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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  March 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> the underdogs grab a couple of early victories. we have full results from a busy day for the presidential candidates. >> when a bad accident happens, seconds matter. first responders train for life threatening situations. >> denver wants to clean up its sidewalks but it comes at a cost to the homeless population. >> when you take a person's stuff and throw it away, you are telling that person you are not worth even having it. >> and the broncos make a formal offer for brock. how much are they willing to pay for their quarterback of the future? 9news starts now. texas senator ted cruz cruised to an easy victory in kansas. it was the first one of the day for cruz. more than 150 delegates are up for grabs for the republicans. more than 100 for the democrats. good evening.
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>> good evening. well kansas was not the only competition. democrats caucused in kansas and nebraska and both parties held a primary in louisiana. here is is a look at who won. the top two republicans split the four contests. cruz won in maine and kansas, trump, in louisiana and kentucky. bernie sanders was the first winner of the night in kansas and then in nebraska while hillary clinton won in louisiana. >> after all the results here, the current standings for the delegates, trump leads republicans with 378. cruz at 295. rubio at 123. john kasich at 34. the republicans need more than 1200 to win. clinton lead it is democratic race with more than 1100. sanders trails with less than 500. the democrats need nearly 2400 for the nomination.
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>> it is tremendously encouraging and i will tell you it represents a real shift over the last two weeks. >> so we are doing what i wanted to do. excite people. energize people. bring them out. >> i want to congratulate senator sanders for running a strong campaign. i'm thrilled we are adding to our pledged delegate count. i'm grateful to everyone who turned out to support us. but now, all eyes turn to michigan. >> so here is what is up next. sanders and clinton will square off in maine's democratic caucus tomorrow. they will also face each other on the debate stage in flint, michigan. that debate begins at 6:00 on cnn. puerto rico is holding its republican primary tomorrow. and on tuesday, voters for both parties will cast their ballots in primaries in michigan and mississippi. the city of denver is looking to get rid of some of the clutter in downtown denver streets. a move that will impact some of the homeless population.
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the homeless to get their things off the sidewalk. city ordinances require sidewalks be free of clutter. if the warning is ignored, the city plans to confiscate the items and destroy them if they are not claimed after 30 days. jerry burton is homeless. fight. >> i don't know. to jail. steal your stuff. >> this is not an easy situation and certainly, we want to do everything that we can to preserve any important documents or electronic devices. things like that, that someone would be rightfully upset if they lost. >> the colorado coalition for the homeless is critical of the city's move and says denver needs improved safe affordable housing options. >> the city's action in criminalizing homelessness is not the solution. it is counterproductive. it is costly. and it ultimately won't solve
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>> the city will begin posting enforcement notices in cluttered areas monday. >> a new mexico dog breeder is under investigation. an undercover video shows bad living conditions that could have caused health problems. now the usda is investigating. the breeder whose name we are not reporting at this time is located in macintosh, new mexico. a video shot by the animal legal defense fund shows matted dogs roaming around outside. the adfl says the food and water violated safe practices. a colorado woman working for a rescue noticed a difference in the dogs coming from this particular breeder. >> those poor little innocent souls don't deserve that. one photo showed a little puppy. he couldn't have been more than two months old. he is jumping on the fence. he wants to get out.
