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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  November 18, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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tonight. the das office stressed to me that they could still face charges in the future. this investigation is ongoing, but the contra costa sheriff's office and there may be others involved as well. >> what is it they need that they don't have? >> it is very possible according to sources close to the investigation, they believe these suspects, if they were to charge all of these five suspects now, that might conclude a complete investigation that might not include anyone else. what they are saying is they will release the suspects, and they are hoping that other suspects will be taken into custody in the future. they want to present a complete investigation before charging. keep in mind, frank and julie, probable calls only. they have
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other cases with the law enforcement agencies coordinated ahead of time and sometimes these charges are already file, and when the suspects are arrested, that is not the case here. >> henry, what is likely to happen next? we heard from the sheriff that says if anyone has information on the case to contact the sheriff's office. what can we expect in the next coming days as investigators try to dig deeper into what happened and to make arrests. >> today's decision will not help the suspects to be free unless they have warrants. we hope there was no destruction of evidence and that these suspects don't plea -flee. investigators believe these are the suspects involved in the shoot out on hallowerow, that it come across all of their tees and make sure they have the complete package. one would have thought they had this beforehand and coordinator the charges. that is not the case.
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these are probable cause arrest only. >> to be absolutely clear, they are not filing criminal charges now, but there is still a possibility that they could in the near future? >> yes. if i had my [ inaudible ] constant surveillance, obviously you don't want them to flee yet, all five of the suspects are considered suspects, otherwise they would not have arrested them. again, [ inaudible ] beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury of 12 people. at this point, they might still face arrest and charges. >> henry lee in orinda tonight. henry, thank you. tonight, thousands of bay area residents are once again raising for another round of pg&e power shut off as the utility closely monitors high winds in the forecast. >> our meteorologists are looking at the weather every hour and making decisions real time based on the weather
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conditions. >> pg&e customers began receiving the notifications this morning ahead of preemptive outages set for wednesday. >> the shutoffs could impact up to 254,000 customers across 22 counties. you can see the impact here in the bay area of more than 125,000 customers from mendocino county, to alameda county. in sonoma county, where the most customers are affected, nearly 40,000 customers could be without power. >> customers are also expected to receive 24 hour warnings and four hour warnings before any shut off. tom baker has more on how some customers are preparing. >> reporter: the shutoffs are now forecasted to impact 22 counties, which affects 264,000 customers. >> we intend to have any public power safety shut oft at is a b
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yesterday's count and is subject to change according to the ever-changing weather. >> our meteorologists are looking at the weather model every hour and making decisions in real time based on the decisions. >> reporter: six of the counties, alameda, contra costa, napa, solano, and moran are included. currently, the shutoffs will begin early wednesday morning, lasting into thursday morning, plus the time of course needed to restore power. while many dislike power shut off, a lot more people are complaining these days online about another loss of service. >> the biggest problem we have had in our neighborhood has been the at&t service also goes out when the power goes out. >> reporter: while many cell towers do have backup battery power, many do not. so, here is a tip. >> when we called at&t about this, they basically said you need to get your neighbors to call us and if enough people call and complain, maybe we will do something about it.
