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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 31, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PST

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that is all anyone needs to know today, of course everyone is looking forward to their new year's eve plans, bringing in the new year, it'll be a mostly sunny day. partly cloudy tonight. we are expecting the extended forecast to be much of the same, when we get into the weekend, there is a slight chance of showers that we are keeping our eye on but to get you out the door this morning, we are seeing highs in the upper 30s, low 40s. san francisco is at 48 this morning so pretty cool to start off your morning. we will warm up just a bit today and i will have a look at exactly what it's going to be like at midnight coming up. thank you, we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of iraq where hundreds of supporters have broken into the u.s. embassy compound in baghdad. thousands of angry protesters gathered outside of the u.s. embassy, the group that made it inside the compound smashed the main door and set fire to a reception area. the attack was in response to the u.s. airstrike on sunday that killed 20 firefighters in the militia in iraq.
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on iraqeet this morning, to protect the embassy. back here today, big crowds expected in san francisco to say hello to 2020. we are in the city right now where public city agencies are working to make sure this event is fun and enjoyable for everyone. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that's right, it's all hands on deck in san francisco because the emergency officials want to make sure people have fun but they also stay safe. the san francisco fire department is here, good morning, we are standing along the embarcadero, what do you want people to know before tonight? >> it's going to be cold out and supposedly clear so we are going to have a great show, that is number one, we want people to have fun but we want people to have fun safely so consider that we are going to have a lot of traffic and a lot of people coming out. so get here early to get your perfect spot with you and your family to watch all the
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festivities that we are going to have, the amazing fireworks show. dress appropriately so dress warm, maybe have your kids with extra jackets. when you leave, it's going to be a lot colder. be visible, we have a lot of traffic out, industrials, bicycles, vehicles, you want to be seen. so wear something that is potentially reflective or bright, so when you are leaving or coming to the event, people will be able to see you. we want to make sure that people know we have a lot of construction at treasure island, we recommend not going to treasure island this year, there is nowhere to view the fireworks from that is going to be safe. you brought up a great point earlier with people stopping on the bay bridge, we are definitely asking not to do that for obvious safety reasons. you could put yourself and others in are going to be out here, your public safety representatives from multiple agencies in san francisco, we are here to enjoy the festivities with you, to be
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your neighbors and friends and we are looking forward to another great show and moving into a new decade. >> reporter: thank you so much and happy new year to you. this is a great place to be, the fireworks are set off right behind me, but as jonathan baxter mentioned, treasure island is not a great place to watch. you're going to want to stay on this side. reporting in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news . san jose police officers and fighters will be expecting additional calls tonight, they are anticipating that some people will set off their own fireworks to bring in the new year. fireworks are illegal, first- time violators could face a $500 fine. two suspects are in custody after a police chase across the dunbarton bridge, they were wanted in the connection with the shooting in san mateo parking lot yesterday afternoon.
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a man was shot in the leg, he drove about a block before he saw a police officer and told them what happened. he is expected to survive. by the time police arrived at the market, the shooter had also driven away. this is an surveillance video were able to get police a description of the car. that is when they got a break in the case. >> there was a citizen that was listening to the police scanner, when they saw the suspect, they called 911. >> they chased the suspect across the dunbarton bridge, police say the suspect took the thorton road exit in fremont. a woman got out of the car, the driver continued on but ended up crashing. both of them were taken into custody. a santa clara county judge has denied bail for a 22-year-old woman accused of killing her boyfriend on christmas, sabrina gutierrez has been charged with killing ricky martinez with her vehicle. it was early christmas morning when
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shortly after, osich it is alleged she ran martinez over with her vehicle. >> she deliberately drove that car onto a public sidewalk in san jose. she did it so she could run down and kill ricky martinez and that is exactly what she did. >> my brother was murdered, i mean, there is no justification for her actions. >> prosecutors say they have video surveillance and witnesses in the case, she is scheduled to be back in court in february. fire investigators are looking for what sparked a fire in a home in the southern part of san jose. it took more than an hour to control the flames, the fire department is not saying if the were any injuries. the firefighters rescued two cats from inside the home. a reprieve for four mothers and
