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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> her brother and mother showed up at a santa clara to meet her. the conversation ensued in the chair's brother was allegedly shot by martinez. shortly after, prosecutors said she ran over martinez with her car. >> she deliberately drove her car on a cedro, she did it so she could run down and kill recommissioning this. that's exactly what she did. >> my red there was hundred. there's no justification for her actions. >> your son a cautious and not breathing and a handgun nearby. martinez family sass he has two young daughters and they all waited for him christmas day. but i then, he was already gone. gutierrez carlos found later that they partially burnt. during today's. chairs received no bail. >> she's a public's interest.
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and one who drives that's a danger to our community and it is important that someone be kept in a place that they can do that to anybody else. >> she did something that was not justified regardless. it was not in her power to do that. is that her powers to and my brother's life. >> a statement of facts describing video surveillance of dissidents as well as an eyewitness. the next step in this case is february 4th, that is when the chairs would face a pretrial hearing. in san jose, fox 2 news. places him in the beginning after mama shot and injured at la hacienda market this afternoon. happened around the 13 the parking lot on the boulevard right around have a one-to-one. the victim tried to generally afterimage up. here at niacin stable condition the sufferer, no information on aspect.
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interstate 80 remains shut down video both westbound and eastbound. do an investigation in this area. right now, the chp has no information on the reason for this police action here. the closure started around chico 15/no estimate on the lease would reopen. searching for a vehicle that reportedly plunged into the ocean after driving off a cliff . search began shortly after 11:00 this morning your gray real cold. south of pacifica. witness reported seeing a dark- colored suv speed of off the cliff from northbound lane of highway one. crusade they found tire tracks on the cliff and carports in the ocean what they say, it's if they are connected to the incident. >> suffer, all they found other than tire tracks of here was some fecal debris in the water
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really in court today and more of the hearing that took base. >> reporter: returning to court from this west oakland house that she and other mothers to over and calling home. a ring of supporters surrounding them. the mother say they are here just a it to claim the right to housing. >> were gonna be here and read
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in a different a right to be here no matter what the courts us. >> reporter: at a hearing in hayward, the judge said he needed more time whether to evict the mothers from the house. the property owner was them out on the grounds that they are illegal suarez. mouse for houses as the issues goes far beyond oakland and its housing crisis. >> this is a movement down on and it's catching fire and we have a catches fire all over the world because we deserve shelter. we deserve that basic human right. >> this is not something that i want, this is not something i desire to, this is what i deserve. i deserve to have a place to place my head and laid down. >> reporter: deland city councilmember was a local nonprofit to buy the house from which with. the property owner. >> this is truly a battle between a goliath corporation that has the property of the foreclosure prices. >> reporter: wedgwood intends to close the house. wedgwood property said, the company hears and respects what the individuals illegally occupying the madonna street
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home are saying but it does not respect nor does it condone the theft of fates home. >> reporter: they would continue to live here until the judge makes it trolling. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. san ramon police investigating a string of residential burglaries across their city. this is video of one of those incidents. you can see, three must us with flashlights and entering a home, they ransacked the master bedroom ceiling generally. all six burglars have been saturday night between 4:30 and 10:00 and was of the cases, the burglars targeted homes that look dark with no lights and then made their way inside by the back window. they were living in a dark- colored mercedes bench. looking for two people who used a stun gun on a security guard at best buy as they stole items from that store. they released a vote of the suspect captured from that
