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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  November 15, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PST

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thick case and the people in front of it taking selfies. >> the painting could go for as much as $100,000. it will be up for bid november 19. day to a simoni underway on capitol hill broke the u.s. ambassador to ukraine talking about intimidation and corruption in the impeachment hearings. if the bees are disappearing, what else has disappeared because we don't count nothing is? >> how we grow food challenged by the shrinking population of bees. we sit down with the director of the pollinators bringing awareness to this problem. plus, serving at risk youth by fixing up plastic cards book we will let you know how you can help them on giving tuesday. we're looking live at the oakland estuary. similar shot to what we see behind us on the set of the 9.
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we were just reading the story about myles garrett and the med it after you read it, it broke he has been suspended indefinitely. he's going to miss the rest of the year and the playoffs. note telling when he's going to come back. >> that's a bad sign. >> less than 12 hours in the nfl ruled you are gone for the rest of your. when you grab someone's helmet and you start swinging at someone. >> yeah. i'm sure other suspensions will come down. we are friday and the commute was better today. i have that friday feeling. >> i'm hoping to get there myself. >> we will start duckies there's been some explosive testimony in the second round of impeachment hearings on capitol hill this morning. former ambassador marie yovanovitch testified about being fired by president trump and now trump is being accused of witness intimidation after tweeting insults about yovanovitch during her testimony. lisa harrington has more on the story. she took the stand in the
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middle of her questioning, president donald trump live tweeted insults away. here is the tweet. it says in part, everywhere marie yovanovitch went, turned bad. now the president is being accused of witness intimidation which could further implicate him. this tweet was read to yovanovitch during questioning. here's how she reacted. >> what would you like to respond to the presidents attack that everywhere you went turned bad. >> i don't think i have such powers. >> now the president is attacking you in real time. what effect you think that has on other witnesses willingness to come forward and expose wrongdoing? >> well it's very intimidating. >> is designed to intimidate is it not? >> i mean i can't speak to what
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the president is trying to do but i think the effect is to be intimidating. >> the chairman of the house intelligence committee said they take witness intimidation very seriously. the presidents actions on twitter could make things worse for him. the democrats could use this obstruction of inquiry to strengthen experts to impeach trump. yovanovitch said she never made a do not prosecute list and did not badmouth trump in ukraine. she was shocked when he called her bad news on a phone call. later today, david holmes the staffer who said he overheard trump on the phone asking about political investigation to joe biden. live ktvu fox news. we will be joined by hastings law professor to get more analysis on this morning's testimony. republican operative robert stone was just found guilty this morning of all seven
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counts against him including witness tampering and making false statements. the longtime friend and ally of president trump was indicted in january as part of special council robert mueller's probe into whether russia colluded with the trump campaign. stone was accused of lying to the house intelligence committee about his communications with wikileaks as well as encouraging another witness to lie to the fbi. witness tampering carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. the others cover five years in prison. we will have more for you throughout the day. authorities in santa clarita are subject for murder for yesterday's mass shooting at saugus high school that left two teenagers dead. three others were wounded and the teenage shooter is in critical condition from the self include the did gunshot when. we are in celica letter santa clara to have more. fox 2's trent >> reporter:, this is the site of america's latest school shooting. a community is a morning. this happened at saugus high
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school is students were arriving on thursday morning. authorities say the team chose his 16th birthday tupelo handgun from his backpack and shoot five classmates. before turning the weapon on his cell. all in just 16 seconds. >> it felt fake. i thought i was in a fever dream. it was the scariest moment of my life. >> reporter: police responded within seconds because they were dropping off their own kids at the same school. the quick actions, along with aid from on-duty responders, or credited with saving lives. to do not hesitate. i turned around and went right into the source of the gunfire in an attempt to neutralize it. >> reporter: many students also held. >> week kept watching the window and he was ready and i had another student who was calm enough to speak calmly to the cops on the phone. truth is no clear motive just yet. investigators search the gunman's residence where he lived with his mother. they have not said if they found anything directly suggesting a reading reason for the shooting. his father died of a heart attack in 2017.
