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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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nevada. and he wants everyone to know it. we're looking ahead to what the win in nevada... means for the rest of the campaign. walking around... carrying a concealed a permit. how this could colorado.. mobile homes ripped apart... trucks tossed around like matchbox cars. the south has a lot of clean-up to do today... after severe weather stormed through the area. we'll hear from one man - who was in his mobile home when the storm started. good morning, gary and corey with you. cheryl is off today. marty coniglio and traffic reporter amelia earhart join to a sunny
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donald trump takes nevada with almost 46 percent
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tuesday's nevada caucuses. marco rubio came in second with 24 percent... and ted cruz in close third with 21 percent. super tuesday is 6 days away and now the candidates are looking ahead... 9news reporter colleen ferreira joins us... colleen alot of reaction coming in from last night's caucus...
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him even more confidence when it comes to securing the republican nomination. last night's win is his third consecutive...after new hampshire and south carolina. trump said last's going to be an amazing two months ... but he might not even need the two months.. h ted cruz and marco rubio battled for a distant second, while ben carson and john kasich were well back in single digits. marco rubio was looking for his first outright win in nevada...but he had to settle for second this time around. and ted cruz..coming in close third...says he is the only "consistent conservative" left who can beat trump.
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less than a week away now.... who do you think will be the front runner after super tuesday? go to our facebook page and chime 5:30 the top things you need to know about what happened last night in nevada. south carolina is the next state to vote. the democratic primary is saturday. hillary clinton and bernie sanders discussed issues of race at a cnn town hall yesterday. blinton is counting on a strong showing in southern states. after saturday -
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republican candidates will focus on super tuesday. 11 states - including colorado - will host a democratic primary or caucus. and for the republicans: 11 states will also hold primaries and caucuses. nearly 6-hundred delegates are up for grabs. our partners at usa today analyzed ted cruz and marco rubio's latest campaign finance reports. they found that cruz raised double the campaign donations than rubio in the 11 super tuesday states... which could indicate he has a better chance of getting more votes. colorado republicans are trying again to pass a bill that would allow people to carry concealed handguns with a permit. a similar bill was voted down by a house committee last year. 9news reporter noel brennan is live from the state capitol. noel, the measure passed the senate on a party-line vote
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behind her... and now that her attacker is guilty, michelle wilkins can focus on the future. dynel lane was convicted of attempted murder in the attack on wilkins and her unborn baby girl. 9news anchor kyle dyer visited with wilkins after the verdict. she says she's able to have children... but that will wait. right now, she's still grieving her unborn baby - named aurora. wilkins says she forgives dynel lane... although she has quesions she knows she will never get answered. at 5:30... hear how michelle wilkins described what she
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the verdict was read. two women were rushed to the hospital - after what colorado state patrol called a "horrible crash." and just by looking at this wreckage... you can see just how horrible the crash was. the women were thrown from this red suv on i-225 near parker road last night. the crushed car skidded across the highway... through a fence... and rolled down an embankment... before coming to a stop in the parking lot of kennedy ball fields. both women had serious injuries. wildland fire crews will be working to make bear creek lake park safer today. west metro crews will be removing 70 trees - that died during the flooding in 20-13 and 20-15. some fell over during recent high winds and crews are worried more could tip over and hurt someone. denver continues to lead most parts of the country when it comes to rising home prices. the s&p/case- shiller home price index for december shows prices in the metro area rose just over 10- percent from december 2014 to december 2015...
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half that amount nationally. the market cooled a bit in the fall around here, but a lack of homes for sale and slower new home construction continue to create a hot market. the markets could see more red arrows today. stocks sold off tuesday, on a big drop in oil prices -- crude is lower again today, below $31 a barrel. investors reacting to comments by saudi arabia's oil minister ruling out any production cuts, and reports that u-s supplies rose more than expected last week. look for data this morning on new home sales. would like a yogurt with that? mcdonald's is partnering with greek yogurt maker chobani for a marketing test in southern california. the fast-food chain is trying to transform into what it calls a "modern, progressive burger company." the chobani yogurt will be used in parfaits and smoothies.
