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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  January 2, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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>> a busy start to 2015. drying out in the midwest. flood waters receding. meme in colorado making minimum this year.
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effect in 2016. >> we wanted to take care of a cat. >> an alley cat trapped in a strange place gets a second chance thanks to denver firefighters. 9news starts now. >> police had a busy start to the new year. this morning, a shooting, a hit and run, and a homicide. in the end, they are looking for two people for two unrelated crimes. 9news reporter steve staeger is here to break it down. >> reporter: the early morning hour of new year's day are rarely quiet. this year was no exception. two people critically injured, one dead, the search for two suspects all in separate incidents. not long after denver rang in the new year, the phones starletted ringing for denver police. they were called to 12th and lincoln at the church nightclub. a man walking out of the club got in a fight with someone in
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one man pulled a gun and shot the other in the torso sending him to the hospital with critical injuries. >> we had a suspect description of a hispanic male wearing a gray shirt fleeing the area. at present, that's the only description we have. >> reporter: the next call came nearly three hours later at 4:15. a two-car accident, a sedan crossed the double yellow line to the ramp an hit a van with four people in it. one of the passengers was ejected and taken to the hospital with life threatening injury us. the driver of that other car took off on foot. >> because one of the parties fled the scene, lit be considered a hit and run. >> reporter: finally around 9:00 a.m., police got a call to the area of tenth and nakoma where they found a man's body. >> the investigators are considering that a homicide. >> reporter: they have not yet said how that man died. so, a new year brings three new
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police need your help. maybe you saw the shooter. maybe you drove by the accident on i-25 or maybe you were in the area of 10th. if you have any information, they ask you to call denver police. >> hopefully some people had their eyes out. the skies won't be so clear over the weekend. a haze is hanging over our city affecting our air quality. we have milderwet tore thank for that, but it may not be such an awful trade after all the cold. the department of public health and environment expects air quality and visibility will both be moderate until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. it is the start of a new year. that means new laws go in effect today in colorado. one requires that any child missing from state custody be reported to law enforcement immediately. and to national data bases like the center for missing and exploited children within 24 hours. temporary car license tags were changed to make them easier to read.
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it only applies when the fuel is used to power a vehicle. minimum wage went up slight ly to 8.31. gun laws went into effects. a california law bans guns on carry permits. supporters of the new open carry law in texas say it will deter mass shootings though most police chiefs opposed it. >> it makes sense to have a with guns visible. i think the answer is absolutely not. in illinois a new law requires pharmacies to dispense some prescription painkillers in locking bottles with the hope of preventing drug abuse and accidental overdoses. flood waters in some missouri communities are receding but still, millions remain at risk in the flood zone. interstates 44 and 55 have
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but traffic remains limited. downtown eureka about 30 miles southwest of saint louis was ago. now an automotive shot is ready to reopen. close tore saint louis in arnold, some 150 families are home. >> 2016 is starting out as a very stressful situation. but, we are really tough. and we will get through this. >> some of the focus now shifts downstream. flood preps are already underway in memphis where the surge will arrive late next week. this monday, president obama will start exploring ways he could take executive action on gun control. he is meeting with attorney over his options. while it is still unclear what actions the president could take, he has long encouraged congress to pass legislation
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right now, gun dealers must run background checks but there is no federal requirement for those selling guns at gun shows. many states like colorado have their own laws requiring background checks at gun shows. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence. but what if we try today stop even one? what if congress did something, anything to protect our kids from gun violence? >> the associated press reports the president is expected to take executive action next week though the white house will not confirm the timing. the national rifle association opposes background checks saying it won't stop criminals who get guns through theft and the black market. police in israel's second largest city are on a man hunt for a man who opened fire at a cafe. two were killed and several injured in tel aviv.
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last month, an isis leader did threaten israel last month. a large plume of smoke rose from a skyscraper in dubai today the day after a massive fire engulfed the building. we are getting our first look inside this damaged skyscraper. the 63 story building is one of the most upscale hotels in dubai. the fire thursday broke out just hours before dubai celebrated the new year. firefighters say 14 people suffered minor injuries. they are still investigating the cause. after a year of standing, mostly quiet, by bill cosby's side, next week camille cosby will have to break her science. she will have to sit for a deposition in a civil suit against her husband. seven women are suing cosby in federal court saying he defamed them by publicly denying their claims they were sexually assaulted by the comedian.