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surveillance camera. these two men were leaving the store with several stolen laptops and then used is that none on a security guard who tried to stop them. the suspect then left in the car that was waiting for them right outside the store anyone with any information on this case should put in a call to san bruno police. joinery first, cyber privacy law will go into effect. the go to better protect for the consumers. atvs dumb maker has the details. him was a, coemployees new privacy law would give californians the right to choose not to allow their individual personal information to be sold to third parties. >> allen has attempted to do anything like this but we are at a crossroads. america should not have to give up their privacy to live and thrive in this digital age. >> reporter: the law allows you
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to know what information has been got to from you in the last year and you have the right to demand though such information to be deleted. attorney is a cyber law and privacy experts at the international cooley law firm based in san francisco. >> to measure if this log the sheep or anything is a limited is associated access. if they have a legal requirement.'s many so-called information identifies covered by the new law. >> reporter: percent data such as your name, address, driver sizes, passport and social security numbers. dna, fingerprint, whispers, hybrids are scanned letters and have trackers. sensitive information such as your religious preference is an identity, sexual preference, as well as personal behavior occurring sticks. digital data, such as your internet address and the internet a gas, resin history and phone numbers. it also includes invisible data collectors down as cookies, weekends or pixels that allow
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websites to note that sites you've got to and to record those sites that you visited. >> what i would tell that she was is to have a lot of choices to make their browsing perfect. >> reporter: that includes smart phones, notebooks, and computers. that have non-track things you control as well as many major websites that allow you to turn tracking off. companies that do not comply with the low would face a fine of $7500 for each violation, $750 in several damages for each effective user which means these would quickly mount up. state lawmakers considering new legislation requiring admission loss for because the value to convicted drunk drivers. center jerry hill and mothers against drunk driving is also for cisco police department held a news conference today to wish the state assembly to
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support the bill. ignition interlocks are in car the requested driver to provide a clear breath sample in order for the vehicle to start. >> when installed, they worked 100% of the time. they are a game changer in the fight to stop the revolving door of repeat dui offenders. >> currently, state law requires to repeat dui offenders and certain first- time offenders to install admission loss on their vehicles. coming up, what we are learning, and information about this weekend's deadly shooting in texas. starbrick hearing from the who jumps into action dan that at the. mitch mcconnell says he's in no hurry to hold president trump's impeachment trial. what he's waiting on has a policy before he can move forward. coming up. dry weather in the forecast
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for the remaining days of training and a. look at the what you can expect of tomorrow and to damaris facilities, conifer customer that can about the last monday commute. it there is a live look that the highway 24 and you can see especially in that eastbound direction, things are pretty backed up. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts will be right back.
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new details after that deadly church shooting. the gonna let thing is that the church and white settlement before the shooting, before he shot and killed two people inside the church. that's when jack wilson fired a single shot that killed the gunman and quickly ended the attack. wilson is part of the church security team. the minister said the security team was necessary because people walk into schools and churches should people. authorities say the attack could've been much worse because nearly 250 people were inside the church at the time. >> since when do you know when something bad is going to happen. you have to be prepared at all times, all places. and that's the way that i strive, the way i teach, that's the way that i want people to understand if they're going to wear a firearm, for personal protection, for themselves or family or anyone else, they
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need to be aware of what can happen anytime go anywhere. >> one of those was killed was a deacon at the church. the gunman didn't have any criminal history locally but was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon at a decade ago in fort worth and again in 2016 with a 12gauge shotgun in several rounds of ammo near an oil refinery in new jersey. the jewish community in new york is tapping up security after an attack during a hanukkah celebration over the weekend. fox news jackie hendrick doses, five people were stabbed in that attack which authorities are now calling a hate crime. >> state police and detectives, they'd be going to these different in a very, very menacing omnipresent truck. >> reporter: jewish people in metzinger feels that is necessary after a ravishing the ribosome and the seven night of hanukkah. 38-year-old grafton thomas
