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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  January 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a deputy was down this morning. there someone involved in an off-duty jefferson county sheriff's deputy was shot in aurora around 7:20 last night apd says the deputy was seriously injured. at this point we know one person is in custody... another is on the run. this shooting happened right across the street from rangeview
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9news reporter noel brennan is there this morning. noel? anyone with information about 2nd suspect asked to call apd or
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good morning.
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cheryl here with you. marty is in the weather center. marty, sounds like our warmup will continue today. today you may notice that some electronic c-dot
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different. they won't be showing traffic alerts... instead the billboards will have an update of how many people have died in crashes across colorado. the new campaign is called: the wednesday memorial. the messages will be displayed every wednesday on the digital signs along the highways. in addition to the number of deaths -- the signs will also have safety messages. cdot says last year crash deaths jumped... up more than 11-percent. deaths. this morning the person or people who shot into a camp are still loose. killed and three
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happened last night at the camp known the police chief said she believes it and that the victims were targeted. seattle's mayor was told about the after he had delivered a speech about homelessness. police say they're searching for two interest." we'll let you know if investigators release any new information this morning donald trump says he's not going to participate in the g-o-p debate tomorrow. the debate is hosted by fox news and google. trump says he has issues with moderator megyn kelly: he claims she is biased against him. last night ted cruz said: if trump won't go to the debate, he wants to face him one-on-one... cruz said trump could even choose the moderator. today democrat bernie sanders is
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obama at the white house. they will meet privately in the oval office. the president has said he will not endorse a candidate during the primary. sanders is reportedly upset that the president talked publically about hillary clinton's experience earlier this week. the pressure builds with each day - as candidates and voters countdown to the iowa caucus. bernie sanders said he doesn't expect the turnout to match president obama's in 2008... but he says if his turnout is high enough he can win. we're heading into year three of recreational marijuana sales: colorado leaders want to tighten rules to make sure growers are using safe methods. 9news political reporter brandon rittiman says: pesticides will be a big focus this year. cannabis plants thrive in warm, humid conditions. but so can mold, mildew, fungus and bugs. and growers have to deal with them. andrew freedman is the governor's marijuana coordinator. he says the federal government would normally decide what pesticides can be used on which crops. but not for pot. it's still banned under federal law. so the state is doing it. state law requires a list of all banned pesticides... but turns out that list is thousands of products long. so a bipartisan bill aims to change that to a short list-- of products that are safe to use. the state agriculture
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on this page-- one made of clove, rosemary and thyme. and just below it-- a bunch of ingredients most people couldn't pronounce. the only time you get to know what was used-- is if you buy a marijuana edible: smokeable pot doesn't have that requirement. to try to get more info for shoppers-- one pro- legalization lawmaker wants to let growers certify their pot as organic. since the feds control the use of the "organic" label-- he's working on a colorado alternative. he'll need to choose the wording carefully. anything that appears to have the state promoting pot is bound to stir up controversy. brandon rittiman - 9news. a senate committee takes up the
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if you didn't stay up late to watch the
4:39 am in case you missed it- jimmy fallon was talking about the super bowl. he spelled out a few pros and cons about the big game. and his audience didn't seem too excited about the broncos... obviously we
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lack of enthusiasm. many people would trade just about anything for some tickets to the super bow. we found an outrageous trade in a newspaper. but it turns out the ad... was a fake! we talked to the
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those coveted super bowl tickets. a lot of people thought a man in erie wanted to trade his house for a chance to go to the superbowl.... turns out - this was a prank. 9news reporter steve staeger talked to the victim if you want to know how hot real estate in this area is - ask brian lusk about the phone calls he's been getting. this was the first. 07:30 "she goes is this a real thing, is this house really for sale? and i was clueless, right i said, i think you must have the wrong number. she says well i'm looking at an ad in the newspaper that says your house is
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family just moved in 6 months ago. they're settling into their new home. but sure enough - there it was. 11:04 "2100 sq ft three bedroom two bath - home in erie - for sale best offer." that's a good description of his house - there was even a picture of it - then this... 11:09 "getting divorced...leaving her with nothing...will sell home for two tickets to the super bowl." that was the moment he realized this was far from a misprint. 08:08 "i have a buddy who's a good pittsburgh steelers fan and we had some bets going for the steelers game and of course the broncos won so i rode him pretty hard for 2 or three days and gave him a lot of heck." this was how his buddy got back at him. 08:22 "this is his way of getting back at me he ran an ad in a denver paper, the boulder paper, the longmont paper apparently several magazines." and the phone calls started rolling in - he was even offered 2 seats 20 rows up - first clsuite for a it's tr sale. and the marrit getting divorcedappily married, . brian: right." n - to stop cald he has a m1 "alright brian you'r for now. it's comnco nation thinking oft ya." bri
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he's having trouble keeping his battery charged because he's getting so many calls. he also wants your advice - how should he get his buddy
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ideas on the 9news facebook page -- we've received some interesting ideas. a major airline is offering refunds to some customers. i'll tell you who this affects and why the airline is offering to give
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and well in the apartment market here in town. our partners at the business journal report that the number of apartment vacancies are up, jumping about 3- percentage points over the last three months. more supply means that rental rates are stabilzing... the northwest part of denver leads the way with a 17 percent vacancy rate. downtown is the only other area above ten percent. rents are still higher than they were a year ago - although there are signs those prices may start to ease or at least hold steady for a while. if you planned a trip to an area affected by the zika virus and don't want to go -- you could get your money back. united airlines says it will let customers cancel or postpone their trips. the c-d-c recently warned pregnant women - to avoid travel to more than 20 places in the americas where mosquitos carry the virus. there's no cure for zika - and experts suspect it's to blame for birth defects. united's offer
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territory listed in the c-d-c's travel alert. ford is recalling thousands of ranger pick-up trucks because they have those faulty takata airbags. the recall covers nearly 391- thousand trucks in u-s and canada. ford says the airbags installed in 2004 thru 2006 rangers can explode with too much force and cause injuries. ford says it will send letters to owners about the recall starting in late february. to find out if your truck is included go to ford-dot- .com and click on "safety recalls." if you own a go-pro hero 4 you can now live-stream your go-pro videos on periscope. here's how it works. first you have to link your camera to an i-phone using wi-fi. next you select the periscope app... the newest version will let you select the go-pro signal and stream it live. periscope is owned by twitter and has
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so marty... how's the weather shaping up this morning? ' here's a story you
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to... the man who created a lot of the most legendary comic book characters will be in denver this summer stan lee is scheduled to attend comic con. the annual event will place at the convention center starting on june 17th. stan lee will sign
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will also talk on a panel on june 18th. lee was supposed to attend comic con three years ago but he had to reschedule because of other obligations. a family in croatia can watch their flock of sheep from the comfort of their couch. sheep tend to wander and keeping an eye on them all the time can be hard. now the croatian family uses a g-p-s device to keep track of them. it tells them exactly where the sheep are.. what direction they're heading... it can event track their speed. the owner uses his car to round them up... from this birdseye view you can see the sheep following the car to an enclosure. once they get there, he gives the sheep their favorite treat -- dry bread.
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affordable solution to carry fresh water across the ocean to help places is scare filling this huge floating bag with ready for the the water bag is solid enough to walk on, but it's also flexible. it naturally floats on the surface since fresh water salty sea water. this method costs two times less than tanker deliveries and has lower impact on the environment. that's all for 9news at 4:30... 9news at 5 next, stay with us. neighbors rushed to help an off-duty jefferson county
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