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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 4, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PST

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in emeryville and participating u.p.s. and big o tires stores. the one warm coat drive lasts until the end o> dropping out o. what caused senator harris' campaign to fold. plus, discussing diversity in the culinary world. we catch up with award winning chef and tv personality andrew zimmer ahead of his appearance at the culinary institute of america in napa. [ singing ] >> and we'll let you know what it's like to perform on stage with the great elton john when we sit down with the star of "rocket man." tiny dancer. and cue on 2
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the 9. i saw that movie. the movie we're talking about is "rocket man." i didn't know so much about elton john's life. i loved his music. i didn't know the trials and tribulations and what happened to him. if you haven't seen the movie, i highly recommend it. >> i've been watching a lot of these interviews he's done. he and elton had a number of sit downs and discussions together. elton john basically said to taron, hey, you do you. you don't have to do my exact voice. get into a groove and bring it. because he said elton john always gave it 100% and i'm going to give it as well. >> you know what i learned? they cgi'ed that gap in his teeth. >> a little piece of green tape in the middle of his teeth? >> something like that. >> "tiny dancer," by t nice wedding song for anyone getting married. that's how we cracked it open. let's crack this newscast
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open with steve paulson. on the way in had some rain here. no rain there. >> best concert i saw this year by far. at oakland. yes, a lot of rain here. it is san jose south. all these had an inch of rain close to it. san martin, gilroy, sequell in there. mount hamilton, 3/4 of an inch. along marsh creek road, close to clayton, .41 and san jose airport is at .42. san francisco,.2. san francisco and oakland have been stuck. a lot of this did not materialize after about .1 or .2, but it is beginning to
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change to the north. the moisture is wrapping back around, the low, so there was a break on the coast, on the peninsula and north, but now it's starting to fill in a little bit. this is by far and away a south bay or santa clara valley, santa cruz mountains event. the system coming in friday, saturday, into sunday, will be a marin county north event. there will be 4-inch plus amounts russian river into mendocino county. we'll have off and on rain today. though it looks like some of the rainfall rates are decreasing a little bit and those areas that have had torrential rain this morning, it looks like the edge. wrapping back around to the west as the low moves to the south. 50 on your temps. it's all been to the south. it looks like things are quieting down. hollister has had 2 inches of rain the last day and a half. southern california, central california, i saw a winery in paso robles with 4 inches of rain. that's pretty good for them. sometimes in a year they won't get that much. they had that in the last couple
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days. the system on the left is on its way for your weekend. friday, saturday, probably into sunday, this will be a big snow and wind producer as well. we'll tackle that on thursday into friday morning. 50s on the temps. we'll get a break tomorrow. all eyes will be on the next system sweeping in from the north for another round into the weekend. people living in areas affected by wildfires are gearing up for the storm that's hitting the bay area this week. the threat of more rain is causing some concern that the wet weather could trigger mud and landslides. at foothill regional park, crews have been working to prevent massive erosion in areas that were burned when the kincade fire swept through the area. the erosion has already resulted in the small amount of debris getting into one of the ponds used by visitors and hikers. >> the under story holds the it also streams and the ponds. >> there's a lot of concern about mud and debris that could flow outside the park and into neighborhoods. city leaders in san bruno have decla state of
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emergency. ktvu's allie rasmus reports that's after a mud slide that's affecting drivers as. >> drivers heading westbound on san bruno avenue near crestmore should be aware that one lane of traffic is closed, and that's because of what's next to us. this is a landslide that's happened earlier this week during heavy rain. according to the city manager's office, the 30-foot chunk of dirt slid down into the canyon below. these are pictures from the other side of it. this happened earlier this week during some of the heavy rains. it's right along the eastern portion of san bruno avenue between crestmore and glen view drive. because of the slide, there's 10 feet between the sidewalk and the edge of the slope. the sidewalk on the side of the street, the westbound direction of san bruno avenue is closed. as we showed you just a minute ago, there's 300 feet of one of the westbound lanes closed to traffic as well as a precautioay declaring a local state of emergency, it will allow the city to get the hillside shored up quickly and release some of the money to do that
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any further e on the timeline for making these repairs. we're waiting to hear back. in the meantime, drivers heading westbound on san bruno avenue should be aware one lane of traffic is closed because of this landslide. in san bruno, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. following some developing news out of the east bay this morning. authorities are telling us about a series of armed robberies. >> good morning. we actually moved over to the alameda county sheriff's office substation in san leandro and were given an update. we'll break down exactly what we just learned. a sheriff's office spokesperson says these are two separate incidents that happened late last night. the first, a call came in for a residential burglary in castro valley. the sheriff's office says a man was armed and burglarized his ex-girlfriend's home then left.
