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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 2, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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mountain show at the high school high. we'll have all the details you need to know for tonight's big game. >> just pound the turf a little bit. getting around town this labor day weekend requires the brakes, planning, and patient. we -- patience. we'll help you navigate all of it. >> it can be busy downtown. hermine is flooding the area. we'll look at the storm that's moving up the east coast. >> it's finally friday. meteorologist marty coniglio has the forecast for you. >> we have a lot of periods of nice weather. today it gets stormy for lunchtime and beyond during the early afternoon. it's already raining in western colorado. we have clouds over us all night that's kept temperatures up a little bit. if you're sniffling or itching or sneezing more than normal,
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something to keep in mind if you're an allergy sufferer. rain is headed out of glenwood springs, up the river toward the vail area. we'll have it moving across the lunch hour today, lasting until late afternoon. by 4:30 to 5:00 p.m., starting to transition east out over the plains. that means some of our evening activities today could be in very good shape. last night we had storms the foothills. today it looks like an earlier start to the storms, which means an earlier exit so the storms. great news. taste of colorado, both days, a small chance of storm in the afternoon and evening a. warm day coming up over sunday. we'll be talking about the rocky mountain showdown and the rockies game forecast coming up in just a few minutes. as you head out today, dry roads for now. midday, we could see a little bit of difficulty if you're
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drive. the lunch hour drive tends to be busy and the afternoon commute starts early. with all the events taking place, we expect it to begin at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. right now, we're focusing on the pick picture perfect dry. the denver drive, we're really looking good. we have weather graphics up here, which i would be happy to talk about. trafficwise, it's nice, calm, clear across the u.s. probably a few traffic issues, but we'll talk about those coming up in a few minutes. all you need to know, cory is it's okay. >> why don't you come over here and anchor as well. rams versus buccs, today is the rocky mountain showdown. cu boulder is defending its title this year while colorado state is looking for revenge. football fan or not, the game will likely effect the plans.
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yet? >> reporter: not yet. just us. they have the parking lot locked down. they will have it locked down until 2:00 this afternoon. i'm sure there's a lot of people really excited to be out here today. starting at 2:00 this afternoon, they're going to open up the park lot. that's when they say the fans can roll in here. they're going to have overlow parking at the pepsi center. they want to make it clear, if you plan on coming out here, do not park in the neighborhood on the streets. if you don't will get ticketed and towed. just a heads up on all of that. i want to talk about the 88th 88th rocky mountain showdown. can you believe that? it's at the high school high stadium tonight. the buccs will try to make it two in a row. there are state bragging rights that last all the way until next year. if you have not purchased a ticket for the game, there are still tickets available for the
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colorado state. back to the rivalry here, both teams say they're ready, they're prepared. >> we're not looking to lose. we just want to win game by game and hopefully our fans don't talk too much smack if we win. if we do, so be it. >> the fact that we're in the same state, i want to win. if i ever go down to boulder, i want to be able to hold my head up high and look you in your eyes and give a little smirk. once again, parking lots open at 2:00. really want to start talking about this rivalry and how this breaks down. cu students are entering at gate 9:00. csu students entering at gate 9. you know it can get exciting and sometimes it can get heated as well. that stadium bag policy, the clear bag policy is still in place.
