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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  August 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm MDT

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city. as we look at weather 8, you'll see clouds bunched closer to the foothills and the rain is currently falling on the west side of town. some of those thunderstorms did bring some thunder, some lightning and right now they are much calmer than what they were even an hour ago. weather 8 is where we have all the action now. depending where you're at through tonight in the city is where we could showers, a possibility you're going to check out those rockies. there's a potential for a few storms in the early innings and towards the end of the game we'll hang onto the cloudier skies. there's the view over the city. those clouds kind of stuck closer to the foothills, but most of the action has been happening to the south this afternoon near monument hill and palmer defiled. the amount of rain has been close to -- divide. the amount of rain has been
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state towards greeley, some thunder in parts of weld county and further south is where we currently have those flood warnings. there you see the area shaded in maroon still under that flash flood warning. it's part of the same system spinning over northern new mexico. the upslope flow is bringing storms from the south to the north and from the west to the east. additional rainfall this evening will be most gens foothills in the metro area and closer to the foothills we could see possibly up to .1 of an inch of rain additionally through this evening. we won't get rid of the clouds. it's so humid. in some higher elevations we could see more snow accumulated. through tonight our temperatures are expected to drop into the 50s. there's the rockies forecast as our temperatures will be in the 70s at the start of the game and through the end of the game you might need to use that sweater as we continue with those mostly cloudy skies.
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we're about 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago because of all these clouds that moved through. 56 will be your overnight low. there could be some areas of fog developing especially on the eastern plains as these winds come in from the east. stick around later in the show. if you haven't heard me talk enough, i'm going to talk some more in the full forecast. we'll track these storms for you, talk about the temperatures returning to their summer-like heat and we'll look at that labor day forecast as well. quickly approaching. >> we like hearing you talk. what are yo >> we don't have a problem with it. a teenager accused in a deadly hit and run did not have a driver's license according to denver police and he was drag racing. about 9:00 last night 26-year- old nicholas richland was crossing alameda at lowell when he was hit by a dodge caliber and died at the scene. police later found the 17-year- old driver. witnesses say before the crash they saw the caliber at a red light with a black sedan
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colorado law requires a licensed driver of at least 21 years old to be in the car with a permit driver. >> simply want no. 1, good instruction while you are in the car, not only do you need to learn how to control the car, but make wise decisions and not use poor judgment behind the wheel of a car. >> police don't know if anyone else was in that teen's car. they also want to find the black sedan and its driver and ask for any information to be shared with denver police. half that is because his dad tried to kill the toddler by crashing into cars at 70 or so miles per hour. isaiah's dad told police he tried to kill his son. he said he intentionally did not buckle him and drove hitting multiple cars. this happened last sunday. isaiah will eventually recover. his dad nathan weitzel told police he took cocaine the morning of the crash. he's in the arapahoe county jail on multiple charges including attempted first
4:04 pm investigators are trying to determine how a 6-month-old baby died at the primrose motel on federal and west55th. the child was dead when first responders arrived. cpr was performed on the child. the parents are cooperating. denver police say they had no choice but to shoot a man threatening them with a knife saturday morning. a woman called police about a disturbance at her home street. she said the man involved 49- year-old terry salazar had several warrants out for his arrest. when police arrived, salazar ran upstairs to a converted attic. officers followed, heard a woman screaming and kicked in the door. officers tried stunning him and say it didn't work and they say he kept coming. >> the officers were within 6 feet of the suspect when he lunged at them with a knife and they fired their weapon. literally their backs were up
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>> salazar died at the hospital. the officer who shot him is on paid leave. a second man at the house had several warrants against him. he climbed onto the roof to get away and was eventually arrested. actor and comedian gene wilder has passed away. he was 83 years old. wilder was known for bringing willy wonka to life in willy wonka and the chocolate factory as well blazing saddles. his nephew said today the actor and writer died earlier this month in stanford, connecticut, from complications from alzheimer's disease. wilder was diagnosed three years ago and chose to keep the condition private as to not disappoint fans. hundreds of people have been leaving their well wishes and memories of wilder on our facebook page. if you would like to leave a comment, head to, many quoting some of the movies he