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he was an avid hunter and had a large collection of guns. it's unclear where the handgun used in the shooting came from. the gunman's classmates and neighbors say he was a good student, friendly, a boy scout and athlete. pretty much a typical teenager and santa clara, ktvu fox 2 news. >> stay with us for full coverage. expect more information throughout the day. will have more information online at and social media. carr people aren't custody for a halloween night shooting. authorities served search warrants yesterday in marin city, vallejo, antioch and san mateo. four suspects are in custody. 28-year-old lebraun wallace from san mateo, 20-year-old jaquez sweeney of marine city, 20-year-old jason iles of marin city, 30-year-ld joshua mitchell of an attack and a fifth suspect 21-year-old
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devin williamson of vallejo was arrested at celeste accessory. tactical units from the contra costa sales unit made arrest while carrying out the raid at an apartment in marin city. the four core suspects are being held without bail and the accessory suspects bail is set at $500,000. the police department has been criticized over its handling of the case. but the city's mayor says law enforcement has put a lot of resources into this investigation. some orinda residents say it will take more the rest to restore peace. they want to look into stricter regulations or an outright ban on short-term rentals. stanford university will install two plaques for woman survived the sexual assault on campus and 2215. 2015. the school will create a if luck from the survivor. administrators would like to request that was taken from her victim impact statement. eventually the school about
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bowed to pressure from students and faculty. >> without the plaque, it's hard to understand what the context is for the space. it's just a nice garden. >> you can't change history. all you can do is learn from it. and what stanford should learn from the situation is censorship and silencing are never the right answer. and you have to keep your promises. >> stanford says the pox will go up as soon as feasible. information will include support and resources the other will have a quote that reads you took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time and my safety, my intimacy, i confidence, my own voice. until today. bernie sanders will be in oakland today were his campaign will receive the endorsement of the country's largest nurses union. nationals your nurses united say they support the medicare for all proposal. they also endorsed sanders in the 2016 presidential race.
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yesterday sanders supporter celebrated the opening of his office in san francisco. >> the bay area has been largest number of bernie sanders volunteers in the country. we will dispatching our volunteers throughout the united states. >> sanders will receive the new orleans union endorsement of a news conference at 1:30 pm in oakland. our political reporter, craig lee will sit down with senator bernie sanders tonight during his visit. here what sanders has to say tonight on the 6:00 news. the state is working to help homeowners left uninsurable. through wildfires. the insurance commissioner says the has been an increase in the number of non-renewals across our state. right now the coverage limit for damage from wildfires is $1.5 million. starting april 1, it will double to $3 million. raising the maximum coverage amount comes after damage from recent wildfires exceeded many homeowners coverage. cumings up on ktvu mornings on 2, the marin county
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will woman accused of an embezzlement scheme. what investigators say she did at a san rafael company and why she was arrested thousands of miles away. historic flooding on venice is taking a toll on venice. landmarks affected and why the word, maybe yet become the worst maybe yet to come. that's yes for less. score a head-to-toe look you'll love and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. start the day slow-roasting turkey for incredible flavor. then, they double seal every slice for freshness. the results, well, they speak for themselves.