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their families, a judge is considering the case, he needed more time before deciding whether or not to evict others from thehouse word located at magnolia. the mothers are defending their decision to stay. >> this is not something that i want, this is not something that i desire, this is what i deserve. i deserve to have a place to lay my head down. >> the owner of the property intends to flip the house, the company wants to hear what they are saying but they do not respect, nor do they condone the theft of its home. today is the deadline for wildfire victims to file their claims against pg&e. these were wildfires that were caused by pg&e equipment. that includes the campfire in the town of paradise as well as the wine country fires in the fire that ravaged parts of
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amador county in 2015. claims can be submitted online or in person at one of the six service centers but it has to be filed before 4:00 tonight. keeping the lights on, the financial stability will be on the agenda for the governor in the new year. devastating wildfires, power safety shutoffs and pg&e financial issues were a top priority for governor newsom during his first year in office. pg&e filed for bankruptcy just weeks after he was sworn in, and during his first year, governor newsom has talked publicly with president trump's. san francisco can get a sliver of fog going right through golden state bridge and a lot of people are wondering, are we going to see the fireworks tonight? >> it looks like we are going to have some higher clouds developing in the evening, but not much fog. people are waking up to patchy fotalking about widespread fog. you will be able to see the
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fireworks in san francisco which is good news for everyone. before we get to that, here we are right now, it is a chilly start today in hayward. upper 30s in some parts of the bay area, 38 degrees in redwood city, 39 in fremont, 39 in santa rosa and 40 degrees. it is a cooler start to do that, if you are heading to the city, by 8:00, it'll be about 47 degrees, partly cloudy. and later on this morning, 56 degrees and mostly sunny. as we get into the later hours, the clouds will start developing. higher clouds into the later evening hours, partly cloudy by 4:00, 55 degrees is where we will end up around 4:00. later tonight, it is going to be chilly, so wear your layers. if you are in san francisco,
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you're going to want to wear all of those layers. just pack as many as you can, you will need the hats and gloves. by 9:00, we will see high temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s and by midnight, when you are ringing in the new year, we are going to be in the mid to upper 40s. like i say, it is going to be chilly, no rain to speak of for the rest of the week. here's a look at your five day forecast, we are seeing highs in the low 60s across the bay area, the lowest will be anywhere from the upper 30s to low 40s. that is going to take us through the end of the week. there is a possibility that the north bay will see some light showers into the weekend but for the next few days, we have this ridge of high pressure that is across the west coast and that is what is keeping the dry and mild conditions which is perfect for this new year's eve. it's going to be cold but no rain. all right, final preparations are underway for
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the new year's ball drop in times square. still to come, counting down the celebration in new york city, the special guests who are going to flip the switch and welcome in 2020. tonight is the end of an era for an san francisco entertainment institution, we have a look at how the iconic show will best e. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ]
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elliott. so far in this new year's eve morning, we haven't had much trouble on the roadways, up until now, we have injured. this is just south of the exit,
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it was possibly an oxygen tank, maybe vehicle debris that caused the accident. we are working to get more details. this is again, northbound 880, going right by the coliseum, you can see that the incident on those northbound lanes is having an impact, there is currently a backup for folks trying to get to the downtown area. we will continue to monitor the situation and bring you the latest. happening today, the final curtain comes down on the beach blanket babylon today. the stage show started back in 1974, the performance and the crew have put on more than show is well known foe weeks and the fact that it's able to reference pop-culture
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and news stories, the show changes so quickly, every time you see it, in 45 years, it has changed just to keep up with current events. there are going to be two performances tonight but both have been sold out. in new your city, they have been getting ready for the big celebration in times square, the picture looking down on times square, the stage is set, the lights are up, more than 1 million people are expected to celebrate the new year in times square with more than 1 billion people watching on television around the world. yesterday organizers tested out the famous times square ball with more than 32,000 l.e.d. lights before it was raised 130 feet to its starting position. a science teacher and several students will flip the switch to start the countdown, the ball has been ringing in the new year in new york city since 1907. join steve harvey for new year's eve, from times square, that show begins at 8:00 tonight. it'll then be back on after the 10:00 news. a little closer