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>> a sad day. 71 days is all the time candidates and voters have left before election day. a number of groups including the state spent quite a bit of time insuring as many people are registered as possible. 9news reporter ryan haarer joins us now and colorado has made a huge increase in voter turnout. >> the state has increased the number of active voters by 700,000. it's an incredible number. do ramped up efforts to reach those eligible to cast a ballot. >> hey, you registered to vote at your current address? awesome. have a great day. >> if you've walked out of a grocery store recently or been on a college campus, you've probably seen groups like new era colorado. >> new era colorado works to engage young people in our democracy. >> this group aims to continue to push colorado's voter registration numbers even higher. >> you have to register so that
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system. >> by tracking down millennials who one in three eligible voters across the country fall into that age range. >> colorado has made voter registration a whole lot more accessible to him, but for young voters, they need to be introduced to this process. >> colorado has made it much easier to register. you can even do it through texts now, but it's also nationally leading the charge to reach out to unregistered vote electronic registration information center implemented in 2012 uses information from the dmv to keep voter information updated. that info can be used to contact unregistered voters next month via mail and make sure they know how to register. >> young people are moving to colorado in droves, i think more so than any other state in the country comparatively. >> and so many new millennials will be contacted soon by the state reminding them to register in their new home.
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>> a new home that has one of the best voter turnouts in the country. >> how long does it take? >> like 90 seconds. >> absolutely. young voter registration and young voter mobilization is more important this year than ever before. >> millennials can do some damage this election season. the state's election director said colorado had the highest percentage of registered voters in the country, 83%. he credits that system and being one of the first states to introduce online there have been 1.3 million transactions on that web page since 2010. >> it sounds like other states might want to take note. >> absolutely. colorado has been at the forefront in terms of different ways that people can register. texting is just one of the many. >> reaching those millennial voters. thank you, ryan. coloradans will start seeing tv ads from donald trump. it's the campaign's biggest ad buy yet. a new ad will start running in 10 states totaling about $10 million. the trump campaign says it
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clinton would hurt job growth and wages. the campaign has already aired ads in florida, north carolina, ohio and pennsylvania. the newest spot includes colorado, iowa, nevada, new hampshire and virginia. even with the new ads clinton is still outspending trump in advertising. now he's only aired about $4 million worth of ads. the clinton campaign has spent 68 million during this general election. one of hillary clinton's closest aides is separating from her husband. former new york incident involving explicit text messages. in a statement released by clinton's campaign, huma abedin said after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage i have made the decision to separate from my husband. the new york post published photos it said weiner sent to a woman last year identified as a 40 something divorceee. weiner quit congress after
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messages. donald trump wallyed in today saying huma is making a very wise decision. i know anthony weiner well. she will be better off without him. a false report of gunshots in los angeles yesterday had come after officers detained a man they thought had a sword. the sword was plastic, but the perceived threat sent hundreds of passengers racing onto the tarmac and caused major flight delays. the man was dressed like zorro. at least 27 flights were diverted to other airports. starting today new licensing requirements are going into place for small commercial drones. the faa rules only apply to drones under 55 pounds and for nonhobbyist drone use. that means drones used for search and rescue missions, aerial photography, filming and construction. those drones can only fly during the day and the unmanned aircrafts must stay within the pilot's visual line of sight.
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continues to grow and evolve and develop, our agency is also charged with striking the right balance between innovation and safety. even as we harness the great potential of drones, we must develop the tools that protect both manned aircraft and folks on the ground from large. >> faa figures estimate that 600,000 commercial drones will take to the skies within a year. if you flew out of month, congratulations. you were part of history. the airport set new records for the top 20 busiest days in the airport's history. all of them were last month bringing in 5.4 million people. the busiest single day? july 29th just over 186,000 passengers. airport officials say no particular reason that day was so busy, though it was a friday. the airport is expecting even bigger crowds this weekend for the labor day holiday.
