here in the bay area.
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now senator klobuchar told a packed room she's the candidate who could win over mid western votes swing states and to beat president trump. >> we're going to get those independents and moderate republicans who are sick of this guy and we are going to build a blue wall around these states and make donald trump pay for it. >> many of the democratic presidential candidates will be coming to the california state convention in long beach which started z rs today and runs through sunday. 10 democratic presidential candidates met the requirements to participate in the debate next wednesday the even tougher requirements for the following debate. now the candidates who will be atbothare joe biden, kamala harris, elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar and pete
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buttigieg. pam i want you to come fly with me. we're going to space. we are in space. there is a space walk happening right now outside the international space station. one that started just before 4:00 a.m. it is a six hour space walk. we're looking over their shoulders. you need a screwdriver. there are two astronauts out there. they're repairing a cosmic raid detector. nasa calls this one of the most complicated space walks in a decade. there are two very gifted astronauts out there. they'll be out there for about six hours. we'll keep checking back to see how they're doing but again started just after 4:00 a.m. they'll be out there for six hours and i know they'll do a great job. if they need us they can call us. >> right.  >> i'm always amazed know, we' -- it's so clear. it's just really cool that we can see that.
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i'm looking for my hd camera lineup here and it looks pretty good if you're going to gilroy. let's start there northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose and you can see that traffic is looking good with no major issues. there's a little bit of slowing 152 and 156 and finally there's not a lot of slow traffic from san martin into morgan hill. which is good. that's a sign that it is friday. let's kind of look at that twice. sometimes you don't accept good news right away when it comes to traffic. it looks great. traffic is okay on interstate 88 te 880 there is a little bit of a backup but it's not much. 518. we have a lot of cloudy skies again and that will be
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with us for the morning and a little better conditions by later this afternoon. some light rain made it drizzle. whatever you want to call it and there's still a little bit to the north right now. not as deep of a fog bank as we had yesterday but still enough to give us drizzle. light rain. .01s santa rosa. most were about .01 to .02. the bulk of the energy coming in this morning is about the golden gate north there's not a lot to the south yet but up north some light rain. there's been some up into mendevino county. there is a little just moving on shore and along towards lagunitas as well. 40s on the temps for few and highs today here we go again we'll be back above average. san francisco above on both. well above on the low of 56. 44.
5:20 am
1880. the record low 2010. west at port chicago. west out to vallejo. west in martinez. there's an on shore breeze in place. after that system goes through the high far left of your screen will build in. maybe a few little splash and dash showers for the morning and temperatures staying near average. we'll give it credit. some light rain will give way to mostly sunny. partly sunny skies by this afternoon and the weekend. the breeze kicking in. doesn't look strong but enough to give us sunshine and warmer temps especially on sunday into monday and another low is set to drop in on tuesday. it's something to watch for tuesday and it will be cooler and windy as well pam. 5:20 is the time right now. business owners later at this hour the actions locals are taking. and while fire insurance claims have put a strain on
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the state is buy insurance because ofof non rene statewide. right now the coverage limit is $1.5 million. starting april 1st it will
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double to $3 million. after damage from recent wild fires went beyond the insurance coverage of many homeowners. some people who live in the sierra foothills are still frustrated with pg&e. say they haven't seen the credits in their most recent bills. others are upset their bills show they were charges on days they had no power. >> they just need to communicate and kind of get their act together. >> a spokes person says the credits are coming but probably won't show up until the second or third billing cycle. cal fire is continuing fire prevention tactics in the east bay. near the painted rock in reem valley. fire priority project mostly in california. fire prevention
5:25 am
projects have been complete. a man who was detained and cited for eating a sandwich on the platform of station is suin the attorney represented steve foster filed a suit yesterday. eating anywhere in the station is against the law. artificials say foster was uncooperative when officers approached him. foster say he felt singled out because he's african american. i felt like i had to get even. >> foster says he didn't know it was against the law to eat on the train platform. bart says it will not comment on a future lawsuit. earlier this week bart's general manager said in a letter he's disappointed about what happened. district 5 will likely have a new supervisor. challenger dean preston has claimed victory after concession from encumbent alley
5:26 am
brown. preston was just 187 more votes than brown. after consulting with experts that a recount will likely not change the results. and lower pacific heights. it's now 5:26. public impeachment hearings in washington d.c. will resume in less than two hours on capitol hill. up next, what's expected from the one witness who's testifying today in those public hearings. and a cleveland browns player ripped the helmet of the steelers quarterback in last night it's game. the consequences that are table >> good morning, you could see the traffic out there is doing okay for the most partiving alo we'll take it on what's been a very dry month. what about the rest of the forecast into the weekend we'll ta a look.
