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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  March 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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gore for what he called inaccuracies in the information the sheriff put out to the media following the shooting. sergeant wells tonjes quit. the sheriff said he had what he called supervisory issues. he yelled at some deputies after the shoot and had issues with employees in the past. all this comes a week after corporal nate carrigan was shot and killed after an eviction one of eight deputies conducting what's called a high risk conviction. when the suspect came out on his deck and went back inside the home, deputies followed. three were shot. carrigan did not survive. as well. the sheriff told me today that while the timing of the disciplinary action looks bad, something. gore. he said he couldn't talk to us because he is on leave. we also tried sergeant tonjes multiple times, but none of his phone numbers worked and we
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the colorado bureau of investigation is doing an investigation into this shooting and will share their findings with the 11th judicial district attorney's office and their job will to be find if this shooting was justified because again the suspect is dead. >> it appears as though we've lost the audio feed there. i apologize. thank you very much. a death row inmate released from prison in texas is accused of holding a woman captive in his home in colorado and abused her for months in gateway about 50 miles from grand junction on the western slope. 9news reporter matt renoux is there. you've heard from what neighbors saw before the suspect was arrested? >> reporter: we have, kyle. for the past several years they've known of him and seen him around, but it seemed as if
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really didn't want to be known. investigators say the information coming out of this case, the information out of the mesa county sheriff's office tells of a colorado woman's life that turned into a nightmare lived out in this house in the small town of gateway where police say the suspect, claude wilkerson, lured and kept a homeless woman for months using chemicals to see her sedated and chaining her to a bed and then sexually assaulting her repeatedly. according to the mesa county sheriff's department a young run-away girl helped the man, got away and notified authorities. a deputy went to the house and was able to see the victim who wasn't tied up at the time but giving him signs that she needed help. >> met with mr. wilkerson and the young lady, identified that there was something wrong, couldn't put his finger on it initially either by the way she was acting, the way she was interacting with mr. wilkerson that something was not right. so he did further investigation, found that she had a warrant for $50 at which
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take her into custody. fifty dollars warrants are something we don't typically bring people in on, but he felt something was wrong and he needed to get her away from mr. wilkerson to find out what was go abouting on. >> reporter: that victim is currently getting help through resources in mesa county. the suspect is held on a $1 million bond. our investigative team at 9news learned he's had several run- ins with the law in colorado and was on death row in texas before he was released on a miranda rights technicality and then ended up in colorado. there's still a lot of information developing out of here in grand junction. we'll keep everyone up to date on the networks of 9news. >> horrific enough events in gateway and somebody to be released from death row, matt renoux for us on the western slope. thank you, matt. the wind is dying down
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moving in instead. meteorologist kathy sabine is in the weather center. does that mean we'll see some rain, kathy? there is a weak front on the way, but weak is sort of the weather word for the day. it's not a very impressive system rolling through and it's so nice to have a break from the wind in the city, although those of you watching meed in foothills, it's still pretty gusty for you. temperatures are pushed above average by about 15 degrees, currently 64 degrees in downtown denver, winds shifting, but in some of the higher passes we've had gusts over 30 miles per hour. there are no wind advisories thankfully. we don't have a red flag warning in effect. we're hoping this front coming in may bing a little additional snow to the mountains -- bring a little additional snow to the mountains. we've got a lot of snow reports coming in from chicago and cincinnati and severe weather for travelers headed into
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so we're looking pretty good here, high and midlevel clouds bringing us a mild evening, a quiet and dry period of weather for us. we're heading into friday with temperatures that willing even warmer and wind is really not a big part of our forecast, which is always nice to say. so between now and 7:00 we've got a few high clouds out there with temperatures running between 58 and 64 degrees and coming up in our main weather segment we'll talk about that next front that moves through on friday and what that means for the weekend because in the planning forecast i do have a chance for rain and snow. kyle, you're a skier and snowboarder. you're excited about that, right? >> oh, yes. you know it. >> he's not been working on anything this week that i know of. there's a special or something. he's good to go. >> i am in an outdoor state of mind. thanks, kathy. >> you'll have something for us coming up? >> 100%. we're still touring colorado's national parks this week. >> we'll tease people to go up to those areas after weather. >> beautiful.
