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tv   9 News at 1030PM  NBC  March 6, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm MST

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>> fun looking back. as you can imagine, everyo and i mean everyone has been congratulating manning on a wonderful career from those he played against to those he played alongside. emanuel sanders one of the latter tweeting out to play along this guy for the past twoaers has been a blessing. it's a huge reason why i have had so much success. this is my teammate, my friend and my brother. i'm forever grateful. and j.j. watt took to twitter. it was an honor and a privilege, peyton. hashtag farewellsheriff. most of the talking has been done on twitter. not david bruton he is still in town and we tracked him down. >> for me personally it's more what he did on the field for sure. he definitely is a leader in
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everything that he does. so he's very respectable individual. highly touted athlete, a star. but somebody that you can always talk to and help elevate yourself personally as well and as well as professionally. >> believe it or not, there is more to sports this sunday than just peyton manning's retirement. like the nuggets. yes, it's true. denver hosting dallas today. all they had to do was in bounce the ball for the hat trick. denver got the steal and we're going to overtime for a second straight game. denver lost in ot to brooklyn. but tonight was their night. the block at the buzzer. nuggets win a wild one 116-114. a new year but the same old issues for the rapids. they can't win because they can't score. colorado shut out 1-0 by san jose in the season opener. the rapids had the fewest goals
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we start and finish with peyton. now that he is moving on, what is next? coaching? broadcasting or perhaps dancing? maybe manning follows his friend and former teammate von miller and joins "dancing with the stars." peyton manning will be all good. >> fun to watch him there. >> i'm done. i know it. i'm done.
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>> the world famous dog sled race kicked off to in alaska. 85 teams are competing in the 1,000 mile race. snow, get this, had to be shipped in for the race because there just isn't enough of it in anchorage this season. the winner is expected to cross the finish line in about nine
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enough snow to get them there. overtime segment. >> we will look back at peyton manning's 18-year career and look ahead to see what is next
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>> tonight on overtime, all peyton manning all the time on overtime as we relive his 18 years in the nfl. plus, talk about peyton's place in history. overtime is next. >> we're going to overtime on 9 news. >> thanks for staying up late for overtime. we all knew peyton's time in denver would end this week. it's nice to see him retire instead of trying to catch on somewhere else. it feels like broncos tonight. i was glad to see him call it quits, leave on top like john elway did and buorke did. was it a good decision. >> i think so. over the last four years, there was a broncos beat. there was a peyton manning beat that was a little more relentless. i exhaled today when he decided to retire.
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>> have fun, peyton. i do think it was a good reason for a couple reasons. if he hangs on, people would have started calling him brett farve. people would have accused him to hang in there for the stats. he does go out on top. i think it's a good decision there. it looked like he reached the finish line on fumes. there wasn't a lot left in the tank. people might have been concerned had he played another year what would have happened to him. the game would have been awfully fast and big and strong for peyton manning going down the stretch. if he goes to the l.a. rams, he has to play the seahawks twice a year, the cardinals defense twice a year. that would have been tough at 40 years old. >> the 2015 peyton did not look like the 2013 or 2014 peyton. he goes out on top.
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years down the road, ten years from now, 15, 20 years from now, how do you think he will be remembered. >> nfl-wise he will be remembered for everything that he did at the line of scrimmage. he brought the game away from the huddle and audiblized at the line of scrimmage and had the team going fast. peyton manning if the nfl wanted to increase its offense, wanted higher scoring games, wanted more entertaining games, peyton manning was at the forefront of that. he was scoring 30, 35 points. for the denver broncos in 2013, he put up 50 a couple of times. he was really fun to watch. a guy who is i think more enjoyable from the press box than he was from down on the field. you could see the field open up. how many times from the press box did he let the ball go and his receiver was covered. by the time the ball got there, the receiver was 10 yards open. he was the ultimate throw them
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it here he will be remembered for his second chapter. he had four neck surgeries when he came here. he was 36 years old. he switched teams. these are all challenge that's no one has overcome. he's the league mvp. he set all those records in 2013. two super bowl appearances. one super bowl title. it's incredible. the best second chapter everybody has ever had. >> brock, is he denver's future. >> i think he is. it will be tough. i think the houston texans will jump in tomorrow. but i think the broncos will not be denied. they will wind up with brock. i will be shocked if he's not. >> peyton manning will tell you he was all about the wins. that's what mattered most to him and now he owns a whole bunch of records. >> reporter: instead of the nfl record book, they may as well
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number 18 is everywhere thanks to 18 unbelievable seasons. peyton the proud owner of so many all-time records. topping that list, 539 touchdowns. >> move over brett farve and make room for the new king. >> he has a big smile on his face. >> 71,940 passing yards. >> brett farve's mark. >> reporter: and 186 wins. that record he shares with brett farve. >> it was a dominating offense. >> reporter: many of manning's records were achieved in his days in indianapolis. but his last four in denver were tremendous as well. none better than his mvp season, his fifth in 2013. >> buys time.
