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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  March 8, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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i revere football. i love the game. so you don't have to wonder if i'll miss it, absolutely, absolutely i will. >> one of the best who ever played the game walks away a champion, peyton manning's emotional farewell to the nfl and his fans. >> the man who could be the broncos next star quarterback is pushed and provoked while out getting a pizza.
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a typical day in colorado. we look ahead to the rest of the month. >> the verdict is in. how much a stalker and a hotel chain will have to pay after a woman is secretly recorded in the privacy of her room. >> a potential third-party presidential candidate decides not to run and says he did it to prevent two people from getting elected. 9news starts now. [ music ] there's a scripture reading 11 timothy 47. i have fought the good face. i have won the race and i have fought the good fight. after 18 years it's time. go bless all of you and god bless football. >> -- god bless all of you and
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18 stepped away from the game he loves. drew soicher is along now and peyton said it was just time to go. >> i'm so happy he snuck it in today just before the deadline which would have forced the broncos to release him. that would have been a mess. peyton manning said good-bye to pro football the same way he said hello nearly two decades ago with a well prepared and perfectly timed delivery. manning was extremely emotional and struggled to get started, but then like so many of the games he played rallied for a thrilling come from behind victory. >> i'll miss demaryius thomas telling me he loved me and thanking me for coming to denver after every touchdown i threw to him. i'll miss putting in a my with tom moore and adam gates -- play with tom moore and adam gates and i'll miss picking out the ball with my equipment guys and talking with the broadcast crews before the game and afterwards i'll miss recapping the game with my dad and
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won and calling eli. i miss that handshake with tom brady and i'll miss the plane rides after a big win with 53 teammates standing in the aisles laughing and celebrating during the whole flight. >> kind of cool. out of the 50 super bowls only twice has the winning quarterback then immediately retired and it's john elway and peyton manning. >> know now to do it around here. listening to his litany of things he will miss about the game, he will miss a lot of thing the other guys hate. >> they all love sunday, but manning really truly appreciated monday through saturday. that's what made him different. that's what made him great. >> thanks, drew. >> reporter: manning's career in denver has been one of successes and setbacks. after signing with the team in 2012 he led the broncos to the playoffs only to lose to the ravens. in 2013 he won a record fifth nfl mvp award. he took the team to the super
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seahawks. the following year he set the record for the number of touchdown passes. however, manning couldn't get past his former team the colts in the playoffs. it was his last season that was the wildest ride of all. over a two month period manning broke the record for passing yards. he missed six games with a foot injury. he denied allegations that he used human growth hormone and returned to play in the post season. that ended with a win that left no doubts about the broncos in super bowl 50. everyone witnessed the end of the season and the super bowl title. what we didn't see was the drive and determination of peyton manning to return from his injury. head coach gary kubiak gave a bit of insight when he talked about a workout that had been recorded in the days leading up to the final regular season game. it was a summer gesture with a fung that -- simple gesture with a finger that may have been a spark to a super bowl title.
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signal to the film. hey, we're no. 1. you can take it that way. i took it as i'm ready to play, coach, okay? [ laughter ] >> so i was heading home that night. i texted him. i said hey, the workout looked great today and oh, by the way i got the signal. >> manning couldn't confirm or deny it happened just as his coach described it, although he did say it was a frustrating time not getting healthy as quickly as he wanted. today. of course, haters going to hate, talking to you steelers running back deangelo williams who took to twitter today saying that manning had a terrible final year, said western. people jumped in to defend manning and williams stayed at it saying manning when a ton of picks and only about six good plays the entire year. williams has had time to study the game film since the broncos
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colorado weather, view so crazy, sunshine and a few hours later snow falling fast in big wet flakes across the metro. in thornton they got hail. then the sun decided to come out again poking through the clouds in boulder just as folks were driving home. kathy sabine's forecast is coming up in a few. we'd see entire weeks this winter that were snow free and warm and sunny. february has flown by. it's gone, spring just two weeks away which often means snow here in colorado. 9news reporter victoria sanchez spoke with the national weather service about what we might see in the three months ahead. >> we will definitely see some snow and rain, just not sure exactly how much, but i did speak with the national weather service today who told me keep that winter gear out and ready to go. this time of year means a mixed bag of weather. >> you know it's really typical colorado to be really warm one day and all of a sudden you