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>> reporter: consumer psychologist, kate yarborough e ysgetting fed up with the denial of basic utilities point >> i think there should be no confidence consumers have in that company to be able to do their job. >> how exasperating is that? >> it is extremely. 1 to 10, 18. an what about phone service? >> cell phone service, 10 plus, for sure. >> pg&e executives face stiff criticism at 20 questions from lawmakers in sacramento today. >> the focus on past shutoffs and how the utility responded. greatly monitor today's hearings. he joins us now with more on what was said. >> lawmakers did not mince words today. his oversight hearing included two other major utilities, socal edison and san diego gas and electric. the criticism focused by far on pg&e. my senators say they are liking behind. >> we thought that pg&e would use a scalpel in implementing
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these planned blackouts, instead, pg&e has chosen to use a sledgehammer. >> reporter: state senators did not hold back when talking about pg&e, the embattled utility a part of a committee oversight hearing focusing on power safety shutoffs. lawmakers have been critical of the bankrupt companies blackouts and how frequent and how long people have been left in the dark. >> i think we are on our third strike. third strike for pg&e. strike one was the san bernardino gas explosion they tried to cover up and they lied about it. strike to where the 2017 and 2018 wildfires. strike three is the inadequate response to these power shutoffs. >> why the increase in psp events? because the increase of fire has increased dramatically. >> reporter: bill johnson dependent the decision to shut power off multiple times to millions of people, saying it mitigated fire risk viewed by climate change. he said the company is now
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spending billions to improve infrastructure to limit the use of ps ps. >> i want to assure you of this, we do not expect an annual repeat of what we went through this october and what we put our customers and others through, that cannot happen again. >> reporter: senators on the committee were critical of pg&e's communication, their resource centers and help for the most vulnerable people. lawmakers want to see clearer steps toward improving what they call a decrepit system and soon. >> you say is going to take 10 years, is that satisfactory to you to be on modernized? >> no, it is not acceptable to me to have another year like this one, let alone 10 of these periods >> our constituents have no more confidence in this utility. they don't have a great deal of respect for the company. >> reporter: the state outage and how they intended to protect the most vulnerable colder and nighttime temperatures. in short, pg&e said they are workg
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greatly, ktvu fox 2 news. during a power shut off for disaster , we have pretty much come to expect advanced warning. time and time again, many people aren't getting those potentially life-saving alerts. >> we investigated and look at the patchwork of technology and lack of uniformity causing confusion across the bay area. brooke? >> reporter: the power of technology and human action have to work together to send out critical information. every county has its own emergency alerting system, that means its own policy procedures, and software. nothing is streamlined across the state and that makes it extremely difficult. most warning systems were developed by a third party company and blocked by a local government agency. they require signing up or opting in. 2 investigates found most bay area counties have less than 15% of people opting in. just because you are signed up, does not guarantee you will be alerted while the federal government develop a system to alert anyone within a specific target area, that option is often not used in problems
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persist in cellular towers go down. new laws aimed at improving these modifications. so far, nothing has been done to develop state guidelines for local agencies. do you think the state was a little late to the game in trying to roll out these initiatives and ideas? >> well, the state, where we are is certainly--we want to learn from the past. it seems like there were gaps in the tapestry that you described. the emphasis now is identifying closing those gaps to keep people safe. >> reporter: some counties and cities are using utility bills to automatically sign people up to receive warnings. there are still ongoing problems and critics argued it will take a generational change in emergency managers. tonight at 10:00, we show you how alerts are sent and what you need to do for to prepare. live in the studio, ktvu fox 2 news. co racial
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profiling. hear from oakland police chief on the effort and new numbers showing how the department is doing. and the details about last night's deadly shooting in fresno that killed four people and injured six others. what we are now learning about the victim. when i come back, we will look at the wind forecast and where that red flag warning is coming from and how long it will last. also, president trump backing away from a proposal to ban e-cigarettes across the country. we will tell you why sources say he is reluctant to move forward. taking a live look right now at the monday evening commute in san francisco. you can see traffic is heavy. things are slow going. ktvu news at 6:00 will be right back.
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new details now. the u.s. supreme court has ordered an indefinite delay in the demand for president trump's financial records. the order from chief justice john roberts gives the court time to figure out how to handle the dispute. the high court has not said if it plans to review the case on its merits or let stand a lower court ruling in favor of the house. without today's intervention, the house subpoena was said to move forward this wednesday. in the impeachment inquiry, nine witnesses are lined up to testify this week. fort will testify tomorrow before the house intelligence committee. as fox news laurent electric tells us this comes as president trump tweeted he will consider submitting testimony himself. >> the president tweeted he
