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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  March 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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broncos quarterback peyton manning is ending his career as a world champion. we look back at his record setting career and have reaction from fans and players. >> the nation mourns the loss of former first lady nancy reagan. >> it's the warm before the storm. danielle details big changes coming tomorrow. >> and the most important role colorado is playing in the mission to mars. 9news starts now. big news today. broncos' quarterback peyton
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champion. today he informed the team he'll retire after 18 seasons in the nfl. our broncos insider mike cress has been on top of this story. how did this all go down this morning? >> he started telling people last night, his teammates, special friends he was retiring. about 5:30 this morning, couldn't sleep, got my phone, got back under the covers, got a call right away from the broncos, he's retiring. i got up, had a story already written that he was going to retire, so cleaned that up a little bit and posted it and off we go with the news. >> there has been speculation for some time what his next move would be. when he brought the big broncos, the super bowl title home, it was like, okay, he's finally out on top. is now the time? >> yeah, i do think this was a good time. i think a lot of people are happy that he did make this decision, because as you said,
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only two quarterbacks in history are going out with a super bowl title. john elway and peyton manning, both bronco quarterbacks. >> how about that? >> yeah. the other reason is i think people were concerned if he came back what was going to happen to him next year. those defenses were getting bigger and faster against him. and i think he reached the finish line on fumes. i think he crossed it. there wasn't a lot left in the tank. >> then what would they do with brock osweiler. a lot of decisions around what to do if he retires. now is he one of the greats? a lot of people say, yeah, peyton manning is going down as one of the greats. but as far as your top 10, top five, do you think he's there? >> he's a top five. i still go with joe montana number one. 4-0 super bowls, 11 touchdown passes, no interceptions, got
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manning is a top five. his legacy in denver is he joined this team at 36 years old. he was already too old to do what he did. came off four neck surgeries. not supposed to come off that and do what they did and switch teams. montana did not switch teams and get to the super bowl. brett farve didn't. manning was the first one to do it. switched team at an advanced age, after neck surgeries, league mvp, set records, brought the team to the super bowl twice. he won it. that's going to be his legacy. he has the best second chapter of his career of any other previous quarterback, including joe montana. >> a big, big thank you to peyton manning. really, this legacy he's leaving is unbelievable. mike, thank you. >> thank you. it is so exciting, manning's career began well before he joined the denver
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in 1988. five years later in 2003 he earned his first nfl mvp award. took a year to earn his second. manning won his first super bowl as an indianapolis colt in 2006. he was named super bowl mvp. in 2008 and 2009, he was again named nfl mvp. manning missed the entire 2011 season with a neck injury. the following year he was cut from the colts and signed by the broncos. in 2013 as a bronco, he earned his fifth mvp award and went to his third super bowl. the following year he was nfl's all time leader in passing touchdowns before sealing the record for all time passing yards record and winning his second super bowl. peyton manning was no doubt fun to watch and while his retirement isn't a total surprise, the news is still making some fans sad. 9news reporter nick mcgill
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>> how do you say goodbye to a legend? >> we are sad. >> reporter: in broncos country, the words are written in orange and blue. >> he's been amazing for the city, for the broncos and everything he's done. >> reporter: just hours after official word of peyton manning's retirement, we went down to was park. the words just came pouring out. >> good luck payton and thank you for the memories. >> we love you, hope you have a great life. >> he's what every sports figure should be. >> thank you peyton manning for your great support. >> reporter: for bringing the super bowl back to denver, and his charity work, peyton manning will forever be remembered in the mile high city. >> he was the best. >> reporter: the kind of love built in four short years, but the kind that will remain for a lifetime. >> one can only hope to have a career like that. >> proud of you payton. best of everything. >> thanks for bringing the
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>> reporter: for all the fans, die hard and newly formed, two words have to be said, thank you, peyton manning, thank you. >> he did a lot for indy and denver, so it's exciting. >> i love you, payton. >> he's great. >> reporter: one of the most common responses we heard had very little to do with what he did on the field. most of the people we talked to said it was how he carried himself off the field. >> he's one of those guys we love so much in denver and you had no problem having those folks fill out that white board, if you will, they were ready to send messages it looked like, nick. >> absolutely. we almost had to beat them away with a stick. they were so interested in writing their well wishes and the memories they had. it really shows how much he was beloved here in such a short amount of time. >> had to erase it, write new messages. >> sure did.
