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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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struck down at such a young age. today friends and family gather at a spot where a teenager was hit and killed. they're doing this to make sure no one ever forgets him. that's the claim from child pornographer jared vogelsong regarding one of his victims. good morning, everyone. hurricane hermine is now a tropical storm. it made landfall in florida overnight. its winds are steadily weakening as it makes its way into southern georgia. no reports of injuries or major damage. there was flooding.
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so marty, where is that storm headed next. we understand it could head right up the coast. >> it looks that way. we're going to have it centered in georgia. there's the center of the storm. there are bands of thunderstorms that go all the way town to tampa, florida. this is very heavy rain. now, rainfall rates of 2, 3, 4- inches per hour. we're tracking portions of so florida, upwards of a foot to up to 15 inches. it is moving as the storms continue to track through the carolinas this weekend. it's exiting very early tomorrow morning into early by midday tomorrow, we see it moving out of north carolina. several areas between 6-12 inches of rain in the carolinas, those are going to be the big problems down with this storm. that's the flooding, not really
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clouds are over us. they've kept us warm overnight. we're in the 60s right now. we have a storm system in western colorado that will bring some early showers to us today. in fact, we're anticipating showers as early as 11:00 a.m. and then wrapping up by 4:00 today. evening activities could be in good shape. we'll get you caught up on the rockies in a few minutes. >> we're checking in with sky 9. they're up and over sunrise officially not until about 6:29 this morning. so we've got a ways to go. traffic volume is pretty light here. we're starting to see cars out across i-25 between 104th and 120th. i'm focused mostly on the northbound side of the drive. possible northbound near the 120 120th exit ramp. our drive times are holding strong at about 14 minutes
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southbound traffic is doing okay. it's starting to filter in toward 84th avenue. i thought i would pop this up here. it's unusual to see a delay like this. they estimated their wait time. they're up to 30 minutes in a couple of lanes. they're headed out of town for a labor day travel weekend. this is notoriously a travel weekend. >> plan for extra time. amelia, thank you. those are the only things available to the aurora theater victims. they said they should have done a better job at protecting them from a mass shooting. the judge signed with the theater. thursday cinemark said they wouldn't make them pay the court costs if they agreed to not keep the case going.
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marijuana use in bars and restaurants in denver has qualified for the november ballot. the proposal bans smoking pot indoors but patrons could use edible or vaporized marijuana inside. bars and restaurants could continue banning marijuana if they choose to under that measure. well, it is a day that divides many, many families, makes enemies of friends. >> that sounds l. colorado. it is fun too. >> it's a big day. it's the rocky mountain showdown at mile high today. they will duke it out for their first game of the year. >> down at mile high this morning, vita, this is the biggest game every year for both teams r oh, it surgeonly
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>> reporter: you're right. this has really got a long history. i want to talk to you about the history. the winner of the game receives the centennial cup every year. it started back in 1983. it was played annually with just a few exceptions. in 1958 it was stopped. most of the time to time. it's been played in other stadiums at fulsom field. really it's grown so huge, and there's such a big rivalry they wanted to put it on neutral ground. we've been seeing it here at mile high for many, many years now. again, the bucks will try to make their second win in a row
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the parking lot will open at 2:00. not only are we dealing with labor day weekend, we're also dealing with a lot of events going on tonight here downtown. >> it's going to be very busy, that's for sure. thank you. >> we did some digging and found fulsom field is named after legendary university coach craig fulsom. it hoped there's upgrades on the way. these are some of what we're going to be talking about this afternoon on 9news at4:004:00. this football season is the final one at hughs stadium. next year, the rams move to a newly built stadium.