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will strongly consider providing with written testimony in the impeachment inquiry after the speaker of the house that he should answer questions. not all republicans agree it is a good decision. >> it would be a heck no or me as far as my advice and whether or not he should come to testify. it is not the right thing for the president. he should be focused on the priorities of the country. >> that the president would actually come and testify and answer questions, the chances are slim and none. >> reporter: on tuesday, row three of open hearings, but it is wednesday's testimony from ambassador to the eu, gordon sondland that has lawmakers most interested because of inconsistencies between his prior testimonies and what other amounts and other staffers have said under oath. they want to know what he knew about the investigation and if there was pressure from the white house in exchange for aid money to ukraine. >> the facts have never changed. we got the transcripts, there was no leakage of
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investigation. >> reporter: and other investigation news, special counsel robert mueller headlines again as the house of representatives if investigating whether or not president trump lied in his written answers during that probe. >> the president committing perjury in the process of the investigation would be another article under the obstruction of justice. >> reporter: the president's lawyer saying in a statement, read the answers to the questions. they seek for themselves. the house investigation related to mueller comes after former trump ally, roger stone was convicted in his own case. house investigators say information uncovered during stone's trial is seemingly at odds with what the president wrote in his answers to the special counsel. president trump is backing away from a proposal to ban most flavored e-cigarettes that are popular with teenagers. the president announced the proposed nationwide man back in september say he wanted parents to be aware of the problem that baking baking has become aware teenagers. white house and campaign officials say he has since grown
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reluctant to move forward. president trump's nominee to run the fda, got dr. steven hong is expected to take place tough questions on the decisions when he appears before senate committees on wednesday point california and los angeles county are joining together in a lawsuit against juul, the nation's largest e-cigarettes maker. today, general xavier becerra said legal action was being taken against the jewel for engaging in an unlawful and deceptive business practices. the lawsuit alleges that juul targeted underaged users with its advertisement while failing to inform them of health risks leaked to vaping. he also criticized juul for making flavored nicotine products that appeal to young smokers. on wall street, stocks inched up, setting more records across the board. the dow gained 31 points above 28,000 points. nasdaq added nine points, and that s&p picked up a point. the stocks had a good day, especially chipmakers after the
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commerce department granted chinese take giant another 90 day extension to keep doing business with u.s. companies. we are going to take a look atrecast as we go through the next 48 hours or so. this model, what you will want to do is focus on the colored areas, the oranges and yellows. that is right now. that wind is generally slightly on shore. it is not a problem, it is coastal wind. the larger area, east of clearlake as we go into tomorrow night late into wednesday morning. that is sort of the first one. that went like a pretty good. you can also see the main wings are a little east and a little not censored on the bay area. it may not have as large of an impact on much of the bay area, which is a good thing. then, we get into another event . this is now going to be wednesday night into thursday morning. actually, i lost it. there is wednesday night into late thursday morning. you can see it is a very similar event. a little bit bigger coverage
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than the first one. watch how quickly it goes away. what is so different about this event or these couple of events is they are not as strong, not as robust, they are not going to last as long and will be covering a smaller area in many cases. it should not be all over the bay area as we saw last time. to give you perspective, when we come back we will look at the forecast and temperatures and what you can expect as we get down into the five day period san jose police are investigating after two people were found dead this morning inside a crashed vehicle off of northbound highway 101. the cross was reported just before 8:20 off the right hand shoulder near mckee road. officers say it may have happened sometime overnight. a 22-year-old woman from santa rosa was behind the wheel. 26-year-old man from petaluma was in the passenger seat of the car when he crashed into
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trees and bushes. both of them were pronounced dead at the scene. so far, their names have not yet been released. oakland police say officers are making fewer traffic stops in hopes of reducing racial profiling. there pulling over fewer people from broke low-level infractions such as broken tail lights or shattered windshield. after a stanford study found that almost 2/3 of drivers stopped in the city were african-american. opd says the number of traffic stops of african-americans has been reduced by 80%. >> we are committed to reducing and eliminating any kind of racial disparate impacts in our policing strategy. we will keep at it until it is totally eliminated. please >> the chief said while it has reduced stops for the work level problems, it has reduced increased stops on speeding, and running through crosswalks. firefighters are investigating a garage fire in pleasantville.
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there were two electric cars in the garage, a tesla and a chevy bolt. both were burned in the fire. firefighters don't yet know if either car was the source of the fire. the fire d the rest of the house, the homeowner suffered a minor burn injury to his four head. coming up after the break, the latest on a deadly shooting at a football watch party in fresno. what investigators are paying about the shooter's possible gang ties as we learn more about the victims. a house fire so dire that one school is turning to social media to help their teachers find places to live. the tweet today from a san francisco middle school. there are those who will say that you're: too fat. too skinny.
