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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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next at 5:00, the search for a hit a run driver who left a woman behind seriously injured. also ahead, a plane crash sparks a brush fire on a red flag warning day. renewed efforts to add a presidential primary to colorado's political calendar. next on 9 news. strong winds have increased fire danger across much of the state, especially at lower elevations. the danger zone includeathize front range and the eastern plains-- includes the front range and eastern plains, part of a storm system that brought a few more inches of heavy wet snow to colorado's high country. meteorologist kathy sabine is joining us. these winds could keep blowing hard tonight and again into tomorrow. >> that is right, we are tracking a weak cold front moving rapidly across the state. the winds back side west-northwest creating high fire danger. if you look outside you can see things flying in the air, with
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well and in fort collins, sometimes camera gets knocked out. so blustery in weld county this afternoon. some of the peak gust s we have seen so far, 45-70 miles an hour winds along the front range, including dia, arvada, black hawk, nederland, longmont, areas in and around greeley and southeastern wyoming where there effect. moisture, drying up with all the wind coming off the front range overnight period. we will get you into drive time with temperatures close to 60 but those gusty winds will continue for several more hours. coming up in our main weather segment, we will talk about how much longer the mild march weather pattern will continue and, mark, we have a chance for rain and snow in the extended forecast. we will talk about that as well. >> wow, that is a busy map. >> yeah. >> all right, kathy, talk to you again. the faa and ntsb are investigating a plane crash in el paso county, the single engine plane crashed near palmer lake before 8:00.
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the time of the crash, it is unclear whether or not they survived. the fiery crash also sparked a grass fire which was quickly put out. donald trump is the strongest candidate in the republican presidential field. after huge gains on super tuesday, a familiar face aims to push back. we are talking about this name. mitt romney, the gop nominee from the last presidential eleck, romney aplans to appear tomorrow-- plans to appear tomorrow to push against trump. romney has not endorsed anyone and it is not clear whether he will tomorrow. trump is strong and his campaign is proving to be an enigma for political experts. think about-- brandon rittiman fall. >> could donald trump win the >> yes. >> too many people discounted him to this point. i think that to say he couldn't
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>> you can catch more on our conversation with democrat james muhea and republican kelly marrer sunday morning 8:45 before meet the press. many of those shut out of the colorado caucuses last night presidential primary. the chairman of the state republican and state democrat parties both say they support a primary and many unaffiliated today. an effort to make all of that happen but a change like that isn't simple or fast. here is 9 news reporter ryan haarer. >> when there is a lot of excitement and a big turn out, it absolutely overwhelms. >> colorado democrats had record turn out on super tuesday, 122,000 made it inside to caucus, many were turned away when sites reached capacity. >> my understanding this morning for just the democrats, their
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who are democrats participated in that last night. >> the group let colorado vote, created by the denver metro chamber of commerce proposed initiatives to the secretary of state title board to restore colorado's presidential primary election and allow unaffiliated voters to participate. >> we believe those unaffiliated voters who currently pay for primary elections and don't get to vote in them are a critical voice to be heard. >> 35% of active voters are voting block. >> trying to get that number of people to be involved, i think sometimes concerns a party regulars. >> 9 news political expert floyd says it takes away the clout. >> the party regular, the person in the party, their voice is diluted by someone who may or may not agree. >> cost has been a concern in previous attempts to bring back
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is a cost that could have prevented this. >> by not having a primary, it shifts to the party, and it is done by volunteers and that is essentially what happened last night, 120,000 people show up it overwhelmed the volunteers. >> the board didn't improve for a presidential primary but they approve for unaffiliateds to participate in other offices. in denver, ryan haarer, 9 news. >> there are several more stops to getting the initiative about unaffiliated voters on the ballot including 100,000 signatures, the initiative to bring back a presidential primary could be revised and reintroduced. electronic billboards across the state are asking drivers to be on the look out for a car police believe critically injured a pedestrian. 8:30 last night, a 66-year-old woman was hit crossing park avenue west at treemont place. 1998 lincoln town car hit her
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mirror fell off and there was damage to the quarter panel. the woman is in the icu at denver health medical center. this is one of those situations where it appears that our victim may have been a homeless person and so we are doing everything we can to contact her friends and family that we can identify. in a hit and run, when the victim suffers serious bodily injury, a medina alert is issued. colorado residents are asked to help find a dark colored lincoln town car, qki-285. information. a bankruptcy filing by sports authority is prompting questions about the future of the company and whether the name will be a top mile high stadium. nick mcgill joins us, it has been sports authority field add mile high, the question is, is
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>> reporter: we have heard of a million dollar question, this is a $6 million question. that is how much sports authority pays for naming rights of the stadium. but in its bankruptcy filing they listed itself as having only $50,000 in assets. despite being more than a billion dollars in debt, our partners say the company is anticipating having access to merely $600 million in bankruptcy financing, they could potentially, that is a potential use, rather, for a payment due in august. experts say sports authority wants a shot at being a successful company once again. it needs agrusive market-- aggressive marketing, like staying at the home of the reining super bowl champions. >> marketing is something you have to do, and many ways you have to increase marketing when something like this happens, especially if you are trying to
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their minds. it looks bad. chapter 11 looks bad but it could look a lot worse to see the name come off that stadium. >> reporter: the company pays a group called the metropolitan football stadium district which technically owns the stadium and splits the fees with the broncos. we reached out and they sent back an e mail saying "there has been no impact on the relationship with the company due to the bankruptcy filing." 2016 is the 6th year of the sports authority deal with the stadium for 10 years before that it was in vefkal field at mile high. >> they are saying there is very little cash left in the company. thank you, nick. the supreme court appears closely divided over what may be the biggest abortion case in nearly a quarter century, it involves a texas law that could force more than 3/4 of the state clinics to shut down. in arguments today the liberals and conservatives signaled there is little common ground.
