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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  September 1, 2016 1:05am-1:46am MDT

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? how many years does it take to erase all of
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donald trump unveils his immigration policy. >> let me tell you about my an with mexico's president. our experts weigh in. a driver trying to get away crashes into a daycare in aurora. >> this is by a mile, the most unusual event that can never happen. >> the national weather service has never seen anything like it. three major storms bear down on u.s. states thousands of miles apart. people who need an epipen have resorted to shopping for them online.
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-- 9news starts now. forget a pivot on immigration, forget softening his stance, donald trump doubled down tonight on a hard line against illegal immigration, promising to build a wall and deport millions. he spoke in arizona after a trip to mexico to meet the country's president. 9news' with details. >> reporter: donald trump said he would come down hard on people living in this country illegally. he previously indicated he might soften his stance but tonight he said there would be no path to citizenship. he also said he would immediately begin deporting some of those who are here illegally. >> this won't be a rally speech. per se. instead i'm going to deliver a detailed policy address. >> reporter: when he started throwing out details donald trump repeated his number 1 priority. building a wall and making
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, powerful, beautiful southern border wall. >> reporter: trump promised to end the so-called catch and release of people illegally. and enforcing a zero-tolerance policy in deporting those suspected of committing a crime. >> there is only one core issue. in the immigration debate. and that issue is being of the american people. >> reporter: trump also committed to hiring 5000 more border patrol agents. and increasing the number of border patrol stations and to block funding for sanctuary cities. early today donald trump caught people by surprise with the last-minute trip to mexico city to meet with president enrique pe?a nieto. there discussion included trade and immigration and that controversial border wall. >> we did discuss the wall. we didn't discuss payment of
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>> reporter: later president nieto sent out a tweet saying they did talk about who would pay and nieto said it wouldn't be mexico. many political experts said the trip was a gamble for trump after he previously compared nieto to hitler. nieto said mexico demands respect. >> kyle, he made his speech in a very republican state on the border where illegal immigration is a big problem. he also said none of the 11 million people would be exempt from enforcement. that's the way he put it. he didn't get into much detail how he would remove them except to say criminals will be the priority. >> could be a turning point, a seminal event. vicente, thank you. we asked our political experts for their thoughts following tonight's speech. and whether this will help trump close the gap with hillary clinton. >> he has been all over the
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weeks. he started this campaign saying he's going to build a john wall. they are rapists and murderers, some of them he assumes are good people, goes to mexico, meets with the president, totally refuses to discuss the payment of the wall. mr. big chief negotiator. >> and he was back at his starting point. full-circle. >> if you're talking about a contrast with hillary clinton, like, he went to mexico. he met with the president. hillary clinton has not. he gave a speech. >> she's been invited. if we're talking about the juxtaposition, i think it's fine because as we all know, hillary clinton now has negatives that are as high or higher than donald trump. >> a spokesperson for hillary clinton's has trump's speech can only help her campaign register new voters. earlier today, clinton calls trump to -- trip to mexico a photo op. she spoke to the american
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are not a one-shot deal. and that she's learned through her tenure as secretary of state it is daily artwork. >> you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends. or acting like a loose cannon. people have to get to know that they can count on you. that you won't say one thing one day and something totally different the next. and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by home again. >> mexico's president also invited hillary clinton for a visit as we mentioned. her aides say she has no plans to go as of now. denver police investigating the death of a pedestrian. near the intersection of first and down. not releasing any other details at this point. witnesses say the person who was hit was a woman. the intersection shut down for the time being.
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center in aurora off south havana after an officer noticed a car suspected in an earlier hit and run. niners reporter noel brennan has the story. >> oh, my god. what could have happened? >> reporter: arrange the pieces of the story on a different day and it could have been tragic. >> thank god that nobody got hurt. seriously. thank god. >> reporter: masroor farooqi owns this preschool in aurora. >> i was sitting over there in that chair facing the business on the computer. the next thing i know the car came in. >> reporter: the car missed him by feet and plowed into the infant room. hitting cribs that happen to be empty. i mean, what do you say when you look at it? what do you say? >> reporter: aubrey anna was not hurt. her family is thankful for that. >> like, you would never think that something like this could happen to you.
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>> reporter: police say the driver had been involved in a hit and run. officers chased the car through the parking lot where it hit a parked car before the daycare. >> one i saw had a minor scratch. >> reporter: two kids were taken to the hospital. they should be fine. >> this is the most, scariest event that can happen in a childcare center. >> reporter: the driver didn't get very far. >> only a foot out, the two cups who were there pulled him down. then they arrested him goes where he needs to go. >> reporter: everyone can be thankful the pieces of the story came together the way they did. >> charges are pending against that driver. police say they could include hit and run, reckless driving and dui. kyle, we know the worker, workers say they -- there were 35 kids inside the daycare at the time that this car plowed through. thankfully everyone okay.
