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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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shifted gravity all of a sudden. we were all just panicking. >> we're hearing from passengers this morning after a commuter train in california goes off the rails. broncos quarterback brock osweiler shows poison and restraint after someone tries shop. hopeless advocates are gathering outside denver rescue
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i'm greg moss in for gary today. cheryl and cory are with me today. marty is in the backyard. we could see wet weather today. >> especially in the foothills. we've started the drive on a beautiful morning. we have a clear sky. not quite blue yet. good air quality today no, wood burning restrictions in effect. dry locally, but we're seeing dry snow showers in some of the mountains. we still have snow going on in western nebraska. all from yesterday's storm. we had a little bit of wet snow as the thing came through yesterday. it continues going along all the way just south of alliance and scotts bluff and bridgeport this morning. in the 30s right now. close to 45 degrees by 9:00 a.m. i think we top out in the low 50s today. very close to an average temperature. clouds are going to thicken in the foothills early today. i think we see snow reforming before lunchtime.
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and, of course, as we go into weekend, if we don't get much moisture today and tomorrow, a while. i will have that in your planning forecast. amelia, it's one of those days where it's cool now and not much wind, it's not so bad. >> sky 9 is up and showing us in the morning commute your 270 drive along i-70. no major issues to slow you down. your i-70 drive or your transitions toward downtown. let's check out our cdot view across i-70 and havana. further out to the east. the city is definitely waking up hire as we say good morning to our tuesday drive. the issue count has been low. between 25 and santa fe, all across highlands ranch and littleton. we're shown that our eastbound routes are doing well, southside is looking good. cory, our quick stall around quebec and 270 shouldn't be
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>> good to know. a rally is being held in downtown denver this morning to show the support of the city's homeless. the city will begin clearing sidewalks of tents, sleeping bags and other items to force ordinance. downtown. morning. >> that's right. this morning. right outside the denver rescue mission, an area where we camping out. you can see in the distance there are a lot of tents set up over there. the rally started at 5:00 this morning. homeless advocacy group is organizing all of this. just recently they put out signs here, hashtag right to rest. you might see out here, what would jesus do. sleep deprivation kills. there are a number of folks out here that said they expected about 70 or so. this is all in protest to a city ordinance that the city
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starting to enforce that says that these people have to move their stuff and clear away their possessions today. if they don't, those who ignore this ordinance, the city may confiscate the possessions, hold them for 30 days. people could have a chance to pick them up. if they don't, that property could be destroyed. advocacy groups for the homeless. they say this is doing nothing to help the problem. the poverty cycle by keeping people from being able to get medicare or get a job to apply for it because their possessions are taken from them. now, once again, the city said that it would take the possessions, hold them for 30 days and give people the opportunity to pick them up. though those that are against this plan say that it is just too difficult to enforce and too complicated for everyone to
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stuff is being held and to actually pick it up within 30 days. also, where are these people going to go? that's a big question that everyone out here is asking. >> all right. noel. thanks for watching that for us. 6:05. nine people were taken to the hospital after a commuter train derailed in california. one of the cars fell into a creek. colleen ferreira is joining us from the information center. colleen, investigators say really a miracle here nobody lost their lives. >> this whole thing was so scary for all the passengers, we've seen this before. train derailments have a tendency to be deadly. five people with minor injuries, 4 people with serious injuries, but the four people with serious injuries, they're not life-threatening injuries. let's show you video from when this thing happened the train was carrying 213 people. it was traveling to stockton.
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coming down really hard over there and preliminary reports say a downed tree on the tracks caused the first two cars to derail, sending the first car into a creek. passengers were in that car sideways until rescue crews got there. unreal. stop. didn't realize until rater that the front car had derailed. >> i mean, this is what it looked like. you can't even imagine being with this when it landed in the to survive. sideways. they say pangs were helping each other out of this area. they had to hike out to get to buses and finally go home. >> really scared to see that. glad to see everyone is going to be okay eventually.
