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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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a suspect is dead following a shooting with evans police. minutes ago, we breaking news this morning. a suspect is dead following a police shooting in evans, which is in weld county. just a couple of minutes ago we learned the suspect was shot after he showed a gun. another suspect on the scene was arrested. this is a live look at the scene on highway 85, the highway is closed between 37th and 42nd streets in evans. it is expected to be closed most of the morning as they continue this investigation. the officer, by the way, we believe is okay.
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traffic impact because of this activity here along highway 85. 85 is closed both directions from 37th street to 42nd street south of 34 in evans, which is directly south of greeley. a local detour is in place and a 5 to 10 minute delay is anticipated. highway 85 is of course the main artery leaving greeley to head anywhere south. so as this continues to evolve, we'll keep you updated on the details. but for right now 85 is closed both directions during this roadway here because of the local detour. 5 to 10 extra minutes needed to get around this closure. good morning everyone, welcome to 9news i'm corey rose alongside gary shapiro. cheryl is off today. meteorologist marty coniglio is in the backyard. >> reporter: it is gorgeous, another great pre dawn sky. just lovely out here again today. clear conditions for the most
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pre dawn sky here over denver, wind mainly confined to the mountains and foothills where i think it will stay through a good bit of the day today. no woodburning restrictions in effect. dry conditions on hd doppler statewide. i anticipate that to stay throughout the day. temperatures starting now in the 20s, ending up close to 50 degrees. most of us will come up a little shy of 50 with sunshine over the area. again gusty winds in the foothills at times, 25 to 35 miles per hour, but that is really going to stay in the high terrain today. temperatures in the 40s above 7000 feet, 40s to near 50 up and down i-25. through loveland, ft. collins and greeley. corey, it is a good looking day today and as you said, it gets warmer from here. in fact we could be pushing records by the start of the weekend. >> looking nice marty thank you. a sheriff's corporal is dead two deputies hurt and an entire community in mourning today. this after a man, identified as
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the three of them while they were serving him an e vision notice yesterday. worth was killed when deputies returned fire. we are learning more about him and tarhonda thomas will give us background in just a minute. but we are going to start with 9news reporter noel brennan. noel they held a vigil last night? >> reporter: they did. right at the church. in fact behind me, and we are also learning more about the details of what happened yesterday morning. we know they went to serve this high-risk eviction notice to martin worth at his home, about 9:45 in the morning when this happened. and police say that worth actually came out onto the deck when deputies come there, and then he went into the house. officers followed him into the house and that is when he started shooting. corporal nate kerrigan was shot and died at the scene.
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times and he is in critical condition now. a bullet grazed the ear of captain mark hancock. he was treated and released at the hospital. last night they gathered to remember corporal nate kerrigan. 100 people showed up, including football players at the high school where he was an assistant coach. everyone paying their respects. >> he was jovial, god spirits, you know, -- good spirits, you know, he was a nice person. and he will be missed a lot. >> reporter: nate kerrigan surely touched a lost lives in bailey, a tight knit community. and everyone also pulling for the deputy who is in critical condition, colby martin, this morning. we are also learning more
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for that let's go to tarhonda thomas who has more information. >> reporter: he ranted against police online, writing on facebook police are an occupying force and worth was arrested twice for dwi in 1996 and 2004. he also faced a murder charge in 1994. worth admitted to shooting and killing a man in ft. collins on following a chess game. he successfully argued he used self-defense during a struggle and he was acquitted. ten years ago he was accused of threatening an alcoholic's anonymous counselor as well. the 58-year-old was involved in leftist protests and in 2014 he ran for state senate with the green party.
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mae. he lost that case in september. now the company foreclosed on his home and deputies were serve that go eviction notice firing at them. eye driver accused of leading police on a chase is facing a judge today. parker police tried stopping a mercedes for blowing through a stop sign at a school parking lot. that is when aaron cuss is accused of backing up and taking off. the association for surgical techs says something needs to change after a former surgical technician at swedish medical center is accused of exposing thousands of patients to a blood borne disease. the group wants to stop this from happening again.