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snow, hail and rain and then, of course, tomorrow will be back up into the 50s and looking very nice for the rest of the week. >> reporter: even with the day to day changes meteorologists have a good idea of what lies ahead for the spring. the march precipitation outlook shows above average moisture. that could come in the form of snow or rain. >> with martinically can bring some -- with march typically can bring some pretty good snow systems. >> reporter: in 2003 march brought snow with days of warm temperatures. although we don't see a blizzard at this point in the forecast, keep the winter gear ready. for natives this is nothing new. >> that's typical colorado. >> we are in an el nino year. that doesn't necessarily nine that we'll get more storms in the next -- mean that we'll get more storms in the next couple months, but it could mean
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so keep that jacket ready to go because this is my very first march in colorado. >> just be ready for anything. >> i will. in case you hadn't heard, march is traditionally our snowiest month of the year in denver. it's a pretty good bet we'll see more in the next few weeks. on and the 9news facebook page we're taking a surveying can people to guess when we will see -- survey asking people to guess when we will see the next storm dropping 4 inches or more. lakewood police are investigating what led to the death of a 3-month-old girl. she was not breathing when first responders found her at a home near sloan's lake and she later died at the hospital. 9news reporter whitney wild is looking into this for us. police were just releasing information on the child's death last week. >> reporter: police say a 911 call came in last thursday for a child having trouble breathing. when police got to the scene, they found the infant not responding. they rushed her to the hospital
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police are calling her injuries unexplained. they say only her 20-year-old father was home before the police arrived on scene near 16th and sheridan. police are asking for the public's help in the case but stopped short of calling it a criminal investigation, only a death investigation. neighbors say they're still putting together the pieces themselves. >> it's surprising. this is generally a quiet community. most people don't necessarily know each other super well, but most of the people have seen each other around here and nothing like this has ever happened. >> neighbors say they've seen cop cars on their block for several days. police aren't saying if they believe the father is responsible for the girl's death or how she died. police want to hear from you if you know anything about this case. we're posting that number on >> thank you, whitney. dozens of homeless people in denver have been put on notice that they have 24 hours to make significant changes
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saying that a sidewalk clearing ordinance will be enforced in the areas around the denver rescue mission and the samaritan house also known as the triangle. it means anyone with possessions on the sidewalks has until tomorrow to move the items. what's not cleared out will be picked up by the city. a denver spokesperson says the clutter can block sidewalks for pedestrians. homeless advocates say these people have nowhere else to put the belongings. >> what this does is perpetuate the poverty cycle by keeping people from being able to get medicare, get a job, apply for housing because their possessions are taken from them. >> homeless advocates say many people without a place to go certainly don't have a place to keep their belongings. if they go to a shelter, most often there's not enough room for what they carry with them. video came in a few minutes ago. a commuter train traveling from san jose to central california derailed. one of the cars fell into a creek. the creek is full and running
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the area. we're told 10 people were hurt. three to four may have serious injuries. emergency crews say they do not believe there are any fatalities. $55 million, a jury's verdict for sports journalist erin andrews for being jet li recorded in her hotel room years -- secretly recorded in her hotel room years ago. david barrett, the stalker who manipulated the hotel reservation system to get a room next to andrews, was ordered to pay half the 55 million. the company who owns the hotel was considered 49% at fault. andrews talked about the impact video still has on her life eight years after she was filmed. >> the thing that really hits home for me and hurts me the worst is when the girls, high school, college, they tweet me and they say i want to be erin andrews except for the marriott stalker thing and i can't control that. >> andrews tweeted following the verdict tonight that she
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billionaire and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg announced today he will not enter the 2016 presidential race. in his announcement bloomberg said he is afraid if he joined the race as a third-party candidate, it might help donald trump or ted cruz win the general election. although he decided not to run, bloomberg said he will not stay silent with his opinions about the candidates. a man survives after the truck he was driving fell 100 feet off a highway. the crash was captured on video. >> then closing in to opening day, the train to dia, final tests on the way. >> if you're going to have a backyard rink, you have to make sure the ice is in perfect condition. >> and push comes to shove for
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dashboard cams have given us a real life vantage point only hollywood could have given us before. video was released today of a garbage truck that crashed through a guardrail in miami on a highway and fell 100 feet into a parking lot last month. there were two cameras inside the truck. the driver was thrown from the vehicle but survived and is out of the hospital now. no one on the ground was hurt. police have not said what caused the accident. in a few weeks we'll be covering the much anticipated opening of a section of the metro area's train system. april 22 marks the opening of the rtd train between union station and the airport. the trains are going through test runs. it will be a 37 minute trip by rail from union station to dia. one way costs $9. riders get to ride for free april 22nd and 23rd. drivers were sitting still on i-70 in the mountains nearly three hours this evening. several crashes in vail pass and slick conditions forced the eastbound lanes to close around 4:00.