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in the small plane crash in el paso county. they died after crashing into a small field. they had been heading to an antique airplane convention when the plane went down. it sparked a grass fire. the causes of the crash have not been released. erin andrews is set to get a huge payout. a jury awarded her $55 million in her lawsuit over a secretly recorded a nude video that a stalker posted online. both the nashville marriot and vanderbilt and michael david barrett guilty. barrett is responsible for 51% of the payment, and the hotel company will take care of the other 49%. on the same day he became a free agent video was released of an incident involving quarterback brock osweiler. tmz posted video of him being in arizona. he was being heckled by a group of people, protecting his wife
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woman that was in that group. he gets shoved from behind by one of the men, but he keeps his composure, hustling everybody into a nearby car. cops were on scene and no arrests were made. the 14-year-old girl who was originally pronounced dead after the mass shooting in michigan is not just improving. she's leaving the hospital today. abigail was shot in that parking lot. today she'll be going to a rehab facility. doctors believed she had died. they were preparing to harvest her organs when she squeezed her mom's hand. they do not know why the shooter went on this spree. he killed six people. an attempt to expand gun rights and ease restrictions in colorado is not moving forward. this morning the democrat led house panel voted down a -- not allowing active military personnel to carry handguns
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magazine limit. looking at snow over the last 24 hours, pretty impressive between six inches over most of summit county. ten inches in breckenridge. 8 in winter park and 2-5 inches of snow through the elks and over toward powder horn in the grand mesa, up to a foot of snow yesterday. silverton with seven inches of new snow at wolf creek. clouds get thicker and thicker during the afternoon. if you live on the west side of town, this evening, a light rain or snow shower possible. daylight hours looking all dry around here with highs near 51. when you hear the civil defense sirens going off, marty, do not worry. it is just a test. the city is testing 50 out door sirens. you will hear a three-minute stop. a little different this year. they have sometimes in the past
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they're not going to do that this year. some people say that will be confusing. they thought the all clear was an emergency. >> it's all a sign that spring is here. getting ready for severe weather season. >> it can sometimes be hard for police officers to spot drunk drivers unless they're really being obvious. one drunk driver had a 15- foot hint hanging right out over the front of the hood. the story behind these viral
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severe weather in texas this morn willing continue throughout the afternoon and after the severe storms with the hail and possibly tornadoes they can have heavy rain there. snow continues in the areas north of colorado up to wyoming and nebraska. we're seeing light snow form up already in the mountains just beginning to show up a little bit here and there. that will intensify as we go throughout the day. chilly morning. teens, 20s in the mountains. we're between 20 and 30 over most of eastern colorado. slightly warmer over the plains. partly cloudy this morning. we'll see snow showers begin in the foothills by late this morning. i would say by lunchtime you should start to see snow already in the foothills. then it starts nibbling on the
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light rain and snow for the evening. i would go an inch or two of snow between 7,000 and 9,000 feet above 9,000 feet up to 2-6 inches of snow. this is a moisture content we're looking at today. really, it's going to be nice wet snow and a few light showers around. highs today, 40s and low 50s here. again, looking at the light snow, not only here but in the central mountains and then down through the san juans and cristos. 40s, 50s north. warmer down south. nice day in the west. again, with snow showers, 30s and 40s in the mountains. sunny this morning. partly cloudy this afternoon. right around the time the sun goes down, we clear. late tonight, a small chance of rain tomorrow afternoon that is warm, windy, and dry all the way into the weekend. so enjoy the moisture while we get. >> i we will, marty. in a couple of hours, this
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spaces across i-25. speed in the 40s and 50s. ramps are running smoothly and side streets are also off to a really great start. let's check out the rest of our drive. not a bad picture here. a little bit of slight volume looking in the northbound direction as well as southbound as it comes between i-70 and sixth avenue. typical backups here. we'll see a little bit of a breakdown as we head into the 6:00 hour. colorado springs to denver today no, problems north or southbound. 67 minutes is your drive time. greg, as you're leaving denver and headed toward the springs. >> a consumer alert to tell you about. breakfast sandwiches sold at starbucks are under recall this morning. the sandwiches could contain listeria. progressive gourmet is the supplier that handles these sandwiches for starbucks.