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resident with a machete and said no one is leaving stabbing five people including the rabbi son. for trying to get into the synagogue next door. worshipers chase the men out and got his life in play. nypd tracked him down him and had an and investigators allegedly found disturbing evidence in his car. journal with anti-semitic statements and references to not he's an angel felt. they also st. thomas research other jewish numbers online. >> scores of papers which bring we showed the ramblings of a disturbed individual. >> andrew cuomo lived in an act of domestic terrorism and vowed to correct the on on alarming recent uptick in anti-semitic attacks. since december 23rd, there's been one anti-semitic attack each day on christmas day, manager digital clothing was punched in the face on brooklyn. the day after, someone beat abe jewish mother with a bad. suspect of the third gazes back on the street. annual reform was she's not enough of a threat to be held
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in trial. she's accused of punching and yelling at the orthodox women. the suspect access this is not what it seems claiming thomas isn't part of any hate groups but after serving in the marines, he developed bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. because because many times. because of his age, his mother could only do so much to get him help. >> is always been a gentle giant with mental illness. >> litigators have not commented on report that thomas is also being investigated in connection to another stabbing at the synagogue in the same town. that's month. in new york, jackie hendrick, fox news. outside their doors this afternoon and into the evening hourwarmer in many spots today with that sun shining over had . temperatures ranging in the mid-50s to low 60s around the bay area. we will continue this pattern as we get into the final days
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of 2019. here's a look at sfl. mostly clear skies, seven cisco, 54 degrees right now. santa rosa, 53. center is a wanted to low 60s this afternoon for the san francisco oakland, hit 60 degrees. oakland right now 54 in livermore, 51. san jose at a. when i generally light out there. remaining let's roll into the evening hours. there's a view from up above the satellite showing you, not a cloud to see. vantage points, mostly clear to cloudy getting the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning, another chilly start with temperatures in the upper 30s. upper 40s. lived at 38 in the north may areas of santa rosa, per 30s for the interface may as well. closer to water, 43 for oakland, 44 and seven cisco. 47 it's been for pacifica, mostly sunny and dry for your i've been in and very similar to everywhere today. low 60s, santa rosa. that will be one of the warmest
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parts.'s house at 61, 60's for our concord. closer to areas around a, 60 degrees in oakland, 60 degrees was again in san francisco. hitting into the evening hours, and typically off into the 40s by about midnight, will have a look at your new is a fergus and into the extended forecast with your weekend in view coming up in just a little bit. thank you. tonight interstate 5 is open in southern california. after concerns early this morning that some snow fires good spark a repeat of the holiday travel shut the and nightmare. stephanie shows us that conditions and does with drivers passing through the grapevine. >> reporter: i'm here at the exit of the 5g way. it is a winter wonderland. there is a lot of snow here in fact, snow was falling pretty much all morning long. the snow has ceased. good news is, the grapevine is open and the roads are clear. but earlier, condron set out his tweet around for quick and one heavy snow began to fall. chp was duly escorts. but around discovered the, the escorts were held off and that five was open. we spoke to a few relieved
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travelers. some who have never even seen snow before. check it out. have you ever been is before? >> no. >> reporter: what they think of it? >> it is really cold. it is really fun to play in too. we met were you guys having a snowball fight? >> the little ones. >> reporter: were you worried about the be able to go through the grapevine? >> no. as far as i can see, everything was clear. so, we were not too worried about it. >> reporter: what is your plan right now? >> and getting some get them headed back to gilroy. that's what i need to go now. >> reporter: thank you. but last week, it was a travel nightmare. the grapevine was shut down on christmas day. for about 36 hours. thousands of passengers were stranded along the main artery between the southern california and central valley. summer even stuck in their cars waiting for to reopen.