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marin county woman accused in a million-dollar investment scheme has been arrested in manhattan. >> it's overwhelming news for the small company she worked for. >> we report from san rafael. authorities plant up the suspect back in the bay area next week. >> there were no guns in this violent time but this was traumatic. >> reporter: she used to occupy several offices now she works from home after her company was looted. >> i had no idea here is she smiling. >> reporter: team of committed moms and trend eight handled finances. >> >> reporter: the company makes stuffed toys. that teachers and therapists used to help kids with the motions. >> we were like a family working so hard to help kids in schools learn how to communicate feelings. breshears was part of a family until call started. the manufacturing plant, there was no money and no comedies
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and breshears who did the books, couldn't explain why. >> nobody thought we've got a criminal because she seems very calm. >> there are two binders that have all the checks that were diverted. an audit found many fennel to 10 accounts. friendly credit cards and make loans too. as the million-dollar lost emerged, breshears vanished. that was 2017. >> she is obviously very good at adapting. >> reporter: the detective who has tracked her down, says breshears went on to embezzle from a pleasanton painting company and moved to new york and is working in property management that company says it's missing $40,000. >> her current employer told me, they had absolutely no clue she might be doing anything. they had no warning signs. >> reporter: 53-year-old breshears is jailed at rikers island. u.s. marshals arrested her at her manhattan apartment. she was using someone else's name. >> we knew if she felt like she was being trapped, she would
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disappear. and we knew we would get one chance. >> i am proud of our company because, we didn't let her take our mission. it means i'm kind, i am not fake. >> reporter: debora villalon ktvu fox 2 news. another date of flooding in venice as the city loses a major landmark amy kellogg has what's next for recovery efforts. >> reporter: another high tide hitting the already trench city of venice on friday. this when measuring just over five feet. coming days after the city's worst flooding in decades. the water submerging world famous landmarks, the venice mayor, closing st. mark's square ahead of the high tide. at the water is not stopping tourist from sightseeing. >> i didn't expected to be this high more than anything. when you hear the name venice, it's always some sense but it's a bit crazy now the we are here. >> reporter: officials planning
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climate change and the lease in completing the flood control system for the immense water damage. the city started construction of the underwater barriers in 2003. corruption and unexpected cost, delayed the construction. local business owners say the damage could have been avoided had the city finished the project. >> it's a shame because we lose business. we lose lots of business. we live autistic treasures we will never get back. >> reporter: the weather office reports more high tides and flooding expected throughout the rest of the week. the government has approved more than $20 million for recovery efforts. the mayor is asking for donations from abroad. >> nowadays clear we are in and amid urgency and we can put up with anymore. >> reporter: government expects the project to be done at the end of 20 ktvu fox 2 news. emmy kellogg, ktvu fox two
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news. we have live pictures of the spacewalk underway on the international space station with two astronauts one from nasa and the other from the european space agency. they are near the end of a six hour spacewalk they started just before 4 am. this is difficult and delicate work. the spacewalk is the first of at least four spacewalks planned before the end of the year. all meant to repair a cosmic ray detector. a case of the original east bay. we are celebrating it american heritage month with a visit to a popular pop up restaurant serving the food of these people. we will let you know about a san francisco-based nonprofit helping at risk youth in a unique way. this is restoring classic cars. prepare to give, on giving tuesday.
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november is native american heritage much. >> a pop up restaurant is offering great food. >> the menu at cafi ohlone offers indigenous ingredients. >> we are grateful to teach about who we are as ohlone people. >> the catholic is people a taste of the original east bay in offers a couple of meals a week. the menu changes frequently. dishes are made from ingredients native to the east bay. >> hazelnuts, venison, salmon,
9:21 am
greens like the watercress that's coming up, tsc took many people are surprised by the food by itself. it's inherently great. our traditional diet is so gourmet and delicious. >> the restaurant opened in 2017 as part of an effort to pervert preserved the ohlone culture. it is tucked behind a book score on bancroft way in berkeley. at rescues are being shown how to restore used cars. >> i like to say to myself, i was like i felt like i was at home. >> excited to be a part of this. >> my life is all over the place and it was a mess. as soon as i came to the shop, it was a different life. >> besides developing work skills, project reckless help students build confidence and community. to explain how we can expand
9:22 am
their per diem program, we are joined by the founder who is with dave clark. >> i love this program. i am so glad you are here. practice project reckless. >> project reckless is a outreach program in bayview and san francisco. it takes 12 youth for a year and immerses the program that teaches them about how to work on cars and how to become better people through the non- tangibles and the capacity development side of things. >> how did you come up with this? >> i had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to do something more. something that actually had an impact. i've always been a car guy. it hit me like a ton of bricks one day. this is the common denominator that can draw some of these youth that otherwise would never seek these services, into a program they can get the support they really need. in the neighborhood.
