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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 30, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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this is the 10:00 news. gunfire erupted in san mateo. once one person was shot while sitting in the part of a market. >> you don't normally go off like that. >> the victim is expected to recover and tonight suspects are in custody.
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>> two people were arrested in fremont, where the shooting happened. our reporter joins us from the san mateo police department with the lucky breaks that helped police. >> tonight there are suspects in custody here, a man and a woman , san mateo police were here an through all of it. it was very dramatic they are tracking down the suspects, they tracked him down within a matter of hours. >> it was very loud. >> yes. >> san mateo police arrived to find shell casings. they flagged down police a
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quarter block away. >> i was parked over there. they pulled the gentleman out. it looked like he was having blood coming from his person. >> she saw him space. slingshot his leg while he was sitting in his vehicle after he comes from an confrontation between him and the suspect. >> witnesses and cameras help them, they alerted other police departments and they got there first lucky break. >> they saw the suspect's vehicle. they called 91. >> they were able to suspect - - they were able to track the suspects vehicle.
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>> they were able cross that bridge. >> the police officer saw a woman exited the vehicle and then the driver crashed near a hardware store has community cameras that capture the female suspect getting away. store owners say they are glad for the city cameras. >> police were able to track the woman down and make a second arrest. >> the first suspect was a 21- year-old male. the second is a 19-year-old female. we did recover a firearm.
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is expected to survive. they say they are very grateful for the citizen and police department for helping them find the suspect so quickly. >> is there any indication that the suspects knew the victim? >> they are trying to piece that together. at thispoint they are not officially saying what relationship they had. now they have the suspect in custody. they are going to be interviewing them and we will have more information shortly. >> interstate 80 was at a standstill during rush hour tonight, after the freeway was shut down in vallejo for nearly three hours. the westbound lanes shut down later.
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drivers experienced individual delays. >> a dog police say was shot by a man, a bicyclist was there he was wearing a black hooded jacket, dark pants and was writing a dark colored bike. >> in san francisco, fireworks were being loaded onto barges today. there's a large crowd on the city waterfront and this year the show producer promises a new look. amber lee spoke with the producer of the show and businesses are gearing up for tomorrow night's festivities. >> we are just outside of the building and the show producer
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said that the barricades are out in anticipation of the large crowds. >> san francisco is a special place. we agonize over the design and >> the annual new year's eve fireworks show will have a different look. a new producer is taking over for his predecessor who has been at the home for two decades. >> point two view the show will be anywhere near the ferry building. a few blocks away, they are preparing for a busy new year's eve at the restaurant plans to extend hours and offer a special menu.
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it will be $125 for the late seating. >> people are looking for a bargain, but with quality. >> that staff tells me they've got a lot to celebrate. they will be hosting their first new year's eve party and there will be no cover charge. >> we are excited to get folks through the door and get the word out. inspired by the beat generation. many guests are locals.
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>> we are looking at all of the christmas lights and christmas trees and this just fun to get out here and visit. >> that producer is excited to be putting on the show. >> i get to see the faces of the people, there is no better vocation that you could do in the world than something that makes thousands happy. >> the show will last for about 15 and a half minutes. people are being told to avoid watching from the island because of limited visibility and parking. sense that there is still time? >> absolutely.
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i talked to restaurants and hotels, there is limited mobility. >> amberly, live for us tonight in san francisco. and a lot of people might be setting up their own fireworks. they are illegal in san jose. city officials say it is not to be used in an emergency. it could result in citations. violators face a $500 fine. a chili and dry night around the bay area, let's see if we can expect more n new yea >> we won't need theumbrella, 2019. oing to remain dry for
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at this hour, temperatures cool off into the low 40s and 50s, santa rosa is at 43. san francisco, and crossing toward the bridge, we got the lights going. temperatures are cooling off, after a mild afternoon, relatively speaking. upper 50s, low 60s around the bay area, sunny skies today. out the gate, another chilly one, upper 30s england, 38 in santa rosa, a lot of 40s around the bay, 43 in oakland, 45 in san mateo, 44 expect to start the day in san francisco, mostly sunny and dry in the afternoon, upper 50s and lower you may need the extra layers because temperatures are going to sink back into the 40s by 9:00 or so. middle to upper 40s, lower 40s by the
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stroke of midnight. we are looking at the live forecast all the way to the first weekend coming up in just a little bit. >> free rides for people who are out partying on new year's eve. you can also get a free ride on ac transit and assam transit buses during the same hours. they are extending service until 3:00 in the morning on new year's day and those rights will not be free. the highway patrol will be having extra officers on the road, looking for drunk drivers and people who speed or engage in other be. still ahead tonight at 10:00, and east bay neighborhood is on edge after six homes are burglarized in one night. and police say these burglars
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know what they are doing. >> this is not something i desire, this is what i deserve. >> a group of homeless mothers took over a vacant house and now it's in the hands of a judge. >> the last chance for a fire victim before the deadline comes tomorrow, for those affected by the california wildfires. can my side be firm?