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>> reporter: it's the year that started with the record breaking 7 touchdown performance against the ravens. >> he ties an nfl record. >> reporter: those the first 7 of his 55 touchdowns. >> thomas with a touchdown. there's the record. move over tom brady. that chair belongs to peyton manning this year. >> reporter: he also had an all- time best 5,474 yards and a 115. >> you can count it. 15, 10, 5. touchdown. >> all of the all-time records were great but the most important were the ones related to the broncos as a team. >> he's there at the goal line. >> reporter: four division championships in his four two afc championships. >> it has been great playing for these great fans and this
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>> reporter: and of course one super bowl championship. >> i'm honored and grateful to have been a part of it. i was just thanking them to let me be a part of it. >> reporter: his second and the broncos third. >> so at 11:00 tomorrow, peyton good-bye. one. what will your first question to number 18 be tomorrow, mike. >> probably how close he was to continue on. i think question number two will be what he's going to do next. what is in the future with peyton manning. number one, how close was he to carrying on and playing that 19th season somewhere else other than denver. >> can't wait to hear the answers tomorrow. mike, thank you very much. we will see you tomorrow morning. stay with us.
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>> uming up on overtime, why is it so hard to repeat a super bowl championship?
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>> great going away tune. the sheriff riding off into the sunset on top. it's time to talk about the broncos future. now that manning is moving on, it will get interesting. there's a lot of off-season questions to be answered. which direction the broncos will go.
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this week at the nfl combine with mike. >> so awesome. so proud. so proud. >> what are your off season priorities? you weren't a perfect team. you're a super bowl team. where do you have to get better? >> the first answer would be everywhere. you try to get better everywhere. we knew the strengths of our team. i think we improved special teams-wise. we were inconsistent throughout the year. we had a lot going on. it always starts up front offensively. that would be the biggest point. we have to play better. this year we have to protect the ball better and hang on to the great things that were happening on the other side of the ball. mathias talked about all of the large personalities in the locker room. first of all, would you agree with that? was there ever a time when it was difficult as coach managing all of the big permits. >> there are personalities all
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we had our share. yeah, we did. we had guys who enjoyed having a good time and stuff. i tell you what, it's all about your work habits and our team worked extremely hard. go to work. they knew when it was time to put this aside and focus on the football part. i think they did a tremendous job. >> you figured out how to repeat before when you were with the denver broncos, when you were offensive coordinator. only one team since then, the new england patriots in 2003 and 2004. is there something difficult about the modern game that makes it hard to repeat. >> there is a lot of changes in football compared to the past. we knew that through free agencies. teaching, having young players contribute to your team has a lot to do with how consistent you are as a football team. my message to the players when we come back is we're a different team. there's going to be new players.
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on the team. let's go be as good as we can be and not get too far ahead of ourselves. >> last year you dropped matt peradis on us. that turned out to be rather right. how about this year, anyone from the scout team that jumped out for you. >> it's interesting that you ask that. i have one for you. we have a young man -- a couple things. i did i dill -- i think dylan dave has a choice. >> taylor, peyton made him famous. >> yes. you name it, he did it last year. he has a bright future for our football. we try to work them hard and get them better and find out who wants to be a part of the team and the league. >> i appreciate it, coach. good luck. >> okay. >> the free agent free for all
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tamper. but let's be honest, tomorrow that's it. overtime is over. but 9 news returns right after
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>> the rain and snow is already moving into the state.
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but as we zoom in a little bit, towards estes park and the northeastern plains. really the heart of the system will be moving in across the front range and the eastern plains tomorrow. temperatures staying in the 50s. 60s far east. then the storm system rolls in, rolls out and we are back in business with the sunshine.
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