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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  February 16, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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take me far away
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several homes damaged by flooding in boulder on a day it didn't rain. high winds across the front range and snow leads to a major backup for hour in the mountains. >> hundreds travel to the west slope to honor and remember a man who spent his life serving others, a deputy killed in the line of duty laid to rest.
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i've done, answer to what i've done. >> 9wants to know looks into teachers with a troubled past who had no trouble getting back into classrooms. >> and a fire that damages a historic church in colorado leaves behind a stain that is being called a miracle. 9news starts now. a broken water main in boulder soaking homes, some just repaired after previous floods. a bit before 5 p.m. an 8-inch pipe burst sending water down a street into 13 homes on norrowood and oak avenues. >> this neighborhood had serious flooding in the big floods a few years ago and my sister's floors were ruined then and so this is actually the third time in the last three years that she's had to replace her floors. >> tonight clean-up crews are using pumps to drain basements in that neighborhood.
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open after several crashes shut down the eastbound lanes tonight. traffic is moving smoothly through there now, not the case just a couple hours ago. around 6:00 this evening there were several crashes on the pass caused by a slick layer of snow and people heading back from the long holiday weekend. plows and tow trucks had trouble getting through. eastbound lanes were closed more than two hours. backups went through vail and beyond. on this side of the eisenhower tunnel all the traffic heading down after the weekend led to 30 to 45 minute delays. >> i-70 through glenwood canyon is closed due to a new rockslide a few hours after boulders were cleared away from the last slide. last night boulders fell onto the interstate near hanging lake tunnel. until 8:00 tonight. within two hours cdot was pointing to a fresh slide that closed i-70 from gypsum to glenwood springs, no estimate on when it reopens. some 1,500 people, many law
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grand junction to remember the life of mesa county sheriff's deputy derek geer who was shot several times a week ago after responding to a report of a person with a gun. a never veteran a deputy in may -- navy veteran a deputy in mesa county 14 years married with a 13-year-old and an 11- year-old. some officers at the funeral did not know geer personally, but they shared a bond. >> when one of our brothers or sisters gets killed in the line of duty, it's a difficult time, but we also understand that they did it one, for what they love and two, for the community. >> geer's colleagues carried his flag draped casket and saluted the fallen deputy. the memorial at dpd headquarters that honored fallen police officers man vandalized again. vandalized again.
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way it was defaced a year ago during an anti-police protest. since then police have set up cameras near the memorial. investigators think they know who is responsible for this overnight. of it. >> i really felt sick. that memorial really represents the mem and women that have given their lives serving this community and to deface it is a dishonor to those individuals and the men and women of the department and of this community. >> in a statement mayor michael hancock said he was extremely saddened and angered by this despicable act. suspects will face charges of trespassing, defacing property and criminal mischief. a business leader from boulder was hit and killed friday in new york city. 48-year-old elise lachowyn was
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latch win was in new york -- she was in new york attending a tech 4 kids. a gofundme site has been set up for her daughter's education. there's now renewed focus on an alleged incident involving peyton manning from 20 years ago. the incidents were brought back into the spotlight by a title 9 lawsuit against university of tennessee. six women filed the suit saying the school created a culture that tolerated sexual assault by athletes. the complaint states manning commuted a lewd act against a female trainer as she tried to examine his leg injury. a settlement in the 1990s between that trainer and the university included a confidentiality agreement. 9news broncos insider mike klis put together a detailed timeline of several lawsuits including another between the manning family and that trainer in 2003. you can read mike's full article on the front page of those winds have not let up. they started earlier today and they're still picking up
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miles an hour. gusts in the foothills nearly reached hurricane force today. once they do die down and move out we could see record breaking temperatures this week, could see 70s for the front range and remember this is mid-february. kathy tells us which days give us the best chance in a few minutes. a second hospital in arizona is offering hiv and hepatitis testing for patients who might have come in contact with rocky allen, the former surgical tech. allen was an employee at badger for six weeks in 2014. -- banner for six weeks in 2014. he's being investigated by the dea and fda allegedly for switching syringes to get pain medication at swedish. about 2,900 people who had surgery there are being given
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hiv, hepatitis b and c. after exposing 9,000 disciplined teachers missing from a national database another story about cracks in the system, for years the man from colorado deceived -- a man from colorado deceived the state in several school districts about his teaching qualifications. tonight we continue with his dishonor roll, a look at troubled teachers who had no trouble getting back into classrooms. >> i hear from the things that i've done, answer to what i've done. >> reporter: if there was a college degree for job deception -- >> i made my mistakes obviously. >> reporter: -- daniel garcia would perhaps have a phd. >> my hope is that something good comes out of this. >> reporter: he says he's reformed. >> there may be some people who the classroom. what do you say to those people? >> walk a nile many my shoes. >> reporter: we found -- a mile in my shoe. >> reporter: we found garcia managed to walk into numerous classrooms based on lies on
