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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  August 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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system is supposed to work. the dmv mistakenly made duplicates that started with ra and rb. the dmv doesn't yet have an answer for the even additional next viewer whose say they run into confusion over tupelict plates that-- duplicate plates that start with rc. we can't determine the scope of the issue or the impact on those who share a plate w idea what have done or what they could do. >> if you think you run into the same issue, give us a shout, e mail or #heynext. i am really interested to find out why the department of motor vehicles is implementing this rule. >> women in colorado are told a new rule means they can't take their maiden name as the middle
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similar rule and backed down after criticism. the rule is back and so are the women who feel it is unfair. like jennifer lash, jennifer wild, carlin lee swied. she has a lot of grief from du, even with the legal background, she can't make sense of it. >> i am having an identity crisis. >> she not married and wants to take her maiden name as her middle name. lots of women do. >> i wento and tried to get my driefshss license-- drivers license and i was told i can't. >> as of a month ago, new rule. the dmv says it cannot legally change names. newly married women are told they can't drop the middle name, they are offered 4 names, first, middle, maiden, then last, but jennifer has no interest in going by that. >> i was frustrated because the department of motor vehicles is
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>> a review of the law with attorney general led to which change. a similar rule change back in 2008 was met with such an up proer that had dmv-- up roar that the dmv backed down. when women asked, they are told to stick it. stick it in the middle of a 4-word name they don't want. >> hopefully we can find some answers so that people know what to do. >> what to do, the dmv was saying, was go to court for a legal name c that, get finger printed, notify the fbi, post a notice in the newspaper, and dmv got in touch with us to say never mind, the policy change was an error, they apologized, kindly thanked us and next viewers for bringing it to their attention. a month after who knows how many women were denied something as simple and basic as their name. between that policy back pedal
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many duplicatepliceance plates are-- duplicate license plates are around vehicle, we have extended an invitation, welcome here any time, lets hope for tomorrow. we committed to chronicleing the cherry creak trail, that belongs to all of us, which is why we are frustrated by the drug dealing, we are encouraged by the clean up, and deflated by what our ryan haarer found today. >> reporter: this makes me so angry. there is nothing about spray painting some stupid message on the cherry creek trail. let me tell you something, this isn't about drugs or dealers or needles, it is about a lack of respect for the beauty of the cherry creek trail and the many hard-working people trying to keep it that way. >> it is a nice escape in the middle of the city. >> don't worry. oliver is an actual artist. he is posed to be drawing on these walls.
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stretches of the cherry creek trail. >> reporter: the artist, commissioned by the city, spent several days on the trail where addicted... >> some faces looked like they had long nights. >> reporter:... and those enjoying the outdoors. >> i will take a huge brush with a bucket. >> seriously? >> yeah. >> the collage mural mirrors the trail and its users, in a way, part abstract... >> escape our lives. >> reporter:... which collides with something much different. >> this is the complete opposite, they work together, like the forces of nature and humanity. >> reporter: nature and humanity, the trail in a nut shell, ever changing canvas that oliver hopes will be so full of color, there won't be room for whatever this is. >> the artwork in the middle, i think it only brightons the
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haarer. >> terrific story, terrific mural. we called parks and rec about the vandalism and they got right out there to deal with it. we are taking an extended look at the denver district attorney's race, starting with whether the city will continue to pursue death penalty cases. one of these 2 women will become a powerful voice in the discussion of criminal justice, beth mccann and helen morgan, they sat down with whitney wild and we discussed capital punishment. >> it is the law, while it remains the law and we have a victim right constitutional amendment that says you must consult victims before making decisions on their cases, i must be willing to kr the extra ordinary measure of the death penalty. >> i have a moral objection in the sense that i don't think the state should be in the business of putting people to death.
