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tv   9 News at 5  NBC  February 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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lester holt will be back next sunday. i'm thomas roberts from new york. thank you and good night. flurries and strong winds swept across parts of colorado. danielle grant tells us if our milder days are behind us. victims of domestic violence and abuse take a stand in downtown denver. >> it makes me sick. i'm one in three. >> fewer candidates but more conflict. republicans faced off in one of their most contentious debates yet. i got to tell you, this is just crazy. huh? this is just nuts. okay? [ applause ] jeez oh man. >> and a local artist puts his own spin on valentine's day.
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westminster police are asking for help locating a westminster teen and his 4-year- old little brother. police say 17-year-old ziah thornson and zai rmac key were supposed to go to the denver zoo. authorities say they were expected to be home around 8:00 last night but their mother hasn't heard or seen them. she contacted police around midnight and they've been working the find the boys ever -- to find the boys ever since then. right now no foul play is suspected here. if you've seen the boys or know where they are, contact westminster police at (303)658- 4360. tomorrow, law enforcement from across the state will gather to remember and honor a mesa county deputy who was killed in the line of duty. last monday deputy derek grier was respond several times responding to a report of -- shot while responding to a report. grier leaves behind two children and his funeral is at 1:00 tomorrow in grand junction.
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deputy grier is in custody. prosecutors will decide this week whether to charge him as an adult. flags lowered in honor of deputy grier will stay that way even after his funeral and honor of supreme court justice antonin scalia. the 79 yards was found dead in west texas ---year-old was found dead in west texas yesterday. soon after president obama ordered the flags lowered. the new vacancy is already turning political over the president's decision to appoint a nominee. more object what is in store for the high court coming up in the next half hour. well, winter made a comeback today. fresh snow fell in the high country this afternoon. a winter weather advisory watch remains in effect for several counties in the area. winds that first kicked up last night did some damage in lakewood. a few viewers shared photos of broken fences and tilted power poles. gusts in the area were between 45 and 65 miles per hour and the high wind watch is in effect now for the front range and the foothills.
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it was gusty out there danielle. >> it was just brutal late last night into early the morning. the winds just would not quit. right now, well, they're still gusting but not nearly as bad as where we once werement unfortunately the winds will be back in full force as we head toward the start of the workweek with that being said, a high wind watch will be in place until tomorrow night. sustained winds speeds coming at us out of the west about 20, 40 miles per hour with the gusts even higher around 75 miles per hour. so especially around timber line that's where we will be looking at the extremely gusty conditions. right now wind gusts around 40 miles per hour in long important and genesee at 44 and 35 broomfield and 33 aurora. a little further off to the north and to the east, cheyenne, picking up 30-mile- per-hour speeds. and about 26 over there in fort morgan. it truly has been a tale of two different kind of weather phenomenons going on across the eastern explains. -- explains. the build -- plains. but now the darker clouds pushing in as this system is still bringing a little bit of light snowfall up to the high country.