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bumper to bumper in spots while other stretches were entirely devoid of traffic. i-70 will be shut down in glenn oncanyon tomorrow from 9 a.m. a.m. to 4 p.m. repairs on the road surface more weeks. we'll keep you updated on planned closures. congratulations if you made it through this week's storm was it? that's really the most excitement that we'll see this week even with another weak storm approaching southern colorado. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9news backyard and was this your view today? wet snowflakes coming down in centennial. our adam vance out and about. the snow didn't stick around long. the roads were wet. a lot of people happy to see the moisture. in the high country snow and ice creating travel issues this afternoon and that snow and ice winding down tonight, but we're still getting reports of
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43 in eagle today, 43 in leadville, 55 in denver, low 70s on the south eastern plains, typical highs this time of year, right about 51. even with clear skies we're still above freezing at dia and close to that number here downtown. winds have not been a big factor for us thankfully on the backside of this departing system. when you head out in the morning, it should be calm and quiet, mid-30s. blue skies, loveland ski area, great skiing and snowboarding conditions with about a foot of snow recorded across the central and southern mountains from this fast moving storm that wasn't very strong. 7 at wolf creek, 5 at aspen, 4 1/2 at snowmass, 4 in the steamboat area. all the winter weather and travel advisories canceled out. we have a few leftover snow showers around the foothills. all the moisture is finally starting to move northeast out of colorado. this system headed for the midwest will be replaced by another storm that's moved onshore already in southern california. heavy rain, snow, that system
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will stay south of colorado but come close enough to bring a little snow to the high country and maybe an isolated shower here. the heavy rain is in the gulf coast region where a flash flood watch will be out, dallas, memphis, tracking severe weather tomorrow. low pressure sliding through this tomorrow, a second one to the north, a third one coming across the four corners and a fourth one out west in. spite of that notice how colorado is centered in the middle of all the chaos with a relatively quiet weather pattern. hail and tornadoes will be a big threat throughout six states tomorrow. temperatures here are so warm and there's a lot of moisture to deal with when you've got these weak systems coming through, that cold dry air clashing with the warm air and all of that humidity. it is the beginning of severe weather season for some areas. today was our first convective day, reports of rain and grapple around the area.
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shift, high and midlevel clouds pushing into southern colorado from the low which is actually from the south. there will be occasional snow showers on i-70 but no winter weather or travel advisories to speak of. the snow will come and go. i put just isolated showers in for denver both tomorrow and wednesday, but with these clearing skies i think you'll notice a temperature drop probably more than anything else. 13 in frisco, 25 salida and rifle, 28 in greeley, 31 in colorado springs, right around freezing in lower elevations jumping nicely tomorrow but a few degrees cooler. take a light jacket if you head out tomorrow. travel will be much improved. even with the second system rolling in the moisture is limited. i don't think you'll have widespread rain and snow like today. 29, partly cloudy with light winds, a cold night. sun is up tomorrow at 6:22. we'll get to 48 by lunchtime, 51 in the afternoon, a few degrees cooler than today. the third system rolls in on wednesday, similar forecast shaping up. then the pattern shifts again,
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how about this? on sunday in about a week's time daylight saving time begins. we push the clocks forward one hour, lose an hour of sleep. then we're back into the 70s the start of next week. when skies cleared, the sunset pictures around the area were fabulous. continue to send in those pictures and the weather reports are helpful as well. i don't know, you guys. did the storm seem like a big problems? >> if you were way down south, though, there were some flakes down there about the size of dinner platters. >> it's like sunshine, showers and snow. welcome to march. the same system that brought us that messy mix of weather today created some interesting weather yesterday for nascar. the start of yesterday's sprint cup in las vegas was delayed 25 minutes because of high wind and a sandstorm. our furniture row team had
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covered up during that delay. different trouble this week for the team. they will soon find out whether a fine and suspension against the team and its crew chief will be upheld against an illegal roof flat. a kid named jackson is winning the internet tonight. his homemade zamboni that has people talking. his parents are taking the opportunity to note jackson has type 1 diabetes. they hope their story encourages similar families to
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from colorado sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. peyton manning didn't have an audible to call at the line of scrimmage when he needed 1 most. manning was so overcome with emotion when he was introduced at his retirement news conference that he took 20 full seconds to compose himself before starting his speech and then choked back tears for the next 12 compelling minutes. >> there's just something about 18 years. 18 is a good number and today i retire from pro football. a week before the super bowl our daughter mosley asked me daddy, is this the last game? yes, mosley, it's the last game of the season. i sure do want you to win that trophy. i do, too mosley and that's what we're going to try to do.
