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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  February 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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well, i'm going to say this, and you would not want me to say this but this one's for pat! well the tables have turned, nearly 20 years after pat boland dedicated the wind this one was dedicated to pat. we will look at the new heated moments with those celebrating and the police.
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the next hour or so. we are live at one of the stores opening at 6:00 to sell more broncos' championship owe gear. good morning, everyone. good morning, broncos country. we are excited and pumped up about the big win. much more all morning long, but first we will get you set for the day ahead. marty and amelia are joining us. we are going to have a good week. >> reporter: it's incredible. i think it could go into next week as well. we are in for what will be a big, big midwinter thaw here. dry and calm, but you don't have to go far to get the strong winds from the front range in the foothill locations, especially in boulder county. the communities between 30 and 45 all morning long, and that means no wood-burning restrictions here for you
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dry conditions locally and statewide, the snow we had is in eastern nebraska, and that's not for us. teens and 20s in the foothills, and that's the influence for the winds. the other side of the continental divide, interesting it's cold. . high temperatures close to 30 degrees for the end of the rush hour, and today, in the upper week. you're going to like the planning forecast, but you may not like getting up for work today. amelia, i imagine there's a lot of people with sleepy eyes today. >> there will be a lot of snooze buttons hit today. parker, we head into the 530 marker. easy transitions because we will see so much more meltoff
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if you're headed into denver today, expect a 21 minute drive. metro white, we are still quiet. downtown 6th avenue to 285 in the metro drive. however, out to the west side, full closure of northbound and southbound 285, and that's all because of the high winds marty has been telling us about this morning. >> reporter: all right, thank you much alicia. we found several crashes on the roads throughout the night. the debris from the hit-and-run at sheraton, kentucky. block. denver police found a license plate on the scene from the gold cauguiran cue are a that
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it was a denver broncos' license place starting with 728. >> as the confetti fell, the denver broncos celebrated winning super bowl 50. the broncos were carried to a golden victory, victory, and this morning, the celebrations are going strong. tahrond ama thomas tom -- tarhonda thomas is preparing for more gear. >> reporter: things are quiet, and behind me you may see the street barricades that were used to close off some of the streets here last night. relatively quiet, but police made an arrest.
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our crews captured a few in handcuffs, and as the groups grew, police moved in with riot gear, and at times they fired pepper spray to disperse the proud. the denver fire department was called in on west 29th to put out a burning couch. it was still shouldering when our crews arrived. the firefighters pulled it out of the screen. the scanners lit up about suspected drunk drivers, and there were several of them. police say one crash sod a denver health ambulance. it was not far from where we are at 20 and the blake. denver police say no injuries with the accident. paramedics only on board the ambulance. that driver was taken to the hospital for a toxicology test, and so we have seen these celebrations get out of hand before, and that's compared to those last night, and it was
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people were just having a great time, and obviously they were celebrate a huge win for the broncos. over to my colleague tarhonda thomas. there's rows and rows of t- shirts in that place. >> reporter: so many shirts! we know thousands of them sold last night because fans flocked out to dick meadows to get their gear as soon as it won. the fans can come at 6:00 a.m. when they open. let's not forget about the championship hat. brandon is with dick's sporting about this. jerseys, jerseys, jerseys. who are they trying to get. >> big two all season have been peyton and demarius, but as of
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>> reporter: what sizes do you have left? >> there's a few men sizes. obviously the extra large and large are the quickest that go out the door. it's a smattering until we can build the inventory back up after we get our receipts. >> reporter: super bowl jerseys with patches on them this is the last one, right? >> this one looks like it's meant for you. >> reporter: you know what size small and tarhonda thomas? no, but it does have thomas. i don't know what, gary, what do you think? the only one left here with a patch. >> i like it! i think it's yours. >> reporter: is it me? >> you are our favorite number 88! i like that. [ laughter ] >> thank you, tahronda. tomorrow is a big day. it will be a day of celebration
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the super bowl parade will travel down 17th to broadway, and then broadway passing center park, and then from there going on west to 13th avenue and then north to cherokee, ending at city county building. a rally will start at 1:00, lasting until 2:30, and you can watch the whole thing live noon to 2:30 and sink center -- civic center park will be celebrating: peyton manning didn't lose out on money this season even though he took a $4 million pay cut. a the beginning of the season he included significant bonuses. $2million for reaching the super bowl, and $2 million for winning the super bowl.
