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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 21, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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lawmakers in washington getting ready for another day of impeachment hearings. >> the power outage. the action pg&e is taking to restore the power. >> this is mornings on 2. >> good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. we also like to call it friday even eve. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. >> steve paulson's over in his office talking about winds they're decreasing. that's the good news. this morning here at 7:00 there's a red flag. the winds are coming down. mount a northerly component or you can see up the oakland zoo
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too bad now at diablo. so they're coming down all these wind speeds. the low is kicking out still going to produce somerain there. quieting down also in the sierra. sunny there 40s, 50s on the temps highs today 60s though. 62 to 67 should cover the spread. 4:31. anything new or just quiet so far. >> it's quiet so far we don't see a lot of thing. the pass is slow coming out of tracy which is not unusual. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic is getting a little bit slow on the lanes but most of the approaches are doing well. northbound 280 and 101 and 85 are all doing very nicely. including the trip from gilroy to the south bay.
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now let's go back to the desk. the final witnesses of the week are preparing to testify today in the impeachment hearings on capitol hill. that follows what many saw as a bomb shell testimony. doug luzader joins us live from washington d.c. with the details on where today's testimony may lead. doug. . >> well two more witnesses are expected today as these hearings continue t. gordon sondland's testimony is still e choing out of here. democrats say he lived up to the hype. >> was there a quid pro quo. as i testified previously with regard to the white house call and the white meeting, the answer is yes. >> sondland had a number of conversations with the president about ukraine and
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implicated the personal attorney rudy giuliani and eventually launcheded an investigation into joe and republicans fought back making sondland acknowledge he was never told explicitly of a quid pro quo. >> i want nothing. i want no quid pro quo. >> president trump says the case is closed but it will konlt for the foreseeable future. two other witnesses followed sondhand. land. >> we will introduce medicare for all. >> at the same time the hearings are competing for attention with the democratic nominating contest. and former president joe biden sought to draw them together. something about these impeachment trials. i learned number that donald trump doesn't want me to be the nominee. that's pretty clear.
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>> and later this morning we will hear from fiona hill and david homes with the u.s. embassy in the ukraine. >> now witness in the impeachment hearings continue at 6:00 this morning. we will carry the hearings lye and uninterrupted on ktvu plus. our time is 4:34. pg&e expects to fully restore power by tonight to most of its customers affected by the latest power safety shutoffs. more than 50,000 customers lost power yesterday. almost 18,000 customers lost power in napa, sonoma, and solano county. almost 4-dozen helicopters and 5500 pg&e employees are inspecting power lines to mak sure it's safe to turn the power back on.
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well some people in the north bay have had their power proactively shut off many times. the latest outage is smaller than first anticipating but as ktvu's deborah villaon tells us it's still disruptive for most people. >> we're going to do some grilling because we have no power. >> the perkins family made the most of dim light as their night slipped into darkness. dinner by lantern once again. >> i want things to be done. get the power back and get back to our holiday festivities. right. >> families find it difficult to plan, difficult to relax. >> at least this time their food is safe. a generator hooked to the fridge but a dark house is a cold house. >> it will be warm enough for us. we have a lot of blankets stay warm. >> it's a horrible inconvenience. i know that. >> county officials are monitoring the outage.
