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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  March 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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delegates to the result tonight, the state gop canceled adding up a result tonight, but on the democratic side we are one of the states where bernie sanders thinks he has a real shot at beating hillary clinton. after her big shot in south carolina he has to show signs of life today and frankly, colorado isn't enough on its own, but we could help his cause. likewise if hillary clinton wins tonight, it's a good sign she's beaten back the bernie sanders insurgency in an important swing state. right now this is data shared only with us from facebook and it shows all of the interactions over the past month by colorado users of facebook. so this is likes, mentions, all that stuff aggregated over the course of the month and it's some measure at least what the conversation is showing us in colorado. what you can see here is that hillary clinton and bernie sanders are relatively close by this metric. both of them in the 2 million, the low 2 million range. donald trump not surprisingly blowing everyone out of the
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interactions on facebook in colorado. the 1 thing you can say about the people at the top is some of that is most likely negative interactions as well as supporters. so there's no way to screen for, that but it is showing you where the buzz is and then ted cruz being second in colorado with a little less than 1 million. if you go further down, you have marco rubio in the 300,000 range, so a lot less buzz around the establishment k.s colorado. this still does matter because what's going to happen is republicans will meet in small county conventions. that leads to delegates to the state convention and the opinions they have in the presidential race will matter. so at least we have some sort of metric of the buzz that's going on here. if you don't understand what's going on tonight in the caucuses, we do have some help for you there as well. if you go to right now, on the homepage you will see rotating in this main
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explains colorado's caucuses. 35% of coloradans can't participate in this process because they are not affiliated with a major political party. so it is a relatively small affair. even then you have a little more than 10% of the people that are registered democrat or republican that will take part. at 9:00 and 10:00 we'll have the results from colorado and the other super tuesday states that are voting tonight. >>. our independence that makes things interesting down the road. clinton and sanders campaign volunteers went door to door encouraging as many registered democrats as they could find to vote in tonight's caucuses. the last minute push reminded people of super tuesday and letting them know where their caucus location is. it's not always easy since lots of voters give excuses about why they can't participate in the time consuming caucuses, but the volunteers did everything they could to boost the numbers for their candidate. >> by knocking on doors, reminding people, leaving them flyers.
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>> we've reached thousands of people in the last few months. so the grassroots support here has been really strong. >> out of the roughly 900,000 registered democrats in colorado only about 100,000 are expected to caucus tonight. got pretty good weather to go door to door. parts of colorado are looking at increased fire danger, though, with warm and windy conditions out there across our state. meteorologist belen deleon is in the weather center and the red flag warnings are starting to get closer and closer to the metro area. >> that's right. in fact, it's encompassing the metro area tomorrow. we step outside now, you'll notice the winds aren't all this active. we're taking a break from the stronger winds for today. let's take you to the graphics. you'll see the wind mainly in the foothills are gusting up to 20 and 30 miles per hour, but into tomorrow about 24 hours away from now is when we'll see those winds gusting up to 30 and even 40 miles per hour here in the metro area and with that
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wonder that we'll be under a red flag warning for most of eastern colorado starting at 11 a.m. tomorrow. right now look outside. those flags on our flagpole aren't even moving. in fact, we got that mix of clouds and sun. so if you want to maybe step outside your door, burn some calories, walk the dog, we've got some great weather. temperatures now are in the 50s. in the foothills 40s and 50s. we take you throughout the rest of the evening. we'll have clouds increasing, but yough of you won't have any rain or snow -- but you won't have any rain or snow. it's going to be a dry forecast approaching tonight and tomorrow we'll see increased fire danger. here's the weather headlines. winds will increase tomorrow, the red flag warning going into effect and we'll continue to see the warm stretch all the way through the weekend. now mark and kim, i know you'll have a few more -- not a few, lots of time on your hands, mark, after these next few days.
