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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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it was a team season. everybody did their part. >> a wonderful super bowl winning season to and career on. broncos quarterback, peyton man willing make it official, retiring from the nfl. his record setting career, how you can take part in today's announcement. how do you say good buy to a reaction? cooler and wetter weather will settle in today, meteorologist, marty coniglio, is tracking when the clouds will be rolling in. >> good morning to you. these clouds will roll in and roll out fast. fast moving little showers today, we are seeing quite a bit of rain and snow in western colorado.
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we are going to be, we a little bit on the dry side of this particular system. showers brief, to my eye, lunchtime, to 2:00, 2:30, a couple of rain or thundershowers, because it's early in the year, you can get small hail about out of anything, 5s to 60s and clear -- 50s to 60s. clear in the afternoon, the skies will be flying out of the southwest, you can see them shoot off the foothills, run on up i-76 during the afternoon. east. the mountains. as far as total rain goes, much better from hudson to keensburg and the north, the moisture will be falling in the form of snow and mountain areas. several winter weather advisories and a winter storm warning in effect.
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we have red flag warnings for high fire danger. busy monday for you. across the drive, not so much to talk about in terms of major accidents. we are so calm and clear, across the metro area, travel times e pect them to -- expect them to be normal. c-dot, life view of the hov lanes running clear. northbound, 225s the southside, connecting to the pennia drive, shouldn't be problematic. speeds upper 60s security wait time up to 10 minutes. parking areas doing fine. open spaces in the lots, if you plan on parking in the garage with the upcoming rain, you have the option at this point this morning. getting across our maps, no major problems across 6th avenue. we are looking at the snow
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traction laws in effect this morning. new overnight, north korea once again threatening to launch nuclear strikes on the u.s. and south korea. the u.s. and south began the biggest join military drills today, the north calls the drills nuclear war moves and says they will launch an all out offensive. north korea issues the threats of military action in response to these annual exercises. nfl's only five-time mvp, peyton manning breathed new life in to the denver broncos. we visited the super bowl trophy. he announced he is going to retire. fans have been quick to say thank you. >> reporter: thank you, we love you, no shortage of love for manning at all since the announcement came out.
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the best, football greats, celebrities and family, denver broncos country has a lot to say about peyton manning's decision. fans got a little emotional when we were talking to him yesterday. fans love their football, and they sure love their peyton, though he was only here for four years. how do you say good-bye to a legend. you thank him for making football fun to watch. >> i'm glad he ended in denver. >> proud of you peyton, best of everything. >> thanks for bringing the pride back to denver, good luck in your retirement. >> reporter: people are not only saying thank you so much for everything you done for the football fans in denver, they are saying congratulations on a successful career, saying we support your decision. broncos country, fully backing peyton manning this morning. >> it will be interesting to hear what he has planned for
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a lot of options i'm guessing. we heard from people across the country, wishing manning well, congratulating him for going out on top. these are the comments we received over the past day. you can send well wishes, send messages to peyton this morning, use the hash tag beb on 9, once again, we will be revisiting those throughout the day. so many great comments this morning. manning maximized his time to set records and beat expectations, christine walks us through his accomplishments. >> reporter: distinguished career began before he joined the broncos , the number one draft pick in 1998 joining the colts and in 93 earned his first mvp award and a year to earn his second. in the 2006 season, manning went to his first super bowl and led the colts to victory,
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in 2008, and 9, he was again named the nfl mvp. the 09 season was manning's second super bowl with the colts. they lost that year to the saints. 2011 manning missed the entire season with his neck injury. the following year, he was cut from the colts and signed with the broncos. 2013, as a denver bronco, earned his 5th nfl mvp award and went to his third super bowl with a loss to the seahawkss that year. the following year, became the all time leader in passing touchdowns, before becoming the all time leader in passing yards. he is retiring, one month after earning his second super bowl ring. >> quite a legacy. this year, super bowl mvp, miller, posted the photo and a tribute to peyton on instagram. said thanks peyton, papa john master p, you showed us what greatness looks like through the adversity you stayed
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greatness , the task was never too big or too small for the sheriff. i love you and appreciate everything you have done for me personally and the organization, you are the real mvp, end quote. >> we will make sure you have an opportunity to hear his good- bye. the news conference at 11 this morning, we will care it live on 9news on channel 20 and and the mobile app. the flint water crisis took center stage. democrats chose flint as the debate location to talk about crumbling infrastructure and poisoned water in many cities. hilary clinton and bernie sap dersed that same message on how they would respond but tope changed when they switched -- tone changed when they switched