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10% busier than last year. always give yourself extra time heading out there. our super bowl champion broncos have a starting quarterback in a little more than a year. trevor simeon went from the b list of sleepers to opening day starter for the super bowl champs. >> 9news broncos insider mike klis joining us now. you've seen this decision unfold over the past few weeks for us. >> ye trevor simeon i think maybe a month ago, six weeks ago this would have been a surprise, but as training camp went along, as preseason went along, i think it did become obvious to not just gary kubiak that trevor simeon was going to be the starter of this team and he was on the b list when gary kubiak went to look at quarterbacks last year in the draft. he got a list of also rans and trevor simeon kwame on --
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actually he was on the c list. he found him on a windy day in notre dame. he won the game. he liked him. the next day simeon blew out his acl, but still kubiak had that tape of simeon playing for northwestern against notre dame and a year later he's replacing peyton manning as quarterback of the super bowl champs. >> we talk about this. kubiak, former quarterback himself, but also simeon >> yeah. that was a big factor i thought in that maybe he wasn't as big of underdog as we thought. everybody presumed sanchez would be the starter because he had experience, but none of that experience was with the broncos system, the gary kubiak system. paxton lynch, everyone was excited about him because he's a first round talent, but he's in his first baby steps with the broncos. so simeon had a full year, not
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with the kubiak offense, he had a full year learning under peyton manning and brock osweiler. manning is now retired. brock osweiler is playing very well in preseason for the texans. so those are two quality quarterbacks he learned from last year and he learned from kubiak. he's kind of like gary kubiak in a lot of ways, not flashy but solid, does the job. so the more you think about it, the more this makes sense. >> so what happens to now, mike? >> well, that is the big question. there are three options and the broncos are considering them all including bringing him back at a pay cut. i think it might be a substantial pay cut. i'm not sure if that's their top option, but that is a possibility right now. paxton lynch, that game against the los angeles rams, he had some shaky moments. is paxton lynch ready to come off the bench in the 2nd
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days? say simeon twists his ankle and has to come out of the game for a quarter or, so i'm not sure lynch is quite ready for that. so there is a possibility that sanchez stays. however, trading him is also on the table and if all those are exhausted, then they would release him, but he's not coming back on the no. 3 quarterback on his current 4.5 salary. that is the only thing that's certain about sanchez's future here. >> >> good point. >> you bring that up. he's not flashy and everything else. he really did hang in the shadows last year. >> yeah. >> i think people were behind the whole discussion with peyton and brock and who should start so much of the season when peyton was hurt. people didn't even know trevor simeon's last name or how to spell it i don't think. >> if they knew how to spell it, they couldn't pronounce it.
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isn't there and you'll have an easier time pronouncing his name. last year he was a seventh round draft pick and played surprisingly well in the preseason. that's why he made the 53 man roster instead of the practice squad where everybody thought he'd wind up coming off an acl injury at northwestern. no one thought he'd make the team, but he earned his way on the roster last year. now he's earn. his way to starter this year so i'm sure there's been other stories where a guy went from obscurity to riches. i just can't think of any lately. >> except for a guy that wore no. 12 years ago, but we'll clear for this-- clear for this 12. >> yes. >> who is that? >> this guy brady somebody? >> you're right. >> nobody knew his name before. whatever.
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his teammates? >> yes. when gary kubiak talked about it at his press conference and made the announcement, there was applause in the players meeting room. so that must have been a cool meeting for trevor simeon. i'm not sure he felt it. he does have a slow heartbeat. he doesn't mind the media, but he's not going to say anything very provocative. he's rather not make -- he's a down to earth guy. he's know he'd rather not make headlines about something he says. it's not about him. that's the way he was raised. it's about the people around him. that's not bad. i've said this before and please, i'm not comparing him to joe montana, but joe montana had that type of personality where he was low key and it was like pulling teeth to get him to say anything interesting in ms. -- his press conferences. you don't center to be a fire and brimstone leader in order to be a quarterback.
