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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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like this arborist. lewis bennett captured this video. patrick is the guy in the tree working on the elm up there. he was strapped in and did make it down safely. today's wind plus the low humidity with a streak of warm and dry conditions put the eastern half of the state on fire warning today. kathy sabine will have more in just a bit. a plane crash in el paso county today sparked a small grass fire. the single engine plane crashed near the lake today. two people were on board. they have not provided any updates on how they're faring. firefighters put out the small fire after the crash. federal investigators have been on the scene. a woman is in critical
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crossing the street in the 5 points neighborhood. >> reporter: a 66 year old woman was trying to cross park avenue west at treemont place when a passing car hit her and left her critically injured in the road. an ambulance took her to denver health's icu. denver police believe she is homeless and are trying to contact family and friends. they're also looking for the 1998 lincoln town car that looks like this, they say didn't stop. >> we're pretty confident that they knew they hit someone. >> reporter: the colorado bureau of investigation issued a medina alert where the public the sedan. qki-285 is on the electronic
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this is only the 4th medina alert since governor hickenlooper signed -- >> is there a description of the car? plate? a full license plate? maybe they have the identity of the suspect. >> reporter: the program started after a hit-and-run driver killed 21 year old jose medina in 2011. witnesses in this hit-and-run can do the same. but police hope the driver just gives up. >> coming forward is always the best option. >> reporter: again, the vehicle denver police are looking for is a dark blue, almost black lincoln town car with the license plate no. qki-285. if you have any information, you're asked to call crimestoppers. a day after colorado's chaotic democratic caucus,
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group that wants to put a presidential primary proposal on our ballots. the business group pushing the change to primaries to open them up to independents as well may take another crack at it. >> we have spent some time in colorado looking at some of the critical issues and opportunities in our future. one of the issues we identified is there's a million coloradans who cannot vote in a primary. and we think they should get a chance to vote in colorado and ensure their voice is heard. >> [ indiscernible ] and the head of the democratic party will push for presidential democratic primary in 2020. along with the issues of the democratic caucuses last night, some republicans were not happy.
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not to allow a state wide poll -- our caucusing days are numbers? >> is it time to go back to a primary in colorado? >> my family arrived, children in tow, at 6:45. everyone got checked in at about 8:30. i didn't get to participate. working families, parents with young children, seniors, people who work at night, they didn't get to participate either. i think that is starting to live out its useful life. future. >> every 4 years we talk about this and then some legislator puts it forth and they look at the fiscal note and it dies. we have this discussion every 4 years and it always dies because it costs a lost money to switch the system. >> you can catch more of our power.
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so if the current delegate lead stands, donald trump will face hillary clinton in the general election. the poll finds hillary clinton will beat trump. colorado would go to the democrats, according to the poll in. that hypothetical match up, clinton would beat trump in colorado by 10%. looking ahead, the republicans debate tomorrow night in detroit. ben carson will not be on the debate stage. he claims he says no political path forward. the democrats have two caucuses this weekend. sunday. sunday night. a mail carrier in denver was having a normal day in work
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old toddler wandering along his route. the two year old was wearing a diaper, stand nothing the median. several cars drove by, none of them stopped. he did. >> something out of a movie. you know, walking down the street in her diapers. cars going by. so i just -- i knew i had to get there as quick as possible so she wouldn't dart off in front of traffic. >> that child is now home safe. the adams county sheriff's office says the girl's grandfather was missing her and didn't realize she was missing. there is a new affordable housing development underway in west denver. west way crossings. the building will offer 98 apartments for low and moderate income families.
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tell be 4 stories high with commercial space on the first floor. >> we need to make sure this is a place where people can live, work and play if they need to do so. >> the $23 million project is one of the first projects funded from a new affordable housing loan fund. the building is expected to be finished next july. he has spent more time in space than any american astronaut ever. last night, scott kelly returned to earth. here to explain is 9 news reporter, maya rodriguez. >> reporter: 340 days after launching, commander scott kelly capped off a mission designed to help humans travel before. >> i feel fortunate to be given this responsibility to be able
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>> reporter: that responsibility included becoming a test subject on how -- the control subject, scott's identical twin brother who stayed on earth while his brother lived on the space station much. >> it's really a great experiment to look at two people that are genetically identical and what's changed is the environment they've been live nothing. >> reporter: some of the changes will be noted by researchers at colorado state university. >> this whole year-long mission is considered a step toward mars. to being able to spend longer space. >> reporter: nasa intends to send astronauts to mars -- >> a mission to mars will take a minimum of about 30 months in zero gravity.
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the body will react to long term exposure to radiation and how zero graft affects muscles, bones, and fluids in the body. kelly said it's all part of the journey to mars and beyond. >> if we can dream it, we can do it if we really want to. >> nasa is also studying how long term space mission consist affect them psychologically. sports authority filed for bankruptcy today. >> also up ahead, what makes denver the best place to live according to a national report.
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it was expected news following the headlines of store closures and layoffs in recent weeks. today we learn sports authority has filed for bankruptcy. in debt. the company is closing 140 denver. sports authority is in talks with two rivalry retailers about selling locations. what could happen with the naming rights at mile high remain unclear. a u.s. news and world report list confirms what many of us already know. denver is america's best place to live. colorado springs ranked 5th on the list. we certainly know and we cover the fact that the influx of transplants creates issues as well in our state.