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>> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy, through excuse me, i'm talking. >> well, the two did have a chance to talk, they talked about their faith as well. sanders addressed an article that suggested he keeps hus jewish faith in the -- his jewish faith in the background. mrs. clinton was asked about prayer, she said she prays on a regular basis. the next debate is 3 days this time in miami. marco rubio won his first primary by a landslide. he won puerto rico with 74% of the vet. donald trump distant second at 14% and ted cruz third, with 9%. the candidates are now focusing on four states. idaho will host a primary,
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hold primaries for both parties caucus. tomorrow, the city of denver will begin removing tarps, shopping carts and items the city. it has become a issue especially along lawrence street and pack avenue west, nearby. the city is going to be enforcing the sidewalk ordinance. everyone will get 24 hours to get their stuff off the sidewalk, if it doesn't happen, the city will clear the sidewalk, they are going to move everything in to temporary storage, so people can get it back. property that is not claimed within 30 days, though, will be destroyed. time for a look at money news. chipotle hiring. management wants to keep the trend going, it hired the same company that helped out johnson and johnson recover from the
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can chipotle. it was the most challenging history. amazon removed the ability to encrypt locally stored data on tablets. they made the change when it introduced the fire tablets last september. the company says customers weren't using the service. encryption helps protect data by scrambling it and allowing access with a password. central intelligence agency is hiring more than spies. there is a job opening for a librarian, pays not too bad. the range is between $51,000, and $118,000 a year. masters degree, prior library experience and the ability to pass a extensive background check. a strong rainstorm hit california, drivers had a tough time seeing through the steady rain, and hillsides collapsed none that blocked the road. neighborhood roads were covered
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homes as you can see in this video. looks like this storm is going to miss colorado. little one going here now, the bigger one that you showed us is happening now in california. that one is going to track south down in to texas, dealing with heavy rain in texas, the smaller storm bringing rain and snow to western colorado and dry conditions, we have high fire danger expected in southeast colorado, snow for the next day, day and a half, confined to mountain areas, moving in to the northwest part, the heaviest snow above 1000 feet, 5-10 inches of snow oh on the grand mesa up to 16 inches of snow. winter storm warning and advisories in effect through 6:00 this evening. >> that's some winter up there. she is being remembered for her extraordinary love affair with former president ronald reagan. former first lady nancy reagan
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we will show you her reading of a love letter from the president.
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the world is mourning the loss of nancy reagan, she passed away from congestive heart failure in los angeles, california. not often you found them apart. married for 54 years, and love story is inspiring. here is nancy reading a 81 love letter from ronald. >> dear first lady, as president of the united states, its my honor and privilege to site you for service above and beyond the call of duty you have made one man, me b the most happy man in the world for 29 years. >> i love their love story.
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announced yesterday, the public will be able to pay respects at the presidential library before the funeral. when we learn details about the service, we will bring you the information on 9 news. when she was this the rooms he was better. >> he lit up. that's for sure. >> she was a big part of that administration behind the scenes in a lot of cases. we learned the influence she had. >> very influential first lady. the man widely credited with inventing modern email died, creating the technology in 71 that allowed the first network person to person email to take place. he chose the@symbol to connect the user name and symbol. a little past the midway point of the 15-16 season, the tickets to see the numberingets are cheaper now. nuggets are ranked 11 in the western conference for
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number 7 in the mba, with median ticket price of $114. it's expensive. no november, the nuggets led all times in the mba with the highest median ticket price, 260 bucks a pop on the secondary marketplace then. time for college basketball fans to spend time to watch hoops. in addition, estimated 16 million americans will fill out the brackets leading to lost time and money. employers estimated to lose $2 billion in wages because of distracted and unproductive workers. they don't take in to account will the workers make up the
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watch your internet speeds go to a crawl. >> a ground breaking surgery, hearing from the doctors that maybe changing the game for women who can't have children. brief thundershowers today. could see small hail with the skies as they school through in the early part of the afternoon today. total rain is going to be minimal. if you get a 10th of an inch you will be lucky. heavier rain to the north and east, falling in the form of snow, especially tonight, in the front range mountains and foothills. tonight and tomorrow, 2-6-inch snow above 8-9000 feet in the front range mountains. here, it's too warm for any snow. i haven't heard anybody crying about that amelia. people are okay with it.