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down to earth. drew soicher is frustrated, but get over it. it's not your problem. >> reporter: i kept trying to tell drew get used to this trevor simeon guy, that he was coming on and i think drew like a lot of people thought mark sanchez was going to be the quarterback because of his experience. actually what wound up happening is i think the experience worked against him. he has such a reputation for turnovers that every time he made one ev goes again. so i think every turnover he made, every mistake he made kind of piled onto his past and he couldn't get over that. kubiak went with his gut and he went with the eyeball test here. he does look trevor simeon. he's the only guy who discovered him out of northwestern through watching that tape, so now he has his man. >> should be a fun season. >> thank you, mike. bronco fans love it and got to
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else involved. some good news for families worried about the cost of epipens. >> and colorado olympian comes
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okay. this is not a good start to your day, i mean not at all, bad monday. a car took a plunge after a water main break near baltimore this morning. the driver is okay. crews are still trying to figure out how it happened. at least 135 homes and an apartment complex have been without water just because of that water main break. air bagmaker takata might be in trouble yet again. a truck carrying takata air inflators with a volatile chemical crashed and exploded in texas last week leveling a home killing a woman inside and hurting four others. takata use as money upnitrate -- uses ammonium nitrate in its air bags. the chemical used without a drying agent can malfunction.
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being issued of the life saving epipen. congress asked how mylan should be investigated after a 400% price increase. here is nbc reporter erica edwards. >> reporter: after enduring sharp criticism for dramatically raising prices drugmaker mylan announced it's launching its own generic version of the epipen listed at $300. th brand name epipen. mylan ceo released a statement reading in part that the generic will offer a long term solution to further reduce costs and ease the burden and complexity of the process on the patient. some pharmacists are wary saying they'll believe it when they actually see the price fall. >> i'm glad they're potentially lowering the price, but even at $300 it's still very expensive. >> reporter: mylan's generic
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pharmacists will be able to swap in the generic if doctors write a prescription for epipen. epipens deliver an emergency dose of epinephrine when people suffer dangerous allergic reactions. last week in tucson, arizona, a school nurse used one on a high school senior. he had a few bites of a friend's lunch not realizing he was eating peanuts. >> my throat closing, my cheeks getting puffy, my lips ge >> reporter: the generic epipen is expected to launch in a few weeks. >> other companies are trying to get fda approval for generic versions of epipens. this particular one won't need fda approval since it's the exact same product already on the market. several major theme parks in orlando are offering free bug repellant to visitors because of concerns about mosquito transmitted zika virus.
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are handing out spray free of charge at their parks. theme parks say visitors are still worried. the department of health is investigating zika transmitted cases in miami-dade and palm beach county in south florida and cases in tampa. if you have young athletes at home, you may want to push them to try more than one sport. >> if you feel like always throwing out produce, i'm one, there's some easy solutions for
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? sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed.
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yuck. look in any office refrigerator and you'll see some food that didn't stay so fresh, but could switching up your container help keep your produce fresher longer? consumer reports tested some popular brands. more than half the produce we buy ends up in the garbage. what's the best way to keep food fresh and stop the waste? consumer reports tested seven containers including the oxo
4:29 pm
and the rubbermaid freshworks also $20. they were filled with raspberries, strawberries, baby leafy greens and head lettuce and samples were stored in their original clamshell containers. they were left in the refrigerator and checked regularly. the strawberries in the rubber made looked better than the others, but is it -- rubbermaid looked better than the others, but is it worth buying special better than the original clamshells. >> reporter: produce stored in an evaporative refrigerator which chills the freezer and refrigerator sections separately lasts longer, but if you store foods in the right place helps. store fruits and vegetables in low and high humidity bins in the refrigerator when you bring them home. broccoli and leafy greens should go in a high humidity drawer. the low humidity drawer is best
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fruits and some produce should never go in the refrigerator. tomatoes do best stem side down on the counter. keep potatoes and onions separate because gases from the onions cause the potatoes to sprout. tarhonda thomas, 9news. >> here's a thought, too. your bread will last longer if you keep it in the freezer, the the refrigerator. take it it out as you go along. just throw it in the microwave and thaw it. >> it all makes se sports practice nonstop for the year, this might be something to think about. the american academy of pediatrics announced it fully supports students trying difference sports before committing to just one. you don't want children to specialize in a sport at least until they're 15 or 16. the head of the sports medicine department at children's hospital in virginia says he wants schools, families and organizations to require more off time. right now some states only require three weeks off a year.