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all day we've been asking you to share your best memories of peyton manning. you can still share yours just use the #beon9. we'll be live on 9news and on starting at 11:00 a.m. of course the other big story today, nancy reagan being remembered for her strength, her class, and as a woman who changed the role of first lady. she passed away today at the age of 94. in southern california, mourners brought flowers to the reagan library. >> she really i think in hindsight helped usher in this new era where the public is used to the first lady being both a political and personal advisor to the president. >> nbc's bruce hall has an
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the impact she had on our country as first lady. >> reporter: nancy reagan's loyalty and devotion to her husband were absolute. whether the challenges were political mind fields or ronald reagan's battles with alzheimer's and his death in 2004. young nancy davis grew up in a prosperous family in chicago. she became an actress here as seen here with the movie star ronald reagan. >> i was afraid you wouldn't come. >> reporter: she married the once divorced reagan. the couple's interests turned from acting to politics. and so began their long rise to the peak of political power. from the california governor's mansion to the white house. their greatest prices came when hinckley. reagan's condition after the shooting was grave and it was
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as first lady, nancy reagan focused her efforts on fighting drug use. >> when someone asks you to help a child, just say yes. >> reporter: after the white house, nancy reagan's loving devotion to her husband during his battle with alzheimer's won her public sympathy. >> i know how proud he was to have this ship named after him. >> reporter: she gained the nation's admiration for her strength as she attended events honoring her husband's life. nancy reagan became the living symbol of the reagan legacy, a legacy revered by millions of americans. bruce hall, nbc news. >> mrs. reagan will be buried at the library next to her husband. it was warm and dry this weekend, but the moisture is coming our way. look at those clouds just kind of -- >> ominous. >> yeah, hanging over denver a little bit. did you have a chance to get out there today? >> i did, so nice. >> and danielle, i think got outside, too.
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tomorrow it sounds like, danielle. >> yeah, it looks like this next storm system will be moving into the front range by tomorrow afternoon. with the way the temperatures have been, i'm thinking just rain. now we have a little bit of precipitation further to the west. i love this shot because you can see in the foothills and mountains a little bit of blue sky. sunshine trying to push through. a good cloud deck just far beyond. temperatures in the mid-30s and silver thorn. upper 50s, low 60s around the i- 5 corridor. around colorado right now just looking at a couple of light showers pushing into the western slope as well as all the clouds. i'll zoom out and you can see our next system is starting to push through utah, into the salt lake area. another whopper bringing california heavy rains and a little bit of snowfall for the sierra mountains. wind gusts around here picking
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higher in the foothills and mountains. will be gustier tomorrow as this next storm system rolls through. we're tracking snowfall to the west, meanwhile warm temperatures, dry conditions east. i'll be breaking this down for you and showing you how much snowfall i think will be falling up in the high country. they need some. >> and you got skiing in the past couple of days. >> i did. i was up there at breckenridge. great time. snow. like. >> it is coming. >> thanks so much, danielle. several dogs were rescued from an apartment that caught county. firefighters from several different departments responded to the complex on south syracuse way around 2:30. crews were able to get it under control in about an hour. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. tomorrow morning the city of denver will begin giving notice that they plan to enforce an ordinance to keep
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it's become a big issue where there are several homeless shelters around the area. the city says some people are camping on the street and their belongings often make the sidewalks impassable. everyone will have 24 hours to sidewalk. if that does not happen, the city will clear the sidewalk and move everything to temporary storage. we have much more coming up on the retirement of peyton manning, including a look back the broncos. >> also ahead, a spacecraft that could one day get us to mars undergoes an important test, and it was here in colorado. spacecraft. >> republican establishment makes more moves in hopes of
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with the end of nasa's space mission this week, scott kelly spent the most days in space. orion just underwent another important test in colorado. >> reporter: speakers tower over the spacecraft, about 1500 of them in all. it's part of the latest test the space vehicle needs to pass on the journey to mars. >> instead of taking the
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can take the test to the spacecraft. >> reporter: it's a test designed to reproduce the vibrations orion will experience on its next launch. vibrations that come from the rockets that will pull it out of the grip of earth's gravity to space. >> they'll recreate the same sound pressure and noise that the rocket would when it's launching. >> reporter: this comes as scott kelly returns to earth after a year in space. his time was designed to see how the human body reacts to zero gravity and how humans going on a potential three year round-trip visit to mars would fare. the same is for orion. >> you get a lot of vibration with that, so we're trying to make sure this method applies the right vibration we need to
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>> reporter: maya rodriguez, 9news. >> pretty cool. the next test launch is scheduled some time in 2018. it's set to send orion around the moon. still to come, what prompted dozens of students to walk out of a basketball game in protest. >> it was a warm dry weekend. but changes are coming. danielle has the details next
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welcome back. meteorologist danielle grant in the back yard. despite the fact we had a few clouds out there, it was still a comfortable weekend with highs into the 60s. excuse me, you'll notice the clouds still sitting over the city. winds not that bad in front of the 9news studios. over the flatiron a beautiful picture. 69 here in the metro area. low 70s fort collins and greeley today, close to 80 in lamar. at the airport we've cooled off. upper 50s and comfortable. we do mostly cloudy skies. the winds breezy out of the northwest, about 14 miles per hour and humid low, no surprise there as it's been bone dry.