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egg on an english muffin. i-hop is celebrating national pancake day offering one short stack for free in exchange, gesss are encouraged to -- guests are encouraged to leave a donation. they've raised about $20 million in total since they first started this promotion. it goes to the children's hospital here in town. that's a great deal. just don't forget to tip your server. >> absolutely. that still applies, but it's a great way. >> is it usually packed? >> very busy. that's all day. >> that person had it right in that video with a big klop of butter. >> that's the way cory likes it. >> it's the happy side. 6:16 now. cyclists in south africa got a little extra motivation as they trained for a race over the weekend. they posted their experience to
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today you will notice flags are flying at half staff. it's to honor former first lady nancy reagan who passed away on sunday. the public can pay their respects to her tomorrow and thursday at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. her funeral service will be time. and she'll be buried next to her husband of 52 years. hillary clinton's staffer
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server has been given immunity, but senate lawmakers want to talk to him. republican senators renewed their request to talk to pagliano. senators argue now that he has immunity, he can't be prosecuted, so there's no excuse for him not to talk about. >> i the new video a small plane went down in new york. a father and his daughter were on board the single-engine plane when the engine died. you can see the plane land and bounce. the father undaring just walk away. -- father and daughter just walked away. the dad has bumps and bruises. the daughter was not hurt. >> that's amazing. you don't see that very often. a dash cam giving us a view of one of the scariest crashes. it was in miami. fell about 100 feet into parking lot last month. now, there were two cameras
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so it captured everything. the driver was actually thrown out but survived. now out of the hospital. no one on the ground was injured. police have not said what caused this crash. a group of cyclists recently had topped deal for their lives. look at this. an ostrich in south africa deciding to chase after them. lucky for us, the cameras were rolling. that thing is fast. it keeps pace with them for a minute before he gave up. the cyclists were training for a race. we bet they have never pedaled faster in their life. this thing has been seen more than a million times. >> it's hilarious. >> can you imagine, oh, my gosh, what is chasing me. >> they can run fast. >> yes, they can. and they can be kind of grumpy. >> they can. that's a good word for it. yet, another reason not to drink and drive. that's what the caption was. it's easy to see why.
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yes, that's a tree stuck in a car's grill. an officer saw the car driving with a 15-foot tree still embedded in the front. the airbags had been deemployed, presumably from hitting the tree. the driver was quickly arrested for dui. a lot of people didn't believe them. so they released the cash cam video. it shows the car driving with a tree acting like a please arrest me hood ornament. >> wow, if they're that intoxicated driving, you really -- >> they're lucky to be okay. >> and everyone else is okay. >> and they didn't hit somebody else. the police officer, i'm betting, has never seen anything like that on duty. can you imagine? >> can you imagine seeing it go by? all right. we'll hold the gate for you. that's denver international's message to peyton manning. more on their touching tribute to the quarterback. here's a check on weather and
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clear skies over much of eastern colorado. light snow showers in mountain areas here in the front range hovering near 30 degrees this morning. same is true as you get onto the plains. actually, it's 37, not a bad morning going at all. for us today you can see snow showers starting up before lunchtime and then edging up close to the metro area, so we can get a light dusting of snow in the western and southern suburbs this afternoon. an inch or two above 9,000 feet, looking at 2 to six inches. a major closure is about to go under way in a couple of hours. first here in the city we have a minor crash moving through our eastbound direction of i-70 right near the puppy chow plant. on the approach to colorado boulevard, a couple of cars off to the right shoulder. the closure i mentioned kicks off at 9:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. today. a helicopter is flying in to
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hillside there through glenwood canyon.
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the management at denver international airport promised to honor peyton manning in
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a tip of hat to the jersey number for the hall of famer. it's a good luck number. we'll hold the gate for you. >> i love that. that's neat. >> now that peyton manning is retired, it's obvious who the broncos want to start at quarterback next year.