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you have any shoveling in your forecast. >> gee whiz. >> you're not going to worry about that. you'll be on the hills or somewhere. >> i was thinking less shoveling, more swishing. >> sit there and have another cup of coffee before he can get motivated to do anything. thank you. it was a matter of time, the state health department confirmed two zika cases have been reported in colorado. both cases were reported last week. the health department says the people infected recently came back from a country affected by zika. the state would not say where they live or where they were treated. experts say the discovery of zika virus in colorado shouldn't really scare us because the virus was not transmitted in our state. this certainly isn't mosquito season just yet. however, 9news medical expert dr. john torres says we can expect to see additional indications very soon. >> one of the things you have to remember is they got zika somewhere else and came to colorado, but them coming to
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warming up and the mosquitoes move into the area, those mosquitoes could get zika from somebody who has it and then transmit it to other people. >> zika can cause feverlike symptoms and doctors suspect it is linked to several birth defects. a man is recovering after being hit by a vehicle late last night in fort collins. the man was lying in the southbound lanes of college avenue near spring park drive. officers found 53-year-old george trailer in the roadway. his injuries were consistent with being hit by a vehicle. police do not have a vehicle description. anyone with information is asked to call fort collins police department. a fire on a stovetop caused a mobile home fire near i-225 and colfax this morning. the home was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. the owner wasn't home at the time no. other homes in the area were damaged. a lot of people will like this. rain barrels closer to being legal in colorado thanks to the colorado house of
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bill today that would allow coloradans to use up to two 50- gallon barrels to collect rainwater from home rooftops to be used outdoor for things like gardening. right now colorado law bans things that keep water from flowing to or off your property. one of the bills asks the state impact the impact of water rights. the measure heads now to the senate. today is traditionally the snowiest month of the year in colorado of believe it, folks. some long term forecasts show it could be a very snowy march or april. that's why one of us is doing
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koebrich. 9news mountain newsroom reporter matt renoux. >> reporter: it was definitely a welcome sight to see. there's still a lot of snow on the ground, but after all that warm weather, that snow is starting to melt in a lot of places pretty quickly. so we could use a lot more snow. ski areas around summit county with an inch or 2 this morning is pretty nice. the state snowpack is right about average right now, but weather watcher rick bly said it's only because november and december brought so much snow. in fact, he says the last big snow event around summit county was back in early february. without that we'd be well behind the curve for snowfall. so more snow is needed because three weeks of warm dry weather is melting that snowpack quickly. >> we had a really good snow base to start the season with, but the wind and the last three weeks of sun have taken a toll on the snow. it's been so warm we've been losing a lot of snow daily.
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predictions out there with el nino that we'll see a better than average winter as far as april and march go. so the coming months already snowy could see a lot more snow, but, kim, saying that after getting a little bit of snow this morning. it's warm, windy again and we're seeing maybe an early preview of mud season. >> oh, yeah. plenty of that. there's not enough. once it gets on your shoes you got to wait for it to dry out and messy. your cars are always messy. >> reporter: yeah. that's why our 9news rig right over there sitting dry outside of that mud, a little bit of a snow patch over there. >> good for you, good choices. no heavy jacket yet, i know. you guys need a little more snow, matt. mark is over here waiting. he's ready to go. >> wax them up. i'll see you shortly. >> reporter: he's going to have time and, mark, given that you're going to have a little
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reports from just about every ski area in colorado here coming up. >> yeah. you guys should meet up and do some little check-ins at 4:00. it's a plan. thank you, matt. >> reporter: i like that idea. the super bowl mvp is staying in denver at least one more year. the broncos have placed an exclusive franchise tag on linebacker von miller. the exclusive franchise tag means that he can't receive competing offers from other teams. miller wanted a multi-year contract with the broncos, but the organization just couldn't come to an agreement. there is still time. the broncos have until the 15th of july to figure out a longer term deal. miller is the first player since new orleans quarterback the highest form of franchise tag and the first england's richard seymour back in 2007. he's a special guy. deal. >> oh, yeah. i can't imagine they don't.