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let's look at the c dot camera, if it th doesn't look like sitting in traffic, southbound i-25, over the hill, i don't nee what does. a frustrating start on the northbound w the speeds dropping in to the teens and 20s approaching u.s. 36. that's because it's monday. the cones in place at 84th avenue, standard, we are used to the delays, the rest of the drive, no major issues. we are looking at a snowy commute, train and traction laws vail pass, red mountain pass and wolf creek, love land is open, we will let you know if that changes, as far the car wash forecast, wetness monday
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doctors have completed the first uterus transplant in the united states today we will hear from them for the first time. the cleveland clinic doctors gave a uterus to a 26-year-old woman who did not have one. the organ was donated from somebody that died. the clinic plans to do 10 operations this year. sweden we ported successful completions of this kind of surgery. later this week on wednesday, a colorado governor john john hickenlooper will meet with wyoming's governors set to speak at a work shop that discusses endangered species.
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change, that would take the yellow stone gris lyoff the endangered species list due to conservation efforts over the years. around here, watching two storms, smaller one in colorado, right now, the bigger one if california, the big california storm is going to head south of the state, might give us decents rain in southeast colorado, two days not today. on the dry side in southeast colorado today. high fire danger there. rain and snow going in the central part of the state. few of those spippedels of rain moving over the front range during the afternoon, giving us a brief thundershower or two. not a washout day. you are going to have the storms moving through quickly. colorado. southwest wind. early afternoon, the thunderstorms, up and out,
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county, fort morgan, sterling. this evening seeing snow backing in to estes park and allens and red feather lakes. temperatures, mid 50s to 60 mountain areas. snow throughout the day in many of the central and western mountain valleys, thunderstorms northeast colorado, up in to southwest nebraska this afternoon and evening. 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, here in mountains. typical energetic spring storm system. brief midday thundershowers will hit 60 early, partly cloudy tonight, wind comes out of northwest tonight and tomorrow, that cools us down chose to average at 50 tomorrow. light showers possible wednesday. the showers on wednesday are from the california storm, 90% staying our of the state. it might kick one or two showers up our way if we are lucky amelia. only if we are lucky.
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week to wash the car. across the drives revisiting the 25 and 88c dot cram, the delays look unusual of course, heading through the cone zone, you can see that heavy push of red lights there. translate in to the travel times so you can your day. it will cost you 13 minutes, northbound, from 70 to e470, 12 minutes southbound, because the average even with the slow patch of 8, keeps us around 65 miles per hour. free and clear across the southside, 25 and 225 included. minor crash out to the west, at dudley and union to the west of wadsworth and across your drive, metro wide as well as rtv, looking pretty good. update shows us no issues in
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broncos headquarters, you have to get up pretty early in the morning to cover the peyton manning retirement day. it's a big deal. they put out programs for peyton manning's retirement today. a lot of people on hand, vaughn miller, john lynch is flying in. olivia will be here. big day, 11:00 a.m. press conference, peyton manning, guys. you always get up this early.
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a lot of coffee, mike. with peyton manning retiring, his stats are set in stone, 266 games, 18 years, 58 in denver, more than 71,000 yards. we will have more on all of this coming up 9 news, 6:00
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you don't get to fly on a plane with, you know, 53 guys. those are the things you miss when you stop playing. >> reporter: legendary end to a manning. the future hall of famer is going to go out on top and make the announcement today. >> teammates and biggest rival is paying tribute to number 18 as he wraps up one of the greatest nfl careers of all time. broncos fans are sad to see him go, they are so grateful for his time in denver. up. good morning, thank you for


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