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former republican presidential nominee mitt romney called donald trump a future. during his -- who threatens america's future. during his speech he critiqued foreign policy plan. did he call on voters to vote for anybody but trump. he did not endorse anyone today. our 9news political speech is not sure romney's speech changed any of trump's supporters' minds. >> i think the question is whether romney is the best spokesperson for all those issues. the thing is there's no real better indicator of what the establishment think than what mitt romney thinks because he was our candidate four years ago and so the reality is that all of this is a function not just of the message, but also of the messenger. so i question whether or not romney was the best person to
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>> donald trump responded to romney's speech this afternoon calling the speech irrelevant and said that he was a failed candidate. trump argued this morning on msnbc he will unify, not divide the republican party. there is another gop debate tonight in detroit. the candidates will have more room on the stage. ben carson is saying he's skipping it after saying there's no forward for him after super tuesday's results. we will see donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and kasich on stage. trump did not participate in the last fox news debate because he felt that he was treated unfairly. today tap water was
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michigan. state workers are expected to side tomorrow. the north side has begun today. the cost is at least $50 million to replace the lines. a bill won approval in the statehouse today that could currently clarify colorado's make my day law. at issue is whether a prison cell could be considered a dwelling. last week we learned a pair of inmates at the sterling correctional facility used the make my day law in their defense for stabbing to death another inmate saying their cell was their home, their dwelling. prosecutors worry the law could be used in the case of an inmate attacking a prison guard. the bill faces one more house vote before moving to the senate. getting students excited about math and science is no easy task, but 1 program is helping them connect what they learn in class to what they see in the real world, part of a program called my brother's keeper, designed to keep
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stem careers in science, technology, engineering and math. two dozen denver high school students spent a day in boulder at noaa and chatted with scientists and researchers who study everything from air quality to the south pole. >> our goal is for them to walk away with an increased awareness on those industries, the different educational pathways to get there, hopefully pick up on some of the soft skill stuff as well that employees have shared with them and really walk away excited about the stem pathway. >> denver public schools says they have 1,200 students currently taking classes geared toward the stem pathway. that's 500 more than the previous year. students at a longmont elementary school took an extraordinarily long field trip without really going anywhere. they turned their gymnasium into a full blown mock-up of the planet pluto.
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tomorrow's landscape and settlement. -- pluto's landscape and settlement. they learned about planting food and basically surviving in another world. >> they've been based on their own grade levels and it's been really fun to see the big picture and see wow, we really built a colony as a school. >> this year the event is called hawk air where students learn about different places around the globe. this is the first time hawk air has left our globe. it's also the first time that students designed the whole that's neat. that sticks with you. those kids will remember that. >> forever. it just changes the whole environment. >> those are our martian astronauts coming up right there. >> the future scott kellies. >> sign them up. more honors today for our friend the newly retired mark koebrich. >> i get he didn't sleep in. yesterday we -- i guess he didn't sleep in. special moments.
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congratulated him on his successful career and his retirement on the senate floor. >> mark koebrich will be remembered for entering with the public an abundance of jokes and stories about his life and career and, of course, the news. on request of senator chris holder to give the 3rd day of march, 2016 the state capitol denver colorado signed by the president and members of the senate. will you please welcome mark and his lovely wife kathy. >> how about that? had he to put a suit on again today. look at him. mark started at 9news in 1980, plans to spend more time with kathy and his kids and grandkids in his retirement and oodles of other things that he's talked about. >> he dent always wear a suit. >> no, he -- doesn't always wear a suit. >> he's occasionally known to
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button down shirt or sweater. >> -- starchily crisp button down shirt or sweater. >> can't picture him in sweats. >> that's a great honor for him, how sweet. i love that. all of the ing's he said skiing, golfing, grandkidding and i heard on facebook that his oldest grand son wants to go disney cruising, another ing that nicole through in and whatever nicki wants i think. >> i think those grandkids are getting whatever they want. news out of downtown denver today, it's somewhat of a bathroom free environment in certain areas and now there's a plan to fix that. >> yes. there is a proposal.
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we are having taxline 9 day today. certified public accounts are here answering your questions about special tax cases, for instance, what to do if you received inheritance or a monetary gift in the last year. 303-698-0999 is the number to call.