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rules techs says are aimed at promoting women's health. the clinics say the purpose of regulations is to reduce access to abortion. justice kennedy has the key. that result would leave the regulations in place but not resolve the issue nationally. he could side with his former liberal employees to rule for the clinics and role back regulations. national weather service confirms a tornado that damaged homes and trees in a birmingham suburb was an ef-2, last night, winds 120-125 miles an hour. hospital. a dozen homes sustained major damage. how far gasoline pricevise days. also ahead, an interview with astronaut scott kelly back on earth after spending more
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social security and disability issues are our topics today, you can talk with a denver bar association attorney by calling 303-698-0999 before 5:30 this afternoon. after nearly a year in space, astronaut scott kelly said he is good to have precairism he return-- fresh air, he returnd to earth today along with a russian cosmonaut, his room mate for 340 days. the mission set a nasa record and gives scientists the chance
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space stay. kelly said it was amazing to feel the cold air when the hatch of his capsule popped open after touchdown in cossack stan. >> cold air was amazing, the air, i don't mean to say it is not fresh on the space station but there is nothing like new, cold air coming into the capsule. >> kelly will go through a battery of tests providing data that nasa hopes will help them make the 2-3 year trip to mars. gas prices have started their annual springtime migration higher. however, motorists should save money at the pump in 2016, according to aaa, the national average price for a gallon of regular has risen for 8 straight days, $1.79 a gallon, 54 cents
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alaska's iditarod race is lacking snow. it has led the world's most famous sled dog race to shorten weekend. normally racers take off on 11-mile course, but the route has been shortened to 3 miles, warmer temperatures have melted much of the snow needed for the course, including stalk piles the city tried to set aside for the event. the alaska railroad system has been called upon to save the iditarod by bringing 7 freight cars with snow from fairbanks, the 1,000-mile race begins in window, 50 miles north of anchorage. >> amazing picture s. >> bringing in snow. >> that has not happened in almost forever. some point tomorrow, calmer winds are expected to return. >> can't come soon enough for a lot of folks, the streak of warm and sunny days before our next
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good day from new york, ahead tonight, will the gop establishment deny the will of trump voters to stop him? we have our interview with a man who may have found a piece of the missing jet liner, and we will let you in on a business that makes sure you collect the cash when your online purchase
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the 9 backyard this afternoon. i am meteorologist kathy sabine. all the snow is gone with these warm down sloping winds, and we don't have lot of snow and ice coming into the short' term forecast. lets take a look outside, the wind is the big feature, blowing the flags around and a lot of patio furniture and small items. weld county, live in fort collins, pristine, although, off to the east. as we get you into the evening, temperatures will be comfortable, close to 60 between now and 7:00. highs today, 61 in denver, almost 80 in southeastern colorado. the average this time of year, mid 40s. we are still above that mark. we are mid 50s right now at dia, winds still gusting out of the northwest to 35, and picking up a bit here in the 9 backyard as well with 54 degrees. not a lot to show you on the radar, this system did bring a few braf rain showers this-- brief rain showers this morning, the wind has been the big player as high pressure is beginning to
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move on shore in the northwest, the gradient tightens, we are watching the gusts over 40 miles an hour along the front range. with gusts in excess of 50 miles an hour in higher passes and southeastern wyoming. high fire danger because of wind. low humidity. we had a few rain showers but it is still dry out here. high wind warnings continue across wyoming tonight. if you are headed northbound out of colorado up the i-25 corridor, you will run into areas of blowing snow. the next system on shore pacific northwest but a lot will move over the top of colorado with conditions improving in the midwest and northeast. fast moving system racing to the east, warm air filling in behind. next system will come as a dry front for us friday. the moisture, few light snow showers in the northern mountains but on this northwest flow we are dealing with wind and dry conditions and temperatures that will sore. western end of the cool air from