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different story. thank you. tropical storm hermine has triggered the first hurricane watch for west florida in years. heavy rains have already started as the outer bands of the storm moved to shore. in tampa some streets are already flooded. cars have gotten stuck and stalled in the deep water. the threat is to make landfall thursday afternoon. first responders have evacuated people living along the coast. shut down schools and colleges for the rest of the weekend open shoulders for evacuees. >> oh, my gosh. this is my first time. and i am petrified. >> if hermine strengthens and does become a hurricane, with 74-mile an hour winds or more, before it hit lands, it would be the first to hit florida in 11 years. two hurricanes are headed toward hawaii. the first is meddling expected to pass very close to the big island on the south side of the chain. behind it is hurricane lester
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may move to the northernmost islands over the weekend. people living there are stocking up on supplies. hurricanes have hit the islands but it is rare. the most devastating passed over kawhi on september 11th, 1992. >> we went through this last year at this point. we had three hurricanes all in a row. this was only two. so we're better off this year than last but these are more serious, they are much more strong. so i think there's a lot of people paying a lot closer attention >> hurricane madeline is forecast to brush the southern end of the island, gusts up to 100 could hit the highest point of hawaii on monica day. in colorado a few showers in the mountains and to ourselves but the heavy rain has stayed away from the area. we will have the holiday weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. three injured denver police officers are expected to recover after a struggle and
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who was killed. police say the man tried to take one of the officers weapons. the incident started on west bates avenue not far from the south of federal. officers were trying to serve warrants on the suspect at a home and he escaped out a window. dpd said the officers caught up with him and then there was a struggle. several shots fired. the man was hit. he was pronounced dead at the scene. none of the officers were shot. two of them were taken to a hospital. dpd has not elaborated on injuries. they are on administrative leave which there's a shooting like this. there's a new layer to the epipen story that's making news nationally. we found people selling epipens on craigslist. four separate ads. epipen junior, two packs, even one for an expired epipen. at least the person who posted about the expired one was honest. i googled it. it says they might still be fine. actually, it's illegal to buy or sell prescription meds unless it's through a pharmacy. obvious safety issues.
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concern where the epipen that's being sold or purchased may not contain epinephrine. the active medication used for a life-threatening allergic response. third, we may have a contaminated product since it's being sold outside of a license pharmacy without a valid certificate. >> i'd encourage you to check out our investigation of the political favors and defining media coverage that epipens maker got in the years leading up to the price hike and the public outrage. you'll find that on assigned the letters before they open. it's tough to picture the train to the plane getting an a nowadays. more operational problems and delays on the line today. trains are operating normally tonight. we thought it was time for a deeper examination of what's going wrong with that train and what rtd knew about the problems and when. went rtd's chief sat across from me in june he said he knew of no problems in the lead up to the launch. our nine wants to know team
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rtd knew about the problems before they put people on the train. >> reporter: things could have gone better. we get it. we been more than willing to tell you about the problems. >> thrown off. >> reporter: a few months ago the head of rtd assured us -- >> we didn't see issues in testing, that caused us any concerns. >> reporter: assured us the problems >> i would say there really were no problems during the testing phase is. >> reporter: now we know he didn't tell us the entire story. like the chapters tucked away in these records we got through the open records law. in order to understand what we're about to tell you, you have to understand this. in the five weeks leading up to the actual open of the a-line, denver transit partners put trains on the line to test the system. they kept to the schedules they
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score of 95 or above on 21 consecutive days. >> you didn't come anywhere near that. >> reporter: rtd spokesperson instead of getting to the goal of 21 consecutive days of 95 or above like this, the a-line delivered six days. not six consecutive days. but six passing days in all. six. that's it. still the a-line opened up on time, on ap read says he knows what you're thinking but -- >> we knew that going in. it was going to be almost impossible to hit that. >> reporter: impossible maybe. but the report suggests a number of problems from a rescue train that broke down trying to rescue a broken down train, to consistent problems with many of the crossing lines. the problems that to this day require two people to monitor every crossing 24 hours a day.