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it's been a day of small gains on wall street. the dow finished 44 points higher, s&p gaining seven and the nasdaq earned up four points. the city of denver hopes to relieve capitol hill of its problem with people relieving themselves in public. today the city unveiled a new possibly restroom, part of a pilot program. the restaurant has three stalls and sinks and an attendant to keep it clean. it will cost taxpayers $150,000 a year. without specifically pointing at the city's homeless population leaders say the goal is to provide a clean space for those who don't have another option. >> there are some places that we just need to put a restroom all by itself and it's great to activate ones that are in buildings or in parks, but sometimes you need a restroom where there isn't anything else and they asked us to find some free standing restrooms. >> and that mobile public restroom will be open each day from noon to midnight. target says your shopping
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company executives say they will make it easier, less frustrating and more convenient. the changes are expected to unpack the overall shopping trip. customers will be able to start through target's app or online and finish in a store. so you could order something, then pick it up without having to go through the store. may actually save me money, but target is hoping this will increase sales. for some a job is all they have ever wanted and no one has ever given them a chance until now. one business owner in arvada is changing that in every possible way. here is 9news anchor corey rose. >> reporter: what are you having, water? it's been a staple in the five park neighborhood for almost a decade, a place that like an onion, when you peel back the layers -- >> unfortunately a the people up here are really friendly and the food is good. never had a bad time here. >> reporter: -- you discover the core. >> people come here and say what's the secret of your success?
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successful because i do this, that and this. we're successful as a business because of the people we hire and the opportunities that we provide. >> the more glamorous aspect to this job. >> reporter: jack miller, the owner of jack's bar and grill, had a concept, one that's paid off for him in more ways than one. >> about nine years ago we started our little teeny coffee shop steamer's coffee shop and had one individual with disabilities and now we're up to seven. >> my job is to get people to sit in on the table. >> reporter: and keith is a cook in the kitchen four days a week. >> cooking, fry. >> reporter: it's a well oiled machine and everyone pulls their own weight. >> these individuals, they learn quickly. >> reporter: and it doesn't stop there. >> we have two blind bakers. we have a deaf barista. >> reporter: almost everything on the menu is made daily from scratch.
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>> reporter: it's another layer to jack's that offers more jobs. >> make them like two smaller pieces of peppers. >> i love making sal samples we make a -- salsa. we make a lot of that. >> reporter: and they make a lot of jelly, you got it, from scratch. >> cranberries, blueberries and peach. >> reporter: it's the attention to detail that makes these employees special and it's behind the menu, the layers that you peel back are the core of jack's. >> we don't coddle anyone along. this is a for profit business and we get very, very busy and that's what's satisfying to me is these individuals, these great wonderful people that have been told their whole lives, you can't do this, they're doing it and they're doing a very, very good job. that's the most satisfying part. >> reporter: corey rose, 9news. >> just going to say it's so
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service there. you will get the best service ever and jack's has plans to open another restaurant. we have all this information on >> i hope people at home have the same reaction that we did here. i'm asking you oh, you've been? okay, where is it exactly? >> it's really great and they're open breakfast, lunch, dinner and they have amazing ice cream up front. >> it's going on the list. >> that's enough about food. clearly i'm hungry. you know how you can tell the atmosphere sometimes? >> sure. >> i think that's what they get. everybody can get into critiquing food and things like, that but there's something about going places when you love the people you're around and the people that serve you. >> all of us have been to a good restaurant with miserable wait staff and it's not a good experience, so i believe it. a well known soccer star agreed to donate her brain to science. >> next why she chose to do it and why scientists plan to
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retired soccer star brandis chastain has agreed to donate her brain to science for concussion research. the 48-year-old mother said she hopes this will expand the research around concussions and repetitive head trauma. her brain one day will go to boston university school of medicine where researchers will look at the study of concussions and degenerative brain disease. one in four coloradans deals with a mental health or substance abuse disorder each year. today mental health colorado honored legislators and student leaders for supporting and making a difference in mental health issues. three mountain high school students from lakewood were honored for creating a mental health workbook for students that recognized signs and feelings. the end goal? to prevent suicide. the fire within program is now in 50 schools across colorado and mental health advocates agree early intervention in mental health is key. >> upstream is the most