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available for tonight's mile high showdown. and you can get them from colorado and colorado state. there are tickets available on stub hub. they start at $55. last year ticket sales were at a four-year high. >> because the food is so good. >> 6:07. football is not the only thing going on downtown this labor day. of course, taste of colorado starts today at civic center park. it lasts all weekend. there's a lot of great musical performances that go along with acts like boys ii boys ii men, which brings songs to my head. denver police are handle security while extra crews will help with the cleanup. it's free to get into the park, but the food and some of the activities will require you to buy a ticket. amelia, traffic is going to be hectic. we'll have to focus on the fun of it. >> focus on all the fun. if you can't find something to do, you're not looking anywhere. there are so many options all
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to absolutely free, headed down to the taste of colorado. taste of colorado kicks off today, but the closure actually started yesterday. the main closures stretch across colfax, broadway, and lincoln. couple of tips. you may want to ride share or get dropped off. parking in the area is really tough. you can park and ride. if you're headed to the rocky stadium, i-25, colfax, and federal will see your heaviest delays. here's a tip. csu and cu lots are totally separated. as you filter in, make sure you know what side you want to head to. the rockies game, they take on the diamondbacks at 6:40. extra traffic should kickoff around 4:00. through the weekend it's going to be busy. it's been west in western colorado, especially right now
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springs and carbondale. we've had heavy storms moving through with a moderate little system cutting through the western part of the state. anywhere from a third of an inch over to three quarters of an inch from last night to this morning. looks like storms could already be east of mile high stadium. so that timing is very beneficial. and for the rockies tonight, as amelia just said, a 6:40 first pitch as temperatures drop into go a little later into the evening. >> no stinking showers are going to stop a a real football fan. the broncos are in arizona last night for the final tuneup game for the preseason. >> there were several bright spots for denver, including a guy nicknamed sunshine who lived up to his name last night. and craig seager had his third cancer treatment this
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welcome back. the spot where a boy was hit and killed by a car will forever bear his name. a sign is going up where cole
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9news reporter tarhonda thomas is there today. cole's friends can come after they get out of school. >> reporter: cole's friends have been coming to this location. he and his friend were walking along the sidewalk on this bike path when they were hit by a car. and now this spot will bear cole sucel's name. he went to school near here and all the friends had been raising money and think of they're all wearing yellow today to honor cole. they're going to be here after school lets out. this is not the first time that someone at this very spot has thought about cole. this place was filled with baloonses and stuffed animals. the driver of the car also died
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she was really intoxicated at that time. her family revealed that she had trouble in the past. today is not the day to focus on that. it's a day to focus on his friend that was also injured. he's still recovering. after the last update we got, he was doing really well. the students have been offered counseling and his parents have been offered support. he was a well-liked boy. he was a football player with the eagles that people want to remember about cole. that's what this day is about. cole was such a positive light. around here this morning, we have showers in western colorado that continue to track to the east. they're moving up into eagle
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we see a few nibbling at the front range this morning. clouds hanging over us this morning. midday rain and thundershowers. so lunchtime to about 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. then we transition that rain to the south and east. pocket of -- pockets of moderate to heavy rain. the highest probability of that will be castle rock to the south and into the foothills. anybody can get a brief downpour, but those are the fa 70s and 80s for us in between some of these showers, 60 d.c. and 70s in the mountains. we started in the west early. great storms across here. fairly early in the day for us. start to drop them down into southeast colorado. well past sunset tonight where we can have very heavy rain in the southeast worner of the state. 70s, 80s front range. east and west with 60s and 70s in the mountains. 83 and have to get there between some of these showers
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afternoon and then during the evening rush hour, the storms start to move off to the east, leaving us with a warm saturday. late in the afternoon, one or two storms. it won't be as organized as today. sunday is warmer, monday is dry. they're all three a -- three pretty nice for this holiday weekend. right around park meadows on the south side of town, your transition out of littleton and good as well as your through lanes. we're still in the dark right now. sunrise officially at 6:25 this morning. traffic is flowing through toward i-70. math wise, we're looking great. closures around civic center park on thursday. as we head into the weekend, colfax, broadway, and lincoln are the main ones there. close to 70 miles per hour
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let you know we've got security wait times estimated around 30 minutes for sop of the lines -- some of the lines, keep in mind if you're headed out today. gary, don't forget turkey. you traveled for traffic delays. this is a turkey leg from the taste of colorado. >> i love those turkey legs. >> it's about amelia sized. thank you. now i'm starvi your denver broncos in arizona. there's still a little sunshine in defeat. >> absolutely. jordan sunshine taylor, to be exact. the receiver out of rice caught two touchdown passes in arizona last night. he did his best to secure a spot on the 53-man roster. the backup defense had a problem stopping the offense.
