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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 23, 2016 2:15am-2:46am MDT

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overexaggerated that story, if i hadn't done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> lochte is in trouble with spo sponsorslike michael phelps when he was photographed smoking marijuana. >> reporter: michael phelps was not -- ryan lochte is going to lose somewhere between $5 million and corporate endorsements because of his shenanigans in rio. >> reporter: with brazil still basking in last night's closing ceremony, the color and culture comes after an olympic games that did not disappoint. in the final days, the host country scoring its biggest win. >> and goal! >> the victories
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lift. tonight in rio, the cauldron is out, but they're still basking in olympic glory. tomorrow they will start breaking down olympic park and use some of those materials to rebuild schools. and ryan lochte says he wants to rebuild his reputation. following this evening is the urgent fight to combat zika in a pair of hot zones in miami beach. as the kids go back to school, there's controversy on how to stop it. >> reporter: on this first day of school on miami beach in the zika zone, for the gold family, a new d daily routine. >> i spray as my kids as a secondary precaution.
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zika will harm the child, rather a child comes home infected with the virus, a mosquito bite, and then that mosquito bites mom who is pregnant or soon will be. that's why today when i was 92 degrees. students at miami beach high wore -- public health officials say the urgency to stop zika is like it was 50 years ago when there was a race to find vaccine for rubella, which causes severe disabilities in newborns. >> rubella was generally a mild disease except if a pregnant woman got infected with rubella, the consequences to the baby could be profound. >> reporter: in puerto rico where zika has infected more than 13,000 patients, evidence adults may be vulnerable too. jose gonzalez, among 3 on the island with zika who then got geon
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then causes paralysis. on friday, one man with zika died with that syndrome. today florida's governor asked for federal dollars for the fight in miami. the president had requested 1.9 billion, but the funding got caught up in partisan politics, meantime dr. fauci says louisiana and texas may be the next areas where zika may be revealed. questions swirling around donald trump and his stance on immigration, one of his signature issues. is he backtracking on his so-called deportation force to round up all the undocumented immigrants in the country and force them
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months of campaigning, donald trump has made one thing abundantly clear. >> we will work with them, they have to go. you're going to have a deportation force and you're going to do it humanely. >> reporter: but tonight trump's immigration policy is in question. reports trump expressed openness for past legalization, his team opening the door. >> will that plan include a deportation force, the kind that you just sound bite and that he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >> reporter: this morning trump pushed back but didn't deny that he was considering it. >>. no, i'm not flip floping, we want to come up with a fair but firm answer. >> reporter: immigration has been the keystone to trump's unexpected rise, his wall. >> build that wall, build that wall. >> reporter: and hard line stance on depor deportation, a
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position. >> donald trump needs to stay as vague as possible because he doesn't have a real immigration plan. >> reporter: nbc news learning from a campaign source a major speech on immigration thursday in battleground colorado postponed. for the most part, folks lining up here in akron, ohio gave trump the benefit of the doubt. >> i have more trust in him than any of the candidates. >> reporter: trump is on the stage right now, he's but his background on the issue remains up in the air, the federal minimum wage and his plan to fight isis. lester? >> katy tur in akron. meantime, hillary clinton is facing fresh heat on a pair of familiar fronts. bill clinton says he'll step down from the board and stop raising money if his wife gets elected president. all of it coming as the clintons emails
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powell pushes back on what she reportedly told the fbi. andrea mitchell has it all covered. >> reporter: tonight with controversy over the clinton foundation growing, in a stunning reversal bill clinton announcing if his wife is elected he will step down from the boards and will no longer raise funds for it. this has donald trump issuing new charges of pay for play charges against the foundation. clinton running turning the pageack to donald trump. >> before you go and attack a charity, why don't you come clean about your own business dealings. >> reporter: but it comes as newly released clinton emails from conservative watch dog judicial watch shows some big foundation owners got -- former swim fast tycoon got a meeting with clinton right after asking aberdeen. the clintons point out
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proved the lives of millions. >> it's important for perception that the clintons not have anything directly to do with the foundation, and certainly don't know who the donors are. >> reporter: clinton also under fire from colin powell, after he says he recommended she use personal emails, he says her people have been trying to pin it on me. clinton had set long before he ever wrote to her and he didn't have a personal server at home. from coast to coast, dangerous extreme weather is impacting millions. wild fires are tearing through california, dust storms are rolling over the southwest, tornadoes have struck the northeast and midwest and residents of the deep south are still battling floodwaters,
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>> reporter: this summer has ravaged lives across the west. die conditions fueling three areas in the west. while the california, 10,000 firefighters are battling six wildfires burning across the state. already hundreds of homes have been destroyed. winds also pushing a wall of dust over phoenix, a time lapse shows the retractable air traffic delayed at sky harbor airport. more destructive winds in concord, massachusetts, a tornado whipping through this morning at 100 miles an hour, taking out trees and knocking out power to 1,000 residents. >> giant trees blown own and everything is just demolished. >> reporter: storms heading over the midwest over the weekend. >> if that's not a
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baton rouge, home after home after home destroyed. ramona welsh, the water nearly washed away a lifetime of memories. is it a complete loss? >> just about. i would say probably about 80%. >> reporter: many neighborhoods are still under water, residents unable to reach their home, unsure what is left to return to. this is what president obama will see when he arrives in louisiana tomorrow, people left with nothing, just lives back together. lester? >> tammy, thank you. turn ing overseas to see who's behind a suicide bombing at a wedding in turkey that killed 54 people. on sunday turkish authorities said that isis was probably responsible and the bomber was 13 or 14 years old. but they dialed back on that, saying they're not sure whether it was a child or a grown up.
