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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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city crews cleared it out fairly quickly, as you see, nothing else is remaining but a few pieces of trash. city crews didn't show up until 1:30, they had with them an escort of roughly 2 dozen police and sheriff deputies who blocked off the streets as they cleared the homeless out. those crews began to stop-- stuff everything they collected into green garbage bins, meanwhile the homeless were shouting and yelling at the crewing saying they were stealing the few possessions that they owned. the city is promising that the belongings they collect will not be thrown out; rather held on to for 30 days untell they can be-- until they can be claimed. a spokesperson for the city said bottom line, the action is about getting the homeless off the streets and into a better situation. however, those that were cleared out say the city's actions are dehumanizing. >> you are picking on the weak, the weakest-length in the city--
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they are already on the street, now take everything from them. that is not a good thing. horrible thing. >> reporter: just in the past few minutes or so we have seen groups of homeless come back to the same corners they were cleared out of. you canee am of them-- can see some of them bringing things back. i talked to the sheriff's deputy, what happens tomorrow when the same group bring their things? he said we will ask them to leave, if they don't, we are looking at criminal charges. >> can these people go back and claim things? how do they get to where they are being stored? >> the city says they can claim their things, they are leaving that information with people at the denver rescue mission. they had 20 or so people out here notifying people where they can pick their things up and what nombers to call and-- numbers to call and resources to find a better homeism some of them cleared out-- home. some of them cleared out before
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the mystery remains how much will get thrown out, how much reclaimed, how much will be back on the streets. >> sure, nick mcgill downtown denver, thanks so much. 3 former swedish hospital patients filed a class action lawsuit against the hospital and its owner today. it is not all together unexpected in light of a big health care blamed on a former employee of swedish. 9 wants to know investigator, the lawsuit. >> the hospital hired rocky allen last year, he worked there for a number of months in the operating rooms and assisting staff. we know at least according to federal prosecutors he had an unspecified blood born pathogen and we know prosecutors believe he put patients at risk by stealing fentanyl from at least one operating room, if not more. just 3 playoffs in the complaint as of now suspect there is
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the civil suite suggests swedish was negligent in hiring him and the medications around here. last month swedish told 2900 pags they needed to-- patients they needed to get tested had hepatitis b, c, and hiv, we are told some positive results came back. linked to allen. federal prosecutors charged allen, his next hearing is in april. he is out in lieu of bond. these lawsuits have been filed in other cases and because not one of 3 playoffs can prove an infection, it is a legal hill to climb. expert more down the road with more lawsuits, we have been try ing to contact swedish and yet to hear back. when we do, we will put it in. >> thank you so much, chris. >> you bet. lakewood police act for hep investigating the death of a baby girl.
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caller said the child was having trouble breathing. paramedics took her to the hospital she was treated for days, the babies injuries are unexplained and an autopsy was inconclusive. her father, 20-year-old man has not been named as a suspect. lakewood police are asking anyone with information to call them. the presidential race, super tuesday 2 with 4 states holding primaries, michigan, mississippi, hawaii and idaho. michigan would be the big prize today. analysts say a loss in michigan could be a huge set back for democrat bernie sanders. hillary clinton was woning in polling there today. -- winning in polling there today. for the republicans john kasich needs to place well in michigan to stay in the race. a mud slide may be to blame for a train derailment last night in northern california, it washed a tree on to the tracks, 9 people were hurt, 4 seriously, the crash put the train's lead
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it happened alameda county 45 miles east of san francisco. the normal route is from silicon valley to central california, it has been inundated with rain flooding roads and creeks in the past few weeks and days. 2 people are in the hospital after an intense fire burned down a motel on west colfax and yate this morning, firefighters believe it started in the second floor. the owner of the bar-x motel said he discovered the fire in an ever turned mat-- over turned mattress in an empty room. it quickly got out of control. 2 guests were hospitalized for burns and breathing in too much smoke. >> i guess they found him on the bed in suit and black. we all could have been woke up dead. >> no word on a cause, officials say the motel was in violation
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i-70 through glenwood is the day. c-dot crews used a helicopter to put netting where the original slide occurred. crews made more repairs to the westbound and eastbound lanes of the interstate. i-70 there is open in both directions using the eastbound lanes, the westbound side of the interstate remains closed. close to 50 government employees, company representatives and community leaders from nevada got to check out denver's regional transportation district. the group is looking to denver as a guide to create a light rail system because the city of laus vaguesis working on a-- las vegas is working on a big transit project. they got a tour of rtd, dia, and union station. >> whether they realize it, has become a mentor for metro area areas in the united states, denver used create sxfb alternative forms of finance, not just relying on the federal
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taxpayers, they are including private sector as well. >> this was the largest tour of denver's regional transportation commission to date. coming up, breath taking time lapse of northern lights over the uk. a summer eclipse over asia-- solar eclipse over asia and australia is helping nasa. an adorable edition at the denver zoo, how her parents are adjusting to her arrival and
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parts of asia and australia are getting a glimpse of a solar
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nasa is using the opportunity to study space weather created by the sun which can impact us here on earth. they spoke to 9 news reporter maya rodriguez about their work and a major solar eclipse we will be able to see in colorado next year. >> pretty cool. >> it is a slesial event capturing imaginations for a millennium. >> such an amazing experience to feel things become cool, animals become quiet, to have pitch black coming with the stars. it is just an amazing event. >> the event is a solar eclipse, when the moon moves past the sun blocking its rays, it happens every year somewhere on earth, but not always populated areas making it a rare event for human eyes. nasa is using the 2016 eclipse in asia to make important observations about the sun's outer atmosphere, called the corona.