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because if we try and solve a problem that's already escalated, we're just putting a band-aid over something that's much deeper and when it's that deep, a band-aid won't work. >> mental health colorado is working on building a network of advocates across the state to address issues at earlier ages to get help to those who need it before things get at crisis point. we have heard the reports that some foods we eat don't contain as many nutrients as they should. people often turn to vitamins and supplements to make up for that. however, do you know if you're taking the right things and the correct dose? here is 9news gregg moss with today's bottom line on vitamins. >> reporter: take vitamins? the vast majority of adult americans do these days. just don't make these mistakes. no. 1, taking a dose that's too low. >> many vitamins are what's called the rda which i call
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>> reporter: instead look for a multi-vitamin that provides optimal levels. yours should contain at least 50 milligrams of the b complex vitamin. mistake no. 2, taking a dose that's too high. more than 3,000 international units of vitamin a increases the risk for osteoporosis. more than 100 ius of vitamin e can be toxic. mistake no. 3, you divide your doses over the day. >> you don't want to be taking stuff all day. keep it simple. >> reporter: he said take vitamins at breakfast with the exception being magnesium. better at bedtime for a good mistake no. supplements. >> calcium has been shown to increase risk of heart attack by 31%. >> reporter: for most people it's safer to get calcium from mistake no. 5, you don't realize your medication may be causing a nutritional deficiency. >> if you look at the acid blockers, you'll see major problems with magnesium
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you'll also get b12 deficiency. >> reporter: when in doubt, talk to your doctor and he recommends his free smartphone app from a to z. >> it will tell you what the best nutrients, herbals and best medications are. >> reporter: i'm gregg moss and that's the bottom line on vitamin mistakes. >> lots of things to consider before you pop that vitamin. go to if you want to know a little bit more. it is shaping up to be a pretty perfect colorado weekend, warm in the metro area, possibly snow in the mountains. >> kathy sabine has adjusted the dials perfectly. >> yes, she has. >> years of practice and she really has nailed this one, her extended forecast next. we have a megaphone coming up as well. we want to remind you that you can vote. we'll talk about favorite outdoor activities today. go to get ready and you'll see your vote on the screen.
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three days.
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we've got some sunshine, warmer weather, a few clouds out there, but we were so glad to say good-bye to those winds for a while and we'll take a little moisture. >> great if you own a yacht, not so great if you don't like meteorologist kathy sabine. she was just buffeted in the backyard yesterday. >> kyle, you have to admit wasn't it nice you and i didn't need nearly the hair products a day? >> you and i can go through a can a day. >> at least. >> a lot of people don't know that we share. >> a lot of times kyle will walk into the makeup room into our hairspray. >> it's mace.
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>> it's nice and calm and quiet out here and we can see the weekend from here. outside just a pristine view of downtown. you should have just a fine drive tonight. there should not be any issues. winds should be light, comfortable, 56 degrees to 54 where we are now. in the high country a lot of people are getting a jump on the weekend going up skiing, why not? beaver creek, areas in and around a-basin, breckenridge, copper look terrific. those runs are groomed and ready for you. 62 at the airport, winds calm, falling air pressure. sunshine, light winds outside the 9news backyard and the studios, 62 degrees here at 4:30, a nice trend taking us into the weekend. i mentioned we're tracking a weak front that will race across the state from the northwest. i know some of you in the high country are still dealing with wind. nothing like yesterday, but there is still some wind kicking in ahead of this weak system and the winds are a bit erratic on the eastern plains tonight as well.
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shouldn't be a big factor and keeping temperatures way below average, 45 in nederland, 60 in rifle. this is our snowiest month on average. we look for almost a foot of snow. average highs in the mid-50s and we've been running way warmer than that the first few days of the month and that is a trend that will continue. as a matter of fact, we're headed into record territory for the second half of the weekend. high and midlevel clouds stream in across the southwest ahead of this weak rather dry front coming in. all the wick weather is to the east of us, chicago -- wicked weather is to the east of us, chicago, cincinnati and washington. the fast moving system moves across the northeast. tomorrow's front is a fast mover as well and will provide a wind shift for lower elevations, an isolated foothills shower and even the snow forecast for the northern mountains does not look overly impressive now. warm air is invading the southern tier. high pressure sets up behind it and there's another system off in the pacific that will move onshore. all this moisture riding up and over the top of the jet.