4:31 pm
times a week a young athlete who in their early teens are bushed out who don't want -- burned out who don't want to do their sport anymore. >> a guy who can chase down a baseball can also be a wide receiver with his island coordination he can catch the football -- with his eye hand coordination he can catch the football. >> it's an interesting debate. i -- i wasn't very athletic, but i had a lot of friends into sports and they were all multi- sport athletes. >> that's one of the big concerns because overuse of specific muscles is a big problem. you commit to baseball. you play it year-round. that's why they see tommy johns surgeries and a lot of other problems is because they're using the same muscles and they're growing at the same time or concussions and whatever. >> it's supposed to stay fun. we've seen a lot of
4:32 pm
necessarily like it as much as they used to. >> when the kid burns out, mom and dad are saying what? i spent all this time and money. they're done. be happy. your youth is -- you should have fun when you're a kid. even in the rain, you're dancing in the rain when you're a child, right? >> yeah. >> we don't complain about it. we got a little rain this afternoon. >> there's a great quote that says youth is wasted on the
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taking a live look at i-25 and fenton, had to look up where this of. it's between springs and pueblo, pouring down there. >> yeah. they have seen a lot of rain, a lot of hail this afternoon, southern colorado been hit kind of hard, but we've seen some rain around here, too, as well. then we're expecting some 80s.
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joining us from the inside? >> yes. because there is some rain outside and we've been hearing some thunder and lightning. so the temperatures this week will be in the 80s, but there's a big difference from temperatures in the low 80s to the high 80s, right? eventually we'll work our way into the warmer temperatures. remember that song house of pain jump around? you're singing it now, aren't you? first i'm starting off with the highs today because we got into the low 80s 80s in northern colorado, 70s down south near colorado springs. they have been socked in with clouds and that heavy rain, but here's what's going to happen in your weather pattern. currently we do have this area of low pressure over southern colorado in the southern mountains. so eventually it will start working its way northward. we'll be under this area of high pressure for the end of the week to allow our
4:37 pm
the jet stream. our temperatures by the end of the week will be in the upper 80s. maybe it will be more pleasant to be outside, especially because our rain chances will go down as well. the rain forecast taking us through friday around 8 a.m., notice how most of the rain that falls from now through then will continue to be the heaviest in the mountains and to the south. we continue to see kind of the moisture working its way from the south to the north. so tomorrow into wednesday we're still in the low thursday, friday and even into saturday. that's when the temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 80s. remember i did say we'd jump around? let's bring you to the present and what's happening now. snow on top of pike's peak. earlier today even saw a snowplow trying to free up the road right there. we have had accumulating snow in some of our mountain peaks and down low near colorado springs heavy rain and also lots of hail just flooding the street. so thank you to our viewers who
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across colorado. here's where that storm is right now, the center of it. it's moving counterclockwise pumping a lot of moisture south to north. this easterly flow is causing the storms in the metro area this afternoon to travel east to west rate is into the foothills. the lightning strikes within the past half hour has been close to about 200 with most of it happening right in the central part of colorado as those easterly winds are bringing in all the foothills. right now around the metro area our rain has died down. we are seeing a bit more action in northern colorado for fort collins near greeley and weld county and also south near colorado springs. they continue to see some very heavy rain there. these clouds really cooling us down in comparison to 24 hours ago. the temperature difference from colorado springs, about 20 degrees cooler, about 12 degrees cooler here in the metro area. that's the effect of the clouds for you. the temperatures now in greeley
4:39 pm
in the mountains are in the 40s and 50s. through this evening i think we could still see the potential for some light showers, not expecting for those storms at least in the metro area to turn severe. we'll lange onto those clouds and a better opportunity to -- hang onto those clouds and a better opportunity to see those storms south of the city and near monument hill and castle rock. tonight mostly cloudy with areas of fog, could see dense fog in the eastern plains develop overnight through tomorrow. tomorrow 82 is the high, similar to today, but maybe less blue in the sky, less sunshine, more clouds and we'll continue to see that chance for showers. here's a futurecast taking us through the rest of the afternoon through tonight. notice how through 9:30 we kind of wrap up with the shower activity here. it's mostly to the south that rain continues to accumulate near el paso county. tomorrow morning all this area that you see there, those are
