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blitz to be your president. we're breaking down the million- dollar pricetags... for winning your votes. more than a year after this deadly hillside collapse... we're learning new information about what happened in the hours before the slide... and if any warning was possible. he says he wants to be a bronco for life... but will von miller be on the roster next season? today's the day we find out. right now... a person is in the hospital after being hit by a car in fort collins. noel brennan has been working to learn more about what happened. noel - this accident
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today will start chilly - but meterologist marty coniglio says it'll warm up nicely.
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this landslide near collbran in 20-14...
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people. and now - a study shows the land started moving 10 hours before the disaster. according to the denver post- the west salt creek landslide on the grand mesa was linked to a rainstorm... and melting snowpack. geology experts say the technology to detect early signs of landslides isn't available yet. in october, researchers found the area is still at risk for a big landslide. we'll probably see a low-key caucus in colorado. both parties are preparing for caucusing tonight. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is here with more. tarhonda-- there's a reason why republicans could see small numbers. you're right,
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republican caucuses in colorado, today-- essentially-- don't hold any weight. the party decided--- it will not select a state-wide winner. that decision was made "a while back." it's because the national gop now requires delegates to be bound to precinct winners. colorado's caucuses are basically thousands of neighborhood straw polls. small groups of party members start choosing delegates for county or congressional- district gatherings. there will be a democratic state- wide winner for colorado, though. bernie sanders and hillary clinton have been competing for that win. donald trump, marco rubio and ted cruz continue to "go at it" on the campaign trail... though none of them has advertised in colorado... since, again, republicans here aren't selecting a state- wide winner. still-- for people who want to caucus-- you should know that the process is run by the political parties-- not state govenment. both caucuses begin at seven o'clock tonight. you can find your caucus location... at but-- you have to be registered with either party-- to caucus. the race between
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heated up over the months. gary-- we'll see if that adds up to bigger caucus numbers for the democrats. colorado is one of 11 states holding democratic caucuses or primaries today. other notable states include texas, minnesota and virginia and massechuesettes. the republican map is similar with a couple of exceptions. colorado's gop will hold caucuses but won't declare a statewide winner. the same goes for wyoming which has been holding caucuses for two weeks leading up to super tuesday. there is a large number of delegates up for grabs today.... and that could end up giving us a good idea of the eventual republican and democratic nominees. nbc news reporter tracie potts is live in washington. tracie - some states are seen as
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thank you tracie. presidential
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presidential candidates are spending millions of dollars ahead of super tuesday. ted cruz and his super-pac allies have outspent marco rubio's team by almost 2-to-1. cruz's pricetag is about 6-point-2 million dollars... money going to georgia, tennessee and texas. cost 3-point-5 concentrated in donald trump's team comes in 3rd - spending just million dollars. side... hillary clinton's team has spent 6- point-4 million dollars... spread states voting bernie sanders has shelled out 5- point-2 million dollars in a handful of states. sanders has outspent clinton in
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sanders had been short on his overall fundraising goal for february... and it only took him asking for some help to quickly get support - raising 5 million dollars in one day. a big number of small donors pitched in after learning sanders was four-million dollars short of his 40 million dollar goal for the month. colorado's attorney general says the legislature can convert the state's hospital provider fee into an that may sound a little confusing, but it's a decision that could boost tax money available for road improvements and the state. there could be a legal fight over this decision, or democrats who favor the idea and republicans who oppose it could sit down and hammer out a compromise. apple. a federal judge in ruled that the government can't force the company to hack an iphone to investigate a drug dealer.
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enforcement agencies to help it break into iphones instances across the company is these cases...saying doing the federal bidding would security features millions of iphones on a call with reporters, an apple senior executive they will help the feds, but only if they make a lawful request. apple is reportedly just weeks away from releasing a new iphone and ipad. according to multiple media reports, apple will make these march 21st. 4-inch iphone s-e is faster chip than current models. the new ipad pro is point-7-inch screen new features. is reportedly on the way too. the tibetan leader has rescheduled
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his trip to cu boulder. a new iphone watch is reportedly on the way too. the tibetan leader has rescheduled his trip to cu boulder. the dalai lama will now visit on june the tibetan leader has rescheduled his trip to cu boulder. the dalai lama will now visit on june 23rd. he couldn't make the previously- planned trip in october because of health issues. details about him schedule and getting tickets haven't been released yet.. imagine a decade of not asking questions -- one supreme court justice waitied that long to ask a question. so what prompted him to finially break his silence? a car slammed into a gas pump - sending flames into the air and people running.