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good morning. authorities in santa clarita still searching. and the message from the governor. >> and it's another busy day in washington d.c.. what's expected in the second day of public impeachment hearings into from ktvu fox 2 is mornings on 2. . >> well good morning to you. welcome to mornings on 2 it is friday.
5:30 am
it is november 15th i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. another busy week but first we want to show you a little bit of snow because it's starting up in the sierra ski resort area of lake tahoe. you can see these are tweeted by squaw valley al pine meadows. the crews are preparing for opening dayed. the resort plans to have kangaroos and the first venture run opened at squaw valley. from 9:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon just to give people a little taste of the season. >> see i can't ski like you, steve, and sal but even i want to go up here. >> if you don't ski or anything it's still gorgeous up there. >> there's a lot of dirt on the site. >> let's let mother nature take care of that. the end of the month looks pretty good. >> another is moving through this morning. santa cruz mountains had the most that we saw the most locations a .01 to a .0
5:31 am
coming through. we'll have morning clouds and some afternoon sun and temps will start to warm up for the weekend. very light rain is falling. a lot of this is what we call high base on the radar. marin coast now. so some light rain possible south of that does not look at bullish as it did. 40s, 50s on the temps. not a lot but a little bit about 1 to 3 degrees in liver more. 68 normal. 65. there's an on shore wind heading through from the coast all the way out towards the delta and once this system goes by, the high will kick in later today, tonight and into the weekend and we'll have a lot more sun and temps. today it's in the 60s. 5:31 sal. usually things pick up now. are we seeing that or is it okay? >> it's okay. we do see a little bit of slowing starting. let's go to solano county. you can see there's a little
5:32 am
slow traffic on 37 heading away from vallejo. may just be adding insult to injury. 80 westbound looks okay as you drive through the bridge. there have been no major issues driving through. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. so we're off to a decent start for the most part. remember the fog we've had here the last few days it's not here. it looks pretty clear in southern marin. authorities this morning in santa clarita still searching for a motive in yesterday's deadly shootings at sagas high school. investigators say a 16-year-old student shot and killed two classmates, wounded three others and then shot himself. he is still alive this morning. he's listed in grave condition. the shooter also turned 16 years old yesterday. surveillance video out there shows everything lasted 16 16 seconds that shooting incident
5:33 am
from the time he pulled out a gun until he shot himself. >> governor newsome is blaming the nra on republican leaders for holding up efforts on gun control and preventing more mass shootings. >> there's a pathetic lack of leadership, a weakness on the president of the united states who offers nothing but padlum thoughts and prayers that don't save a dam life and mitch mcconnell who has completely stifled any advancement. >> newsome later went on social media and tweeted senate majority mcconnell you sicken me. the request was rejected by republican senator cindy hide smith of mississippi. now be sure to stay with us for mornings on 2. we are expecting more information from investigators in southern california later today.
