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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  March 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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clinton and trump may have been big winners in other we're going to take our fight is for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace. >> clinton and trump may have been big winners in other states, but colorado voters were feeling the bern. >> bernie sanders came out on top. i'm going to break down the
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>> two zika cases cases cases found in colorado. >> it's going to be a very windy day. marty is out in the backyard. >> it's calm out here now. that's not going to be the case later this afternoon. clouds moving off to the east right now. it is a mild commute. temperatures averaging in the 40s early on we have upper 30s in some parts of town. mid-50s already. we're all going to be moving into the 50s by 8:00, 9:00 this morning. air quality in the moderate category. visibility is going to be good. no wood burning restrictions today because it's going to be so windy here. we're getting mountain snow today as temperatures move up into the 30s and 40s. we'll get a rain-snow mix in the mountains. low 60s around here. 70s down south. now, the big issue today is going to be the wind. it's already strong in the mountains and foothills and at the base of the front range foothills. we're seeing it up to loveland, longmont and fort collins now. through the afternoon, we're
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winds. 30-50 mile-per-hour gusts and low humidity. that combination creates extreme fire danger for the front range. enjoy your start on wednesday drive. we're starting off between colorado springs and denver. a new travel time we've been logging for you if you're headed northbound, 63 minutes is what it will take to get you from the springs. no problems near castle rock, castle pines, on your monument hill drive. north side, an equally nice commute. 12 minutes coming from e470. as we take a look right downtown, we've got no major issues blocking streets no.
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travel times 15 minutes up to c- 470. u.s. 36 all affected. so we'll track how this affects your mountain drive all throughout the morning. >> er all right, amelia. thank you. people faced lines like this. state party officials say a number of sites were objection, overwhelmed with more caucus goers than expected. tarhonda thomas is here in the information center with more. it appears a lot of those people in the overflow clouds were more bernie sanders. >> you saw the signs there. appears. >> people were calling, e- mailing, tweeting us last night saying this was unacceptable. look at this. security line. this is the caucusing process. some people waited hours to cast their votes. in the end, the long lines were
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they helped him pull out a win over clinton. while colorado is important, it's not a must-win. i'm pretty sure he's glad he won it this morning. clinton is experiencing a repeat of the caucuses eight years ago. that's when she lost to barack obama. clinton has a lot to celebrate. car rid 7 states. not sure why you're seeing the republicans. they did not declare a winner. >> we've gotten results from 84% of the precincts. bernie sanders had 58% of the vote. that's compared to clinton's 41%. we do expect to get more precinct caucus results this morning, but the experts say pretty safe to call this one for sanders. >> yeah, maybe overwhelming. thanks a lot. political reporter give us a
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mean. joining me now, political analyst, let's talk about what happened here in colorado. >> why? >> it went for obama overwhelmingly eight years ago. largely because of a young vote out here and a liberal democratic party. hundreds of thousands of people turned out. and they gave bernie sanders a good, solid vote here. ink hillary followed the same playbook as last time, a lot ovens coursements, hoping the -- a lot of endorsements. it just wasn't enough. >> it wasn't just the college towns, though. i thought that it could be very close with the college town
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it turned out she lost it in denver i thought that was amazing. if she was going to win, she had to win denver. this was also the place where she did most of her campaigning and where most of her endorsements were. so it's a sign that while she won well last night with all the southern states, and she's winning the delegate race, she's still not winning that essential element she needs, and that's the passion of the young voter, the commitment of the liberal voter in the democratic party. colorado, as you know, is a model swing state. so interesting, super tuesday coverage, also a if you scroll down on the home
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interactive map of colorado that breaks down how the candidates specifically did in each precinct. a man was taken to the hospital overnight. his car flipped onto the roof. we're making calls to find out if that man was badly hurt and exactly what happened. they called in to fix the light before the morning rush. the man needed help getting out of the car, but he's expected to be okay. the gold king mine spill happened on purpose. that's the statement from a congressman in utah. they triggered that spill that released 3 million-gallons of toxic waste water turning it the bright yellow orange color. rob bishop who chairs the house
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cites an e-mail from an official that said the spill happened when the cleanup team removed a plug intentionally water. that contradicts the story that the team was only doing prep accident. the waste water ran downstream through colorado, new mexico, and parts of utah. well, the first case of zika virus has been confirmed in colorado and so what does that exactly mean? 9news reporter colleen ferreira people got sick, but the outbreak, they said it likely could happen here. now it has. >> the type of mosquito that carries the virus doesn't live in colorado. so the likelihood of you actually getting the virus from a mosquito here is low. nevertheless, when people hear about the first confirmed cases, especially if they've traveled abroad, they worry. both people were infected after traveling to a zika infected country.