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then another call came in for the same man alledgedly robbing a chevron on castro valley boulevard. when sheriff's deputies got to the chevron, the man drove off and led deputies on a pursuit. the man got out of his car on beach street and hayward and ran. the sheriff's office says they found the man and a gun, and he was arrested. about the same time, there was a second incident. a teenager walked into eden medical center with a gunshot wound. deputies say he accidentally shot himself and he may be connected to the robbery at 7-eleven on redwood road and also another robbery at chevron the night before. these two situations are separate but could be connected. investigators are still trying to piece this together. the sheriff's office says they've gotten multiple reports of armed robberies in san leandro, alameda county, and dublin over the last few days and are working to see if they're all related. >> it's always concerning when people are doing armed robberies. that's why we're putting the effort in to catch these people because we don't want them
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around. quite honestly, this is the time of year these things happen. during the holidays, people do these types of things to make their money. >> now to recap, the man in the first incident was arrested. the teenager in the second incident is currently in the hospital being treated for a gunshot wound. and neither of their names are being released at this time. coming up next here on mornings on 2 the 9, there is nothing like live music. the symphony has something for everybody this season. we'll talk about why now is the time to head to the symphony hall. ♪ ahhh
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♪ you are the one ♪ light o
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♪ i love you so please be my wife? yes! yes! save on a gift that says it all. ♪ only at jared an important event is taking a closer look at the social changes in the food and beverage industry. we're talking about the culinary institute of america's conversations. we're joined by its host, tvmme. >> thank you. andrew, i'm so glad that you're here. i just told you something. you are one of the people on tv i've always wanted to meet. >> oh, thanks. >> i mean it.
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you're a world-class culinary expert. you're a world traveler. you're a james beard aware winner. host of "bizarre foods," one of my favorite shows. and what you're doing in napa, the culinary institute of america's cia at copia. your conversations are incredible. i saw the first one. why are you teaming up with them? what do you want to do? >> i think that constructive social disruption in our food system is at this point in our global history one of the most vital ways we can change our world. environmental sustainability, cultural sustainability, economic sustainability, social sustainability, very fabric of our country has changed when it comes to food. just on the surface, eating well in america has become a class issue and yet we swim in food. food is our cultural totem. so for years, i've been trying to find a partner that was
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willing to let me have unedited conversations with real social disruptors, al people who are agents of change, to try to educate people about the issues at hand. what cia created and really a bold act of leadership, because a lot of people were not willing to do this. at their copia campus up in napa, a short drive from the bay area. >> and it's beautiful. >> it's beautiful. come up this saturday, december 7th. go to register. it's not expensive. there's a wonderful cocktail reception. you get to meet all the panelists. then have more conversation one-on-one afterward. i'd insist everybody come up. it's open to the public. but we're having these conversations. this is the third in a series of three this year. we're going to have more next year. this one concerns itself with where is social equality in the food system coming from? we've tackled other big issues in the previous conversations as
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you know. this one is really, really important. we have some amazing, amazing panelists. tracy desjardins is coming up. very active in the social fabric of this city, of northern california. very active on immigrant issues as well. brandon christowsky from cleveland, he runs a restaurant that's completely populated. all their attorneys are returning citizens from jails and institutions. we have fair start, a group that does similar work up in seattle. and we have quamian, the book has been just optioned into a movie. and real social disruptors. and we're going to have a really, really important conversation there. i think ceo's leadership on this issue has been underestimated
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for years is ahere they have hundreds of food and wine events every single year. so i'm thrilled that they were willing to let me take these conversations there and willing to work so hard to make sure the public had access to it. i would insist, anyone who wants to have a great night of food and wine, drive up to napa on saturday and come share this evening with us. >> and the issue is food brings people together. >> it can. here's the problem. it historically has disinfranchised so many. we talk all the time about the warm hug that food and wine and convivial atmosphere and sharing the table. we all talk about what that does. the transformative nature of food. i've spent my career talking about the transformative nature of food. like so many other things in our society, we've left vast swaths of the public o the