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>> we are bracing ourselves for mark's official retirement tomorrow. >> yeah. of? our friends and many -- some of our friends and many of your friends would like to wish him well. our friends at telemundo are joining us now. hello. >> hello, you guys. >> hello. >> how are you guys? >> how are you guys? we're very good. we don't think a lot of people realize you guys used to be here with us in our studios and i was telling pedro, your boss, today how much we miss you all. >> oh. >> we miss you as well. >> we just want to say thank you for your friendliness and our friendship. you're a very good friend. >> thank you. >> mark, i have some opportunities to exchange some words with you with your words of wisdom. now i wanted to thank you for all that learned words that you exchanged with me and actually i wanted to tell you something. i want to be like you when i
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>> that's always what i told carlos. i still want to be just like you when i grow up, trust me. you guys are a class act, no question. you have your hands full with them. >> mark, let me tell you that i envy my partners over here because i didn't have the pleasure of working by your side, but i admire you as a person, as a journalist, 45 years in television, 30 anchor. it sounds so easy, but it's not and i need your advice for young professionals like myself whether they're entering the world of communication or any or profession. how do you do it? >> well, hang close to your partners there is what i do because they've been very successful, two really smart guys, no question about it. that would be my best advice and you know what? you guys don't need any help from anybody. you're doing terrific out there. your new studio is fantastic looking and i told pedro today it's on my way home now. i'll be dropping by probably the first day after i retire
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>> you're very welcome here. >> actually i heard you have a very busy agenda, some skiing, golfing. i mean that sounds tough. >> yeah. >> grandkidding. all of it. >> i told kim all the ing's, skiing, golfing and grandkidding, that's what i'm going to do and watching you guys. i'll keep a tab on telemundo, too. >> thank you. >> we miss you a lot and it means a lot that you bothered to say good-bye and good luck and we know. this guy has an impact on everybody he encounters. >> thank you. >> we know it made a big impact on your influence. carlos, i think you're on the way to being just like mark koebrich. >> thanks, guys. that's very kind of you, great to check in with you again. we'll be seeing you down the road. >> thank you again. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. bye bye. >> it was so much fun when they worked in the building, but they needed their own space because they were growing, but
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sometimes they'd bring really good treat and we'd try and treat them. >> they're the nicest people. -- treats and we'd try and treat them. >> they're the nicest people. we shared coverage a lot. you haven't discovered them yes., this is a good opportunity -- yet, this is a good opportunity. >> i felt like we were on all the time because their newscast was on a half hour apart. >> when we weren't, they were, great group. >> everybody wants to be like mark koebrich when they grow up. congress is now involved in security. >> and some colorado elementary schoolers are proving why it's better to learn standing. >> as we head to break here say
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we want to clarify and elaborate a little bit about virus earlier. we said it's possible a mosquito could bite a patient infected with zika and then else. experts actually believe that particular type of mosquito that transmits the zika virus doesn't live in colorado. it's not mosquito season yet,
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this still the best information we have right now is transmission like that isn't possible. we have a full report on the topic coming up on 9news at 6:30. that's because nbc nightly news is one hour tonight on super tuesday. the legal fight between apple and the justice department is now heading to congress. the hearing comes after two significant and conflicting court rulings in new york and california on whether apple can be forced to help the fbi gain access to locked phones. fbi director james comey continues to say technological advancements come with new dangers which can prevent law enforcement from collecting critical evidence in criminal and terrorist investigations. security experts say the fbi asking apple to weaken security of its products could create a dangerous precedent. it is a homecoming that's been a year in the making. astronaut scott kelly is back to earth after almost a full year in space, a record for an american astronaut. kelly has been in space 340
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earth and nearly 11,000 sunsets and sunrises all sheryled on instagram and -- all sheryled on instagram and -- all shared on instagram and twitter. he does have a twin and they're part of this project. >> they had an opportunity they've never had before. my brother and i are the only siblings that have ever flown in space and the fact that we're twins gave them this unique opportunity to do some pretty substantial science. >> find out what's changed and when kelly arrives back in the u.s., he'll get a very thorough medical exam. researchers say the absence of gravity means that your bones become more brittle and vision sometimes shifts towards far sightedness. kelly says he has already experienced that, so say lot to learn. >> -- so a lot to learn. >> that's remarkable. i can't wait to see the results. a kindergarten class in fire stone has taken a new approach to learning.
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the day and that's the case for kristen baker's class at imagine charter school, so mrs. bake are and a parent -- baker and a parent started a standing desk pilot program. the desks donated by the manufacturer accommodate five students. students take turns using the desks every day and can move around and mrs. baker has noticed a big difference in how the kids are learning. >> some of my students who were unable to focus sitting down focus so much better standing up. they can wiggle more and move more and not interrupt anybody else and while they're doing that they're more able to listen. i find that kids are able to be a little bit more creative just because blood is flowing. their brain juices are going more just because they're standing as opposed to sitting. >> the thing i like about it is you get to stand up because it's boring just sitting. >> it's boring just sitting. kids love it because they not only get to release a lot of energy, but they get to work
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they can move closer and everyone can huddle up. baker who is also a pilates instructor is excited about the many health benefits associated with standing as opposed to sitting. she's now trying to raise about $12,000 through a gofundme project to get them in other classrooms as well, great idea. >> nice. neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night can keep our mark koebrich from delivering his consumer report stories and when it comes to that popular segment on 9news, he's actually even more dependable than the postal service, but hidden in the consumer report's vault is a story that he has never ever seen because it wasn't that long ago that consumer reports decided it was time to test mark. >> what? >> reporter: nicole watches 18 hours of local news a day. >> i only wish they offered more news. >> reporter: it all makes her feel alone, scared, petrified. >> i feel alone, scared and petrified.