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lakewood police are trying to figure out this morning how
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they're not calling it a criminal investigation yet, but they're asking for the public's help. >> we're getting our look at what ed two dozen families from their home in canyon city and the person who found it is wishing he didn't. >> the city wants the sidewalks cleared but what does that mean for the homeless people who camp out there every single night. a rally in protests of a denver city ordinance is going on right now. good tuesday morning, everyone. the wet weather is not gone just yet here in the metro area. martymarty coniglio is in the backyard. >> yesterday it was midday we started clear, anticipated midday showers and thunderstorms. well, there you go. a little thunderstorm in broomfield yesterday. it was pretty impressive around here for a while. it's dry. we have seen really light snow in a few mountain areas. it continues to snow lightly in southeastern wyoming and
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that's all leftover from yesterday's storm system. we're going to see that reform in the foothills during the morning today. so if you're out looking toward the rest, if you're in the foothills, that snow starts falling for you this morning. picks up during the afternoon and evening and brushes up near the western side of the metro area and southern metro area through this evening. on the drive home, might get a little rain-snow this evening. above 7,000 feet, one to two inches of snow by the end of the night tonight. by tomorrow morning above 9,000 feet, more like 2-6 inches of brand new snow. for those of you down here on the plains, we'll see highs close to 50 degrees today. clouds get thicker and thicker as the day goes on. amelia, once again today, we start dry, but we're going to finish up with a little bit of moisture in the area. >> maybe not time to wash that car just yet. getting out across the sky 9 view here.
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smoothly and the volume is still a little late to pick up here. getting onto the 225 split with no major concerns anywhere to the south side. let's go on up to light green all across the city. coliseum. that elevated deck, in the backup, check it out. speeds are going to drop down to 24 miles per hour, eventually affecting southbound i-25 as well. 270 just cut across commerce city. nine minute this is morning. westbounders, you're right around 8 minutes so far. we're still in the green. coming up, greg, we're going to dia. >> thank you so much. it is now 6:32. lakewood police are asking if they know anything about the death of a baby girl. that child was injured last week and died on sunday. tarhonda thomas is joining us now with more. tarhonda, this happened last week, but police are just now about the case.
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that's absolutely right. that's because they need the public's help to solve this case. they say the baby's injuries are unexplained and his father was the only one with her before the 911 call. that 21-year-old man has not been named as a suspect. police have not said how the child died. we know they got a 911 call last thursday shortly after 5:00 p.m. when they got to this apartment on the 1500 block of west 15th 15th avenue, the child was not breathing. she was taken to the hospital where she received treatment for three days. that girl died on sunday in a case that has surprised neighbors. >> it's a terrible situation and really sad to hear that. most of the people have seen each other around here, and nothing like this has ever happened. >> lakewood police have not made any arrests in this case. they ask anyone with information to call lakewood police. >> cory. >> tarhonda, thank you. the man accused of killing
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due in court today. charles bowman is charged in the first-degree murder of jessica reese. she was found dead inside an apartment with multiple stab wounds. it's unclear how the two knew open other. we're closely following a story for you. a competency exam has been ordered for the woman who stabbed the fire chief. prosecutors charged her with attempted second-degree murder and first degree assault. we're getting a look at the suspicious device found in canyon city on sunday. two people fished it out of the arkansas river and brought it home. john hack worth says he first spotted it over the weekend and took his nephew with him late to redig it out. the nephew's parents called 911. bomb squads evacuated houses. they took the bomb squad in to
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should have left it alone. >> if i find anything that looks like a bomb, don't touch it. i ruined a lot of people's evenings for it just because someone thought it was cool. that's never going to happen again. >> if you see something suspicious, just don't touch it, call in the professionals right away. it is 6:35 now. a rally downtown this morning in support of denver's homeless as the city looks to -- sidewalks of tents and other belongings. noel brennan has been downtown for us this morning. noel, this is a divisive issue. >> it really is. the rally here, though, started at about 5:00 this morning. a group of homeless advocates is out here. they've been here for a couple of hours now. the big question everyone out here is asking is if these folks have to move, the homal people, where are they going to go. there are signs like this one.