5:34 am
we also have more coverage online at and on our social media pages. our time is 5:34. police have new video should toe you of a car they believe belongs to people in a drive by shooting. near lake hermit road. now look at your screen. witnesses say two men in a dark colored chevy avalanche fired shots from that car. they missed the intended victim but police say they did find a bullet in a nearby building. the chevy avalanche had some damage on the driver's side. the driver's side head' lamp has a red chain on it. if you have any information call police. this is day two of the public impeachment hearings on capitol hill. the former embassador to ukraine is the one and only witness set to testify today. good morning doug. >> good morning. democrats will try to make the
5:35 am
was operating outside of official channels and moved to get rid of the u.s. embassador to ukraine. >> marie ubonavich is expected to describe what some would call a smear campaign. and rudy giuliani the president's lawyer may figure prominently. some witnesses have said he was leading asia doe of foreign policy bresing into investigations. >> the cover up makes what nixon did look almost small. >> the democrats have been es sclaeting their rhetoric and shifting their language here about the president's alleged action. and then later extortion is now being called bribery which more closely aligns with the constitution's language on impeachment. >> the bribe is to grant or withhold military assistance in return for a public statement of a fake investigation into
5:36 am
the elections. >> there will also be closed door testimony today and tomorrow including from david holme. the state department official who's expected to say he overheard a phone call. >> republicans say that some of these witnesses are simply government employees who had policy differences with the president. the president last night at a campaign rally in louisiana whipped up a crowd of supporters railing against the hearings. >> these are dishonest people. democrats are trying to overthrow the last election because they know they're not going to win the next election. that's >> and here because if there is in fact a senate impeachment trial it may overlap with some of the early nominating contests in 2020. back to you guys. >> we will have continuing coverage of today's impeachment
5:37 am
hearing. you can watch it over on ktvu plus at 6:00 a.m. we will have updates as well throughout the morning on mornings on 2. the president's attorneys filed a petition yesterday urging the supreme court to review an appeals court ruling that allowed his accounting firm to turn over his tax records to manhattan prosecuting terms. back to 2011 as part of a criminal investigation. in their petition to the supreme court the president's attorneys argue that sitting presidents are immune from criminal proceedings. >> time is 5:37. vice president mike pence is back in washington. of yesterday the vice president was in silicon valley. he talked to about 200 employees about the future of the space program. nasa ames will help develop a spacecraft needed for the artemis program. the goal is putting people on
5:38 am
the moon by the year 2024. >> long term exploration and use not only to plan our flag and leave our footprint but to establish a foundation for an eventual mission to mars. there were some protesters outside the gates at ames during the vice president's visit. the groups refused fascism bay area and vigil for democracy called the vice president a science denier. of. a group of democratic leaders in congress is now demanding that senior white house advisor steven miller resigned following a report he sent e-mails. the southern poverty law center released a report saying it examined more e- mails between miller and bright bart staffers and that more than 80% of the e-mails concern race or immigration. what miller sent her has now become policy in the #2ru6r7 administration. our time now 538.
5:39 am
>> 13 nfl teams will sent coaches to atlanta tomorrow to watch colin kaepernick. a private work out will be held for colin kaepernick. the teams will have representatives from the patriots, cardinals and the dolphins. colin kaepernick hasn't played football since 2017. police brutality and racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem. browns coach hue jackson will lead those drills. a huge fight during the thursday night football game could lead to fines, suspensions and possible legal action. with less than 10 seconds left in the game quarterback mason rudolph was hit by miles garrett and a fight broke out. rudolph appeared to hold on to garrett then the defensive end ripped the qb's helmet off.
5:40 am
garrett swung the helmet and hit him in the head. garrett regrets his action saying he lost his cool. >> i appreciate my team having my back but it should have never gotten to that point. what i did is more foolish and i shouldn't allow myself to slip like that. >> during that fight and defensive tackle larry ogendobi ran into rudolph. they were disqualified for the game. by the way browns won that game 21-7. that's not the end of this. >> you want to throw the book at them. yeah. >> time is now 5:40. still ahead this may surprise you. the former food and drug administration doctor who approved the lasik eye procedure now says he made a mistake.