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we see highs tomorrow in the mid 60s, kicking off a warming trend into the weekend where we make the highs in the 70s. the leftover showers in northeastern colorado, clear tonight, winds will decrease and a lot more on the way of sunshine with a few clouds along the foothills. you run into a little snow in the northern and central mountains in the next 24-36 hours but won't make a big difference. 30 denver, 30 pueblo, high temperatures tomorrow a little warmer than today. 60 pms lower elevations, some 70s in the plains, mid 50s for black hawk, nederland. winds will be decreasing with low around freezing. quick warm up in temperatures. mid 60s by this time tomorrow frment nice, quiet weather patternb into the weekend. dry-- pattern into the weekend. highs close to 70 on sunday and the next chance for rain and snow monday and tuesday of next
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to kick off the second full week of march. mark, i see an increase in precipitation out here. >> there is an increase in precipitation. >> visual and literation, i love it. >> i will miss you. >> thank you. >> i will miss you too y get to see you every night. i heart you too. >> okay. >> wewill be right back. -- we will be right back. we will not be right back. it is my last day at 9 news, kobe bryant will play in denver.
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u.s. stocks closed high, investors encouraged by the price of oil.
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hi, everybody, nuggets get their last chance to boo kobe bryant. the los angeles lakers are in town and bryant is playing in the mile high city for the 33rd and final time. we are live, 9 news sports reporter aern aaron is at the pepsi-- aaron matas is at the pepsi center. >> reporter: hi, drew, 25.1 points per game but 31 in the last visit to colorado. december. kobe has been in the league for 19 years so a lot of the young nuggets looked up to kobe as they were growing opas young players and it is-- growing up as young players and it is hard to pick one memory.
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contests, beside all star appearances, besides the championship, i don't know. >> he didn't care, he wasn't trying to be your friend. his whole focus was on winning. i think that gets lost a lot. a lot of pliers are about-- player are about a popularity contest. kobe was about winning. i respect the hell out of that. >> reporter: kobe hasn't spoken to the media yet today. it is his last visit to colorado. i am not sure if this is the case, but i think he wanted to let mark koebrich have the limelight and decided not to speak to us. let mark have the show. >> he is very concerned about everybody else. thanks. time for tonight's drew or false question. drew or false, retiring los angeles laker super star kobe bryant scored more points in his nba career than retiring 9 news super star mark koebrich has anchored news casts? drew or false, kobe the
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productive career than kobe the news man? the correct answer is... it is false, all right. >> yeah! >> brian enterathize game a-- bryant enters at 303118 points. we are going to play drew's clues. he started working 1962, 11-year-old cleaning supply salesman in danville, illinois. he joined 9 news in september of 1981 and right this very moment, 35 years later is wrapping up his final news cast, the answer is mark koebrich. yes! >> yeah, that is me. >> our friend mark quarterbacked 9 news to thousand ratings and
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that is why 9 news sports team, sketch number 9 carried off the field on the shoulders of other t-time is noon. i want to sleep in. >> i love it. >> that is great. >> mark and i have a running joke, whenever i have a disastrous sports cast, he says "you handled it well." i am not kidding after 46 years, you handled it well. thanks for being the best teammate i ever had. >> thank you, thanks buddy. >> we love you. >> we want you to walk-- >> goodbye, everybody. >> we can all cry with you. >> after you, my friend. after you. >> it is your day. >> bye. >> this is your day, mark. >> we love you. >> we do this every day, don't we? >> we love you so much! >> this way? are you going to escort me out? is there security? oh!
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[ cheering and applause ] [ cheering and applause ] >> wait, wait, wait. [ cheering and applause ] >> this is great. do i get-- oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you. do i get champagne? >> that was very special.
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developing news tonight. party panic as donald trump wins big on super tuesday. republican leaders revolt. mitt romney set to lead the charge against trump, but is it too late? also tonight, hillary clinton surges ahead, but bernie sanders says he's not going anywhere. mystery debris found. nbc news breaks the story. a piece of a boeing 777 that could be from that missing malaysian airlines flight discovered by an american. could he help solve one of the world's most baffling puzzles? a major abortion fight at the supreme court. the biggest new battle in years that could have sweeping


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