6:36 am
society fails. homes are in jails. there are a number of science just like this that are out here. now, the city put up notices about the city ordinance that they're going to be enforcing starting today. they're asking the homeless folks to move their personal possessions from the sidewalks so that pedestrians can pass by. they say that they will move any of those items that are not cleared from the sidewalks. we'll put them into a facility where people can pick them up and they will be there for 30 days. if they're not picked up after 30 days, then that stuff will be destroyed. a lot of folks out here say that policy is simply not fair. >> out here to be a critical presence to the people who are living on the streets and to let them know that they're not alone and to ask questions as to why this needs to happen, why we at the city and as a
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think of creative solutions. >> out here we have seen some people clear away their possessions from the sidewalks. others are clearly still out here. you can see that they have their possessions out in the sidewalks over there. haven't seen any city workers out here, greg. actually physically removing anything. once again, the city says anything that's not cleared will be taken away, put in facility where these folks can pick it up if they wish, but others argue that that policy won't work. they say it's not fair. a poll from the democratic side, it puts hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders. let's go to the republican side. donald trump the top choice with 39%. ted cruz and a marco rubio neck and neck. john kasich has 9%.
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on a weekly basis. colleen ferreira is joining me now in the information center this morning. colleen, four states are in the focus here. these are interesting. >> yes. so today all eyes are going to be on michigan, mississippi, idaho, and hawaii. greg, these are not make or break states, but, really, big michigan. that's holding the most weight for the candidates today. michigan has the most delegates up for grabs today. 132 for democrats and 55 for republicans. democrats, experts say bernie sanders needs to beat hillary clinton in michigan today to stay competitive in this race. clinton trying to appeal to sanders supporters. >> i hope to win the nomination. if i am so fortunate, i hope to work with him. >> okay. so we're at a real interest point right now. super tuesday was one week ago. florida, that's all happening next tuesday. you can see these tuesdays are becoming very popular. latest polls show trump is
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in florida, you remember, that's rubio's home state. so he's really hoping his home state comes through for him. analysis are saying if trump wins michigan today, that putting him in a real good place to also win ohio. guys, that's john kasich's state. so trump is still ahead of john kasich in ohio right now. an to add to all of this excitement already, mitt romney is doing a little something today. i'm going to talk about that coming up at 7:30. this just never gets boring. >> no. it's going to be a business say day ahead. glenwood canyon will close today to fix crews crews from last month's rock slide. 17 miles between the glenwood springs exit will close. workers plan to use a helicopter to put in a rock fall net. everything should reopen at 4:00 this afternoon. road repairs could still take a few more weeks. light snow continues in colorado's mountains,
6:40 am
nebraska. the bigger storm, the one we talked about that will move down into texas, slamming texas this morning. severe storm watchout, tornado watchout and a huge area concerned with flooding. this storm is going to continue to track through central texas as we go through the day today, move up along i-35 and then into parts of louisiana, arkansas, and missouri as we go through the day, and they have a high risk for severe weather, already seeing it in the area. they've been getting pounded this morning and on the backside of this system, if you will, we could see anywhere from 3-upwards of a three- inches to upwards of a foot of rain for parts of texas and then into arkansas. so, flooding is going to follow the severe storms. >> all right. >> a lot of water. >> too much of a good thing. the broncos were working to lock up their quarterback in the future. they're having a lit trouble
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>> meanwhile, the man they're replacing said farewell. >> i love the game.
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welcome back. it's 6:43. live up to sky 9 at the intersection of chambers.