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this guy was lying almost from the very beginning of his career. >> that is absolutely true. >> reporter: state education documents show garcia lied about having a master's degree, repeatedly lied about his job lift and lied at other schools when he -- history and lied at other schools when he was caught lying. >> every single application was falsified from the very beginning. he was consistent in his falsification. >> reporter: we found his failure to disclose criminal charges did not stop him from teaching either. he was charged for writing a bad check to a teach are and another charge for forging a jeffco schools. >> i thought it was really strange and inappropriate and unprofessional. >> reporter: then there was that time he sent his students' parents an e-mail claiming he was adopting a child and asked for money. when denver public schools started investigating, he resigned. >> i would think that he would have learned his lesson and
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did not. >> reporter: he moved from district to district to district here in the denver metro area with all sorts of issues. did those issues ever put you guys on notice saying hey, this guy is a problem? >> we never got notification and there are holes in the system. >> reporter: by our count, garcia deceived up to five school districts here in the denver area and he managed to keep his teaching license despite resignation after resignation when caught, his deception didn't stop in colorado. he moved here to the seattle area and obtained a state teaching certificate. washington had no idea about his questionable history. garcia lied his way into seattle schools where he taught kids for two years until finally colorado, not washington, revoked his teaching license. his name was entered into a database of disciplined teachers putting washington on notice. was it a mistake to put this guy in the classroom? >> he wasn't necessarily a danger to children.
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states for revoking your licenses? can you blame them? can you really blame them for what you did? >> can i blame them for seeing just what's on paper? absolutely not, but can i blame them for not listening and opening themself up to the entire story? absolutely, yes. >> reporter: garcia says his lies came from his bipolar disorder. >> people don't understand how difficult it is to i have a mental illness. >> reporter: i do -- is to have a mental illness. >> reporter: i do want to be sensitive to any mental health issues you may have now or in the past, but is that appear excuse here? >> -- an excuse here? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: there may be some audience members out here watching this tonight that may say he's a manipulator. he's lying. what's your reaction? >> people who know me and people who know the true daniel garcia know that i'm not a manipulator. >> reporter: it's just strange that it just took so long for
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>> i agree with you, absolutely agree with you. >> reporter: the state says the story of daniel garcia should be a wakeup call for local districts to share more information with each other about troubled teachers and to share information with the state of colorado. >> so how did garcia get hired with a criminal history? don't they do background checks? >> they sure do and this is really interesting. the two times daniel garcia faced criminal charges he received deferred sentences which means after serving probation his record was wiped clean. the system relies on teachers to be honest when answering the question have you ever been convicted or investigated for a crime? garcia says he never disclosed his criminal charges on the advice of his attorney, but the rules are clear. you still got to be up front with the state. >> absolutely. >> even when you have a deferred sentence. >> all right.
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it was music's biggest night. the winners, the president who took home a grammy and von miller's most valuable outfit. >> after a fire at colorado's oldest church, parishioners see a new image on the wall. >> who needs a sled dog when you have a cat willing to pull skiers through the snow? >> no snow for the front range at least this week. kathy is tracking what could be record breaking temperatures. >> reporter: you got to figure
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it appears that tonight's rockslide onto i-70 in glenwood canyon could keep the interstate closed for some time. colorado state patrol tweeted that the damage on the road is extensive and the delays could be extreme. we'll keep you updated throughout the night. in the aftermath of a fire at colorado's old s church an image caught the eye of parishioners.
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electrical fire caused serious smoke damage at our lady of guadalupe fire. the same church caught fire on that date 90 years ago. the father noticed what appears to be a crown above the portrait of the virgin mary that appears smoke damage. the father said some parishioners say it appears to be a miracle and ask he leave it as it is. that church is 162 years old. taylor swift had a great night in music's big he is night and in true taylor swift -- biggest night and in true taylor swift fashion, she appeared truly shocked for every award that came her way. she took home album of the year. record of the year went to bruno mars for uptown funk and on this presidents day jimmy carter won a grammy for best spoken word. how about the month that von miller has had so far, super bowl, parade, saturday night live? tonight he showed up in a shiny jacket to be a presenter for the grammys. >> reporter: one of my
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when adele and lionel richie both said hello. i thought that was cool. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine outside in kind of a windy but mild 9news backyard. we've been dealing with a lot of wind this afternoon. the winds will improve overnight and tart to die down, but before the wind came the -- start to die down, but before the wind came the weekend fog. viewer video coming in from lakewood looking back over downtown denver, this almost looks like the marine layer you might see off the california coast line, but this was saturday morning in denver. another beautiful sight, we had this glorious sunset tonight and we so appreciate your pictures and wind reports coming in. those gusty downsloping chinook winds brought temperatures close to 60 in denver, 70 in pueblo and the winds we're still tracking this hour at the airport but easing somewhat, 46 at the airport and temperatures have been running a bit milder in the downtown area. we're still in the low 50s here.