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get his hands on a powerful painkiller called fentanyl and this wasn't the first time. >> he would have lost his license as a nurse or physician's assistant and therefore not allowed to work anywhere from the united states again. however because we don't have that accountability in place for surgical techs, they can still work in the operating room. >> and a bill in the state legislature to continue requiring surgical techs to register with the department of regulatory agencies is in a house committee right now. an update to a story we brought you earlier this week. three dogs in el paso county have been put down after they weekend. the great danes injured the children saturday and three kids had to have surgery. the dog's owner, who runs a breeding company, faces charges of unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog. a virus rarely seen in the united states any more might be
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hospitals are warned to stay on the lookout for mumps. four cases have been confirmed, two possible are under investigation. the public health and environment department thinks the cases are linked to an outbreak in iowa. symptoms include fever, headaches, muscle aches and swollen glands. marijuana tourism is risky, apparently, if you are not from around here. a new study shows tourists are ending up in the emergency room after trying marijuana. their visits are far greater than colorado residence. the new england journal of medicine reviewed. there was a 109% increase in er activity for visitors to colorado compared to a 44% here full-time. an environmental group plans to sue a st. louis-based coal company saying it does not have the money to make good on
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including here in colorado. pea body energy was notified. it owns the 20-mile mine. if you are just stepping out the door, it is brisk. teens and 20s over the front range and west with singles and teens in mountain areas. we are seeing a few readings between 25 and 30 degrees on the northwest side of town benefiting from a slight chinook effect we have going. as i said saturday, of course, we are going to warm up, temperatures close to 70, perhaps even a little above the record high for saturday is 73. we'll be in the running for that and then look for really strong winds saturday night to sunday morning. i-70 through glenwood canyon could reopen today. there is still clean up left to do after the february 15th rock
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make changes this afternoon. if the area is deemed safe enough, eastbound and westbound traffic could open at the same time during daytime, and closures would be lifted. drivers can still expect delays at certain times of the day for at least an hour while they continue to clean up. but that is some progress anyway. >> way better than the 5-hour detour around. so art is often meant to evoke emotion and one student's racially driven art work is people. plus a prank gone wrong.
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welcome back. over 120th avenue the northbound stretch of i-25, a crash has taken place where a car spun off the side of the road, took out construction barrels, spread a load of sand across the road as well as fluid off to the left hand shoulder. the tow truck is on scene the right lane is blocked and i-25 is backed up from about 84th avenue. the curiosity delay on the southbound side is also affected, because everybody can see those flashing lights and all this activity, which took place in the northbound lanes. our travel time in the immediate area, 11 minutes for northbounders, much heavier for you, average speeds in the yellow at 36. southbound 42 miles per hour and a 9-minute stretch. here's your look outside across u.s. 36 at pecos. both directions starting to get slug and i are marty the sun glare is definitely going to factor into our eastbound route. >> reporter: it is.