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three men were caught on camera burglarizing a home. this was just one of six break- ins on saturday night. now police are urging neighbors in the area to take precautions. ashton smith is at police headquarters. you heard of one of the victims of these crimes tonight picks me that victim is still scared. the burglar made off with jewelry and cash. they target homes that are unoccupied, and dark, and they break in. >> this resident returned home saturday night to find his patio door broken at his home ransacked.
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six homes were burglarized. another homeowner found out about an alert about a break-in. >> the mo was the same on all six of those burglaries. windows were smashed on the rear slider. >> they go to the master bedroom , and police say this kind of burglary is rare. >> six in one evening, it is a lot. >> the thieves got in and out quick. in one case they were at home for four minutes. so why san ramon? >> it is a fairly affluent area.
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there are nice homes. >> police urge residents to leave lights on. let neighbors know when you will be out of town. >> it has been safe. i have left doors unlocked at times and it has been safe. >> this victim is still shaken up. he plans to install a security system to help better protect his home. the suspects were last seen leaving in a dark mercedes-benz. detectives are working on these. they are working on leads and stepping up patrols. and residents are asked to register your cameras with the city.
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>> crews were called the san mateo county post after a vehicle plunged into the ocean. the search began after 11:00 this morning. a witness reportedseeing the driver of a dark colored suv speed off the cliff, they found tire tracks on the cliff and carports in the ocean. it is still unclear if they are connected to this case. >> all they have found so far was some debris in the water. >> they are waiting to see if they can find more evidence. >> a judges deciding whether to evict a group of oakland
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mothers and their families living in their home. >> they took over the home with a ring of supporters. they say they are here to stay. >> a judge said that he needed more time to decide. the property owner wants them out. they say the issue goes far beyond oakland and the housing crisis. >> we hope that they catch fire all over the world. this is about basic human
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rights. >> this is what i deserve. >> they are buying the house from the wedgewood property owner. >> they've been profiting off the foreclosure prices. >> continue to live here until the judge seeks a ruling. >> they have until 5:00 p.m. to file a claim. benefiting people whose homes
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were burned down. the 2171 country fires and the view fire. there are six pg&e claims service centers. originally you have until october 21st to file claims but the deadline was extended until 5:00 tomorrow evening. five people were stepped during a hanukkah celebration in new york. and that we are learning more about the anti-semitic materials found in the suspect 's home. >> an 11-year-old girl help save a family from a burning homen jose. they just received generous donations as well, from a couple of strangers. strangers.
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the jewish community in new york is stepping up security after an attack during a hanukkah celebration over the weekend. five people were stabbed in that attack. authorities are now calling it
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a hate crime. >> they will be going in a very menacing, omnipresent truck. >> thomas bursting with a machete and said no one is leaving, 75 people including the rabbi's son, they were trying to get into a synagogue next door. the nypd tracked him down in manhattan. there was a journal with anti-semitic statements, and references to the >> scores of papers that show the ramblings of a disturbed individual. >> was called an active domestic
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terror. there has been one anti-semitic attack each day. someone beat a jewish mother over the head with a bag. a suspect in a third case is back on the streets. but she is not enough of a threat to be held under trial. president trump call for unity against anti-semitism. they claim thomas is not part of any hate group. but he developed bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. because of his age, his mother could only do so much to get him help. investigators have not commented on about the investigation into another stabbing at a synagogue at the same town last month.
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tonight, new details about the parishioner who shot and killed a denman outside fort worth, texas. wilson said he was put in a position he didn't want to be in, but he had a clear shot and was comfortable taking it. the gunman opened fire and killed two people before wilson killed him with a single shot. if not for wilson, more people could have died. 250 people were inside the church at the time. >> you know when something bad is going to happen. you have to be prepared at all times. if you are going to wear a firearm for protection for themselves, or family, or anyone else, they need to be
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aware it can happen at any time, anywhere. >> wilson volunteers at the west freeway church of christ. authorities say he had a criminal history and he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon 20 years ago and again in 2016. we will hear from the family of a man say was intentionally went over by a car driven by his girlfriend. >> and a new law that could affect you. >> later in sports, we look at whether or not the bears got the victory. >> close captioning brought to you by mancini sleep world.