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fortunately, the five was reopened on friday morning. officials were very concerned that we would see a repeat of last week with the grapevine shutting down, however, that did not happen. as of now, things are flowing smoothly, i five is open in both directions. in the back, stephanie, fox11 news. still ahead in a, east bay institution getting ready to close for good after more than 70 years in business. we'll tell you white and hear from customers who stopped in for one last time. congress may not be back in session yet the lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are working hard to try and shape the upcoming senate impeachment trial. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ]
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ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back! president trump's impeachment should be differs order but still uncertain exactly when or how it will all unfold. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are try to shape the cultures of the senate trial
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and is all could determine whether any witnesses comes forward. rehberg and has the latest from washington. >> reporter: there's a lot we don't know about that senate impeachment trial of resident from but one thing we do know is both sides have differing views of the rules and potential witnesses. >> we have done will we have set out to do. we would make a decision as to when we're gonna send it was we see well they're doing on the senate side but that is a decision gonna make. >> reporter: after the has passed the law articles of impeachment for resident drum, speaker police have yet to send the articles to the senate leaving republicans view me. >> for months, she was a how important it is to remove the president immediately, after the there whole way of life and once they pass the impeachment, she doesn't want that senate to have the papers to start the trial. >> i think the articles will get sent over to the senate
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right now, though, i think speaker police he wants to see what the parameters of the trial are and senator mcconnell haven't set those parameters. >> reporter:: for a fair trial and want to hear from witnesses. >> we have a responsibility to have a fair trial. we need to hear from those who have the direct information about the president's call with the president of ukraine about the holding off of the presidential meeting and that holding off of the eight. >> reporter: he says he's in no hurry to begin the trial in the senate. >> we can't go forward until the speaker does that. she's a penetrant to telling us how to run the trial. >> reporter: the constitution request two thirds majority vote to remove resident drum from office. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news it's easier 30s, up next with a look back of the historic moments of 2090. the political bumptious,
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woman in charge of killing her boyfriend on christmas. in the courtroom today. sabrina accused of running over her boyfriend with her car after a domestic dispute. today's arraignment, prosecutors asked and granted that she received no bail. releasing this in history of six residential burglaries that happen saturday night. they say, three burglars broke into the home and still valuable such as to really. a police spokesman says it was of the cases, the burglars targeted homes that with dark with no lights on. another reprieve for four oakland mothers facing eviction from one's vacant home that
6:30 pm
they've taken over. and alameda county judge said today he needs more time to decide whether to evict the women. advocates say they should all be allowed to stay on against that housing what a year it has been from government shutdowns to public health hazards and the impeachment of president trump. >> we have a look back at the year that was. >> reporter: 2019 was marked with nearly unprecedented gridlock in washington. it started with the longest government shutdown in history and ended with contentious impeachment hearings. those stories and more. dominating the headlines in 2019. the year began in the middle of another government shutdown. stemming from president trump's demand for more than $5 billion to build a wall on the us-
6:31 pm
mexico border. the standoff finally entered after 35 days when the president agreed to a temporary spending bill without getting his wall funding. following the shutdown, president trump declared a national emergency along the southern border. giving him the authority to redirect funds from other departments to pay for the wall. boeing taking a big hit this year after two deadly crashes. prompting the global grounding of the popular 737 max planes. the company coming under fire for allegedly failing to properly train pilots on a new anti-stall system. the federal prosecutors arresting more than 50 people in the largest ever college admission scandal. many of those arrested were high profile celebrities like felicity huffman and lori loughlin. they are accused of paying for a number of illegal services to help their kids get into college. winter ending with a political bombshell. the mueller report finally released after more than a year of investigations. the major findings, no illegal collusion between russia and the trump campaign. progress in the war on terror.
6:32 pm
in march, the last territory held by isis liberated by u.s. back british forces. seven months later, president trump announcing isis leader al- baghdadi was killed when u.s. special forces stormed his compound in syria. in april a major fire breaking out at the famed notre dame cathedral in paris. destroying the spire and most of the roof. more than $1 billion has been pledged to help finance the reconstruction efforts. easter sunday, a series of explosions walking sri lanka. terrace targeting churches and hotels with homemade bombs. killing more than 250 people and injuring hundreds more. isis claimed responsibility for the attacks. measles outbreaks in new york and the pacific northwest spiraling into a nationwide health crisis. the centers for disease control and prevention saying the outbreak is the worst since 1992 . affecting more than 1200 people in 31 different states.