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chaos viewers want someone they can trust. with so many things wrong in this world it's safe to say that really the only person you can trust is your local news anchor. consumer reports tested four local anchors using such measurements as dependency, aptitude and likability. >> we found unlike all men all equal. be pricey. to? >> reporter: yet only one showed durability when the zero. as opposed to reporters, most of the anchors tested showed no ability whatsoever to withstand the elements. consumer reports found one model that every, the kim, scored extremely -- one model, the kim, scored extremely low on the ability to slow tears, in fact, she welled up faster than the rest reaching tear duct production 2.5 seconds after a tearfully emotional story. the mark typically kept it together but occasionally drifted into nonsensical
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>> win erwiner chicken dinner -- winner winner chicken dinner. >> reporter: while all four tested well on durability, the kyle sense of sarcasm and ability to drink craft beer, made him a hit with the hipster crowd. the adele scored high on integrity but low on low driving techniques. much like batteries or diapers, anchors should occasionally be changed, but none will withstand the test of father time quite like the mark. >> isn't he the senior source guy? >> reporter: the most trusted, boulevard and ageless guy in local tv news -- beloved and ageless guy in local tv news today. >> when the world is going to hell i want him to be my guide. >> reporter: on the consumer beat chris vanderveen, 9news. >> our friends at 9wants to know apparently took the day
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>>kris van cleave off -- chris vanderveen is the funniest guy on the planet. >> consumer reports already generates a lot of interest. >> that is hysterical. i do believe in the consumer reports strongly, but of all the consumer reports i've seen on 9news that far outweighs any of the ones i've done. i'm alone, petrified. >> willing to stand out in all conditions, trustworthy. >> thank you. it's been a great ride. >> why do you need to drag me up into this? >> the tear duct factor, tune in tomorrow. i'll tell you what. >> i have shed the tears. >> you're done. that's what i'm counting on. even if it gets partly cloudy, it's kind of a -- >> let it go. move on. we're getting e-mails on your consumer reports. with all the warm weather people are starting to experience -- by the way, let me mention quickly in a moment i have some never before seen photos of mark and kim from i think almost 30 years ago. >> that's great.
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and people are starting to experience early allergies. kim and i are sniffling today. >> sneezing all morning.
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perhaps you've been walking around with a tissue close. the weather around here has been great lately, but maybe you've got a scratchy sore throat, your nose is running. allergists say you're not alone and allergy season is just getting started. right now doctors say some trees like elm and juniper are just beginning to pollinate. because they're just beginning to bud and the sap is beginning to flow, that's why you're suffering. one allergist says even if you're not experiencing symptoms, now might be the time to actually start taking medication. >> allergy medications work best if taken before the allergic symptoms begin. so there's a little bit of a leap of faith, have to remember what happened the previous
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the medicines on board to stop allergic reactions is much more effective than trying to deal with allergic reactions once they're happening. >> dr. dreskin says antihistamine allergy medicines only stop something from happening. they don't reverse the symptoms. that's why it's really important, as they tell you, get ahead of the allergy. start the medications if your allergies are a seasonal problem. in today's bottom line report you're watching your waistline, paying attention to what you eat. so what could possibly be wrong with your diet? well, the answer is plenty. as gregg moss reports, there are advertising myths that can actually fool us into thinking we're making healthy choices when, in fact, we are really not. >> reporter: the label says healthy, but is it really healthy? don't fall for these five advertising myths as nutritionist andy boloti, myth no.
