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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  August 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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gary, corey and marty here with you this morning. rain is a nice change -- how long will it last?
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alongside district attorneys -- is now being prosecuted by one. sedgwick county sheriff tom hanna faces felony charges involving the sexual assault of a developmentally disabled inmate. the details can be hard to hear.. hanna learned about the charges against him wedneday.
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10th that he was going to drive a female prisoner to logan county jail - in his personal truck. instead, the deputy says the truck ended up at the sheriff's home. investigators interviewed the inmate a woman who says she has a low i-q. she told investigators the sheriff had her strip down, offered her 60 bucks and sexually assaulted her. wednesday - a judge approved the d-a's request to bring in a special prosecutor. the d-a says the investigation into hanna was awkward and uncomfortable -- but she doesn't want it to reflect hanna's bond was set at 250-thousand dollars. he has to stay at least a hundred feet away from the sedgwick county sheriff's office and will wear a gps device. he's due in court again in logan county on september 16th. police have doubled the reward in their
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teenager -- who's been missing for more than a month. it's up to 4- thousand dollars now. 16-year-old lashaya stine was last seen on july 15th near montview and peoria. police say a witness may have seen her two weeks later near a bus stop in the 16 hundred block of peoria. lashaya is 5 feet 6 inches, with long black hair and a quarter size round scar on her chest. if you have any information regarding her whereabouts-- you're asked to call crime stoppers at would could get the reward, you do not have to give your name. if you recognize these two -- the arapahoe county sheriff wants to hear from you. last month - in the 13-hundred block of south parker road -just off mississippi ave- surveillance video caught a man and woman walking into a building and getting on an elevator. a little bit later -- they run away - the man missing his shirt. deputies say the two were in the middle of a burglary- when the owner caught
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if you recognize them, call the arapahoe sheriff or metro denver crime stoppers -- you can remain anonymous. police are looking for one very busy bank robber. they say -- he's robbed at least four banks in the denver area. police are looking for 39-year-old shawn william scott. the most recent robbery - was back in june - at a vectra bank on speer boulevard. scott was photographed at all four robberies - and witnesses say he leaves the banks on a bike. he is balding - with a mustache and be a sides of his neck. crime stoppers is offering a 2- thousand dollar reward. around the world yesterday - multiple earthquakes hit - ruining towns and prompting massive rescue operations. in italy -- more heartbreaking news.. officials say many of the people killed after a six- point-two magnitude quake -- were children. as of this morning - 247 people are dead and hundreds injured. the quake hit several mountain towns in the middle of the country early wednesday
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almost 100 miles away. also on wednesday -- an even stronger earthquake hit the asian country of myanmar. experts say it was much deeper underground - so the surface effects weren't as severe. still - at least three people are dead and several centuries-old buddhist temples were ruined. a third earthquake also registered off the indonesian coast.. so here's some perspective... an assistant professor in geophysics at the colorado school of mines says earthquakes of these three - were not related. nissen says italy has a long, documented history of big earthquakes in the central part of the country. he says the lesson
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earthquakes - by retrofitting buildings to make them stronger. mutiple tornados devastated indiana wednesday -- flattening homes and businesses. about a dozen people had minor injuries, but thankfully -- there were no reports of any serious injuries. howard and montgomery county were the hardest hit. the national weather service says - an e-f-3 tornado hit howard county - bringing winds up to 165 miles per hour. vice presidential candidate mike pence took a day off from the campaign trail -- and returned to his job as indiana's governor. today -- he will tour the damage to his state -- after several tornados swept through on wednesday afternoon. pence will start in ko-komo - part o
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also make a stop in montgomery county. the war of words on the campain trail continues. donald trump called hillary clinton a bigot -- saying she was only after minority groups for their votes. clinton is expected to give a more detailed response later today... she says -- donald trump's attacks and recent campaign shifts - are desperate moves. today -- clinton will make a campaign stop in reno, nevada. trump is set to meet with latino and african american leaders in a national organization is asking both candidates -- to stop campaigning for at least one day -- on september 11th. this year marks the 15th anniversary of the attacks. the group wants a day of national unity and pride to remember and honor the events of 2001. the campaigns haven't responded yet. back in 20-12 -- both mitt romney and president barack obama agreed to a similar request. this november -- you get to decide if next election cycle will look very
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secretary of state's office says- two ballot measures got enough petition signatures to make it on the ballot. one would get rid of presidential caucuses and replace them with primaries. another would let unaffiliated voters pick a candidate in the primaries. this year democrats were frustrated with long lines at caucuses. and republicans didn't even pick a candidate. delagates were awarded later -- at the gop convention. it's back -- amtrack is partnering with the winter park ski
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for the upcoming season! 9news reporter vida urbonas will have more on that -- coming up.