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investigators say two men got into an unlocked gate and started shooting at a group of men and eight backyard of a home. they were all asian men between 23 and 40 years old. two of the victims are well- known entertainers in fresno's hmong community. >> they come out and perform to our mental health clients. every year, especially gearing up for the new year, a lot of these folks are scheduled to perform at the hmong new year. these are people that are near and dear to us. i don't see any gang affiliation with these folks. >> investigators say the family living at the home has no known criminal ties. police are trying to figure out if the shooters could be quebec and connected to asian gangs. today marks 41 years since the jonestown massacre in guyana. 918 people died in the mass murder suicide as a religious and socialist community that was organized by jim jones. 276 of those who died were children. earlier today, relatives of the
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victims gathered to hold their annual solution of life service in oakland. san mateo congressman, leo ryan and three journalists were shot and killed during an investigation in guyana when cult leaders opened fire. congressman jackie speier, who was an aide to ryan, was shot five times and left for dead on a tarmac. tonight, at 7:00, another vigil in san francisco is scheduled to remember those who were killed. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is coming up next new details in a case of a prosecutor accused of using his 13-year-old daughter as bait to catch an alleged child molester. what that prosecutor told his daughter to do according to a police report and how the santa clara district attorney is not responding. the 49ers were in a dogfight yesterday against the arizona cardinals. later in sports, we will hear from the niners coach, what he is saying about jenny granato and how he can through in the last second to get the win. owners are turning to the
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public for help, the plea to find vandals who caused $6000 in damage at this ice cream parlor.
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now to our top stories, pg&e is planning to power again in some communities because of dangerous fire conditions. 22 counties and a quarter of 1 million customers could be impacted on wednesday. pg&e says the areas that will likely feel the largest impact are sonoma, marin, and contra costa counties. customers could be without power potentially for days. in sacramento today, pg&e ceo bill johnson defended the plant to have outages. johnson also pushed back at accusations that power grid is in bad shape, saying the utility has spent billions dollars inspecting and repairing lines. the contra costa's charges at least at this time against anyone involved in the deadly shooting at a party in
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orinda on halloween night. five people were arrested in the case last week. tonight, the das office says the investigation is ongoing. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. i santa clara county prosecutor has been put on leave amid accusations that he used a 13- year-old girl, his daughter, to bait and catch a suspected child molester. police say the suspect was arrested after the prosecutor filmed the two interacting and turn that footage over to police. >> rob roth tells us the case has prompted an investigation by the das office. >> reporter: authorities say the account is happened along the trail in hamilton valley. they say 76-year-old ali mohammad lajmiri is now in santa clara county jail facing lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years old. but, how lajmiri was caught has some of the criminal justice system shaking their heads, including former prosecutor michael michael cardoza.
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>> it defies common sense, why would anyone want to put their daughter, especially as young as she was, in harms way? >> reporter: according to a san jose police report obtained by ktvu, a santa clara county prosecutor used his 13-year- old daughter as bait to catch the alleged child molester, a man his daughter claims touched her inappropriately three other times on the trail. in the police report, the prosecutor/father reported eight november 11 the counter his daughter had with lajmiri on the trail, stay in contact with her using cell phones and earbuds. in the report, the father told police he directed his daughter to quote, that the suspect touched her if she red him, but the brealegs, to move out of the way. >> whether it was that perpetrator that allegedly molested her, what if he pulled out a knife or a gun?
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you just never know what is going to happen. >> police say the video shows a man putting his arm around her waist, leaning toward her and pulling her down on the mitch as she stood up. the family sent the video to police who arrested lajmiri the next day. because of the conflict of interest, the california attorney general is handling the case and the da is conducting an internal review. santa clara put out a statement saying as prosecutors, we must not forget it our own behavior inside and outside the courtroom matters. on the trail, some people were sympathetic to the prosecutor. >> there is not a huge police presence. sometimes, people feel like to get results, they need to take the law into their own hands. not saying it is right, that is sometimes what people do when they are frustrated. >> if you don't have the common sense enough to keep your daughter out of this type of situation, how are you doing
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>> reporter: the santa clara county da has placed the prosecutor on paid leave of absence, it is not clear for how long. san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. to san francisco now where vandals have repeatedly hit an ice cream parlor, leaving behind thousands of dollars in damage. now, the business is striking back. christian mccaffrey talked with the owners. they say they are going to make sure that the public gets a good look at the vandals. >> reporter: cameron collier says the windows in front of his business have struck a sour note. >> it affects the community, it affects our shop looks, and again it is not a first impression for tourist coming in. >> reporter: inwith some kind of acid. the shop surveillance cameras captured sharp images of the group of three men. then again, in september of this year, a vandal struck again, edging the windows and using some kind of adhesive to seal the door shut. again, cameras were running and
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captured images of the vandals wearing a gray jacket with a hood pulled over a ball cap. >> i have no words. just sort of how they did it, no sort of hesitation. it is not a pretty picture to see. >> reporter: the businesses owner has said it will cost $6000 to repair the damage, which would make these felony vandalism cases. the san francisco police confirmed they are aware of the vandalism and say they are investigating and say the video of the suspect will be useful in tracking them down. >> the video is always important in an investigation, on top of that, the video is important for the prosecution once we catch this person. >> reporter: inside, workers say they have no idea why vandals would target this little shop. >> we have no reason why it is happening, other than someone is trying to have some sort of sick. >> reporter: we have got still pictures from the incident in august of last year. in that case, it was three men walking by etching the windows. and, we have a still photo of
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the man that committed the most recent act of vandalism where he damaged the windows and doors. the business owners are so fed up, they are offering $2000 that they were bored here they say you can get if they want. physical, christian mccaffrey, ktvu fox 2 news. at 6:30, the city of san francisco announced plans for a new affordable housing development on city-owned land. it would be in the city civic center neighborhood across from city hall. the development would have 102 rental units that would be 100% affordable housing. the city has already selected a builder who would lease the land. if the board of supervisors approved this proposal, construction would likely begin in 2022. officials at san francisco's cbo middle school art using twitter to find affordable housing for some of the schoolteachers. the suite asked for information about available rentals or even needs for a housesitter.
