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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  March 1, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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high winds and a fast moving fire, the trouble tonight as a wildfire burns inside a neighborhood in denver. >> leap day will soon give way to super tuesday. we check in with the dueling democratic campaigns in colorado while republicans here make a grand old pass on picking a president. >> very concerned. i had no idea that the calls
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>> 9wants to know why police officers paid for by taxpayers are tied up so frequently at wal-marts. >> some say it's his 100th birthday. he'll tell you he's 25. >> then how long von miller wants to stay with the broncos. >> and the avs make a move at the trade deadline. 9news starts now. firefighters in denver had to work faster than the speed of the wind this afternoon to keep a fire from burning closer to busy streets and homes. the fire started in an open space along alameda near havana on the edge of the lowry neighborhood. a bit more than 2 acres burned. al immediate aves shut down about an hour due to the smoke -- alameda was shut down about an hour due to the smoke. one firefighter was treated for a leg injury and is back home tonight. those winds were gusting 35 up to 45 miles an hour. we should see though starting to die down tonight.
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20th of the last 21 days in denver posting above average temperatures. the weak front that pushed through tonight brought a bit of snow to the foothills. i-70 and evergreen saw snow falling. it was heavier at higher elevations. taillights glowing red on i- 70 westbound back to copper tonight, people tuck for two hours after several crashes -- stuck for two hours after several crashes at vail pass. lakewood police are investigating a shooting late this evening no. one is in custody. 90 minutes ago a person was shot in the 2500 block of pierce street. police are working to put together a description of the shooter and do not have information on the condition of the person shot. this time tomorrow night hillary clinton and donald trump could both be significantly closer to a presidential nomination. it will also tell us which
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the front runners in their perspective parties. 9news reporter victoria sanchez takes a look at one party for which a group could play a key role. 66 delegate to clinton and sanders proportionately both saying it's an important state. the gop will also caucus, but you won't hear much because there will not be a statewide result. >> hi, phil, is mary available? >> volunteers are working hard to get as many colorado voters to caucus on super tuesday where people will physically pick a side for their candidate. >> door knocking, phone calling, door hangers. we've been staying up pretty late all already -- already. i expect that will be the case again today. >> reporter: campaign offices are taking a last minute push to explain how caucuses works and what it means for their candidates. in order to participate in the colorado caucuses voters needed to register as a democrat or
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the 1 million unaffiliated voters don't get to go. if you aren't able to make it to your caucus location by 7:00 tuesday night, you're also out of luck. >> but it's work. you don't just walk in and vote for two minutes. >> reporter: 9news political analyst floyd ciruli expects around 100,000 voters to show up to the contest, big for democrats but not for republicans who won't choose a statewide winner. >> the problem with that is, of course, there's no excitement right now. >> reporter: republicans will still caucus and discuss candidates but no statewide result will be declared. that way delegates can wait before deciding whom to support at the national convention. as for the democrats, volunteers and politicians will try to sway as many undecided voters as they can to their side to stand and be counted on tuesday. >> the caucus process is a conversation and people get to advocate for one side or the other.
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hour or longer depending on your precinct size. we have more information how you can find your caucus location on our website >> thanks, victoria. the secret service is looking into an incident at a donald trump rally in virginia today. video shows a photographer slammed onto a table on the ground by an agent. more than camera caught what happened. protesters were head out of the event when a photographer tried to step out of the media area to cover the protest. it appears from the video he used profanity with a secret service agent. that's when the agent grabbed his neck and threw chris morris to the ground. a second camera closer to the scene captured the incident. morris kicked and put his hands altercation. the photographer expressed escalating the confrontation. the secret service says they are aware of this and will provide more information after gathering more facts. a somber ceremony tonight in virginia, dozens of officers
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their own killed over the weekend on her very first shift after being sworn in. after officer ashley guindon was shot when responding to a domestic dispute. the man accused of pulling the trigger is an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. funeral services are planned for tomorrow. low prices keep their customers coming back, but something else is causing police officers to make repeat visits to many wal-marts in colorado. it's earning the company a not so nice reputation within cities and towns that would like to see their officers responding elsewhere. just how bad is it? as 9wants to know chris vanderveen discovered few places come close to compare doing wal-mart's reliance on officers. >> reporter: where crime goes notoriety follows. it is inevitable and some places are more notorious than others of denver civic center park, for example, 760 police calls last year alone. that's not good, but it's still