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than diet when it comes to weight control. wrong. >> at the end of the day you can never outrun or outexercise a bad diet. >> reporter: myth no. 2, single nutrients make a food healthy. wrong again. >> if you're purchasing a cookie with a sprinkle of flax seed, that is not the same as eating, say, putting ground flax in a healthy meal. >> reporter: myth no. 3, taking out the bad ingredients make a food good for you. not true. after all, a donut is still a donut whether it's gluten free or not. myth no. 4, hope fat or fat free makes -- low fat or fat free makes a food healthy. >> there are foods naturally fat free like fruit, but the general rule is that any food that is naturally high in fat, a fat free version is either adding salt or sugar or both because, of course, fat delivers flavor. >> reporter: which brings us to myth no. 5. it's okay to eat junk food
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>> that food is still not healthy and will still have negative effects on your heart health, your blood pressure and even your risk of developing certain chronic conditions. >> reporter: so the quality of calories really does matter. i'm greg gregg moss and that's the got -- gregg moss and that's the bottom line on food myths. >> for more health effects on the food that you 8, -- you eat, go to warm, dry, windy. snobby-is back with -- belen is back with when we might see
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day to be hanging out around in poco, wouldn't it? >> after all, you paid for some good solid money for those young people in your family to attend college there. >> yes, i did. >> they've done great. >> see that 1 building in the background there? i built that building i'm pretty sure. i paid out the nose. >> ben and nicki are saying thank you, dad. >> yes, they are. some gusty winds around the foothills today. we always laugh about that. i love that butcher sticker that says my -- bumper sticker that says my son or my daughter and all of my money go to csu. >> you're next, belen. >> that will be me. i've got three boys. we'll see how that goes. i'll be asking you for tips on how to save towards, that mark. >> get a night job. >> don't lose my number. it's in the phone book. >> bring your own lunch. >> that's the no. 1 tip, bring your own lunch to work every day. what could make this tuesday more super? how about this picture of these llamas just running around?
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they were getting in trouble with the law. this is in grand lake. thank you so much, carol, for sending that in, but yup, beautiful weather. even the animals are out frolicking around. it is march. it's march. how did that happen? you know, march is usually our snowiest month on average when we see about 11 or so inches of snowfall. the average temperatures start to go up, so the average high is around 52 degrees and spring officially starts on march 20th. now the temperatures right now are 53 at dia, winds not all that bad out here in the backyard our temperatures at 54 degrees and today was just beautiful. the wind have left, but tomorrow those winds will pick up and we'll start to see the threat for wildfires across the state of temperatures right now are in the 50s in lower elevations and out on the eastern plains. high country has 50s and 30s and the western slope has 59 degrees in grand junction. now the rest of the afternoon
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mix of clouds and sun, the clouds thickening a bit more around 6:00 and 7 shot clock, but it's still going to be -- 7:00, but it's still going to be a very for us. 37 degrees your low, partly cloudy skies and the winds picking up in the foothills. the jet stream now is going over the western half of the to warm up. tomorrow we'll have this jet colorado. so those stronger winds aloft will be mixing into lower elevations and that's the reason why we'll start to see those stronger winds out here in colorado. the wind gust forecast that takes us through this evening, tonight those winds in the foothills up to 50 miles per hour and then tomorrow morning and afternoon those winds really pick up coming in from the northwest. they could be gusting up to 30, 40 miles per hour and even 50 miles per hour at times. that's the reason why we're going to have that red flag warning that goes into effect
4:38 pm
towards the eastern plains, humidity so low dropping to about 14%. now that same jet stream that will bring us those stronger winds here on the front range and that red flag warning will also bring a small chance for some light snow showers in our northern mountains. so let's take you through this futurecast. through tonight you'll see the clouds spread onto the front range and eastern plains but still staying dry, partly cloudy tonight into tomorrow morning. there you see the light snow that develops in our northern and central mountains. we could even see a bit of moisture out towards the eastern plains, some very light rain certainly not out of the question as this very weak kind of system just tries to make its way over colorado. 65 will be your high for tomorrow. it will be a bit warmer, but the thing we have to watch out for will be those stronger winds. that planning forecast keeps us warm, dry through the weekend. tomorrow is when those winds will be the most active. then those winds relax a tad by thursday and friday, but let's just focus on the weekend now, shall we?