6:33 pm
dorian, the first the most powerful storm of the 2019 hurricane season. creating destruction in the bahamas and much of the caribbean before moving to the eastern u.s. before moving to the eastern u.s. in early june, mass protests break out in hong kong. hundreds of thousands in the streets to demonstrate against what they see as an erosion of the democratic rights. those protesters are still ongoing with beijing possibly inching closer to ordering a military crackdown. president trump taking a step into history. becoming the first sitting american president to step foot on north korean soil. marking the third time president trump met with kim jong-un. the deadliest mass shooting of 2019 happened at a walmart in el paso, texas. 22 people killed and many othe white nationalist. the next day, 10 people of dead during another mass shooting in dayton, ohio.
6:34 pm
despite calls for action by gun- control advocates, no new legislation has been passed by congress. the arrest of what the political donor jeffrey epstein dominating the headlines in the late summer. he is accused of running a sexual trafficking ring involving dozens of underage girls. epstein died in jail while awaiting trial in manhattan. the bureau of prisons ruled a suicide and two guards on duty at the time are now facing criminal charges. another major health crisis sparked by the rising popularity of vaping. dozens of people killed and hundreds more second, the crisis eventually spreading to nearly every state, with lawmakers calling for new regulation and stronger restrictions to keep vaping products out of the hands of children. tensions between president trump and congressional democrats finally boiling over in the late summer. democrats accusing president trump of asking the president of ukraine to investigate the bidens.
6:35 pm
in return for the release of hundreds of millions of dollars in u.s. military aid. house speaker nancy pelosi announcing the start of impeachment inquiry in september. followed by public hearings two months later. the impeachment polarized washington. leading to nearly unprecedented gridlock. the president says he did nothing wrong, calling the controversy, just another witchhunt. after weeks of hearings, the house voting to impeach the president. looking ahead to 2020 it will be a massive year for news. the presidential election will dominate the headlines as democrats look for a nominee. and the president looks for four more years. we are also keeping a close eye on the next move in the impeachment proceedings against president trump. and we will be here for all of it. until then, in new york, i am bill hammer, fox news. governor newsom is wrapping
6:36 pm
up his first year in office. pg&e filed for bankruptcy weeks after he was sworn in on january 7. newsom has also spent time sparring with president trump. critics point out the governor has been unable to make a tangible dent in the states housing and homeless crisis. coming up. san francisco police touting nine arrests in the tenderloin neighborhood. a migraine hope...
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plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. ends new year's day. chp is asking the public for help as they investigate a highway shooting in pittsburg . it happened on christmas. the driver told officers he was driving his black nissan altima when his car was shot at around 7:15 wednesday night on eastbound highway 4. he was the only one in the car and sustained minor injuries to his hand and shoulder from debris. he told officers he saw a person shooting at him from another car but could not provide any other information on that person. chp is asking anyone who saw
6:40 pm
anything that night to give them a call. san francisco police tenderloin station announced the number of drug arrests. they tweeted photos of nine men announcing they may be arrest while working alongside the narcotics unit. they say they seized more than $3600 and took nearly 1000 bundles of heroin, cocaine and fentanyl off the streets. mountain view police arrested four people as part of a drug investigation. this happened around 11:00 last tuesday at a house on church street. police say they have been investigating drug use and sales out of the home. those four people were all arrested while officers were serving a search warrant. they found nearly 20 grams of methamphetamine, marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms. police say a 29-year-old woman was arrested last week after security workers noticed stolen merchandise inside a vehicle in the parking lot of the great mall of the bay area. she faces theft and drug charges . police say they were called
6:41 pm
out to the mall after security workers noticed an unoccupied vehicle with merchandise that had sensors on it. officers arrested her after she returned to the vehicle. police say in addition to the stolen merchandise, officers recovered stolen credit cards as well as methamphetamine and illegal prescription drugs. a foggy end to the week. details coming up. we are in the newsroom with a look at some stories we are working on for the 7:00 news. president trump and russian president russian president vladimir putin spoke on the phone for the first time in several months. find out about the topic that dominated the conversation. we will check holiday weekend ticket sales for the new star wars movie. those stories and a lot more coming up tonight at 7:00 on