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the area today on the heels of the huge storm that came through. the severe weather is over, over the east coast. we still have rain in parts of new england and maine, with snow on the back side of that system. looking ahead to the next weather maker in colorado, you have to go a few hundred miles out into the pacific, that is a weak storm that will move through saturday night, sunday into the mountains, very light snow in the northern mountains. so between now and then it will be dry. 20s east and west, single digits and teens in the mountains, we have slipped gunnison. sunny this afternoon, most of the wind stays above 7000 feet, 25, 35 miles per hour. temperatures there in the 40s. 40s to near 50 up and down i-25 and i-76. for the state a lot of sun around the area today, and with the exception of the front range foothills, not a tremendous amount of wind either. 40s, 50s west south and east, with 30s ask 40s in the -- and
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a calm day going on around here. 49 is the average high for today's date. we'll be close to that with sunshine today. tonight in the mid-20s. we start getting a southwest wind to want, a nice down slope wind -- tonight, a nice down slope wind. closer to 70 on saturday. record high is 73. saturday into sunday light mountain snow but big front range winds sunday morning. we stay mild until tuesday when light snow returns to the front range. marty thank you. nissan disabling an app that allowed owners of the lea to control their car's heating and cooling system right from their smartphone after an australian researcher showed he could use it to control other it looks foreward to releasing a more secure app very soon. the apple watch, not the popular holiday gift apple was
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apple did ship just over 4 million of smart watches. that is a lot but most predicted selling 5 million. the cheapest is the apple watch sport and costs about 349 bucks. if you are an apple owner and a fan of siri, you are going to like this news. apple plans to use its next major operating system release to expand siri across its product lines. all bets are this will include its mac computer line. the new operating system launches in june. >> will she work better? >> mine doesn't like me. >> no mine doesn't like me either. >> but i have an older app. >> the new siri is not much better. >> siri likes me. >> well no doubt. >> just saying. >> how is that possible? you spill coffee on her and drop her in the toilet. >> there is that. a shocking response to a little boy suffering from an allergic reaction. >> passengers on a plane
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6:19 right now. a piece of student art at kentucky high school is now drawing national attention. officials received complaints about a piece of art created last year. it compares a white police officer pointing a gun on a
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can you lux clan pointing a gun at a child in 1930. school district officials have no plans to remove the drawing. a dramatic and emotional day yesterday in a civil lawsuit brought by sports reporter erin andrews. her father testified about her trauma after a man secretly filmed her naked at a hotel. >> she is terrified, she is depressed. she is not the girl that we used to know. >> reporter: andrews is suing michael barrett, as well as the hotel owner and former management company for $75 million. barrett was convicted for the incident back in 2009. a cruel encounter has led a 7-year-old boy to ask people to show a little more compassion. giovanni alfred's father has
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was a special one for this family. they boarded the plane home when giovanni had an allergic reaction. it delayed take off a few minutes and the family was told they had to leave the plane. when the family stood up to leave, people on the plane started clapping. the cruel act crushed the little boy. >> my dad is sick with stage 4 throat cancer, and that madeee each sadder when i was already sad. and i'm sad it has to be a memory with my dad. >> as a dad i just looked at the people clapping. just shook my head let's get out of here. >> yeah. legionnaire lines contacted the family and did apologize for what happened. the family was broken up. sometimes people just need to think you know? and there might be a lot more
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>> if somebody is sick and taken off a plane, why would you applaud anyway? in a. a man from kentucky likely will never see his girlfriend again. one because he pulled the most bizarre prank on her and two because he is being kicked out of the country. >> reporter: david herrera jiminez's girlfriend came home to find him face down on their bed with an 8-inch knife stuck in his head. >> he was hollering it was a joke, the police come through the door and he had the knife in his hand and he dropped the knife and he said it was just a prank. just a prank for my girlfriend because she was a few minutes late from work. >> so it is not illegal to prank someone. but police quickly learned jiminez had an active warrant out and now he is facing deportation to mexico.
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>> why would you do that? >> there are so much better pranks out there. >> that concludes our crazy person segment. justice for flint, michigan. we are going to talk about what the oscars have to do with the water crisis in flint. first let's check the traffic and the weather. good morning guys. we are going live up to i-25 and 120th where a major delay has built-up now, affecting both directions of i-25. you can see here at 120th, one car spun out northbound and ended up, up against the rail. i-25 blocked northbound as well as police arrived to the scene. slowdowns both directions go from u.s. 36th to 120th and a quick check on the maps here highway 85 remains closed around 37th to 42nd because of police activity. local detours are in place. the back-ups so far marty pretty light this morning. around here, we are
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sunday morning. we are going to have strong wind here over the front range, especially saturday night and sunday morning. the storm system if you want to saturday evening. minimal snow generally from aspen to the north saturday
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creed director ryan could goler and summit director will join other stars in flint, michigan taking part in a
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the town's lead contaminated water. the oscar night event is titled hashtag justice for flint and will be hosted by comedian lan booz allen burriss. it will raise awareness for the water issues in flint. after a year spent in orbit at the international space station, u.s. astronaut scott kelley is getting ready to come home. can you imagine a year up there? his ride back starts sunday. last night he took time to talk to nbc about what he is going to miss in space. >> the ability to press our limits with regard to exploration and discovery. it has been a privilege of being a part that have and is something i'm going to miss. but i have been up there a long time and i look forward to going home. >> when kelley wraps up his mission he will have traveled 143 million miles in space. get this 5334 times. it blows my mind we can talk to astronauts in space from here.
