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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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are you ready for the weekend? we are. there's no shortage of things happening. the taste of colorado is now officially under way. here is a live look at what civic center park looks like right now. plenty of people out there. you know there's plenty of food. corn on the cob, turkey legs. looks like fried potato chips there. shopping and fun for kids as well. >> all right. let's get a look at the downtown you might need to bring your umbrella. we have a shot of the traffic situation. looks like it's clear sailing. and then we have belen with us. now, what are those colors next to you? are those the amount of chances for rain today? >> i thought they were just good colors that coordinated with my jacket. so this graphic tells us the times and dates that we expect tomorrows from this area. it's about 2:00 p.m. when we can see the best chance
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corridor. now through about 7:00 p.m. is when we can see the storms out on the eastern plains, but those storms are not going to be lasting. they will clear out before the rocky mountain showdown. by the end of the game, there's a potential for clear skies. in southern wyoming we also have a the mountains, but there's a closer look. we have darker clouds around the city. the heaviest amount of rain will be to the south and southeastment we'll see the stronger storms develop this afternoon. the highs today, below 70s, low 80s. right now we've got 70s around there. it is very humid. stick around later in the forecast, we're going to track
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could turn severe. take a look at labor day. you thought they were gone. they're back in the forecast. we could see 90s very soon. >> the other part of the country now, tough weekend for them. tropical storm hermine may be weaker right now, but the winds are increasing along the southeast coast. and the former category 1 storm is heading east. florida is still under the state of emergency today. >> even though it's been downgraded, it's still very dangerous in the potential of rainfall and damage it's already caused. these areas from pasco county florida, oh, my goodness, there's a lot of flooding. >> flooding rains and tornado warnings are in effect from georgia to north carolina. here is nbc's jay gray in savannah. >> hurricane hermine slammed into the coast overnight, it's bringing gusts stronger. >> we're going to lose the power line here.
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landfall in florida in 11 years definitely leaving a mark. >> just because it's clear outside doesn't mean it's safe. >> snapping trees, crushing cars and homes and knocking power out to tens of thousands. water founding the coastline and surging inland, leaving behind devastation. crews in cedar key are assessing the damage this morning. cinder block walls and this dock couldn't withstand the flashing. hermine dropped to tropical the east coast. the carolinas are under a state of emergency. >> they're hoping to prevent
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ed and overprepared. >> in savannah, georgia, jay gray, nbc news. all right. back here everybody is talking about football. are you with the bucks or rams today. this age-old rivalry is nothing new. today it's highlighted for the rocky mountain showdown. this is the first game of the year for both teams. kickoff is at 6:00. tickets are still available for both last check, prices on stub hub are about $55. looks like we have a lot of rain in the high country. 45,000 cars are expected to go through the eisenhower eisenhower tunnel. amelia earhart tells us how traffic will be this weekend
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delays. >> labor day has a lot of fun things around town, but it also mens traffic delays. rockies versus the diamondbacks and the rocky mountain showdown and the taste of denver. civic center park is going to be busy. headed out to the game, the rockies take on the diamondbacks at 6:40. expect a lot of extra delays tonight we have the rocky mountain showdown. it takes place at mile high stadium. colfax and federal, they will see the biggest impacts here. the parking lot is split right down the middle. you have cu folks. make sure you know where you're headed. another fun option is to take the trolley. 9news at 4:00. they're going to have a ball
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rocky mountain showdown. start your tailgate party with us at 4:00. you will hear from coaches and players and, i'm sure, a lot of fans. we're also taking a deeper look at the profound impact both of those universities make on our state. >> brock turner has left the santa clara county jail. he's the former swimmer sentenced to six months behind bars for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. he plans to live with his parents in ohio. >> consumers may think antibacterial soap stops the spread of germs. they're giving soap companies a year now to take -- out of their products. what's with that? >> well, the fda says it's used in 93% of liquid products labeled antibacteria.
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has demonstrated that these ingredients prevent the spread of infection. >> all right, everybody. check your smart phone. a major recall on your note and exploding batteries. first, let's talk about the weather. glenn will tell us when the rain will stop today and when it's going to really get nice
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spice latte. i had a little fun on twitter and did a poll whether or not people had a psl today. most of the people said they didn't know what the heck a psl was. a pumpkin spice latte. temperatures are going to be below normal. when it feels a bit like fall, highs will be in the upper 70s and low 80s. there's a potential of strong storms. some could all day long. in fact, we'll see clearing later on this afternoon, making it perfect for a rocky mountain showdown or even the rockies game. first pitch at 6:40. temperatures in the upper 70s. then as the night progresses, we could see a bit more clearing temperatures by the end of the game, around 70 degrees. i would take a little sweater with you. here's what we got on doppler 9. spotty showers and rain in
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we have got humidity for right now, about 51% in denver. a higher than that in the high country. temperatures in the 70s down low. same for the eastern plains. 50s and 60s in the mountains with sunshine on the western slope. temperatures mainly in the 70s. your highs for today will be in the upper 70s and low you will see all the clouds. highs in the low 80s from fort collins and denver. in the mountain, 60s. a high of 84 degrees. out in the east, this area is out toward a marginal risk. there's heavy rain out there. freak lightning, strong wind gusts and even some hail. the best guess is from now until about 2:00, 3:00 p.m.