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to home, there are going to be several balloon drops, even the youngest children can take part in a new year's eve celebration. they are hosting balloon drops at 11:00 this morning and two more this afternoon at 1 pm and 4 pm. they will also show celebrations of people ringing in the new year from around the world, this will be the 19th annual balloon drop and people are invited to spend the day, tickets are five dollars per child on top of the usual admission fee. we understand what fireworks are, we understand the big celebration, but to your pets, it is loud noises, it is surprises, it's these things that can cause a lot of anxiety in your pets. >> animal care experts are offering some tips for the new year, they include setting up a quiet place in your house, turning on some music to drown out the sound of fireworks. and make sure your pet is micro-
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chipped in case they run off. museum visitors will receive numbered tickets starting at 10:00 this morning, and from 11:30 until 2:00 in the afternoon, hundreds of groups of people on a first- come, first-served aces will have the chance to strike the ceremonial bell, it is meant to say goodbye to bad times and looking forward to a prosperous new year. a gomez family does receive a check, shortly after their house burned down, the family had the last of their belongings stolen out of their car. while the donation left them stunned and grateful, they the area. the family says are having a tough time finding a place
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they can afford. san francisco mayor, london breed and members of the board of supervisors will have a new program for older adults and adults with disabilities, they will find classes for the school's older adults program at san francisco community centers. the glasses were on the chopping block as part of budget cuts. this would come from the dignity fund which was passed in 2016 to guarantee supportive services to help older adults and adults with disabilities. theseason on a high note, they had a victory yesterday in the red box bowl out at levi stadium. they beat the university of illinois, thanks to a great performance by the quarterback. he threw for four touchdowns and helped the bears set a season-high for scoring. chris brown junior also taught caught a touchdown pass. they were pretty pumped up
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about their win. >> this is california's second eighth win for the decade, they are going to open up the season at the future home of the las vegas raiders. go, bears. time to check in with sarah to see how the day is wrapping up and how the night will be shaping up for the fireworks. >> the good news is, we are not going to have any rain in the forecast tonight so it is going to be somewhat clear, let's start out by taking a look at the lights along san francisco. a beautiful final morning of 2019, it is a cold morning, 48 degrees in san francisco, it is
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called by my standards but some people might not think that is too bad. although around fairfield and fremont, icy the 30s. 45 degrees right now in oakland and 49 degrees in napa, some of our friends in the north bay may be waking up to some patchy fog but we are not dealing with any widespread fog, and nothing that is going to block the view of the fireworks on this new year's eve. so, here is your futurecast, about 3:00 today, you can see the temperatures across the bay, we are expecting temperatures anywhere from the upper 50s to low 60s. by 3:00 today, san francisco will be about 56 degrees. 64 in napa around 3:00, 57 in fremont. things will stay mild and dry, by 7:00, things will cool off just a bit. this is when show in the air, 52 degrees in concord at 7:00, 52 and fremont in san jose, 53 degrees in clearlake.
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once the clock strikes midnight, we go into a new decade, we are also going to be welcoming some cool temperatures. 49 degrees is where we will be at midnight and oakland and in concord, same with napa. 50 degrees in san francisco. remember, even though it is only 50 degrees, it is going to be a cold 50 degrees with high clouds, so definitely layer up if you are planning on celebrating outside. if you are inside, you can wear your fun party dresses and tuxedos, if you are in tahoe and truckee, it is another cool morning. 21 right now in truckee come of things will warm up but it'll stay cool. the overnight lows in the sierra will be in the mid-20s, there is the possibility of some rain and snow by the end of the week in the mountains. not much moisture to speak of week into the weekend, there is a possibility of light showers but on new year's eve, we are
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looking at just dry and mild temperatures and i hope that everyone wears those layers thank you. an east bay neighborhood is on edge, six homes are burglarized in just one night. coming up, why these criminals know what they are doing. plus, joe biden already talking about running mates, the surprising talent pool he is considering to potentially fill his old job.