5:41 am
he's warning people about the dangers of the lasik. >> and the construction of the subway is taking a toll on some businesses. we'll tell you how the city is trying to help. is going tothe top. morning cloudssun. temps not that much warmer than yesterday. what about the weekend? we'll take a look.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back to mornnts whi house economic advisor says trade negotiations with china are in the final stages. u.s. and chinese trade negotiations are in communication every day and that a deal is close. so not done yet. the two sides focused on issues ranging from the details of chinese purchases of u.s. agricultural products to a commitment from the chinese to a curtail theft of intellectual property. fine dining in san francisco. the owner of several restaurants in the city including her flag ship high end restaurant. they're all going meatless. the video as she heard she was receiving another michelin
5:45 am
star. she will continue serving at all three restaurants. the former advisor to the food and drug administration now says lasik one of the most common eye procedures should be banned. lasik surgery has been used by an estimated 20 million people to improve their vision. now says it should be taken off the market. he says the fda ignored the information on patients who suffered vision problems after that procedure. complication rates are as 38%. the long term safety of lasik is not known. of. san francisco city leaders say they want to help small businesses in china town. the city will soon offer 5 to $10,000 per business for improvements or investments. the sfmta also will improve
5:46 am
access. the money's coming from a state education rev new fund. the central subway extension is expected to open in the summer of 2021. a group of business owners in san francisco's tenderloin now teaming up. they want to improve the image of the tenderloin. the tenderloin has been known as one of the highest crime rate and homeless population areas. in the last month the owner of zizo calf fae -- z zoul cafe formed a business owner association. encouraging more businesses to open in the tenderloin and make it safe for the businesses and people 0 who live there. >> we want to make it more safer to change the perception in the mind of people to come. to come to the place and . >> now more than a dozen businesses have shown interest
5:47 am
in joining this association. and more people that signed up, the more power they will have when it comes to lobbying the city for more resources. >> people are also calling for traffic safety changes in the tenderloin neighborhood. . >> yeah. . >> now this was the scene at 3:00 yesterday afternoon at the intersection of taylor and eddie streets. organizers of the rally say they want city leaders to do more to make the street safer for pedestrians and cyclists. in recent months there have been several traffic related deaths. >> other neighborhoods have speed bumps. other neighborhoods have visible school zone traffic signs. highway 237. put in raised
5:48 am
the express lanes are on the westbound side and will extend to matilda aven at 5:00 in the morning. they stay open until 8:00 at night. drivers using the lanes will have to have a fastrak transponders and that includes car poolers, clean air vehicles, car poolers and motorcycles can use the express lane for free but you still have to have that fastrak. time is now 4:48 after a slow start to the season, the san jose sharks won again last night. the they're starting to heat things up on the ice. last night they played in anaheim against the ducks. and the sharks won 5-3. sharks are now one game under 500. tomorrow night the detroit red wings are in town. the play at the s.a.p. center.
5:49 am
>> and tonight olympic gold medallist and bay area native christy yamaguchi ice indicating in san ramon. the event includes performances by salina edmonds. portions of all ticket sales will support. >> one day i'm going to learn how to ice skate. >> yes. >> i told kristi that she said i'll help you. i need sal's help right now with our commute. come on sal. >> and sal i have to ask you about traffic jams because it's been a tough and serious week but i feel like that's when we need music a little more. >> we have some ideas. >> okay. >> i'll let you know soon. >> good morning. >> let's go out and take a look at what we have now with
5:50 am
the altamonte pass approach. the actual altamonte pass commute looks all right but getting to it is slow. so it's not completely light once you get over the pass it looks good over to dublin and into the main part of the east bay on 880 it's a fine. there is a back up at the bay bridge toll plaza that's backed up for about a 10 to 15-minute wait. 5:50. let's bring steve back in. >> steve, i don't see a lot of fog. >> there is not. maybe a little rain to the north. system's coming in as splitting. part will go south and part is producing cloud cover to the north. yesterday drizzle and light rain we'll take it. it has been a dry stretch for us. a couple 100s for us. with 12100s. it is also a cooler day. most of these are just a little bit below average to near average.