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>> that's right. >> all right. it's going to count starting next week. >> right. rookie quarterback paxton lynch had a mostly up but occasionally down game. coming up at 6:50, we're going to break down some of the key moments for the first round draft pick in thursday night's game. >> see how they're building toward the future. >> they're doing that for sure. this is one of my favorite stories today. he was round of chemomow treatment, about to face it himself because his wife was not well that day. >> but when you're craig seager, you have friends willing to support you. >> another national anthem and
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subway's vogelsong says one of the victim's parents are responsible. he said the parents fought and drank in front of the girl. the girl was the subject in some of the child pornography. his family filed charges, seeking damage of personal injury and i emotional distress. the 20-year-old stanford student who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman is scheduled to be released from prison today. he served three months.
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many thought that his sentence was too lenient. he's going to be required to attend drug and alcohol counseling in addition to being randomly tested. >> it is 6:22 now. after his immigration speech on wednesday, donald trump is losing some of his hispanic supporters. some members of his advisory board are withdrawing themselves, saying trump is not somebody they can be associated with. on wednesday, trump hardened on undocumented immigrants should be deported. yesterday he focused he would deport criminals and decide what to do with everyone else. meanwhile, hillary clinton is going after the heavily republican state of arizona. her campaign is airing 6 physician yours to air an -- six figures to air an ad there. they're attempting to approach
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republican since 1948. interesting the time it didn't, it was for mr. clinton. >> it's 6:23 right now. regardless of their record, csu- cu game, one of the most important of the year for the
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this is a great story, one of our favorite of the day hands down. we hope it starts your day off on the right foot. craig seager underwent his third bone marrow transplant this week. he's fighting leukemia. charles barkley visited him. craig's wife was sick and she couldn't be with him. so charles steps in. he got on a plane so he could be there. it warms your heart so much, making barkley's visit even more special. he had just had hip replacement surgery. he was under strict doctor's orders not the travel. he said, i'm not listening to those orders. i'm going to be there for my friend and colleague.
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he underwent his third transplant. it was from an anonymous donor as well. >> pretty neat. as he's been trying to continue working, he's always got the great colorful jackets. he made a joke once. he said i can't wear paisley linen in miami, not in detroit. he's such a colorful character. >> and charles barkley said, i went in there to cheer him up, and he ended up cheering me up. he's just th well, it's 6:27 right now. >> the message is we have a lot of issues in this country that we need to deal with. >> colin kaepernick takes another stand, or a knee, against police brutality, and
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western florida got hit by its first hurricane in a decade. year round rivalry ramps up tonight. colorado state takes on colorado university at mile high.
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stand for the national anthem. and this time he wasn't alone. he made a new pledge. hurricane hermine has been downgraded to a tropical storm. it's making its way to georgia. it's been downgraded. still plenty to worry about. there's a lot of rain and wind and potential damage. >> flash flooding, rip currents, a lot of wind going by. heavy rain, that's a lot for people to handle over there when they haven't experien something like this. the national hurricane center said hermine made landfall. close to 200,000 people are without power in florida, georgia, north carolina, south carolina. right now they're saying it could be days until they get power back. we know how much damage wind and rain can do. we've seen that. flooding debris, downed power lines. tornadoes are a threat in some areas too. early reports coming in now, several people were taken to the hospital. no serious injuries, though,
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florida has not seen a hurricane since wilma. since that hurricane, the state's population has risen by 2 million people. there's a lot of people in that area that have never endured a lot of people like this. marty joins me now. marty, i know it's been downgraded, and people are thinking others are sighing with relief, but you can't do that. the storm is moving. >> it's still a vigorous storm. just because it's no longer a hurricane doesn't mean it's not rain is going to be a thing we're talking about. we're starting to see the wind reports coming in from central georgia. the storm is moving southeast of macon, georgia. there are still storms in florida stretching out to the tail of it. rain has gone in excess of a foot along the west coast of florida. you will see rain amounts moving like that in georgia and carolinas. current sustained winds 30 to
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a tornado watch stretches across the coast to southeast florida through the coast of south carolina and extreme south carolina. this storm will be moving out of north carolina by early tomorrow morning and not before dumping between 6 and 14 inches of rain in those areas. flooding will be the big concern. and that's really just beginning for areas of georgia and the carolinas. we also have some showers in that will be moving our way. we should see some thunderstorms here as early as lunchtime today. more to the southeast and move out onto the planes for the evening. coming up, we have a lot of activities over the weekend. i will have a detailed forecast for you. >> and at 6:43, we're headed up to sky 9. they're flying over the southside of down. still great conditions out of
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let's take a look outside. ground level here. sunrise is officially at 6:29. we're peeking out to our 225 commute that's stacking up at mississippi. we're still problem free across aurora and your transition up to i-70. out to the highway 5 drive. good morning, greeley, you're looking good there without anybody across the roads there. the worst we're seeing are a few delays. i-25 dropping now into the 40s and 20s. later today, we're going to detail all the delays that you can anticipate for the rockies game, the rocky mountain showdown, and the taste of colorado. cory, it's labor day in colorado. that means all sorts of fun is there to be had. >> thank you, amelia. a police officer convicted of murder is seeking a retrial. they argued there was insupport evidence to convict him. they also allege there were
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juror misconduct. he was found guilty in the fatal shooting back in 2014. a hearing on the motions almost late they are month. the shutdowns and delays on the new a line is costing the company that operates the route some big bucks. rtd is withholding $800,000 from transit partners. the performance stipulations are part of the 34-year contract rtd has with the company for operation and maintenance of since opening in april, the a- line has experienced a host of problems and outages. well, it is a rivalry that lasts all year but one that has special meaning. that's for sure. it's the annual rocky mountain showdown at mile high stadium. csu is marking the start of the football season for both schools. vita is outside the stadium this morning. this is a friday night game for the rocky mountain showdown.