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if you plan on going inside the stadium tonight. >> we're going to go over all of that. it's funny they have to keep them separated. if you're going through the game, the walk-through security system will be active at mile high. the clear bag policy is also in effect at the stadium. fans can have one clear bag no larger than 12 by 6 by 12 or a one gallon clear freezer bag. the parking lot at the stad game. that's at 2:00 p.m. you with guy parking passes and rtd has options from buses to light rails. before you head to the game or start dodging game traffic, you can stop by the park for a taste of colorado and eat to your heart's content. the festival starts today and runs through the weekend. denver police will be there and crews will be there for the
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money, but the music is free. three large events at the park that are going to be happening over the next ten days. the big three event start with the taste of colorado. then there's the 2016 nfl kickoff celebration next weekend. then colorado remembers 9/11 concert. it's kind of an organized chaos. right now a lot of fun. don't plan on finding much parking in th all right. there is a lot to get around on the roads this weekend with so many events going on. amelia has been talking about it. >> let's talk about the taste of colorado. road closures began yesterday. they're in effect right around civic center park. colfax, lincoln, and broadway. those roads can be avoided by
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option. we'll expect heavy traffic starting out around 2:00 p.m. federal and colfax will see the heaviest delays. here's a tip. the csu and csu parking lots are completely separated. when you head in, head to the north and head to the south, depending on who you're rooting for headed into the game tonight. the rockies versus the diamondbacks. they have their first pitch at 6:40. around 20th and blake, that's probably going to kif mad house all throughout the weekend. plan ahead to enjoy it. anticipate those delays rather than getting frustrated as they kick in. >> absolutely. take a taxi, uber, bus, something. >> take a helicopter. >> take a helicopter, yes. travel delays are expected to see delays. based on past labor day
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eisenhower and johnson tunnels. the express lanes are going to be hope to try to speed your way home. the jefferson county sheriff's office, arvada police department, and lakeland police are all working together to set up some dui check points starting tonight. the rain to the plane has problems, rtd agrees, and it's withholding even more money because of all the breakdowns. rtd will not pay $800,000 because of poor performance. they have a 30-year contract with the company to operate and maintain the a line. a recent investigation shows the a line was already having operation problems before passengers ever got on board. investigations into a rocket's launch pad explosion is still under way. not clear why this happened. the space x rocket blew up and
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explosion throughout the morning yesterday. it happened in florida as the company was running main engine tests. it was meant to help expand internet service into africa. gosh, that image is pretty unbelievable. >> that's pretty wild, isn't it? hurricane hermine is headed toward georgia. it weeked into a tropical storm overnight, the east coast, into the carolinas, bringing heavy rain, possible flooding into that area. hermine was a category 1 storm with winds 80 miles per hour with even stronger gusts when it made landfall. tens of thousands of people are left without power as the hurricane pushed through. florida and most of georgia are still you should a state of emergency this morning. marty? >> reporter: that will continue to churn through the southeast.
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for us today, clouds this morning will transition into showers by lunchtime, if not a little before. late this afternoon, we'll begin to see the storm's exit. if the timing holds, and i hope it does, we should see the skies begin to clear by the kickoff of the rocky mountain showdown as we go into the 50s and 60s and 70s by very late in that game. same thing for the rockies. it so we do think the storms will be to the south and the east. a lot of folks downtown to enjoy the bucks, rams, or the rockies, diamondbacks. take your pick. >> it's going to be busy downtown. >> looks pretty good, that turkey leg. marty, thank you. rocky mountain national has new resident. they're furry and rare. they're black footed ferrets. they were released into the
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would thrive. they're considered extinct. they're one of the most endangered animals in the americas. animal experts are hoping the ferrets will get the prairie dog population under control. >> they crawl on you. >> they're adorable. >> all right. the broncos didn't end the preseason the way they had planned, but there were a few highs and lows that people are >> sit or stand, more than one player joins colin kaepernick
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well, the broncos had a little bit of disappointing end to their preseason, but a few signs of the regular season could be better. they lost to the arizona
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however, rookie quarterback, peyton lynch -- paxton lynch -- at least a flashback in my brain. paxton lynch made a few mistakes. he had a few moments of greatness. he started in arizona and came out of the gate firing. his first pass went for 57 yards and a touchdown. then in the 3rd quarter, lynch and taylor connected again for another touchdown. broncos down when huge mistake and threw a pick. just six more days now until the games start to count and a guy named trevor will be behind center. once again the national anthem opened up the 49ers game. once again colin kaepernick did not stand. this time more than one other
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he said he'll keep doing it because of police brutality against african-americans. seattle seahawks jeremy lang chose to sit at the start of the game. kaepernick did stand to salute the military later on on military night. after the game he said he would donate his first million he made to organizations that work with the community. today's job report could be a big one this morning. the bureau august numbers. analysts think the report could make the federal report likely to raise short-term interest rates. experts think the jobs report show an added 180,000 jobs. a solid number, but fewer than june and july. the unemployment rate could dip just a bit. beer has a big impact on colorado. we know that especially when it comes to craft beer and the
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business journal are reporting that craft beer's impact on colorado grew 50% last year. the industry brought in $1.7 billion to the state, partly thanks to independent breweries expanding and selling more to different states. there are more than 350 craft breweries in colorado. they employ more than 770 people. although sales are starting to slow a little bit this time of year. colorado continue to track toward the front range. we have some moderate to heavy rain through the central part of the state, especially eagle county and stretching over through glenwood canyon. by lunchtime they start to move over the front range. we'll move them to the southeast after 4:30 and 5:00 tonight. we'll really have a stormy night over the eastern plains during the evening tonight. looking ahead over the weekend, civic center park is such an
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colorado going on. a small chance for a storm late tomorrow afternoon and evening. it shouldn't last very long. sunday is looking dry. monday is looking dry. so all in all it looks like a fine holiday weekend coming up downtown civic center park. >> it really does. we're going to see huge crowds. in preparation for the taste of colorado. the essential boundary around it is colfax, 14th, broadway and lincoln. anything park. a lot of us have to work on friday before we start enjoying our holiday labor day weekend. the city is waking up, taking to the roads. no major problems across the freeways. up to the north, i'm getting word of a possible accident around 120th.