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out east. leftover with the clouds and the storminess. overnight skies are clear and tomorrow morning we have sunshine here but fog for our friends out on the eastern plains. that's where they're going to have the heaviest amount of rain through tomorrow morning. the amount of rain here in the metro area will be less impressive. tonight temperatures drop to 56 and we're warming up, a high of 80 degrees. the broncos expo is happening on sunday. a high of 91. th nice. warm but dry.
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if you have a loan with an an adjustable interest rate, this may come as good news. a slowdown in job growth may indicate -- the government says employers add a modest 10 that's about half of june and july. it's holding steady at 4.9%. so do you have a samsung smartphone? have you noticed an issue with its battery. samsung is recalling the just launched galaxy 7 smart postseason line today as some of the batteries have exploded or caught fire.
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in two weeks from now. it's friday. our crew is joining the show next. they're taking furniture and doing makeovers. whether it's just sitting in your basement or you found it
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welcome to fix this, presented by home advisor. the best way to pros. >> in our budget fix today, making something old new once again. how to turn a piece of old furniture turn it into a modern look. i like that it's refinishing wood. >> yes. >> becky is with us. you ran into this with your own place. >> we have a short-term rental. we just finished our kitchen. i needed bar stools for this peninsula we had. i looked for weeks for bar
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-- bar stools that would work. i couldn't find anything. i thought i have some things that may do the trick. i got to work. check it out. >> have you ever had a piece of furniture that left a lot to be desired? i have. they were these bar stools. they were beat up and scuffed and beat up by fabric that had seen better days. it was time for an upgrade. after a recent kitchen renovation, i didn't want to spend anymore money on brand new bar stools. i looked at the positive. these are also solid wood and a simple design. something this do-it-yourselfer could do.
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pose centered -- upholstered the wood. i laid it out in a well vented area. then i unscrewed the seat cushion from the wood base. i sat the cushion aside in a safe place. we'll get to that upgrade later and sat down to clean the bar stool. i wanted all of that grime off of it before i dealt wi stain. up next, stain stripper. you can get any of this at any big box store. it is a huge help, especially if you don't want to spend a lot of time sanding. i put this on with a couple of coats. it takes a bit of elbow grease to scrape off the finish.
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i was fine with that. i cleaned it off again and got out my handheld sander. if you're going to sand, you will need one of these. i used an 80 grit piece of sandpaper. remember, don't forget the safety goggles when tackling this, and have patience. even though i had stripped a lot of the original stain off, this part of the process still took a while with the por once i was finished, i cleaned it off again and applied a wood conditioner. this is a very important step. it allows your new stain to go on evenly. i let the conditioner sit for about 15 minutes, then i carefully applied the stain. i thought this would go thistly with the new cabinets. once the stain was completely
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coats of a polyurethane nish. it won't protect these bar stools from everything, but it will give them extra durability. in the end, it was just the upgrades these bar stools needed. their new color make them look a lot more modern than they once did. okay all of these stepping will be on as reupholsteryied. it doesn't have to be a bar stool. it can be anything. >> boy, does that look good.
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again. it's amazing. you can do this on a table. you can do this on pretty much anything around the house. that's what i love about this. if you don't have the bar school. you have other options. >> and the cushion is pretty easy too. don't let that intimidate you. can't wait to show you what that's like next week. >> okay.
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trending today, if you dare, like belen. i can't believe it. the famous tower of terror at california's adventure. next friday the 9th. guests can ride the tower in complete darkness, if the lights will come back on for november and the tower of terror is going to close on the2nd the2nd and will be replaced with a guardian of the galaxy ride. >> i didn't go on it. >> it's complete pitch black. >> yes. >> let's take a hook at the forecast for you if you want to go to red rocks tonight, atmosphere is going to be
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brief shower. another thing happening this week, a taste of colorado, a small chance for an isolated storm tomorrow. after that, we're heating up, 90s by sunday. it's looking like a nice labor day weekend. >> a lot of stuff are going to be outside. have a great weekend. >> be safe.
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