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least a week's time. the clouds have been sitting over the city for most of the day. and that's been keeping our temperatures just a bit cooler than the past couple of days. right now mid- to upper 40s up and down the i-25 corridor, the winds out there making it people a little bit chillier and we're in the 20s and low 30s up in the mountains. again unfortunately the winds are going to be cranking up tomorrow morning. back somewhere a venn advance -- back with a vengeance for most of your monday. weather advisory is in? get into the middle part of the workweek we are going to be flirting with a few records around here. as high temperatures absolutely soar. >> yeah everyone is talking about that i hear it's going to be close 70 this week. you know it's kind of buzz around town. >> absolutely. that's the middle of february. and we have just been looking prolonged sunny days. we'll take it. >> we will take it. all right danielle thank you. the arapahoe county sheriff's office says a 15-year-
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car walked away without any serious injuries overnight. investigators say this teen crashed around 1:00 a.m. near parker road and east long avenue. friends in the car are also okay. it's not clear at this point why the teen lost control and questions surrounding this crash are currently under investigation. across the united states, people celebrate love on valentine's day. but there is a different side to some relationships. one that is dark and abusive. that is why organizers are joining in a worldwide movement called one billion rising. as 9news reporter nelson garcia shows us dozens of people marched to make a statement against abuse. >> reporter: they're being loud. because people like chris brownlee are tired of being quiet. >> i'm here because i feel like they're alone. >> reporter: this is the one billion rising march. because united nations
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billion women across the world are raped or abused. >> i have been raped in my lifetime and my son will never be the man who is going to rape someone. >> reporter: her 4-year-old son is here to dance and learn. that even on valentine's day, there are dark sides to relationships. >> because it's all about love. and so many people don't feel love today because of the situations they've been in. >> reporter: they dance. >> no more, one in three. >> reporter: and they march. to let people know about the realities of domestic violence. >> bring awareness to one in three women are abused in their lifetime. >> reporter: organizers believe people don't generally think it is that big of a problem. >> in germany, they had several thousand women rise. they had women rise in syria. they had women rise in afghanistan. i know those women. and i -- this is a global movement and i don't understand why there aren't millions here today to rise above this issue.
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and dance. and be loud until people listen to people like brownlee. >> i feel like if they can talk to more people and then those people can talk to people and they can talk to people. then it's going help the world be in a better place. >> reporter: in denver, nelson garcia, 9news. >> the one billion rising movement started in 2012. last year organizers say people in more than 200 countries participated. the house fire in aurora forced a family of eight out this morning. the firefighters responded to the fire near al morera street and 12th avenue. everyone got out safeically crews say two -- saved two turtles in a glass tank. it started in the attic of the home. meantime north metro fire also busy knocking down a fire in broomfield. it was first reported at around 10:00 off of 7th avenue and birch streets. crews say it caused significant damage. no one was security the cause is un-- was hurt and the cause is unknown. the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs that was the center of the dead lie
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tomorrow morning. a full range of reproductive health services will be provided and a small portion of the building. a reopening ceremony is set for 9:00 a.m. even as construction and repair work continue in other sections of the building. you remember back in november a gunman opened fire at the clinic killing three people and wounding nine others. he shot at bistandsers and officers from nearly five hours before finally surrendering. cdot expects heavier traffic tomorrow on the i-70 mountain corridor because of the presidents' day holiday. many of those spending the three day weekend in the high country are expected to hit the road tomorrow morning and then late again in the afternoon. the eastbound toll lane will open during peak travel times. >> be careful. absolutely. instead of chocolate or flowers a shop in denver vinyl valentine. >> still ahead how the artist creates personalized records notes. >> a packed festival in india
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well, the snow secret that valentine's day -- no secret that valentine's day is huge for the flower and candy industry but sometimes people like to give a gift that's out of the ordinary.
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ha man trying to do just that. >> reporter: it's a different kind of store. >> hi. good morning. >> reporter: selling different kinds of things. >> dried goods and curiosities and pretty much everything. >> reporter: what makes sense that on a special day like today, the language of love is a little -- different. >> give your loved ones kind of more like records and less like mp3s. >> reporter: adam is partnering with the queen city general store in capitol hill taking the commercial and creating something personal. >> valentine's day was coming up and we're like -- boom. let's do it. we'll make valentine's day records for people. >> reporter: using a method he's perfected over the years. >> don't post this, this is my secret. >> reporter: adam creates custom copies of records for those in the mood for a personalized valentine's day statement. >> i'm going to give it to my sister. >> oh. that's super sweet. >> reporter: a show of love not easily found on store shelves. >> it's great i love it. >> reporter: for customers like mariah --