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beneficial rain coming in from the south and across the carolinas. so we're kind of on the western fringe of that jet stream, that cold arctic air retreating to the north. notice chicago and minneapolis in the mid-30s. we're in the low 60s here even with this front coming in still running above average tomorrow. we go even warmer saturday. northwest flow, you can see the clouds settling in. tonight. when the front moves through, winds shift in the afternoon and you see how limited the moisture is. isolated showers is the best we'll do, but it's friday. so you don't really want any complications heading into the weekend on your day of 24 tonight in frisco, partly cloudy skies, 35 in grand junction, temperatures tomorrow rebounding nicely. look at southeastern colorado. this is march, snowiest month. we're talking about spring-like temperatures and spring is still a few weeks ago, the 21st, and we are looking at some lovely numbers here.
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for evergreen, a shifting wind in the afternoon but nothing affecting travel across the city or state. so with partly cloudy skies we'll bottom out at 32 degrees where we start tomorrow, jump to 54 by lunchtime and look for a high of 60, so marginally cooler with that front sliding through. we head into the weekend with temperatures in the mid-60s, 70 sunday. a stronger more organized system coming through monday into tuesday, but it's interesting. i have rain for monday, clearing out tuesday and our snowiest month forecasting rain. it's possible we can get enough cold air to mix it out, but right now highs near 50 monday and tuesday and boom, back into the mid-50s wednesday and 70s the second half of next week. you're trying to figure out what to do, this may be a great scenario because we had our peak wind day, you guys. so a hot air balloon while yesterday would have sounded just terrifying heading into the weekend, that night -- have
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colorado? >> not in colorado, no. >> but you've done it somewhere else. >> don't want to brag, but yeah. >> go ahead, brag. >> although that in steamboat would be something special. can you imagine that seeing all the skiers and borders criss- crossing the slopes. >> you just want to go with somebody who knows what they're doing. >> kathy, you nailed it. you don't want to go up with a first time hot air balloon pilot, great word of wisdom there. >> that's my word of wisdom for today. i'll have more later. >> sabine says. >> a life moment from kathy. >> thank you, i try. most coloradans visit the great sand dunes during the daytime. they don't know what they're missing.
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all this week we have been previewing a special airing this weekend called this
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>> today we head to the san luis valley to explore great sand dunes national park. we go in several seasons in sunshine and beneath dark skies. >> well, the last time i was here was probably high school. >> reporter: no matter your age this place makes a person feel small in the best possible way. >> i think they're taller. i do think they're taller. >> reporter: knowing the dunes rise and fall over the years explains why the hike to the the last time. >> i remember hiking up when we were in high school and it felt like forever, but now it felt like forever just to get to the bottom of them. >> reporter: this place does have a way of making us feel small and look small. down, that fleck on the horizon, that's man up there and not just any man. we'll meet him in a moment once we get to the bottom of how far it is to the top. >> i didn't even go to the tippy top, but you know how
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look behind you. that's how high. >> reporter: how high do you think that is? >> i don't even know. i have no idea, so -- his dunes. them. >> reporter: he knows, for wind. >> yeah, the wind. my dad told me. >> reporter: the west wind from the valley and east off the sangre de cristos. >> it moves this way, it goes that way and if you move this way, it will go that way. >> reporter: he will tell you the ridgeline is no place to be in a storm. >> yeah. because it could be dangerous. >> reporter: but on this day the september sun is shining and our friend on the dunes is coming closer. >> my name is andrew really dez. i'm a -- valdez. i'm ail geologist on the sand dunes. >> reporter: valdez is too humble to say this himself. without him there might not be
4:42 pm
he presented to secretary of the interior they needed to protect the dunes or risk having them disappear. valdez knew as much as this place looks like a beach in search of the ocean, water is at the heart of the dunes, water is the key. >> doing research has really made a big difference. so it's been really interesting. >> reporter: that research led to a first of its kind colorado water right guaranteeing the water that holds the dunes together and recycles sand back into the valley, that water under the park. >> it's part of managing and protecting these resources. we need to understand how they behave to understand how they change over time. >> reporter: including how they grow. >> today i was up on top of the dune with some surveying of the dune. >> reporter: finding an answer to his question about the tippy top. generally getting taller. >> reporter: decades of study this perspective. >> most people stop by in the
4:43 pm
traveling through the area, but if you can see the dunes when the light angle is low, then there's lots of shadows on the downs and you see a lot of detail and it's one of the more impressive landscapes that you'll see. in the middle of the day everything gets washed out, but in the late evening, it's beautiful. >> reporter: snow melt after snow melt ripples the dunes and turns former footsteps into craters and the park allows experiences best experienced without an audience. >> she's a skier her whole life and she's always wanted to ski down some sand dunes or something, so we figured now is the time. don't know if it's going to work, but we hope it does. we've been pretty much everywhere up through british columbia, alberta all the way down through the rockies and yeah, it's just completely unlike anything. i would never ever expected it to be out here. just kind of a childhood dream of hers.