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foothills tonight with gusts 40 to 60 miles per hour in areas like arvada, broomfield, boulder, berthoud and kenosha pass. the high wind warnings extend up into wyoming and montana where this northwest flow winds aloft are coming down off the front range foothills and some moisture is on the eastern plains as well, but today it's been snow and blowing snow in the high country with a winter weather advisory remaining in effect until midnight tonight with 3 to 6 inches of snow total. there's a little rain trying to fall in the north eastern plains tonight. a lot of this moisture is not hitting the ground but kind of an interesting weather scenario in one of our drier colder months, if you will. high pressure is anchored over the area. so the west is relatively quiet, but the eastern seaboard dealing with tornadoes, heavy rain, wind and snow. so difficult travel expected from jacksonville all the way up to the carolinas and northeast tomorrow. high pressure will bring us another day of sunshine and above average readings, i think less wind, but the trough of low pressure being carved out
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where all the action will be tomorrow, storm plowing up the northeast coast, low following behind it and cold arctic air settling in right behind this front of the we're kind of on the fringe of all thattivity it, but as wind shift tomorrow out of the -- that activity, but as winds shift tomorrow out of the southwest we'll see highs in the 60s and warmer on thursday. if you're lucky maybe a little rain on the plains and then i think just with sunshine and less wind we'll have a warmer day, kind of quiet weather before the next storm takes aim at us late in the weekend. 30s on the a plan tonight, 20s -- on the plains tonight, 20s in the high country, above average for denver, greeley, sterling, better travel day for those of you headed up i-70 late tonight or tomorrow. this latest little impulse will push out of here. things will calm down. enjoy the break from the cold, snow and hopefully the wind as we settle into a beautiful
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the winds will slowly decrease overnight, 32 degrees with the sun up about 7:00 tomorrow. 57 by lunchtime, low 60s in afternoon and warmer for the middle part of the week. only a slight cooling trend for the end of the week and i'm watching something for sunday. not all the models agree, but i think there's a chance for cooler weather sunday and a chance of a rain or snow shower, not a big storm. we bounce right back out of it monday and tuesday next week. thank you all so much for your glorious scenes reminding us how lucky we are here to live in colorado. sometime you just got to sit down and enjoy the dog days of winter. that golden retriever is actually smiling. >> that is a fine looking animal. >> it's going to the dogs and the cats. there's a cat in norway that stars in one of the most popular videos on the internet today. jesper doesn't seem to mind going for a run in the snow. his owner says jesper is also a skier, hiker and tags along ready for any adventure. jesper actually has his own blog with thousands of
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you don't need to know a thing about presidents to get presidents day off. you don't need to know a thing about presidents to vote either, but a little knowledge neither hurts. 9news reporter steve staeger is headed to the 6 seventh street mall in -- 16th street mall in denver to either renew our faith in humanity or crush our hopes. >> reporter: on this presidents day a little bit of fun. federal reserve? >> reporter: we are. presidents day trivia, you know you want to play. let's start with the easy stuff. ask not what your country can do for you? >> but what you can do for your country. >> reporter: how long is a president's term typically? >> four years. >> reporter: if the president and vice president die who becomes president? >> senator? >> secretary of state? >> reporter: just say secretary of state. think of an elected position that would be in congress.
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don't worry. if the president dies and the vice president dies -- >> speaker of the house. >> reporter: theodore roosevelt once said speak softly and -- >> tread lightly? >> reporter: take a guess. >> i was going to say prosper. i know that's not it. >> carry a big stick. >> reporter: who is on mount rushmore. >> four people. >> i can see the faces and picture it. i don't even do good with the names of my friends sometimes. >> let's say benjamin, the guy benjamin with the thing. oh, man. >> reporter: the monocle. >> george washington, thomas jeff, so abraham lincoln and teddy rows -- jefferson, roosevelt. >> reporter: who was the first republican president? >> bill clinton? >> lincoln. >> reporter: who was the only nonconsecutive? >> grover cleveland.