6:42 pm
ktvu plus. first after the break. and end of an era and east bay. why the heyward ranch is getting ready to close its doors for good after more than 70 years. taking a live look outside as we take in the final days of 2019 and gear up for the new year. we will be right back. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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a popular restaurant in east bay is closing for good tomorrow night after more than 70 years. >> it was a restaurant many customers called home. >> reporter: it's a restaurant this seems like it is from another era. but to regulars of the heyward ranch on mission boulevard, it is much more special than that. >> when you walked in, it was home. >> reporter: on new year's eve after 71 years of serving food and drinks, the ranch will close for good. >> we feel like we don't know what we will do after this. and we love this place.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: the ranch is closing because the owner is in poor health. and the family wonders whether the landowner wants to develop the property. >> it is a bittersweet time. it is time to let it go. but it is also a better moment for the community. >> reporter: what is left our memories. >> i used to come with my mom and dad. used to have family dinners here. with the company i work for, we have a company party here. >> regulars would come in and we know what they want. >> reporter: the restaurant is lined with farm equipment donated over the years by growers and ranchers. there is an old cash register and a wooden phone booth. it is all going up for sale on monday. people came in for one last meal, last drink and one last look. >> i have been coming for 20
6:47 pm
years. >> reporter: they are planning a good ride menu on tuesday night. will feature some of the customers favorites including primary. >> the people are great and everything else. they served in drinks. we are talking about the new year's eve forecast. things are looking dry. >> you will need a jacket. it will be cool. we have nice additions for the fireworks that will be going off over portions of the bay area tomorrow night. let's take a look at some of the rainfall from the weekend on sunday. anywhere from quarter to a half an inch for many urban areas. san francisco picking up some and in the north bay some more than that.
6:48 pm
where do we stand since october when the season began, anywhere from 50% of average to 100% of average. we needed to keep coming but we will not see any in the coming days. it looks dry through the weekend. it will be dry first weekend of 2020. as we get into the afternoon, just a few clouds passing through. that is about it. the storm will be to the north. we could see some clouds develop late in the evening hours, overnight into wednesday morning. new year's day looks like it could be partly sunny or partly cloudy. for new year's eve it looks mostly clear to partly cloudy. and cool. temperatures right now or 49. 54 in downtown san francisco. temperatures are cooling off after they warmed several degrees over yesterday's highs by the second part of today. here is a look at tomorrow morning.
6:49 pm
upper 30s in santa rosa. around the bay low 40s. into the afternoon will be upper 50s low 60s. 63 in santa rosa. oakland has the low 60s. and 61 in san jose. if you're going to be out tomorrow night, by 9:00 or so, into the mid to upper 40s and continuing to chill until about midnight with low 40s expected for some of the inland locations and cooler spots. temperatures overnight in the 30s for inland cities. 40s around the bay. the afternoon highs don't change much. all the way through the rest of the businessweek and into the first weekend of 2020. the giants with the day in new york city. as part of the final preparations for the new year celebrations.
6:50 pm
they tested the iconic times square ball to make sure it lit up and they sent it up the 130 foot pole. this year a science teacher in several students will flip the switch to start the countdown for the new year. >> this year we are honoring science teachers around the globe and the students and young people that they teach you are the key to climate change in the future. >> the new year's eve ball is 12 feet in diameter and weighs nearly 12,000 pounds. the ball is covered with a total of 2688 waterford crystal. we will have the highlights and hear from players that is coming up in sports.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
it is kind of cool. maybe the players and disappointed when you get to a bowl game and get to travel but
6:54 pm
if you have to play in your own backyard, you might as well win. and that is what they did. the program on the way up. there happy to have that guy on the frontline. he had himself a day. first touchdown of his career. 97 yard drive. it is 28-13 in the fourth quarter. a shot over the middle. it is another touchdown. how about garber?