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new information is just in about the shooting between evans police and a suspect. police tell us two officers were checking out a trespassing report at about 1:30 this morning when two people ran off. the officers ran after them and
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the suspect with the gun was shot and killed. the second person was arrested. this is a live picture and it shows a big police presence on highway 85 and 37th street. the highway is closed between 37th and 42nd street and will be closed for some time. the good news is that no officers were hurt in this shooting. tarhonda thomas is taking over for traffic, looking at ways to get around this closure. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let's see where there closure is. highway 85 from 37th street to 42nd where the police activity is. and 85 is close in both directions. there are local detours in place so you have to work your way around it. just be on the lookout for that. it will cost you about 5 to 10 extra minutes. now over to another major road issue, i-70 the rock slide clean up now through 9:00, one
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and forth to get all the way around from. we have alternate information on our website at we'll tell you more about local accidents. good morning corey and gary with you this morning. marty coniglio is joining us in the backyard. marty, things continue to heat up as we approach a very nice weekend. >> reporter: yes we do. the only fly in the appointment for this weekend will be wind. going to get windy saturday night, sunday. gorgeous start to the day. clear conditions, teens, 20s right now over the front range. gets much colder as you move into some of the valleys or the foothills and then of course on the west side of the continental divide, wind forecast today. 20, 25 miles per hour will be common for gusts in the foothills. not really much wind, downhill along the i-25 corridor. so things will be fairly calm, not especially warm. running close to average today. we really get that warm up
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40s in the foothills, 40s and low 50s down here at lower elevations. dry statewide today, light snow sunday and we will have gusty winds over the weekend, especially saturday night and sunday morning here for the front range. a small mountain town, hurting. >> he was a good man. >> reporter: a deputy, a coach, a friend. he was among three deputies shot, serving an e vision notice in bailey. corporal nate kerrigan was killed. for answers to why this happened. >> what i do know is that he served his community in a superior way, and made the ultimate sacrifice today in his service to that community. >> another violent act involving members of law
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in the line of duty. one of them died, another is fighting for his life today. a third as a survivor. the suspect, martin worth was also killed in the confrontation when the deputies came into his home to evict him. more on what we have learned about that suspect in just a few minutes. but first, we want to check in with noel brennan, who is live in park county today where a vigil was held for the fallen sheriff's officer last night. >> reporter: that's right. nate kerrigan is that officer who lost his life. he was one of eight officers who was called to serve a high- risk eviction notice to martin worth yesterday morning in bailey. when they got to that home yesterday morning, worth was actually on the deck. he paused there for a moment, before going back inside. the officers followed him in there, and that is when they say he started shooting. kerrigan died at the scene. two other deputies were wounded, one of them is in critical condition this morning.