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shot by martinez prosecutors alleged that gutierrez ran over martinez with her car. >> she deliberately drove that car onto the sidewalk so she could wind and kill you martinez. that is exactly what she did. >> my brother was murdered. there is no justification for her actions. >> ricky martinez was found unconscious, not breathing, he has two young daughters and they all waited for him on christmas day. the car was found later that day, partially burned. gutierrez received no bail.
10:32 pm
>> a danger to our community. she did something that was not justified. regardless. was not in her power to do that. but it was in her power to take my brothers life. >> they described having video and an eyewitness. >> a families who divorce families rental home burned down. the couple wishes to remain the subject frankie gomez wrote about the families play in the news. internation left him stunned, grateful, and they are still
10:33 pm
considering moving out of the area, but there having a tough time finding a place they can afford. >> california's biggest ever cyber privacy law is going into effect to better protect consumers. >> the new privacy law will give californians the right to choose not to allow individual personal information to be sold to third parties. >> we are at crossroads. americans should not have to give up privacy to live and thrive in this digital age. >> the law will allow you to know what personal information has been gathered and gives you the right to demand that the information be deleted. we spoke with a privacy expert. >> i'm not sure this law really
10:34 pm
achieved anything. businesses don't really need to delete it. they have a legal requirement to keep it. >> there are information identifiers covered with personal data, name, drivers license, information such as dna, fingerprints, retinal scanned patterns, and health records. your religious preference, political identity, sexual preference and personal behavior characteristics. digital data such as internet address, accounts, browsing history, and numbers. it includes beacons, pixels, and things that allow websites to know that places you have gone >> what is difficult for consumers is that they have a
10:35 pm
lot of choices to make things private. >> smart phones, notebooks and computers that have non- tracking settings that you can control and websites that allow you to turn tracking off. companies that do not comply with the law face a fine of $7500 for each violation and $750 in civil damages for each affected user, meaning penalties can quickly round up. >> there are new protections for renters. rent increases will be capped at 5% per those exemptions and through the state department of public health. also undocumented immigrants
10:36 pm
will be eligible. >> one law that will have an impact is an increase in the minimum wage. starting january 1st, the rate goes up to $12 per hour with employers with 26 or fewer employees and $13 per hour for employees with employers with more than 26 workers. the law requires one dollar per hour 2023 when all employers will be required to pay at least $50 per hour. many areas of the bay area city require higher pay. if you want to look at all of the cities making changes, go to our website, find the story right on our head on our homepage. a revelation by joe biden, what he said about a running f house. >> dry weather in-store, what you can expect for tomorrow and the rest of the week, coming
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up. >> a winning for those who want to say goodbye to 2019 with a visit to the beach. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ nev♪ wish i was at jack, right their burgers are great. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ in the race for the white house, joe biden is up in most national polls but voters in the primary states still seem a bit uneasy about his connections to ukraine.
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he was once again forced to clarify how he would react to a congressional subpoena. >> obviously i would respond. >> he sat down with the editorial board and try to clarify what he meant that he would not comply. >> there is no rational basis. >> recent polls show that new hampshire is still up for grabs. mayor pete buttigieg, mayor biden doubles joe biden and bernie sanders are all within a few of each other. according to the sanders campaign, at this point he is confident sanders has the mental
10:41 pm
and physical stamina to fully undertake the rigors of the presidency. >> years in washington is not the same as judgment. he supported the worst policy decisions made in mylifetime. as he attacked biden's record. >> let hergo, let her go. he countered he has done some
10:42 pm
president trump refuses to do, releasing 20 is the next deadline is set for tomorrow. senator elizabeth warren slipping in the polls. they hope to raise $20 million by the end of this fundraising quarter but they are not there yet. and the goal is 20% less than what she raised last quarter. >> joe biden also revealed that he would rule out sharing, he would consider choosing a republican but would not have anything specific in mind. >> a us attack on an iranian militia in iraq.
10:43 pm
the trump administration says the united states is simply defending itself after a rocket launch for the militia killed contractor last week. >> it will be a sad new year's eve for some residence after a historic restaurant is closing its doors after 71 years. >> and will we see the fireworks? fireworks? what'd we decide on the flyers again?