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her salaries and rental housing costs in the state. the average teacher salary in the san francisco unified school district is reportedly $65,000 a year. the median rent is $42,000 a year. hayward's first navigation sensor is set to open tomorrow. dozens of community members showed up. that was the ribbon-cutting ceremony this afternoon. the navigation sensor is located in an industrial area about a mile and a half from the san mateo bridge. the center has 45 beds and people will be given one meal a day. there are also bathrooms, showers, laundry, and kitchen facilities, and people will have access to social services, substance abuse counseling if needed, and a path to permanent housing. we talked to one man who knows what life on the streets is like first hand. >> i found out w the street by some of the once they see part of the populace actually doing better than others start to follow.
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>> police the social workers will work to identify people who need help. no one though will be allowed in without a recommendation. coming up, and arrest in two alameda county rape cases dating back 20 years. the technology investigators used to find the suspect point a major announcement from chik-fil-a. why some say the restaurant's latest move is a huge win for the lgbtq community.
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it takes a village to raise to build a bridge. to throw a baseball... to throw yourself into the unknown. to lose fear, to create hope. we believe that it takes a village of over 200-thousand deditotal health for all.iven n thrive.
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investigators in the east bay today announced the arrest
6:40 pm
of a livermore man in connection with two sexual assaults that date back more than 20 years. >> henry lee tells of the cold case was cracked by using advanced technology that zeroed in on genealogy and dna. >> reporter: a suspect is behind bars 22 years after police say he sexually assaulted two women, one in eunice city, the other in livermore. a cold case cracked things once again to dna and genetic genealogy. >> new technology is out there and it finally gives a victim an opportunity to be heard and for justice to be served. >> reporter: the first attack happened in may 1997, a 41-year- old woman walking home from the union cityon to this fiwith a knife. the woman took steps that would eventually i.d. her attacker. >> the victim went through some extraordinary measures to be able to collect evidence that we ultimately were able to keep for several years. >> reporter: four months after the union city attack, a 22- year-old woman was confronted
6:41 pm
while walking near livermore high school. >> it was in the evening hours. she was brutally and violently attacked, taken to the baseball field and sexually assaulted. >> reporter: livermore police say dna testing showed the same and was responsible for both attacks . the sample did not match up to anyone in the police database. so, earlier this year, livermore police began working with dna technology company, gene by gene. investigators narrowed in on 63- year-old gregory vein based on his family tree. police secretly tilled him,they watched him eat ice cream and made their move after he was done. >> we watched him dispose of a spoon he had recently eaten off of, a plastic spoon. the detectives collected it. >> reporter: police say the dna or the spoon matched the samples from both on the crime scene. >> now, with the evolution of dna technology, and these other tools that law enforcement is tapping into, we can bri
6:42 pm
>> reporter: the suspect, a maintenance forman has lived quietly at his home in livermore for three decades. he and his wife have three grown daughters. >> he literally has been hiding in the dark with no one knowing. >> a good person, a great dad, been a good neighbor , totally surprised myself and the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: vien is also suspected in three other cases in livermore. the investigation is ongoing. we are learning more about a city worker in palo alto who died in an electrical incident over the weekend. it happened saturday morning near middlefield road. h-voltage power lines. donatus okhomina was an air force veteran, husband, and father of four. today, all-city flags were lowered to half staff in his honor. and back here after the
6:43 pm
break, we are looking at those wind forecast that prompted the red flag warning and beyond with the five day point first, after the break, and outpouring of support for a football team made up of kindergartners and first graders. the support is so they can attend a national youth championship in florida. and taking a live look outside right now, we see this pretty picture of the twinkling lights in san francisco. ktvu news at 6:30 will be right back. ♪