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go about to be tested? well, if you travel, rash, joint pain, red eyes, muscle pain, make, some people don't show symptoms. you should think about going to your doctor. the cdc is studying whether zika virus is lynned to birth defects. because there are still so many unknowns with the virus, doctors here. >> we test every pregnant woman who's traveled regardless if they have symptoms or not. so many people can have it in their blood. >> right now we're offering testing for any woman who's traveled to those infected areas and also ultrasounds. >> so if you think you have symptoms and would like to be
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the tests are provided free of charge. i reached out to our state health department. >> just about 540 right now. sports authority expected to file bankruptcy this morning. that's what sources familiar with the plans are telling the denver post. the chapter 11 filing has been negotiated negotiated with the bondholders and will allow the company to reorganize. they skipped an interest payment on its debt. weeks later, management started closing stores. sports authority's debt load is at least 643 million, but some speculate it could go as high as $1.3 billion. the markets will try to extend their winning ways after stocks roared into march like a lion. future numbers down at last check, but the dow did post its best day in a month yesterday on solid economic news and a rise in oil prices. investors will be watching data
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of course that's ahead of friday's job report. you will no longer need a satellite dish. three new streaming video options. they will launch those at the end of this year. no details in pricing yet, but at&t says it will be cheaper than current direct tv bundles, but you will not have access to any kind of premium features. warm around here today. rapidly moving into the 50s. it's already going up and town the base of the foothills, and the wind is going to work its way east through the afternoon. 30-50 mile-per-hour gusts throughout the afternoon. a lot of blowing dust over the area through the day today. again, high temperatures from the low to mid-60s in northern colorado. similar readings for denver in the 40s and 50s. tomorrow, the wind dies down, we stay around 65, 66 degrees. we'll have a few clouds drift in saturday and sunday.
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50. moment? he's such an amazing guy. my first year here at 9news, i went through a lot of things with family stuff. he was always just arms open, ready to listen.
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filing fake tax returns and stealing more than $22 million from the federal government. 34 battle creek michigan have been indicted. the men and women are accused of rye writing names, social security numbers from a veteran affairs medical center. this kind of information also came from michigan department of corrections inmates. they're accused of filing 5,000 fake federal returns from '07 and 2014.
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officer mark zuckerberg jumping ten spots. he's now at number six. estimated $44.6 billion. there are now 1800 billionaires on this list. bill gates tops the spot. he's been top spot for 17 of the last 22 years. charlie urgen remains colorado's wealthiest person. a parent's job is to love and teach and to always be there. that's the role foster parents take on for children in colorado who have been without that direction and support. as we continue our series on foster care, we introduce you to the hazeltons passing on kids. they're here. >> dwight and stacy, it's been a foster home for years. >> even though they're not my real parents, i consider them my real parents. >> parents who provide love and direction.
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for groceries and how to put money away in savings. >> the decision to make so many a part of their family comes from personal experience my mom and dad did foster when i was a kid. >> it take as piece of me every time a child leaves the house. >> i wouldn't have done anything with my life if i wasn't with them. >> angela knows she's loved, something she'll never take for granted. >> she always have a place to come back to. >> such a big deal to have a place if you need to talk to somebody or need guidance there. 's always a need for more foster families in colorado. we have a lot more information for you. coming up at 7:45 on channel 20, we'll talk more about the issue and talk to the hazeltons a little more. >> i can see why that would be so hard, being a foster parent and having to eventually say good-bye and get another one.
