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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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enforced and dozens of denver have to clear thier belongings from one part of the city. it's in the area of the denver rescue mission and samaritan house - also known as the triangle... 9news reporter noel brennan is joining us live from that area- and noel- this morning they are staging a rally there.... > welcome to 9news
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it's tuesday march 8th marty is in the weather center.
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lakewood police are still trying to
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continue their work to figure out how a three- month-old baby died. the child was rushed to the hospital last week and did not survie. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is in the information center with more. tarhonda-- police are now asking for the public's help. yes, they are, cheryl. ...after nearly a week of not getting answers on their own... ...they're hoping to solve this mystery. last thursday, paramedics got a call from this complex in lakewood. it's in the 53- hundred block of west 16th avenue. the caller said the a child was having trouble breathing. when first- responders got there-- they found a three-month-old baby girl. that infant was rushed to the hosptial-- where she died on sunday. police say-- the girl's 20-year-old father was the only person home with her at the time. investigators injuries as and neighbors are very surprised at
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there have been police cars at that home for severeal days, now. lakewood police want anyone with information on the family or the case to give them a call. that phone number is on your screen. we also have it at a commuter train in northern california jumped its a result, more than a dozen people were injured. it was actually a tree that fell on the tracks that cause all of this. when the train hit that tree -- it was rails. the front car landed in a creek. hearing from passengers who were onboard. front car partially submerged in the water.
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people were hurt. work continues to fix the damage from a rockslide last month. today crews will once again shutdown i-70 through glenwood canyon to make more repairs. the 17-mile closure will start at the glenwood springs exit and continue to dotsero. it begins at 9 a-m and runs until four this afternoon. workers plan to use a helicopter to put in a rockfall net. road repairs could still take a few more weeks. sirens will be blaring in aurora today - the city is planning to test its outdoor warning sirens - ahead of severe weather season. the test starts at 11-30 a.m. it includes more than 50 sirens placed throughout aurora you will hear a three minute "wail" tone... but you won't hear any voices. in an effort to clear up any confusion caused by different tones -- the city got rid of the ''all clear'' tone. they made their decision based on feedback from residents and other cities. it's international women's day... a global celebration of women and their cultural, economic,
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achievements. the day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender equality. this year's theme is "pledge for parity." first lady michelle obama is expected to talk about international women's day today. she will visit union market in d-c and talk to dozens of young women as part of her "let girls learn' initiative. world denver is hosting an international women's day celebration at the denver art museum. the event will honor colorado- based female entrepreneurs. the day will focus on the power of unity -- and how advancing women's equality can add 12 trillion dollars to global growth. the celebration begins with a global women's seminar -- it will be followed by a gala luncheon. today's google doodle comes with a message and a challenge... to share your dreams with the world. google says in the past... they've featured women who have changed history... but today.. they wanted to look to the future. the google team visited 13 countries... talking to more than 300 women and girls. they asked them to complete this sentence...... "one day i will" we want to hear
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are... complete the sentence with hash-tag one day i will... and share your answers with us using the hash- tag beon9... we'll share your responses throughout the morning. presidential candidates are looking to four states... michigan... mississippi... hawaii and idaho 9news reporter colleen ferreria will have a preview of what's ahead in politics today... but first let's go to marty for another
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new this morning...