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conditions that are there. >> several buyers have said the dogs from that breeder suffer disease. investigators are looking into a shooting at a house where they found a marijuana grow at the 700 clock of canosa court at 7:20 tonight. there was a struggle and a man was shot several times. the suspect ran away. the victim's injurys are serious and they are trying to determine if the shooting was related to the marijuana inside the house. if you have any ins, information you are asked to call crime stoppers. the battle over apple and the fbi has centered over one phone. the phone of one of the san bernardino attackers. police say releasing iphone data could be critical in solving unsolved cases and murders. police say it could solve 29- year-old brittany mill's murder
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her mother says important clues could be on that iphone because mills often kept a diary on her phone. this iphone is just one of 60 in louisiana that cannot be opened. >> we could get into the biggest baddest safe you want to make. we will get into it. we have a safe-cracker and we can get into anything. >> but not a locked phone? >> no. and i can beat that phone to debt but i will not get what i want out of it. >> apple has not changed its stance on it. the company's top lawyer says creating software to defeat iphone security makes all iphones vulnerable to hacking. it is an issue of safety and security for the iphone users. 24 cancer patients from children hospital colorado are taking a spring break trip to soak up fun on the baseball diamond. former shortstop troy tulowitzki paid for their trip to spring training in
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while they were there, the kids got to watch a scrimmage game, but they got to meet the players and coaches too. >> very cool. colorado is well known for its craft beer. fort collins almost one of the the best beer scenes in the country. >> a ten best poll asked people to vote on the craft beer capital. voting. grand rapids, michigan claimed the top spot and fort collins finished in second place. it is home to more than a dozen craft breweries. denver did not crack the top ten list. thinks to aspire to. >> i think we should go hang out in fort collins for a while. >> yes. all right, still ahead, it could be the discovery of a new species. one scientist is calling it the ghost octopus. >> it is pretty cool to see. and sometimes, skiing down a slope just isn't enough fun. so, you add a galloping horse
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>> it looks like fun. and the world's most famous dog sled race gets off to a warm start. >> and how high the temperatures will peak tomorrow forecast. >> later in sports, the broncos make brock osweiler an offer
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>> scientists near hawaii may have discovered a possible new octopus species. look at this little guy. the photo was taken last month by the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. they spotted this animal 13,000 feet deep. that is deeper than any other deep sea octopus sightings. they believe it is pale because it lacks pigment cells. they are calling it the casper ghost. whether it is a new animal and what its name could be, could determine.
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el nio is helping the drought stricken west coast, but it is helping the salmon fishery. they are expecting another bad year for chinook salmon fishing. last year, the water was too warm for the fish to survive. this year could be worse. salmon like cold water and the rivers are too warm. el nio has created unseasonably warm ocean temperatures. >> spawning has not occurred at a great rate and unless we get water in the rivers where they spawn, that isn't going to happen. so it is really going to go downhill from here. >> because the salmon population is in decline, the fishing industry is bracing for increased restrictions, a shorter fishing season, and lower bag limits. the iditarod got off to a warm and short start today. real short. the world's most famous sled dog race got kicked off with the mushers in anchorage. it is a ceremonial start to the festivities.
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a lack of snow and warm temperatures cut the race short today. typically, the course is 11 miles long. but today, only three miles long. the actual competition starts tomorrow. 85 racers will trek 1,000 miles to nome on alaska's west coast. they are expected to arrive nine days after the start. the world is full of strange combinations that work great together. peanut butter and jelly. comic books and movies. wine and chocolate. looks like thousands of people are spending the weekend looking at another cool combination. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. look there. it is a crowd pleaser. every year, thousands line up in leadville to watch ski- jorring. they are holding on tight being pulled by fast horses going 40 miles an hour. whoa. you can tell by the crashes
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up there. but the skiers also have to fly off jumps and spear rings along the course. it has some riders and skiers doing something they have been trying for decades. >> the horse is coming in, nostrils flaring. as a skier, i have never ridden, but i can speak from the skier's perspective, there is not a rush like it. >> it wasn't just adults running the course in leadville. kids also got in on the action. they got to test their skills while they were being pulled behind some snow mobiles. but i don't know about the horses' nostrils flaring? i don't want to be pulled by anything with its nostrils flaring. >> i hear meteorologist kathy sabine is a grade a skier. >> i'm a horse woman. i have been riding since i was two, but i have never tried this.