9:23 am
>> tell me how you find these kids. is it boys and girls? >> yes. we work with the district attorney's office in san francisco and the thing i'm most proud of that we get a lot of our lose youth, bring friends or youth a note that are in school or gangs or things like that to come into the program because they have had their lives shaped in a positive way. they want to extend that to their friends as well. >> what is this taking place? >> we have a shop right in the heart of bayview at mindel plaza. a neighborhood underserved with the sort of things. there's a lot of great organizations in bayview but nothing that does something like this. mixing tangible skills of learning to work on a car and spin a wrench, to the accounting and the safety and all of these other skills we are teaching our youth as they go through the program. >> i love this program. how are you also teaching them. because you seek teach them
9:24 am
many things pitcher absolutely. there's a cycle we find. when the youth go out and try to find a job, what experience do you have? how are they supposed to get experience if no one is willing to hire them the first time? so as part of the program, they are in it a year. they go through seven unique job responsibilities that reigns from accounting, human resources, public facing manager where they go to the community events and manage social media to really start getting all these different skills that can build the resume. so they can go to the job interview, they can say i know how to use excel. i have used powerpoint before. i know how to use the cash register. i can do accounting. that allows them to break that cycle to be able to go and get a job even if it is automatic
9:25 am
automotive are not. >> that is terrific. if people want to help, how can they help us grow or even to donate? >> absolutely. there are two good things. we take donations on "project wreckless".org. that we look to invite people to the shop. we do open shop hours on friday afternoons. we want people to come in. reach out to us through email and coming in and experience what we do. we've had people from tech companies to mechanics at local dealerships come in now we have a reoccurring group of people that come in almost every friday because they are hooked and they love the program. we would love to have you come in? i am coming. maybe you can teach me something. i want to learn. i'm so proud of what you are doing with the kids in the great things. i will congratulate you on credit for the great things you will still be. >> thank you so much. i'm honored and humbled to nothing to do with me. the youth in our program are absolutely inspiring. some of the stories they have,
9:26 am
and the trials and tribulations they have gone through in their lives, make things i go through in my daily basis, seem like nothing. >> keep doing great things. jordan languor of "project wreckless". rate things more to come. it's a pleasure having you here. >> thank you so much. it's been an honor. >> back to you. coming up in a second on ktvu mornings on 2, research shop 30,000 feet. how qantas airlines is touching testing the limits of passengers and pilots. president trump issued harsh criticism for the only person testifying today. we will tell you what she said in her testimony over the past few hours. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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welcome back to ktvu mornings on 2. we are looking at the san francisco day. a little katy perry because it's friday and the weekend or newly here. let's get over to ski steve paulson with a leak at a look at the weekend weather. >> we had a little bit of light razor. we will take it on once been a very dry month. usually don't get munch in september or october. we will take the a little amount we did have. things are winding down. sir, there's no reason to be
9:30 am
supercilious. the sunshine is struggling to make it to santa rosa this morning. fantastic foggy friday to. thank you. i appreciate the. >> and george mccray, we had a trace of rain in my place. it was a real treat. last are on the state we had really hazardous air. our first rain arrived on the 21st last a. i will take this weather any day. that the highest amount we saw petaluma. miller vallejo .02. danville and many others with .01. the key will be next tuesday and wednesday not much for us. the end result will be cool and windy. southern california nevada and arizona. below will tap into some oyster. this doesn't mean this is here, it's five days away. all the forecast models are tapping in. this would be heavy. this is the european court forecast for the projection. some of that could wrap into
9:31 am
the sierra for snow. for the area, low clouds and rain with the cloud deck that gave us the drizzle yesterday. it looks like most of it is about gone. 50s and oakland is near 60. 68 the high. above average. that something we are familiar with this november. the high will build in for the weekend. as it does we will get the offshore breeze. we don't expect strong in. expecting more sunshine it and warmer temperatures. for the weekend it looks good. that's the way be planted. 60s and upper 60s to near 70. the 70s will be back in two sunday and monday. tuesday we get a turn in the weather. we will see if it gets remain out of that. the former ambassador to ukraine fired by president trump is testifying for the second day of public impeachment hearings.