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care in a record than in an mp3. >> reporter: that's the gift of choice. >> i think she's going to love >> reporter: a different kind day. >> you know. >> reporter: in denver, nick mcgill, 9news. >> very cool. adam says he creates custom records for a living and says he's even recorded a few >> how cool? well a couple won a beautiful wedding at the colorado garden and home show today. tonya garcia and ryan michaels entered a contest to get married in one of the gardens at the show. they said i do today in front of friends and family inside of the colorado convention center. organizers say trying to recreate the garden used for the wedding would cost about $250,000. whoo. what a cool opportunity. >> i didn't know they did that at the garden and home show. what a great idea. aren't they a sweet couple. >> they're one of 14 million
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least -- they got married but other couples -- 14 couples got engaged this weekend. congratulations to them too. >> weekend of love. for the workweek. good news there. >> yes we do. danielle grant joins us again to tell us when the temperatures could reap into
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hi welcome back everyone; hope you guys are enjoying valentine's day. nice outside. the winds have died down just a bit here in the 9 backyard. they're ripping and roaring around the foothills and unfortunately we have another day on our hands for seeing some pretty gusty wind out there. the clouds have been pushing in as this short wave is dipping into the area bringing snow to the high country. and winds across the plains. boulder you are looking at 60- mile-per-hour speeds last night into early the morning. now -- this morning. now nothing but blue skies out there. a 2 so -- 52. so a bit cooler than the past few days in denver but still price. 40s -- nice. 50s across the arkansas river valley and 30s in eagle and rifle and leadville only 28 today. right now out of the airport we've cooled off a bit about 49 and mostly cloudy skies with the winds now coming at us out of the northwest about 5 miles per hour. here in the 9 backyard things looking pretty good. the temperature readings in the mid 40s a comfortable evening so if you are heading out on the town, i say a light jacket should do you just fine.
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so fierce you can see a couple of these reports coming at us, gold hill 91-mile-per-hour speeds. el dorado springs 75. lyons at 69 and 65-mile-per- hour gusts clocked out there in boulder, so again the worst of it around the foothills and tracking the 40-mile-per-hour speeds in allenspark and nederland. 39 longmont right now and 22 up there in fort collins. around the i-25 corridor and broomfield, aurora out there to stapleton all included with this. and unfortunately, it looks like tomorrow is gown to be today. up there in wyoming 36-mile-per- hour speeds in cheyenne. 26 out there in fort morgan. with that being said, this high wind watch everywhere you see in yellow so including the front range foothills and up into southern wyoming. that will last us through tomorrow evening. i think the worst of it kicks a.m. and we could have wind gusts around 75 miles per hour easily around timberline but the sustained winds between 20 and
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start to the monday. off and you don't have to go outside and deal with it all. high wind warnings in place for parts of southern wyoming too. high-profile vehicles treacherous and even up and down i-25 with those westerly to be a struggle. as we go throughout the overnight period, winds aren't really that bad. up and down urban corridor, they're breezy by 7:00 a.m. though the winds pick up in intensity quite a bit. from idaho springs in and around the red feather lakes area, the peak to peak highway is going to be a mess. highway 93. you know the typical spots the boulder turnpike, 285, or 287 i fort collins. blustery afternoon. this takes us the about 10:00 tomorrow evening. and still, will be tracking the 50-mile-per-hour speeds up in the mountains, not only they dealing with the winds but also seeing a little bit of snowfall too. you can see it coming down pretty swiftly out there and some wet roads along i-70 too. storm system from the northwest pushing in and the gusty winds off of the mountains and foothills are helping to gobble
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not really seeing too much in the way of moisture down here across the denver area. or off to the eastern plains. we'll zoom into mountains because you can see the snowfall beginning to intensify just a bit. along the i-70 corridor toward glenwood springs and just to the west of the continental divide that's where we're picking up a little bit more of that snow and it's finally meeting the i-70 corridor. georgetown and idaho springs on the way to frisco, you will find that snowfall and i think a lot of folks might be liking that especially if you're enjoying the three day weekend up in the mountains. throughout this evening the snowfall will continue up for our northern and central mountains e i'd say the northwestern facing slopes have the best shot of seeing pretty decent snow over the curse of the -- course of the next 24 hours. we could have a couple of little isolated showers pop in across the eastern plains overnight. tomorrow morning, we'll wake up and a bit of sunshine to work with some more snow coming into mountains. and then by lunchtime, few clouds drifting in across the northeastern plains. sunshine to work with through the afternoon and some sightly
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but all of that because of the gusty winds coming at us out of the west. so winter weather advisories will be in place and i'm thinking five to ten inches and rocky mountain national park, four to eight for the steamboat springs area and five to ten closer to the flat tops. and especially across vail pass i think that's where you will see six to seven inches and again this will continue through midnight tomorrow. so driving home from the mountains might be a bit tricky. put that in the back i don't have our head. -- of your head. the temps tonight low 30s around town. here in the metro area, the winds picking up out of the southwest before they switch to the northwest tomorrow. numbers still above average. the mid- to upper 50s around here and eastern plains warm just a bit more. especially across southeastern colorado that's where we will have the 60-degree readings and it should be a milder day up in the mountains too. low 60s in arvada lakewood littleton at about 63 and northern colorado looking pretty good too.