5:51 am
kentfield 59. napa is only 61. morgan hill and redwood city. some of those believe it or not are a little above and some are just below. we've been above almost every day it seems like at least inland. there's been a system coming in. the colder tops to the north versus to the south. through m county. it looks like also coming in on sonoma coast and the marin coast. so some very light rain. not a lot. some of it could certainly do that again and tip the bucket. 40s, 50s onto for the morning. 60s on the temps. they're all above again. but still they're above. sanford, livermore. san jose and also santa rosa. 64, 66 now 63, 50. the record low we have to go way back 44 in 1880. the high temps in the city have gone all over the place. wednesday was the cool day 57.
5:52 am
monday was the warmest at 76 after sunday 64. so up and down to go. not much of a breeze. there's still an on shore component. 32 in truckee. 49 reno to 50s for many including fresno and bakersfield and santa barbara 50 to 53. the that low goes through the highs to the far left that low will start to build in by later tonight. that will take us through the weekend. very light rain for another hour or 2. so our cooler system made its mark yesterday but by this afternoon the wind starts to kick in overnight into saturday and we'll see warmer conditions into the weekend. 60s to almost 70s. that should be about it by about 9, 10:00 i think we'll be long gone. saturday, sunday, mondays looks good. then another low tuesday could get us scattered rain again. time is 5:53 in just a couple of minutes from right now the public impeachment
5:53 am
hearing in washington will resume on capitol hill. what we can expect from the testimony of the former embassador to ukraine. >> we're grateful to be able a people. >> we're also going to give you a taste from the east bay restaurant serving food made from indigenous ingredients. and up next that statue outside of levi stadium. that statue of joe montana is being prepared after being vandized. the sxra security in place at levi stadium. >> but first... we do want to fly you to the moon but first we want to take you outside the international space station. two astronauts one from nasa. one from the european space agency. they're right in the middle of a six hour space walk repairing a complicated piece of space station equipment.
5:54 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 5:56 an that de rosa involving a motorcycle and the smart train. the motorcyclist was 41-year- old jacob flynn. he was speeding down gernville road apparently ignored the warning signals, passed a crossing gate and collided with
5:57 am
a smart train. police in san jose arrested a man accused of molesting her 13-year-old girl walking her dog. arrested tuesday. investigators say he touched the teenager inappropriately on three separate encounters between august and september of this year. the suspect is charged with false imprisonment and lewd and lascivious acts on a minor. it is 5:57. the israeli military says a rocket attack launched in the g aza strip killed 34 palestinians including a family of 8. israeli military says it fired several rockets on isis aligned targets in gaza. the heaviest nighting in months. israel and thomas has been exchanging fire this week. >> this was a peaculof warning no one would of waited
5:58 am
engine this destruction happened. rael's president says israel will hold its fire longs militants in g aza over in ital level is rising again in venice, italy just three days after venice had its worst flooding in more than 50 years. the high tide today expected to peak at more than 5'. that's far beyond normal levels in venice. the italian government responding by santa claraing a state of emergency. >> the statue of 49er's legend owe montana being repaired after it was vandalized by a fan. 37-year-old jorge lopez pulled the face mask after the 49er's game monday night and it was caught on camera. >> this is just stupidity and
5:59 am
makes you shake your head more than any >> be finished before they are increasing security around the stadium. another tragedy on a school campus. we will have the latest from santa clarita. >> and we're just minutes away from the second day of testimony in the impeachment hearings in washington. we'll tell you what you can expect. >> from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. . and thank you for joining us. we want to take you out to space right now for a live look. new information on this space walk that's under way on the international space station right now. two astronauts are repairing the cosmic particle detector. we can listen to a little bit of the communication.
6:00 am
nasa calls this one of the most complicated space walks in 10 years. it will end at about 10:00 a.m. a little star wars music. >> yeah, right. >> star trek. sorry. i'm a star wars fan. so star wars comes right after when i say star. i apologize. >> it looks like we could do this. >> it's amazing how clear. just wanted to take you out there live because we can. thank you for joining us friday morning, november 15th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. and speaking of live pictures we're going to take you live to washington d.c. the second day of open testimony is just about to get under way in the presidential impeachment inquiry


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