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miles away, a place of low prices and high crime, 896 calls to be precise. >> i just didn't think nothing like that would ever happen to me. >> reporter: one of those calls involved a 71-year-old woman. >> it was a real quick robbery. >> reporter: named elnina lamply. >> grabbed me from behind, from behind like from the back of me he grabbed me. >> assaulting and robbing a woman in a wal-mart parking lot on monday. >> reporter: grabbed thousands of her just cashed tax refund check. how much money? >> well, $5,000. >> reporter: denver's stapleton neighborhood isn't exactly a hotbed of criminal activity. >> shop lifter call at wal- mart. >> reporter: but last year it was home to the third most frequently visited address for denver police. by far the biggest problem, not robbery but shoplifting. >> when you're tied up at a
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>> reporter: take july 25th last year, seven calls for shoplifting alone, one for the need to deal with someone consuming $8.97 worth of food, yet lieutenant bob wyckoff says it's actually getting better here. >> it was very notorious. >> reporter: was. more on that in a moment. >> officer at wal-mart. >> shot by police outside of a wal-mart. >> reporter: first what about other departments? >> wal-mart north, 2514 main street. >> reporter: agencies like longmont police, last month a seemingly drunk man attacked one of its officers inside a wal-mart. >> emergent wal-mart north. >> reporter: comes out that store represented the busiest spot for police in town and there was the fort morgan wal- mart and its 2.5 calls a day, busiest spot in commerce city, its wal-mart 2.9 calls a day, 40% of lakeside's calls for service, its maul wart and the top three spots in west -- wal-
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westminster, wal-mart, wal- mart, wal-mart, but no spot topped this one, 1,314 calls alone. dolores lives next-door and says cops repeatedly chase shoplifters through her front yard. >> pretty staggering to me. >> reporter: one member of the city council calls our data a disturbing revelation. >> very concerned. i had no idea that the calls were to this degree at this particular location. >> reporter: she wants wal- mart to do something to fix it. >> frankly, i think it's brilliant that you're taking a look at this and thank you very much. >> reporter: and it's not just colorado. shortly after this fight inside a wal-mart shampoo aisle went viral, the mayor of beach grove, indiana, did something unprecedented. >> if they couldn't do better, i didn't want them here. >> reporter: why not declare the store a public nuisance and levy a $2,500 fine for every excessive call for service. >> i didn't think they were
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weren't good for our city. >> reporter: ultimately mayor buckley never issued one fine once wal-mart decided it best to reach a compromise with the town. >> they quit calling us for shoplifting under $50. we were being called down there when somebody shoplifted a $3 picture frame. >> i think everybody wins at the end of the day. >> reporter: denver's lieutenant wyckoff said denver reached a compromise at the stapleton store as when in part wal-mart agreed to pay the city close to $900,000 to put off- duty officers in the stores seven days a week. >> they recognized they were going to have to dip into their pocketbook to do that. good job. >> reporter: late last year denver's calls for service finally started to drop considerably. ultimately criminal activity we were told is a challenge all retailers deal with adding every store puts a lot of focus on its security and crime prevention measures. as for lakewood? >> there's other things the
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>> reporter: let's just say it's 3.7 calls a day and the notoriety that comes with it has at least one city council member wondering if a compromise with wal-mart is in order here as well. >> i think we need to sit down and have some serious conversation. >> bottom line is wal-mart has shown a willingness to work with cities, but sometimes those cities have to complain, sometimes loudly. close to 3/4 of all calls are for shoplifting. we're not talking about violent crime. in denver a pilot program is underway for wal-mart to keep people, shoplifters, away from police if those people agree to complete a course and if their theft case is less than $50. it has shown some success. it will be interesting to see if wal-mart brings it elsewhere. >> you see that throughout your negotiation. >> it can bring those calls for service down 3.7. there aren't a lot of people in thing.
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denver's airport takes a big step toward getting its own brewery. if it does happen, why it could be a real learning experience. >> a celebration for a world war ii veteran who makes a good case he's just turning 25 today. >> kathy's forecast looks at whether february wind blow into march and a closer look at changes coming to colorado's driver's licenses. >> and broncos star von miller said something tonight that
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sit in here next to my boy. >> oscar winner george kennedy has died. kennedy won best supporting actor for his role in 1967's cool hand luke. while he played a convict opposite paul newman in that movie, comedy fans may remember him in other roles.