9:32 am
she told the house intelligence committee, the sudden removal from her post played right into the hands of, quote, shady interest the world over. >> how could our system they like this? how could at that foreign corrupt interest can manipulate our government? >> president trump tweeted about yovanovitch while she was testifying this morning. and that has led to accusations of witness intimidation. we have david the wing hastings law professor joining us. let's talk about that. marie yovanovitch talking about feeling threatened. testifying about possible corruption and write at the same time , but the president starts treating. i will be to 12 years., quote, everywhere marie yovanovitch went turned bad. she started off in somalia. how tobacco? fast-forward to ukraine, for the president spoke unfavorably about her in my second phone call with him. witness intimidation or not professor? >> oh absolutely it was witness intimidation. if you look at the timeline. he previously talked about how
9:33 am
even his message to the president after she had been fired, made her feel intimidated. he puts fuel on the fire. i think we may have witnessed in real time an article of impeachment take place. >> what about in the future about people testifying? how they feel when the president of the united states is saying this? could have an impact on the road? >> potential he. there's been a lot of pressure from the white house on people not to respond to subpoenas. so yovanovitch, she is coming to the end of her career the matter what. let's imagine someone more midcareer. somewhere five years or 10 years, the two people who overheard the call in kiev. the -- they may feel their careers are sidelined. is nothing but intimidation for this witness and emmaline. >> witness intimidation you are saying is an impeachable defense. definitely, they could get him
9:34 am
on because of what he did this morning? >> potentially it could be. absolutely. high crimes and misdemeanors but when we look at what was behind that with the fans, what they had in mind, was exactly manipulation, this use of the presidential powers. and to obstruct this legitimate inquiry itself comes in impeachable offense. this happened to president lytton. it would've happened to president nixon. it happened this morning to roger stone. he was convicted this morning and one of the things was intimidation. >> why are the presence advisors -- he says he didn't intend to watch. why aren't his advisors thing just stay off the twitter? handover your phone. why isn't he getting that good council? >> in part because he's gotten rid of people who would give him that council and he didn't care for. mr. mulvaney the acting chief of staff has said his job is to let trump be trump. in large measure the people around him have given up or think that's perfectly all right.
9:35 am
it was incredibly boneheaded to do that. will be interesting to see what the republican of members of congress do to clean this up and committee. >> someone asked me yesterday if the quid pro quo didn't happen. eventually ukraine got the ap needed. what are they getting the president on? i couldn't answer. maybe i will ask someone who knows. >> number one, there are many attempted crimes. attempted murder, attempted bank robber robbery, 1 million of them this is it the realm of attempted crime. number two, the money was released after the whistleblower letter came to the attention of everybody. only a couple of days after that, the money was released. looks as if the whole plan would have taken place. the president slipped. he was about to go on television to say exactly what the president was demanding. that didn't happen because the money was starting to flow. the money started to flow after
9:36 am
the whistleblower became public. >> during yovanovitch's assessment, she said it's not just about the attacks on me. she made a point to highlight the state department itself is taken a hit in the eyes of the world. u.s. ambassadors around the world are going to be impacted by this. do you agree with that statement she gave this morning? >> absolutely. the state department is sending people out on our behalf. they been doing it since the days of thomas jefferson and benjamin franklin. you know that person speaks, they are the personal representative the president of the united states. they speak for all of us. the idea somebody could do some sort of that channel and cut that person up, completely destroys the system. when those people speak, you have to know they are speaking officially with authority. that is incredibly important for our role around the world. >> professor living, thank you again. >> anytime. figure to southern california where authorities are searching for motive for yesterday's mass shooting in santa clarita. 16-year-old student shot and