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explosions happening many times the size of the earth. they send out material into the solar system and sometimes that material interacts with the earth. >> that can create phenomena like the northern lights but can interfere with satellites, gps, and electrical grids and astronauts in orbit. understanding that space weather is critical, nasa says, so they can get better at forecasting it. the eclipse in asia will help scientists get a look at the active corona. >> nasa scientists will have special equipment telescopes to filter lights coming from the structures. >> it will give them a chance to prepare for a major solar eclipse across the continental u.s., for the first time it will be visible across the entire u.s. in august of 2016.
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partial eclipse, in wyoming a full one. and another chance for nasa to use a solar eclipse for study. >> it is a unique and amazing opportunity to do science and for a large number of people to see the wondrous event in nature. >> maya rodriguez, 9 news. >> the eclipse across the continental u.s. is august 21st and 2017 of next year, i should say after 11:30 a.m. colorado time. get ready. this eclipse will carve its path from oregon to south carolina. whether or not you have seen the spectacular sight. here is time lapsed video of some of the lights rarely scene, doesn't look real. this was shot in northern ireland sunday night. it occurs when electrically charged particles from the sun enter the earth's atmosphere. a study finds breast
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patient whose choose to have a preventive double mastectomy may not have a better quality of life. they said they felt more emotionally healthy but that faded over time. the patients who have breast reconstruction surgery after a double mastectomy did end up feeling more confident and had a more positive impact on their quality of life. tomorrow is buddy check 9 day, the day to do self exams or get a mammogram. st. joes is offering walk in appointments 7:30 in the morning to 4:00 at 1825 marion street in denver. for more information, go to now for the favorite story of the day, the denver zoo is celebrating a special new addition to its gorilla exhibit. here we go, here she is, sweet baby whimsie adepa, she was just born before midnight on february 25th, this is her debut, the first baby of the western lowland gorilla species born at
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tinga's first baby and she is quickly learning her role as mother and dad is noticeably protective and gentle. guests can see the family at the great apes building. gotta see that. look at her. >> so cute. mom is being a good nom. >> we can sit there and stare. >> couldn't you? >> just fun to watch. we may be in for rain and snow. >> who sees what where, next. tonight a new nbc news wall street journal presidential roll, a surprise is the stop trump movement having an effect? the fight against zika.
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it has pin one of those topsy tufshy days again. >> sun is out. >> you will learn living in colorado-- >> kathy, i am coming from texas, this is like mother nature's air conditioning. i love it. >> we can have rain and thunderstorms and we can have blizzards. neither in the short term forecast.
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there are some clouds around the area and a few foothill rain and snow showers, will they make it over denver? low 50s across northeastern colorado, and you can compare from almanac, we are where we should be, the record this time of near is 74 and we may come close later in the week. 48 dia, winds northeast at 5 with steady air pressure. 45 in the 9 backyard outside the studio. i am tracking a few foothill snow showers and up in the high country, this was a beautiful picture of the snow in steamboat, this is our web camera network, sometimes they come in and they go out. too bad. those pictures were beautiful. anyway, so are these numbers. in the past 4 egg hours-- 48 hours 12 inches of snow, 4 in steamboat.
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plains tonight. the main core system is well to the south of us and rotating bans in the southern mountains, all the winter weather and travel advisories are south of albuquerque, the next system rolling on shore off the coast of california, this trough of low pressure is transporting the lows from northern california to the southwest, south of colorado and out across the central plains where the severe weather threat continues tonight. not only the threat for heavy flooding rainfall but concerns for tornados, large hail and damaging winds a scenario playing out again tomorrow as one low shifts north of st. louis, a second in south central texas, high pressure will give us a break and another system on shore northern california. all eyes on the southern plain states tomorrow for the potential for tornados, large hail, damaging wind, an area we will see no doubt travel issues. warm air, gulf moisture coming up from the southeast.