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steady throughout the day. so 57 tomorrow. we're still going to have a gusty day on our hands. winds turn a bit more breezy on wind will die down. the temperatures will warm up and you guys, there it is. 70 degrees on thursday. our current record? 71. so it's going to be a close one home. >> i feel like we're going to be punished later for the nice temperatures. what goes around comes around. >> march is usually our snowiest month. >> yes. >> we'll cross that bridge later. >> when it comes. >> all right. sounds good danielle. sounds like a plan. well, a festival in mumbai was quickly upstaged by a fire that cut performances short today. flames first appeared at the front door of the outdoor stage performing. once the flames quickly spread thousands of people were safely look at this. for thes rushed in -- firefighters rushed in and got it under control quickly can
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out how it got started. a love triangle in china tenniel talents. according to -- between elephants, according to local media reports one of the elephants damaged 15 cars, apparently it was a bit frustrated after another male elephant won the female elephant that he was after. yeah it was seen wandering around and pushing into vehicles for about 20 minutes before it returned to the reserve and got just to work out some frustration there. luckily nobody was hurt. >> of course all about a girl. >> boy he was unhappy. a superhero with a foul mouth shattered box office records this valentine's day weekend. >> and down on their luck and living in an rv. a couple is now getting a much- needed staycation from a group of strangers on a mission to
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the cruise ship battered by a storm last week is back at sea. the anthem of the seas cruise ship left port in new jersey yesterday. last week, it traveled into an intense winter storm in the atlantic ocean and had to turn around with 4500 passengers on board. damage. the coast guard inspected the ship and gave it the all clear and go ahead to sail again. well, at the box office, the superhero flick "deadpool" has a lively weekend debut and
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shattering last year's february debut record set by "fifty shades of grey." it's also the best opening weekend for an r. rated film. last weekend's first place film came in second bringing in just over $19 million and the romantic comedy "how to be single" rounded out the top three earning just over $18 million in its first weekend. valentine's day came early for a homeless couple in seattle. and desperate need of a reason to smile. the surprise came from a nonprofit that works all year long. here's reporter heather graff. >> reporter: the address, scrawled on a dumpster in soto to most people. probably doesn't mean much. >> this is basically it. >> reporter: but to tom and laura. >> we put on covers. we put on bundles. >> reporter: the lot at 520 massachusetts street and specifically the rv that's parked here is now home. >> i thankful for what i have and i have more than a lot of people do have. >> this here was taken 14 years ago.
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have tom says -- >> laura and thomas, december 2008. >> reporter: is each other. >> you know for us, every day is valentine's day. >> reporter: a love story that on this weekend that's all about love. caught the attention of a seattle nonprofit. >> happy valentine's day. >> thank you. >> happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day. >> reporter: the cold cramped rv christine moreland felt was no place for the couple who fell on hard times when tom was recently diagnosed with cancer. >> yes that's from radiation. >> reporter: to spend february the 14th -- >> tonight you're going to go into the hotel. and you're staying until monday. >> reporter: the gritty gravel parking lot -- no place for this former chef now jobless and homeless to cook a romantic dinner for his wife. >> because we have a basket with steaks, and seasonings. >> ooh.