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conversation. also time poor. they can't afford to access that warm hug that this world of food brings. i'm kind of getting nauseated by people talking about this food revolution that's doing so much for so many. it is doing so much but it should be doing much for all. the late great paul wellstone, one of my mentors in civic responsibility was famous for saying we all win when we all win. so these conversations about equality, these conversations with social disruptors, the work we're doing at cia right now, a public forum to discuss these issues i think is vital to correcting the problem. until you know what the problems are, you can't do anything about it. we can do something about all these issues. the food community is pivoting really hard and really strong. some of the most activist people on this issue have come from the restaurant and food world. and i'm just thrilled some of the really great ones are joining me for this conversation saturday in napa. >> you are the perfect person
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to lead it. i was there. i saw you. diversity in the restaurant world. a lot of very key topics. we could have this conversation all day but we can't. but december 7th, ceo at copia in napa. downtown napa. one of the most beautiful spots. just an incredible place. >> i can't think of a more important and fun way to spend a saturday than coming up. register. see us. hang out with us. have great conversation. meet some real rock stars and listen to some important conversation and let's change our food world together. i can't think of a better place to start this next phase of the food revolution than here in the bay area. >> i'm so glad you came here. you are one of my personal heroes. andrew zimmern, thank you. congratulations in advance on december 7th and other projects
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from you. >> thank you both. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, have you been waiting to jump into the bay area housing market? why what's been a red hot market for years here in bay area may be starting to cool. we'll talk with a real estate analyst about why sales are starting to flatten and what may come next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you
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happening today, an attorney representing the family of a man who died at the santa rita jail will announce details of a federal civil rigwrongful t the alameda county sheriff's department. armstrong was being held at the jail last june. the coroner ruled armstrong died of asphyxiation after he was placed in body restraint called the wrap. his family was initially told he died of a drug overdose. they announced no criminal charges would be filed because none of the deputies acted recklessly. a new lawsuit is expected to be filed against sexual assault survivors against lyft. an attorney representing nearly two dozen people who say they were sexually assaulted or raped will be speaking out this morning. san mateo county prosecutors will be deciding if they want a retrial case of bayat. accused in the killing of green, the daughter of tiffany lee.
9:22 am
she's also a real estate heiresr bail. she was acquitted of first degree murder and conspiracy charges in the killing of green but the jury deadlocked on the same charges against him. so the case could now be possibly retried. now to the ongoing impeachment hearings. a fresh round of witness testimony is underway in the house impeachment process. as the judiciary committee holds its first hearing on whether there are grounds to impeach the president. ray bogan is in washington with the story. >> reporter: the house judiciary committee enters the second phase of the impeachment process. hearing testimony from four witnesses, all constitutional law scholars. >> on the basis of the testimony and the evidence before the house, president trump has committed impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors. >> drawing a foreign government into our elections is an especially serious abuse of
9:23 am
power because it undermines democracy itself. >> if you read the mueller here right now, that suggest the president himself has obstructed justice. >> reporter: the goal of the hearing? for lawmakers to debate what constitutes an impeachable offense, given the house intelligence committee tuesday approved its 300-page impeachment report, accusing the president of abusing his power and obstructing congress. >> president trump did not merely seek to benefit from foreign interference in our elections. he directly and explicitly invited foreign interference in our elections. this is not an impeachment. this is just a simple railroad job. >> reporter: the republicans' sole witness, jonathan turley. >> i believe this impeachment not only fails to satisfy the standard of past impeachments but would create a dangerous precedent for future impeachments. >> reporter: the hearing comes as the preside three-day trip in the uk for a
9:24 am