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the shortest president james madison, 5' 4. the fallest president honest abe 6' 4, a foot taller. president herbert hoover had a sport named after him, hoover ball basically volleyball. instead you catch and throw a medicine ball. it's used a lot in cross fit. ever use a medicine ball throwing it lander? we all loved the washington post article today talking about president lifespans. when president obama was born, president hoover was alive. when he was born, president johnson was alive and when he was born, president adams was alive, four lifetimes through all of presidential history. thanks for working presidents day. >> if you want to test your knowledge on and the 9news facebook page, see which president was also a supreme
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from colorado sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. if mikaela shiffrin was a basketball player returning from a knee injury, she'd attempt a 360-degree dunk right after the opening tip. if she played football, she'd return the football for a touchdown and flip into the end zone, but she's a skier, so today in her first competition since tearing a ligament in her
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shiffrin the olympic and world champion raced down the slopes in switzerland to win the women's world cup slalom. that's what i'm talking about! shiffrin begins her comeback with a victory. >> it's really special to be able to win today. that's for sure because it was a tough fight, but i just kind of put that behind me now. >> reporter: you're back. >> yeah, i'm back. here i am. i'm literally here. >> undeniable. rockies all-star third baseman arenado heading to spring training with a new title, face of the franchise. he can't help but notice arenado's relationship with the people of colorado seems to have changed. >> yeah. i think the fans are reacting a little differently, which is great. i appreciate their support. i love the fans. they always come out and support us. good or bad they're always
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if people want to label me as a face or something like that, they can. i have no problem with taking that on. that doesn't affect me. i don't think about it to be honest with you guys. i just go out there and try to do the best i can and help this team win. those are my focuses. i try not to let other distractions from other things from people hearing me. >> high in deep left center field he may have got another one. >> although he had one of the great he is seasons of any third basemans in major league history, he's still convinced he can improve. >> being more vocal talking to these guys, let them know how i feel and if i feel something in my heart i need to share with this team, i'm going to. back in the day i wouldn't do it so much. i'll mind my business. there will be times i need to let guys know what we need to do and i'm going to voice my opinion. >> the rockies are expected to
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standings again and arenado understands, why but he doesn't have to agree. >> yeah. guys are excited. we're tired of losing. guys are just tired of losing in general and it gets old. guys want to step up and i think guys are getting better and the young guys i think are getting better also. i think this team will be different than years past and i think we're excited about it. >> so arenado is the new face of the franchise who takes over for tulowitzki who got transferred when took over for helprin who retired who took over for larry walker. great face, right? this is the face of the franchise right here. top hat of the franchise.
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that's all for us.
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jimmy has will ferrell and christine aguilera. see you tomorrow.
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gwen sitting on blake's lap. katy and orlando confirming they're dating. breaking couples news from
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>> now on "extra." gwen and blake, katy and orlando, avril back together with chad? it's grammy couples palooza. >> love you. >> a.j. and tracy inside all the parties. >> best of the best. >> plus, a mega music wedding. guess who tied the knot in front of guests, including oprah and stedman. leo dicaprio caught on the kiss cam as he dominates the oscars of britain. >> i am absolutely humbled. >> all the candid moments from the oscars before the oscars. then, kanye's money woes. >> why he's out $53 million and hitting up the facebook founder for cash. and hours after the ugliest, nastiest debate yet. >> i'm in south carolina with senator marco rubio. >> only for "extra." >> mario is all over the map, backstage with britney at her sold out show on the strip. >> it lights up with fire, and i pray to god, i have so much hairspray.
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sucking? >> and her mega dare for mario. >> i love you! >> now on "extra," from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. and i'm on the campaign trail in south carolina with marco rubio. coming up, a sneak peek at my exclusive sit-down with the presidential hopeful. also coming up, mario, lady gaga going for a pre-grammys night tattoo of a rock legend. music's biggest names are here in l.a. for tonight's grammys. a.j. and tracey hit up all the parties to get all the couples news. >> music's it couple, when exes collide. hot pics. hotter gossip. major pda. kicking off a grammy valentine weekend to remember. gwen stefani and blake shelton sharing a seat. his arms wrapped around her waist.
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smiles on their first valentine's date together at clive davis's legendary party as she hypes the debut of her new song "make me like you." a few a-listers going solo at the adele concert. y hsks law, emma stone and woody harrellson singing along to "rolling in the deep." also in the crowd, katy perry and orlando bloom making their romance official. her ex john mayer just a few feet away with a mystery brunette. orlando's ex miranda kerr making her red carpet debut at clive's bash with snapchat founder boyfriend evan steigel. this skin tight dress is how you squash pregnancy rumors. >> happy valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day. >> this is a good valentine's day treat, right? >> yes. this sets the bar real high. >> sly and jennifer, john, and a very pregnant crissy.
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