6:44 am
both sides of chambers are affected. one person sitting on the sidewalk talking to police right now. we're not exactly sure what type of police activity took place here, but out of the red suv that you see there on the left side of your screen, one person was put on a stretcher and taken away in an ambulance. we're working to find out more details on what happened here. as we go out to our maps, we want to talk about our traffic. chambers that runs north and southbound parallel off to the west is going to be a really great way to get around it. amelia, we're looking at partly cloudy skies most of the day. during the evening commute, starts getting cloudy, and we begin to start seeing some of the snow showers and foothills. this is the west and southern sides of the metro area. do anticipate that. it will be a little damp. most mountain areas from i-70
6:45 am
we'll see about 2-6-inches of snow. a little less around rabbit ears past and the red feather lakes area, 1-3 inches of snow are possible. that's a nice thing to have. >> love hearing that. marty, thank you. >> apple computers may be vulnerable to hackers than previously thought. the first known fact was discovered. locks the users files until a ran some is paid. the program requires victims to pay more than $400 to access their files. the software was found on osx on friday. apple is aware and working to protect users. >> south korea is targeting their neighbors up north by imposing new sanctions. they will sanction 40 people and 30ing or nations abroad, mostly in north korea. this comes after the recent rocket launch and nuclear test. just yesterday north korea threatened to use nukes on the
6:46 am
in response to military drills. north korea have used these drills as an invasion rehearsal. two years from the day malaysian flight 370 disappeared, the prime minister of malaysia is still hopeful that it will be found. today there will be a moment of silence there to mark the anniversary. the prime minister says the wing part found on reunion island last july is evidence the flight tragically ended in the southern indian ocean. the boeing 777 jet vanished mysteriously with 239 people on board while flying from kuala lumpur. >> spring breakers expected to fly out and the transportation security administration are prepared. they're prepared to scan 65 million travelers this montador. that's up from 2 million passengers on a typical day. it could take a while to get
6:47 am
take note of that. tsa is warning passengers to get to the passengers three hours early for an international flight and two hours early for a domestic flight. doesn't this look cool. in celebration of the milestone, automaker is rolling out a car that can drive by itself. it's the vision next 100. it has a couple different options. in the driver mode, it gives you an idea of what is the best speed. if you don't feel like driving, click on the ease mode as you turn and face other people in the car. don't do that yet. that's not legal yet. this morning we era welcoming our friends from the health fair and social cafe. they're sponsoring a volunteer event. i runs through the end of may. the majority of affairs happen in april. 9 health fair relies on medical professionals that volunteer
6:48 am
they also need people to help check in people and guide them around the fair. you can call now to talk about these volunteer opportunities and sign up right now on the spot. these guys will be with them until 8:00 a.m. give them a call. >> a big thank you in advance to all of those volunteers. new this morning, maria sharapova is losing deals after she failed a drug test. the 7th ranked player tested positive for meldonium. she's been taking it for 10 years for a magnesium deficiency. it became a banned substance this year. it's used to treat lack of blood flow. she could face a ban from the international tennis federation. peyton manning is retiring. >> number 18 was emotional and struggled to get started during yesterday's press conference. took about 20 seconds to compose himself before he
6:49 am
he then spent the next 12 minutes thanking everyone who has made an impact on his career, ending only as peyton manning could. >> there's a scripture reading. i i have fought the good fight and finished the race. i have kept the faith. well, i've fought a good fight. i've finished my football race, and after 18 years, it's time. god bless all of you. and god bless football. then he said omaha. >> when his daughter said, last game. he said this season. that trophy. hehe said, so do i. >> he's going to stick around in denver. >> osweiler was becoming a free agent and now fans are waiting next. the team has offered osweiler a three-year $45 million deal,
6:50 am
from him in a week and a half since they offered it. he's able to talk to other teams and mike cliff says the houston texans are going to be the biggest competition to get brock. >> it will boil down to the money. >> the avs won last night. they beat the kais at -- coyotes at the pepsi center. they have 14 games left to go. hold on now. the avs might want to consider hiring this kid at the pepsi center. a kid named jackson is winning over the internet after video surfaced of him smoothing down his backyard ice rink with a home made zamboni. it's made from a tricycle. jackson's parents are taking the opportunity to note that jackson has type one diabetes. they hope their story encourages other people to stay positive and dream big. >> love that message.
6:51 am
zamboni. >> one of our directors. >> get a little more traction on that tricycle. this morning on international women's day. google wants you to take a future. sentence. one day i will -- one day i will.
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6:53 am
around here today, severe storms in texas. that's part of the larger second storm that we knew would head to our south. we still have light snow going on in western nebraska and southeasten wyoming.