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today on our facebook page. he has been live nothing your television for 35 years and today his sign off. 9 news anchor mark koebrich is retiring from 9 news. he began his career at 9 news september of 1981, began as the southern bureau reporter in the afternoon. he was a consumer reporter for many years. mark's positive attitude and boundless energy will be missed in our news room. today there's a get together to reflect on mark's time here in denver. he offered a few stories and then a bit of advice. >> here are my three little rules for life: you find a wonderful person to spend your life with. you have wonderful children, and then you arrive at this day, which is the third best day in your life. thank you all. >> mark's beautiful family was
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his wife, kathy, his son ben, his mother-in-law was here as well. his primary objective in retirement is to spend more time with them and his grand children. for all of us who have had the privilege of working with mark everyday, we know what you know. he is the same guy in the news room, out in the community as he is in your television every night. we've enjoyed sharing your remembrances with mark and sending him off with well wishes. he says you can't get rid of him that easy, but we're hoping
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hopefully we've seen the worst of the wind for today and for the rest of the week. well, still gusty in some areas. i'm kathy sabine outside of in the 9 backyard. we have career skies and slightly better conditions in the wake of the cold front that literally blew through here this morning producing a brief rain shower in the a.m. 35 in leadville. and currently, 53 degrees with gusty winds at dia. a little breezy in the studio.
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us all because high pressure is precenterring itself over the area. loosen somewhat. still blustery around dia. just keep that in mind. we have also had reports of snow across wyoming. high fire danger tonight. temperatures running above average. i know it didn't feel super warm to you today. but temperatures are running about 15 to 20 degrees warmer than what we expect. gusty winds for southeastern wyoming. those headed out of denver northbound are going to run into difficult travel conditions. a few scattered rain showers for northern california, oregon, and washington, but a
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northeastern u.s. high pressure sets up behind it. next system comes in as a dry front on friday. so the moisture -- few sporadic mountain snow showers. lower elevations and dry and warmer tomorrow. mid60s here. a jet stream that will keep temperatures in the 40s. quieter conditions across the northern half of the state and clear skies tonight which means a chilly night and chilly start to the day tomorrow. we'll tall for temperatures -- 43 in colorado springs. 70s possible across the southeastern corner of the state. gusty winds continue for those of you in confer and ever green, but only for a short time longer. windy, cooler tonight with a low of 30. decreasing winds tonight.
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the mid-60 mark by the afternoon. dry front friday. the weekend, topping out close to 70 degrees on sunday. our next chance for rain and snow -- cooler weather as we kickoff the first full week of march next week. from colorado's sports leader, here's drew. >> pretty good chance kobe bryant is going to score 25 games tonight. he is averaging 25.1 points, which is exactly the same as the points per game average in 2329 career nba games. we're live. aaron matas is at the pepsi center tonight. hey, arron. >> reporter: will barton's favorite player growing up, kobe bryant. now, one final match up with
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but don't be too excite body it. >> nobody wants to play against kobe. last time we played him here, it was supposed to be a swansong and he kicked off butts. for many years, like i said, 15 years, seeing him over that period of time, you'd much rather him on your team because he's a guy that's going to do whatever it takes to win a game. >> i like young kobe. i think when shaq left, that's when people really started looking up to him. because he was hated, but he took it to another level. >> reporter: brian has been celebrated all over the country and visiting arenas during his fare well tour. he has hospital here in colorado and usually has been relentlessly booed. we'll see how the crowd treats
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>> mixture of boos and cheers. the cu football team tried out its brand-new toy today. it was too windy in boulder to conduct the practice outside, so they inserted batteries and flipped the switch on its fabulous new indoor practice facility and it worked perfectly. >> they were in shape and they'd been doing stuff in the smooth. i think it was our best first day we had ever. >> the facilities are off the chart. you know, our locker room is right over here and our weight room is right here. we can just run off the facility and come over here to the field and have our business. it's great. great having this and i'm glad our donors came together and helped us put this together. former nuggets star
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tonight for shotting at a heckler last night. he was frustrated. said he was sorry and should not have responded the way he did. strange, but drew. dole an was sitting right there courtside, so mellow pointed at him and said go over there and tell the owner you want a refund. >> either way, it's a great way to show his hair again.
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u.s. stocks closed up a bit today.
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we will have remembrances of mark koebrich's stellar
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tonight, an "e.t." exclusive. >> don't track anyone. >> teresa andjoe's last minute move before he gez to prison. the tense new jersey house her husband in tears. what will they say to their kids? >> my daughter, melania, tells me you are going away for a lot more months than mommy. >> t and speculation is that you would be deported. >> then --
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stars" shake-up. first julie ann left and now why her brother, derek, is out. now wait until you see the sexy new star back. >> and confessions of a celebrity nanny. >> we have hollywood's kept secrets. >> actor ben and jen scandal and "e.t." ex pose. >> i've gotten every offer you can think of. >> and the love life, jessica biel dishes her date nights with justin bp. >> that's like a great date. >> and the boca beach club hang out with dwayne johnson and zac efron. and if y need a partner, business on the top, check it out. "baywatch" on the bottom baby, yeah. >> now, march 2,2016, this is entertainment tonight. kevin i on the "baywatch" movie set. he's going to be joining us in just a few minutes.


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