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joe biden says his presumption is to discuss running mates before the decision, he is thinking of running mates but he couldn't think of one at the moment. it is important to pick somebody who is strategically on the same page. the white house confirmed vladimir putin and president trump had a conversation, he wanted to say thank you for providing information that helped foil the plot. they only said that they vowed to continue working together to fight global terrorism, it is believed that this is the first call between president trump and since july. new york
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times report says pompeo, in the former advisor met with president trump to discuss releasing military aid to ukraine. chuck schumer says the support is even more witnesses to call to the trial but lawmakers are pushing for a speedy trial. >> the new reporting shows there were serious concerns raised by trump administration officials about the propriety and legality of what the president was doing. >> the house democrats have had plenty of time to try to demonstrate that donald trump committed an impeachable offense, they failed miserably. >> pompeo will be the first official to meet with the ukrainian president since the formal start of the impeachment inquiry. state lawmakers are considering new legislation requiring all drunk drivers to install
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ignition locks in their cars. mothers against drunk driving in the south san francisco police department held a news conference yesterday, they were urging the state to support the bill. ignition locks require the driver to provide a clear breath sample in order for the vehicle to start. ignition interlock devices work, when installed, they work 100% of the time. they are a game changer in the fight to stop the revolving door of repeat dui offenders. >> right now state law requires only certain first-time offenders to install those in their vehicles. the institution is getting ready to close for good, coming up the reason it is shutting down and you will hear from customers who stopped in for one last time. and uber is suing the state of california, why they say their business will be hurt by a new law is clear out there
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should look good for tonight, if you're planning on heading to the fireworks make sure to bundle up, we are watchiation o have a traffic alert out there, there's only a couple lanes open and police are trying to clear the scene. we will have more details coming up for you on mornings on 2. you are watching mornings on 2 on this tuesday morning.
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from ktvu fox 2 news , this is mornings on 2. >> good morning to you, opening bell, the new york stock exchange's this morning, today will be a full trading day, the stock market will be closed tomorrow. the bell just rang, the president tweeted he's going to be signing a large conference of phase i tried to trade deal with china, we will see how that announcement will go today with investors. >> all right, good morning everyone, welcome back to mornings on 2, it is tuesday, december 31, new year's eve. >> it is hard to believe it is the last day of 2019, we've got some good weather because everybody is focused on the skies tonight. >> yes, of course, and i know it would dampen a lot of spirits if it was raining, but it's going to be dry and cool.
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if you have any plans on ringing in the new year in san francisco, watching the fireworks, you're going to want to bundle up. we are starting out cool, temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s across the bay area. by the afternoon, it's going to be mild, we will see temperatures between the 60s and 50s across the bay area, it is a cool start to the day and it'll be a cold evening as well. really shaping up to be a nice new year's eve, i will have your full forecast coming up. thank you, right now it is a little busy out there, at least in the east bay when it comes to traffic. we had a pretty smooth start to the morning, but then things changed about 20 minutes ago. a traffic alert in the city, and i just popped up, the report of a motorcyclist down here, on 880. also, two lanes are currently blocked south of the fruitvale exit. one person has been transported to the hospital. there is also word of some debris on the interstate, and possibly oxygen tanks.
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the transit is reporting delays because of this incident. so again, traffic northbound 880 going into the downtown area is bumper-to-bumper, all the way back to the oakland coliseum, two different incidents. this is a wider shot of the newer incident at the 880 connector, you can see emergency vehicles on scene, no report of how injured motorcyclist is. we will continue to monitor these incidents and as we get more information, we will pass it along to you. in baghdad, dozens of iraqi protesters stormed the embassy this morning, president trump claimed they orchestrated the attack. we have overnight developments. >> reporter: no casualties have been reported but this is one of the worst attacks on the u.s. embassy in recent years, many of the protesters are militia supporters, they stormed the facility while witnesses say they chanted down, down, usa.
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teargas sprayed into the crowd, and you can see some of the smoke. witnesses reported seeing six u.s. soldiers on the roof of the main building pointing their guns toward the crowd. according to the ap, the attack comes after the funerals for the 25 fighters for the iran militia who were killed u.s. military officials say response to rocket attacks that killed a u.s. defense contractor. monday evening, u.s. officials have warned that other options were on the table. >> we had an american contractor killed and we responded to that, the president still has many options, we are certainly not going to box him in. >> reporter: trump responding thing, iran will be held fully responsible for the attack and that he expects iraqi forces to protect the embassy. there have been other protests around the rock iraq where they