6:55 pm
four touchdowns and he ran for a touchdown. >> defense was their calling card all season. today the offense was to the occasion. christopher brown over 100 yards rushing. accounting for five touchdowns in the best game of his career. >> we had a pretty good game plan. we should've had a lot more completions but the receivers did a great job of running the right routes and catching the ball. >> he has done a great job leaving the guys. they have a bunch of guys coming back. there will be pretty good next year if you ask me. >> reporter: the pac 12 player of the year did not have a huge impact today that he made nine tackles giving him 182 for the year. that is the third highest total in college football history. and finish the season a
6:56 pm
respectable 8-5. you know what will happen next time? the 49ers will be the home team for that one. we don't know who it will be but hearts are palpitating after last night win in seattle. five straight games the 49ers have gone down to the final moment. last night, in a tense situation. he brings them within distance. the completion russell wilson. it was reviewed and replayed 1 million times. he just did not break the plane of the goal line. no touchdown. 49ers are jubilant with the victory. by the skin of their teeth. they are victorious. home-field advantage. they win the nfc west and number one seed they are. >> pushing each other and
6:57 pm
fighting to the last yard on the field. plane to the whistle and playing to the clock hits zero. that is what we did. >> was that emotional or what? >> definitely. that is how the year has been going for us. we lost by an inch and today we end by an inch. it is a testament to the guys. keep fighting all the way to the end. meantime, the story oddly similar for the raiders as it went down to the final moment. right down to the goal line. they were denied. as they will head out of oakland. we can officially start calling them the las vegas raiders. get used to it. this is a touchdown in the final second. they are within one. they go for the standard kick and tie it. no. he likes to go for the two-
6:58 pm
point conversion. it is bad it away. denver is a winner. and the finale of jon gruden in oakland raider career. here is what they had to say about it. greener pastures in las vegas. >> we will see when the time comes. they are probably sick of us talking about it just like i am. i had good meetings with my coaches. i am looking forward to las vegas. >> i am excited to know where we will be playing and excited to have a city that is excited about having us. we cannot wait. the odds in vegas say it is 100 to 1 derek carr is the quarterback in vegas. he will not be there. >> to be continued. thank you for joining us tonight. the bridge" playing)
6:59 pm
♪ i don't ever want to feel ♪ like i did that day ♪ take me to the place i love ♪ take me all the way (falsetto): ♪ and i don't ever want to feel ♪ ♪ like i did that day ♪ take me to the place i lo... (shrieks) (music stops) fellas, please. penny, come on. we were just finding our sound. you found it. it's the sound of a cat being run over by a lawn mower. i'm really very busy. is there any way that we can put this off until i have more time to prepare? of course. but, uh, you understand my trepidation. what's that about? not a clue. can't we just postpone it till the spring? maybe next summer? this should be fairly easy to deduce. he's holding the phone to his left ear. ears do not cross hemispheres, so he's using the analytical rather than the emotional side of the brain, suggesting that he has no personal relationship with the caller.
7:00 pm
leonard: no, i didn't realize it had been so long. sure, i guess there's no other choice but to just go ahead and do it. he's referring to an activity he has done before. it's unpleasant and needs to be repeated. this suggests some sort of invasive medical test, like perhaps a colonoscopy. leonard: aren't there any other options? there's not a lot of room. it's gonna be uncomfortable. sheldon: yes, yes. i'm definitely going with colonoscopy. my mother's coming to visit. how about that, you were right. ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool ♪ the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ♪ ♪ we built the wall ♪ we built the pyramids ♪ ♪ math, science, history, unraveling the mystery ♪ ♪ that all started with a big bang ♪ ♪ bang! ♪


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