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very surprised. i was shocked. to see that steak -- i forgot what steak tasted like you know. >> on a valentine's day balloons. >> reporter: it's only fitting then that the name of christine's nonprofit is the more love project. >> in it's more love. it's giving back. >> reporter: giving back and spreading love. >> what it says on the side of about. day. >> there you guys go. happy valentine's day. >> reporter: and every day. >> same to you all of you. >> that's a wonderful story, that was heather graff reporting, the more love project aims to help the homeless community in seattle. >> spreading the love. all right. the latest republican debate packed verbal browns with front -- brawls with front runner donald trump and his main rivals.
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earlier this morning the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived at a funeral home in texas. he was found dead at a resort in west texas saturday morning. a judge in texas tells our sister station in dallas that scalia died of a heart attack although an autopsy is pending. his body will be flown back to his family in virginia on tuesday. scalia was 79 years old and the longest serving justice on the current court. president obama says he will submit a nomination before his term ends despite criticism from republicans who say it should be let to the next commander -- left to the next commander-in-chief. he was a consistently conservative voice who believed in the written words of the constitution. rather than the intent of our founding fathers. his passing came in the middle of a landmark court calendar. now the court is divided evenly between liberals and conservatives and any tie votes uphold the lower court's ruling. "usa today" looks at cases now
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including the upcoming case over contraception andry lidgeon. religious -- religion. religious nonprofits sued over the affordable care act's rule requiring insurance coverage for birth control. with him on the bench, they stood a good chance of winning but now a tie is more likely which would leave the so-called contraceptive mandate if place for the little sisters of the poor. news of his passing broke just before the ninth gop presidential debate in south carolina. it led to a rare moment of agreement between several of the candidates wanting to block president obama's next nominee. then came the mud slinging. front runner trump slashed with jeb bush on foreign policy and the legacy of former president george w. bush. trump's barbs most lie drew boos from the crowd. >> well, world trade center came down during his presidency. [ booing ] >> well, donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe.
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immigration. both accused the other of lying about their records on the ohio governor john kasich didn't pick any battles instead he tried to build on his second place finish in new hampshire. while most people on stage fought each other, dr. ben attention. >> how many people have said to me you need to scream and jump else? is that really what you want? what we just saw? i don't think so. >> trump isokontsly leading the poll in south carolina. the state's republican primary is this upcoming saturday. the state department says it plans to finish making hillary clinton's e-mails public on february 29th. the day before the critical supertuesday primaries. this weekend, it released more than 1,000 new pages of e-mails sent to and from the private account she used as secretary of state. 81 of the messages were classified mostly at the lowest level of sensitivity. a separate review is underway as to whether then classified
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an interstate in central pennsylvania is back open again a day after a pile-up killed three people and sent dozens of others to the hospital. this is video from yesterday. state police reopened i-78 in both directions this morning and lebanon county. yesterday morning at least 50 vehicles were involved in the crash. more than 40 people were taken to the hospital and others were left stranded in the cold and were eventually taken to a temporary shelter. >> actually huddled us in another tractor-trailer driver didn't have anything in his trailer so he said you can all get in the back and keep warm. >> investigators believe passing snow squalls played a big role in the accident. a dog found changed to a tree with its paws frozen to the ground is now recovering at a veterinarian's office in new york city. on friday, a woman passing by found the dog. she says it couldn't stand up on its own and it's another unfortunate reminder about the dangers of leaving pets outdoors in freezing weather.
