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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  March 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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months later, she almost killed us. anastasia bolton tells us jack's story is not unique. >> i needed a housekeeper and a cook and a companion that i could talk to. >> reporter: he went about it an old fashioned way, an ad in the newspaper, some letters and a phone calls and he thought he found the right person. jana bergmann needed a place to live because she was living in jail. bergmann had a long criminal history with multiple felonies, including fraud, drugs, forgery, but in spite all of that, jack wanted to help. >> so i took up the position that i needed to help her. >> reporter: bergmann wrote and called jack from jail telling him she was, quote, a care provider in every sense of the title. he bought that and her freedom. jack bailed bergmann out of jail so she could come live with him. he would do that two more times before their fight in october of 2014, the fight that almost killed him. >> i knew he was trying to push
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already had broke the skin on my arms. and she was just trying to push my legs out from underneath me. >> this is one of the worst cases of elder abuse i have ever seen. the type of abuse out there is -- it's just extensive. this is an area of crime that's on the rise. >> many of the virtues of the older adults have now turned into their vulnerabilities. >> reporter: pete weir is the d.a. >> we start by having specialized units in law enforcement agencies. these often involve complex financial investigations. >> reporter: advocates for the elderly say they need more resources and more money from the state for emergency placement of the adults. >> for me at the state level, they should be hiring somebody to development placement. >> reporter: children have foster care but advocates like
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adults. >> the focus is keep people at home. sometimes we can't do that so we have to look for other things. >> she got away with right at $20,000. >> reporter: but nearly after killing him, bergmann couldn't let him go. >> i just wanted to talk to you. don't tell them. >> reporter: while in jail awaiting trial, she called him again. >> you sure created a royal disaster. >> i know. i love you, jack woods. >> and somehow he still loves her back, i'm glad to talk to you anyway. >> in november, bergmann was sentenced to 208 years in prison. jack said 208 years, that's just too much. >> after all, i got feelings for her. i had feelings all along for her or i wouldn't have let her come back to my house as long as i did. >> reporter: anastasia builten, 9 news.
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working on a bill to record video depositions of at-risk victims. victims sometimes pass away before they get to tell their story. we do have a full story and list of other resources online at there are many aspects of elder abuse, including financial and physical issues. we have a group of experts here this afternoon to answer questions about how to protect yourself and your loved ones. the number to call is 303-698-0999. the lines are open until 5:30. students and staff at the denver center for international studies evacuated the school this afternoon after a threat against the exam pus near 6th and gallapagos. bomb-sniffing dogs were brought to the scene and no devices are found. students were picked up by their parents at fairmont elementary school. the daughters of a former we would county sheriff's deputy
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prosecution. a judge has ruled the girl can take the stand during tom fowler's trial. prosecutors say the former deputy shot his wife after a party at their evans home on new year's day, 2012. the death was originally ruled a suicide but the case was reopened in april of 2014. lawyers say ashley fowler killed herself and have introduced a suicide note that was written about a year and a half before her death. the couple had three children. denver police believe they have found the car involved? a hit-and-run crash tuesday night. they still haven't found the driver. investigators say the driver of a dark-colored lincoln town car hit a 66-year-old woman near the intersection of park and tremont place. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers. a new study accomplished in the new england journal of medicine provides strong evidence that a zika infection during pregnancy is associated
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researchers say pregnancy complications include miscarriage, potential blindness in babies and abnormal fetal brain development. doctors are calling it zika virus congenital syndrome. the brain. spreading in mainly latin america and the caribbean. a comparison of autopsy reports for bobbi kristina brown and her mother shows similarities that go beyond how the women were found. the report says the women had used cocaine, marijuana and the same prescription drug used to treat anxiety before they were discovered face down in bathtubs. the autopsy for bobbi kristina brown was released today. los angeles police confirm that a knife found on the former property of ochlts will be tested to see -- of o.j. simpson
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any connection to his wife's murder. the los angeles police told investigators he was working on a film shoot when a construction worker handed it to him. >> depending on where an item is kept and how it's stored and maintained, that it's possible to get dna, you know, look at what we do forensicically with our natural history. >> even if evidence is somehow found on the knife, it can't be used against o.j. simpson. he was acquitted in '95 of charges. he's protected by law for prosecuted for the killings a second time. colorado has hundreds of socially-minded businesses, for-profit, non-profit, you name it, they are here and there's always the need for capital to keep they running. this weekend there's a one of a kind event happening in denver that's being compared to speed dating, the companies make their pitch to investors who are ready to spend money.