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the two events combined sounds intriguing to me. absolutely. how did you guys spend your weekend? cloudy, windy, but not too bad for outdoor activities. did you go hike like these guys in boulder? it is such a pretty view. we will add to the snow pack as early as tomorrow. snow coming in at the continental divide. so warm here. the average is 51. the record, 76. we are headed into record territory tomorrow, but i don't think we will break it with the cloud cover. temperatures downtown are a bit milder. we are close to 50 outside the studios. more storms coming from offshore in california bringing heavy rainfall to coastal sections of the state. winter storm warnings have been
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all of this moisture headed to colorado. winter weather advisories posted for utah. they will go out in colorado on up to eight inches of snow. that may impact i-70. a quick burst of snow in the next 24 hours especially in the central mountains. in the lower elevations, it will be more of a rain event. a lot of the precipitation staying to the north and east of us. just really a nice day coming up for colorado. things shift for us heading into monday and tuesday. right now, all of this rain coming into california is a good thing. but too much too soon. we could be dealing with some flooding there. along the front range and along the eastern plains, 70 degrees tomorrow. way above average. but the warm air will slide east. high clouds coming in during the afternoon and we will watch the rain and snow increase in the high country. i think it may be a factor for some of you traveling in and out of the mountains tomorrow as well. something else we are watching,
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out on the eastern plains. lows tonight though, very mild. 30s , 40s for lower elevations. that will keep the jump in temperature quick tomorrow. we start off with 40 in the city. jump to 70 in the afternoon. look at the temperature in lamar tomorrow. 80. 50s in the high country. really. a little bit of wind along the foothills but not a bad day. changes occur monday into tuesday morning. fair skies, light winds, a cool night. 39 degrees. tomorrow, mid 60s by lunchtime. 70 in the afternoon. while 20 degrees warmer than afternoon. not quite a record. we have a chance for rain here in the city monday. skies clear tuesday. sunshine brings us a quick rebounding temperature midweek. by the end of next week, we are back to the 70s . daylight savings time a week from sunday. we will push the clocks forward and lose an hour of sleep. but, while you can enjoy this
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think about is the great gold medal fly fishing going on up in the high country. great conditions for that. don't forget to send in your adventures. we want to hear all about it. >> we love those pictures. all right kathy. appreciate it. well accidents can happen any time. day or night. first responders want to be ready for anything. daytime. that changed today. they put together a nighttime training exercise and let 9news reporter tag along. >> reporter: when the job is saving lives, kyle vaughn's job is to make sure they do it right. foothills fire protection teamed up with neighboring districts. >> response on a multicar accident. >> fun right? >> i guess. >> reporter: a live person and two dummys will be rescued from
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>> we haven't done a lot of nighttime training. we wanted to bring some realism into our training. >> reporter: the idea is to create stress and real duress. >> where is my cat? >> let's move. >> reporter: so these firefighters know what to expect. [ screaming ] >> i don't know. >> things weren't quite working the way i thought. >> reporter: vaughn the foothills assistant chief and he wants his crew to be quick. but also to be safe. >> you know, if you go too fast and don't think about it, you cause a bigger problem. and you can injure yourself or others. >> reporter: because the thing is, these firefighters are not really on the job. they are volunteers. >> all of our 34 other people have a day job. nine to five. and then they come fire fight at night. we have lawyers, doctors, engineers, truck drivers. >> reporter: and on this job, they are all professionals.
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>> there is a stigma that we don't have the same level of that's not the case. >> reporter: nelson garsia, 9news in evergreen. a local state farm insurance donated the cars exercise. success. just before this newscast, we featured some of the beauty and history of this state's natural parks. 9news anchor kyle clark was our guide for this land, rediscovering colorado's national parks. if you missed it tonight or want to watch it again, it will reair tomorrow at 9:30 on channel 20. it was a fascinating experience. just beautiful pictures. he was the face of the franchise for years. the rockies traded troy tulowitzki last season. >> and months after the trade, tulo is still angry and critical of the rockies management in this week's sports a to z, we have his
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go. colorado rockies. we both have on purple. >> this is an annual discussion. >> and we are not talking about finish. but troy tulowitzki comes out and lets everybody know he was not happy how the way things ended with the rockies. what did you think of that? >> i thought he was a guy who is tired of losing and couldn't help himself. he shouldn't have said anything because he is gone. but he couldn't help himself. he has a lot of animosity because the losing wore him out. the losing with the rockies will wear out any competitive person. i don't know how todd helton did it that long. >> my eyes are worn out watching them lose. 93 games a year the last five years. >> he was beaten down over the last six or seven years by the feeling that the rest of us had. that there is no hope. there is no avenue.