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burlington is 170 miles southeast of denver. if you really want to embrace the old west, a trip to burlington should be on your list. the old town museum really takes you back in time. this is a little tour of the 6.5-acre site. at high noon ever saturday, they have a live can-can show and a gun fight. the museum has 21 restored buildings, all very unique. inside these buildings are artifacts, handed down to
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tores that were -- ancestors that were once the first citizens in the city. >> probably 60 to 70,000 artifacts. so each building is full of artifacts from the turn of the century, and it presents itself in such a way that it looks like basically the people of that period left behind those things and you're walking into it the way it was. >> it's one of the oldest carousels in the you to that carousel. 46 hand carved animals. marty, there's nothing like a good old fashioned ride around the carousel for kids like us, i think. >> that sounds fun and beautiful. thank youment. two major events in the country. the biggest is tropical storm hermine. it has now transitioned up out of florida. we still have some bands of thunderstorms going down around
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this morning. the second one is right here in the west with a small low pressure area that's kicking off several areas of rain and thunderstorms in western colorado. we've seen anywhere from a third of an inch of rain from glenwood springs to .25 of an inch in -- mid of the day today, brief downpours are possible. after 4:30 to 5:00, the storms transition to the south and east. 70s and-- 80s for us here and 60s in the foothills. midafternoon, moving out onto the plains, it's going to be a stormy night, especially for castle rock and elizabeth and hunter and lamar. 70s, 80s east and west. 60s and 70s today in the mountains. in the middle of the day, we're anticipating rounds of thunderstorms moving through. low 80s. and then we drop into the 50s
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tomorrow is going to be much warmer. upper 80s to near 90 degrees. a small chance for a storm early. not many folks are going to be affected by that. morning clouds and afternoon sun and a very warm sunday. >> we've had a couple of issues pop up in our friday commute already. we're talking about the north end of our drive. we're starting out with our view here. near 120th, backups are not settled in. we're getting word of a northbound crash near the 120 120th avenue the maps. the northbound lanes are still in the green. it's only a 14-minute commute. if this does build up, we could need some alternates. we'll let you know as those factor in this morning. sky 9 gives us that view from above. if you're headed out, trains to the planes are running on type. if you want to take your car, the roadways are looking light. once you get to the airport
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they're estimated at 20 minutes
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all right. it is here. college football finally kicks off tonight. colorado and colorado state, the local big showdown here. it is also college colors day. we want to see your college spirit. send us your best photo showing off your school pride.
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>> there you go. all right. use the hashtag beb on 9. >> i think it's a good excuse to wear a hoodie to work. if anyone asks, we can say it's color day. >> why didn't we do that? >> i thought about that too late. rocky mountain showdown starts at 4:00. we're going hear from coaches, players. we're going to take schools on our state. he was facing his third bone marrow transplant alone after his wife got sick. but when you're as awesome as craig seager, chances are an nfl player will step in to help you out. >> that's it for 9news at 5:00 a.m.
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struck down at such a young age. today friends and family gather at a spot where a teenager was hit and killed. they're doing this to make sure no one ever forgets him. that's the claim from child pornographer jared vogelsong regarding one of his victims. good morning, everyone. hurricane hermine is now a tropical storm. it made landfall in florida overnight. its winds are steadily weakening as it makes its way into southern georgia. no reports of injuries or major damage. there was flooding.


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