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evening. looking ahead to the work week, a little bit of a dip and the temperatures will be soaring once again. the winds, they've been picking foothills. 23 in boulder and longmont. i think tomorrow we could have an occassional 30 to 40-mile- per-hour gust and the winds should be settling down. red flag warnings again for the southeastern corner of the state through 6:00 tomorrow. wind gusts as high as 40 miles to 10%. it's extremely dry. good news is, another storm system is waiting in the wings. set to push into the state overnight and really around the front range by tomorrow. digs in. it really won't be across the i- afternoon. that's when i anticipate some of this rain beginning and possibly even a couple of thunderstorms around here. most of the moisture is still out west, picking up on a little bit around grand junction, across the san juans,
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but still the front is pushing in from salt lake south to vegas and no into our back yard by tomorrow. to go. a dry drive and everything changes. the wet weather presses in about 12:30 or 1:00, and steady snow, in the high country, northern, central and southern mountains. about 4:00 or 5:00, really tight bubbles so to speak in weld county, those will be pushing out to the north and east. pretty strong thunderstorms direction. by tomorrow evening, 10:00, most of the moisture will be moving out, with the exception of a couple of isolated stray showers on tuesday. we have a marginal risk of severe storms across the northeastern plains along i-76, and again, a tale of two seasons. out west snowfall.
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place will continue until 6:00 tomorrow. areas above 10,000 feet most of the snow,5 to 10 inches or so. good dose of winter weather that will be nice to see. falling to the 30s tonight. 40 for the everynight low in burlington and lamar. we stay in the 20s in the high country because of the clouds over us. the winds remaining relatively light. tomorrow low 50s. it will feel a little bit cooler than today. you can see that cold front slowly nudging across the eastern plains. i still think it should be a nice day with the numbers in the 60s and low 70s for you folks. meanwhile, cool in the foothills and mountains, where they're again looking at some snowfall finally pushing in. it's going to be a windy afternoon for us, too and possibility of a rumble of thunder here and there. tuesday a little cooler. 49, below average for a change of pace. we pick things back up. talking about 70s on friday, again, and really beyond that it's going to be a struggle to
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making their way into the metro areas. >> i usually love seeing all that sunshine, but considering how dry it's been, we could use hours. >> i know. the further away we get in the month of march with the sun angle, looking more like it will be a big rain event, or if fast. >> fire danger keeps getting worse and worse. >> exactly. >> danielle, thank you. a california woman was killed after the driver of the car she was riding in drove to a flooded roadway. it happened last night in yuba county, california. firefighters say the car quickly submerged in 6 feet of water. the male driver did make it out safely. a dive team had to go into the water and find the woman and vehicle. a group of students walked out of a university of tennessee basketball game.