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were semi-trucks... as 30 possible tornadoes... spread across the roofs and entire walls were ripped off buildings in convent, louisiana.... cars were tossed in all angles.... among the debris of homes. officials think a tornado touched so far, 3 people have died. a man in louisiana was recording at a gas station when the storms caused the power to go even with the lights out, you can see how hard the rain is coming down. thousands of south do not have power. a tornado tore apart this in pensacola, the twister path across the responders are and rescue operations this morning. marty - that area could see more bad
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the moments of the boston
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and the manhunt that followed... will be relived on the big screen. and a boston native hopes to tell the story... from the police chief's point of view. ahead -- a police officer... crashed into another car on purpose.
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group in utah will be in court today... accused of food stamp money laundering. lyle jeffs and seth jeffs are among the 11 people arrested. they're the brothers of warren jeffs... the leader of the fundamentalist church of jesus christ of latter day saints... who is serving a life sentence for sexual assault. a boston native... will bring the memories of the boston marathon bombings... and the manhunt that followed back to the forefront. a movie starring mark wahlberg about the boston marathon bombings is in the works. he will play the police chief... and the movie will be from his point of view. movie producers are asking neighbors on laurel street for permission to recreate the police shootout that happened on their
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in world news... wreckage from a small plane that vanished today in nepal has been found in the mountains. the plane was flying in bad weather when it went down. all 23-people, including two children, died in the crash. the future of cars - could mean no key! gregg will explain how one car company is looking to start its next generation of cars. but first, lets check in with marty
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tonight. the space-x rocket is attempting to put another telecommunication s satellite into orbit. once the satellite is in orbit, the first stage of the falcon 9 rocket will then attempt to landing on a ship floating at sea. space - x engineers say a successful landing is not expected. audi is the top brand in consumer reports' annual rankings...this despite the fact that its diesels cheated on u.s. emissions tests. subaru, lexus, porsche and bmw rounded out the top five in the survey. fiat, jeep, mitsubishi, land rover and chrysler were the lowest- ranked brands.
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of the year. the honda fit scored top for best subcompact car. best compact car goes to the subaru impreza. the toyota camry gets the best midsized car pick. best large car goes to the chevrolet impala. the subaru forester tops the suv. kia's sorento ranks top for best midsized suv. want a luxury suv -- the lexus rx crossover scored high. the toyota sorento was named best minivan . the ford f-150 tops the list for best pickup truck. and for the sports car driver -- the mazda mx-5 miata packs a lot of fun for the dollar. volvo wants to replace car keys with smartphones. the automaker says bluethooth- enabled smartphones can actually become digital keys ..eliminating the need for a physical key or key fob. the smartphone would be able to not only start the car, but also unlock the doors and trunk.
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device would be able to handle multiple digital keys---one for every volvo car in the family. volvo says it will test the technology starting this spring in sweden. let's check in with marty. david bowie died about 2 months ago but he's living on through his music...
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through his music... an effort to underway to use introduce it to
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driver in distress... and others on the road. brenham, texas police officers were trying to pull over a woman for driving erratically on the shoulder.... hitting multiple curbs... and ignoring their police lights and sirens. when sergeant seth klehm drove up next to her - he saw she was having a medical emergency. that's when the officer put his car between hers and other drivers. his dash camera shows the moment she crashed into his car. officers then had to smash her window to get her help. the officer's patrol car was damaged - , no one was badly hurt. david bowie gave the world a gift
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"blackstar". and tomorrow - an effort will start to introduce younger music. "insta-mini-series" series honoring bowie exclusively for instagram. be inspired by bowie's last album. the first one comes out tomorrow night. it'll take 3 weeks to release them all. bowie apparently approved of this project before his death. a woman has an incredible message of forgiveness... after her attacker is found guilty. and we learn about how michelle wilkins was
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for her lost baby. a message of forgiveness.... from
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no. i do not hate darnell, but i am angry for all the deceit and selfishness. this element is hardly fathomable for me. >> the message from the woman who had her unborn baby cut
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>> why she feels the verdict was a right one. >> we're wreaking wreak -- breaking down the top takeaways from the nevada caucuses. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. >> all right. it's resistant to regular medicine and is spreading across the country. now the parents have to worry about super lice. the steps parents need to take to stop the spread. >> as if it's not enough pain already. now, good morning. thank you for joinings. fair, cory, marty is here. >> we're going to have a little wind to go along with it. that's a lot of times the combination you have. clear over the city right now. temperatures running in the teens, 20s, and 30s. notice broomfield and boulder in the 30s. that's because of the wind.


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