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chik-fil-a said they will no longer support to charities with strong lgbtq stances. both the salvation army and fellowship of christian athletes have received millions of dollars in donations from chik-fil-a in the past. san mateo county supervisor, dave kadapa, is that back in june, he wrote to the ceo of chik-fil-a and asked hi withdraw an application to open a franchise in redwood city because of the company's hateful policies. the supervisor called today's announcement a huge win for the lgbtq community. chik-fil-a says it will focus on charities that deal with hunger and homelessness. let's bring in our chief
6:47 pm
meteorologist, bill martin. strong winds how strong, expected later this week? >> the winds will be up there, but not as strong as they were the last weather event we had. in some cases, half as strong, it will still be windy enough to prompt without red flag warning tuesday night into wednesday morning. the next event will be wednesday night into thursday morning. they will be back to back. it is going to be late tonight stuff. higher elevations, mainly in the north bay, not lasting as long either. this is not going to be a long duration event. this is going to be a couple of nights of some gusty winds, especially in the hills. in the weather world, this is
6:48 pm
what happens in november. we are in the situation where we have a lot of hype rushes around, and these flows are sliding through. temperatures tomorrow will be of them outside. a little cooler in some cases, temperatures right now are generally in the 60s. a beautiful night out in san francisco. followed working its way, believe it or not, back to the coast. before that, though winds go offshore. there was a weather system out there that is going to push the fog up against the coast or allow the fog to form and that low deposits itself sort of in landed a little bit and the high jump in and the whole cycle starts again. that is the feedback we see time and time again with these lows come through. if they are really strong, you get rain that sticks around. this time of year, the jetstream did not have its full strength and you get a tendency to see week lows come through. the issues create the environment where the air sank and create warmer weather like we had over the weekend. tomorrow will be nice, but not that warm. the greens are 60s and blues our 50s. the blues are denoting fog along the coast and the greens
6:49 pm
are obviously the 60s. you see a few yellows showing up in there. the plants, nothing goes on tomorrow, just a little cooler. as we get into tomorrow night, late, early wednesday morning, then we will be looking at some relatively robust winds in the north bay around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. then, we get a break and get back into it thursday night into or wednesday night into thursday morning. that is the five-day forecast. it is relatively low humidity, robust winds at on a scale of it is not a tent, it red flag take a look at this. it is a llama whose job it is to help reduce overgrown grass and brush. she is on the loose. she escaped today from berkeley fire hazard reduction program. her name is lovely. her handlers say she broke free and headed toward regional park, where she roamed around for a time today and was
6:50 pm
spotted out in the road. lovely's brief stint on the land did not last long. the firefighters caught up with the llama and brought her back to safety. a youth football team in southern california is receiving much needed help 49ers quarterback, richard sherman. the hub city pop warner team from compton, that is so adorable. isn't it cute? >> they are more than adorable. >> they have been invited to play at the national youth championship in florida next month. to go, they needed erabn went t in compton, when he heard about the story, he donated $5000 to the team's gofundme page. these boys are only in kindergarten and first grade, but man do they take the game seriously. >> we worked hard going on this whole year. an they train every day. it is intense training. >> since word spread about the
6:51 pm
team's fundraising efforts, they have now surpassed their goal, raising more than $27- -$27,000 at last check. >> i have heard richard sherman really does come through. like you said, they really worked hard. >> they are so darn cute with those huge uniforms and the big shoulder pads practically bigger than them. >> there cardinals came down to the final moments last night at levi. next in sports, what they are saying about the coach came second to get the win. ♪ at hertz, we know that a change of scenery
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shouldn't mean a change in standards. that's why - thanks to you - we're rated number one in customer satisfaction by j.d. power.