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chanted anti-american speech, it is important to know the protesters have not gained access to the building but the fact that they did get through may indicate that iraqi forces did not stop them. rising tensions escalated to struggle for influence in the region between iran and the u.s. allies. thank you. police have arrested a suspect in a murder, he punched and kicked a woman who was on the station platform with a stroller that held everything she owned. a witness called 911 and a bart police officer who was already at the station responded. bart has not released the surveillance video but they will use it in their case. police in san bruno say they are looking for two people who
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used a stun gun on a security guard at best buy. they released a picture of the suspects from the store security camera. the two men were leaving the store with several stolen laptops. when they used the stun gun on a security guard who tried to stop them. the suspects left in the vehicle that was waiting for them outside the store. san bruno police are asking anybody that has information about the suspects to give them a call. police are urging people to take precaution after six homes were burglarized in one night, surveillance video from saturday night shows three people who had their faces covered walking up the stairs. you can see them outside one of the homes. police believe the same three people hit all six homes because of how they entered, where they went inside and what was taken. >> the mo was the same on all six of the burglaries, they go to the backyard and the windows were smashed on the rear slider, or a door that has a window on it. >> the suspects were seen leaving in a dark mercedes- benz, detectives are working on leads and will be stepping up patrols. police are urging residents with cameras to register them
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with the city. a man shot a dog, a bicyclist was writing by the owner's backyard on holly byrne avenue and shot the dog for no apparent reason. the suspect is in his late teens or early 20s, he was wearing a black hooded jacket, dark pants and was riding a dark-colored bike. chp is asking for the public's help, a driver told incidents around 7:15 last wednesday night, somebody shot at his black nissan ultima in pittsburgh, he was the only one in the car. he was treated for minor injuries. the driver told officers he was seeing a person shooting at him from another car but he could not prove any information. uber has a new gig taking effect tomorrow morning, that is designed to give workers the
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same benefits that are given to employees. their industry relies on a flexible workforce and say the new law is going to affect the business. other companies are hoping to place an initiative on the november ballot that would keep their drivers as independent contractors. the search continues for a vehicle that plunged right into the ocean, off of san mateo coats. a witness reported seeing a driver of a dark-colored suv speed off the cliff from the northbound lane of highway one. they confirmed they found tire tracks on the cliff and car parts in the ocean, but it is unclear if they are connected to the case. >> so far, all they have found other than the tire tracks up in mind that when they go down there and do searches, that is the kind of thing they are going to find so it could be from some other incident. >> the coast guard did assist,
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sending two boats to help with the search. we are marking the end of an era in san francisco, there are going to be two shows to wrap up their 45 year run. christina, i've got to tell you, i'm a little sad this morning. >> reporter: i think a lot of people are sad, it is going to be a bittersweet night for a lot of people because the san francisco icon, the longest running musical review in the country, beach blanket babylon has a sold-out theater tonight. the stage show started in 1974, the performers and crew put on more than 17,000 shows since then, beach blanket is known for its over-the-top costumes, especially those hats and wigs and of course we are keeping up with the times by referencing pop-culture and news stories in his performances.
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it's time to close. >> who knows what's going to happen new year's eve, i don't know what's going to happen, i really didn't even think this was going to happen. i thought i would die in this theater, but, i never thought the show would close but i got this feeling. >> the decision to end the show caught many by surprise but it wasn't even supposed to last this long, the show was only slated to run for six weeks and it grew into something much larger, drawing people year after year, including big names like willie brown and the queen of england. there will be two performances tonight, both shows have been sold out and like joe said, who knows what's going to happen but it will be a very special night, one last night to end a 45 year run and to close out the ending of 2019. ktvu fox 2 news. thank you for that.
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let's get back to sarah and a look at the forecast outside on this new year's eve. >> it's going to be a cool but dry night, so obviously a lot of people trying to make their new year's eve plans, all you have to do is make sure you wear a lot of layers and you will be good to go for your new year's eve celebrations. to get you out the door this morning, it is chilly across the bay area, we are seeing overnight lows dip into the 30s and 40s, still lingering around this morning at about 6:40, it is 46 at sfo, 41 degrees in hayward. so chilly start to the day, it'll be chilly tonight as well. but it will be dry. we are not expecting any rain in the forecast. we may see some high clouds develop overhead later into in
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highs to year, new year's eve because obviously everybody wants to get out and celebrate, it'll be dry and we will see some high clouds increase but you should be able to see the fireworks no problem along the embarcadero. by 9:00 tonight, we are going to see temperatures in the low 40s and 50s, and around midnight, when you're counting down, we are expecting to see temperatures in the mid-40s to upper 40s. it'll be chilly, partly cloudy but it's going to be nice all around. right now the visibility is not bad, the fog is not going to be an issue tonight. patchy fog possibly in the north bay as you are waking up this morning but no widespread fog to speak of. this is a pretty good way to wrap up this decade. and here's this ridge of high pressure that is across the western coast and that is what is keeping her temperatures dry and mild so you can see the highs stayinhout the bay area. upper 30s and low 40s for the low temperatures. that'll bring us into the