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right off the bat. last year it was a few weeks in. we're talking about one of the biggest rivalries in the state. you're talking cu-csu. this site still -- this sign still says sports authority field, but it's mile high. you want to plan ahead. if you're planning on coming down here, they're going to be opening up the parking lot there's a whole process behind all of that as well. you know, the bucks will try to make it number two, a second year win against a rival from fort collins. there are those state bragging rights that we were talking about on the line. those bragging rights, they last all the way until next year. so, if you have not purchased tickets for the game yet, there are still tickets available from the university of colorado as well as colorado state. they do have some tickets available on stub hub.
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about this. really encouraging you to give yourself extra time, plan ahead. we're talking about all those events going on this weekend. parking lots appear to be opening at 2:00. they're going to keep the students apart from each other as soon as possible. the stadium will also have that clear bag policy. this year, just be prepared. they will have for anyone wanting to come in. plan ahead. there's signs along i-25, saying traffic is going to pick up at 2:00. they want to let everyone else know, too, if you come out here and run out of parking, they're going to have parking at pepsi center. they're saying do not park at the homes around here. those permits will be in place and you could get a ticket and towed as well.
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attended very well. >> reporter: or even classes all day. >> that's a good point, vita, thanks so much. the players are amped up for tonight's game. they know how important the rival is for either side. a year ago both teams had to wait for week three for this game. it was a game the bucks ended up winning. it's something they hope to repeat, but rams players are saying, hey, not so fast. >> we're not looking talose. we want to win -- lose. we want to win. >> the fact that we're in the same state is like, i want to win. if i ever go down to boulder, i want to be able to hold my head up high and look you in your eyes and give a little smirk. >> so part of the reason both teams hope for a win is they only play once a year. so that's a lot of time to listen to the other person brag about a win if you're not on the right side of that
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>> that will be a long year. >> yeah. 9news at 4:00 will be at mile high for the rocky mountain showdown this afternoon. start your watch party or tailgate with us. we'll hear from coaches and players. we'll also take a deeper look at the impact of both schools on our state. whether you're a graduate of csu or cu, today is a day to show your pride. we want to see your school spirit. send us your best photo showing off your school pride. all of those colors, love seeing them use the hashtag b on 9. we'll show them on 9 news mornings. >> loving that. labor day travel is starting today for the long holiday weekend. cdot is expecting heavier than normal traffic now through monday. based on last labor day or past labor day weekends, they think that about 45,000 vehicles will go through the eisenhower and
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country. hopefully the express lanes being open will speed their way home. at least a lot of stuff going on in the metro area. >> especially. some of the items are free. some of them are going to be paid. i think there's something for everybody. part of that process is going to be getting to all of these events. first, let's talk about civic center park and the taste of colorado. most of the closures kicked off between thursday and today. we're looking at colfax, broadway, lincoln all closed down because they have the tents set up an options will be ride share, biking, or get dropped off. you can use the mall ride to get down to the festivities. tonight, the rocky mountain showdown expects to see heavier delays between 2:00 and 3:00. colfax, broadway and federal are expected to see a lot of traffic. make sure you know which direction you're going to head once you arrive.
