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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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a colorado community is mourning today. after a sheriff's deputy was shot and killed near bailey yesterday. corporal nate carrigan was among three deputies shot while serving a high risk eviction notice. the 13-year veteran of the sheriff's office died. the sheriff's office is now holding a press conference. let's listen in. >> good afternoon. thank you all for coming today. i had a few written remarks that i would like to give regarding yesterday's tragedy. first, i want to thank the community for their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time for our office. and i also want to thank the law enforcement commune, their outpouring of support has just been overwhelming. they truly have -- they are remarkable men and women.
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have come to our aid. >> to talk a little bit about nate carrigan, nate has been a corporal with my office. nate works tirelessly, he has been working as an fbo, he meant a lot to our community, he was the consummate law enforcement professional. our agency. long time. and it began with my office in 2003, nate also graduated from platte canyon high school, and was in the class of 1999. nate was a baseball coach, football coach, loved by the
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i know they have sent out a separate press release, and we do have folks who will be at the school there, grief counselor, helping at the school district today. i want to close that comment and just say that during this time, nate's mother also worked at the school, nate was a caring individual that went above and beyond. and the fact that this incident happened is just beyond comprehension at this time. if i could, at this time, let
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i promised i would do that. nathan nate carrigan was not only a long term veteran of the park county sheriff's office but he was also a beloved son, a brother, coach, and a role model. we would like to extend a thank you to all of the first responders and departments involved in this tragic event. with our tight knit community. and ask for a chance to grieve our loss in private. it is hoped that this event does not discourage or deter anyone in the law enforcement community, police, corrections, the sheriff's office, but hope the strength of their resolve to defend their community in the blue line. in lieu of flowers our family is asking for donations to a
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the west that is set up in nate's name. the incident. deputies went to the residence on a high risk eviction based on law enforcement contact. notice to the eviction was county deputies. because of previous law enforcement contact with martin wirth, there was a higher level of concern for the deputies effecting the eviction. i want to stress that again. this was an eviction. this was something we do on a routine basis. just like our fellow sheriff's offices in the state of colorado. in my community, we have individuals upset about the
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deal with that every day in a nonconfrontational manner. in fact we responded to martin wirth's residence in 2014 for the same type of eviction and had a peaceful resolve. we did not force a violent confrontation yesterday. mr. wirth did. we simply responded to the situation which presented to us. at this time, we are not anticipating any additional press conferences. we would like to ask that you allow my agency and our commune to grieve. the investigation is ongoing. this is a routine process, but the criminal investigation will take some type. there will not be a consistent update moving forward. at the conclusion of the investigation, the colorado bureau of investigation will
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judicial district attorney for review, per protocol. updates regarding funeral arrangements will be shared through the park county sheriff's office web site at park and i would like to mention kolby marten who is at saint anthony's hospital, still in serious condition, but he is up and around. at this time, i will take a few questions. >> can you talk about the high
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>> i wish i had all of those resources. i don't. park county is a different type of community. oftentimes, when it takes federal agencies, a s.w.a.t. team to go survey, i could have one deputy walk up and do the same service. the sheriff has to know a community and how they will react. like i say, we did this before. what's that? >> [ inaudible ] >> no. >> [ inaudible ] >> yes. [ inaudible ] >> given the nature -- >> yes, because -- and i guess i can't stress this enough. this is an eviction.
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individual, time is up, we need to move you out of the mortgage, the county, the bank, whatever it is, and they need to take possession of the home. and that is not our job to second-guess what is going on with the eviction process. we are simply there to do our job, which is to have the folks move out of the residence. that's all they were there for. it wasn't a tactical operation. they were simply there to effect an eviction. and peaceably. that's what it should have been. as i said earlier, with some other folks, if they want to argue, if they want to jump up and down, that's fine. the court system is where they need to go to take care of that process. don't attack the messenger. and we would appreciate it if it would have been a different result. but like i say, our hand is forced.
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>> i can't speak to that at this time. because that is still part of the investigation. [ inaudible ] >> there was an incident involving jefferson county deputies a couple of weeks ago, where there was some sort of a confrontation mr. wirth had had, and a pursuit by a jefferson county deputy and our county, and then we assisted and made contact with mr. wirth at his residence. and i think he was cited for that confrontation. >> [ inaudible ] can you talk a little bit about that?