4:44 pm
>> speed demon. >> reporter: downhill skiing the dunes turns into cross- country. >> it's crazy, crazy slush. i don't think you ever went. i don't think he every got to ride. he's -- ever got to ride. he's going to be so mad. >> reporter: snow one day, sand the next. these guys eric and jason stopped on the way home to oklahoma. >> we're at wolf creek riding in the real stuff. >> reporter: despite the difficulty. >> you got to have the wax on there or you won't go anywhere. >> reporter: they'll be back to the downs. >> when you're on the highway and look up here, you can barely see it and it's not really inspiring at all. when you get here, it's unbelievable. it's like you're in a star wars movie, somebody dropped you in the middle of the desert. >> reporter: for the real star through sunset. >> when the sun sets, a lot of sleep. >> reporter: oh, no. it puts on its diamonds and goes out for the night. >> grand sand dunes is one of
4:45 pm
i've been out here -- best national parks. i've been out here more at nights than during the days. >> reporter: the san luis valley is a star gazing destination because of its lack of light pollution and when winter's cold knocks the moisture and dust from the air, it's spectacular. >> birds and insects rely on dark, stars for even navigation or for breeding. humans need darkness and ability to look up and see dark skies to just sort of reconnect with nature and it also brings us all together. we all have night skies. we might see things differently in different hemispheres and different times of the year, but that is one thing i feel like connects us all together. >> reporter: moonrise over the great sand dunes cuts through the darkness. under a full moon the dunes are awash in light, something not quite day, not quite night. >> it makes me feel like i'm on a different planet.
4:46 pm
night sky above the dunes, it does have a way of making a person feel small but in that best possible way, small but connected to everything as it constantly moves fast and slow. >> one of the things that andrew valdez, our geologist, has taught me, he has taught me to we appreciate this place and all of its different movements and motions. >> tracking change over time and seeing how much variation there is from year to year in such a dynamic place is really interesting. >> trying to do minimal resource damage by not taking sand with me. >> reporter: yes. one last note. when you rediscover great sand dunes. >> you walk in the cross dunes, so the uphill side usually gets more sand than the downhill side. >> reporter: please leave them behind where so many people for so many years have fought to keep them. >> i've been looking at this landscape driving in every
4:47 pm
still amazed by it. >> reporter: this land rediscovering colorado's national parks continues all this week at 4:00 and 9:00. join us saturday night at 9 p.m. on 9news for an hour long special. it will reair sunday night at 9:30 on channel 20. had a number of people on social media this week say who is taking the pictures for your national park stories? every single photo you've seen was taken by 9news photojournalist chris hansen who has spent days and nights in these parks over the last year. sometimes we'd go on the buddy system. sometimes he would go alone, but of single image was taken by him, some spectacular stuff, really, really neat stuff. >> that nighttime stuff is phenomenal and who thought that great star gazing, makes perfect sense. >> it's really prime star gazing and there at the dunes it's such a cool environment. they light up. it really does look and feel like you're on another planet. we want to see your national park photos.
4:48 pm
school family photos from when you went to rockies. >> i went to the dunes. >> you need to dig them out. chris will edit them into the special, so your family can be part of our national parks experience. you can tweet or post the photos online #beon9. we'll find them. we have photos that date back to the 1950s that are unbelievable. >> the older, the better. bring them on. it is really a perfect day and a perfect week to rediscover colorado's national parks. it is today, though, 303 day. >> we have been showing off some of your favorite photos today of our beautiful state. get ready to pick your favorite outdoor activity in colorado. does drinking a beer outdoors count? >> we have a category that calls like sitting on a patio outside enjoying the beauty. >> excellent. there's the mobile address, get your voting finger ready.