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a gas pump - sending flames into the air and people running. there's still unanswered questions about
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police officer killed on her first
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dozens of police motorcycles escorted officer ashley guindon's body to the chapel last night... her funeral will be there at noon. guindon and two other officers were responding to a domestic violence call... when someone shot the two other officers survived. an out-of-control gas pump in texas... car out of the way. the pump fire... as people flames. a security camera recorded the whole thing. firefighters put it out. police are still trying to figure out why the driver lost control. for the first time supreme court justice asked a question during and not just one question either. justice clarence justice department lawyer 10 questions in a appeared to be a defense of the constitutional right for someone to own a gun.
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considering a federal law banning people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns. when justice thomas unexpectedly spoke up and asked -- when - in any other case - does a misdemeanor violation suspends a constitutional right. the last time thomas asked a question in court was feburary 22nd 2006. oprah hasn't hosted her show in years - but she's still a force to be reckoned with. and if you've ever wanted to dress like her - now is your chance! but first, lets check in with marty
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report that d-i-a is a step closer to having a brewery at the airport.
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reached with a company that plans to operate a brewpub next to the new westin hotel. tivoli brewing - which is on the handle the operations - they'll use students taking beer industry classes at metro. it's now up to the mayor to make the final decision on whether to approve the plan. a council subcommittee will take a first look at the contract today. the 10-year contract is between dia and a company called midfield concession operate a coffee shop and two restaurants at the airport in addition to the brewpub. missouri senator claire mccaskill wants to outlaw so-called hidden resort fees. those are the non-optional fees hotels charge for such things as the swimming pool, gym or even newspapers. mccaskill's proposed legislation would force hotels to reveal all resort fees when advertising a room rate. she says hidden resort fees nickel and dime consumers much like the seat assignment and bag fees that airlines charge. now's your chance to own a piece of
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cleaning out her closet, at her old chicago studios, and putting more than 150 items up for bid on ebay. the charity auction runs through thursday, with proceeds going to oprah's leadership academy for girls. let's check in with marty. von miller wants to stay a bronco... not just next
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von miller wants to stay a bronco... not just next season, but for life. the big, bad defensive tackle... that's standing between the broncos and miller from reaching a
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and their super bowl m-v-p... luckily for the team--von miller says he wants to be a life-time bronco. but miami dolphins super star ndamukong suh might be holding things up. he's making about $19 million a year, and miller wants more. the broncos have to either sign the superstar linebacker to a long term contract by two this afternoon.... or they'll have to use their franchise tag on him.
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would fetch miller one of the richest in n-f-l history for any defenseman... probably about $20 million dollars per season. a franchise tag would keep miller on the team for another year... which will give them more time to negotiate a contract. while on the peyton manning side of things.... a new report says we likely won't know the future of the quarterback until next week. that's when the broncos are set to meet with the future hall of famer to discuss his next move. broncos insider mike klis says it's still likely manning had played his last game for the broncos... whether he retires or not. the broncos are working to negotiate with
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multi-year contract extension. for the first time in nearly a year.... a man will feel the effects of gravity. astronaut scott kelly returns to earth today... we'll look at the records he set - and what's up next
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this is 9news. >> good morning. just into the news room, this is a live look we're going to show you right now at vermont senator bernie sanders casting his vote in burlington, vermont. just now he was talking to the election people there at the table. now
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on this super tuesday. >> expected to win his home state there. >> today is race for president comes down to one thing, delegates. we're breaking down who is voting, what is at stake and new insight into what voters are thinking on this super tuesday. >> nearly 11,000 sunrises and sunsets have gone by as astronaut scott kelly orbited the earth for almost a year. now he's about to return to earth. >> i have the fiddler on the roof song in my head. >> only beside sunrise, sunset. it goes by fast. good morning, everyone. marty coniglio joins us in the weather center. it's going to warm up today. >> it's going to be a little bit warmer around the area once again. we have a few dry conditions. over all another really weak system that's going to move into the mountains and bring us some clouds. more


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