nato summit. >> what they're doing is a bad thing for our country. it's of no merit. >> reporter: while house democrats hoped to vote on articles of impeachment before christmas, house speaker nancy pelosi is now cautioning the process may be too complex to wrap up before the end of the year. in washington, ray bogan, ktvu fox 2 news. california senator kamala harris is now out of the presidential race. she'll likely remain in the political spotlight for months to come. the chronicle political writer joined us in the studio to analyze her campaign and her future. foley says senator harris will stay a fixture in california and on capitol hill, especially with the likely senate impeachment trial of president trump next year. harris likely suffered due to a lack of experience in running a national campaign and said senator harris ran out of money and support. she didn't have a clear leader to manage her campaign nor did she have a clear message. >> she's had a problem picking a lane, where she's going to be going in the presidential race. not quite as liberal as the
9:25 am
bernies and warrens of the world. not quite as centrist as the bidens and buttigiegs of the world. that was a tough needle for her to thread. never really caught on. >> joe told us senator warren, perhaps joe biden, pete buttigieg might benefit from her dropping out of the race but senator harris might be considered for a vice presidential candidacy, adding she could be seen as someone who could unite young people, mi the holiday spirit in style. in our next half hour, the events you will not want to miss from the san francisco symphony. plus, putting the fun in dysfunctional. we're chatting with actress elizabeth perkins about her new show, the moodys on fox. at h
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♪ >> within one note i knew this song. >> you could say that about a lot of song. >> right? being a former dj, the intro to songs was so important. you kind of set the tone there. it's elton john. a little later on we'll be joining by taron egerton who played him in a movie. as you look at a cloudy picture
9:29 am
of san francisco, it's going to be off and on rain today and cloudy. 50s and 60s. let's talk about what's happening overseas. there are more signs today the nato alliance may be fraying as president trump wraps up his second day at the summit in the united kingdom. benjamin hall reports from london. >> reporter: the nato summit officially kicking offhe allian. on tuesday president trump sparring with french president emmanuel macron over their vision for the future of nato. the french have harshly criticized turkey for attacking syrian kurds and buying weapons from russia. the president pushing back on that criticism. >> they've been very good. frankly a lot of people pay great respect to turkey for the work they've done. >> reporter: president trump also talking tough on trade during his meetings with european leaders, promising strong retaliation if a new trade deal can't be reached the eu. >> we have very tough barriers.
9:30 am
they've created barriers. >> reporter: adding to the tension, a new video going viral, showing world leaders from france, canada, and the uk appearing to criticize president trump for running late during meetings. because of the president's impromptu press conferences. >> he's two faced. >> reporter: nato secretary general is acknowledging the friction but insisting the alliance is stronger than ever, saying there have always been differences between members, and they've always been overcome. >> the most successful alliance in history because we've been able to change anyone and again when the world is changing. >> reporter: in their joint statement, nato leaders focus heavily on china's growing influence and new threats from russia. in london, benjamin hall, ktvu fox 2 news. new this morning, released its housing forecast for next year. in the bay area, the south bay
9:31 am
is expected to see home prices go up again. home prices in the san jose market are forecast to go up 2.1%. sacramento also expected to get a bit more expensive at just under 1%. on the flip side, san francisco, oakland, and stockton markets are all expected to see home prices drop less than 1%. despite prices falling slightly in san francisco and oakland, those cities are also expected to see the biggest local decline in home sales at 4.5%. this morning we're going in depth on the new 2020 housing forecast with senior economist danielle hale from good morning to you. >> good morning. >> one big headline i see here is a challenging new year for buyers, not many pockets but because of the inventory. do you expect sellers to stay on the sideline next year? >> that's what we're calling for in our forecast. you're right. it's not affordability that's the biggest challenge. it's finding a home and many buyers who are out there in the
9:32 am
market will have difficulty finding a home. sellers with prices soft evening less of an incentive to sell immediately. that said, if they do decide to come to the market, we do think they'll find ample demand particularly if they're selling an entry level or moderately priced home. >> one story line i like is the millennials versus the baby boomers. and want to buy. if i'm a baby boomer and i've been in the housing market 20, 30 years, why not cash in? why not sell right now? >> you could sell right now but then the question is where do you go? especially if you want to stay in an area like the bay area where you know home prices are high. it makes it difficult to make that transition. it's one thing if you want to sell out of the bay area and move tothe majority of people le where they are, they like their neighborhoods. especially the boomers. they're living longer, living healthier.