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with a story behind colorado impacts days. >> reporter: in what used to be a car dealership and before that a garage for old postal trucks, is now a sense of wonder. >> okay. one last time. [ music ]. >> reporter: this is home to wonder bound, a contrary dance troop that is very forward-thinking not only in its productions but how it collaborates with other community. >> i would say wonder-bound is anything but expected. >> reporter: they say they're the founders of wonder bound. they work closely to define the unique look of their ten dancers. wonder bound's home for the last three years? is junction box. the so-called nerve center for create i have energy. if -- creative energy. if wonder bound wants to stay, they have to come up with $2
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when the offer to buy the building from their landlord will expire. it's a good possibility that could happen because wonder bound is taking part in the first ever colorado impact days. this week, very serious investors have met with 60 socially-minded colorado companies. >> there's an opportunity for the right impact investor or philanthropist to step up. >> reporter: stephanie griffith started the impact finance denver. it's one of six universities that teaches impact investing. >> impact investing is basically wanting to know what the impact, is my investment actually helping the people or the environment or the communities or is it hurt the people, the environment and the communities. >> reporter: wonder bound is a nonprofit that helps. this troop runs classes for school kids and seniors. it also has a positive influence often watch rehearsals. >> for a lot of them, it reminds
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their former job or their former kind of love, and it also can spur inspiration for them to get back on their feet. >> reporter: fay is very hopeful an investor or group of people will recognize wonder bound for its art and impact and offer that emergency loan that the group plans to pay back. with photo journalist andrew crist man, kyle dyer, 9 news. >> colorado impact days are part of what's called the colorado impact initiative. the goal is to bring $100 million to socially-minded programs across the state in three years. >> pretty cool. just a good positive thing. >> absolutely. the quick response from whole foods after someone apparently tweetedo out a picture of the chain's pre-peeled oranges in plastic containers. >> also ahead, an investigation
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federal agents have discovered an unusual method of human smuggling. u.s. customs and border protection officers discovered a brazilian man hidden inside the modified gas tank of a suv. officers used an imaging system to spot anomalies in the vehicle's gas tank. both the driver of the suv and the braville yan man were arrested. the federal government are investigating reports that the brakes may fail on ford f-150
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the probe covers about 120,000 vehicles. it received 33 complaints, including drivers who reported that the pedal can suddenly go to the floor with complete loss of braking. four drivers reported crashes but no injuries. the feds are looking at how often the problem happens and whether a recall is necessary. six flags has partnered with samsung to bring virtual reality at nine of its properties. passengers will receive a samsung gear vr head set during the ride adding an extra sensory experience. pretty scary if you ask me. all the rides will have an age limit of 13 years and up. have you seen the picture of the pre-peeled oranges being sold in plastic containers at whole foods in california? it's gone viral and critics say this is promoting sheer laziness. and it's not only that, critics say that it violates whole foods
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the grocery store chain seems to agree with the critics. it responded by saying definitely our mistake. these have been pulled. we hear you and we will leave them in their natural packaging, the peel. the oranges were selling for about $6 a pound. >> i wonder if it's the same store that did the asparagus water. because that was also in california. >> it could be. so we may not break a record this weekend but it will certainly be very warm for this time of year. >> when the warm pattern ends and when the cooler air arrives,
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we're getting the nice weather if february, we're like, what? this is february, where's the snow. now in march, the warmer temperatures make more sense. >> but sounds like we might get some rain, but then we might get warm again. kathy, what can we expect over the weekend? >> we like to mix it up, keep you guys guessing.