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to open up the world's eyes to the horror there. we brought you this image last week, a young boy stunned and bloodied after he was rescued from aleppo's rubble. he is among tens of thousands of children trapped in the war there. >> reporter: in aleppo, the songs and smiles never last for long, a little girl singing for her family and her home, when the war comes crashing in. she was. hurt in the strike. but thousands of syrian children can't say the time, like 5-year-old omron whose bloodied face and daysed expression captured the world it's attention last week. h aleppo's children are in crisis. 75,000 living in a war zone, no running water, no schools.
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playing war. like 11-year-old mohammed, his father ali says his son has nightmares got air strikes. i hold him and kiss him and tell him it's okay, ali said, on saturday, the bombs fell on his home u mohammed was inside with his sister and little brother. four children gone in one night. i want our voices, not just my voice, but all of our voices to reach the entire world, ali says w >> much more of these powerful stories on our new nbc news digital feature, "aleppo: children of war" on our website. one of the growing scams. we tracked down one of the companies behind the rip off and
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we're back now with an nbc news investigation into one of the fastest growing scams that thousands of people fall victim to every year. your computer is suddenly frozen and then a popup message appears warning you've been hacked and gives you a number to call.
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promises to fix it. >> reporter: it happened when diane hays was online one morning, warning messages and alert tones began blairing from her lap top. >> the whole computer froze and i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: the popup message, she had been hacked. so she called the toll free number provided. >> they said, we will help you immediately, we're right into your computer right now. >> reporter: they were already into your >> they were into the computer. >> reporter: she quickly agreed to pay $300 for help but then realized she had probably been scammed. the head operator sounded suspicious so we called. can you tell us what kind of services you provide? >> we provide the technical support for all the devices. >> reporter: the operator claiming to be john in the u.s. but it turns out it is a scam. john wasn't in the u.s., he was in india
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we know because we tracked down the owner of the company by phone. he's here in maryland. he apologized to us and he claimed unethical employees in india have been pushing popup ads to lure unsuspecting people like diane. federal investigators say it's a growing scam and they have got recordings. >> i see something that says warning. >> that means that your computer is one of those computers with an online infection. >> a lot of times they don't know if anything was wrong or not because they're told they're hacked, but then they're fixed. >> never provide credit card or perm information and only use tech support from companies you know. the man in maryland said he's closing the business. adjust one overseas scammer offline for
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news, annapolis, maryland. we're back in a moment with a suspect caught on camera acting out inside a police car, but it's
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a stunning admission today from former president jimmy carter a year after revealing his cancer diagnosis. he now says at the time he put on a quote false optimistic face for months african sir spread to his brain. after undergoing treatment with a new drug, the cancer disappeared and he's still going strong today at 92. today congress is reviewing why -- an flack tick shock.
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over 400% in 2008. now senators have sent letters to mylan asking the company to justify the increase. a shocking scene caught on camera in arkansas, a 19-year-old in the back of a police car, when the car overturned launching the suspect out the window. the officer was trapped in the car but was rescued and treat
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finally top, the olympics may be over, here at home. one of them is against hunger, and there's a charity called food runners trying to get into a relay, from multibillion-dollar companies to families in need. joe friar talks to sol tiers inspiring america. >> this is a story that begins and ends with the macaroni and cheese that's making this family happy. >> reporter: they're enjoying this meal at the rafael house in
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that need a home. but that mac n cheese was made someplace else, inside the cafeteria that feeds employees. chefs here donate their leftovers to an organization called food runners. >> any personal belief is that everybody should get a hot male. >> reporter: volunteers collect about 16 tons of 300 shelters and agencies across the city. >> it's fun to pick up food and deliver it. >> reporter: mary rizley who runs a cooking school created the group after realizing how much food goes to waste. when you started this 30 years ago would you have believed it would be as big as it is today. >> never. >> reporter: among the
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up that mac n cheese along with some veggies. >> it's just really humbling when you arrive at the organization and everyone is so thrilled to see you. >> this pot is ready to go. i don't have to worry about cooking. >> reporter: food that would have gone to waste, redirected to hungry mouths. that's going to do it for us on this monday night, i'm lester holt for
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test. >> announcer: today on the
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shooting in san bernardino. and o.j. simpson crime story and what is the unusual way jon hill greets fans. leann rimes will open up about her family. and how to get away with murder and orange is the new black. matt mcgorry. what is hot now. all right now on meredith. [applause] ? >> meredith: thank you. thank you. do you want a great show?
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my first guest is a grammy winning artist that sold over 40 million records, leann rimes is here. and opening up to being a step mom and what it is like co-parenting in the holidays. but first let's talk about "what's hot now" yamaneika is not here. >> i love being here. >> meredith: we are heart broken about what happen in san bernardino bern. friendship people dead, 17 or more injured and a sense of heartbreak and bbc report summed it up. just another day in the united states of america and that's what it is beginning to feel
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year. >> meredith: that one last friday. obviously it is planned parenthood. >> megan: like the new normal and such a tragedy and the new way of life in the united states it is sickening. >> lilliana: we are not talking about what happen in savannah, georgia. there were two mass shootings and that was buried because this happen. how are we reporting two mass shn united states of america? >> megan: the bbc. >> meredith: the world look at the united states. >> megan: they can't believe guns and this happens all of the time. the paris incident doesn't happen over there. >> lance: we don't do any thing about it. no leaders are telling us what we should do. >> meredith: i agreement mario make


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