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>> she has information clearly about his sexual encounters. consensual or otherwise. camille married him more than 50 years ago. they have five children and she is his business manager. public. grammy award winning singer natalie cole has died. king cole. she passed away in los angeles. the single battled ongoing health troubles including hepatitis c and addiction. she received a kidney transplant in 2009. her family says she fought a she was 65 years old. are you headed to the mountains this weekend? you are not alone. cdot expects busy traffic along the i-70 mountain corridor for the holiday weekend. drivers in the eastbound lanes should expect hour long delays in the afternoon an evening hours. rtd's flat iron fliers get
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service between denver and boulder. the new bus rapid transit service will have fees from 2.50 to 4.50. it wasn't a case of a kitten in a tree, but it was something similar. denver firefighters responded to a kitten trapped in a capital hill dumpster today. immediately, they sprang into action and told 9news reporter jonathan gonzalez how they freed it. >> there were plants and birds. >> reporter: of all the things you will see and hear on capitol hill ... >> this is capitol hill. we get crazy calls constantly. >> reporter: the call that stood out today for denver fire station 8 was a report about a cat with no name. >> correct. cat in a dumpster. >> reporter: lieutenant aaron. >> so at that point it becomes a technical rescue. >> reporter: says the kitten was trapped in an alley off of
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>> our engine company arrived on scene and found a cat with its head stuck through the drain hole inside the dumpster. >> reporter: the fire truck crew followed them with tools. >> we used a drill, a saw, a grinder, and what we call a whiz wheel. >> reporter: and they were ever so careful. >> i bet you it took 45 minutes to an hour. >> reporter: successfully freeing the eight week old kitten. >> absolutely. we feel for it and treat it like it was a human being. >> reporter: so despite working in one of the grittiest parts of town ... >> there's a lot of things that stand out on capitol hill. >> reporter: today's rescue shows they don't always have to be so tough. >> somebody called and there are a bunch of big softies down here. we wanted to take care of the cat. >> reporter: in denver, jonathan gonzalez, 9news. >> denver fire says today's rescue was a community service
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firefighters are not sure how the cat got there in the first place. he is recovering at the denver animal shelter and will be up for adoption. if no one claims it in the next four or five days. he is now down to eight lives. just. >> we need someone to adopt him. >> we do. donald trump stole the show at the rose parade with some unwanted publicity. >> a man's encounter with an elk is too close for comfort. >> two newborn twins might have a lot in common except their
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>> newborn twins in san diego have different birth years. a girl was born 11en:59 and her
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dad says they hoped the babies would be born upon the same day so down the road they wouldn't have to worry about throwing two birthday parties but clearly dad lost that route. it is one thing to deliver someone else's baby but a different thing to deliver your own. >> a paramedic in littleton did just that in 2015. less than ten minutes after leaving for the hobble, luis lineburger helped deliver his daughter isabella in a 7/11 apartment. >> i was there to catch. she did all the work. from a paramedic standpoint, it is pretty awesome to be able to apply the skills i have learned with my own family. it all happened in a matter of 15 minutes was pretty impressive. >> that is a story they will be sharing some time. isabella's big sister waited in
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star wars taking over almost everywhere today. storm troopers, some of the villains paraded around pasadena for the rose parade. it was one of dozens of floats and bands in the parade. now in its 127th year. this year's grand marshall was documentary film maker ken burns. this turned heads at the parade. a sky writing plane slammed donald trump spelling out insults like america is great, trump is disgusting. an aerial advertising company air soon took responsibility on twitter. people in boulder would welcome the new year with the polar plunge each year but it was put on ice this year. jamie shellstad has jumped into the frigid ice water for the past seven years. she brought her kids to see what her tradition has been
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the american cancer society had taken over the boulder polar plunge and promised that it will return on new year's day in 2017. so one year from now. >> still huge crowds. that would have been a rough road today. no question. any day this past week would have been a rough day for a polar plunge. >> i know. absolutely. we have been in this deep freeze about a week now. believe it or not, temperatures climbed above the freeze mark which is a huge improvement from where we have been over the holidays. tonight for those lower mountain valleys, they are really going to get cold. we are already plunging into below zero territory. about 26 below in gunnison. springs. you can see eastern colorado not quite as baa. if you live along the south platte river valley, i expect