6:42 am
weekend and through the weekend, we are expecting to see mostly sunny skies. there is a possibility of some light showers in the north bay, there is also the possibility of some light snow and rain in the sierra. so if you're heading up there today, that is something to be aware of. but, for your new year's eve, we are shaping up to be dry and cool. back to you. it has been a long debate on the health benefits of diet soda and coming up, a federal appeals court is weighing in on what is in your soda. new information about the deadly church shooting in texas, we will hear from the man who jumped into action to end the attack. [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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welcome back, we have two accidents causing some backups in oakland, right near the colosseum come you can see the northbound lanes are very sluggish on this new year's eve morning, this first incident started just about 30 minutes ago due to two lanes being fruitvale exit where the accident happened. one person has been transported to the hospital. the second incident popped up about 15 80
6:46 am
connecto maze, and basically if you are heading toward san francisco, that is exactly where this picture is come you can see emergency personnel, chp on the scene right now, not sure how injure the motorcyclist is, we haven't been given that information yet. as soon as we get more information, we will pass it along to you. but be prepared, there is a backup on 880 right now. the family of a man who police say attacked people during a celebration over the weekend say he is not part of any hate group. he burst in with a machete and stabbed five people, including the rabbi's son before getting into the synagogue next store. nypd tracked him down in manhattan and investigators say they did find a journal with anti-semitic statements and references to adolf hitler. >> scores of papers would frankly show the ramblings of a
6:47 am
disturbed individuals. >> after serving in the marines, he developed a bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and has been hospitalized many times. we are learning more details about the person or who shot and killed the gunman from tuesday's shooting in fort worth, texas. jack wilson was put in a position he didn't want to be in but was comfortable about taking the shots. the gunman opened fire and killed two people, had it not been for wilson, more people would have died, nearly 240 individuals were inside the church at the time. >> since when do you know when something bad is going to happen? you have to be prepared at all times, in all places and that is the way that i strive, that is the way that i teach, that is the way that i want people to understand. if they are rearm for personal protection, for themselves or t
6:48 am
need to be aware that it could happen anytime, anywhere. >> wilson volunteers at the head of security at west freeway church of christ. he had a criminal history, the gunman was arrested 10 years ago and again in 2016. the attacks in new york and texas are just the latest incidents of increasing violence across the country. in 2018, there were 1347 attacks targeting jewish people in the united states. >> we are looking at a trend of assaults, meaning the more severe of the types of incidents we track our murder, that is where we are worried, we are climbing up the pyramid of hate and we need to put a stop to it. >> president trump's responded to the attack in new york announcing the evil acts of
6:49 am
anti-semitism. >> the electric car maker, tesla will fall short of its targets this year, elon musk said he was pretty confident in the company delivering 360,000 vehicles this year, but analyst, jeffrey osborne thinks the company will be about 4000 short because of weaker demand for the model snx vehicles. just because the word diet is in the brand, does not mean it is helping to control your weight, that only indicates there are fewer calories than the regular version, that is after a lawsuit by a santa rosa woman who claimed she drank diet dr. pepper for 13 years and did not recee made diet dr. pepper fraud, she also claimed aspartame which is the artificial sweetenpper made her
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weight. universal pictures has reportedly removed the movie cats from its for your consideration page. it has been the subject of many terrible reviews as many have more questions about the movie than answers. the adaptation of andrew lloyd webber's musical is absent from being featured on the academy motion pictures arts and sciences streaming sites, that is where academy members can view oscar qualifying films. as the nfl season is over for the raiders, the players have cleaned up the lockers, as they after their second tenure in oakland, some players and the coach appear happy to be moving on. >> i don't know where we are going to be playing, i'm excited to have a city that is excited about having us. we can't wait. >> the quarterback doesn't seem like he is going to miss oakland that much either, he
6:51 am
told sports illustrated, it's f. all right, 6:50 on the clock, let's go over to sarah to talk about the new year, what a beautiful picture over the san francisco bay and it was clear. >> yes, it is clear, and i reminisce a lot, this is the last sunrise of 2019 and it is absolutely beautiful. i can't even believe that this decade is almost over and we are about to go into 2020. we are ending the year with pretty mild conditions, take another look outside again. i cannot believe this is the last sunrise of this decade but we are going out with a bang, it is a chilly start to the day, we will be chilly tonight but by this afternoon, the temperatures will warm up just a bit and it'll be mostly sunny throughout the bay area today until we get into later tonight. right now, 47 degrees to get your morning going in san francisco, 39 degrees in santa rosa.