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bailey at the big church. the community church, they honored nate kerrigan, who lost his life. >> father we come to you in our pain. >> reporter: a community in pain. >> fortunately, we are a tight community. >> reporter: a community that grew tighter wednesday night, gathering to remember corporal nate kerrigan. >> and he gave his life to this community. >> reporter: about 100 people crowded the church. they comforted each other, shared messages and prayers from the heart. >> he was jovial, good spirits. you know, he was a nice person. >> reporter: football players for platte canyon high school called him coach. >> master patrol deputy colby martin is the officer who is still in the hospital in
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the other officer just grazed his ear from a bullet fired from the gun from this man at his home. everyone here no doubt pulling for the officer still in the community. >> i can imagine. update. the shooter was connected to a number of leftist causes, calling for protests against the government, against capitalism and police. he has also been charged with shooting and killing another person, decades ago. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas joins us with more on the shooter's background. >> reporter: he posted a facebook video, calling for a rage against police. it wasn't a secret martin worth didn't like law enforcement. he led deputies on a chance in january and was charged with evading park county police then too. a background check shows worth had more interactions with police for all the wrong reasons, rested twice for dwi
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the last led to mandatory meetings with aa but worth couldn't even make it through that without allegedly threatening counselors. they filed a protective order, saying they feared for their lives. worth took the life of a man in 1994, he was charged with murder for shooting a man during an argument, but he got off, arguing self-defense. fannie mae was foreclosing on his home. worth, a so-called anti- foreclosure activist, sued fanmy may. he lost that case and his home. deputies were serving the eviction notice when worth shot the deputy. >> reporter: corporal nate shooting. colby martin was shot in the lower extremities several times, he is in critical condition. captain mark hancock's ear was
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from the hospital and the shooter, martin worth, was shot and killed in the gunfire. deputies are hoping new video will help them track down an accused killer in elbert county. ranch last month. this video shows the person of interest in the case. investigators are concerned, because they say there are first time. he seems like a practiced killer and may be responsible for other deaths. this criminal on the loose is putting the community on edge. >> all along the i-70 corridor, there is a lot of people that know a lot of fear right now. fear because there kind of stuff doesn't lap you know, in -- doesn't happen, you know in our communities. >> reporter: deputies say the suspect demonstrates certain characteristics. the video shows repeating phrases and spinning, doing many of his actions in a series of three, which could be some sort of psychosis. this man is considered armed
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if you see him, do not approach him, call 911. last year 89 kids were rescued in the denver area for human trafficking. today is human trafficking awareness day. law enforcement agencies work year round to save kids whose innocence was stolen much too early. according to fbi representatives the most kids were in denver the second was aurora and then colorado springs. the average age of beginning prostitution was 15, but five of the children rescued last year were 13 or younger. more than half were run aways. 79 were girls and 10 were boys. plan to gather to raise awareness about the issue. drum has a tight grip -- donald trump has a tight grip on republican presidential nominations so far. but tonight there is going to
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ahead of the debate a new poll shows donald trump and ted cruz are tied in texas at 32% each. our parent company that did this poll, marco rubio comes in third with 17% of the vote. and as republicans are preparing for tonight's debate, hillary clinton is trying to round up folks from latinos in colorado. the presidential candidate is running spanish tv and radio ads that participate or tell people to participate in democratic caucuses next tuesday. clinton is also running ads on nonspanish language tv as is bernie sanders. he was the first to run tv ads ahead of the democratic party straw poll on march 1. speaking of sanders he is spending part of this week leading into south carolina's democratic primary this saturday by making his pitch to states. speaking in tulsa, oklahoma
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to make history on march 1 and win oklahoma's primary. his campaign says sanders will stop in flint, michigan tomorrow, michigan votes on march 8th. and texas democrats prefer hillary clinton. she is leading bernie sanders there now by double digits, 61- 32. 6:41 right now. president obama is pressing ahead today with plans to nominate a new supreme court justice. the white house is vetting republican nevada governor and former judge brian sandoval. his nomination would test gop insistence that the next president should choose scalia replacement. the president will meet with the republican head of the judiciary committee. plans are in the works to transform the denver performing arts complex.