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we are at 20 degrees. anchorage, alaska warmer than we are! 24 in leadville. five in gunnison. and 3 in steam boat springs. tomorrow looks a little warmer. we have been in the deep freeze about a week now. the last time we were actually sitting above the freezing mark was back on christmas eve when we hit 35 so it has been eight straight days of this polar arctic air sitting across the front range. now finally, we are starting to see a little bit of a weather pattern shift as we welcome in the new year. mostly clear skies tonight. you know, that will allow our temperature to go even further. right now at the airport, well, 20 degrees doesn't look all that bad. the clear skies and the winds coming out of the southwest, it is making it feel more like 8 degrees. right now, we have high pressure. it will be back in action for most of the west. good news but you can see the subtropical jet bringing back a
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coast, parts of the care carolinas too. it should be mild. temperatures return to more typical like temperatures. you can see hd doppler 9, the rain continuing to come into texas, florida, passing through the carolinas. and the snowfall coming in off of the great lakes into buffalo where the snow just continue tots pile up. earlier this afternoon, the snow was reaching the boston area. around here, it has been so quiet, so calm, we don't mind that. as i fast forward the futurecast, we put into motion and you won't be able to tell all that is going on. we stayed completely dry statewide into tomorrow morning. you will wake up wall to wall sunshine. 8:00, 9:00, bearing the traffic headed up to the slopes, it should be good. no wetwet tore deal with. just the usual. i-70 traffic. by 4:00, 5:00, it should be a breeze. possibly a couple of high level clouds will once again be filtering into the metro area. that's about it.
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and we have to get through this. nine below in greeley. 11 in yuma. 13 in the springs. once you move west, that is where the subsea toronto temperatures are really going to come in full force. some of the mountain valleys morning. calm. we will have a great deal of sunshine. 40-degree temperatures should feel fabulous. we will be at 26 in grand lake with the mid 30s in blackhawk. northern colorado should feel balmy compared to this deep freeze we have all been enduring over the holidays. by next week, temperatures begin to warm up. in fact, we possibly will be flirting with 50 degrees by tuesday. and then, you guys looks like another storm system will be rolling in thursday evening, friday, saturday, cooling us off. possibly bringing a little snow which will be nice to see because of all of this will be melting. >> still our hearts left when
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>> i know. >> great. sunday for the game. >> can't come soon enough. >> should be picture perfect. >> thanks danielle. when earthquake shook oklahoma city this morning, the local nbc news station was able to report it right away seeing as it shook the studio live on the air. >> we are having another earthquake right now. the studio lights are shaking as we speak. we just had a big earthquake. >> yeah, that's a big one. >> yeah. >> i always wondered if it was just me. this was a 4.2 magnitude earthquake. about 10,000 people temporarily lost power afterwards. id was the latest in a string of earthquakes in the area this week. an idaho homeowner awoke to a loud crash and found an even more startling sight in his basement. an elk had fallen through a window well into his basement. it took wildlife officers two hour to get the animal out. they drove it upstairs making a
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elk are being driven into lower
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is aaron matas. >> happy new year. don't expect the charger to come in and lie down for the broncos. yes, san diego has nothing to play for, but they have phillip rivers. he will do everything he can to ruin the broncos party. the boys in blue and orange had
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i can't speak for the rest of the chargers but you can bet rivers is going to come in here and do everything he can to win the game. >> one thing you can count on, phillip rivers will play as hard as he can play and be a great competitor. he is the kind of guy, he is a great quarterback. he can win games. we are going to have a real challenge again against him and their team. but, especially him. i have been around him. i know, you know, some people say well, some guys might not play, you know, the last game or you know, be really into it or really compete. no way. this guy is going to compete like crazy. >> christian mccaffrey broke the all purpose yardage record. the player of the year didn't waste my time getting going. first play from kevin hogan. 75-yard touchdown.