6:52 am
so really waking up this morning to upper 30s and upper 40 degrees temperatures so it is a little chilly out, it'll warm up just a bit today. here is your futurecast for new bay area. in san francisco, you will be at about 56 degrees. if you have the entire day off and you arts planning on spending the whole day in san francisco, it is going to be a nice day but bring a lot of layers because things will cool off pretty quickly. by 10:00 tonight, san francisco will be about 52 degrees. same with clearlake and mountain view. and when we are bringing in the new year, we will be in the upper 40s for the majority of the bay area. 50 degrees in san francisco, just about one hour after. this futurecast is taking us until 1:00 in the morning on new year's day. da we will be chilly all around the bay area this evening. but it'll be dry.
6:53 am
so no rain in the forecast, no rain to speak of some of the last big rainfall we saw was on sunday, the next rainfall we might see is this weekend, there is a slight chance of some light showers in the north bay this weekend. for the next few days, we are not seeing any rain. we may see some high clouds develop later tonight. maybe waking up to some patchy fog but really, clear and dry. it is a pretty easy forecast, and starting off the new year with a bang, close in the upper 30s to mid 40s. mike? coming up at 7:00, the last chance for fire victims, the chance for the fire victims. first, the effort to stop the sale of personal data for millions of californians.
6:54 am
>> download the ktvu fox 2 news weather app, the power to care.
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6:56 am
tomorrow a new cyber policy law goes into effect to betterprotect consumers. >> no one has attempted to do anything like this, but we are at a crossroato give up their privacy to live and thrive in this digital age. >> the new law allows you to know what personal information
6:57 am
has been gathered on you in the past year and you have the right to demand such information be deleted. one cyber law attorney we spoke with said there are some limitations. >> i'm not sure this law really achieves anything, but as you do get the right to have your information deleted. businesses don't really need to delete it if they have a legal requirement to keep it. >> companies who do not comply with the law face a fine of up to $7,500 for each violation in civil damages for each affected user. starting january 1 rent increases on most rental units will be capped at 5% a year. they will also be more difficult for parents to get their children a medical exemption for vaccine. the new law requires doctors who issue exemptions to go through the state department of public health. undocumented immigrants youngea
6:58 am
eligible now for the state's low income health insurance. a popular hayward restaurant will be serving customers one last time this new year's eve. the hayward ranch is closing its doors for good after 71 years of business. it's closing because the owner is in poor health and plus his family said the landowner is considering a new development on the property. last night some people came in for one last meal, one last drink, and one last look around. >> i used to eat here with my mom and dad. we used to have family dinners. then we would have the company party here. >> regulars would come in and we know exactly what they want. they don't have to order, we just put it right in. >> the ranch is planning a special good-bye menu for tonight including some customer favorites such as prime rib. well it's also the end of the line for one of the oldest surf shops right here in california. surf boards opened up in 1968 among the earliest surf shops
6:59 am
in san francisco. for a while they were able to hold off online shopping because most people wanted to feel the weight of the board before spending hundreds of dollars on one. also shipping of a board was pretty high. when they started 51 years ago people would call the store to ask about wave conditions. bob weiss finally resorted to making a recording every morning. this morning we are following breaking news out of iraq. hundreds of shiite militia reporters have broken into the u.s. embassy compound in baghdad. we'll tell you what's happening now and what the president is saying about this situation. gunfire erupts. after chasing their suspects across the dumbarton bridge. plus the bay area prepares for the next year. we will preview new year's eve celebrations along the san francisco waterfront. well good morning, it is tuesday, december 31, ne wong. >> i'm mike mibach.
7:00 am
gasia and dave are both off tonight. this is a look at pyongyang, north korea, where they are counting down the new year. fireworks are probably coming pretty soon right now. already on mornings on 2, we have been at sydney, australia, where they have been bringing in 2020. now folks here in north korea are saying good-bye to 2019 and hello to 2020. again, live pictures right here from pyongyang, north korea, as the world continues to celebrate new year's day. we are just about, i don't know, 17 hours, right? right now from celebrating right here in the bay area. any way they're having a good time, celebrating right there. >> and i'm not sure they will have fireworks there, but looks like clear skies. watching our skies here, hoping for clear skies yeah, that look


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