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of time they take is just not-- it is not an appropriate use of government resources. >> our conversation continues later on next, including how mccann and morgan plan to mend relationships between the justice system and minority communities. there are 3 earthquakes that we need to discuss, the 2 covered extensively on nbc nightly news and one in colorado that largely escaped notice. italian leaders are saying many of the 159 earthquake are children in italy. small villages built in stones, shaken to rubble, no hard number on how many are missing, so many italians and tourists are in the mountains this time of year. an earth quick more powerful than italy shook meen mar, it
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colorado's earthquake was minuscule, 3.5. there are a good number of earthquakes down there, the u.s. geological survey found that earthquakes in trinidad spiked when a bunch of deep waste water injection drills were in colorado. it is not fracking, but something else. the wells prime the ground for earthquakes, it is said. if you like golf and marijuana, trying to envision at to become the place to be. city council voted 5-4 to allow retail marijuana shops, applications are available september 1. they better not put a pot shop in the neighborhood near i-25 and 136th, those people are already hacked off that city council okayed a top golf. neighbors got steam rolled, 8-1 vote. top golf hasn't announced when it will start building. colorado hits a new record
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sometimes it seems bad drivers get all the attention, lets highlight someone who is ridiculously good at it, for a ridiculously good time . denver is growing, we have more traffic and people on the road. snow in colorado in august, that is where most local news teases end, like you don't know it is up high at loveland. still worth checking out, next.
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the rescue team is having
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to help with search and rescue, they have never seen this volume of calls in the 57-year history. the 100th call came yesterday, hiker lost on the mountain, flight for life colorado brought the hiker back safe and found. alpine rescue said it is slammed and expects to pass the average of 130 rescues in a year, the rescuers tell us it is partly more people out hiking these days, and partly the people are apt to just take their cell phone along and expect that can get them out of a than truly repairing. our thanks to alpine for watching out for us. the tops of colorado peaks in august, snow. we have photos at loveland, dustin, loves craft beer, dogs and a snow photo we can freak out about. summer marches on down here, right, kathy sabine? >> that is right, it will take a day or 2 to feel like summer, what is better than snow up high? and down here, welcomeed rain showers and a rainbow, so many
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twitter. that high temperature today of 68, look how far below average that is. 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. a chilly air mass to be sure, feeling like fall but we are cracking some thunderstorms out there that do have a little lightning in them and the hail off to the east of colorado. that will be changing tomorrow. another surge of cool air headed our way. tomorrow will be warmer and drier, expect another round of afternoon showers and storms. tonight when skies clear it will be chilly, lows mountain lows mid 30s. high temperatures tomorrow, little more like it but cooler than average. not an entirely dry day. we do have sunshine and 80s into the upcoming weekend and a wonderful forecast when the broncos take the field saturday night. game time temperature in the low 70s. >> thanks, kathy. the denver district attorney's race matters outside city limits. in november voters will elect one of the most prominent voices on the law and justice. as we return to our conversation with the candidates, we
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my error, they are correct here. >> we are joined by the candidates for denver district attorney, the democratic candidate, beth mccann, the independent candidate, helen morgan. >> good evening. >> and whitney wild reports on crime and justice issues for us here. whitney. >> it goes without saying the relationship between minority communities and criminal justice system is strained. what is your strategy to reach out to people of color? mb community who feel alienated by the cross? >> i think it is critically important people know what we are doing and why we are doing, i will increase transparency and be accessible to members of all of our communities. >> how do you do that? how do you increase transparency? >> for example, when we have a decision made about any kind of a case, we will have all of the records available to the public and also, in cases where there
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conduct a public forum where we answer questions and we have the detective present, so we can talk about why decisions are made and what goes in to making those kinds of decisions. >> beth talked a little about transparency, one thing i have brought to the table and i am excited to do in fatal police shootings, an area where minority community does not trust the decisions we are making, is to have an indet is concurrent with the district attorney review process, for people who don't know the people involved in the police department to look at the same facts that we are looking at at the same time and raise questions and issues as they arise. because the number-1 question for people is, can you make a decision about a police officer's activity when one day you are using them for a prosecution, and the next day considering them for prosecution? it is a valid kern.