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so the line for severe weather will be chicago, st. louis, and down into central texas. we enjoy a warmer day here, more sunshine, storms are tracking so far to the south that we are seeing the best chance for precipitation along the colorado/new mexico line. we do have a little push of moisture coming through between now and midnight, there will be a few clouds in the afternoon, winds out of the northwest bringing a partly sun aday and a little-- sunny day and a little moisture. we have a few light snow showers in the forecast but no winter weather or travel advisory. tomorrow. but over overall much of the our state. pueblo. high temperatures tomorrow will range from 40 in kremmling to 57 grand junction, 41 telluride, a warmer day, drier day for much of the front range. foothill temperatures mid 40s idaho springs to low 40s grand lake. in the denver metro area tonight, between now and 8:00
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drops and maybe a flurry of snow. wouldn't worry too much under partly cloudy skies drop to 28. sun is up 6:20, 52 by lunchtime. mid 50s in the afternoon and that is really going to kick off not only a mid-week warming trend but a trend that will take us into the weekend with highs near 70. i have 70 on friday now and low 70s early next week, don't forget sunday daylight saving time begins, set our clocks forward 1 hour and lose an hour of sleep but the pay off is monday with temperatures springing back into the lower 70s and spring, it is starting to look like spring. i am starting to see green grass in the backyard here. >> i think mother nature is fooling people. >> don't be fooled. >> like it is warm. >> do not be fooled. we can have a big storm. >> we are supposed to have what? 11 inches? >> 11.4. >> early in the month. >> yes, it is.
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the broncos lose one of had oil prices reverse direction today. tumbling 4%, traders didn't like trade data out of china.
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hi, everybody, the broncos lost their first player off the championship defense today. malik jackson, who recovered a fumble for a touchdown in super bowl 50 reached an agreement on 6-year $90 million contract with the jaguars, the 4th highest paid defensive lineman in the nfl. owen daniels was released, who scored 2 touchdowns in the championship game. scheduled to make $3.5 million.
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luis vazquez who said she was shocked to learn of his release. he was counting on earning $5.5 million this fall. the broncos also cut long snapper aaron brewer, he was supposed to make the 5th year minimum salary $745,000. it might have to do with performance although i can't recall bad snaps. mike klis broke the malik to jacksonville story, klis and tell, why didn't they max the jaguars offer? that guy is a beast. >> they didn't have the kitty jacksonville had, they had $82 million vaibl in their sal-- available in their salary cap. the broncos started the tempering period monday with $8 million. 10 times more in the bank reserves jacksonville did. it was black tuesday at broncos headquarters today, it just goes to show the system in the nfl, this is the way it is supposed to work.
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the advantage in the off season and the most teams, they are supposed to have the disadvantage, a little tough for bronco fans because they are on top but this is how the system is supposed to work. >> outside of a pushing incident at an arizona pizza parler we haven't heard much on osweiler. get concerned. there hasn't been much communication between his agent, timy sexton and the broncos, the broncos have tried to get a hold of him. i thing they are going to talk, maybe later on today. maybe there will be a thawing of the ice but there is real concern now that brock osweiler may not come back, if the broncos can get a conversation going, i think they are prepared to increase their offer, increase some guarantees, do whatever it takes to bring brock back because right now, they don't have much of a plan-b.
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also represented by jimmy sexton, osweiler's agent. isn't that interesting? it could get crazy, even more so at broncos headquarters by the time free agency opens tomorrow 2:00 p.m. >> i hear peyton is available. women's team to the tournament today, the rams made it 26 in a row by beating san diego state, alean gustafson scored 21 points, csu advanced. car mellow anthony will play in denver for the first time in 3 years, mellow was traded to the new york nicks in 2011 but only faced the nuggets at pepsi center once since, played lousyane loss here, 27 months ago. >> coming back, in memory, you start envisioning yourself in those games and the atmosphere that was here, that took place, the battle that took place here. you start thinking about that. >> always be a love for me,
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know, weird being in this locker room rather than the other but the pepsi center, just seeing the way they rebranded everything. you know, a lot of that stuff brings back memories. >> i miss mellow. >> we miss you sing ing about mellow. >> the mellow rumor of the day. mellow was fun. i like fun. >> you think he will wear the same jersey? >> no, i don't. everything is different now that mellow is gone. >> do one rendition. the mellow rumor of the day >> and the other was
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tonight, critical night as more americans cast their votes. we have brand-new polls. is donald trump losing momentum? and is this a make-or-break moments for bernie sanders? violent storm. a massive system unleashing flash floods trapping children in their school bus and spotting at least one tornado. 26 million at risk as the thread continues for days. mystery bullets. who fired the shots heard in dramatic new video of an oregon occupier's final moments? why fbi agents are under investigation in the case.


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