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he said "first things first." >> i have a couple of priorities in order: i want to kiss my wife and kiss my kids and celebrate with my family and teammates. i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight. buying! those are my priority the at this point. >> he was spotted celebrating with his family and his teammates. the head of marketing communications tweeted they did not pay him for the mention, but they were surprised and delighted he did. >> of course they were! >> it's so peyton to do something like that. to say something like that. >> it looked like something he was paid for because he said it twice. >> he's the all american guy, and that's the all american beer, and you know, whatever i guess. >> we asked fans in denver what they thought peyton should do more, and a lot of different
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cole is showing us some of their answers. >> reporter: peyton manning going out on top, the greatest quarterback of all time. >> go out on top. >> peyton manning, the number one in the world. champion,. >> peyton was not weak this year. >> -- no, he should play. >> i'm from tennessee, and i love you! stay forever, my man! we love you! stay here in denver peyton! >> he should retire, i'm sorry. >> he knows the game. he loves the game, and honestly, the game of football he plays, it's the game that the nfl needs. >> i think peyton manning is going. >> peyton manning, you're the man. you're seriously the man. >> if you decide to come back and you can do it, we will
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>> peyton manning, you need to evaluate what is right for you. i want you to back. >> thank you so much! peyton manning, we love you! you have left a legacy in the city. thank you for all your hard work. >> i don't know! i'm all for it! >> i think he has had his time. >> thank you for being a truly amazing quarterback through all your teams, all your seasons, but mostly, thank you for taking the denver broncos this far. we just love you so much. we are so proud of you! thank you! around here, high clouds across the area, temperatures moving into the mid-40s today. tomorrow, warmer s into the 60s -- warmer and into the 60s. for the parade and rally tomorrow, the parade starts at noon, and then 1:00, we will
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temperatures in the mid-50s with sunshine. it's really goodlooking day. >> marty, thank you. americans are keeping
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more people enrolled for obama care than last year. the department of health and human services saying 13 million people signed up for insurance ahead of the january 1st deadline, 1 million more than in 2015. that means the president's goal for signups. those who have not signed up are facing a $700 or more coverage. millions of americans are hiding a financial secret from their significant other. 13million people have hidden a
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from their pows. -- spouse. 41% of people have spent more than $100 without telling their significant other knowing about it. >> hidden bank accounts? are you kidding? >> there you. go that's a talkinger today. 5:45, a lot of bets were made on the super bowl, of course, and we won. [ laughter ] just saying. we will look at what is come colorado from carolina. first we will check with marty and amelia. >> reporter: temperatures not bad. at or slightly above average. in the 30s and 40s for the foothills. if you're thinking ahead to get done with work, pleasant evening. we will spend much of the season above freezing this is a
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move into the upper 40s today, and amelia, wow! looking good out there. am i seeing this right? >> you're not seeing a things. a clear quining across all areas of downtown. cr70, looking nice. the corridor is in the clear, and the closer look at the 225 speeds, and also where marty's temperatures will be later this week, in the upper 60s. live look outside showing us across the streets like 25 and 20th, nice beautiful view in the city, and this morning,
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this one is for john! >> that was proclaimed by pat
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that had many people wondering if john elway would return the favor this year, and he did. >> this one is for pat! >> the announcement was greeted by a lot of applause by the fans. cheryl preheim caught up with pat bowlen's daughter. >> reporter: >> i know the fans would appreciate that, and my dad would not have it that way. he would definitely say this one is for the fans. >> a lot of bets were madeover the game. the governor will send 50 cases of north carolina turkey burgers and turkey sausage to a local food bank, and a donation of dog food will go to an animal shelter and the charlotte mayor will be paying
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she has to wear a peyton manning jersey on her twitter page. the bet was made during a phone call last week. the north carolina zoo and the western north carolina nature center will greet guests in broncos' gear at their main entrances, holding a sign congratulating denver on the win. temple manual in denver will get two-thirds of the money raised, and they are going to donate it to lunchboxes to help feed kids in summer when they don't get a school lunch. we are still waiting to hear if the faithful collected more food than in charlotte. we also made a bet with our sister station in charlotte, and they will be sending us north carolina barbecue, and marty, apparently it's like a cherry soda! i'm looking forward to it. >> everyone is. >> i always like winning.
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they were kind of dour even when we made the yet. >> totally. >> are we going to have lunch with cameron? we will have simple answers going on. minnesota and iowa, in the middle of a blizzard right now, and colorado, strong winds in the foothills, and beyond that, it's quiet, dry now, and i think it's fairly dry or almost completely dry through the week. we have cold spots in the mountain valleys, gunnerson, a fairly typical morning going for us today. i would characterize them as a little more than flurry the. the rocky national park stretching down, and that's nowhere where anyone lives the
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again, pretty gusty in the foothills all day. dropping 40 to almost 50 miles an hour with gusts in 209 and 30-mile an hour range this afternoon. sunny down south, and high clouds for the front range. north eastern plains with the temperatures in the 30s and 40s. up by 76. 30s and 40s for the mountains west. for us, 60-40 cloud to sun split. temperature in the 40s today. mid-20s tonight, and then the warmup will begin in earnest tomorrow, with the mid-50s, temperatures holding at least 10 degrees above average flu the end of the week. we will melt so much snow this week. >> we need it. we have some ice pack on our streets. >> know leftover on the shoulders and the central drive, but today, it's going to
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meltoff early today. still dark out there and the sunrise this morning has crept back to 7:01. it will be gusty especially along red rock, but right now 6 or 8 minutes to 285. speeds in the 60s and 70s, and we are still accident free across the metro drive. speeds so far, so good on 225. still in the 60s. sought to the north and the west. mid-50s across highway 93, and keep in mind if you're traveling out west today, 285, still closed down because of blowing snow. >> amelia, thank you. we are all elated the
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you're waking up to super bowl champion denver broncos, but do you have your hair? does this look natural? i'm looking good. she has hers, and he has hawaii his. they have their shirts dick's sporting goods opening in a few minutes, and a couple of fan the are outside already to get their gear. the question is, can you get yours? only a couple of minutes.
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get your gear. there's a few things going really, rail fast. we will tell you what they are at the 6:00 hour. >> it was a mad dash last night. my buddy tweeted me the win, and there were like 200 people in the sporting goods store. at the end of the super bowl, the cameras took a quick look at eli manning, peyton's brother, and a lot of us were questioning if he was happy for peyton. everyone in the booth was smiling and cheering, and he was stone faced. we will look at his reaction coming up at 6:25. >> yeah, it was interesting. >> i don't know if it caught him offguard or if he was nervous for his brother, but i thought the same thing. now when cam newton was not smiling, we knew what that was. >> he was a poor sport. he didn't say much at the news
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>> one-word answers before he slummed off. oorsport. >> there you go. yeah! [ laughter ] we will talk to ron zappo
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