4:40 pm
that's developing through tomorrow. those winds continue to shift coming in from the east bringing all that moisture into the front range. through tomorrow afternoon a few storms around town and also scattered in the mountains and tomorrow around 7 p.m. still an opportunity to see brief heavy rain from a few storms that develop. the risk for severe weather tomorrow at least here in colorado is looking pretty low. there could still be the potential for some of those severe storms to develop to the south, especially when you consider the flooding they've seen and the flooding here is your extended forecast taking us through the middle of next week. showers in the forecast still for tomorrow through wednesday. then after that becomes a little drier and warmer, the taste of colorado happening this weekend. as of now it looks nice, a chance for some storms saturday afternoon, high 88, sunday 89 and labor day monday, the high 78 degrees. tuesday and wednesday next week temperatures will be in the low 80s, but we're starting to see
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welcome september. we'll get really close to that 90-degree mark by sunday. >> the song is stuck in my head now, belen. >> do you want to jump? >> pack it up pack it in let me begin. thank you. >> cool kid, that's what you are. a monday a miniature pinscher was found in a large hole on park hill golf club. >> missing since august 6th. thursday night a man spotted the dog in a large hole about 10 feet wide and 6 feet deal along the course. the hole was filled with yard waste, trash, a full sized mattress. the man rescued phil from the hole, called the number on his caller and returned him to his owners. unfortunately phil's leg was broken and had to be amputated. doctors say he's lucky to be alive. the manager at the golf club
4:42 pm
it. at least he's home. >> phil is home now. too bad about his leg. facial recognition software could be going more mainstream. >> why some people don't think
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? give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed.
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facial recognition technology is already in use by some corporations and law enforcement agencies. it could be coming to your kitchen, your car or your child's toy box. >> it's already weird on facebook when i go to tag somebody and then it pops up. it knows exactly who pransky. >> reporter: artificial intelligence is inching closer and closer to you. >> you can see it's able to detect faces. we're able to have it follow and turn and keep you in the vision here. >> reporter: the truth is artificial intelligence technologies are not new. just ask siri. >> our relationship works best when you say things to me. >> reporter: but sight hound, a 4-year-old company out of orlando is developing advanced
4:46 pm
steven niche says could revolutionize your daily life. >> it could be as simple as a device that sits on your kitchen table and when you come in in the morning, it can see you and recognizes you and can interact with you. it can tell you what your commute is going to be like, what the weather is going to do today. >> reporter: the possibilities are limitless as facial recognition makes its way to your vehicle so air temperatures and air bags are calibrated to specific drivers. it could allow track you room to room and, of course, unprecedented security potential. atm card or work ban stolen, a computer could quickly -- badge stolen, a computer could quickly scan it was someone else trying to use your card. those uses are advanced, but early versions of the technology are in place in both bars and malls allowing companies to estimate your age and buying habits, at tsa at
4:47 pm
pinellas and hillsboro offices. >> we stress very much in training it's just an investigative tool. you know as well as i do there's people out there that look a lot alike. >> reporter: the technology is getting better every day. it may not be long that it's good enough to recognize stars on tv long before you do. >> we put who they are, but we could also pu there, what film they're in. so you could get more information fed to you live in the video. >> reporter: within two years sight hound even expects cameras in kids' toys row moating more intelligent interaction -- promoting more intelligent interaction. you're going to scare a lot of parents when you say you're putting cameras in kids' toys. >> i think there's always fear that comes with phones that can understand voice, but what we normally find is the beneficial uses far outweigh the negatives. >> reporter: even if you
4:48 pm
facial reignition devices, before long it may be like so many other technologies where you won't have a choice. >> i'm not just your friend. i'm your bff. >> oh. >> i really don't want anybody to talk to me in the morning, i mean a good solid half hour. i don't want something chatting at me. >> i'm with you. >> that's kids, they'll need years of psycho therapy after having some bear talk to you. that's not right. >> that's kind of steve? >> slacker and steve? >> what do you think? >> we're pretty creepy, yeah. >> yeah. it's pretty creepy actually. i'm not sure i'm ready for it, but then again i kind of have that now in my house with some cameras that know who entered the alarm code and stuff. so we're getting there. we're talking about this weird thing that i don't know if you guys saw it or not. this guy had -- a 78-year-old
