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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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us on this tuesday morning and the first day of march marty- the wind really picked up last night. it's super tuesday. the day when colorado joins
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the day when colorado joins more than a dozen other states in helping select a presidential candidate. 9news reporter tarhonda thoams is here with what you need to know. tarhonda-- only one party here will select a
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that's right, cheryl. the democratic party. while republicans will caucus-- you won't hear of a "winner" coming out of colorado. that's the because the colorado republican party decided not to select an state- wide winner. it's the reason why you haven't seen any republican ads on t-v here. candidates aren't as interested-- when there's no state to win. the democrats, on the other hand, have a lot at stake. bernie sanders said-- while colorado's not a "must-win"... it is important. hillary clinton is hoping to win delegates in our state. she, in fact, is already moving on to focusing on her republican presidential rivals. but they're still "in the fight" too. ted cruz is focusing heavily on texas, his home state. he, though, does acknowledge that donald trump will likely come out of that state with a lot of delegates, too. marco rubio, meantime, is still "talking tough" on trump-- demanding that he ask the new york times to release an audio tape. the tape, apparently, features trump "going back" on his own promise to close the border. trump hasn't commented on that alleged tape. now, in order to caucus, today, in
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registered to either the democratic or republican party. gary, we've got information on how people can find their caucus locations-- at presidential candidates are spending millions of dollars on advertising ahead spending millions of dollars on advertising ahead of super tuesday. ted cruz and his super-pac allies have outspent marco rubio's team by almost 2-to-1. about 6-point-2 million dollars has been spent on cruz ads... with the most money going to georgia, tennessee and texas. rubio ads have cost 3-point-5 million dollars... concentrated in texas and virginia. donald trump's team comes in 3rd - spending just about 1-point-1 million dollars. on the democratic side... hillary clinton's team has spent 6- point-4 million dollars... spread out across all 11 states that are voting today. while bernie sanders has shelled out 5- point-2 million dollars in a
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sanders has outspent clinton in 4 states that he is concentrating on : colorado, minnesota, massachusetts and oklahoma. bernie sanders' colorado campaign will host a caucus watch party tonight in denver. it will be held at the bluebird theater on east colfax. doors open at nine p-m. this event is free and open to the public... but rsvps are encouraged... it is first come first serve. hillary for colorado is also hosting a watching party here in denver. it will be held at la rumba on 9th supporters are encouraged to head there once caucusing for doors open to the public at 8 tonight. some students at cu-boulder have an extra incentive to tuesday. chem students can get out of a midterm today...if they are willing to prove they missed the test to be part of the political process. the proof: a selfie. according to the daily camera around 12-hundred students are scheduled to take an exam at the same time as colorado's caucuses -- which begin at 7 tonight. if students talk to their professor
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can get an excused absence. then they have to prove they attended the caucus with a selfie. a jefferson county p-e teacher will be in court today to face child pornography charges. lucas young will be formally charged this afternoon in boulder county. he was arrested last week. young worked in the district for 20 years--most recently at sierra elementary. he was also a swim teacher at a rec center in lafayette. an investigation into young was started back in december. another craigslist deal turned violent... this time it happened in lakewood. police say a person was shot last night along pierce street after responding to a craiglist ad. investigators say the suspect shot the victim and stole their suv -- a green 2008 ford escape
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this morning the suspect is still on the run. at this point we don't have a description of the suspect... we do know the victim was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. bicyclists in boulder can now- legally- check out the new u.s. 36 bikeway... the last section opens today... it completes the 18 mile trail from westminster to table mesa drive in boulder. it's taken four years to complete. the first section opened last june. the bikeway also connects to existing paths heading through denver. cyclists hope it will mean an easier ride to work... while the path opens today... there may still be minor construction in some places. 340 days not just away from home... but away from earth. today scott kelly is scheduled to return from the international space station... after nearly a year in space. his lengthy stay is much longer the previous nasa record of 215
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but it's still short of the all-time record of 438 days... a russian cosmotaut back in the mid-90s. this is kelly's fourth mission to space.. so cumulatively he's spent about 540 days in orbit... assuming an on- schedule return today. to put that in perspective a little... according to the new york times, that's nearly 11 thousand sunrises and sunsets in space... because the i-s-s zips around the earth once every 90 minutes. kelly will have traveled nearly 145 million miles on this mission.. roughly the distance for a one way trip to mars. and... while kelly was in space, he worked on more than 400 experiments. there's one more experiment waiting when he gets back in earth's gravitational field. his twin brother mark is waiting here on earth... scientists hope to compare the two... to see the long term effects of weightlessness. although... it wasn't all work up in space... there was some
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kelly was caught... in a gorilla suit - that his brother had sent to him to replace his space suit. today is a big day for the broncos
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bowl m-v-p... luckily for the team--von miller says he wants to be a life-time bronco. the broncos have