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please you know reach out for help. things can definitely go bad very quickly. especially when it's extreme temperatures you know freeze can go take place in a matter of minutes -- freezing can take place in a matter of minutes. >> it's unclear if the dog will be returned to its owner or put up for adoption. in new york they are considering a bill to increase penalties for pets left out in extreme colder heat religious a sheriff's deputy in mesa county was shot and killed this week. his final act of service got a response from many of you. we also heard positive comments about the story of a musician battling dementia. what a celebration for the denver broncos. here is kym kym with the 9 -- kim christiansen with the 9 listens report. >> i have a wound to the face and bleeding heavily. 15 i need an ambulance. >> we're getting an ambulance. >> this is truly a tragedy for us. >> reporter: a mesa county sheriff's deputy died this week after being shot by a 17-year- old. organs, one message? what a wonderful thing for his
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someone will be blessed if they get his courageous heart. with deepest humility, we apologize for the role our son dylan had in causing the suffering you and your family have endoured. >> many of you sent positive words to anne marie. she was seriously hurt in the columbine shooting and she shared the letter sent to her by the mother of one of the killers. she forgives her. one message? returning hate with more hate will never move our world anywhere we would want it to be. thank you for taking the lead, showing forgiveness and compassion. . a tremendous response to the story of billy and sid. billy is a well-known jazz pianist who has dementia. but still knows thousands of songs. sid makes sure he still gets to
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thank you for the story. this story warms my heart. our family lives with the awful everyday reality of my dad is going through alzheimer's. thank you sid for having such a kind soul and being such a good friend to billy. there's no place like broncos' country. i mean this right here is awesome here. this is amazing. >> finally still in the orange afterglow celebrating our super bowl champs the parade was awesome for fans in denver. and for those who watched it from afar. not going to lie, getting tears in my eyes watching the parade. love my broncos, wish i could be there in person but i live in texas now. way to go broncos. also our california crew had such a great time meeting all of you. many bronco fans who took trip just to be there to cheer on their team. it has been quite a ride. still feels like a dream to me that my denver broncos won super bowl 50. i hope you guys can win it again next season. make it a back-to-back win like in the '90s. congrats champs.
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go broncos. thanks for your comments and remember 9 listens. >> still seeing the size and magnitude of the crowds still unbelievable. mind blowing. we welcome your comments and you can also message us on facebook. we always appreciate it. iran is ready to export its first shipment of oil to europe since international sanctions ended. a senior official is quoted saturday saying iran will haul out four million barrels of crude. the french oil company total barrels. the other two million are going to companies in russia and spain. the u. n. lifted sanctions against iran last month after the country agreed to curb its nuclear program. pope francis continued his mexico trip today with the huge outdoor mass in a suburb of mexico city overrun by criminal gangs. the pope arrived by helicopter and then made his way to the mass on the pope mobile during his visit, the pope is focused drug trade.
5:38 pm
attended that mass. well, normally schools take kids on field trips to state parks but in washington, an elementary school is housed entirely on 347 acres of state parkland. >> wow what a great school. 18 kids in kindergarten through fifth grade spend 80% of their outdoors at the hid bee island. they have nature based curriculum for example and adding up the mushrooms seen during a hike. >> you can include math and you can include science and you can include history. and you can include social studies in any lesson that you're teaching. >> the school is funded with state money and student fees. when they are not outdoors students spend time in an old ranger cabin. students and instructors are also responsible for keeping the land clean. nothing like -- nothing like my school you know. >> no yeah. >> very different. >> just want to be outside. >> yeah you wanted to escape to the outside. >> more recess. >> that's right.
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years if you can believe it as host of "the tonight show." >> coming up, how he is challenging his predecessor jay leno to celebrate the
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jimmy fallon celebrating a very important anniversary this week, two years as the host of "the tonight show." nbc will showcase his most memorable moments so far and he's had a lot of them with a two hour special tonight at 8:00 on channel 9 and then all week long fallon will do his show from los angeles where of course jay leno previously hosted the show. two years later fallon says he is still getting used to the gig. >> this is crazy. you know, i really do -- i think about it all the time. i see -- i see my name. and you know, on the thing. or if i you know, we're out here in california and i'm on a billboard and it's like this is just crazy. >> fallon's special guests this week include will ferrell and jennifer lopez and ronda rousey who jimmy fallon says will beat you up. >> i love will ferrell and we love when jimmy fallon does the eww. >> you have it down. >> do your -- do your. >> i can't do it as well as you. you do it perfectly. but it is hilarious when he does that.