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not what our passengers expect. >> reporter: rtd says the goals were a stretch. and there were no requirements the a-line meet them. >> you shoot for the stars and still reach the moon. scenario. so i think that's exactly what we did on this. >> reporter: today, another glitch on the a-line. >> i am writing the train to the airport. >> causing more people to wonder. >> closed down. oh great. are we going to have to stop? >> reporter: to wonder, maybe someone might have seen this coming. >> that was chris vanderveen reporting. rtd insists what it's general manager told me does not conflict with what rtd told chris today. rtd also says the testing phase revealed no safety problems. that would have warranted delay in the opening day. we'll continue to poke around on this. chris vanderveen the story aired on next, our new nightly news program airing at 6:00 p.m. on 9news. you can see our reporting
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on the next facebook page. forget the bake sales, the boy scouts got a better way. if you want the pink flamingos, you have to pay. most people flashed their lights to warn oncoming drivers about the speed trap. one guy in texas went a lot bigger.
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we'll see the flamingos around town from time to time. not made -- not native to colorado. the boy scouts do it as a fundraiser, they scatter pink flamingos and then ask for money to take them away. >> we usually do this at night around 9:00. so you wake up in the morning and you see these lovely birds in your front yard. and then we put a bag on the
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removed. it doesn't do much damage and we are not -- only a few holes in the ground. >> as the fundraisers usually work, there's another layer. if you pay a bit more, you can pick the next person to get flocked. there are apps that can tell you where police have set up radar. a man in texas assuming not everyone -- took it upon himself. pictures of his billboard are media. warning, speed zone ahead, lists several nearby towns. it is not intended to be a negative reflection on law enforcement. it is intended to warn drivers about communities he says use speed traps to generate revenue. we've already seen snow in the mountains. so it comes as no surprise that the leaves have started turning. in clear creek county there are already shades of yellow and red showing up in a few trees. temperatures have been getting cooler and while we'll stay
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will be here before you know it. it always sneaks up on you. august and september. >> what a difference a day makes. this time last night heavy rain, hail, lightning in the city, it was crazy out here. tonight a beautiful summer evening. we say goodbye to august with just a lovely day. the color in the sky at sunrise and sunset was which should be waning as we move into the new month starting tomorrow. average high in september in the 70s, average low in the mid- 40s. typically we see hours -- the first snowfall in september. no rain or snow tonight. that bodes well for your morning drive forecast with fair skies and light winds when you step out, temperatures tomorrow a couple degrees milder than today. 82 out at dia and that is a little bit cooler than the average and nowhere near record territory. something we talk about this time of year. high humidity, calm winds in
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with temperatures here downtown just a smidgen milder than that. we do have rising air pressure, winds out of the east southeast at about 15. and we're tracking a few weeks thunderstorms off the foothills tonight. but tracking from north to south. the storm on the far eastern plains producing thunder, lightning and rain. but nonsevere cells. the greatest threat has been near gunnison westcliff with an aerial flood advisory and flash flood warning. really the moisture much more limited the flash flood watch areas combined to southeastern new mexico and western texas. a turn that we'll continue tomorrow with tropical plume of moisture being pushed northward and eventually east. low-pressure stays to our north tomorrow. with the wind shift it will be slightly drier with the exception of areas west and south of the metro area down through new mexico and central texas. all of that tropical moisture funneling in this way. when you talk about tropical
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is forecast to make landfall near tallahassee tomorrow. or sometime early friday. then it will cruise across the carolinas and may affect the northeast coast come the weekend. so certainly the tropics very active and of course two hurricanes bearing down on hawaii tonight as well. 101 in phoenix, denver a couple degrees milder. a little bit cooler than what we might see this time of year. thundershowers attracting to the south, out but the low cloud deck, fog may be an issue. traveling eastbound on i-76 on the far eastern plains. thunderstorms in the high country, hard-pressed to move off tomorrow, so actually another calm quiet day coming up, lowe's in the mountains in the 40s. coming up out of the 30s with low to mid-50s for lower elevations. almost 90 in grand junction. low 80s in southeastern colorado. a little bit cooler than
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the fall just about three weeks away. in the city, still a few sprinkles possible, rumble of thunder, skies clearing, low 52. tomorrow a nice day coming up with foothill storms but denver basically dry. 102 may crews over the city but more widespread thunderstorm activity is expected on friday. ahead of a wonderful weekend forecast. sunshine, temperatures between 85 and 90 on saturday, sunday and monday. wonderful weather coming up for the holiday and for the first full week of the new month. spectacular pictures coming in on the digital network and course on facebook and twitter.
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from colorado sports leader, here is drew soicher. >> rockies rookie stephen carter low blew out his birthday candles with a win from his home run swing tonight. the rocks split a doubleheader with the dodgers in lower downtown. 1987, celebrated by walloping his first career major league home run. the rockies won the opener 7-0. and then in the nightcap, bases loaded, first inning, that's what i'm talking about, first career grand slam! he can live to be 100 and he will never have a happier birthday than his 29th. but the rockies blew it in the night. adam ottavino surrendered a two- out grand slam to andrew toles. the rockies lose 10-8 and snap the winning streak.