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it is march 3rd. that means it's 303 day for colorado, area codes playing into that, too. a day we celebrate all the great things in our state. we've been asking you why you love colorado. many of you sent in or posted your photos. you've seen the #beon9. some of those photos look like some places you're pretty familiar with these days. those of you who have been on they've been answering questions about colorado including what's the most quintessential colorado location? what's the best art installation in the denver area and the best local band? now you can join the fund by also voting on >> the big question of the day is your favorite outdoor activity in colorado, skiing, hiking or patio lounging.
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that could be with a beverage. that could be with a beverage. that could be with both and liking is out to an early leap. skiing 3%, goodness. >> that's crazy. >> there's got to be something about this sample size. this is, of course, unscientific here just folks voting at home. looks like liking was the run- away winner. >> look at patio lounging. >> it's making a strong comeback. i'm going to assume patio lounge was put in there not to troll me but rather to kick back and enjoy a cold one on the patio. it's quite popular, too. >> think about it. how many months out of the year can you do that? many. >> every. >> every month. >> i'm telling you. last weekend wife and i pulled the lawn chairs out of the garage and we were kicking back in the backyard. we are those people. >> right there taking the lead. >> patio lounging for the win. this will keep rolling a few more minutes, if you like hugs, we have a
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>> love, love, love, a pet with a human name and this is scott.
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for the best deals on flooring, 18 front range locations to serve you. cindy and i just hanging out with scott in the backyard. he's the most adorable thing you've ever seen and he's so chilled. we cannot figure out why nobody has picked this little guy up. he's been at the shelter here a couple weeks. scott is coming to us from the denver animal shelter with cindy who tells me he is just a lovely little blonde boy. we think blondes do have more fun because he has such a great attitude. he's smart. he knows commands. he rides well in the car. he would be a great motivator to get you out walking in this wonderful weather. he would be a great family with older kids. he's a 2-year-old neutered male chihuahua and cindy said he's so much fun and a great companion. alameda and santa fe is where the denver animal shelter is located. they would love your volunteer help.
4:58 pm
the animals, talk to them, give them some attention. he walks gently on leashed, just a positive treat-based isn't? very well. he does need some house and crate training. they're working with him on that. he loves to play ball and since we have so seen, he has the most lovely manners. this is little scotty watching himself on tv, a little blonde chihuahua and again alameda and santa fe at the denver animal shelter. so, you guys, i don't know, kyle, i think porter might like a little friend to play with. >> i'm telling you. he's just about porter size, a little bit smaller and they both have that shelter dog street cred, you know. he's seen some stuff. >> he kind of walks with an attitude and has little tiny doggie toes '. >> right now scott is saying don't mess with my street cred. i'm tough. >> he does have swagger, like you, kyle.
4:59 pm
i think she just compared me to a shelter dog. i'll take it. that's a compliment, love shelter dogs. >> 9news at 5:00 is coming up next. next at 5:00 a former texas death row inmate accused of keeping a homeless woman captive in his colorado home for months. >> also ahead disciplinary action for two employees of the clark county sheriff's office following last week's deadly shootout in bailey. >> and some of today's back and forth between gop front runner donald trump and the party's last presidential nominee, mitt romney next on 9news. >> this is 9news. he was on death row in ago. now he is accused of keeping a
5:00 pm
home in western colorado for months. claude wilkerson is accused of chaining up the woman with the help of a run-away teenager who also lived at his home in the ranching community of gateway, about an hour from grand junction. 9news mountain newsroom reporter matt renoux joins us now. gateway is a small community. >> reporter: about as small as you can get in western colorado and a police investigators say is perfect for a -- and a place investigators say is perfect for a person who wants to be left alone. in the small community in gateway just south of grand junction, investigators say a colorado only woman's life was a nightmare kept in this house october. claude wilkerson lured and kept the homeless woman in her 20s in this house using chemicals to keep her sedated, chaining her to a bed at times and sexually assaulting her repeatedly over the time she was there. a young run-away who lived


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