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sat together during the game and left to protest outside. it was followed by a move of legislators this week to fund inclusion. >> i feel when people ask me why is diversity important, they're asking me why is my important. we have to be paid attention to on this campus. >> that protest continued for a while yesterday afternoon. the world's largest aircraft is about to take flight. >> next, besides its size, what makes it stand out among other
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after three weeks at the top of the charts, dead pool finally met its match. zootopia brought in more than $73 million. and breaking disney records in the process. in second place, the die hard sequel london has fallen earned more than 21 million. though dead pool fell into third place, the anti-hero flick has brought in $300 million to date. it's called the last great
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competitors began the iditarod. the mushers and their furry teams will cover nearly 1,000 miles of alaska's toughest terrain. the winner is expected to make it to gnome about nine days from now. it's a blimp, no it's a plane. it's kind of both. it's called air lander 10. it was developed for the military but redesigned for commercial use when the army abandoned the project. it can land on most surfaces, including water. >> not an air ship. it's a mix between an airline, air ship with a bit of helicopter thrown in. it uses the absolute latest material. it's got the latest fly by light technology, and the latest avionics and latest computer software, very much an
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>> it can carry 48 passengers, fly nonstop for five days, making it capable to fly cargo to hard to reach places. >> like something you'd see in the jetsons. i'll let others try it out and maybe. balloons are fun for kids, but they're also helping one woman heal. >> ahead, how she's taking things to new heights through
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south carolina senator and former republican presidential candidate lindsey graham hasn't had kind words for texas senator ted cruz. but he says he would support him over donald trump. for months the gop leads have lumped trump and cruz together. they argue neither could win in the general election. on meet the press this morning, graham said he'd later risk losing without trump than try winning with him. >> to me it's clear ted has
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trump. the best thing i think can happen is for the party to unite before ohio and florida and beat trump in ohio and florida, and we have a candidate that can beat him after, and now it seems ted cruz has the best case to be made. >> trump still leads the field with at least 378 delegates. cruz has at least 295. rubio and kasich lag far behind. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in another debate tonight. they're in flint, michigan, a state that holds its primaries on tuesday. a new poll out today gives clinton the edge among likely primary voters. she also holds a big lead over sanders in the overall delegate count. some family members of those aboard malaysian's flight air 370 said they're not ready to give up the flight.
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today taged with the names of everyone on board the plane. it vanished in march, 2014. a search in the southern indian ocean turned up nothing, but a wing part washed ashore in the western indian ocean last july. the search is expected to end in june. >> we are fighting to search on because our loved ones are not still here. so how can we say is the end? >> authorities say without any fresh clues the search will be called off. the italian coast guard was hard at work yesterday rescuing 13 migrants off a greek island. their boat was full of water and sinking fast when the coast guard reached it. greek authorities say more than 400 migrants were rescued in that area in six separate operations. sadly, not everyone made it. the turkish coast guard recovered bodies of 18 people off the coast of turkey.
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to make it to greece when their boat sank. hundreds of protestors gathered outside the russian embassy in the ukraine to demand the release of a russian pilot being held. he was part of a battalion fighting against russian backed rebels in ukraine. she faces up to 23 years in prison. she declared a hunger strike this week after a judge postponed her trial and didn't let her give a final statement. a minnesota woman has not had an easy life.
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welcome back. we were talking about those fantastic views in the high country. i was up there this weekend. if we can't have the fresh powder, then these bluebird skies will do just fine. you can just see for miles, gorgeous part of the country. home. good news, some storm are starting to push in not only to colorado but much of the west, bringing widespread rain showers, little bit of snow,
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it will push into the front range by tomorrow afternoon, bringing us a little bit of rain and possibly thunderstorms. but up in the high country we're already starting to see this snowfall coming down. it continues overnight and into much of the day tomorrow, too. i think we could have a healthy amount stack up out there. trying to find fresh powder hidden around, avalanche danger not that bad. the snowpack has consolidateed we've seen. with this fresh dose, things might be uneasy towards these changing weather patterns. along i-70, blowing and advisory. 5to 10 inches, but most of that above about 10,000 feet and
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the san juans, too. bluebird skies at the loveland ski area, where turn around and take in the views on that fantastic ride up to the top. it really was a spectacular weekend up in the high country. and even down here along the plains where it was a warm one. >> loveland. i'm going on thursday. i'm so excited. snow stick around, please. >> i was going to do my rain dance, but now that he is doing his snow dance. >> hopefully you should have fresh powder. >> i will need to pad the falls, trust me. >> don't we all. one hobby shop worker in minnesota really does stand out. >> boyd huper from our sister station kare 11 introduces us to a woman who has a passion for her job. >> reporter: some people go to work.
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[ laughing ] >> she does work here. >> reporter: not 30 seconds into this story, and already you've seen amber was made to have a job at a place like this. but you've yet to see her really pumped. >> oh, yeah. >> she's great. >> she makes a lot of smiles, i think. >> reporter: amber swoons at the thought of balloons. a passion -- >> she's purple and pretty. >> reporter: -- that's about to take her to new heights. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> ready to go do homework? >> reporter: before we tell you about that, you should also know about amber's rock bottom. >> the longest time i was mad, so angry, like why did you choose your drugs over me? >> reporter: that's amber as a girl, and her family before he
5:41 pm
fast food robberies and was sent to prison. >> i was in ninth grade when he got arrested and i just cried. we lost everything. we lost the house, all because of his decisions. >> circle the number -- >> reporter: today, amber is a single mom. >> good job. >> reporter: having recently ended what she describes as a difficult marriage. her son is overcoming a learning disability. >> 8, 9, 10. >> good job. >> reporter: but at birthday parties and bigger events like this -- >> why are you giggling? >> reporter: amber as silly miss tilley leaves her troubles [ laughter ] >> i could be bitter about a lot of things, but bitter in the heart is not good. have control. >> here we go.