6:41 am
first pitch happened at 6:40. so 20th is going to be the place to be. i would say just a lot of patience and a lot of planning ahead. we don't want to get frustrated when all of this is meant to be a really fun labor day weekend. >> no. let's make it a good weekend all the way around. that goes for the roads too. labor day is a time whether there -- where there's a lot of drunk driving. state patrols will be looking for anyone influence. arvada and lakeland police departments are working together to start dui checkpoints starting tonight. it's already raining up at the continental divide. we're talking about of traffic going through the johnson and eisenhower tunnel. showers already in that part of the state. we see the rain transitioning out of western colorado into central mountain areas from eagle county over the continental divide and all the way into grand county and on the west side of rocky mountain
6:42 am
today. could be as early as lunchtime, but they will leave earlier too. so by 4:30, 5:00, they will be moving off to the east. the kickoff for the rocky mountain showdown actually looks dry to me at this point. tailgating could be a little dicey if you're out there a couple hours early. by the time the game starts, it could be just fine. >> they can handle it. it's 6:42 now. rookie in arizona last night. for the most part, he didn't disappoint. >> absolutely. up and down night for paxton lynch. that's going to leave fans optimistic for the potential future of their quarterback. and 9 neighborhoods is taking us to burlington this
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welcome back. the new employment numbers just came pack a couple minutes ago. employers added 150,000 jobs last month. that's a solid number. the bureau of labor statistics reports that the unemployment rate stayed the same.
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we'll keep you updated on the comments throughout the day. we just saw the rain on the continental divide. we could see showers here by late morning, even a little before lunch. by 4:30 to 5:00, the storm's exiting and heading out to the east, paving a way for a really nice holiday weekend. small chance for storms coming up tomorrow. i have the broncos logo on sunday. we wellness expo. we have the broncos 7k on sunday from the stadium all the way over to sloan lake. it's going to be warm. after a few morning clouds burn off, we'll be in the mid-80s by noon on sunday. >> we're going out to sky 9. there's a new crash on the northbound stretch of i-95 near 76 and u.s. 36. the crash just took place and
6:47 am
so it's going to take a while to get this one out. two left lanes blocked. the left shoulder is blocked as well and police are just collecting information and tending to a couple of injuries in a wreck. now, northbound lanes are tangled up. here are the backups leading up to the crash. i know it's out of focus. the point here, you can see those brake lights that are already starting to really load up. northbounders could get sluggish all the way back to the i-70 merge and eventually into downtown. it could get worse very quickly. >> thank you much. a loss last night for the broncos in their final preseason game in arizona before next week's opener. now, rookie quarterback paxton lynch had some flashes of greatness. he played the whole game, but he also made some mistakes too. >> his first career nfl start last night in arizona, and he came out of the gates firing.
6:48 am
yards and a touchdown. then in the third, lynch and wide receiver jordan taylor connect again for another touchdown. broncos make a mistake when lynch throws a pick that gets run back. they lose the game. only a week fo the games start to count. >> looking forward to it. >> colin kaepernick continued his national anthem protest. he wasn't alone this though. his teammate, eric reed joined him in his kneel. across the nation, jeremy lane was caught sitting through the anthem. kaepernick has received protest for refusing to stand, but he'll continue to do it to protest police brutality against african-americans. >> i am planning to take it a step further. i'm currently working with
6:49 am
actively in these communities as well as donating the first million dollars i make this year to different organizations to help these communities and help these people. >> it is important to note that kaepernick did stand at one point to salute the military on military night. it is 6:49 now. 9 neighborhoods is taking you to burlington of denver. it's home to 5600 people. a viewer wrote in to us and said we needed to check out the carousel. we took a drive there. yes, it is absolutely worth it. the kit carson county carousel is the only carousel in the country that has the original paint on the scenery and the
6:50 am
it costs 1,200-dollar. isn't that incredible. the sale included the organ that came along with the carousel to provide the music. in 1997 it became a national landmark. some of it calling it the jewel of the nation. there are 146 hand carved animals on the carousel. fully operational. it only runs until labor day. monday is your last chance to ride it for the season. it's a quarter to ride it and a dollar to go through the museum on the side. the animals are fe >> what is a quarter anymore? >> right. >> absolutely beautiful. both of my kids road on that carousel. they both loved. >> i now -- they both loved it. >> now if someone says what can you get for under a dollar. there you go. >> fewer than 150 are still in existence anywhere. burlington may be small, but
6:51 am
there. join us -- so much to explore. join us for a tour.