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new this morning... we have the results from an nbc newssurveymonke y online poll... it tracks voter preferences and attitudes on a weekly basis the results from this poll are from a national sample of adults 18-and- over... of those polled... more people support hillary clinton -- she got 55-percent... sanders came in with 38-percent on the republican site... donald trump is still polling ahead
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candidates with 39- percent ted cruz and marco rubio are neck in neck... and john kasich has nine percent. it's decision day in 4 states today - michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. most eyes will be on michigan - it has the most delegates. 9news reporter colleen ferreira joins us... colleen these states aren't make or break for the candidates. cheryl...we're at an interesting point... one week after super tuesday...but one week away from florida... which is a defining point in the campaign process. michigan will be democrats...there to hand out to democrats today. bernie sanders of them to really with hilary clinton. republicans on the other hand... are mississippi. presidential candidate :31-:40 hand everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? presidential candidate :43-:49 "we're seeing folks who had been supporting donald trump who are realizing he isn't who they thought he was." " marco rubio is concentrated on his home state of
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trying to win that next tuesday. but right now... polls show he is still 8 points behind trump. verzion has to pay more than a million bucks for a super cookie... and trust me... it's
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lot of families and travel surge. estimates it will see seven-percent more travelers compared to last year. if you're not enrolled in t-s-a your self some up three hours international flights... two hours for domestic. verizon has to pay a dollar fine because of a cookie. the f-c-c found the called a "supercookie" but verizon didn't tell customers about the ad targeting techonology... or give them a chance to opt out. supercookies track the websites you visit on your cell phone then delivers targeted ads. in addition to the fine, verizon will now have to get an explicit "yes" from customers for some kinds of tracking. bmw is turning one-hundred and to celebrate the company's birthday week -- the automaker rolled out a futuristic, self driving concept car. it's called the bmw vision next 100.
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modes you can choose from when driving this vehicle. there's the "boost mode" where you control the car... and there's the "ease mode"... you sit back... and the let the car take over.. in boost mode the seat and steering wheel change position to give you the best driving experience... the interior also changes in 'ease mode' -- the steering wheel and center console will reportedly retract... so you can just sit back relax and enjoy the ride. i hope you're hungry... i-hop is celebrating its eleventh annual national pancake day... participating restaurants will be giving out free pancakes to raise money for charities. in return for the free short stack pancakes, ihop asks that you consider leaving a donation for children's miracle network hospitals or other local charities. since national pancake day started back in 2006,
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nearly 20 million dollars for charities. this morning country music fans are plotting out their summer. a music legend just announced a major tour in the u-s. two of maria sharapova's
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suspended ties with the tennis star after she admitted to failing a drug test. sponsorship -- and tag heuer says it deal. player in the world says she tested positive for which she has been for health issues. meldonium became a banned substance this year. sharapova could face a lengthy ban from the international tennis federation. the sheriff, as he's called in broncos country, gave an emotional goodbye to the sport he has loved for so many years. peyton manning's career in pro football spans 18 years. and number 18 was emotional and struggled to get started during yesterday's press conference. he took about 20 seconds to compose himself before he started his speech... he then spent the next 12 minutes thanking everyone who's made an
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career.... and he ending the press conference as only peyton manning could... at the exact moment manning was announcing his retirement... borck osweiler was officially becoming a free agent. concerned this osweiler a three dollar deal... but have yet to hear back from him half since they offered it. as of 11 am monday morning osweiler is now able to talk with other teams... 9news broncos insider mike klis says the houston texans are going to be the broncos biggest
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the avs won last night.... they beat the coyotes three to one at the pepsi center. they're now tied with minnesota for the final western conference playoff spot.... with fourteen games left to go. the avs might want to consider hiring this kid at the pepsi center. his name is jaxen -- and he's gone viral on the internet after this video started making the rounds of him smoothing down his backyard ice rink... doing so with his own homemade zamboni. it's made of a tricycle, a water bucket with holes, and a towel. jaxon's parents millions of fans know that jaxon has type 1 diabetes - and they hope his story encourages stay positive and
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now let's get a
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a little rain couldn't stop this new otter momma from grooming her baby. this is actually a wild sea otter... she was seeking storm and ended up aquarium in california... she gave birth to her new pup while she was there. second time since december that a mother otter has waters as a birthing center. we had to put this next story in for corey... this summer country music legend... dolly parton... will begin her largest north american tour in the last 25 years. parton plans to play 60 cities during the tour which begins in june and is scheduled to conclude in december. you can look forward to hearing hits and songs from her new album "pure and simple". that's going to do it for 9news at
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lot more news and weather to cover
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start in downtown denver... to show support of the city's homeless. today the city will clearing sidewalks... of tents, sleeping bags... and other items to enforce the city's right- of-way ordinance. 9news reporter noel brennan is live downtown. noel - the homeless community had 24 hours to pack up their belongings.


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