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grateful it's smaller than build. >> we've learned a lot of lessons. we've gotten a lot of feedback. we've heard from you. >> pg&e defends the shutoffs but says they will become less frequent and more targeted going forward. >> i want to believe them. >> local leaders do you think the bankrupt utility can really deliver. >> i've not seen the hardening that needs to take place, the breaking of the grids into smaller segments and really identifying those high risk areas and actually taking action. >> collectively we're getting the hang of it but you can still kind of feel the frustration it could be much worse. >> the bottom line is lives. i mean we didn't lose anybody. so is it worth it? of course it's worth it. >> at least flashlights will be handy for the winter storms and many house holds have found a
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silver lining. so much family time not on screens. >> now we're outside doing some family stuff. so there are some pros to it. few, very few though. >> in santa rosa deborah villalon ktvu fox 2 news. >> all this has calls for pg&e to be more structured. pg&e has until the end of june to resolve its bankruptcy case. the mayors of more than 20 cities and a handful of county supervisors are urging state regulators to consider making pg&e a customer-owned utility. the supporters say revenue can then be used to reinvest in the electric grid. >> really, it comes down to local decision making providing the services that are of most importance to the community rather than having the need to provide resources such as money to stockholders. >> the utility says it is open to consider a split up of its
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assets but pg&e's ceo says he believes keeping the utility as an integrated company is the best option. our time is 4:38. companies have been accused of endangering lives and not following their own preparedness plans during last month's pg&e shutoffs. wireless equipment sites don't have back up power customers couldn't call 911 and didn't receive emergency alerts. at yesterday's cpu hearing customers blamed the length of the power shutoffs and a lack of notice but said they're going to try to do better. >> it's stunning that you go we just learned a lot in the last few weeks. where's the preparedness for resiliency. >> earlier in the day state senator steve glacier proposed to require mobile phone companies to have back up battery power. also it will require utility
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companies to provide battery s could be in danger by a planned power outage. california's insurance commissioner is demanding claims. the commissioner issued an emergency notice to insurance companies telling them to provide money for living expenses and give policy holders advanced payments for their losses. commissioner also asked companies to give customers in bield fire disaster areas a two month grace period for payment of insurance premiums. compliance with the request is voluntary. now we hope you'll join us tomorrow as the mornings on 2 crew takes a special trip. >> it's a popular destination. it's been hard by the kincade fire. we're going to take you inside some of the world class wineries and restaurants. we're going to introduce you to some of the volunteer firefighters who fiercely defended their own communities. >> so this is the first one that raced into town with such
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verdict ross tea and speed. but the -- verocity and speed. we've just got to realize this could happen and we've got to be prepared. >> this is going to be a fun show. so that he can. so make sure you join us tomorrow morning. as well as the cities of sonoma and windsor. hope you come by. say hi, take some pictures and just have fun. >> that will be fun. do you remember years ago you and i watched a little performance. >> i do remember that and i drove by that theater the other day because i was up there and i thought of you and ross and i remember thinking boy now it seems closer to me. people go there more often. >> it's a great spot.
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>> you'll see somewhere of it tomorrow as dave and pam mentioned. let's go out and take a look at the solano county commute. eastbound 80. you will see just a little bit of slow traffic. it's nothing major but just be aware of it. really we're off to a nice start as i look at all the maps. i don't see slow traffic yet. it's taken more than just 15 minutes and there is a little bit of a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. but again we're off to a good start and we don't even have a lot of fog. it's so clear you can see almost everything and that may be because of the winds. i know a meteorologist who could answer that question. his name is steven r. paulson. >> not too bad, sal. it's coming down. hillsburg isn't far as long as 101 is clear. >> right now. >> that's true. >> we could probably drive up.
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>> we would probably make it this time. the wind speeds are coming down. that's the good news. still 38. remember, yesterday was 73 miles per hour. oakland hills still 33 right above the cali tunnel. diablo that's nothing for them. under tevenlt still an easterly or northerly component for most. the flow is offshore here for many. an east wind. the northeast still but it is coming down. the wind speed and humidity is not at critical levels anymore it's still low. that big low still turning now making a move. it's going to go to las vegas. boy did talk about a bulls eye. beginn
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finally lea. but more so down near the border. and also into arizona. a little bit of snow. a little bit of snow is about done there. 40s on the temps. 30s for a few. santa rose is and also novato. and couper teen cupertino is down to 42. could we get some rain in here. sure looks like it. wednesday into thursday next week is looking very strong and it's going to pay to us. 60s on today and pretty quiet going into the weekend and big changes next week. >> thank you. time is 4:44. on
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political advertising. how google's decision compares to other tech companies. >> and addressing food insecurity in the south bay. coming up in our 5:00 hour a new approach to help those in need. other other
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president trump says he's considering a plan to exempt
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apple from a new round of tariffs on goods produced in china. after apple ceo tim cook gave the president a personal tour. the president saw the macbook pro facility when the expansion work is complete in 2022. both supporters and opponents of the president were outside the during that tour. >> we want tomany economic anal believe that apple has the most austin plant instead.
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time is 4:48 google is changing its policy on advertising. on how election advertisements can target audiences. the new policy only allows targeting for age, gender, and political affiliation. >> and google is banning fake ads. fwiter is eliminating political ads all together. california expected to see another large budget surplus. the non partisan legislative analyst office predicts the state will have an extra $7 billion in the next fiscal year. they expect california savings account to grow to more than $18 billion by the end of 2021 fiscal year. 2021-fiscal year. our time is now 4:49.
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happening today people in dublin will be rallying to help keep schools safe. but none of the bond money has been used to fix the 57-year- old campus of douglas elementary. today's rally starts at 8:00 this morning at dublin elementary. raiders fans will keep a close eye on tonight's game in houston. >> desean watson and the texans they'll be hosting the indianapolis colts tonight. both of these teams are tied with the raiders the winner tonight willpossession.