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a popular east bay restaurant will be serving customers one last time on new year's eve. it is closing its doors after 71 years in business. rob tells us it is a many customers told call home. a restaurant that seems like another aircraft. >> when you walked in here, it was home. >> after 71 years of serving
10:47 pm
drinks, the ranch will close for good. >> the owner is in poor health. and the - - they wonder if the landowner wants to develop properties. bitter moment for the community register. >> this has been a family for
10:48 pm
years. >> she's planning a special goodbye menu for theleft >> the national weather service is issuing a beach hazard warning for bay area beaches starting tomorrow afternoon and through new year's day. waves of up to 26 feet are expected. watch out for sneaker waves and rip currents. they say to keep a close eye on children and pets. dren and pets. >> that advisories starts tomorrow afternoon and will go all the way through wednesday. we will look at the conditions through the new year and beyond. 2020 looks like it will be dry through the weekend, maybe even
10:49 pm
longer than that. this afternoon we have mostly sunny skies, dry conditions, temperatures are relatively mild, warmer than where we have been recently, 62 degrees in santa rosa, 61 in oakland, 60 in san francisco, still we have mostly clear skies, northerly flow is in place, going back just a bit, the high pressure is going to remain in control of our weather pattern in the coasts for the time being. northern california will have opportunities, but for us at home it looks like for the most part we have a few clouds moving through up and over the ridge and into the bay area at times. rainfall amounts came in pretty good, have an inch to an inch reported. 851 hundredths of an inch,
10:50 pm
petaluma, almost eight tenths of an inch. san francisco, oakland, half an inch or so, a quarter to half an inch over most of the central and south bay. bowling rainfall amounts, anywhere from% of the seasonal skies. temperatures are very similar partly cloudy skies are expected for us here. giving you a look at the temperatures outside right now, after a mild afternoon, temperatures cool off, 43 degrees in santa rosa, 51 in
10:51 pm
downtown san francisco, for the east bay, 42 reported in castro valley. overnight low will be back in the upper 30s and 40s. a chilly start to the day, upper 50s, low 60s, mostly sunny for some, and here is the view of the extended forecast. goodbye to 2019, hello to 20. temperatures don't change much, either. >> thank you. >> coming up in sports, the bears went rolling in their own backyard, playing illinois as the red sox role, through levi stadium. highlights and who got the win. >> and ringing in with a bang. rations why the fireworks show may look a little different.
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we are talking sports with mark. the cal bears are playing in their own backyard >> a barrage is upon us. i call it a feel good feeling. it is clearly a program that has the right direction and a nice way to go out.
10:55 pm
ravi gold made that quick take trick back from seattle. a pretty good quarterback. they were fighting to a three to zero lead. it was the first touchdown of his season, seven oh three in the second quarter. 97 yards for the drive culminating to christopher brown junior. russian for yards. garber again let up the middle. it is another touchdown, 35-20 is the final. garber with 272 yards, four touchdowns and he ran one in. take a look at the celebration for the calaveras as they finish of eight and five.
10:56 pm
[ singing ] >> that is what it is all about. a feel-good finish. get ready to get bowled over. three more tonight including the orange bowl down in florida. that is a good one. the florida gators against number 24, virginia. fired up and ready for the first offensive series. down the sideline, 61 yards. that's in the first 40 seconds of the game. the orange bowl, a bowl of oranges that you can throw different players for in the first ever first responder bowl. it went through kentucky, a
10:57 pm
field goal over western michigan, 23-20. twenty the best regular-season for pure drama, just alone, the past five games have all been decided by the games last play. yesterday was no exception. you know about it. the fourth and ten situation. the final minute of play, russell will hit jacob hollister here and stop short of the goal line. zone. look at the above you, by literally an inch. he didn't cross the goal line. the 49ers get their first victory in seattle since 2011. it gives them a home-field advantage, by week, the nfc west title. they have a reason to be happy.
10:58 pm
>> they are pushing each other, fighting to that last your field. was that emotional at the end? >> >> we lost by an inch, today we won by an inch. >> like a brick wall indeed. i don't know if there is a if there is an official l outon the opposite end of the 49ers goal line, hunter renfroe on the touchdown, they elected to go for the two-point conversion. they had it bedded down. the denver broncos had the
10:59 pm
wind, and the raiders went seven and nine and they are looking forward to it already. >> they are excited to have a city that is excited about having us, we can't wait. >> i think oakland was pretty happy about having them as well. basketball up on the hill top. down to the end, down three, jabari with the three, tying with one minute 33 seconds left. they wound up at overtime. christians using lead with points, they were still having a good year, 11 oh four. that is the sporting line. it is 7:00. time for more news. >> mark, thank you. >> next at 11:00.
11:00 pm
>> it has been fun. this is crazy. i've left the doors unlocked. >> the 11:00 news starts now. police say three men broke into six homes in san ramon on saturday night. welcome, everyone, i am alex avila should. police are urging neighbors to take precautions. as smith is in san ramon, speaking with one of the victims. >> is a surprise to many that these burglaries happen. they stole jewelry, rings, watches watches, and cash and they targeted homes that looked unoccupied.


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