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>> i think i showed up there just as they were going in, it was more along the lines of yeah, running away or jumping out the window or something, you know, in my history, when we talk about, you know, a high risk eviction, it is usually, i would be more helpful in moving stuff out of the building. this is one of those things that should not have happened. >> can you tell us more about -- [ inaudible ] >> so captain mark hancock sustained a wound to the side of his face. he is my commander, the captain for patrol, for my office. he has been here 21 years with the sheriff's office. he is also a fellow coach with
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kolby has been with me, gosh, i think about 2003, i think it was. again, very active, he came from albert county, where he was a deputy down there, his father was a lieutenant with the arapahoe county, his uncle is with the arapahoe county. just another great officer. >> [ inaudible ] talk about what it means to the community
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i mean, you know, just like any other law enforcement agency across the country, to serve and protect, and we kind of take that to heart, as you know, we have had the wildland fires, we have had the school shooting. various things. and so we take that to heart. and we are ingrained in the community. most, you know, not only do i have deputies that come from within the community, but i have their spouses, i have support services folks involved, and you get very connected to your community. so this is, to me, this is a blast in the face, not only to my office, but to the community. that's not the way we should be taking care of things. and i feel, you know, i can probably stand up here and
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but i just would have -- if that individual had a problem, then come to me and let's figure out a peaceful resolve. it didn't need to come to this. >> i think we can all agree to that. again, nate carrigan, the officer who was killed yesterday, while serving an eviction note. other officers were hurt as well when they were shot. after yesterday's shooting in park county, law enforcement agencies lined up to honor corporal nate carrigan this morning as his body is escorted from the coroner's office. this is a live look from sky 9 of that procession, back to park county. deputies in jefferson county and west metro council and golden police and lakewood police, and many other agencies have lined this route back to the park county, to pay their respects. many agencies have also volunteered to escort the
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hi, welcome back, i'm meteorologist danielle grant in the 9 backyard. beautiful day. plenty of sunshine out there. and now we are looking up to the high country. a beautiful picture. a couple of high level clouds, pushing in over the area. and you can see, our camera out there, at houston park, overlooking downtown denver, spectacular and then in the far off distance, the mountains are covered with snow. looks great. 39 degrees. chilly up and down the i-25 corridor. fort collin, greeley, over to denver. some 40s in the area. and mountains, 20s and 30s primarily. rain out at the airport. mostly sunny skies. and winds coming at us out of the south. only 5 miles an hour. so it has been relatively quiet and calm. dialing back tomorrow. only to pick back up again for
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we have the stationary front, it will be backing up against the flat irons and much of the front range mountains. this is going to keep the temperatures a little cooler today. cooler than yesterday. but sticialtion we have milder -- but still, we have milder air pushing in for the weekend. and sunshine around the pacific north west. and wet weather, pushing out there toward the great lakes. and into new england. and this is yesterday's storm system. kind of the remnants of the cooler air feeding in across the great lakes. and snowfall from cincinnati through that area and rain showers through vermont and new hampshire. luckily today, it does not look like we will see any severe weather across the east coast. around here, what you see is what you get. it has been quiet. about 8:00 tomorrow morning, we wake up, once again, to plenty of sunshine and it is friday, we are feeling good. and looking good and then by 2:00, 3:00, if you're trying to get out of work, maybe a little bit early, do it. it should be fantastic. by about 10:00, mostly clear skies and another mild evening across the area. and that day, today right where we should be.
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the upper 40s with loads of sunshine. and low 50s in lamar. and 37 in frisco. and we stay in the low 50s in grand junction as well. and tonight, 26 degrees. cool, quiet and calm. and then we crank up the heat on saturday. 70 degrees. a couple of degrees shy of possibly breaking a record. the winds will be kicking up saturday night into sunday. next storm system arriving monday night into tuesday.
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in evans, highway 85 is closed, following an overnight fatal officer-involved shooting. greeley police say two officers were investigating a trespassing call. and when they arrived on the scene, two suspects took off running. during the chase, one suspect turned and fired at officers, and that's when police shot and killed the man. we do not know the person's name. we do know the other suspect is in custody. no officers were injured. now, the road is closed between 37th and 42nd street. a detour is in place while police continue to investigation. meanwhile, it has been a rough couple of days for those who really depend on driving through glennwood canyon. but good news today. state transportation officials are planning to reopen that stretch of i-70 through glennwood canyon, to two-way traffic now. and see, that is going to be a meeting today to say when it will happen but it could be as early as this afternoon. there is still cleanup work to
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last week's big rock slide. as long as the area is deemed safe, the eastbound and westbound traffic will open at the same time and daytime closures will be lifted. delays are up to an hour or more though, as expected. a 24-mile stretch of the highway between gypsum and glennwood springs was shut down
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in iowa, a mumps outbreak has made its way to colorado. and hospitals here are being told to keep an eye out for possible mumps patients. state officials say a person who moved to colorado from iowa reported symptoms in january and three of the person's friends became sick and tested positive for mumps. two other cases are being looked into. the irs scam phone calls are coming in again. there has been a steady increase of calls from impostors, claiming to be the irs. consumers receive phone calls or voice mails from people who say there is a problem with the tax accounts.
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or demand payment.
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danielle, we are looking at sunshine. >> yes. the next couple of days, it should be beautiful. >> good. >> tomorrow, warmer by 10 degrees. in the 60s. and then 70s on saturday. >> wild. >> just wild. >> yes. >> enjoy the sunshine, everybody. we will see you back here
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