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it's been gone for seven years -- 9news reporter vida urbonas has more on its return.. vida...this is something that people have wanted for a while now... winter park will announce details about train times and tickets .. today .. after a 7 year hiatus .. the ski train will run from here at union station .. to a new platform at winter park ski resort .. this of course will start this ski season. in the past .. the ski train ran from 1940 to 2009. it was discontinued in 2009.. it was jt run. so now .. amtrak is partnering with winter park to bring the train back. in march of 2015, amtrak and winter park offered skiers a chance to try out a ski train for two days. tickets sold out for both days. amtrak studied that trip to see if it made sense to make it a more regular ride.. cdot also studied that trial weekend .. it said the ski train could take up to 500 vehicles off of i-70 during peak ski traffic times. this morning.. winter park will give us more details about train times and tickets..
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for the national park service -- they're turning 100 today -- and there are some big plans for the centennial celebration. president woodrow wilson created the national park service on august 25, 1916. today -- about 22- thousand people work in parks across the country. and that doesn't even include over
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celebration -- visit one of colorado's national parks this weekend -- it's free! n-p-s is waiving admission fees to all of its parks - from today through the 28th. colorado has 8 sites around the state -- including parks, trails and monuments. probably the best known here -- rocky mountain national park is the third most visited in the country -- and saw more than 4 million visitors last year. the park its- than the national park service. president wilson established rocky back in january 19- 15. it's spread out over 415 sqaure miles -- and is open 24/7 - all year long. and while you're out -- grab a postcard -- and share the beauty of the parks. the u-s postal service is celebrating too -- they issued "national parks
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all showing different views and wildlife you can find during a park visit. you're definitely going to want to wash your hands after this -- and probably grab a tissue -- because new studies show - your sneeze goes way farther than you think. and these days - a thief's job can be pretty easy -- especially if you have one of those cars that starts
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y23eiy yvpy car is pretty convenient -- for both you and potential thieves. police in atlanta are reporting a spike in keylss car thefts -- and are reminding drivers to pratice safe habits. gas stations and store parking lots are a hot spot... police say - thieves know how to tell which cars are keyless. and drivers sometimes get out of their cars without turning the engine off -- making theob time to get the hand sanitizer out -- a new study shows that a sneeze - can travel up to 26 feet. scientists at m-i-t say -- most germs land within three to six feet from the sneezer...but smaller particles can stick around for several minutes -- and they really know how to make their way
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arm, or better yet - a tissue..and make sure to wash your hands. alright broncos fans, get excited. no - we don't have a starting quarterback yet.. but -- we do have another preseason game this weekend! and if you think parking at the game is bad -- imagine trying to park at an apartment -- that doesn't have any spaces. we'll be right back.
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smaller these days -- they are. sales are up -- but sqaure footage is down. many developers say -- as millennials start to buy homes - they're looking for style -- including the latest home technology -- over space. now -- the average size of a newly built home -- is about 70 feet smaller than before.. builders say it they'll build according to current market trends -- and right now the market says - bigger isn't always better. if you think you have parking problems... wait till you see what some capitol hill residents say - they'll be up
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city council gave the go ahead to build one hundred micro apartment units - at the corner of 16th and humboldt. the average size will be 350 square feet. they will be located in two separate buildings. but -- there will be no parking. neighbors complained to council members who have now temporarily stopped issuing permits for similar buildings. others say the micro units are just what the city needs. only one other building with no parking has gone up since 2010. it's in the higalnds. the developer hopes to break ground on the
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hope solo - the goalie on the u-s women's national team -- has been suspended for six months. the suspension comes after comments solo made following the women's olympic loss to sweden. she called the swedish women's team "cowards" after the u-s lost to them in rio. u-s soccer says - solo's conduct "countered the organization's principles." she will not take the field again -- until february 20-17. the broncos - and all their prospective quarterbacks -- trevor siemian is set to start. coverage starts at six with a special edition of broncos tonight... and then kickoff is right around seven. some of our local heroes--will get to train like the pros today. it's the annual u-s- a-a n-f-l boot camp. 50 local members of the u-s military will be at the u-c health training center today. they'll take part in some n-f-l drills... before getting to watch broncos practice and meet with the players. camp begins right around 8-45 this
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today is all about celebrating man's best friend -- and encouraging people to adopt. you're sure to see puppy pictures all over social media today...share yours with us - use the hashtag "be on 9".. their love is unconditional -- but if you're looking to adopt -- keep in mind that the first year of ownership usually costs between 13 and 18- hundred dollars. after that -- it drops to about 600 a year. an unexpected way- hospitals are supporting victims in florida. in the next half hour- how they're reaching out to nightclub shooting victims and writing off millions of dollars. and sports authority sold everything- including your personal information. wehre your name, number and email will go next. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and
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