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>> a lot of them have kids of their own. and then they bring even more. >> talk about changing a life. >> that's for sure. >> 5:46. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> guys, we already have snow going in several mountain locations. officially those facing west and northwest today. above 9,000 feet, pretty decent snow in those areas by the end of the day today. around here, going into the low 60s. more and more sun as we go throughout the day. if you're think about what you're doing after work, you probably do it in a t-shirt with 62 degrees at 4:00, we'll be in the low 50s by 7:00. pretty windy out there. i don't think sky 9 is going to be flying. >> no, they're not. sky 9 is going to stay in the hangar today. for right now, the winds have
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we're looking at great speeds across i-95. if you're headed northbound, 14 minutes is your travel time. similar southbound with no accidents to stand in your way. today, sunrise at 6:31 as our days get longer and longer. right now a live view of the vail cam, showing a nice clear start as the weather moves in. later today, we'll track those delays across your high country drive. as for side streets, there's repair work going on for a light poll that went down
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welcome back. we're halfway through denver strawn week. there are 235 restaurant weeks to try through sunday. >> it's a great deal. most places office three-course meals for a set price of $30. >> the history behind some of the restaurants participating, today we're taking you inside
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it was built in 1961 as a home for the arnold family. the fort is a replica of the fort build in southeastern colorado in 1833 for fur traders. the arnold family wanted to bring the adobe charm of the fort to the front range. >> they designed it to be a home and to be a living history museum to teach the public about the fort. then the construction got so expensive, they decided to turn it into a restaurant in the lower level, but we lived in the upper level upstairs. >> so they are famous, of course, for their buffalo entrees. coming up at 8:20 this morning, we'll show you what is on their restaurant week menu and talk more about the 230 restaurants participating in restaurant week. >> that was delicious, marty. i love buffalo. >> we have so many great restaurants going up around here. it's interesting.
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graduation from the colorado school of minds. we went to the fort to celebrate. >> it's a good restaurant. >> it's a cool place. it is a very cool place. around here today, this is what we're looking at with snow over the front range mountains along west of the continental divide. the same system bringing snow to the mountains. we'll bring wind here for the rest of us over eastern colorado. again, snow starting to pile up there. it's really going to collect in the ridge lines and passes so we get a snow shower in the northern and central valleys because it's pretty warm. 20s and 30s there. 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s here over the front range. again, rain and snow hanging over the continental divide. it will be blown over by the strong west winds at times, but most of that is going to be evaporating before it has a chance to accumulate. clearing skies throughout the day. windy conditions. low 60s in northern colorado. mid-60s around denver.
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65 degrees with temperatures in the 40s and 50s in the mountains. again, mountain areas seeing the snow to the north. couple of showers will try to get going over northeastern colorado, but it will be so windy, that moisture is not going to make it to the ground. 1-4-inches of snow in the northern and central resorts, especially crested butte up to summit county and vail area into steamboat springs by late in the day. in the valleys, it will be fairly warm. low 60s out west. mid-60s here with temperatures colorado. the extreme fire danger through the day, wind picking up and going all afternoon and into the evening as we clear we'll go to the low 30s tonight. tomorrow, wind dies down. it gets sunny. we'll be 66 and then clouds hang around with low 60s friday, saturday. and it turns warmer on sunday before rain and snow returns to the front range on monday.
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>> it has been. we just got a tweet from a gentleman named lou who said the winds are so intense. he was just sitting in his car and a gust came through, and he thought something actually hit his vehicle. it turned out just to be the wind. it is going to be a gusty one. sky 9 staying on the ground today for safety concerns, especially out west. as for the side streets, repair work is under way between clairemont and cherry streets. i-70 through travel times here, still 8 minutes. it's an easy start between 25 merge. you're going to have a really clear start, you've got a 10- minute travel time headed toward the denver tech center and greenwood village. after your drive, equally nice beginning here. six or seven minutes. if you're waking up and headed
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pixie at the foothills animal shelter. she was a stray. she was out on her own until the foothills animal shelter helped her out. she's a sweetheart. he loves being on a lamp. she loves cuddling. she had a couple of dental problems. they fixed all of that. she's shy. she warms right up.
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then she was all such a sweetheart, even to me. she loves to sit in laps and get this ear scratched right here. we'll put everything you need to know about pixie on
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bert organized than this. >> coloradans are calling out democratic organizers for this three-hour wait and huge crowds were the theme of the night. some voters in northern colorado even had the caucus outside. >> it is really crazy. the search is on for another hit-and-run driver. this time in denver. we're going to have the latest on that investigation. >> scott kelly, scott kelly, back on mother earth after 340 days in space. >> experiencing gravity once again.


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