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naked gun series with leslie nielsen. kennedy died at his idaho home at age 91. a long time pilot has landed for the last time. we caught up with 70-year-old gary drocher on his last day at st. anthony's hospital. he enjoyed his co-workers the most. his flight career ends at midnight and with it being leap day he said it couldn't happen at a better time. >> i thought you only have to think about retirement every four years if you do it on leap year. i thought it was a good time to walk away. >> gary has been a pilot 49 years. he flew for sky9 for a time. he said he'll miss the adrenaline rush that came with working with flight for life colorado. you could call this the day of the young. leap days only come once every four years which mean those actually born on february 29 very rarely celebrate their real birthday. for a fort collins man today
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different milestones. 9news reporter steve staeger got to meet him. >> reporter: age is not about how old you are. >> love you always from kelly. >> reporter: it's not about >> says happy 25th. >> reporter: age instead is defined by the life you live. >> surprise! >> reporter: ask reggie 25th birthday. confusing answer. >> been a long road to 25. >> reporter: the road to 25 years has actually taken a century. >> told you it would be good to dress up. >> reporter: he'd be a whole lot older if he wasn't in such a hurry to get here. >> my mother always forced me to wait till the 1st of march. she said if it was five minutes more, it would have been the 1st of march. >> reporter: in leap year reggie served in world war ii. >> i was in the 101st air force squad rant and they put me in
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>> reporter: he was 26 then but more like 6 1/2 leap year standard years while he sat in that radio shop. he is proud of his service but even more about what came after. >> well, i don't know. pretty proud of two kids, can't beat them, not even with a stick. >> reporter: can't beat them. after all, they did plan this. happy birthday to you >> reporter: the surprise for centenarian. me. >> reporter: a celebration of age contrary to the calendar. in fort collins steve staeger. >> something else, ain't it? >> reporter: 9news. >> so reggie doesn't drink, never has. he did smoke at one point and he says the man upstairs has just shined down on him. our partners at the denver business journal report dia is a step closer to having a brewery at the airport. an agreement was reached today
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operate a brew pub next to the new westin hotel. there will be students taking beer industry classes at metro. it's now at city council. the mayor will make a final decision. colorado's driver's licenses and id card are getting a facelift, your face specifically. the state says extra security features include a gray scale photo of drivers thought to better show contrast and laser engraving of license information. offices in littleton, aurora and frisco will test out the new design. breezy and cool in the 9news backyard tonight. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine. this is about as exciting as it gets. there's a weak front dropping south along the front range. beyond tonight things are quiet for our snowiest month on average. wind blowing good west of town and south and east of us, should are calmer for the morning drive. temperatures near freezing between 6 and 9 a.m., fair
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down to 31 at the airport, winds east, southeast at 11, breezy cool in the backyard. our temperatures have been running a few degrees milder than dia. wind has been a big feature this afternoon, shifting wind, but initially we did see temperatures warm and to the low and mid-60s along the front range before the front got here, even 70s on the map this afternoon. here we are about to start the month of march, our snowiest month typically where average ties come up a bit to the mid- 50s and average lows in the mid- 20s. we typically see close to a foot of snow. i know spring is three weeks away. we aren't done with winter just yet. we are tracking gusty winds north and west of us, wind blowing out of the northwest from 40 miles per hour along the front range to 60 miles per hour in the foothills. they're shifting now east, northeast, hard to get this moisture on the ground, so dry at the surface. with these gusty wind taking that moisture out as these thundershowers and snow showers
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kind of an active weather afternoon but not in the city. snow showers on the i-70 corridor, but the bulk of this system is in the midwest. we're tracking winter weather and travel advisories across the midwest and severe weather advisories, oklahoma and wichita dealing with rotating thunderstorms and hail. the second system quickly following suit but high pressure is becoming our dominant feature following this fast moving system in. cool air will follow this low to the northeast where the severe weather threat increases east of memphis into atlanta and then it's all snow north of boston, washington and philadelphia. we'll look for high pressure to produce that dry northwest flow and bring us a dry but slightly cooler day. even though the really cold air is retreating north, our numbers here will be about 10 degrees cooler but above average this time of year. we're still tracking a few snow showers on i-70, isolated showers on the eastern plains. skies clear tonight. notice the wind shift again in
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we get cloud cover coming in but after 3:00. mostly sunny, cool start to your day. as a matter of fact, we've got 19 in aspen, 16 the low in frisco, 25 in greeley, 30 in pueblo. highs above average but cooler than today. less wind, lots of sunshine, nice start to your day. 50 in evergreen, mid-40s for blackhawk, nederland and grand lake. overnight clearing, sun-up at 6:33, mid-40s at lunchtime, mid- 50s in the afternoon, should be a nice tuesday. then temperatures jump back into the 60s. there's a dry front that rolls in friday. saturday is warmer. sunday i have highs close to 70. okay, i do have a high of 70 ahead of the next system which may bring a chance of rain or snow to us the first part of next week. the sunrise and sunset shots have been fabulous with the cloud cover and to find a taste of winter you don't have to go
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just head for the hills as you've found out. this week will be full of tears and laughter for us at 9news. what we feel for mark koebrich is clearly what many of you feel, too. mark's last day at 9news is wednesday. after 46 years he's saying good- bye to tv and becoming reacquainted with his wife kathy, his kids and grandkids. there is a lot to remember and cherish about his years here. tomorrow and wednesday we'll look back at some of the best moments and there are many of them. we hope you'll join us.