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mark is here with sports. we were talking about the raiders and 49ers. >> who would have thought? >> legit. expectations were low before the season started. around here, you've got to say it is all about the 49ers until further notice. yesterday, they were both on at the same time, 1:00. the 49ers doubled the silver and black in television ratings. the winning moment against arizona, too costly interceptions, if not, we would be talking about possibly jimmy's greatest game as a
6:55 pm
49er. he threw for 420 yards, four touchdowns, but did have the costly to interceptions. he did get the game-winner off to jeff wilson with 31 seconds left. he is a little excited about it. the thing about jimmy jean, he is well aware of the fact he has got room to grow and he is coachable, as they say. >> we try to be hard on everything. you coach everything up, great it out, tell them what they did good, what they did wrong here jimmy is very easy and fun to coach in that way here jimmy is a guy who does not lie to himself. he keeps it real. he knows what he has made a bad distinction, that is what i got like that needs to make things better. the charges and chief in mexico city, we could be calling them the first place oakland raiders by tonight at 10:00 as they take care of it yesterday against cincinnati in oakland. lackluster, 17-10, but these days get it done, that is all that matters. the rookie playing a big role. max crosby, rookie lineman had
6:56 pm
four sacks, one forced fumble, and to close it out, the rookie, trayvon mullen, interception right there to steal it against cincinnati jon gruden talks about the need. that was cool to see the whole team go to the black hole. they are going to miss those days. not going to be happening in las vegas. you know gruden notoriously does not like to play ricky's, but he is more into it nowadays. >> we needed the draft and we need to bring in some young people and correct our salary- cap and do a lot of things. i've always taken pride in developing players, no matter who they are, not really worrying about fourth-rounders or seventh rounders, or 37-year- old, or 17-year-olds, or 26- year-old guys. just play the bestthe golden state warriors? don't ask. [ laughter ] they have the worst record in the nba. they are 2-12. the unt, and along
6:57 pm
with it, the need to play players with very little experience, that includes the number one pick, jordan pulled out of michigan. he was 28th in the first round. he is having a rough go of the worriers are out on the road. he issued a 26% from the floor and he is supposed to be a shooter. he was 0-7 last night, missing the outside and the inside. last night in new orleans, they went down having to force-feed the youngsters. >> we are throwing him right into the fire. he is working his tail off. this league is unforgiving. he has just got to keep doing what he is doing, he'd learned from his experience that he is going to get better. we have great faith in him. >> meanwhile, in case you missed it over the weekend, how about this? a new inventive with a sporty swing to it a way of pulling a tooth for a youngster, in case you missed it. [ laughter ] >> is it out? let me see.
6:58 pm
>> she had a string attached to the ball. [ laughter ] >> she is brave. >> she is. no worse than the doorknob like you and i used to do, right? >> in case you missed it, how about this? joe barro, 489 yards passing and taking out the unofficial right there. that is a tough place to be. wrong place, wrong time. everybody is talking about this case from deebo samuel's, the 49ers rookie right there. >> concentration on that. >> that is the sporting life. see you later everyone. >> big ba good night. not sure. everyone keep an eye on howard since it's not bee season, you can have my epinephrine. are there any chopsticks? cpsticks. this is thai food. here we go.
6:59 pm
thailand has had the fork since the latter half of the 19th century. interestingly, they don't actually put the fork in their mouth-- they use it to put the food on a spoon, which then goes into their mouth. ask him for a napkin. i dare you. (knocking) i'll get it. do i look puffy? i feel puffy. hey, leonard. oh, hi, penny. am i interrupting? no. sheldon: you're not swelling, howard. wolowitz: no, no, look at my fingers. they're like vienna sausages. sounds like you have company. they're not going anywhere. so, you're coming home from work. that's great. how was work? well, you know, it's a cheesecake factory. people order cheesecake and i bring it to them. so you kind of act as like a carbohydrate delivery system? yeah. call it whatever you want, i get minimum wage. s, i was wondering if you could help me out with something. yes. i've kinda had... oh. okay, great. i'm having some furniture delivered tomorrow and i may not be here, so... oh.
7:00 pm
h-hello. (speaking russian) i'm sorry? haven't you ever been told how beautiful you are in flawless russian? no, i haven't. get used to it. yeah, i probably won't, but... hey, sheldon. hi. hey, raj. still not talking to me, huh? don't take it personally, it's his pathology. he can't talk to women. he can't talk to attractive women. or in your case, a cheesecake- scented goddess. so there's gonna be some furniture delivered? yeah, yeah. if it gets here and i'm not here tomorrow, could you just sign for it and have them put it in my apartment? blem. great. here's my spare key. thank you. penny, wait. yeah? uh... if you don't have any other plans, do you want to join us


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