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rolled across the state today. you probably didn't even notice it, but sometimes on a friday heading into the weekend, that's not such a bad thing. let's take a look outside. it is just beautiful. calm winds, clear skies and nice travel weather up and down the front range. temperatures will range from the low to mid-50s from now and 7:00 and just really a nice evening ahead. we have dia at 56 degrees and in the 9 news backyard, skies are clear, winds are light and we have 55 degrees here outside the studios. temperatures today running above average in spite of the fact that the weak front came in bringing a light dusting of snow to the higher peaks. we had 58 in denver, 74 in pueblo, 44 in leadville. the average high this time of year is 50. the drought monitor not changing a whole lot for colorado. our situation improving compared to last year but out west, severe drought conditions persist, though there's a major
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week which may actually bring some big changes to the western half of the u.s., really with this el nio pattern, a series of storms lined up. in the meantime, though, temperatures are forecast to remain above average from the west coast through the northwest into the midwest. that precipitation, though, looks as though it will be increasing our chance for rain and snow for the second half of this month, which is kind of due. snow in the midwest, rain off the coast of california, just beginning to move on shore. we have a dry weekend basically here in denver. our next chance for rain and snow will start in the high country on sunday. today's weather system moving rapidly away. warm air moving in and all of that rain in california will stay put for now. that means a warming trend. miffed-60s -- mid-60s tomorrow, cooler weather for monday and tuesday. skies are clearing tonight. winds remain light tomorrow. high and mid-level clouds move
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but you won't have to worry about travel issues until sunday. 32 in greeley and 31 in pueblo. high temperatures tomorrow, above average, a trend that will continue for another 48 hours. headed to the foothills tonight? no travel issues there. we have fair skies and 58 for bailey, high of 53 in blackhawk. in the denver metro area, still a fair amount of cloud cover but gradual clearing, light winds, a mid-30s. tomorrow, sunshine to start your day. mid-50s by noon. clouds in the afternoon with temperatures hovering in the low to mid-60s by about 3:00. even warmer on sunday. i think we'll come close to a record but not quite. then we have a chance for rain in our snowiest month. but it's a fast -moving system. it rolls out of here on tuesday. and after a cool weather start to next week, we are back to
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hard to believe, but daylight savings time about a week from sunday, hard to believe that. we're going to be moving those clocks forward one hour. in the meantime, it is still winter in the high country and so much beautiful winter photography coming in from our steamboat springs area. >> at least it's winter some place. the people in denver are gosh, we're getting robbed of winter and we say hang on a few weeks because march is probably not going to be good to us. >> that's so true. >> that 74 looks real nice. >> isn't it fun? and that's getting close to the start of spring. >> kathy, thank you. coming up next in sports, we'll have a live report from the high school basketball playoffs. >> plus, rob mackey will look
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a modest gain for stocks has extended a winning streak into the fourth day. indexes ended high for a fourth day. the dow climbs 62 points, the
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calvin pickard may not be just a quick fix, he may be the main man for the avs. patrick waugh confirming today he'll start for valuey as well. he passed with flying colors. pickard was pretty good in the first two periods but in the third, he cemented his place as the avs goaltender. he saw 24 attempts and that's an all-time record. >> they came up in the third and threw everything from any angle and i got the block and the guys bailed me out and i made some saves, so it was great.
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he made some key saves. the thing i like about him is the swagger. he seems very confident right now in front of the net. he looks big and he's moving well and i love that -- that intensity that he's bringing, the compete level that he's bringing on the ice. >> means everything to me. you know, ever since i've been drafted here, denver has been first class, the fans have been first class and it's amazing to play in front of them and we got to keep stringing some wins together. >> the avs played at pepsi last night but tonight belongs to the nuggets. denver will host brooklyn at 7:00. high school playoff basketball under way here in colorado.
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game wrapped up. helen branch high school will be the first team to head to the final four. the falcons led by as many as 20 in the first half. simone starks going the length of the court. the senior will pick up the easy two but highlands ranch wins this one handily, 65-35. the 5-a boys will be taking place here at the coliseum tomorrow. those brackets got set up earlier this week with sweet 16. let's take a look at how those turned out. we are set for quite the showdown that could very well set up rematches of games we saw earlier on this season. on wednesday, rangers squeaked out a win over arvada west. they won with less than three seconds on the clock to stay undefeated. the raiders won by seven.
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could set up a raiders versus raiders rematch, rangers defeated them in january. here's a look at the final brackets. cherry creek -- we'll have more coming up at 6, rod, including more on that highlands ranch game. >> taylor, look forward to that. you know, their words. i can actually see them now. >> now they're gone. >> you get smart now? he was so mature. >> i'm struggling. >> nothing but love here. >> okay. >> and you kind of got swagger like that new avs goalie. >> i like that. >> she's the nice one, i'm not the nicer one. >> we're so happy with the weather department. >> because we've been talking about the weekend forecast. 65 tomorrow, up to 70 on sunday.
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probably the second half of your weekend but denver is dry until monday. right now i have us with rain on monday, which is, again, strange in our snowiest month. moving the system that's bringing in cold air with it, so low 50s to start next week. nothing you can't handle. >> we've been spoiled. >> look at rod with those glasses! >> he looks good. >> "nbc nightly news" is next.
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tonight, trump's about face. he reverses what he said just last night in that raucous debate about torture, and it's hardly his first change-up. what does trump really believe? new evidence. the o.j. simpson saga back in the news with a new twist. a knife found years ago on his former estate. why police are only just now tesng it for evidence. hotel horror. following days of tearful testimony, a jury will soon decide whether to award erin andrews $75 million after a stalker secretly taped her inside her hotel room.


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