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from colorado sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. super bowl mvp von miller says he wants to spend the rest of his career with the broncos and he'll have a chance to prove it tomorrow. the broncos have to either sign the superstar linebacker to one of the richest long term defensive contracts in nfl history by 2:00 tuesday afternoon, most likely 17 to $20 million per season, or use their franchise tag on him if they can't reach an agreement. that will be one year for 14. miller appeared on the nfl network tonight. >> for me i've never been franchised before. so i can't really say hey, i don't want to be franchised. i don't want to do this. i can tell you what, i want to be with the denver broncos, everybody on the defense. i want to be with those guys
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it takes to get it done. i'm down for it. there's a new report out tonight that peyton manning's decision won't come this week and another that says the broncos won't invite him back regardless. interesting but 9news broncos insider mike klis broke both those stories a long time ago. manning is still somehow unable to realize that he just had a terrible individual season and still won the super bowl. when that happens and you only are a few weeks from your 40th birthday, it's time to announce your retirement with a big smile on your face. klis and tell. >> the truth is peyton manning is still deliberating and aren't we all glad that this is a leap day, so he has one more day to make up his mind, but he is going to -- from what i've been told he's going to take the rest of this week before making his decision. he does have to make it a week from tomorrow because the broncos will cut him in lieu of
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the broncos. the question is whether he needs more time to deliberate on whether to play for someone else. nuggets welcomed back grizzilla what former nugs favorite chris andersen wants to be called tonight. no more birdman. he was just traded to memphis. scored seven points. jersey's powerful defenseman eric jelena. >> we expect to make the playoffs and that's what the moves are for, trying to help your team get better. >> probably be the most active team with the deadline?
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it's quite a deal. >> that's why he looks so tired. pop quiz, drew or false question. drew or false, there has never been a professional athlete who played for one of denver's big four franchises, broncos, nuggets, rockies or avalanche, who was born february 29th? drew or false, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, denver colorado pro sports teams no leap day babies, none. the correct answer is? >> there's got to be one. >> got to be one, right? funny you should say that because there is exactly one. the broncos had a linebacker named tim casey for just two games in 1969 who was born february 29th , 1944. >> wow. >> obviously there are going to be fewer professional athletes becausonly one y four years, but there is remarkably
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former montreal canadien superstar, only one. >> his friends called him maurice.
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new video chris rock and his
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skewered hollywood. kate on her reunion with leo. gaga and taylor and the stars partying inside "vanity fair." >> it's the oscars. on extra. >> right now. chris rock, rips into hollywood. >> you damn right hollywood's racist. >> taking a jab at jada taking on the white elephant in the room. >> i'm a danish girl. >> we got the celebrity score cord on rock today. oscars? >> leo's long awaited oscar victory. >> very nervous but it's all over now. >> his kiss with kate you didn't see. plus, crazy video of the stars morphing into decaprio. and our back stage oscar victory party. >> the scars come straight to extra that's how we do it here. >> gwen and blake's first official red carpet as a couple.
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fair" bash. >> from the couples to the star collisions to the wild collisions to the wild candids j-law's ripped from the runway gown. who got ready in an oxygen mask. it all starts right now. >> look there's your name right there. >> yeah. they spelled it properly. >> on extra. >> i'm at the oscars here with extra. >> i'm at the oscars with mario. >> hey, everyone welcome to extra at the oscars. i'm mario lopez. >> you are looking oh, so handsome. it doesn't get anymore a list. >> leo, matt and gaga, all your favorite stars are here. >> let's get started with chris rock. here's jerry. >> no oscar host ever faced more pressure. >> people are like, chris you should boycott. >> more scrutiny, more
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>> i'm here at the academy awards. the white people's choice awards. >> and he absolutely faced it all head on. blistering hollywood with a ten minute 22 second scorchingly funny roast that nearly broke the internet with praise. ellen tweeting that was really incredible. but a few like, this daily news cover, declaring he went too far with lines like this. >> in the 60s black people did not protest because we had real things to protest at the time. when the grandmother is swinging from a tree. it's really hard to care about best documentary foreign short. >> let him be who he is and do what he does. >> oscar winner and former host whoopi goldberg, one of many stars saying he crushed it. >> he pulled no punches said what he had to say. and kept can moving. >> it was everything i wanted him to be. >> he had a lot to talk about. i'm glad he talked about it. >> i think he did a great as job as you can do.


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