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those winds return and still a bit breezy on sunday where the temperatures will be at 68 degrees, still a dry weekend. let's look past that. it's not until next week when we start to see a clung in the weather pattern. -- change in the weather pattern. that high pressure ridge in the western parts of the country starts to break down and more moisture starts to move into the state. the start of next week could bring a chance of showers on the front range and snow into the high country. by then, mark, long gone on the slopes. >> that's what i'm hoping. they all say they need a little bit of snow of once i get up there i'll be giving your hour by hour reports. >> that's great. you're going to be our good luck charm in the high country. >> if there's snow on mark, it must be a storm up in the high country, right? thanks, belen. >> sure thing. as we rediscover colorado's national parks all this week, we are taking you to new places, hidden spots of beauty and history. >> there's another way to rediscover our parks by returning to your favorite
4:40 pm
9news anchor kyle clark and photojournalist chris hansen are our guides. >> at about 15 or 16 since i started two years ago, but i picked off 10 last week. did i 10 national parks in eight days. >> reporter: lucky him racing around america always someplace new. >> you usually shoot about 200 to 300 shots. one spectacular shot would be worth a week's trim it. really would be. -- trip. it really would be. >> reporter: eric gayle at bear lake coming to one of the most successful most photographed spots at rocky mountain national park. >> with the intermittent clouds coming through the scene. >> reporter: there are sunsets rock. >> every sunset was taken around the lake by photographers because it was one of those night where everybody could tell it was going to be good.
4:41 pm
for some of the feeling in your fingers and toes. >> it seems to be crisper in the morning. it's not quite as comfortable to shoot in the morning, but i seem to come out with better light in the mornings. you just got a little light come on the far right there. there we go. >> reporter: with his blackstocking cap crouched in the shadows for hours, eric gayle works like a thief. >> try to steal as many competitions as i can. it's really strange. i feel like i'm walking away with something not many other people are getting to see. oh, yeah that. color is gorgeous. then just make sure we got it in the bag. beautiful. >> reporter: and with that he packs up his loot and leaves.
4:42 pm
no, lucky us. as the seasons change, we can return to our favorite speedometers where so many summer sunrises and sunsets have been snapped to steal a new view, bear lake, blazing white in winter light dotted and dashed with footsteps and tracks. lucky us. >> then when i rounded that turn at estes park, it just about took my breath away. >> reporter: you can drive an hour, two or three and see that valley open up at the bend. >> they're probably used to it all the time. i'm not. the mountains in west virginia are what you would call hills. they're just, you know, green covered. they don't look anything like this. >> reporter: yes. lucky us who know moraine park doesn't just look good in green. >> i've seen pictures, but it's not the same as seeing it in person. >> reporter: but in pink, blue, silver, orange and purple.
4:43 pm
it's where we go to find peace, quiet, tranquility. >> reporter: steve and leslie prentice from loveland love this land. >> we call it our backyard. it's a bug back yard. >> every single hike we -- big backyard. >> every single hike we stop and look around and say we live here. >> we live here. >> reporter: they've worn the trail up to the lock every season new photos and new memories every season same exact place, the sight that blew them away. >> oh, my gosh, we actually snowshoed it. that's the time i put out my arms and said feel the freeze of the rocky mountain breeze. [ wind blowing ] >> it's a different world altogether. it feels entirely different. >> reporter: in all our travels we hear the one indispensable piece of equipment summer, winter, spring or fall is the right attitude.
4:44 pm
hassle. here snow is fun. >> i think it's a swedish thing. there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. so if you're dressed for it, if you're protected from it, you can stay out all day and feel completely comfortable and just have a blast out here, you know. >> reporter: we do. lucky, lucky us to have planted our roots in this particular part of america so close to this land made for you and me. >> wow. this land rediscovering colorado's national parks continues all this week at 4:00 at 9news and 9:00 at 9news and join us saturday night at 9:00 on 9news for an hour long special that will reair sunday at 9:30 on channel 20. boy, can that hansen kid take pictures. he is amazing. >> he's got a future. >> he's got a future maybe on
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that. the rolling stones will
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the rolling stones say they are planning to play a free concert in havanna, cuba, later this month. that will make them the biggest act to play cuba since 1959, the revolution. the stones are set to play march 25th, three days after president obama visits. the concert is expected to draw a massive crowd. the government once persecuted young people for listening to rock music. it was seen as a tool of western capitalism. >> wow. how about that. that is big. a 90-year-old woman from michigan is traveling the country after choosing to forego cancer treatment. >> 90-year-old norma has a facebook page calling driving miss norma. two days after her husband of 67 years died she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. doctors recommended chemo and radiation and she said i don't want to do that.