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it's been fantastic right? all right and i know the winds -- they've just been a pain. >> it really -- i meangusting hard out there. >> wild out there. and then on top of all that we have snowfall up in the high country. so some pretty wild in a lot of folks are enjoying it too. take a look at some of these shots coming into us from loveland. of course, they have their mountain top matrimony. yes a lovely thing they that do at the top of the mountain, dustin capturing all that and i believe he said there are 89 couples out there. and look at this on the snow boards with the veil and all. i'm loving it. so sweet on valentine's day. and you know what? some of these resorts jus picking up a couple of inches overnight again these reports coming at us at 5:00 in the one to two inches but i think more will be on the way as we head towards tomorrow. in fact this winter weather advisory will continue until midnight tomorrow. five to ten inches around rocky mountain national park and rabbit ear's pass and steamboat springs area about four to eight. the flat tops five to ten.
5:43 pm
presidents' day around vail and aspen, snowmass, three to six. and then even around winter park and a-basin and breckenridge, about four to eighty. so i -- eight. so i think tomorrow is going to be a great powder day for a lot of the favorite ski resorts. around here it shouldn't be too bad. all right we're going to have the goal with the winds once again but temperatures should be a little bit warmer and i think a little bit more sunshine out there too. once we get through the next couple of days we start to see the winds subside quite a bit. by wednesday mid 60s and i'm going for it. 70 degrees on thursday. and then next weekend a slight little cool-off but still it really doesn't look like we're going to have any moisture in the denver area anyway. >> look at that. >> for the next nine days. >> remarkable. >> everything is going to get really staticky you know the kids are going to be shocking each other but gosh 70. >> that will be pretty. >> unbelievable. outside playing in the park. >> love it. >> what is that like? south beach? >> that is like south beach. >> just like it. >> just like south beach yes. it's close as we get to south beach here that's for sure. >> we'll take it now.
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all right that was great. son miller appears -- son miller appears on "saturday night live." >> pretty good. yeah, plus an early start for the avalanche. doesn't start well.
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ott much of a -- not motion a morning person either and i can see why the avenues lost in buffalo today. they dropped the puck at 10:30 mountain time the morning, the avs were awol. two goals on the first two shots he saw or maybe didn't see them. colorado down 2-0less than five minutes in and roy had seen enough. patrick pulled varlamov and got to give the head coach credit. he knew simeon didn't have the stuff today. picard gave up just one goal the rest of the game but the damage had been done. eric johnson there with the avenues' only goal.
5:47 pm
1. varly's fifth straight game between the pipes was a game to forget. >> yeah, it was -- it was in our mind i mean to think about going with pic. but at the same time i mean he played so well. i mean sometimes when a goalie gets in the zone you just want do let him play and going and going. unfortunately i mean, it was not the start i'm sure he wanted. you got to believe the broncos players will continue to celebrate their super bowl championship for quite a while. still, but john elway is already focused on the future. the combine is less than two weeks away and plus try to sign the big free agents like malik and danny tea. von likely will get a franchise tag. >> all priorities you know and i think that is all the combination and as we go through it. you know it's a fluid process to kind of see where each one is. and you know, talking to -- talk to the representatives and see where they are and so i mean it's going to be a fluid situation but we -- you know we've only you know, our budget is so big. and so we got to make it work
5:48 pm
be the time that we can now kind of see where everybody is and start working on that and get a feel for who we're going to be able to you know, to hold on to. and so they're all priorities. we'll have much more from elway on the season final low of broncos tonight at 10:35. make it 53 straight tournaments. and counting. that's how many events phil mickelson played without a win. he took a two stroke lead into the final round today. all he needed was a six footer. phil was 23-23 from that distance or shorter this week. but not 24-24 and it lifts out and von taylor a champion for the first time in 11 years. and finally, we go back to and it's amazing. every time i turn on the television, there's a bronco as a special guest on some kind of national show. last night it was von miller on