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172 rushing. to become sanford's first ever back. and then in the second quarter. >> there he is. it is free. got a man the beat. mid field. two down. cut back. headed for his second touchdown of the game. >> 63-yard punt return. he finished with 368 all purpose yards to help the cardinals beat the hawks 45-16. >> the motivation always stays there. all the great players play with a chip on our shoulder. that is why you see successful teams do what they do. we know they are a part of the team to help the team win. >> jim's first year in florida went well, but ended with a drubbing at the hands of the michigan wolverines.
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points and won. cu getting pack 12 conference flays started with a late 9:00 tipoff at cal. the buffs looked ready for bed when this thing started. nobody everywhere close to jalen brown. bears scored the first ten of the game. buffs didn't make a basket until more than eight minutes in. tori miller hit the jumper. season low 21 points. they trail 23-27 in the second half. the university of denver started summit league play tonight with a loss at south dakota state. final score, 68-59. du hockey start it is new year with a home series against the fighting irish. the power play. notre dame on the rush. and tanner gillette, a beautiful glove save stretching across to rob that goal. the problem is on the other end, cal peterson, unbelievable. they fight off a power play opportunity. 56 saves in the game for
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and notre dame won this thing in a shoot-out. home opener for the colorado mammoth. they hosted the georgia swarm at pepsi center. former du star jeremy gives them a lead. an they go onto win final score of 16-15. outdoor hockey just a bit away for us in colorado. the avs host the red wings at coors field. this is what it will look like. this is at gillette stadium in foxborough. montreal and boston meeting up in tom brady's house. this was all canadiens. they scored very early in the game and never stopped. the odd man break. montreal beat boston 5-1 in the winter classic and i can't wait to see coors field as a hockey rink. >> lit be cool. >> cc duon februar get us started and then avs and red wings. >> expensive little ticket there. >> no for you.
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we will all be enjoying it through you vicariously as you stand there. >> i will work it. that's my ticket in. >> working it. >> not a bad game. >> he is working it right now.
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>> welcome back everyone. you know what? we have endured the deep freeze. now it is finally ready for our big payoff. we will be looking at temperature ins the 40s . look at all the sun balls just lining them up there. just for you. on monday and tuesday, we are going to be close to 50 degrees. an then we do have a storm system possibly moving in thursday evening friday and saturday just bringing us a little light snow. at least anyway, looks like that. and temperatures should be a little cooler on saturday. of course, sunday, big broncos game against the chargers. we will see what they can do. temperatures not too shabby. kickoff in the mid 40s . in the mid 30s by the time they wrap things up. hopefully for the big win. >> big win.
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bye. >> yeah. >> we made it. happy new year. >> happy new year everybody. see you tomorrow.
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. kardashian new year. what's next for the $100 million reality family?
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2016. kim's new baby. a new season of keeping up, and khloe's new revenge diet tv show. extra inside the kardashian money machine cranking out one new venture after another. rob lowe's best year ever. >> i'm loving this moment. >> his happy 24 year marriage, his hot career, his achilles heel. >> handsome people have it so hard. john legend on his little girl n the way. and what his supermodel wife's secret craving. extra on the new york set of the good wife. >> we have new players. >> starting with the new guy. >> is there a possible romance? >> there's some sparks. we've got the stars' new years resolutions. now on extra from the entertainment capital of la.
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extra. happy new year. i am mario lopez. coming up, rob lowe had an epic 2015. will he ring in the new year with his very first golden globe win? john legend is ready for an amazing 2016 himself. baby. there's one way for an entertainment news show to ring style. new bodies, new projects. and a new kardashian baby boy. >> how is your newest grand son? >> he's amazing. >> extra keeping you up with the first family of reality tv poised for an want amazing 2016. kim is still focused on losing her baby weight. breaking the internet with her new app. while lying low at mama kris' house. >> he looks like north's twin.
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