4:49 pm
woke up, could play the piano. >> how does this happen? >> we found other stories where people wake up and know how to speak italian, speak french and we're wondering if that happened to us, what would you want to wake up with? >> the power to parallel park. i can do everything else pretty good. >> that's the power outwant to wake up with? >> being able to parallel park a vehicle. >> i want to be a what do you guys want? >> you could be a jedi who just moves the car for him and parallel parks it for him. >> i have parking issues, too, but it just doesn't trouble me that much. i'd like to speak another language. >> i'd like to somehow fly. that would be kind of feet of. it's totally impossible, but -- fly. it's totally impossible, but maybe some traumatic event and
4:50 pm
>> thanks, guys. parallel parking, okay. >> i once got a compliment here in denver for parallel parking. i'm like what's the big deal? she's back making colorado one team u.s. sa soccer star. she's home. >> next she's sharing her
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ranch native mallory pugh is back from the olympics. at just 18 years old, pugh she's home. team usa soccer star and highlands ranch native mallory pugh is back home, the second youngest women's soccer player in history at age 18. she is the youngest player on the team. unfortunately team usa lost to sweden. she was helped off the field, too, late in extra time. she hurt her ankle. today mallory spoke at heritage
4:54 pm
hometown heroes assembly. she shared her story with students and encouraged them never give up. >> really just wanted to get out there that if you guys want to be something in the world, that you really can. if you set your mind to it, that it can happen and you just got to believe in yourself and just have fun throughout the years with it. >> pugh says growing up in highlands ranch really shaped her into the person that she is today. we are the 2016 paralympic games in rio. organizers say they are ready. >> there were some initial concerns last week about low ticket sales. organizers say they're getting more and more support from tv commercials and citywide marketing campaigns. rio is considered a difficult place for people in wheelchairs and with those of limited to get around because there's just not enough ramps. poorly equipped public transportation and badly
4:55 pm
a lot of help from the citywide efforts to add accessibility so more people can attend. the paralympic games start september 7th, a week from
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
so belen is joining us now again. she thinks she's here to talk about weather. >> no. we just want to wish her happy birthday. >> thank you. >> we wanted to sing happy birthday. so we went all out with cake pops. >> thank you. >> this way you just have like a bite of cake. >> you guys are so kind of thank you once, too. they're so small. >> so you don't feel guilty. >> i will confess i started off my day with a cake pop. the wonderful danielle grant came in and said here, have a cake pop. i cannot have enough cake pops. >> it's our little mini balloons. we promise we won't sing because you can sing and we can't. >> very true. >> thank you. >> you do that one kind of crazy rapping stuff.
4:59 pm
[ rapping sounds ] >> 9news at 5:00 is next. this is 9news. storms along the front range this evening are bringing heavy rain, lightning and high minor street flooding is possible tonight in the denver area. in colorado springs the same storm system dropped several inch of hail making roads tough to travel in some neighborhoods. down in southwest colorado sunday the same weather system created temporary waterfalls along an eclipse of red mountain pass between silverton and ouray. meteorologist danielle grant is joining us now. it looks like the worst flooding might be south of denver. >> definitely. nice to see rain in the metro area. it's been a dry month of
5:00 pm
on hd doppler 9. you can see the showers and thunderstorms pushing in from the east, northeast as the center of the storm is in parts of south central colorado. now about 145 lightning strikes going on statewide. in town all the showers and thunderstorms we had about 1:30, 2:00 fizzling out, but they are picking back up in fort collins, greeley, longmont, platteville, you folks getting in on those heavy downpours and you can see lighter showers in castle rock south toward advisory in place in el paso county until 6 p.m. that's where the heaviest showers will be. by 11:00, midnight everything starts to wind down. tomorrow morning we kick off the day with a little sunshine and more storms in the afternoon. right now low 70s, 64 in greeley, grab a sweater. you'll want it later tonight. we will monitor a couple evening storms here and there and a very similar setup on tap tomorrow, too. i'll go over the timing when i anticipate more storms moving


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