9:37 am
killed two classmates and wounded others and then turned the gun on himself. his alive this morning and said to be in critical condition with a headwind. authorities say the shooter carried out the attack on his 16th birthday. the surveillance video shows the incident lasted only 16 seconds. they said he was in the quad area of campus near the start of the school day, when he pulled a 45 caliber handgun from his backpack, shot classmates and turned the gun on himself. in response to the spirit shooting, governor gavin newsom blamed the nra and republican leaders for holding up efforts on gun control and preventing more mass shootings pics mac it's a pathetic lack of leadership, a weakness demonstrable on the president of the united states who offers nothing but pablum thoughts and prayers. they don't say the dam life. and then mitch mcconnell who is completely stifled any advancement to push back against the gun lobby in this country. >> the governor tweeted, quote, senate majority leader and
9:38 am
president trump you secondly. senate democrats attempted to get a vote on the background bill yesterday. the unanimous consent request was rejected by cindy highsmith of mississippi. stay with us for complete coverage as we expect more information from investigators in southern california in the coming hours. more information for you online at and our social media channels. rudolph people under arrest in connection with a halloween night shooting that left five people dead. four suspects are being held in contra costa county. frank mallicoat joins us live with more on these recent arrest. frank? >> reporter: good morning to. this suspects were arrested on murder charge and the fifth one on assess return murder. this investigation wide scope throughout the bay area. take a look at the map where those search warrants were served yesterday in marin city,
9:39 am
folio, antioch and san mateo. here are the names of those five men arrested 28-year-old lebraun wallace out of san mateo, 20-year-old jaquez sweeney of marin city, 20-year- old jason iles of marin city as well. and 21-year-old devin williamson for being in a sensory. this tackles units from the contra costa sheriff's unit made the arrest yesterday while carrying out the raids this video is in marin city. the four suspects are being held without bail this morning. the assessor he suspect is on bail and it's set at half $1 million. the orinda police department has been criticized for the handling of the case. the city's mayors of law enforcement has been a lot of resources into this long two week investigation. >> i don't know if there is a sense of relief or not. this is the beginning of a process judicial criminal
9:40 am
proceedings with regard to these five individuals. >> reporter: some orinda residents they will take more than just the arrest of these five men to restore their sense of peace. and they would like the city to look into stricter regulations or the outright ban of short term rentals. sources also told ktvu there had been a fight among two groups one based in san francisco and the other based in marin city. these two groups happen to show up with the 100+ partygoers on halloween night at this orinda own. sources tell us a fight or some sort of argument erupted inside the kitchen and that's when guns were drawn. apparently two victims may have been involved in the gunfight. the four men here in jail will face a joy a judge next week. that's the latest live frank mallicoat ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco city leaders say they want to help small
9:41 am
businesses in chinatown that have been affected the construction of the central subway. the city announced it will soon offer 5000 to $10,000 per business for investments or improvements. they also promise to improve access to businesses with traffic temporary bus stops. the money is coming from the state revenue fund. the subway extension is expected to open in the summer of 2021. a cocaine bust caught on camera. we will let you know how much the coast guard intercepted and where it went down. complex food system depending on bees. we sit down with the director of the award-winning film, the pollinators, and how he brings the threat to back into the spotlight.
9:42 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive. new video released by the coast guard this morning shows the major drug bust the submarine was intercepted on october 22 in the eastern pacific ocean. in sub is members of the rain, they found 5000 pounds of cocaine. street value of approximately $69 million. four people were arrested. new this morning, the express lanes on highway 237 are open to drivers.