5:49 pm
on weekend update talking science. >> von, you studied science in college right? >> yeah. i guess you could say that i did. >> okay. now so explain to us, the graffuational waves were -- gravitational waves were discovered -- >> picture two huge forces slamming together like say me and cam newton. [ laughter ] >> you just talking about football man. >> no. i'm talking about science. now these forces that are colliding make gravity waves like when i collided with cam newton forcing the fumble. >> all right, sounds like you're bragging. are you sure you're not bragging about this? >> come on, i told you this is science man. >> okay. now these waves are everywhere in the universe. >> just like i'm everywhere when cam newton closes in. von you already won man. >> look, this is a huge discovery. no one would it would happen
5:50 pm
keep the number one offense to just 10 points but it happened and it's amazing, discovery proves that einstein's theory me equals mvp. >> that's so funny. >> he nailed it. >> he really did. >> way do go. he was having a good time. you know, his comic timing i was surprised -- he was pretty on it. it was pretty funny. >> the funny thing is we tried all week to get him to have a little bet of fun with us because he was the number two pick after cam newton. a big connection between the two and he was so game faced. once that super bowl is over the guys are all let it out now. >> they have been amazing. >> i'm not kidding every show there's a bronco popping up somewhere. not just peyton either. they've been spreading it around. >> yep. >> al show miller has -- although miller has the most appearances i think. >> dress tina doesn't have a tie. >> i wonder if von would be interested in one of these? >> i guarantee you he would.
5:51 pm
>> allot of these little guys. >> ladies look at that tie. >> once a year. all right.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
oh. >> you know what i have often said the only thing that the weekend show needs and a buffet and a dance floor. >> and we're -- with that -- >> we have been talking about this. this is mark's last 5:00 p.m. weekend newscast with us. before he retires and we're trying to duct tape him to the seat. but -- we just wanted to show you how much we're going to miss you and how much we loved having you here, we have this huge cake here. >> gorgeous. >> happy retirement mark. >> i can't believe it. i know rod said he was up all night putting strawberries on it. >> that is just beautiful. i know what i'm having for dinner and i just said i was starving. >> we all have. >> well thank you guys. that's lovely. >> you know -- >> i have a feeling there's going to be many cakes to come. >> there is going to be many cakes to come. >> how deserving.
5:54 pm
have you on the weekends with us. >> well thank you. like i say -- i have told you what's my favorite show? it's saturday and sunday. 9news at 5:00 and 10:00 and the accounted 9:00 as well and -- 9:00 as well. you guys have been very accepting and very kind to me and i know next week you have a big player coming and i'll be watching from home. >> very sad. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm going to give you my tie. >> i want the tie too. >> we're giving you a cake. >> again, thanks again guys have a good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
>> we the jury, find the defendant, guilty! >> reporter: you actually think they read the wrong verdict? >> you feel so alone. >> reporter: it's like a shot in the chest. despair to hope. darkness to light. tonight, a fight for freedom, "in the shadow of justice." what happened to this teenager could happen to any one of our children. everyone should stand up and take notice. at 18, he was arrested for murder. adamant he was innocent. >> reporter: there was no physical evidence to tie him to
5:58 pm
>> i had nothing to do with this. i swear to god! >> reporter: so what could have possibly led to this?! >> you stabbed that woman. >> i stabbed her. >> you stabbed her didn't you? >> why would he confess to something he didn't do? why would he? >> reporter: what really happened during that police interrogation? >> the evidence shows you were there. i can't lie about the evidence. >> reporter: i can't lie to you about this, but the officer is lying about lying! tonight, an extraordinary look inside the interview room. >> you don't talk to me, i can't keep you from the worst! >> i was scared. i was shaking. >> reporter: this is one of the most intense interrogations that i've ever seen. welcome to "dateline." i'm lester holt. how could you confess to a crime you didn't commit? it seems to defy logic and common sense. and yet it does happen. advocates say far more often than any of us realizes.
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