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the last game ever? and that's when i shook my head in a ms.ment because i was anything morgan adam scheffler daughter. i revere football. i love the game. miss it. absolutely i will. i fought a good fight. i finished my football race and after 18 years it's time. god bless all of you and god bless football. [ applause ] >> and so now it's on to plan b as in brock who 9news broncos insider mike klis says it's being so cooperative. klis and tell. at the exact moment manning was announcing his retirement brock osweiler was becoming a free agent. any reason to panic? >> maybe not panic, but there's reason for concern, drew,
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now that's with incentives. that's not real dollars, but still they have not heard from brock osweiler in the nine days since they made that offer. the free agent period had its soft opening today. he was able to talk to other teams. the houston texans are the team the broncos are most concerned about. >> well, we know where brock was. osweiler was involved in a pushing incident outside a scottsdale, arizona pizzeria over the weekend. there's video that tmz posted, looks like brock handles it well. any trouble there? >> yeah. i heard someone in his party had another idea and brock said absolutely, i am not going to order papa john's. but no, i don't think, you know, there will be a lot of different ways to look at that tmz video. it's not helping brock osweiler. i don't think it necessarily puts him in a flattering light,
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it may even help the broncos overall. i do think drew at the end of the day the broncos will do what they have to do to bring osweiler back. >> never fumble the pizza, though. i bet it slid and stuck to the box, though, because he wasn't holding it straight. avalanche won tonight and are tied for the western conference playoff spot. avs beat the coyotes in lower downtown. shawn mathias scored the first goal by diving into the crease. avs win 3-1. bizarre ending to university of denver's basketball season tonight. the pioneers were trailing south dakota state by one point in the semifinals when the ref made a terrible call sending one of the nation's top free throw shooters to the charity stripe with one second remaining, but he missed and the pioneers lose 54-53. who would have guessed mark
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would retire just a few days apart? 9news sports 9toonist drew litton probably who drew a fabulous sketch including manning kicking his heels going into the sunset. we are so lucky peyton manning chose the broncos four years ago. those were such awesome fun seasons and even more fortunate that he chose denver as the place to announce his retirement today because he very easily could have picked indianapolis where he spent the
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tomorrow cool and dry to start, 48 degrees, partly cloudy skies in the afternoon, highs slightly cooler today with isolated showers, similar forecast shaping up for wednesday and smooth sailing the rest of the week. almost 70 for you, drew, on friday. >> tonight show next.
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was the o.j. simpson verdict payback? marcia clark's stunning new claim about the trial of the
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>> now, on "extra." r. the most infamous verdict in history. revenge for the rodney king beating? >> the jury didn't want to believe. >> marcia clark's headline-making interview. would o.j. simpson be convicted today? "extra" remembers first lady nancy reagan. the hearse leaving her bel-air mansion today. her legendary love story with the president. >> i miss him more now than ever did. jada pinkett smith's first words about chris rock's oscar slam. lady gaga takes the plunge with taylor kinney. and warms up on the kiss cam. all of take's breaking couples news. then, jen garner opens up about ben and his birthday
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>> writing the book on a friendly divorce, their life today, and her new movie about miracles. tell-all. a sneak peek at tonight's catty reunion show, and the big question -- >> when are you getting married? plus, "the voice" coaches totally uncensored. >> i'm going to pee my pants, stop. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, the incredible life of nancy reagan, from her acting days to her fairytale marriage to president ronald reagan, and rescue. also coming up, mario, taylor swift celebrating one year with calvin harris and what anniversary. o.j. simpson headline. was the infamous not guilty verdict a way to even the score for the rodney king incident? well, that's what prosecutor marcia clark was saying today. >> the trial of the century. >> not guilty.
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>> the murderer. >> and now, famed prosecutor marcia clark makes major new headlines. clark telling "dateline" nbc that the shocking verdict heard around the world was actually retribution for the rodney king beating. >> would we be better off with a white jury? well, yes. i don't think there's any disputing that now. >> clark quoted that it was payback for the king case, and believes if o.j. were tried today, it would end in a hung jury due to america's rash of racial unrest. you can get a sneak peek at the especially soesmd just like the rest of america, clark makes this revelation. >> are you watching the miniseries? >> i am. i didn't think i could bear it, just the reliving of the nightmare. >> now a development in the case of the mysterious knife found at simpson's former home. o.j. in prison burst out


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