9:45 am
this is on the westbound side and they extend to sunnyvale. sent to 37 me new roles for drivers. express lanes begin at 5 am and continue to 8 pm. after that it's free for everyone. every driver will be required to have a fast track transponder. cars with three or more people can use the link for free but you have to click the adjustable all the way over to show you have that many people in the car. motorcycles are free and clean air vehicles pay half the cost. another effort is underway to get funding to build a bridge across san francisco. senator dianne feinstein is pushing for a southern processing making highway 238 in san lorenzo 23 80 near san francisco international. the bridge proposal has been talked about for decades. the new push comes ahead of an effort to better transportation mega tax measure on the november 2020 ballot to generate $100 billion over four decades. the lawmakers say the crossing
9:46 am
could combine the roadway for vehicles and some form of mass transit like bart. >> why do i need to worry about bees, the ryan corm politics itself. farmers need to realize the bees are one of the first line of defense of why they are disappearing. if the bees disappear, what else has disappeared already? we don't have anything else. i think that's kind of the canary in the mine shaft. >> populations of bees dwindle. we are joined by the director of the film, the pollinators. he highlights this huge problem. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> i think people know this is a serious problem. i remember doing a news report about this maybe 10 years ago and i thought oh, they will fix it but they haven't. >> no is a general awareness among people there is a problem
9:47 am
with the bees but they don't know what it is. one of the purposes of the film is to try and show some of those problems and connect the dots for people to the food system. it's really what the film is about. the dependency upon managed honey bees to our food and agriculture system for i learned a lot about the bees. people like the film and do think this will begin to make people aware? >> we got a tremendous response to it. i think you know my intent was to try and show honeybees as the beautiful social insects they are. >> the photography is wonderful by the way. i know to use some fancy tricks like high frame rates. you know all of this because you are also a beekeeper. >> i am. for over 30 years i've kept bees in new york where i live. i thought it was a pretty good candidate to try and connect some dots with people about
9:48 am
bees and the food system. >> you're a cinematographer and beekeeper. to the perfect person to make the film peter. tell me what is next. what can people do if they are concerned. obviously they should be about this in topic. >> what is the thing i love about the topic, it's actionable. even though the situation with bees is kind of dire. there's something i think we can all do to make it better. that involves using less pesticides first of all. at home and in agriculture. and to buy local food. support local beekeepers. plant pollinator gardens. create habitat for bees is really important. altar to question the food system a little bit. our food system has gotten very simplified. a lot more monocultures of single crops. we've lost the diversity. it's not really all about honeybees but about native bees as well and of the pollinators. >> make it down to its simplest
9:49 am
form. if you don't have bees, pollinating the places that or the trees that grow fruit, they don't produce? >> pollination is a central part of the process. you have pollination on the flower of a fruit tree or that she will. you will not get a fruit or an apple. >> this is playing at the napa valley film festival. people come up and said, i love it or engage in discussions with you about this? it's a great conversation starter. the first screening at napa valley last night. beautiful house. it was amazing and people come out and say i never knew. i never knew people moved bees. is one of the things that drew me. they moved millions of the heights around the country for agriculture. and it happens at night. it happens in remote places the food system is dependent upon it. it's a small group of interesting commercial migratory beekeepers that does. it's not the beekeepers, it's the changes in agriculture that have done it. >> you can see the the napa
9:50 am
valley film festival. go to, and click on the web links. peter, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> new this morning, a short time ago the nfl suspended myles garrett of the cleveland browns for at least the rest of the season. and postseason. it's the result of a huge fight during thursday night football. with less than 10 seconds left, steelers quarterback mason rudolph was hit by garrett any fight breaks out. now rudolph appears to hold onto garrett and then the defensive end, rips off rudolph's helmet and when rudolph tries to after him, garrett swings the helmet and hits him on the head. after the game, garrett said he regretted his actions and said he lost his cool. >> i appreciate my team having my back but it should've never gotten to that point. it's on me. what i do i shouldn't allow to myself to slip like that. it's out of character. >> a steelers center punched
9:51 am
and kicked garrett during the ball. he ran into rudolph from behind and shoved him to the two players were disqualified from the grain. a statue of joe montana is being repaired after was vandalized by a fan. the statue sits outside the stadium. a 37-year-old man pulled the facemask off of man tenants statue after the 49er game on monday night. the incident was caught on camera. the suspect is charged with vandal in the vandalism. repairs are expected to be completed before the next game the sunday against arizona. the team says it is stepping up security around the stadium statues. 13 teams will send coaches to atlanta to watch colin kaepernick work out. teams were informed a private workout would be held for their former 49ers could record the teams represented include the patriots, cardinals, dolphins, win32 has not played football
9:52 am
since 2016 the your begin protesting police brutality and racial injustice by dealing during the national anthem. former raiders and browns coach, hugh jackson will leave the drills. tonight gallipolis gold medal winner christiane yamaguchi will kickoff the grand opening of the holiday ice-skating rink begins at 7 pm. 5:00 sorry. the party starts at 5 pm at this city center in san ramon. this includes performances by olympic champions. the proceeds will promote always dream foundation. two popular rides at disneyland will get a major upgrade. we will let you know about the changes coming to "indiana jones" and snow white themed rides. the late paul walker had a love for cars. we will let you know about the auction for his collection of rare vehicles.