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you both of you, case devoters about where you differ and why that matters to them. i would like to hear from you, beth, then helen. >> i have spent my career standing up for people, standing up for the people of denver, first as a da and chief deputy, but also throughout my career when i have seen an injustice, i have taken action and gotten results. i will continue to do that for the people of prosecuted the law, i have supervised lawyers and i have made the law. with that kind of unique background, i would like to lead denver forward in criminal justice reform. >> i am a prosecutor, not a politician. i was last in the courtroom last week. beth las prosecuted a case in 1983. i like beth, i commend a lot of the work she has done, but leading the district attorney's
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innovation and leadership and proven ability to change. denver deserves somebody who is independent and who will make decisions based on facts, not politics. >> independent candidate helen morgan, democrat candidate
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did you see the weird looking plane that flew into buckley? there are other planes that can carry more weight but the super guppy is largest internal dimensions, used to transport over sized cargo, can't fit through rail tunnels or narrow bridges, it is flying out tomorrow, if you want to keep an eye out. it is on some kind of mission for nasa, they kill us and we could have to cancel next and there is a domino effect. if you have interest in becoming a firefighter, strike while hot. 15 are stream lineing the process to hire new firefighters, teaming up for one hiring pool. instead of potential paying $125 to take the qualifying for each agency, they can pay for one test and decide where they would
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longmont, north metro, westminster, among participating. there is a similar program in northern colorado. the dates are in october, details areen othe next facebook page-- on the next facebook page. the following story isn't about a driver who ruined someone's life, a 7-time dui offender. this is a good driver, one of the bes, he log-- best, he logged more miles than most ever will and his record is sparkling steve. >> put your belt on. >> okay. >> away we go. >> got the uniform complete with the short shorts, and i have the expert trainer, stan mckinster. >> just shy of 39 years. >> 39 years, 600,000 miles logged, 4 million packages delivered, and in all of that time... >> i had one little accident.
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february of 1986. >> reporter: that is it, explains why he is part of ups's circle of honor, drivers who had more than 25 safe years behind the wheel at work. no speeding tickets. >> what is your driving record in your personal car? >> one ticket in my life. we honk so people know we are backing. >> and reflexes. i credit his self control. >> you going to race >> no, i won't race him. >> reporter: bottom line, when you care that much about your job, you do well. would you have done any other job? >> you know, i don't know. i have a love for kids, i could have been a teacher and a coach i think, when i really look back at things. my presidential routes, i--rential routes, i had a lot of family and kid, graut to bring them joy with-- got to
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that has been fun. >> when you have a record like that, you are always striving to do something better. 600,000 miles, how many more? >> i am thinking of retiring in january. but my plan is to go drive a school bus. >> seems like you have the references to pull it off. >> i hope so. >> here is a fun fact, when you do a story with ups, you have to dress up, i am not making this up, kyle, i am not, they sent an and everything, which i don't know if-- >> can we go back to the shot that shows his legs again? that is nice, i like that. >> i had the boots but they gave socks. check that out. >> no, i checked it. >> lot of leg. >> i checked it quite solidly. steve staeger, everybody. dmv got back about the
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new information from the colorado dmv since the beginning of t spotted 219 duplicates out of 1.3 million registered, they think confined to december of 2015, we will follow up with them and the invitation for them to come on still stands. special delivery. >> get the shorts out of here. on twitter randy says the comment about deep injection wells priming earthquakes is speculation and opinion, not proven facts. you gave opinion.
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usgs study about colorado specific earthquakes that did link them to waste water injection, i love you, randy, but science that you don't like is not opinion. it is still science. and there will be more right
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jon versus kate gosselin. the new war over their kids. >> she doesn't like me at all. >> jon spilled the family not holding back. why she sent one of her sons away and why their two oldest daughters want nothing to do with dad. >> we're kind of not talking right now. then -- secrets behind britney's carpool karaoke with james corden. and why "america's got talent" host nick cannon is now a college student. and how you can get gorgeous
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nanny to giving hollywood stars show-stopping hairstyles. now for august 24th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody thanks for joining us here in hollywood. kevin fraser is still taking care of business in new york today. hi there, kev. >> reality tv's most famous exes are at it again. it looks like jon and kate, plus kate. she's lashing him in a brand new expose and the interesting because jon just fired a away at her when he sat down with us. here's the big question -- is kate out for revenge? >> i don't really talk to my ex-wife. so it's all kind of just helter skelter like i have my life and she has her life. matt and kara i don't see that much or often. we're not talking right now and colin i haven't seen for a really long time. >> six days after jon told us that, kate shot this cover article for "people" magazine


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