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urban hub, and the post reports some of the ideas being considered right now include tearing down the concert hall, building a smaller venue at 14th and arapahoe, and even a few residential towers that could house up to 1000 people. this is all very preliminary. weld county's economy has taken a big hit, larger than expected because of the down turn in the energy sector. early jobs numbers last month are estimated at 4000 net jobs lost last year but new revisions project the area lost 500 jobs during that same time period. for the first time in a few years, frontier airlines is looking to hire flight attendants at dia. 150 cabin crew members will be hired and trained through the end of this year. starting wage is $19 or $20 per flight hour. attendants are guaranteed 75
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you can apply at fly 6:42 right now. the weather system that caused trouble in the south has moved up the east coast now. >> as the storm moves through virginia, a possible tornado destroyed homes, pulling roofs off and scattering debris in the nearby forest. some people were sucked under the debris, rescuers have found everyone, at least four people, including a 2-year-old boy, died in that state, and 25 others reported serious injuries. 15 structures are destroyed, others have damage. it is believed that high winds flipped over there truck on a bridge in new york city, backing up traffic for more than an hour. more than 100,000 people lost power, winds as strong as 60 miles per hour are supposed to move toward new england this morning. marty, is this storm showing any signs of blowing down? >> on the severe front yes. on the wind and snow front, it is still going strong. so we are seeing no risk for severe weather, that will be the large tornadoes and the severe thunderstorms.
6:44 am
combination of severe storms on the coast, wind, rain, hail, and snow on the back side of this system. and the preliminary count at up to 16 tornadoes late in the afternoon, from north carolina into virginia. that number will be refined as the weather service studies those storm tracks. again the storms are off the coast this morning, the wind and the snow continue to go on the back side of the storm, with up to 6 to 9 inches additional snow in northwestern sections of indiana and into michigan. northwest indiana had a blizzard warning going, so they days. >> so many problems. all right marty, thank you. traveling through glenwood easier today. crews have been working for about a week and a half to clear away a rock slide that left boulders the size of cars in the road. if the area is deemed safe today, one lane will open in each direction and daytime closures will stop.
6:45 am
still expected, but it is much better than the 4 to 5 hour detour. >> that is for sure. the question a lot of broncos fans are thinking this week, peyton manning. does he want to return for another season? retire or move on? the answer could be coming soon.
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temperatures move in the upper 40s, almost 50 degrees. 49 is your average high. through the next couple of days, it gets really warm around here. near 60 tomorrow, closer to 70 on saturday. saturday record lie 73. looks like we are going to come up short of that. and then saturday night, into sunday morning, we are looking at tem in the 50s with very strong winds around here tarhonda, so hang on to your hat. let's look from sky 9 over i-70 and brighton where traffic seems to be moving along well. a couple of slow spots there not unusual, given what we are looking at right now. let's look at your map. the metro area. one of them is at colfax and monaco, and another at i-25 bellevue. so make sure you watch out for that. as for i-25 and arap low in the south, looking god. -- arapahoe in the south,
6:49 am
shocking discoveries in the takata airbag scandal. investigators have uncovered evidence the takata corporation was recalled for years. regulators have recalled 24 million vehicles, and they are considering expanding that now takata airbag in america. an estimated 120 million vehicles on the road right now. developed in the lab, apple growers in washington state are getting ready to introduce a brand new apple variety. they call it cosmic crisp. the apple is sweet and tang.
6:50 am
joplin, missouri has created the new sensation, a hamburger patty, squeezed between two mini pizza buns. they can't keep them in stock corey i don't looks delicious. >> oh i don't know. >> why can't we stick to the classics? >> because this is what america is made of. that is what i call good. >> how many calories you think is in that baby? >> you don't want to know. it is a waiting game most in colorado are playing. when will peyton manning decide whether or not to retire. if you ask broncos insiders and we did, we could have a clear picture of manning's plan sometime early next week. the broncos need manning to decide from later than march 8th, because on the 9th the $19 million left on his contract becomes guaranteed and it is
6:51 am
want to move on from peyton. a night of celebration in boulder. the buffs took down number 9 ranked arizona and fans rushed the court. they are tied in the pac 12. coach miller was not happy after the games with the fans rushing court. okay. well in case you have heard, the avs are invading coors field friday and saturday. the red wings are in town as part of the stadium series. for those of you who can't make it out in person to the outdoor game at coors, we are going to have the game on channel 9. we
6:52 am
saturday for a half hour special and another special after the game. so we've got you covered here on 9news saturday night. and we are live from coors tomorrow morning as well. and give you a look at behind the scenes at what goes into happening hockey happen on a baseball field. going to be a fun weaned for sure. highway 85 in evans is still shut down.