9:33 am
and that gives them a lot of reason to stay where they are. >> prices in the bay area always a big talker. silicon valley in a different world on itself. but either other pockets here, i'll say that agents are getting multiple offers, not talking about starter homes either here. does this trend of multiple offers continue into 2020? >> i think the fact we have extraordinarily low inventory and do have a healthy level of consumer demand is going to keep multiple offers from going extinct. so we will still see those, especially in the most competitive price points which is generally in the moderately priced homes. >> some could argue the price of homes and inventory all intertwined with economic performance. 2020 is an election year. does that play a role in whether or not people wait and see if they want to buy? >> i'm sure for some they'll want to see the election and give them an idea of what policy changes are on thence the perfoe
9:34 am
overall housing economy and life factors that really drive. so getting to a place where you're ready to get into the housing market, that's what's going to motivate you to buy. having kids or getting married or moving in with a partner, and you need more space, that's what's going to motivate you to buy. the election will be a secondary factor for folks. >> new year. we'll see what happens. danielle hale from danielle, thank you for the conversation. >> absolutely. ♪ >> the holidays are in full swing at san francisco symphony from classical music to holiday sing-alongs, there's something for everyone at davey symphony hall. if you've never been or make a point of going to the symphony throughout the year, what you see and hear in the coming weeks will likely surprise you. so happy to welcome conductor
9:35 am
edwin to talk about the holiday offerings at san francisco symphony. that was you there on the podium. what a thrill it must be to be at the receiving end of all those talented musicians? >> everyone should try it. [ laughter ] >> i can't imagine the power you must feel but also the pressure. if you make one wrong move, do they follow the wrong move or do they stick to what they know? >> if they have a great orchestra, they cover for you if you make mistakes. >> they're pros. i love taking my children. we've been to a number of music for families concerts. i know you've also led the youth orchestra at san francisco symphony. talk to me about the importance of exposing little ones to classical and not so classical music? >> i think music for kids is essential. music reaches you in such a direct way. it connects you to your emotions. it helps you experience something really beautiful without having to explain it. that's why kids love music so much and i love seeing how kids react to these sounds when they
9:36 am
hear them for the first time. whether it be a bay toveen symphony or the opening of star wars. >> it was nothing less than a life-changing experience when i took my little boy to see star wars at the symphony. their eyes opened because they thought, wow, this music is what i'm used to hearing come from the screen, but look, it's men and women making it happen. >> and hearing it live in the actual hall, not through a speaker, it's a different thing. >> do have a good ones coming at, "it's a wonderful life." >> this saturday i'm conducting holiday gayity which is a fun adult concert. >> children shouldn't be brought. >> maybe not. then the following weekend i'm conducting the brass section in holiday brass which is great for families actually. it's the sound of all the brass
9:37 am
instruments playing all sorts of music from "rudolph the red nose reindeer" to beautiful music from cathedrals of the path. i'm joining seth mcfarland who loves crooning frank sinatra tunes. >> my little boys picked up clarinet after a trumpet and trombone. the squeak of that clarinet sends shivers up to my spine to this day. what do you think of parents who try to get their parents to practice, practice, practice, and you're not doing it right. >> i think kids will always do the opposite of what their parents want. my parents wanted me to play tennis. so i played music. so i think it's a very gentle approach. it should always be fun. maybe getting them to do a little bit every day, not an hour. a minute or two. and making sure you surround kids with other kids who are doing the same thing. i think when it becomes a group activity, it's really fun. >> when they have the their trug
9:38 am
their trombone. an honor you joined us. have a great holiday season. there are worst places to spend it from what i understand. edwin atwater, thank you for joining us. if you'd like more information, it's waiting for you at you can learn more about san francisco symphony's holiday offerings. sal. fox is welcoming a new show about a tight knit but slightly dysfunctional family who are heading home from the perfect holiday. tonight is the all new series premier of the moodys. it features an all star class including elizabeth perkins who plays the mother and moody. and we are joined by elizabeth this morning. thank you for joining us. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> i saw theit looked in "weeds" i remember what is it like playing comedy of a family? because we can all relate to a certain degree. >> what i love about the
9:39 am
moodys, we get set up every christmas. you turn on the television and there's the perfect family strolling through the mall with their perfect sweater and they go home to their perfect tree and their beautiful dog and it's snowing outside. and we want that beautiful christmas. and in reality, that's not what it is. in reality, there are christmas tensions, the house is too small, there's too many people, there's a lot of cooking, somebody's got to take out the garbage. and i think that's really relatable to most people in that you want to carols, but maybe the speaker is broken. so what i love about this take is that this is much more real of what we all go through at the holidays. >> this is more like a real family and less like one of those hallmark movies where everything is perfect like you
9:40 am
described. i can relate to what you describe more and i think that's why this is going to resonate with people. what kind of situations is the family getting into? >> like any family, especially if you're older and your children are a little more grown, they've left the house. then they come back. as much as you've missed them while they were gone, after a few days you're like, their stuff is everywhere. they're eating all the food. and when are they leaving? [ laughter ] that's very relatable to a lot of people as well. we actually have one in the moodys who hasn't quite flown the next yet, even't have a job. i think that's also very relatable to a lot of people. we also h uncle who always has a new girlfriend. and the holidays tend to bring
9:41 am
around family members that you may at any other time of the year never see them. so that always adds a little tension to the moment as well. >> elizabeth, real quick, because we have to go, do you have a favorite christmas movie that you always watch every year? >> i watch "it's a wonderful life" every christmas eve. >> perfect. i'm going to be watching "the moodys." it looks great. you look great in it. great to have something for the rest of us who are not living in hallmark land. >> exactly. thank you. this morning there's a lot of talk about the latest ad for the peleton exercise bike. people say it's sending a negative and sexist message. watch. >> okay, ready? >> yes. >> now -- >> a pele ton? >> now she had asked for the
9:42 am
peleton, that's something different. the 30-second spot shows this young woman. she receives a peleton bike for christmas. she video blogs about how it changes her in a year. critics are blasting the ad, saying the woman is already fit when she gets the bike and looks the same at the end of the year and at times it seems to look as though she's seeking approval from her husband. there are a number of tweets about the cost of the peleton, $2200. peleton says it stands by its ad. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, taking on the persona of elton john. still to come, live in studio, a conversation with taron egerton, the star of "rocket man" as well as the man who directed him, dexter fletcher. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones.