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superstar lineback to a long term contract by two this afternoon.... or they'll have to use their franchise tag on him. a new contract would fetch miller one of the richest in n-f-l history for most likely between 17 and 20 million dollars a franchise tag on the team for which will give them more time to negotiate a contract. a new report says we likely won't know the future of quarterback peyton manning until next week. that's when the broncos are set to meet with the future hall of famer to discuss his next move. 9news broncos insider mike klis says it's still likely manning has played
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orange and blue... whether he retires or not. meanwhile--the broncos are working to negotiate with backup brock osweiler on a multi-year contract extension. no need to bring your ruler. subway says when customers order a 12-inch foot-long your ruler. subway says when customers order a 12-inch foot-long sub -- they will get
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journal report that d-i-a is a step closer to having a brewery at the airport. an agreement was reached with a company that plans to operate a brewpub next to the new westin hotel. tivoli brewing, which is on the metro campus, will handle the operations - using students taking beer industry classes at the school. it's up to the denver city council and the mayor to sign off on the contract. a council subcommittee will take a look at it today. plan to fine restaurants that warnings on certain items is on hold -- for now. the new salt warning law was supposed to take effect today... but an appellate judge the national restaurant association is plan...and would hold to be permanent. existing home country rose slightly in january... the boost
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time home buyers. a lot of them are getting into the housing market at a higher rate than we've seen in some-time. low mortgage rates are helping fuel that trend. a new report from scottrade finds getting a mortgage is really important to millenials. this is a different result than what we've seen in some other polling, but according to this survey -- it's the number one financial priority for millennials -- even higher than retirement or health care. the next time you order a foot-long at subway... you can put away the ruler. subway says customers will get at least a 12- inch sub when they order one. last week, a judge signed off on a class-action lawsuit settlement. as part of the settlement, subway has agreed to implement practices to make sure that its bread is at least 12 inches long. the suit was filed after an australian teenager posted an image of his sandwich next to a ruler...the
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a local veteran celebrated his 25th birthday... it only took him a 100 years to get there.
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celebrate your 25th are bright eyed and excited - hopeful for many many years ahead. that's still the case world war two veteran -- reggie edwards but his story is a bit different. his birthday only comes once every he celebrated his 25th birthday on leap day... as he old. 9news reporter steve staeger got celebrated two huge milestones. nats nats age ask reggie 42:08 "my 25th 49:03 the road to 25 years...has actually taken a century. he'd be a whole lot older - if he wasn't in such a hurry to get here. 42:26 "my mother always forced me to celebrate on the first of march. she said if it had been 5 minutes more it would have been the first of march." since that leap
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43:25 "i was assigned to the 101st airbase squadron and they put me in charge of the air base radio repair shop." he was 26 then...though by leap year standards you could say he was more like 6 and a half while he sat in that radio shop. he is proud of his service...but even more about what came after. 45:20 "i'm pretty proud of two kids. this one here and this one there." 45:33 "can't beat em. staeger: can't beat em? reggie: nope.not even with a stick." can't beat em.... afterall they did plan this. 45:53 "when i see the wheels turning i thought we were going to cracker barrel or something like that." the surprise for their dad... nats ...the 25 year old centenarian. 48:03 "my emotions got the best of me." a celebrati age...contrary to llins, steve staege reggie long life. he told usd while he did smok.contrary to the csteve staeger 9new
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he did smoke. reggie says the man upstairs has just shined down on him. now let's get a check of your morning drive with amelia earhart
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slice of donald you... restaurant has created a trump inspired pizza... it's called 'the donald' an art student created a stencil of trump... recreating his face and even his hair... this allowed the restaurant's pizza maker to create the 'donald' with sauce and cheese.
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classic cheese pizza that's baked in a stone fire oven. a chubby hedgehog in england is so big he just had to go on a diet. meet jabba the hedgehog. he weighs over four pounds... which may not seem like a lot but that's nearly three times the weight of the average wild hedgehog. the rescue center says his last owner fed him alot in the hopes he could survie in the wile... but jabba was sooo big, he couldn't able curl up into the protective ball. now a rescue center has jabba on a strict diet... the obese hedgehog is a huge hit with the staff at the rescue center. you might be wondering where the name jabba comes from... an
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jabba's target weight is one-point four pounds before he goes back into the wild. he's already on his way... yesterday he weighed in at under four! and!! he's can curl up into a survival ball. the tibetan leader his trip to cu the dalai lama will 23rd. the previously- october because of health issues. details about his schedule and getting tickets haven't been it for 9news at lot more news and
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blitz to be your president. we're breaking down the million- dollar pricetags... for winning your votes. more than a year after this deadly hillside collapse... we're learning new information about what happened in the hours before the slide... and if any warning was possible. he says he wants to be a bronco for life... but will von miller be on the roster next season? today's the day we find out. right now... a person is in the hospital after being hit by a car in fort collins. noel brennan has been working to learn more about what happened. noel - this accident


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