4:49 pm
the rv, headed up to mount rushmore and ventured to the grand canyon and she's enjoying it, the time of her life. norma's son and daughter-in-law say this is the best gift just to see the twinkle in her eyes loving the whole road trip. >> good luck to her. good for her. we are soaking in every last second with mark before he officially retires. >> while others aren't as enthusiastic, but thank you. >> we all are. everybody is. you should see it. everybody in this building is trying to get a photo with you. they're all looking for a photo op. >> you know what? very some great photos coming up. wait till you see. this we're looking back at some great moments. online we have some great photos largely of kim and i doing some things.
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take a look at this as i'm
4:53 pm
this is a photo of kim and on a live broadcast we did at coors field. >> rocktober. >> that's what it was. this is kim and i doing a fundraiser called cocktails and karaoke. she's playing the piano and this is another photo on tape, the first one that i have here is kim and i and marvin hamlisch and i'm figuring this is at least a 35-year-old photo. there it is. i don't know where we were. neither of us can remember this. >> was i even working at 9news yet? >> i don't think you'd started. look how young you are there. >> don't remind me, okay. i don't know. oh, 9 kids who care. >> isn't that great? we have so many of those. kim and i have stood on parking lots and there's our buddy kirk. that was a station night somewhere. >> that was an emmy night i think. >> another rocktober night. we've got jerseys. koebrich jersey, pretty cool. i still have that.
4:54 pm
>> kathy sabine and kirk and linda. look at you here. this is a western fantasy night from -- i don't know -- 1990 something. >> no. that was early 2000. >> look at kirk. was he awake yet? he had not had his 13th cup of coffee yet. >> anyway, what i want to tell you is there are more than 100 of these photos in a slide show on either go to the main website or the mobile app and there's all kinds of wild photos there from years ago involving a lot of people here at channel 9 but mostly my friend kim christiansen. we've been on tv for a long time. >> and kirk with his poses. we had some fun stuff, yeah. okay. i am doing really well of i'm very proud of myself right -- well. i'm very proud of myself right now. i'm very collected. it's all good. don't worry about that. you know i don't sleep anyway. >> i know you don't. >> thank you spore sharing those. -- for sharing those. are we talking pets next.
4:55 pm
got a friend for you. marley is here from the humane society of boulder valley. hey, marley. hey, boy.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
it's a petline nine day on 9news. andy merryman from the humane society of boulder all right. we have the perfect pet for you. this is marley. this is handy from the boulder hue -- andy from the boulder humane society. marley is 7 years old, a coon hound mix and she loves to meet new people. right away she greeted me and she likes treats, lots of treats. so here's the thing. marley can be a little protective of her food which isn't that true for all of us? i don't like somebody else in my food and she would probably prefer to be the only dog in your home. that doesn't mean she's not social. andy has been walking around and she's very social. i mean she can take long or short walks. she loves to visit other dogs, but everybody wants to be like the queen bee, mark, and marley would like to be the queen bee in your home. >> and she and i share the same
4:59 pm
protective of our food. >> be protective of your food. don't let anybody take your treats. that's the good mantra to have. >> don't touch my hamburger. that's mine. well, good luck to marley. she's very sweet. >> i love her coloring, beautiful dog. >> she's very pretty. thanks, kim. we appreciate that. stay tuned for 9news at 5:00, everybody, which is next. we will be right back. next at 5:00 high stakes presidential politics with super tuesday tonight in a dozen states including colorado. >> also ahead last minute get out the vote efforts by clinton and sanders campaigns in the denver area. >> and colorado's first two confirmed cases of the zika virus next on 9news. >> this is 9news.
5:00 pm
far in the race for the white house, super tuesday. democrats and republicans are voting in 12 states including colorado. many expect the day's results to further solidify frontrunner status for democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump. trump does face a challenge from ted cruz in the biggest state to vote today which is texas. 9news political reporter brandon rittiman joins us. colorado will only make headlines for the democrats tonight. >> you said it. the reason is because republicans canceled the statewide result tonight. they're still going to caucus. they'll pick delegates, but we won't have any idea who those delegates support for president. on the democratic side we are one of the key states in the struggle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a win here for sanders would show signs of life left for his campaign. a within for clinton would show she's -- a win for clinton would show she's made good progress for handling the threat coming from sanders. we're among several states tonight, as you said. super tuesday is the first


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