6:54 am
redevelop in the mountains and foothills here. by noon, certainly we're going to have things clouding up in the mountains and foothills of the front range with light snow for our foothills communities. late this afternoon, closer to the evening commute. we'll see a little rain-snow mix especially in and near the foothills and stretching down into douglas county. a few hundreds of an inch, you can see an inch. 40s, 50s for us down here. we had a good deal of sunshine. we cloud up around sunset tonight. 30s and 40s in the foothills. the snow is going away early. spreads through the northern and central mountains and down south as well. we get some light snow. we're looking at 30s and 40s with the snow showers in the mountains.
6:55 am
50s and 60s over the eastern plains with generally dry conditions. partly cloudy most of the day. and then we have the light rain and snow showers early this evening. by 9:00 to 10:00, finishing up, we clear out, hit mid-20s tonight. tomorrow, another very small disturbance. brings us light rain after a generally sunday morning. then it gets dry for the next several days. fingers crossed you get the rain you need. we'll go up to sky 9 who's flying over 14999 walsh drive in aurora this. has to do with the last view from sky 9 that we saw earlier this morning at 6:00 and chambers. the aurora police department tweeted out they're investigating a stabbing. one person has been transported to the hospital. their condition is unknown at this time. no information on the suspect. that all came from the aurora police department. the first situation we saw was
6:56 am
of the drive right around chambers near sixth avenue. blocked there. we saw one person taken to the ambulance. we have a call in right now the find out more details. morning. active and busy as well. all around the mouse trap. here's sixth and chambers situation. stable is a good alternate while that breaking news wraps up and the investigation continues. as for crashes eastbound i-70, one at i-25 has delays back to about paycos and the earlier crash along i-70 and new york is cleared. the whole intersection is a stop and go mess. amelia. thank you. 6:56. here's a look at today's top stories. a train jumped its tracks, creek. the tree had fallen on the tracks causing the derailment. we now know who was killed in that small plane crash in el paso county.
6:57 am
into the small field in palmer lake this. took place on wednesday. they had been heading on -- heading to an antique airplane convention. still no word on what caused the crash. the man accused of killing a woman is in court today. he's charged with the first- degree murder of jessica reese. she was found dead inside an aurora apartment with multiple stab wounds. a judge has ordered a competency exam for the woman accused of randomly stabbing the fire chief. she jumped in and stabbed him in the arm and leg last january. prosecutors charged her with attempted second-degree murder and first degree assault. the six-year deal surrounding a nude video and erin andrews is over. she was awarded $55 million in this civil trial. it's likely she'll only get half that amount, if that, in '08, you may remember convicted
6:58 am
video and then posted the nude video of her online. she sued the stalker, a local hotel's management group, and its owner. >> a 17-mile stretch of glenwood canyon will be closed for -- >> this is all part of a rally and a protest against the city ordinance that is asking folks to keep the sidewalks clear. well, that's affecting a whole lot of homeless people who camp out in this area every single night. they are going to have to move the sidewalks. a lot of people think this is unfair, and they're talking cheryl. we're going to have more on channel 20. thanks, noel. a 17-mile stretch is going to be closed so crews can make repairs after last month's rock slide. they're putting in a rock fall net. road repairs could still take a few more weeks.
6:59 am
marty has a final look at the forecast. >> we talked a little bit about the rain and snow today. a light shower tomorrow and then it gets warm, windy, dry, for several days to come. big event coming up this weekend. of course we return today light saving time saturday night, sunday morning. you turn your clock forward one hour, which means it stays light later an hour. of course it stays dark later an hour in the morning. we're going to lose some sleep on saturday night. oh, boy. >> marty, thank you. google doodle. share your dreams with the world world. n. in the past they featured women who changed history. today they wanted to look at the future. they visited different countries and asked people to complete this sentence. one day i will. we want to hear what your dreams are. complete the hashtag one day i
7:00 am
we've received these today, graduate college. looking forward to a bright future ahead of me pursuing a degree in nursing. >> a lot of people sharing peace and happiness. that's what they want to do. >> yes. >> buddy the elf 2016. more good morning. breaking overnight, a commuter train derailed near san francisco, plunging one car into a creek. passengers attempt to rescue fellow riders. while the train was hanging. >> at least nine people injured. image problem. donald trump facing mounting rallies. everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. >> some say he's perfectly


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