5:42 pm
art she started practicing a few years back, she couldn't have predicted where it would take her. >> w-b-c. world balloon convention. it's a balloon convention. >> reporter: didn't know there was one? april in new orleans, amber will be going. >> here we go. >> reporter: to build balloon sculptures like these. >> it's going to be huge, okay? >> reporter: life handed amber more of her share of deflateed moments. but what better than balloons to keep her bouncing back? boyd hupert, kare news, litchfield. >> see you later, alligators.
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>> i love the quirky personality. despite everything. >> i think we need to be assigned to cover that balloon convention. >> i didn't know it existed. >> i didn't either. i wonder what it looks like after happy hour. >> probably pretty crazy. >> yeah. the big news today, peyton manning makes it official he's ended his storyed nfl career. >> reaction from players and a look back at manning's long and
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those who know him best say peyton manning is a better person than he is a player. that's saying something, because he is one heck of a player, one of the best of all time. the broncos fortunate he played his final four seasons here in denver. his last one of course, the super bowl championship. four months after winning it all, manning will call it quits. he'll officially announce his retirement at 11:00 tomorrow.
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lot of free agents over the years. but there's never been one better than peyton manning. the goal was for number 18 to bring denver a super bowl championship. a mission he accomplished in his final season as a bronco. but what a thrilling four years it was. >> thomas is off to the races. >> reporter: after 611 days away from the game, peyton manning made his denver debut against the steelers. many thought manning couldn't still play coming off four neck surgeries. many were wrong. something manning proved in that game and the 15 that followed. the broncos went 12-4 in year number one of the manning era, a year that ended too soon as baltimore shocked denver in their playoff opener. >> throws a deep ball right side. the receiver is there. makes the catch. will score. that is unbelievable. >> reporter: peyton manning and
5:47 pm
has ever had. starting with that revenge game against the ravens. manning with a record 7 touchdown tosses. the first seven of his record 55. and this time the broncos made it to the super bowl. getting there was great. the game was not. >> the ball snapped over peyton's head. >> reporter: more adversity to overcome. and denver did in manning's third season, 12-4 again. the broncos' fourth straight afc west title. but again, a bad end to a good year, as manning and the broncos fell to his former colt's team. then came 2015, as peyton put it, a year like he's never experienced. the broncos were winning, but manning was no longer carrying the team, the defense was. five interceptions against kansas city and an injury forced the broncos to bench manning for six games.
5:48 pm
manning came off the bench to help the broncos beat the chargers. the broncos and manning had momentum again to carry through the playoffs, with wins over the steelers -- >> 2-point conversion is good! >> reporter: and over brady and the patriots. then, he was brought to play in the super bowl. rarely does an athlete leave the game on top. john elway did, and now so will peyton manning. >> go broncos. >> mike klis joining us live from the sports office. mike, we knew peyton was done in denver, but it's nice to see him leave on top while so many of these other athletes keep trying to play. we were afraid peyton was going to do that. >> yeah, i think a lot of
5:49 pm
decision, rod. first of all, because it is kind of a story book ending. only two quarterbacks in history are going out with super bowl championships, john elway and peyton manning are the two, both with the denver broncos. so that's nice. but then the other thing with peyton, i think there was some concern if peyton came back next year, let's say he plays for the rams, now has to play the seattle defense twice, arizona cardinal defense twice, the 49ers who have a good defense, play them twice. i would have said no thanks to that. cleveland, where his good friend jimmy haslem is the owner, to take on the ravens and steelers defense twice a year, no thanks. >> you look at his super bowl, that was the 200th win of his career. how do you think 18 will be remembered? >> i think first of all will be one of the top five quarterbacks of all time. nationally i think it's how he
5:50 pm
brought the quarterback position to the line of scrimmage. he moved at a fast pace. he really brought a fast break element to the game. he raised the bar offensively. peyton manning wanted to win 35- 31. and as the nfl transitioned to more of a wide open passing game, peyton manning was at the forefront of that. >> tomorrow will be all peyton manning all the time and tuesday we talk about the future and brock osweiler. report yesterday an offer on the table 45 million. does brock stay in denver? >> i think the broncos are a little bit worried about the houston texans getting in tomorrow. the window opens at 11:00 our time tomorrow, which by the way, is also the same time peyton manning is going to be having his press conference. so kind of two train tracks going at the same time for the broncos tomorrow.