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and all your local news will be over on ktvu plus during that game. >> all right. right now at 4:30 we're focused on that guy, sal, talking about our morning commute. >> i don't see a lot and i also think that i want to remind you that this week is boeing to be a tough week in san francisco because of the dream force convention closing howard street. now people have made an adjustment but the best way in my opinion is for you to use public transportation. let's go out and take a look at the altamonte pass. and when you get to livermore and dublin it looks pretty good. the east bay is doing well. and we go to the south bay commute and also to the bay bridge. i'm just kind of looking around anywhere i can see slow traffic. there's a little bit of slowing in the cash lanes here at the bay bridge toll plaza. at here's steve. sal, thank you. >> you're welcome.
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>> it's a lot quieter. still some gusts over 30 but not the 50, 60, and 70 we saw yesterday. 33 after that's pretty quiet. i mean some east bay hills and mount temp 9 to 20 and they'll be continuing to increase. santa rosa one observation there with a west wind. now cob still has northeast so still the direction is offshore but it's not that strong and humidity levels are coming up north or east, east at the napa airport which had gusts at 45 miles per hour yesterday. and temperatures were in the mild side for some and cool for others. 33 and not too bad in marin county. mount diablo is really coming down. only 17. sfo the lowest and after that it's p. for novato, petaluma, and santa
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rosa. so we'll take that. the big low is making its move now into the 4 corners. not before rain and rain and more rain just painted san diego. some around l.a. palm springs but most of it was around the san diego area. some snow it looks like it's winding down. some partly cloudy skies. that's a good start. 30s, 40s, and 50s. 50 eve 7 in the city. we can see why that easterly breeze is holding most of the temps up. alameda's 55. san leandro a little cooler at 56 and that's going to allow a calmer condition. we're not looking for anymore wind or anything. so the offshore direction the speeds are coming down and there will be lots of sun today. highs in the 60s. any change for us. yes, it will be next week. and it will start tuesday and more likely wednesday intolooks
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will be our turn next weekend looks a little warmer. time is 4:53. warning car coming up at 5:00 what the police say they know about valuable car parts that thieves are targeting. also artificial intelligence taking up a bigger part of the bay area economy. what new research is saying about which jobs are most at risk of being eliminated by automation. but first, dramatic new video. a man being pulled out of a burning car right there. what a good samaritan did to save another man's life. to the outside world, you look good,
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a man in connecticut is a hero. he pulled a driver out of a car that exploded this is on november 1st. a man pulled him out of the car and saved his life. pay almost 600 $600,000 to a man who sued the police department for violating his civil rights gustavo alvarez sued the city claiming the city arrested him
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and assaulted him for driving with a suspended license. showed the confrontation with police where a sergeant is accused of slamming alvarez onto the hood of a car during an arrest and later mocked alvarez who happens to be gay. the settlement also requires that police sergeant who has since retired to write a letter of apology. >> his sense of safety and security in his home was completely robbed by these officers who violated a whole slew of civil rights he was entitled to as a citizen of palo alto and that's not something any amount of money can you're or make better. >> all palo alto police officers have to take lgbtq sensitivity training beginning next year. 8 current and former santa rita jail mates are accused of forced labor. that lawsuit filed yesterday also accuses service company aeromart of
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profiting off of inmate labor. the santa rita jail has a contract. it allows inmates to volunteer to prepare food in exchange for getting a better meal. however, when the inmates say they're sick or they don't want to work the deputies threaten them with extra jail time. a sheriff for the department says it's not true. the commercial crab season is being delayed again and it won't start for thanksgiving. beginning to december 15th for the areas south of mendocino county. the start date was at first in the middle of november. but regulators say more time is being needed to reduce the number of whales being tangled up.
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that means commercial fishermen won't get paid. >> we really need to be able to bring in a certain amount of money. to make the percentages. my guys don't get paid hourly or salary they get paid on production. >> they'll assess the whale population closer to that december 15th date then they'll tell us whether the entanglement risk is still high. >> two more witnesses set to testify in the impeachment hearings this morning. reaction from the president as the hearings begin in less than two hours. >> also tension last night on the u.c. berkley campus as ann colter a how university officials tried to keep the peace out there this is mornings on 2. >> november 21st i'm pam cook.
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>> and good morning i'm dave clark winds still an issue but steve paulson in his office. >> you can even see east bay and also in marin county north. the strong wind is kicking out. lots of sunshine today and temperatures in the 60s. they're starting off and 50s. highs today 57. sal's looking at his screen and he's going to say... >> things are getting a little more crowded out there and i'm seeing that. right now traffic continues to look okay if you're driving in from the altamonte pass. there is some slow traffic in


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