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it's 6 here's a look at some of the topstories we're following this tropical storm hermine prominent in the southeast u.s. while here in the west we have a small area of low pressure. it's been making its way across central colorado. it's headed here to the front range, already on the back side of the continental divide. we'll see showers moving through here late morning/early afternoon. they start pushing to the south and east during or before --
6:54 am
tonight. it gets down around highway 86 and scoot off onto the plains later tonight. a few pockets of heavy rain. mountain areas will be favored for some of those. any of us could see a brief downpour, but those are the two areas that have the highest chance to see that. 70s to low 80s in between a few of these showers. 60s and 70s until foothills. by6:00 or 7:00 p.m., they transitioned to southeast colorado. that's going to be a very busy part of the state tonight from castle rock to franktown and elizabeth, all the way to the southeast corner of the state. we'll see several thunderstorms during the evening tonight. 70s, 80s east and front range as well as the western valleys, 60s and 70s in the mountains and foothills. 83, partly sunny conditions. those midday showers that move
6:55 am
stronger storms on the plains. tomorrow, much smaller chance of rain as we heat up for this holiday weekend. listen up, if you're headed out of the tech center or downtown and tryings to get up towards 76 or beyond, we have a major crash now blocking the two left lanes. northbound i-25 just to the north of 58th avenue and the two front wheels of the car involved there. the white one, they're gone. >> now, there are some injuries involved. hey just took someone out of a vehicle and loaded them up into let's take a look at our maps. we start to see the delays pile in. we'll get to the delays. northbound slowdowns are already past that 58th avenue exit ramp. they're going to stack up toward i-70. alternates, a little tough to find. federal may be a better way to access the end of our morning commute. we're going to go backyards. our other crash is sixth avenue. it's between perry and i-25.
6:56 am
minute drive. the sun glares are going to impact us greatly. >> thank you much. it is 6:55 right now. our top stories this morning, more people are bracing as tropical storm hermine is headed toward georgia. the category 1 storm weakened from a hurricane after slamming into florida on thursday. tens of thousands of people were left without power, and some were told to leave their homes over concerns of damage and flooding. hermine is forecasted to travel up the east coast carolinas. a former rocky ford police officer who killed a man inside his home is appealing his guilty verdict. james ashby's attorneys say there wasn't enough evidence to convict their client. ashby said he thought the victim was breaking into the hope. ashby followed the man into his mother's home. the hearing is later this month. it's either $700,000 for
6:57 am
survivors of the aurora shooting. a judge sided with the theater. because of the loss, the victims were ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in trial costs. cinemark said they wouldn't make them pay if they didn't keep the court battle going. the cole sucel was hilt -- hit and killed. friends and family are going to just after 3:00 this afternoon. live at mile high right now. two universities are getting ready for the biggest rivalry -- or one of the biggest rivalries in the state of colorado. we're talking about cu taking on csu at the rocky mountain showdown. the game starts here at 6:00. parking lot opens up at 2:00. give yourself plenty of time if you plan on coming down. we've got this and the taste of
6:58 am
we have more information on >> thank you, vita. before you start dodging game traffic, you should stop by civic center park for the taste of colorado and eat to your heart's content. it run thus the -- runs through the weekend. it's free to get into the park. things like food and activities required paid tickets. marty, sounds like overall the weekend is shaping up to be a nice warm one. >> most of the days will be warm. tomorrow evening there's a chance for a small storm. a lot of times you can get some gusty winds. we'll watch that and be tracking that throughout the afternoon. beyond that, it really is looking warm and dry. another shot for a small chance of a storm on tuesday and then things really start to cool off toward the tail end of next week as it starts to feel more and more like fall. >> marty, thank you so much. the broncos want you to get
6:59 am
-- healthy. the broncos cheerleaders are going to be here. congratulations you made it through the week.
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breaking news, hurricane hermine slams into florida overnight, bringing pouring rain, driving wind and violent surf. now a tropical storm is passing over florida then headed straight up the east coast just t we're live inside the storm zone. explosion. investigators trying to figure out why that spacex rocket blew up on the launch bad, inn sin rating a $200 million facebook satellite. this morning why the accident isn't just a inl maar set back for facebook but for the future


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