9:53 am
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and and experimental research life touched down in sydney after flying from london and catching two sunrises. it's just drilling airline second successful research flight as they work to provide the world's longest ever commercial route. the record-breaking flight covered 11,000 miles over the course of 19 hours and 19 minutes. the pilot's alertness and brainwave patterns were monitored and six business-class passengers were devices allowing researchers to analyze their food intake, sleep patterns, lighting and physical activity. >> i feel fantastic. i feel really well. i really feel better than i normally would at this point in the flight. >> there hoping more comfortable seats, stretching area, physical activities on board will help passengers cope with the long flight. the late fast and furious actor, paul rucker walkers
9:57 am
collection of rare vehicles. he was killed in a car crash in 2000 13. had a passion for him perch.'s collection includes a 302 s, 372, then to chevy's and five bmw m3 the most ever sold at auction. only 126 were ever produced. >> he was ahead of his time buying these cars. and it will be really interesting because these cars are going up and i. now you put the idea of him owning it, it will be interesting to see what they bring. >> 18 vehicles and three motorcycles will be auctioned at barry jackson in scottsdale arizona. a copy of the mona lisa is going on the auction block it's other bees in paris. the auction houses the replica was pointed by an unknown artist about 100 years after leonardo da vinci penny the original. this maloney lisa is about 150 copies and circulation produced between the 16th and 19th
9:58 am
century. so that we say it may be a good alternative to viewing the original mona lisa in the louvre museum since it's protected by fate glass and always surrounded by crowds the painting is it estimated to go for close to $100,000 when it's up for bid on november 19. the largest starbucks in the world is now open in chicago. it's called the starbucks reserve roast reser cargo. each level offers customers a different coffee experience from watching the roasting process on the first floor to's special chicago inspired cocktails on the fourth floor. starbucks has a limited number of the specialty cafis around the world. they said the chicago location is its largest ever immersive coffee experience. big changes coming to disneyland next year. two popular but aging rights will be upgraded. changes to the "indiana jones" ride include switching the still frame and replacing a plank bridge during the escape from the temple of the forbidden ice. snow white is being refurbished
9:59 am
including its main sets. is was one of the first rides when disneyland opened back in 1955. i have a couple things from now. the bobble head giveaway look. the 49ers are hosting the cardinals on sunday. first 30,000 fans get a joe staley bobble head. the long time sepsis go 49er, left tackle, >> he's playing now again. >> he had a rough start last week some people said. >> getting used to it. >> the first 30,000. get there early. gentlemen i made you something. this was made by nothing but cakes. we have cakes here. they are throwing in nationwide bash. they say starting at 11:15 am, the first 22 guests in line at any store get free ones for a year. everyone else gets them why supplies last? super cute. >> used to call these cupcakes. >> with a cup of coffee and
10:00 am
three of those. >> let's do too. thank you for joining us. have a great afternoon. we are back at noon for more news. wendy williams is up next. announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: thank you for watching! [cheers and applause] say hello to my cohosts, my studio


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