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rockies other than continuing to lose. >> i learned my lesson with you last year when i said they might finish 500. i was mr. optimistic. what did you guys do for me? nothing. so i will not give any type of prediction. i will just say keep raiseing the fences. maybe it will turn into something good for you in 2016. that will do it for us. i'm a. very disappointed. >> talk about building a wall. i feel like donald trump here. how high can you build it? they are still going to lose.
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>> from colorado's sports leader, here is rod mackey. >> so, who is going to be the broncos qb? it is not going to be peyton. that will become official one way or another next week. all signs point to osweiler. but he still has not signed on
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lot of money on the table. the broncos are offering more than 45 million over three years according to our mike klis. several other teams are interested in osweiler as well and he may be able to make more somewhere else. but those teams won't be as good as his current team. so does winning or money matter most? we will find out soon. the avs have been awol for the last few stanley cup meanings. this game in nashville they really had to have especially with the wild winning earlier in the day. the guys got off to a good start. one goal in the first period and the avs got it thanks to hard work. blake cleaning none front. it was 1-0 after one. 2-1 after two. gabe landeskog with the go ahead go from nathan mackinnon.
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then they gave up one, two, three, four goals. mike fisher there with what proved to be the game winner. they added a couple of empty nethers as the avs go down 5-2 and fall further behind the wild for the last playoff spot. >> it is 15 games left. yes know it's crunch time. we have to go and win hockey games but like i said, we are not going to sit around. we are going to rest up and get right back. >> while the avs are swamping, du is on a roll. the pioneers came into the regular seasonal finale against nebraska. ganbrel, the game winner. du wins. final 2-1. the pioneers good in lock hockey and battener lacrosse. picking up in du down one. less than ten ticks left. when zach miller played hero.
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and we have free lacrosse. more drama in overtime. unc never got a touch. the pioneers won the faceoff. connor, the game winner from jack bobzene. du wins. their 18th win in a row. more lacrosse now. the mammoth. adam jones making national league lacrosse history tonight with a goal. well, he ended up scoring seven goals in all. but it's the first one that mattered the most. that made it 56 straight games with a score. and that has never been done. the mammoth win 14-13. just once, that is how many times the buffs lost to boulder. utah got them so tonight, they looked to return the favor in salt lake. a horrible show. cu shot 21% from the field and yet, still led 21-20. josh got the go ahead bucket.
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the buffs pulled away thank to a 16-0 run. tori miller cleaning up on the inside. colorado on top by 14. but then the utes went on a 19- 0 run. are you kidding me? that 45-31 colorado lead turned into a 45-50 deficit. du loses a heartbreaker. utah takes both. final score 57-55. tsu and air force hooped it up against each other. rams trying to get it against the falcons. they won by 14. 87-73. up next for both teams, a trip to vegas for the mountain west tournament. and the rockies beat the padres in spring baseball today. colorado is now 2-2 in these games that don't count. >> they do. >> they don't. [ laughter ] finally, missy franklin continues to tune up for the rio games.
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medalist won in orlando for the second time in 24 hours. the fastest of the fast. today, she took the 200. >> she is on fire. >> and a win is a win right kathy? >> they do matter. psychologically. to the team and to us. or to me.
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>> big upset in ufc tonight. holly holme who knocked out rhonda rousey just lost to misha tate. the ufc is devastated. she lost. >> yeah.
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