5:51 pm
offer. denver broncos, though, i think will not let brock osweiler get away at the end of the day. i still would be shocked if he's not playing for the broncos next year. >> next week will be an interesting one. mike, thank you and we'll talk to you tonight on overtime. as you can imagine, everyone and i mean everyone has been congratulating manning on a wonderful career. mostly on twitter. town. >> for me personally, it's about more than what he did on the field for sure. he's definitely a leader in the community as well, with everything that he does. he's a very respectable individual and highly touted athlete, a star. but somebody you can always talk to and help elevate yourself personally as well and as well as professionally. >> there is more to sports on this sun than just peyton manning's retirement. like the nuggets. denver hosting dallas today.
5:52 pm
inbounce this ball to win their third straight over denver. didn't happen. we have free basketball. denver and dallas currently tied. they are currently in overtime. a new year, but same old issues for the rapids. they can't win because they can score. colorado shut out by san jose today. the rapids had the fewest goals and second fewest wins all of last year. once again, we're going to have much more on peyton's retirement coming up tonight. >> how do you keep him from going to the texans? pay him more? >> it's so hard for athletes to call this quit. it took manning four weeks to make this decision. i'm glad he made this decision. >> i know the nuggets play the mavericks this afternoon, correct? >> in overtime. >> nuggets win. >> there we go.
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pretty warm. >> upper 60s, did you love it or what? >> it was beautiful. >> i have no idea. peyton manning. >> maybe rain? >> maybe rain this afternoon. snow in the mountains. they need it. snow is setting. the clouds really making for a spectacular end of the day. march, we're going 6-0. it's just been so warm around here. tomorrow, though, temperatures are going to be cooling off. by a good, quick math, 15 degrees. it will take that cold front eastern plains. decent one. 60s, low 70s.
5:56 pm
the snowfall pushes in. around here rain. maybe a couple of t storms. winds kicking up. cool tuesday. then we are back at it. mid-50s, low 60s. possible 70s. we spring forward and we're not looking back at winter. whatsoever. it really is a wild pattern, and we all like to say, march is the snowiest month. >> doesn't look at it now. >> by the looks of that forecast, not in the cards. >> maybe that storm will sneak up on us. punished for this beautiful forecast. >> meantime, we want to see pictures of your ski trip tonight at 10:00. >> okay. i'll bring them. >> that breckenridge picture earlier, blue skies, all her. >> hey, that was mother nature. >> absolutely. we appreciate you guys joining us on the weekend, especially sunday evening. we are back at nine and 10. we will see you then. captions by: caption colorado,
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. daly: it started nine seasons ago... welcome to "the voice," a singing competition unlike any other. ...and became... [ cheering ] emmy-winning global phenomenon attracting the greatest undiscovered singers in the country... and the biggest artists in the music industry to coach them. boom! tonight, the blind auditions kick off an epic 10th season of "the voice." returning to our coaches' chairs... last season's winner and three-time "voice" champion, grammy award-winning lead singer of maroon 5, adam levine. adam: after 10 season on this show, what inspires me still to this day is that you have
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in their careers. it's pretty staggering. daly: four-time winning coach with over 20 number-one country hits, superstar blake shelton. blake: it's so exciting to me to see an artist on this show go on to have a song on the radio and tour. i can't wait to see who the next one's gonna be. daly: legendary producer and artist with 12 grammy awards, season 8 "voice" champion pharrell williams. we meet on the basis and the discipline of music. it's this thing that we all love and cherish so much. daly: and the original queen of "the voice," one of the greatest female vocalists of all time, five-time grammy winner christina aguilera. christina: having the opportunity to give back to someone else, that's really what motivates me to come back and what initiated joining "the voice." and kicking it off with the guys has been tremendous. daly: with our superstar coaches reuniting, season 10 of "the voice" will make history. blake: the blind auditions, it's like christmas morning. whoo! after 10 seasons, it's just


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