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cardinals in the preseason finale tomorrow night on channel 20. nine new sports reporter rod mackey and mike klis are in phoenix. >> reporter: welcome to toasty hot arizona. we just checked the temperature. it's 104 degrees. can i tell you how glad i am the game is indoors tomorrow? >> reporter: i wish we were indoors right now. we are the only ones standing outside right here. >> reporter: this is the game when people talk about it's a meaningless game but to a lot of these guys it's the bigges it could be the final game plus we are going to see the broncos future future, paxton lynch. >> reporter: that's right. 22 guys will be moved off the roster after this game. that's number 1. for the people that have their livelihood at stake. paxton lynch is supposed to take every rep, it's good for him. it's big for mark sanchez. if something goes askew with paxton lynch, there's a chance that mark sanchez might possibly wind up back on this roster.
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is on this roster. when they have the final cut downs. we'll see what happens with paxton lynch. >> reporter: a lot of people interested and in knowing how many running backs will be back. to cj and booker, but a lot of people believe is going to be one of those guys, ronnie hillman or kapri bibbs, both play tomorrow. >> exactly. that's a competition working against ronnie hillman is $1.8 million salary. premiums, better on special teams. still ronnie hillman gives them the speed element they need. juwan thompson at fullback is playing for his job. >> reporter: leading league rusher last year for the broncos, more touchdowns and yet on the bubble. we're going to get some air conditioning. back to you. ? new avalanche head coach jared bednarz seems so chiseled out
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be bedrock. a week after accepting the job, bednar was introduced as the seventh coach in team history. no nhl experience but he seems to understand how it works at this level. >> it is such an honor and i'm so grateful to be offered this job and to be the next coach of the apps. to me, there's no guarantees in life especially in this business. if i want to be the coach of the avalanche, three, four, five years from now, prove that i'm the right guy to help move this team forward. the still of the night comes from boston massachusetts where a lego statue of red sox slugger david ortiz featuring 34,000 bricks was unveiled in
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that's all the time we have. it's going to be nice tomorrow. >> yes.
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the big bachelor shocker. how nick viall went from -- >> the most hated man in the bachelor franchise. >> to fan obsession. >> now on "extra.? ? ? ? former villain nick viall's
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>> nobody saw this coming! >> why they picked him over luke and the bombshell bedroom confession's nick's making only on "extra.? >> say you're really into this girl, but you find out she's hooked up with a few of your friends. >> my friends? the standoff. the arrest. what really happened inside chris brown's l.a. mansion. >> well, it's a very crazy story. >> the beauty queen, the singer allegedly pulled a gun on is sending him a message. >> i would say -- >> couples news. rob kardashian and blac chyna's new "people" cover tell-all. >> we love each other. >> that's right. and blake and miranda, when nashville exes collide. kylie jenner, real estate mogul. inside the estate she bought next door to her house. >> how much kardashian cash she dropped. plus she quit hollywood for six years. why is renee zellweger back now
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>> is there a reason why you took a little break? >> yeah. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hi, everyone. welcome to "extra.? i'm mario lopez. rob kardashian ready to tell the world how his fiance saved his life and how he dealt with his 100-pound weight gain. also coming up, mario, oscar-winner halle berry flaunting her insane bikini body at 50. first, the top-trending story today. >> he's the two-time bachelorette loser who became one of the most controversial in reality history. >> you realize you could now surpass juan pablo as the most hated man in the bachelor franchise? >> that's unfortunate. >> shocking loyal fans, nick viall is getting another chance at love. >> how excited are you? >> i'm very excited. i'm more nervous. >> only days after getting grilled not only by me. >> who do you guys think should
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>> i don't know. i haven't thought about it. >> our media correspondent, hanna kahn, you are the next bachelor! rumor or reality? >> the first time i'm hearing about that. >> the big reveal on last night's after paradise. >> i've had an interesting journey throughout this process. it hasn't worked out so far. >> nick kicked to the curb by caitlin in 2015 and creating giant backlash after telling andy one year earlier -- >> if you weren't in love with me, i'm just not sure why you made love with me. >> promising renee he'd be a changed man the next time around. >> if i had that opportu i would hope that i was respecting everyone's feelings. >> the opposite of hate isn't love. love is hate. it's indifference. >> you nailed it, nick. >> the 35-year-old just sitting down with charissa, mad tv's adam ray and jason derulo for an extra weekend special, what women need. >> how far are you willing to go to please a girl? all of the way. to the end, you know? >> so why was he picked over fan favorites luke or chase? host chris harrison telling "people" magazine it's about giving him his chance to find


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