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welcome back. two rival high schools in marin county are rallying together to honor a beloved basketball player who died in a car crash six months ago. as debora villalon explains, the star athlete conti others >> reporter: they always rival. they played in the state
9:46 am
championship last year. their first game without clinton wiggins. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> basketball player. >> reporter: in middle school. this season he would have led the bulls as a senior. he died when his car crashed in the marin freeway. he may have fallen asleep at the wheel. >> i wake up every day and my baby is not here. >> reporter: his mom says she's overwhelmed by the community support, the memorial to her son on the campus, and the retirement of his number 11 in football and basketball. now a foundation is raising scholarship funds to send a student to the private school each year who wouldn't otherwise afford it. >> when you see this kid or meet this kid, he or she will remind you of quintan. his good character, his kindness. all those things he possessed. >> reporter: no surprise then his former teammates sported the fundraising shirt. so did redwood players communit.
9:47 am
he was known countywide. >> definitely a total out of left the kid, you just knew his spirit was unmatched. >> he's always been there for us. >> reporter: his own coach says he was a phenomenal athlete but stood out just as much skills. >> at school, the personal, the friend, student. being able to fit in with lots of different groups of students. >> reporter: his best friend and fellow point guard is spearheading the foundation, missing him always. >> it's going to be tough. but hopefully we make him proud. it's going to be like having a sixth man on the court. he's going to be here with us for sure. >> reporter: asked how he wanted to be remembered -- >> to know i made the world a better place. >> reporter: a goal met in 17 short years. debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> branson high school won last night's game 48-26. christmas is coming early for dozens of children and their
9:48 am
families. the annual shop with a cop event in san jose started with an early morning breakfast and now the real fun begins. ktvu south bay reporter jesse carey is live with police chief eddie garcia. good morning. >> salvatore, good morning to you. happy holidays to everyone. chief, thanks for joining us and good morning. now it is starting to get loud because that means the kids are here. >> yes, sir. it's a great event. we're very excited about it. it's one of the top two events of the year for me and for these officers. >> this is the 12th year here at the target store for shop with a cop. and i see not only san jose police but also different badges and decals, et cetera. who else is here? >> we have law enforcement agencies from across the county, including our district attorney's office, fbi, probation, all here for the great cause. >> rangers too.