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massive storms continuing
6:55 am
the u.s. wind and snow the big issue now. the severe thunderstorms have moved off the coast. our next storm, a little one at that is off the coast a few hundred miles off the coast of oregon and washington and it moves into the mountains saturday night and sunday, a couple of inches snow at best out of that guy. teens, 20s over the east and west. single digits in most of the mountain valleys right now. we'll have a lot of sun and warm things up through the day. sunny skies over the front range. temperatures will be in the 40s. 40s and 50s up and down i-25 and out i-76, within a degree today's date. through the state, sunfully conditions today, we are going to stay dry today tomorrow and saturday. it will be saturday evening we'll begin to see snow in the especially from summit county vail area to the north. 40s, 50s, might make it into the low 50s in the southern colorado, and in our western
6:56 am
for us today, looking at about 48 degrees, mainly sunny, nice looking day. the wind stays in the foothills today and tonight. clear and calm, notice slightly warmer overnight low in the mid- 20s. well's -- we'll get a westerly wind saturday. the record high for saturday is 73 degrees. saturday night sunday morning the wind goes wild. with, again, the next chance for snow, looks like light snow tuesday of next week. tarhonda, looks like starting to get a few issues popping up around here? >> reporter: yeah a few accidents. not terribly major. i-25 courtesy of sky 9, we know traffic volume can build in that area and it looks slow right there. let's look at our plans and we can show you the few accidents we have. monaco the most major we are
6:57 am
i-25 up to the north, slow traffic coming into denver, so watch out for that once you head that way. in terms of our accidents, one right here at adams and ivory. a minor accident. i-25 between 36th and 20th, slow. 225 between i and i-35 -- i-70 and i-35, 37 miles per hour. an officer involved shooting i about that. you just need to know both directions are closed here so people in greeley taking this route will have to go around a little detour. tarhonda thank you again. as tarhonda was just saying this is what we know about the suspect that was shot and killed after firing a gun at evans police officers it started with a trespassing call at about 1:30 this morgue. when officers arrived two people ran away.
6:58 am
started shooting. that suspect was shot and no officers were hurt. the tight knit city of bailey is remembering a sheriff's deputy that was risk eviction notice. he was one of eight deputies that went to this home to serve worth. martin worth came out on the deck for a moment, went inside. deputies went in after him and they were shot al. one of the deputies, colby martin in critical condition. last night the town remembered the deputy who lost his life. a tight knit community, gary that is pulling together at this time. thank you noel. deputies are searching for a killer.
6:59 am
investigators are having trouble finding him. they have been looking for him ever since 68-year-old ed butler was found dead on his ranch. that was his picture we showed you first. if you see this suspect don't approach him, he is dangerous, just call 911. a virus rarely seen in the the rounds from denver. officials are warning to be on the lookout for mumps. four cases have been confirmed. officials think cases are linked on an outbreak from iowa. marty, the forecast? >> reporter: guys a decent day the next two days, goes up 20 degrees today. two mild days sunday and morning. sunday morning will be pleasant to be out and about. snow tuesday. right now looks like a snowstorm we'll be tracking that.
7:00 am
next week it will not stick around, like the one hey do you week? now. >> came and went pretty quick. just enough to make my car dirty. so it is a constant reminder right? we'll tell you about a po good morning. breaking overnight, fierce storms move up the east coast after slamming the south. >> tipped my truck up in the air and the glass was coming in. >> a new round of tornadoes killing at least four people in virginia. heavy rain and high winds knock out power across the northeast. and in the midwest, a crippling blzard grounds hundreds of flights. something to hide? mitt romney jumps into the presidential frey, taking on donald trump. >> frankly, i think we have good reason to believe that there's a taxes. >> trump insisting there's


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