9:49 am
at that. that's wonderful. let's go through it. we'll pretend i'm a kid, even though i am. what can i look forward to? >> you look forward to this. you can look forward to getting a gift certificate from target for about $175. and you come out here and have your shopping list you've been prepared for and we'll go around the store and you'll pick out what you want. >> $175. >> yes, sir. >> that's a good amount of cash for a kid. >> it is. it's amazing with these kids. the shopping spree is meant for them. but half the time when i'm with these kids and i've done this every year with them, you actually got to nudge them to get something for themselves. >> what do you mean? >> because they're out here and they'll be coming out and they'll go to the clothing store, and you'll go, what are you looking for? i'm looking for something for my little brother. what are you looking for now? i'm looking for something for my mom. it almost breaks your heart
9:50 am
sometimes that they're so selfless that they don't think about themselves. it's just awesome. it's a great day and we all look forward to it. >> looks like the kidse just as. if you were a kid, your number one toy this christmas would be what? >> i think i'd probably go to the bike section. >> i've got a bike, chief. what else would you want to get? >> you asked me. [ laughter ] we're talking about you just now. you asked me. >> i know. i'm a bike guy. i want to see what they got for bikes. i would check that out. i'd probably -- you wouldn't have to nudge me too much to find something for myself. [ laughter ] >> thank you so much. if we don't talk again, have a great holiday. see you in 2020. chief garcia of the san jose police department. i'm going to give him a bike for christmas. we'll head back to you. coming up in a minute on mornings on 2 the 9, taking on a
9:51 am
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how does a fat boy from nowhere get to be a song man? >> got to kill the person you were born to be in order to become the person you want to be. >> i'm thinking of changing my name to elton. >> that's my name. >> yeah, i know. >> we've been talking about it all morning long. the man behind "rocket man." we're joined by the star of the film, taron egerton who takes on the role of elton john, and also joined by the film director dexter fletcher. good to have you. let me ask you about how you got this role in general. you were on the set of "kingsmen" and they whispered in your ear, do you want to be
9:55 am
elton john? is that how this started? [ laughter ] >> yeah, elton played a cameo in that movie. that's how we met. we got along very well. they had wanted to get this movie made. i think for logistical reasons it hadn't happened. matthew bourne who directed "kings men" put two and two together. >> did they put you in front of a piano and were like, this is your gig? >> sort of. we went to abbey road in february of 2018 and i sang "don't let the sun go down on me" in front of the piano and that's how we managed to get all the friends at paramount involved and get their support. >> you sang the elton john song. >> i did. i also sang the song when i auditioned for drama school. 12, 13 years ago. >> when you played for the movie, were you singing like how you sing it? were you singing it like elton? how do you decide how far to go? >> it's a musical so they're
9:56 am
kind of reimaginings of his songs. >> he didn't study tape and the way he carries his body language. >> no, i suppose not. >> he was always very clear about you must do your own interpretation of the songs because the film is more of a fantasy than a biopic. it's a fantasy of his life that allowed us to do our own interpretation of the music and songs. >> i like the way you cut back to that therapy session. i think that's really effective because it kind of reminds us that this gentleman, elton john, does have problems that makes it relatable to all of us. most people don't know a big rock star has problems. >> he had these and relate to. even though he's this huge
9:57 am
international rock icon with this incredible lot of songs. >> do you think it brings a higher moment when you talk about the great moments in his life? did elton john actually interject about how dark you wanted some of those scenes to >> it was always in the script and we were always very clear, we wanted to make an r rated musical in that respect. we wanted to go to those darker places. without the lows, you don't have the highs. there's some really amazing highs. we wanted to humanize that as much as we can and be authentic in the emotional journey. we went from those darker things, the highs are much greater. hopefully the resolve is more satisfying. >> the award season is coming up. it is clear people love the film. itny award make it even better, are you satisfied? >> wow. what ait's a movie we're incredy
9:58 am
proud of. when you craft something with as much attention to detail and care and passion as we did, i suppose the people responded warmly to it. of course you entertain the idea that people might want to involve you in those conversations but it's absolutely not the be all and end all. it's going to be a highlight of my professional career and my life anyway regardless. but it's a journey that i've loved going on. and frankly, i'm happy to still be on it because i've loved every moment of it. >> my favorite scene in the film is right when you're getting ready to go on stage for the first time in l.a. and you say something like, neil diamond is out there. you played it so convincingly. that was such a great scene. neil diamond in 1969 was the man. >> he introduced him at the
9:59 am
for "tiny dancer." that was the first song for my wife and i at our wedding. when it comes to singing songs, was there one that kind of made you a little scared that you were timed to approach or you had trouble delivering it? in practice. >> we spent many months working on the songs and developing them. by the time i got to set, i think i felt fairly comfortable but i suppose there's a great response, depicting, that we depict the writing of your song and that felt like a real responsibility because it's such an iconic song. there we are doing it together. >> another great moment. >> so there's a pressure that comes at the responsibility of telling the story of such an iconic artist but also what great materials to be working with. >> there's pressure of someone in your ear telling us we have five >> thanks for coming in. we back here at noon.
10:00 am
>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." now, here's wendy! ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: thanks for love


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